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Fan fiction for the week 12th-19th sep

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Hi members

Here is the sticky topic about the fan fiction of KTH show. You can post your stories and fan fiction on KTH. If you are continueing your last posted story then plz provide the link, So that memebers can enjoy from begining. The last week's weekly fanfiction link is  

Plz note that you can give comment to a fanfiction but refrain posting from thank you and good one notes.

So start posting


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ok guys i m gonna continue kahani mohabbat ki ........will continue pyaar to hona hi tha to nite .......

so kahani mohabaat ki is here......

sujal n kash still in resturant.....

kashish:ok sir mujey ab chalna chahiya kafi deer ho gye hai ....

sujal:kashish mujey lagta hai app ney mujey abhi abhi apna doost banaya hai tu ucan call me sujal rite!


sujal:chalo is bahaney tumharey chahrey per muskorahat to aay

kash'thank u sujal for ur support ......meri sirf ik dost hai kripa us ki bhi shaadi honey wali hao or mey us tension nahi dena cha ri thi .....mujey laga k app bharoosey laiq insaan hein to mey ney yeh saari batein app say share ker liein app ko bura to nahi laga......

sujal:nahi bhoot bura laga...... LOL


sujal:mazak kera tha


sujal:acha tum bachpan say hi essi ho ya bariho ker ...tumharey sences mey prob lem aai hai last time serious kab howey they.......

sujal:jab main paida howa tha.....

kash:haan.......... Dead

sujal:haan.....mey ney nurse ko apni G.F bana cha ha but wo pehley say hi shadi shuda thi LOL

kash:oh u r too much......

sujal:no i m 4 much

kash:sujal u r irritating me.......acha batao na kab serious howey they.....

sujal :::jab merey father ki death hoi thi jab

kash:oh i m sorry

sujal:i m not ...........unho ney meri maa ko kabhi khush nahi rakha wo samjtey they k sirf doolat(wealth) say hi apney khandan ko app khush rakh saktey hein........or meri maa mey un say bhoot pyaar kerta hoon mager wo merey pass nahi balki america merey mereyfather ka business handle kerti hein or mey yahan......merey pass duniya ki her khushi hai mager merey maa baap ka pyaar bhoot kam hai .........merey liya....

kash:tears come in her eyes

sujal looks at kash's eyes .....: hey kash do waste ur precious tears for me haan...yeh piyush ki shaadi k din kaam ayengye

kash hit sujal playfully

this is for the day
rajeev1 IF-Dazzler

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LOL LOL ...nice amna!.....par PTHNHT....ka intezar rahe ga!...keep it up! Clap Clap
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hey people thanx so much 4 likin da storyy which i posted .did it mak u cryyy?? i cried a lot man Cry Cry well m postin da next part itzz also rona dhona....hope u cryy a lot Cry Cry LOL ok here goesss n plzzz commenton it.

Kucch Dard Zindagi Ke Part 2

Recap: Its Kashishs B-day she has flashbacks of sujal… Her dad gives her the shock of her life, by announcing hers and piyushs engagement, she faints… At night when coming to her senses, she throws piyushs ring on the bed and cries hugging sujals photo………..
************************************************************ ****************************************************
Kashish cries and cries till her eyes r red as blood… Cry Cry Cry . Her eyes hit the ring on the bed and she has a flashback of sujal…….. FLASHBACK……….

Sujal: Kashish tumhe yeh ring kisne di….
Kashish: kyun?
Sujal: Aisi hi pooch raha hu… yeh finger to sirf engagement ki ring ke liyya hoti hai….
Kashish: Jo mujhse pyaar kurta hai usne mujhe yeh ring di hai….
Sujal: per maine to tumhe aisi koi ring nahee di….
Kashish: maine kab kaha ke tumne dii hai… sirf tum hi thori na ho jo mujhse pyaar kurte ho aur bhi to bahut se log hai….
Sujal: acha yeh baaht hai…. (getting all serious) tum ab seedhe se bataao kisne dii hai yeh
Kashish: kyun bataao…. Usne manaa kya hai…..
Sujal: (serious) kisne??? Kiski baaht kuri ho???? Kiski itni himmat ke wo sujal garewal ki hone waali patni ko chuaa….. Angry
Kashish: hone waali, hui nahee hu…. LOL
Sujal: kashish!!!!
Kashish: wo mujhse bahut pyaar kurta hai…apni jaan se bhi zaada….. main usse kahungi ke jaao beech road pe kurre hojaao to wo kushi kushi kuraa hojaya ga….. main usse kahungi ke is paahr se kudh jaao to wo bhi kushi kushi kurlega….

Sujal gets all mad and frustrated, seeing the glow in kashishs eyes while talking about that guy, he leaves from there without letting kashish know and goes stands in the middle of the road…. Kashish turns around all smiling, but ends up stunned not seeing sujal there…

Kashish: SUJAL! Kaha ho…. Arre kaha chaale gaaya…. Sujal….
She starts walking and gets stunned seeing sujal standing in the middle of the road… she sees a truck coming and yells "SUJAL….. HAATO WAHA SE" but sujal just stands there looking at her… she runs and pushes sujal to the back and the truck goes by…. Kashish is on top of sujal and sujal looks at her… kashish gets up all fired up and angry… turns around and yells "kya kurre the beech sadak pe kurre hoke… huh? Main kehri thi haato to phir bhi waahi kurre raahe…. Superman samaj the ho aapne aapko???" LOL LOL

Sujal: waa madam! Aapka to jawaab hi nahee…. Abhi kudhi to bhola aisa kurne ko jab kya to gussa dikaa ri ho…
Kashish: maine aisa kaha kurne ko? Per kab?
Sujal: kashish! Abhi kisne kaha "wo mujhse bahut pyaar kurta hai…apni jaan se bhi zaada….. main usse kahungi ke jaao beech road pe kurre hojaao to wo kushi kushi kuraa hojaya ga….. main usse kahungi ke is paahr se kudh jaao to wo bhi kushi kushi kurlega…."(kashish slaps herself on the head, sujal continues) wohi to kuraa tha, paahr to tha nahee yaha ke usse kudh jaahta socha road pe hi kuraa ho jaa ta hu, ghaari ka wait kuraa tha jab wo aahi to tumne mujhe peechay dukaa dehdiyya….
Kashish: per sujal……
Sujal: baare mazaa se madam mere same kisi aur ladke ki tareef kurri hai aur chaati hai main chup kaara raahu… madam is sujal ne to apni saasein thak aapke naam kurdi hai, jaan hi bachi hai wo mango gi to kushi kushi de dunga (kashish eyes become teary Cry , sujal starts walking away)
Kashish: per suhn to lo na sujal, main kiske baare main baaht kuri thi…
Sujal: nahee suhna mujhe….
Kashish: arre baba tum aapne aap se hi jealous kyun horay ho?
Sujal: aapne aapse jealous…… (pauses realizing what she said, turns around) tum mere baare main baaht kurri thi?
Kashish: aur nahee to kya, tumse zaada mujhe koi pyaar kur suktaa hai… waise yeh ring maine is finger main tumhe tung kurne ke liyya pehni thi… bahut mazaa ataa hai tumhe gusse main dehker….
Sujal: kashish uuuuuuuuu…….
Kashish starts running, and sujal runs behind her…… he catches her by her hand, and pulls her closer to him… Embarrassed .
Kashish: kyaa kurre ho sujal…. Koi dehk lega…….
Sujal: tum meri baaht ab sahee se suhno… is finger main sirf mere naam ki, meri di whi ring pehno gi….. understood?
Kashish: jo hukum surkaar….. mere sujal ke jugaa koi bhala kaise leh sukta hai……. mere waada hai tumse….. kush……
Sujals nods and hugs kashish……….. END OF FLASHBACK……..
* ************************************************************ ****************************************************
kashish puts her head on her bed side and cries more Cry Cry saying "mujhe maaf kurdo sujal main tumse kya waa vaada nahee nibhaa paai…… aaj yeh waqt……. Sujal kaisi hai yeh majboori, dil kucch aur chaata hai aur kurna kucch aur purtaa hai…… kyun jeena ka mann nahee kurta, kyun lugta hai ke ab kucch nahee bacha is zindagi main…… jaha jeena ka mann nahee hai waha jeena puraa hai Cry Smile ……." theres a knock at the door, kashish slips the ring under the pillow wipes her tears looks at the clock and wonders who could it be at 3 mid-night…. She opens the door and sees aarti….. she looks away, and goes to her bed and lays down…… aarti closes the door behind her and sits beside kashish….. kashish turns away from aarti and shuts her eyes close… aarti runs her fingers through kashishs hair "aapni didi se itna naraaz hai ke unki taraf dehk bhi nahee ri….. kashish kyun nahee samaj thi hai tu…. Kab thak tu sujal ki yaadon ke saahre jeeyagi….. kashish pyaar aur yaado se zindagi nahee jee jaahti….. kyun tu apne kul ko pukre behti hai, kyun tu apne aaj ko bhi ateet banaa ri hai… kyun nahee jee raahi….. kashish aaj bhi wohi sab kucch hai, main, tu, papa, yeh mausam, yeh log…….."
Kashish sitting up "per mere sujal nahee hai……… to kaise aaj wohi sab kucch hai…. kaha hai meri zindagi main wo kushiyya jo kul thi…. Kaha hai wo pyaar ka mausam, wo kushiyya ke pal jo kul the……. Bahut kucch badal chukka hai………"
Aarti: nahee kashish, kucch nahee badla hai, badla hai to tere in sab kucch dehkna ka nazeriyya…… kashish main jaanti hu aaj sujal nahee hai, per kashish kyun tu sujal ko aaj main leker aanaa chaari hai, jabke tu jaanti hai wo kabhi nahee ayaa ga ab…….
Kashish: galat didi…… wo ager jaahta to aata na….. haa main kehti hu ke wo aaj nahee hai, is duniya ke liyya didi, per mere liyya to wo aaj bhi hai…….
Aarti: kashish plz….
Kashish: didi plz mujhe samjaane se koi faida nahee hai… maine aaj thak aapki koi baaht nahee tukraai……. Yeh shaadi main karungi, lekin mujhse yeh umeed mat ruhkna ke main piyush ko apnaaogi…… jitna main kur sukti hu karungi didi, per jo mujhse nahee ho sukta, us baaht ke liyya mujhse umeed mat ki jiyya ga, duhk hoga ke aapki umeed ko puraa na kur suki….. mujhe aapse koi shikayat nahee hai didi, shikayat hai to is zindagi se…… choro didi…. Wohi hota hai jo honaa hota hai…. phir kis baaht ka shikwa…… (looks at her didi) mere dil main jo pyaar, izzat kul thi aapke liyya wo aaj bhi hai…… aap kabhi mat samaj na ke main aapse naraaz hu…. Kyun ke aapki majboori to main bhi samaj thi hu, per meri majboori samaj ne ke liyya koi nahee hai…..
Saying this kashish lays down and shuts her eyes…….. aartis about to put her hand on her head, but doesn't and leaves…. Kashish opens her eyes sits up "didi mujhe maaf kurdena…. Per main aaj aapke liyya bhi aapne pyaar ko nahee bhulaa sukti… nahee deh sukti piyush ko sujal ki jugaa…. Yeh baaht mere bas main nahee… ho suke to mujhe maaf kurdena………" she leans her head back and closes her eyes……..

In the morning……..

Kashish wakes up and is feeling really bad for how she talked to aarti last night…. She gets up and goes to aartis room who is hanging clothes… aarti acts real normal…..

Aarti: aare kashish….. good morning sweetheart!
Kashish: good morning didi….
Aarti: tere breakfast table pe ruhka hai…. tu kurle…… phir araam se baatein kurenge……
Aarti turns around to hang the close in the closet when kashish comes from behind and hugs her "im sorry didi, im very sorry" aarti turns around "kis baaht ke liyya"
Kashish: didi……
Aarti: maine teri baaht ka kabhi buraa maana hai…. shahid kucch pal ke liyya main hi tujhe samaj nahee paai…… im sorry for that my dear…… per tu vishwaas kur main jo kucch main kurri hu sirf tujhe kushi dena ke liyya kurri hu….. nahee dehk sukti tujhe main duhki……..
Kashish hugs aarti…. Vasu is observing all this and just rolls her eyes and leaves……..

2 weeks past by real fast….. for kashish these weren't weeks but years…… shes sitting on the sofa, it looks like shes reading a magazine but shes just somewhere lost, in her own world when the phone bell rings…… aarti and kashish pick it up the same time, but before aarti can speak kashish says "hello"
piyush- hi kashish
kashish- piyush… tum?
Aarti is about to put the phone down when she thinks its best for her to listen………
Kashish- bholo piyush
Piyush- kashish actually baaht yeh hai ke……..
Kashish- kya baaht hai piyush….. bholo……..
Piyush- mama chaari hai ke main aur tum long drive pe jayaa…….
Kashish gets shocked……. "long drive?????"
Piyush- ager tum nahee jaana chaati to its ok………. Main mama ko koi bahana baana ke manaa kur doonga…. U don't worry…. Waise bhi u need rest……..
Aarti runs downstairs and tells in kashishs ear to say yes….. kashish looks at her as "what r u saying" when aarti takes kashishs hand and puts its over her head….. kashish sighs and says "nahee piyush…… main chalungi….. kab jaana hai…….."
Piyush- aaj shaam ko sahee rahega…….
Kashish- haa theek hai……. main tayaar rahungi…….
Piyush- ok then…… kashish……
Kashish- hmmmm…
Piyush- thanks……
Kashish- for……
Piyush- coming w/ me……
Kashish- koi baaht nahee…… take care……bye…….
Piyush- u too…… bye…….

Kashish puts the phone down and looks at aarti……
Aarti- jaanti hu tu sochegi maine tujhe aisa bholne ko kyun kaha…… per kashish jab thak tu milegi nahee usse, tab thak kaise samjegi usse…… plz mere kaathir jaa uske saaht…. Samaj usse… mujhe vishwaas hai ke……
Kashish- didi theek hai main jaari hu…. Per plz im reminding u something, mujhse aisi umeed mat ruhkna jo main purri na kur suku…..
She gets up and leaves…. Aarti smiles to herself and thinks "jab tum log akela hoge tab hi to kareeb aaoge"

In the eveing kashish is very hesitant while getting ready….. shes not ready to face piyush…. she hasent met or talked to him after their engagement till today……. She looks into to the mirror and sighs out loudly……. She sits on her bed holding her head…… life has become so uneasy for her….. shes having to do things shes never imagined…… she looks at sujals photo…. And smiles looking at him smiling…… she goes to get ready……

After an hour piyush horns outside, kashish leaves saying bye to aarti, aarti wishes her best of luck to which kashish replies no need…… aarti smiles while closing the door….. vasu is watching all this and thinks to take advantage of this to say something to kashish when she comes…….

Piyush and kashish are in the car….. theres total silence…. Kashish doesn't even bother to look once at piyush….. she is just starring out the window…. The car stops suddenly…. Piyush gets out to check whats wrong… after a while of no response kashish also gets off to check on piyush…
Kashish- kya hua?
Piyush- pata nahi….. umm… yaha se thori hi door aik dhaba hai, main waha se kisi se bholta hu meri madat kurne ke liyya……
Kashish nods…. Piyush leaves… kashish has this weird feeling that she has been here before when she suddenly remembers this is the same place sujals accident happened….. she freaks out as she remembers the moment……… FLASHBACK…………
* ************************************************************ ****************************************************
kashish is at home preparing for dinner as sujal is to come over at night…… its afternoon time, but kashish decided to start now so she has well enough time to dress up…. Aarti is cleaning the house, kashish insisted on cooking as sujal wanted to eat food that was made by kashish only…. After pulling kashishs leg both sisters get to work… vasu is at her kittie party and chetan at his office… neha and charu are at college…. Aarti is fixing the cushions on the sofa when theres a phone call, kashish has a thali in her hand which she was getting ready for sujals suhagaat, which aarti planned on doing, drops abruptly….. kashish gets scared… she bends down to pick it up when she hears aarti scream her name….. she gets up and runs to aarti… aarti who looks shocked drops the phone from her hand….. kashish looks down at the phone and then at aarti… she runs to aarti and holding her sister by her shoulder asks her what happened…… but aarti is to shocked to say anything…. Kashish shakes aarti "please didi bataao na kya hua hai… aapki khamoshi meri jaan leri hai… didi kucch to bholo…." Aarti mumbles sujals name…… "k…… ka….. kashish…… wo……. S……SUJ……SUJALLLLL………." Kashish lets go of her sister and takes some steps back……. As aarti finishes her sentence, "kashish……… suj-----suj----al ka accident hogaya hai" kashish looks up shocked and yells "SUJAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL" kashish runs towards the door when aarti runs behind her and holds her……..
kashish- mujhe jaane do…. Sujal… didi mujhe sujal ke paas jaana hai…. abhi…… didi…..
aarti- haa haa….. kashish sambhaal aapne aako hum chalte hai na….. plz relax….. driver ghaari nikaalo…….
Kashish runs to the car opens the door, aarti to sits, and the driver starts the car….. kashish constantly says to the driver to drive fast…… all the moments spend with sujal comes infront of her eyes….. as the song plays in the background:
Tu Hai Meri Aashqi Jaaneman
Tujhse Hai Meri Khushi
Bin Tere Kuch Nahi Ab Meri Zindagi
Tu Hai Mere Hoto Ki Dua
Tu Hai Meri Chahat Ka Sila
Aisa Laga Duniya Milgayi
Jo Ishq Tera Mujhko Mila
Tu Chain Hai Tu Hai Wafa
Hona Nahi Mujhse Khafa
Kehti Raho Main Jise Harghadi
Tu Hai Wahi Shairi
Bin Tere Kuch Nahi Ab Meri Zindagi
Tu Hi Meri Aashqi Jaaneman
Tujhse Hai Meri Khushi
Bin Tere Kuch Nahi Ab Meri Zindagi
Tu Hi Meri Aashqi Jaaneman
Tujhse Hai Meri Khushi

The car stops infront of the hospital and kashish gets off and runs inside…. Aarti runs behind her… kashish gets to the counter and asks "kaha hai mere sujal… bholo" aarti holds kashish and tells her to relax she asks the nurse as to what room "mr.sujal garewal" is in…. the nurse informs her that his condition is really critical and hes in the operation room at the moment… kashish yells saying "baqwaas band karo, kuch nahee hua hai mere sujal ko….. kya bukri ho…" aarti takes kashish away to the operation corridor and makes her sit on the bench… kashish gets up and starts walking back and forth….. aarti tells her to have a seat but she just ignores her and continues walking…… after a few moments, the doctor comes out, takes off his mask, kashish runs to him constantly saying "kaha hai mere sujal" aarti comes and tells kashish to relax and asks the doctor how sujal is….. the doctor looks down and then says "we're sorry per hum unhe baacha nahee sukay" kashish looks up stunned, while aarti just sits on the bench…..
Kashish- nahee doctor…. Yeh kya kehra hai aap…. Aapne koi galat patient check kya hoga… hum mr sujal garewal ke baare main baaht kurre hai…….
Doctor- yes ma'm hum bhi unhi ke baare main baaht kurre hai…. jis waqt wo idher aaya unki halat bahut hi nazuk thi, n im really sorry to say humne puri koshish ki……
Kashish- koshish? Yeh kaisi koshish thi? Kaise doctor hai aap…..jhoot bholre hai aap… ur lying….
The doctor takes some stuff from the tray the nurse is holding and gives it to kashish, "yeh mr sujal garewal ki cheezein hai, unka purse, watch, cell phone……" kashish looks at the stuff in her hand, and realizes it's the same watch she had gifted him on his b-day and it's the same phone which both of them had, and then she looks at the purse, opens it and sees her picture and sujals card she takes steps back till she collides with the wall and just sits there holding the stuff in her hand, with no expressions, no tears, with her eyes wide open…….. aarti comes to her senses and sees kashish….. she gets up and asks the doctor about sujals body, to which the doctor replies saying that when they informed his parents, they wanted his body to be brought to where they live…….. aarti asks whether they can see sujal for the last time the doctor declines saying "im sorry unke parents ne is baaht ki ijazat nahee di……"
Aarti- per doctor……
Doctor- dehkiyya im sorry…. Unki body ke liyya helicopter agaya hai…… unko back gate se legaya hai…..
aarti runs from there to the window where she sees a helicopter… and some people carrying a body that's covered, and putting it into the helicopter……. Aarti cries and runs back to kashish who is sitting the same way she was before…. Aarti bends down and tries to make kashish cry by saying sujal is gone but kashishs expressions don't change…. Aarti gets up and calls her dad and informs him…. he tells her he'll be there within 20 mints…. aarti again tries to make kashish cry but in vain…. She shakes her, slaps her, sprinkles water on her but no use….. nothing seems to have an affect…… chetan arrives and seeing her dad aarti hugs him, he also cried…. Aarti points towards kashish and chetan gets this depressed look on his face….. even he tries to make kashish cry but in vain… all the sudden aarti notices the cell phone, purse, and watch in kashish hand, she moves her dad aside and tries taking the things from kashish but kahsish doesn't give it up, when aarti grabs it away and kashish yells SUJAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Cry Cry Aarti breaks into tears and chetan just gets up and goes to the window….. at the same time kashish comes out of her flashback and yells sujaaaaaaaallllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!! Shes about to step down the hill when piyush catches her…… she bursts into tears Cry and hugs piyush…… piyush separates her from himself and asks her what the matter is n y all the sudden she was crying…..
kashish- nahee ji sukti main uske binaa…. Piyush kyun chorke chala gayaa wo mujhe…. Jabke wo jaanta tha uska pyaar meri zindagi hai uska saaht meri saasein hai……. kyun chala gayaa wo mujhe beech raha main chorke…….. (piyush gets stunned) main uske bina nahee ji sukti main usse bahut pyaar kurti hu, uski jugaa main tumhe nahee deh sukti…….. nahee jeena chaati main……. I love him piyush, I love him…………… PIYUSH IS SHOCKED!!!

plzzz post ur luvelyy commentzz!!!!

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        " ZINDAGI   KE SILSILAY ---PART 3 "

next day morning at   the breakfast table . kashish is helping veena in setting up the breakfast table . sujal is getting down the stairs & is very suprised Confused to see kashish doing house hold work . he is still in his thoughts . when veena notices him .
veena:- sujal aao aur nashtha kar lo
sujal is still looking at kashish Wink
veena:sujalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll{ veena   goes and shakes him } , kahan khoya hua hain .
sujal:- nahi mumma wohhh Embarrassed ...............kuch nahi
veena:- achcha chal nashtha kar le . kashish kab se intezar kar rahi hain tera .
sujal:- good morning kashish Smile
kashish:- good morning Smile
sujal :- mujhe pata nahi tha ki tum itni punctual ho .
kashish:- it's ok .
both kashish and sujal start    discussing about business
veena interupts and says
veena:- chalo ab dono nhastha kar lo office ki baatein baad mein karna .Angry
veena serves   the breakfast & sujal - kashish start eating .
suddenly the phone rings . veena goes and picks it up .
veena:- hello
the other person :- hello , kya mein kashish di se baat kar sakthi hoon .
veena:- haan .
veena   goes to kashish and hands over the phone to her . kashish is confused as to who is calling her . veena understands this and says that pata nahi kaun hain kashish    ke liye pooch rahi the .
kashish :- hello , kaun bol raha hain
the other person :- hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Big smile
kashish is very happy   realizing that it is a call from her sisters .
becoz kashish is eating veena asks her to put the phone on the speaker .
now the phone is put on the speaker..........   
kashish:-charuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, kaise ho tum log .
charu:-hum sab theek hain di , appko bohut miss kar rahe hain .
sujal sees the happiness on kashish's face .LOL kashish:- achcha mehak , gauri , archie    kahan hain
all the sisters shout together hi diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
then gauri & archie discuss something about business & then kashish puts the phone down .
kashish stops eating and leaves the place . veena and sujal see that kashish has tears in her eyes . Cry Cry Cry
sujal wonders that the girl who was so happy talking to her sistrers suddenly has started crying .
sujal asks :- ise kya hua , abhi tho itni khush thi .
veena:- use ghar ki yaad aayi hain .
sujal:-theek hain main chaltha hoon
veena:- theek hain , par suno kashish ke saath lunch pe kuch kha lena , kyunki usne abhi nhastha theek se nahi kiya .
sujal :- theek hain mumma
sujal leaves
kashish is in the garden sujal tells her that they will have to leave now .
both get into the car .
sujal starts driving . he is sees that kashish is very quite . he puts on the music to change her mood .
the song played :-

NA WO SAMAJ SAKE NA HUM................. Clap

hearing to the song kashish smiles . Smile

kashish:- mujhe purane gaane aur soft misic bohat pasand hain .
sujal says :- isi bahane tumhare chehera par hasi to aayi . Big smile
sujal in his mind rishi sahi keh raha tha   humari pasand khaffi milthi hain .Wink
sujal reaches the offices . he takes kashish inside . and then introduces kashish to everbody .
sujal takes kashish to his cabin .
sujal realizes that he has a conference meeting to attend . he tells kashish to wait there . he says that he will be back in    half an hour .
sujal leaves.
kashish takes a magzine and starts reading . 20 min are gone by .
suddenly some one enters the cabin searching for sujal .
he sees that sujal is not around and   notices kashish . he thinks that kashish must be a employee and starts scloding her . the person is piyush .......
piyush:- tumhe sharam nahi aati , salary tho achcha -khasa le the ho par kaam nahi kathe . Dead
kashish:- par mein Angry
piyush interupts and says :-it's ok . agar tumhe koi kaam nahi tho mera saath coffee pena    chalogi .Dead
kashish realizes that he is trying to flirt with her . she is very   irritated . Angry
kashish:- mr   i   don't know who u are & please mind your own business .Angry
piyush:- are vaah pehali   baat tum yahan ki employee ho kar kaam nahi kar rahi ho, aur dusari baat tumhari himmat kaise hui apne boss se is tarah baat   karne ki ? Dead
kashish can't stand it any more . she is walking towards the door   Cry . when sujal comes in . sujal sees kashish .
sujal:- kahan ja rahi ho kashish
kashish:- sujal wo mein
piyush :- sujal kaise employees hain yahaan par , inhe tho apne maalik ka koi lihaz nahi hain .Angry sujal is confused . kashish   looks at sujal and sujal understands what might have happened there .
sujal:- piyush ye tu kya keh raha hain . ye kashish oberoi hain . sumeet oberoi ki beti . hamare saath humare ghar per reh rahi hainn . lekin tu inse nahi mila na .
piyush is shocked .Ouch
sujal:- kashish ye piyush hain lalit uncle ka beta . tum varun aur aman se mila ho na ye unka bada bhai hain .
kashish:- ok
piyush says sorry . but kashish is in no mood to talk to him . piyush   leaves the place .Ouch   
sujal:- tum theek ho na
kashish:- haan
suddenly the pune walks in with food .
sujal:- haan , yahan pe rak do .
kashish:- sujal ye sab kya hain ?
sujal:- wo kya hain na tum ne subah theek se nhastha nahi kiya na . is liye
kashish gives him a smiles Smile &   then both start eating .
while eating    kashish wants to take the curry & even sujal   wants to do   the same both their hands collide while trying to take the curry . sujal Embarrassed & kashish Embarrassed look at each other and both are lost into each others eyes . Wink
thoda sa music played in the back ground .
suddenly rishi enters and sees them .
rishi:- hi big b , hi kashish
both come out of their dream world and say hi , both are embarassed . Embarrassed
rishi:- kashish tum SHIMLA first time aayi ho na .
kashish:- haan
rishi:- to phir chalo kahiin picnic   pe chalthe hain
kashish:- are mein abhi toh aayi hoon U.S.A se , yahaan ka     kaam   khatam kar ke chalthe hain .
at this sujal interupts and says
sujal:- kashish kaam tho hotha rahega , chalo na hum sab picnic pe chalthe hain .
kashish:- smiles and says ok Big smile
rishi:- theek hain then it is decided ki hum log kal picnic pe jaa rahein hain .
sujal:- done
rishi leaves .
kashish starts to discuss MR.GUPTA'S    project with sujal .
sujal:- kashish zara sambhal kar rehna mr.gupta ka reputation utna achcha nahi hain
kashish:- tum ho na mere saath , tho kuch nahi hoga Wink
sujal gives her a look in typical
RAJEEV styleCool
kashish realizes what she just said & says
kashish:- i mean tum sab log hona mere saath Star
sujal & kashish smile Big smile . in the evening sujal ,kashish reach home . rishi is already there . all the family is sitting in the hall waiting for sujal and kashish . sujal enters with kashish . all greet them and all the   youngsters   are very happy about going to the picnic . veena and chetan say that they will not be able to make it to the picnic .
rishi:- big b ye piyush bhaiyaa kahaan hain....
sujal sees kashish irritated face Dead   Angry when piyush's name is mentioned
sujal:- pata nahi rishi , aata hi hoga.......
all   chat for some time and go to their respective rooms to relax . veena tells them to come down for dinner at 9

here some where in shimla a guy is sitting and talking to himself :- ajj pehali baar
us ghar ke aaye hua   kisi ne mera saccha roop dekha Angry . mujhse itni baadi bewakoofi kaise ho gayi Angry . maine apne app se vaada kiya tha ki koi bhi mera saccha roop tab thak nahi janega jab thak mein apne maksat mein kamiyaab nahi ho jata Angry . aur mera maksat hain "GAREWALS KI BARBADI " Evil Smile Evil Smile . the guys laughs aloud and turns around and it is none other than PIYUSH Evil Smile ............................................................ ...............................................

so guys here ends the part three . well to know further what happens in the picnic and y does piyush hate the garewals read the next part . please guys tell me frankly if u don't like my story i'll not mind and i'll try to improve .

take careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
pinkstarrs_9 IF-Rockerz

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Posts: 7739

Posted: 12 September 2005 at 6:30am | IP Logged

nids mere rajeev/sujal ko wapis laoooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.bring him back Cry.too good sun ClapClapClap


Edited by pinkstarrs_9 - 12 September 2005 at 6:34am
rajeev1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2005 at 6:35am | IP Logged

WOW nids.... Cry Cry ...plz..ek baat batado...will sujal come back?..yaar its really sad... Cry .....cont. fast plz....

hi sun!...great part...its not boring at all....jahan nids ki kahani emotional thiCry wahan yours was happy!!!..Big smile...keep it up!ClapClap

Edited by rajeev1 - 12 September 2005 at 6:43am
kahish-rox Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2005 at 6:37am | IP Logged
i am happy that u liked the part...ok so the next part Mehndi part is here....THIS PART IS SPECIALLY DEDICATED TO AMNA, NATZ, NIDS, PINK, RAJEEV-1 AND VIVACIOUS!!...ALL OF U R THE BEST OF FRIENDS ONE CAN HAVE!!

To iss sab ke baad larkon ko aik side per kar dia jata haia ur larkion ke liye neechey bethanay ka intezam karwa ker mehnadi lagana shuru hoti hai...Kashish ko aik haath per Veena mehndi laga rahi hai aur aik per Prerna...Anjali, Mehak, Kasak, Gunn, Kumkum,Sneha Kannan aur Shruti aapas main beth ker baatain bhi kar rahi hain aur aik doosrey ko mehndi bhi laga rahi hain..aur larkon ko iss jagah per annay ki ijazat nahi hai...peechey mehndi songs lagay hain aur bhut maza kar rahay hain sarray...Kashish ke donon haathon per itni khubsurat mehndi lag rahi hai aur uss ke paon per bhi mehendi laga rahay hain Anjali aur Kannan...
Kasak, Gunn aur Mehak akar Kashish ki mehndi dekhtey hain
Mehak: wow ...ap ki mehendi to bhut khubsurat lag rahi hai
Kashish: thanks...actually main ney tumhain pehchanna nahi
Gunn: Di...yeh Mehak hai...Krishna ki behen
Kash: Krishna.....??
Gunn: Di...Krishna Sujal bhaiya ka dost hai...jis ney merey saath dance kia tha...
Kash: haan...i am so sorry mujhey bikul yaad nahi raha Mehak
Mehak: nahi iss main sorry ki kai baat hai...waisey bhi hum pehli baar to millay hain
Kashish: haan iss sey pehley mulaqat hi nahi hui na
Mehak: actually i am a bit confused...main ap ko kia bulaon...ap mujh se barri hain aur aissey hi Kashish kehna mujhey acha nahi lagta
Kash: to iss main confusion ki kia baat chahey keh lo...
Mehak: actually main Sujal ko Sujal bhaiya kehti hoon to ap ko Bhabhi bula sakti hoon?
Kash: main ne kaha chaho keh lo
Kasak: Bhabhi...ap ko mehendi kis ney lagayi hai?
Kashish: meri donon mumma ne
Kasak: acha...lekin woh aik cheez bhool gayi...
Kashish: acha woh kia??
Voice: mera naam!
woh murr ker dekhti hain....aur wahan Sujal kharra hota hai!
Kash: Sujal...tum yahan kia kar rahay ho?
Sujal: kyun...main yahan nahi asakta?
Kasak:Big-B...idhar larkon ko ana manna hai
Sujal: yeh kia baat hui yaar? ab Kashish ki mehendi main ney hi to dekhni hai...please
Mehak (laughing): Sujal Bhaiya...ap bhi na...haan Bhabhi ki mehndi ap ney hi dekhni hai lekin kuch to sabar kijiye
Gunn: chaliye Bhaiya...jaiye yahan se
Sujal: dekho idhar humaray ilawa yahan qareeb koi nahi hai...sirf panch minute
Kash: Sujal...tumhain ho kia gaya hai?
Kasak: main batati hoon...woh ap ke peechey pagal ho gaye hain
Mehak: waisey sab log gaye kahan?
Sujal; sab log khana khannay gaye hain...aur haan i remember Gunn...mumma tumhain aur Kasak ko bulla rahi hain...koi kaam hai
Gunn: pakka?
Sujal: promise!
Kasak and Gunn leave and now there is only Kashish Sujal and Mehak there
Sujal aur Kashish donon Mehak ki taraf dekhety hain
Mehak: i guess mujhey chalna chahiye!
Sujal: thanks Mehak!
Mehak: no problem...
Sujal: aur haan....
Mehak: kisi ko kuch nahi bataon gi aur yahan kisi ko annay bhi nahi doongi ok??
Sujal: thanks a lot! (sarr per halka sa haath rakhta hai)
Mehak hansti hui wahan se chali jati hai aur ab reh jattay hain Sujal-Kashish....Kashish neechey bethey apni mehndi dekh rahi hoti hai...Sujal uss ke samnay bethata hai aur uss ke haath dekhta hai
Sujal: hmm....lekin Kasak theek kehti hai...kuch missing hai!
Kash: missing hai?
Sujal: of course yaar mera naam aur kia?
Kash: uss ki zaroorat nahi hai
Sujal: kyun??
Kash: kyunki woh yahan likha hua hai...dhoondho
Sujal: kahan likha hai Kashish nazar to nahi araha...
Kash: nazar kaisay ayega...tumhara naam meri mehndi main nahi in haathon ki lakeeron main likha hai
Sujal:haan...yeh nahi dekha..
Kash: tab hi to tumhain kehti hoon ke thora ghaur kia karo
Sujal:yaar tumharay barray main hi to ghaur karta rehta hoon...
Kash: hmm...main janti hoon
Sujal mehendi uthata hai aur Kashish ke haathon per lagata hai...
Kash: yeh kia kar rahay ho?
Sujal: aik minute ruko...
woh uss ke haath per likhta hai chota sa
Kash: shukar hai mehndi nahi kharab hui...
Sujal: mehndi ki parri hai tumhain...
Sujal smiles: ay Kashish...dekho bahir kitna acha mausam hai...bahir chalay?
Kash: dhamagh to theek hai?
Sujal:kyun? bahir jannay main kya hai?
Kash: Sujal kal humari shadi hai...hum log aj itna tayar ho ker sab ke samnay bahir jayen...
Sujal: to kia Kashish?
Kash: acha nahi lagta...
Sujal: Kashish...tumhain pata hai tumhari burri adaat kia hai? keh tum logon ke barray main apnay se ziada sochti ho....
Kash: to iss main burra kia hai?
Sujal: yeh zindagi humari hai aur harr insan ko apni zindagi jeeney ka poora haq hota hai...aur iss haq ko istamal karna chahiye
Kash: aur jo logon ka ap per haq hota hai?
Sujal: logon ko ap per haq sirf tab hota hai jab ap un ko woh haq khud detey ho...
Kash: waisey main ney tumhain kaun sa haq dia??
Sujal: tum ney mujhey haq dia tumhain apnanay katum se pyaar karnay ka...aur....
Kash: aur kia Sujal?
Sujal: tumhain choonay ka haq...tumhain hug karnay ka , tumhain kiss karnay ka, tumhain,....
Kash: SUJAALLL!!! bass karo...bhut besharam ho
Sujal: iss main besharmi ki kia baat hai....after all i am ur husband
Kash: abhi hoye nahi...aik raat hai abhi
Sujal: uff yeh aik raat pata nahi kab guzaray gi!
Kash: merey beghair bhi to jee hi rahay thay na...main nahi rahoon gi tab bhi jiyo gay na??
Sujal uss ke moun per haath rakhta hai
Sujal: manna kia tha na tumhain aissi baatain karnay sye...phir bhi tum na....tumharay beghair main zindagi guzar raha tha, jee nahi raha tha....aur tumharay baad zindagi hi nahi rahay gi to...
Kash: Sujal...kabhi kabhi mujhey darr lagta hai...
Sujal:meri jaan ko kiss baat se darr lagta hai??
Kash: yeh soch kerke kabhi hum juda ho gaye to?
Sujal: hmm....tum na...yeh batao phoolon main se khusbu ko alag kia ja sakta hai? uss chand main se roshni ko alag kia ja sakta hai?jeetey jee shareer main se aatma ko alag kai ja sakta hai??nahi na...issi tara SujalKashish ko bhi koi alag nahi kar sakta
Kash: i love u Sujal!
Sujal: really?? (smiling)i love u too!!
then they both hug and sujal kisses her on the forehead.....
they separate....Sujal goes away as ppl have started coming he leaves....the function continues and after a few hours function khatam!!

Coming uo: Sujal-Kashish ki most awaited shadi...all of u r invited...ok plz give ur comments luv kiran!

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