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The Sweet Beginning

Anurag Basu (Cezzane Khan) and Prerna Sharma (Shweta Tiwari) are the children of two great friends. Both their fathers hoped that one day their children would get married. However, the children have other ideas. Yet one day, they meet in college and slowly fall in love and are no longer so against the idea of marriage. Anurag's mother Mohini however does not want her son to marry Prerna who is from a poorer family. Anurag and Prerna sleep together, but soon afterwards Anurag is forced to marry Komolika by his mother. Prerna discovers she is pregnant. Meanwhile, an older man with three children from a previous marriage sees Prerna and falls in love with her. His name is Rishabh Bajaj. Soon afterwards, Komolika's is shown to be a deceitful woman whose only interest is in the Basu fortunes. Anurag divorces her and she vows to take revenge from both Anurag and Prerna. Prerna and Anurag decides to marry again but the Bajaj persuades her to marry her to give her son a name and
respectability. While Prerna hates the man intensely, she soon develops affection for his three children, Vishaka, Tushar and Kuki, who is blind. The three children also treat her like their mother. Mr. Bajaj's ex wife comes into the picture and she tries to murder Mr. Bajaj through a car accident. She nearly succeeds and everyone thinks he is dead. Anurag then marries Prerna who has given birth to their son Prem. Three years pass, which are the happiest of this couple. However, Prerna still misses her stepchildren and often neglects her family responsibilities to be with them. Meanwhile Komolika comes back and marries Anurag's cousin Shubroto (who is secretly jealous of his older brother). It is also revealed that Mr. Bajaj is not dead; his ex-wife keeps this a secret from everyone. He comes back, still in love with Prerna but a better man. However, Anurag does not believe him but Prerna does. She helps him like a friend and takes care of his children. This causes Anurag to be jealous. Their fights reach a new height when Prem is kidnapped and Mr. Bajaj is wrongly accused of his kidnapping (the real kidnapper is Subroto, Anurag's cousin). Anurag and Prerna finally get Prem back. However, he is extremely ill and dies. Prerna, at this point, gets pregnant again but Anurag claims that she cheated on him and says that it is actually Mr. Bajaj's child. Anurag and Prerna get divorced with each blaming the other for Prem's death.
Anurag now has a new woman in his life, his secretary, Aparna. She is a sweet and innocent woman. His mother hastens to marry Anurag to Aparna. Prerna now lives with Mr. Bajaj and goes to the wedding, where it is revealed that both she and Anurag have feelings for each other. Soon afterwards, Prerna gives birth to a daughter, Sneha. Anurag at first believes that Sneha is his daughter but a faked DNA test proves otherwise and some photographs of Bajaj and Prerna together. Anurag, angry at this, sleeps with his new wife, Aparna. It turns out that Komolika switched DNA reports and showed Anurag fake photos told by Bajaj. Prerna goes to the Panchmeshwar with her baby girl.

First lapse of 8 years

Eight years pass, Prerna returns to Mumbai with an eight-year-old Sneha who is the apple of her eye. Mr. Bajaj also adores the child. Precious, cute and funny Sneha goes to school in Mumbai where she meets a girl called Diya. Meanwhile Anurag and Prerna also meet each other but Prerna does not tell him about his daughter. Diya, is in effect, Anurag's niece. Sneha soon goes to the Basu House with Diya where everyone there adores her. As she reveals her name to be Sneha Sharma, nobody guesses her to be Anurag's daughter. Anurag, who is depressed by his son's death has withdrawn into a shell but is soon won over by his daughter who resembles him in many ways. Diya and Sneha go to a summer camp, where parents are allowed, but as neither girls' mother can go, Anurag goes with them. Anurag bonds with Sneha who reminds him both of himself and the love of his life, Prerna. One day, he is shocked to learn that Sneha does not know who her father is. Very soon after that, Sneha misses her mother and wants her to come to the summer camp; Prerna agrees. She is shocked to find Anurag there and even more to see that her daughter knows him very well and adores him. Even Anurag is shocked to find out that the child he has grown to love is actually the proof of his wife's infidelity.
They go back to Mumbai where Sneha finds out that her father is Anurag, she goes to meet him but he dismisses her claim and humiliates her. She leaves his house, crying. In an attempt to console her, Prerna says that her father is actually, Mr. Bajaj. Hurt by Anurag's rejection, Prerna becomes engaged to Mr. Bajaj so that her daughter can have a father.
Soon she finds out that Sneha has leukemia and the only thing that can cure her is the bone marrow of her full sibling. As Prem is dead and Anurag and Prerna have no other children, Prerna swallows her pride and asks Anurag for help. Another DNA test reveals that Anurag is indeed Sneha's father but even his bone marrow is not exact. Now Prerna and Anurag, each committed to another person, have to conceive another child to save the life of their most treasured possession. Around this time, it is also revealed that Komolika kidnapped Prem, Anurag and Subrato evict her from their house. Aparna convinces Anurag to go back to Prerna and Mr. Bajaj does the same to Prerna. Anurag and Prerna spend a night at Panchmeshwar and Prerna gets pregnant. Soon afterwards, Aparna's first husband enters the picture; he helps Aparna kill Anurag on Karwa Chuth night. Prerna is devastated and she sees Anurag everywhere. Aparna, who inherits all of Anurag's property, threatens to throw everyone out. It is soon revealed that Aparna's ex-husband actually saves Anurag's life. Anurag is actually alive. Prerna and Sneha also find out and they keep this a secret from everyone and Anurag appears as a ghost to torture Aparna who finally confesses to a roomful of reporters.


Later on, Prerna gives birth to a son called Prem.Now Anurag persuades Prerna to marry Mr. Bajaj. Prerna has misgivings and Mr. Bajaj, thinking that Prerna will never love him, sleeps with his first wife's sister Madhvi.On her wedding day, Prerna finally agrees to marry Mr. Bajaj for her children's sake and Anurag is left only with his memories. Soon afterwards, Komolika gets Anurag's father killed. Prerna gets pregnant again. In addition, Anurag adopts his ex- wife's son Shravan. During her godh bahrai (baby blessing) ceremony, Prerna gives the year old Prem to Anurag who by mistake gave Prem to Komalika who kidnapped her. Prerna is livid when she finds out and claims she never wants to see him again.

Second lapse of 20 years

20 years pass by, Anurag, who lived in London with Shravan, comes back to India. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj are happy with their five children. Sneha and Kasak (Prerna and Mr. Bajaj's daughter) are returning from their school with their boy-crazy friend, Tanisha. Here they meet Shravan, a young boy who likes to eat a lot. All four become friends. In Panchmeshwar, Prerna meets Anurag again and she is still angry with him. Anurag later on meets his daughter Sneha. Komolika also comes back with a young man claiming to be Prem but he turns out to be fake. Meanwhile, amongst the youngster, love again sparks up when both Tanisha and Kasak fall for Shravan. Shravan falls in love with Kasak and spends the night with her. Prerna is originally against Kasak's desire to marry Shravan but she reluctantly gives in. However a few days before the wedding, Shravan finds out about Aparna and believes Prerna killed her. To punish Prerna, he abandons Kasak on the alter and marries Tanisha. Prerna's anger extends when she finds out that Kasak is pregnant. Sneha finds out that Anurag is her father and moves in with him when she fights with Prerna. Kasak miscarries, Shravan is saddened, and Tanisha feels insecure because she knows that he still loves her friend Kasak. She tries to create misunderstandings between Anurag and Shravan.

Tanisha Bajaj?

Meanwhile Mr. Bajaj learns that Tanisha is his daughter with Madhvi. When Anurag finds about this, he gets angry and he gets drunk, and while driving accidentally crashes into Mr. Bajaj and Prerna's car, both are hurt and go in a coma. Prerna returns with retrograde amnesia and can only remember up to her marriage to Anurag. The doctor tells him that it will be painful to tell her about her son's Prem's death. So they tell her that twenty years have passed and Prerna and Anurag are still married and Prem alive. While Prerna comes onto Anurag, Anurag resists her for he knows that she is still a married woman. Sampada, Anurag's best friend comes to visit India. She is in love with Anurag and Prerna gets jealous. Aparna returns, Prerna regains her memory but pretends that she still has not to trap Anurag into admitting that he tried to murder Mr. Bajaj. Anurag admits as such and Prerna sends him to jail. Mr. Bajaj's brother comes back and he is a lawyer and he, Prerna and Anurag figure out that it was actually Aparna who had caused the accident. Mr. Bajaj awakens from coma and a new character makes his entrance, a spoilt brat named Yudi.
Yudi who had been raised by Aparna creates havoc in Prerna's house, first by taking over her orphanage and then by causing Tushar's accident. Prerna and Anurag, then discover that Yudi is actually Prem, their kidnapped son. Prem hates the two but Prerna convinces him to come live with her for thirty days. Prem agrees and tries his best to be evicted from the house before that. Meanwhile, Sharad the son of a politician enters Sneha's life. In addition, Mukti, a smart and perky girl, who is Prerna's driver's daughter and had been raised as Prerna's daughter enters the picture. Sneha marries Sharad, and Prerna learns about Tanisha being her husband illegitimate daughter and virtually walks out on him but in then decides to stay. Prem and Mukti have severe clashes and Prem manages to humiliate Mukti in front of all his friends. Prerna gets extremely angry and throws him out of the house. Aparna is angry as well, because her interest in Yudi was strictly mercenary, and evicts him also. Prem repents his mistake and Prerna, Anurag and Mukti forgive him. Prem is happy, but once again a misunderstanding caused by Aparna forces them to mistrust him. When they get him, he is changed and vows revenge while playing a good little boy. Mukti starts falling in love with Prem.

Prem/Yudi and Mukti

In a moment of weakness, Prem and Mukti sleep together. Prem dismisses it and Mukti is deeply hurt. At a party, Mukti is drugged and brutally raped, and immediately her life becomes miserable if she told Prerna that Prem was still after Mr. Bajaj's property. However, this was only a misunderstanding, as Mukti discovers that the rapist is actually her best friend Sneha's husband - Sharad. Although at first no one believes her, Prerna comes to know the truth and support her, and so does the woman who is now in Anurag's life as a possible love interest (Sam). With Prerna's support, Mukti files a court case against Sharad, which shocks everyone. Mr. Bajaj, Anurag, Sneha and all else are pitted not only against Mukti but also Prerna and the delicate relationships they have are once again tested. Mr. Bajaj's brother [Mahesh]is called on by Mr. Bajaj to defend Sharad and during their conversation in private; Sharad reveals to Mahesh that he has indeed raped Mukti.
Mahesh is shocked but feeling that he cannot let Mr. Bajaj or Sneha know, or the shock might cause great distress, decides that he will aide Sharad. Sharad's father, a powerful politician, who believes Sharad is innocent, uses illegitimate means to dispose of Mukti, including an attempt to kill her. When [Mahesh] learns of this, he approaches Sharad's father and reveals to him that his son is indeed guilty of the crime and if he attempts such an act again, he will not defend Sharad.
With this revelation, the attempt to convict Sharad becomes a battle between good and evil with Prerna on one side and Sharad on the other side. In the end, Sharad is proven innocent and released from custody; however, the day of the trial, Sharad's mother has overhead the conversation between Sharad and his father and she has learned the truth that Sharad is guilty. Being that she is a woman, she refuses to let Sharad get away with such a crime and decides to let everyone know the truth; however, Sharad's father is not willing to lose so easily and imprisons her in a room while the trial is taking place.
During that time, Sneha comes home, opens the door holding Sharad's mom hostage, and learns the truth from her, including the truth about possible evidence of Sharad's confession in Prem's office. She goes to Prem's office and finds the evidence. She then goes to the courthouse and we see her meeting Sharad as he is leaving the courthouse after being announced innocent. She confronts him and he immediately begins to apologize, confessing that he made a mistake. What he doesn't know is that Sneha is secretly taping his confession. When he learns that, he tries to run away, pushing Sneha violently and causing her to miscarry their child. Sharad is once again taken into custody, the truth is revealed to all and the relationship between them and Prerna is improved. After the Sharad storyline, Prem and Mukti have had their differences and despite Prem apologizing to Mukti, she no longer cares for him as she once did. He even proposes to her but she rejects him, which causes him to use any means possible to make her life difficult. During this Prerna learns a secret about Tushar, Mr. Bajaj's oldest son. She doesn't know how to reveal this secret to Mr. Bajaj.
Tushar has been rejecting any attempts by Mr. Bajaj to meet a girl and get married, it is so because he has been secretly married for the past two years to a young British girl by the name of Doris, who was left alone after her mother died and Tushar couldn't turn her away and had to marry her. During this time, it is also noted that someone is trying hard to kill Prerna and Anurag and it is hinted that Aparna might have returned into their lives; however, clues indicate that it not a woman but rather a man who is attempting to kill them or harass them. A new character also has made an entrance, a young girl name Debonita who has come from Calcutta and is living with Anurag. She is slated to be a vamp to replace the popular character played by Komolika. In addition, she showed the audience her true colors when she separated Prem and Mukti (who has now left Prerna's house, heartbroken) and has helped Sharad escape from jail. Prerna convinced Anurag to marry Sampada. On their marriage day Sneha was kidnapped by Sharad and tortured. Sneha in a desperate effort to save herself ends up in getting hold of Sharad's gun. Prerna reaches the spot and witnesses Sneha accidentally shooting Sharad's mom.
Sharad's mom dies and Prerna in order to save Sneha confess to the police that she is the murderer. Anurag overhears Sneha and Prerna's conversation in jail and comes to know the truth. However, Mr. Bajaj is still unaware. Prerna was sentenced for 14 years imprisonment. Mr. Bajaj mistook Anurag and Prerna's conversation and got the false impression that Prerna still loves only Anurag.

Next 5 year lapse

After the 5 yr leap, Prerna returns to her house, but her children where living with Anurag and Mr. Bajaj was missing. Prem had turned into a villain and he joined Komolika. Prem cheated Bajaj and took all his money. Prerna challenged Prem and there start her next Kasauti.

Kasautii Against Prem

Sam forced Prerna to stay in Basu house but as days passed due to the increasing friendship of Anurag Prerna, her insecurity also increased. Now there are some usual marital problems going on between Anu-Sam. Prerna is searching for Mr. Bajaj. Mukti's marriage was fixed and Prem had the realization that he loves Mukti. Now Mukti denied to marry Prem, but on her marriage day Prerna asks Mukti to go back to Prem. However, Mukti was killed in a major car accident and Prem ends up in a state where he does not know where he is and what he does. Prem is still living in Mukti's thoughts. Mr. Bajaj returns. However, he does not want to come in front of Prerna. The mystery behind this is not yet revealed. A new businessman Ohmi saves Komolika from Mukti murder case and buys most of the shares of Bajaj's channel in low cost. Now we figure out that Mr. Bajaj had left because when he heard Prerna and Anurag's conversation, he thought they still loved each other. He felt betrayed by Prerna and left his family. Sneha brings him back to Prerna, and they live happily for a while. Then Prerna figures out that Anurag and Mr. Bajaj have secretly been trying to plot out her life for her, not taking her opinion into any consideration.
Prerna decides to cut off all relationships with Mr. Bajaj and Anurag, feeling very betrayed. She goes with Prem to Panchmeshwar to get Prem's treatment done. While she is there, she is kidnapped and almost dies until she runs to a fair near by. There, as she is escaping her kidnappers, she sees a girl that looks exactly like Mukti. She finds her, and sees that this is the only way that Prem can be treated back to normal besides electric shock. However, Devki is evil she is a thief who stole money from a bank. Prerna asked Devki to do the same accident want Mukti was killed. Prem was back to normal. After Prem became normal, he wants to marry Mukti. Mr. Bajaj found out the true nature of Devki but he did not tell anyone because he feared he would lose Prem again.

Who is who?

After that, Prem also discovers that Devki is not Mukti. Mukti is dead. However, Sneha and Omi convince him that he has fallen in love with Devki by pretending to fix his marriage. Then at one night Prem and Devki sleep together and the very next day, Devki leaves him. Prem, though devastated, moves on with his life and meets a new character a physiotherapist called Palchin who is helping his grandma. Very soon after that, Shravan and his wife Tanisha, who is expecting a child, are in a car accident for which Prem is held responsible. Suddenly the cast is divided into two sides with Prerna, Anurag, Shravan, Sneha and Kasak supporting Prem while Mr. Bajaj along with Sampada (Anurag's fourth wife), Tushar, Kuki and Vishaka all join Tanisha in her accusation that Prem is responsible for the baby's death.
Meanwhile, Prem and Tushar have fights over a property and when Prerna chooses Tushar's side, Prem vows to hate her and her husband forever.
However, this is only the beginning of Prerna's troubles, a maharaja comes into her life and he threatens to reveal a secret that only Prerna knows. After much suspense, it is found out that the maharaja had an illegitimate child with Vishaka, Prerna's oldest stepdaughter. However, Vishaka's daughter, Tanvi, is adopted by her little sister Kuki. And Maharaja wanted her back. However, Prerna manages to ensure that Tanvi stays with her mother.
Meanwhile Tanisha finds out that she can never be a mother again so her half sister, Kasak agrees to carry her child as a surrogate mother. Sneha is married to Omi, who has fallen genuinely in love with her though his foster aunt Anahita's revenge is far from complete. She arranges for some men to throw acid on Sneha's face but it accidentally falls on Omi's face and no one knows who is responsible. Sneha then takes Omi for treatment abroad while she is pregnant with his child.
While all this is going on, Prem is still hopelessly in love with Devki and Palchin plans her wedding. However, on the day of her wedding, Palchin's fianc runs off and in an attempt to salvage her honor, Prem (from now on played by Vikas Sethi) marries her. Palchin falls in love with her husband while Prem treats her as a friend. Nearly nine months pass, where Prem and Tushar's rivalry escalates. It is revealed (only to the audience) that Kasak deliberately caused Tanisha's miscarriage so that she could carry Shravan's child. There are increasing problems in Anurag and Sampada's marriage regarding Prerna. In addition, Prem was the one who forced Palchin's fianc to leave so that Prem could marry her and inherit a property. On Karwa Chuth night, Sampada's insecurities cause her to raise accusations at Anurag and Prerna, while Kasak prepares to fast for Shravan. However, Shravan's ridicules her attempt and tells her that he knew all along that she caused his baby to die and that he hates her. Kasak throws herself at Shravan who loses his temper and hits her and she falls. She is quickly carried to the hospital and Shravan is asked to choose between Kasak and his baby. He chooses the baby and Kasak dies in front of Sampada, Prerna and Mr. Bajaj blaming Shravan. Prerna faints and Mr. Bajaj runs after Shravan with a gun. Sampada tells Anurag, who runs after Mr. Bajaj to stop him, as does Prerna.
On the Kali Chitti Mountain, Mr. Bajaj and Anurag confront each other with guns in their hands while Prerna watches. A gunshot is heard and Mr. Bajaj drops dead and the guns falls at Prerna's feet. She grabs the gun and believing Anurag to be her husband's killer, shoots him.
Meanwhile it is revealed that Sampada killed Mr. Bajaj. However, Prerna does not believe it.
On the very same night, Prem and Palchin consummate their relationship.
With the help of Sampada, Prerna is not held responsible legally for the murder of her ex-lover. However the damage is done, Sampada vows to destroy her husband's killer while Prerna loses all her faith in love. Prem and Shravan hate Prerna for killing their father. The Basu Company collapses without Anurag, and Anurag's mother is hospitalized because she is declared insane.
Prerna opens a new school in Pamcheswar, 'Rishabh Bajaj Gurukul.' Here she proposes that no child will ever fall in love with again, especially none of her grandchildren.
Devki comes back in Prerna and Palchin's lives, and she is said to have blood cancer, which explains why she left Prem. Therefore, she leaves to get treatment for cancer.
Sneha gives birth to Omi's child, a girl called Prerna. Kasak's daughter is called Krutika and is said to be a few hours younger than little Prerna (P2).
Palchin is revealed to be pregnant.

After A.Basu and R.Bajaj

Nineteen years pass and Prerna has seven grandchildren, three from her biological children and the rest from Tushar and Doris. Then comes Pratam Mittal, a man who threatens to ruin Prerna. He is indeed revealed to be Anurag Basu after extensive plastic surgery. This is known to no one except Prerna and Sampada. While Sam is glad to have her husband back, she is scared that he will find out about her hand in Mr. Bajaj's death. Prerna while appearing to be fighting Pratam's attempts on the outside, now has to fight her old emotions for Anurag, while she waylays his attempts to destroy her family, the way he felt that she destroyed his. After the return of Anurag Basu (Pratam Mittal), things in the Bajaj house start to change. P2 falls in love with a boy in her school called Saksham, knowing that her grandmother would get mad. P2 is to get married to Saksham's older brother Virdan, but when she comes to know that somebody is blackmailing Dhara, she leaves on the very day of her wedding to find the person. Therefore, the person tells her to meet her in a hotel room. When P2 reaches the guy locks P2 in with him in the hotel room, then Saksham comes and tries to save P2 but she accidentally breaks glass over her his head so then Saksham hands him self over instead of P2. Meanwhile at the Bajaj house P2 is nowhere to be seen, so Dhara pulls her veil over so nobody could see her, and gets married to Virdan instead. However, when Virdan comes to know he gets mad and kicks Dhara out his house. Then Pratam Mittal takes Dhara back to the Bajaj house and when Prem comes to know he gets mad at her mom and blames everything on her. Then Sam badmouths about Big P in front of Prem, and Prem starts to hate his mom even more. Big P is absolutely furious and is mad at P2 for everything. Then P2 bails out Saksham. Saksham's family accepts Dhara. But Virdan gets mad leaves in the after party Virdan is nowhere to be seen but in the middle of the party the blackmailer sends a letter to Saksham saying that he has to go to court for trying to kill him. However, P2 and Saksham still do not tell the real deal. Later everybody finds about P2 and Saksham. Big P gets very angry and then expels Saksham from the house, but then P.M talks to Big P and then P2 and Saksham are all set to get engaged. Saksham takes P2 to his parents' house. They are dead but he declares that they were great lovers and P2 is always welcome here. He wants their love to be like his parents'. They go outside and are admiring a waterfall from the top when P2 slips. Saksham saves her and they both succumb to their love and sleep with each other Meanwhile Virdan meets a girl named Kiran not knowing that she is indeed Dhara his wife but Virdan still falls in love with her. Nehal comes for Saksham's engagement but Sam creates problems so Prerna is forced to think that Saksham likes P2's sister Jwala but P.M makes everything all right. Then afterwards Saksham gives P2 a call; between their conversation a group of men hired by Sam start to beat him up, luckily P2 goes to Saksham's rescue. P2 is shot instead of Saksham and falls in the lake but Saksham jumps for her knowing that he can't swim. He brings P2 over to the surface, but when he tries to wake her up she doesn't respond, so Saksham drowns himself on purpose. P2 wakes up and realizes that Saksham has drowned.

Saksham's death

Nehal comes to the scene and takes P2 with her back to her place. When everybody sees P2 they all get worried but Nehal explains everything to them. Nehal hires an investigation team to sort out the puzzle and even though Sam got Saksham killed (because in a way Anurag and Prerna would get back together), all the fake evidence leads towards...Prerna. Prem gets angry and turns back into Yudi. Sneha, Tushar and Yudi (Prem) kick Prerna out of the house meanwhile Anurag's mom tells him everything about Sam so he goes and tells Prerna everything they become friends again but Sam threatens to kill Anurag's mom so Prerna gives her house to her in order to save Anurag's mom. When Anurag finds out about the kids kicking Prerna out of the house he gets very angry and starts to talk to the kids but Sam comes in and asks Prerna to stay because the property transfer will take time. Sam starts to take over the house and nobody is happy about this. Nehal comes in the house during the shrarth for Anurag (planned by Sam) and vows to punish Prerna for Saksham's death no matter how big, rich and important she is. He accuses her of stopping her arrest warrant and hiring the biggest lawyer in town, but he will still get her punished. However, Prerna did not do these things and realizes Anurag must have done them. Prerna stops the shrarth by insulting the pandits. Sam uses this to degrade her in front of her children. Meanwhile P2 faints upstairs and the doctor declares that she is pregnant with Saksham's child. Sam goes to Saksham's place and tells his aunt, uncle and Nihaal that P2 is pregnant with someone else's child. Nihaal in anger goes to P2's house and confronts her about this. Then after he yells at her about the child he leaves and after he leaves P2 gets a call from Harsh (the guy that was blackmailing Dhara) and he says he has some pictures of Saksham so she should come and get them but what really is happening is that Nehal and Sampada (Sam) get together to ruin P2's and Prerna's life. So Nehal made a plan with Harsh and Sampada that they will get P2 in the hotel room with Harsh and he will videotape it so it will look like Harsh and P2 are having an affair. Then Prerna knows something bad is going to happen to P2 because Sampada said so but she didn't say what, so Prerna goes and prays to god and hopes nothing bad happens to P2. At that second a thief comes into the hotel and tells Nehal to give him the CD he's holding in his hand and also points a gun at Nehal. The CD that the thief destroyed had P2 and Harsh hugging. Then the thief sees a key in Nehals hand and tells him to open the hotel door and P2 and Harsh are in that room but Harsh quickly escapes and now only P2, Nehal, and the thief are in the room, but Nehal thinks and says that no matter what he has to save P2 or else he could get in trouble so he takes the gun out of the thief's hand and points it at him and takes the thief to the police. When they go outside P2 became scared that she hugged Nehal and wouldn't let go of him, all the press and TV reporters were there, and so everyone thought they were lovers. However, trouble rises everywhere and both the families are upset about all this so they decide that Nehal and P2 should get married. P.M takes everyone to the Basu house where Sam has kept Moloy (Anu/P.M's Mom) but nobody is aware of this fact Moloy tries to call P.M but since she has masking tape on her mouth she is enable to speak but P.M gets worried and checks out all the phones in the house and realizes that there is a secret basement in the house he goes there but nothing is there little does he know that Moloy, Sam and the men she hired are hiding behind the stuff. Sam and the men leave with Moloy in front of Anurag, but he is unable to do anything. Afterwards Prerna and Anurag tie up Sam but have to set her free because since she is the only one who can give her an insulin injection since Moly has diabetes.Meanwhile over at the Garewal Mansion it is Breakfast time and Nehal refuses to eat the food that P2 has made so he sends her in for some food made by the family's cook but little does he know that the food is real spicy when he takes a bite out of it he realizes that it's real spicy so he decides to backfire P2 little plan he tells everybody that he is going to feed P2 with his own hands today. Later P2 is thinking about her time spent with Saksham but Dhara comes in and they start a conversation and tell themselves that they wouldn't let each other know what really goes on between their relationships with their husbands.

Komolika's return again!

Sampada and Prerna have a shoot out, only for Sampada to be arrested. After that, Komolika is shown returning to Nihal with some evil ideas...Later after Komolika's return...Meanwhile the Bajaj-Basu Family finds out that Anurag is alive and he is welcomed back with great honor but Dhara and Virdan get stuck in a storm...A women claims that Anurag is her fianc Dhanraj and even gets him kidnapped but Komolika helps them out later Prerna and Anurag find out that the man named Dhanraj is actually a real person. Meanwhile over at the Garewal Mansion P2 is accused of stealing Komolika's money but Komolika tells every one that she was the one who put it there. After a few hours a celebration is held at the Garewal mansion a traditional way of celebrating a baby's new arrival (for Saksham and P2's unborn child) and Anurag and Prerna are shocked to see Komolika there...Everybody sees Komolika but she acts real nice every body starts to dance and Dhara faints then a family friend tells them that she is pregnant and everybody comes to know the truth.

Kiran/Dhara Revealed

They ask Dhara is it true and she tells everybody about Dhara/Kiran, Virdhan comes back home and refuses to recognize Dhara. Later Nihaal tells Virdhan that Dhara and Kiran are the same people and she is indeed his wife and he gets real upset and plans revenge. Afterwards Komolika is passing by, listens to P2 and Nihaal's conversation, and finds out about how bad their relationship is when P2 leaves, Komolika slaps Nihaal and tells him that just because he hates P2 he shouldn't have ruined her sister's life and her future especially the unborn child's. Komolika refuses to talk to Nihaal and Divyana plans to kill Dhara. Divyana tells Dhara to warm the food (Divyana has cut the gas wire in the kitchen so when Dhara turns the stove on she will be burned and die); P2 tells Dhara that she will warm the food instead. P2 turns on the stove and fire flames are everywhere luckily Nihaal comes to her rescue and saves her. Later in the hospital Prerna comes and blames Komolika for everything but Anurag and Prem tell that she didn't do anything. Afterwards Prerna thanks Nihaal for saving P2's life and he says that it was his duty to save his wife. Everybody leaves and P2 says ouch and Nihaal runs for her but P2 says it was the baby who kicked her for a second Nihaal is happy but then Nihaal gets angry and steps outside.AP are to get married but Mr.Bajaj comes back.

Rishab Bajaj's a.k.a Prerna Husband's Return

He comes in and it is said that he has lost his memory. Stress and tension could cause Mr.Bajaj to go back to coma so AP and family decide not to tell him his real idenity. He comes in on the very day of the wedding and it is stopped. Bajaj stays overnight at the Bajaj mansion and leaves early morning thinking so he wouldn't a burden on Prerna. Anurag brings back RB and following a similar pattern every time RB comes back the whole family is in grief for AP but also happy to see that RB is back.

A Bond Between Nihaal and P2

Nihaal and P2 are now friends. The Basu-Bajaj Family go over to the Garewal mansion for a Pooja (A Way of Worshiping Different Gods for a Purpose) , there RB feels a little uncomfortable and decides to sit in the corner and read the newspaper. He realises that his wanted poster hasn't been posted. RB decides to stepout of the Pooja and ask Tushar about it, He reaches the Bajaj mansion and there the servants tell him that Tushar is in the store room (Attic). He goes up to the attic for Tushar(little does he that he has already left). Rb turns the light on and the plug gives him a little shock and he falls to the ground right in front of AP who followed him up to the attic.

Bajaj Gets His Idenity Back

He has car accident that when he gets his memory back..

Prerna tells the truth!

Mr.Bajaj puts Anurag in jail because of the misunderstanding.

Mr.Bajaj Gets his memory back?

Did he get his memory back or is he faking. 'The Evil Scheme' What is up with Mr.Bajaj? Blaming Anurag and acting nice,and the other woman. He is Mr. Bajaj, but all this time he was faking that he lost his memory. He is Dhanraj and Bajaj which all along wants to destroy Prerna and Anurag. Only Anurag and Komolika knows about his evil scheme, but they are still curious why does he want this revenge.

BAJAJ and KOMOLIKA, The Evil Scheme Continued...

Bajaj and Komolika are now partners in crime. They will end A and P: The Love Story (Of course This show will END!).


The lead characters of the show are Mr. Bajaj, Prerna and Anurag, as the story revolves around their children and their life.

Families in Kasauti Zindagii Kay

'Basu Family'

Moloy and Mohini Basu have 4 children: Nivedita





Anurag Married Komolika but never had any children. After his divorce with Komolika, Anurag married Prerna and had three children.

Prem 1: died in childhood

Sneha Sharma Bajaj: She was raised by Mr. Bajaj and Prerna

Prem/Yudi: the illegitimate child of Prerna and Anurag, he was kidnapped by Komolika and then Aparna. He was raised as Yudi and thought his birth parents were dead.

After his divorce with Prerna, Anurag married Aparna and Sampada.

During his marriage with Aparna, Anurag adopted Aparna's son from her previous marriage, Shravan. Aparna did not raise this child. Anurag raised Shravan with Sampada. (Sam)'s help.


She is married and has a one son.


He married Komolika but no children.


She is married and had a daughter Diya

'Bajaj Family'

Rishabh Bajaj:

Rishabh Bajaj was married and he has three children with his first wife.




After his wife's death he married Prerna and had a daughter with her:


Prerna also had kids from previous marriage:

Prem (Dead)



Rishabh Bajaj also has an illegitimate daughter with Madhvi:


Mahesh Bajaj:

Brother of Mr. Bajaj, was in love but never got married. His girlfriend had his son Yuvraj, she later died. Then Mahesh Bajaj was to marry Aparna but that marriage never happened.

A New Generation -

Tushar: Tushar married Doris and had four daughters with her.

Gargi Jwala Tara Kanishta

Vishaka: Vishaka had an affair with Aditya Pratap Singh and gave birth to their daughter Tanvi, who is adopted by Kuki.

Kuki: Kuki is married and adopted Vishaka's daughter Tanvi. Sneha: Sneha married Sharad and was pregnant but had a miscarriage. Six years after her divorce, Sneha married again to Omi. She had a daughter with Omi, Prerna (after her mother) known as P2.

Prem/Yudi: Prem never believed in love until he met Mukti and he fell in love with her. However, the night he realized that he loves Mukti, Mukti was killed. Prem then fell in love with Devki, Mukti's look-alike. They had a one-night stand in Panchmeshwar and after that Devki have disappeared. It was found that she had blood cancer. Finally, Prem ended up marrying Palchin, with whom he has a daughter Dhara and a son.

Kasak: Kasak was in a relationship with Shravan. But Shravan ended up marrying her sister Tanisha. Kasak was pregnant but she miscarried. Kasak killed Shravan and Tanisha's unborn child so she could get Shravan back as she became their surrogate mother. When Shravan finds out that Kasak was responsible for death of his child, he accidentally pushed Kasak, and she falls, causing her to go in early labor. At the hospital, Shravan had to choose between Kasak and his child, as Shravan chooses his child, Kasak dies. She had a baby girl, Kritika, who is adopted by her half-sister, Tanisha.

Tanisha: Tanisha is married to Shravan and was pregnant but her child was killed. Now she has a daughter. Kritika.

Shravan: Shravan was once in love with Kasak but ended up marrying Tanisha. In addition, they have a daughter Kritika.

Yuvraj: Yuvraj was never shown married or in love, he was killed by Aparna.

Another New Generation - Grandchildren

Tushar and Doris Children:





Sneha with Omi:

Prerna Sharma Bajaj Garewal (P2)

Prem (Yudi) and Palchin:

Dhara Sharma Bajaj Garewal

Shravan and Kasak/Tanisha:



Tanvi (Biological Daughter of Vishaka)

'Garewal Family'

Mr. and Mrs. Garewal

Nihal Garewal- a rich businessman in the USA, who is now the husband of P2.

Vardhan Garewal- a business man/student in India, the husband of Dhara.

Saksham Garewal- a business man/student in India, the fianc of P2 (Dead). Father of her unborn child.

Mr. Rishabh Bajaj - Ronit Bose Roy

Prerna Sharma Basu Bajaj - Shweta Tiwari

Anurag Basu - Cezanne Khan ,

Hiten Tejwani (known as Pratham Mittal)

Komolika Basu - Urvashi Dholakia

Aparna Basu - Geetanjali Tilekar

Sampada (Sam) Basu - Moon Moon Banerjee

Sneha Sharma Bajaj - Jennifer Winget

Sharad Gupta - Karan Grover

Omi - Shabhir Ahluwalia

Prem Prerna Sharma (UD(Yudi), later known as Prem Basu) - Manoj Bohra,

Vikas Sethi

Mukti Deshmukh - Tina Parekh

Devki - Tina Parekh

Debonita - Sai Deodhar

Palchin Prem Basu - Shubangi Atre Pooroy

Shriya Bisht

Kasak Bajaj - Surveen Chawla, later played by 2 different characters

Vishaka Bajaj - Played by 2 different actress, currently being played by--Amita Chandekar

Tushar Bajaj -

Doris Bajaj - Suzanne Bernert

Kuki Bajaj - Garima

Tanisha Basu - Shubha Verma, currently being played by another actor

Shravan Basu -

Yuvraj - Jatin Shah {Dead}

Mohini (Moloy) Basu -

Moloy Basu - Deepak Quzi

Prerna Bajaj Junior (P2) Garewal - Kritika Singhal

Dhara Basu Garewal - Wassna

Kritika - Gazala Selmin

Jwala (Tushar) Bajaj

Gargi (Tushar) Bajaj - Shrijita Dey

Tara(Tushar) Bajaj

Kanishtha - Rudrakshi Shetty

Saksham Garewal - Sunny Nijar

Nihaal Garewal - Naman Shaw

Vardhaan Garewal -

Hope U all will Like it.....Embarrassed

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thanx you sooo much for this....great job and keep it up! Clap Clap Clap

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thanks heaps

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