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?a?? 31??, ?s?a? ?? ??? ??????a? sƒ ?s??s?? ??all? ???? ????al!??ll... ƒs? s?? ????g, ???'? ????al ??a??? ??? ??a??? ??? ?a?? ??????a? ???? s?? ????a? ??sl aa?a?a ?aa??,??? ??????? ??a?, ???'? a ????al ƒ????? a?? a ???? ????al ???a? ????g! ???'? s?? sƒ ??? ?s?? l?????? ??s?l? ?? ??s?,???'? s?? sƒ ??? ?s?? ƒ??????? ??s?l? ?? ??s?, ???'? a ??? ?az?, a ??? laz?, ?s?all? s?ƒ???? a?? ?s??s?? ??s a? ?a?? a ƒssl s?? sƒ ?????lƒ a?? ??? ƒ?????? ??all? ?a??l?. ??? a? ?? a? ???a??a?&#1109 ; ; ; ; ;???? ??? a? ??? ?a?? ???? ?? ???? ls?a?l?. ??? ?a??? ?ssla?? ???? ss????,??&#1090 ; ; ; ; ; ?s?? ???? g?????g ?? ?? ??? ????l? sƒ ??? ??g?? ?s ?a? a ?a?a?a (???? ??s?g? ??? ???l???? ?a?a?a? lsl)! ???? aƒ??? all ????, ?? ???ll ls?? ??? a?? ??ll al?a?? ls?? ???! ????????? ????ll s?? ?s? ??s? ??s ??'?? ?al???g a?s??, ?s? ??ll s??l???lm 1; ag???!!





???? ? ??? ??g? ?a? ? gs? ƒ?s? ?? ƒ?????z


Happy B'day dearest Ayesha, may this year bring you lots of love, happiness and luck. All the best in whatever you do and yeah Amey is lucky to share his b'day with you. LOL LOL

Happy Birthday Ayesha,

May all your wishes come true. You have a great birthday and even a greater year ahead of you. It makes you a special person to share birthday with Aamaya.

Good luck.

Happi B'day to u..

I hope u get whteva u want in life n all ur dreamz cum true..

Hav a blast on ur b'day...

Dun forget to treat

God Bless u..


Hey Ayesha!

A very Happy Birthday to u!

Many Many Happy Returns of the day!

May you find a treasure of happy thoughts and wishes in the hearts of those around u!

Hope ur birthday be wondeful n u have a gr8 year ahead!

God Bless u!


Hey Dear Ayesha



                                                           Here is ur Bday cakee from me !!!Big smileBig smileBig smile
                                                           & yeah last but not least WinkEmbarrassedBig smile


With Loads of Luv

Wishing you a birthday as special as you are..
Hope u enjoy every bit of it..
wishing u love, Happiness and cheerz..
Today n all through the year


Wishing u a very Happy birthday Ayesha,
May ur birthday hold many beautiful moments,
May ur All Wishes come true
May Good Fortune always shine on Smile
Have A Nice Day


Happy Birthday To a very special girl!!!!!!TongueTongueTongue....

Ayeshu , May all ur dreams come true Big smile.....get all the gifts u desired WinkLOL....and have a blast with ur friends and family .....Big smile

Here r some special gifts for the special girl....

Here r the balloons for the party , I'll be little late though LOL

here r some beautiful roses to paint the town redWink...


and here r some chocolates ..

have a rocking Birthday sweety..

Luv ya...Hug..

Koeli Embarrassed


heres' ur cake

n ur giftTongue

           mAy alL Ur DreAmS coMe TrUe

              mAy u gEt aLl ThE hApPiNeSs tHaT U dEsErVe

      Always keep smiling and hope this years opens new ventures, and we spends many many years with you on India-Forums

and thankx a lot for being a gr8 frnd

enjoy ur dayTongueeat lods of cake n save sum 4 meLOL

lods of lub ~rajuTongue


Happy Birthdayyy Ayesha!! Big smileBig smile Yay so ur finally a year older! LOL i wish u nothing but the best and hope this year bring u loadz of happiness and tons of joy. May all ur dreams come true and hope this bday brings u lots of prosperity... Best wishes and enjoy Big smile

lotsa luv, Luvneet Big smile

Happy Birthday Ayesha ji..!!


Many Many Happy Returns of the day...!!!

You are still one of the people whom i call jiEmbarrassedLOL yaar i miss you..!! I cannot believe you are turning 21, omg, you are turning old..!!OuchLOL I miss our chatting and your correcting me on my lyrics and talking about movies and songs.... i wish i could get to know you better ayesha ji.! But you are such a sweet sweet person, I'm so glad to have met you in FG section and keep those memories still with me today. 21 is a big age...... i hope you get LOTS of presents and have LOTS of fun and have a wonderful day..!! Love you!

Love, Ammu




yayyy so finally its u bday ~ muss b
feelin on top of d worldTongue hope u havin
bare fun readin erry1s cute msgs for u ~ i
no its gona b a pain replyin erry1 lol buh
i guess v bin thru it so its finally ur
turnEvil SmileLOL k ennuf of mi bakwas, juz wana
say ur a very sweet gal ~ n tho v dun
tok much, weneva ive tokd 2 u, its alwyz
bin propa wikd ~ hop all u wishes n dreamz
come tru on dis v.special day ~ hop allah gives
u all d happiness in d world, coz u deserve itTongue
party loadz ~ leme no wot kool presents n
stuff u gotTongueLOL
~ happy bday once agen ~

~ loadza lov ~
.x. moony .x.


happy bday ashi!!Hug
umm cant write much, cuz im not feelin wellOuch
buh dun want u 2 feel bad, so wrote sumthin heheTongue
ye so hav a gr8 time
n leave sum cake 4 meLOLTongue
muqi xx










Happy Birthday Ayesha many many happy returns of the day, have a wicked day party purty ;) haha now I think u should drink sum daru its ur bday na :P haha lol, lucky all the damn snows gone u can go outside an wont be cold an freeze ur ass off lol anywayz u can spend ur day in niagra fallz :P I heard u like it haha rushing down in the paani haha woo wat a rush lol an sing happy bday to urself :P jkkk lol LOLLOL anywayz enjoyyyyyyy Wink


HugX Ricky XHug



?s?aa ls? ?s ??a? ??.. ? ???? ?? ????? ?a.. s? l??z ?a?? a l?l ???a?..l??z ?a?? ??? ????..??lax ? ???s? ?a ?s?gg

Hey…. what's with you baby
I never never never never never felt this way before
Hey….come a little closer
Baby, baby baby wanna steal your heart away


are gore gore mukhde, chand ke tukde
kaali kaali zulfein, neeli neeli aankhen
are gore gore mukhde (be my love), chand ke tukde (be my love)
kaali kaali zulfein (be my love), neeli neeli aankhen (be my love)
khwaab dikhaade raah bhula de, hosh uda de sab ke
chain mita de, tan sulga de, mann mein de masti ghol
rock and roll soniye, dole yeh man tere liye
rock and roll my darling, my heart dances for you
rock and roll soniye, kabhi tu bhi toh mere sang dol
rock and roll my darling, why don't you dance with me too

yeh lachkile se tan, yeh balkhate badan
pehle dil hai maangte, phir maangte hain jaan
yeh rangeen bijliyaan, yeh jaadu karniyan
dekhin hai sau baar par hoon aaj bhi hairan
oh dekho aaye, oh dekho jaaye
kis naaz se nakhre se jhoom ke
apsaraayen,haseenayen ek pal ko jo dekhle ghoom ke
oh saare zamana ho diwana duniya gire kadmon pe
phir bhi yeh pariyan, husn ki kaliyan samjhe na pyar ke bol
rock and roll soniye, dole yeh ban tere liye
rock and roll soniye, kabhi tu bhi toh mere sang dol
rock and roll soniye, dole yeh ban tere liye
rock and roll soniye, kabhi tu bhi toh mere sang dol

oh sar pe topi laal, haath mein resham ka rumaal ho tera kya kehna
Sexy Sam, sexy Sam,wham bam wham bam thank you Sam oh shava, oh shava
gore gore gaal, gaal par uljhe uljhe baal ho tera kya kehna
Sexy Sam, sexy Sam, oh balle balle balle

yeh dilbar yeh haseen, yeh toh jaane nahin
pyar hai kya cheez aur hoti wafa hai kya
yeh pal bhar ke sanam, inko kis ka hai gham
hum pe kya guzri bhala inko pata hai kya
yeh anjaane, yeh begaane behka hai kya jazbaat se
na yeh jaane, na yeh maane dil toote hain inke haathon se
oh aag se thandak barf se garmi maang ke hum pachtaaye
kya na bhulayein, humne gavaayen din kitne anmol
rock and roll soniye, dole yeh ban tere liye
rock and roll soniye, kabhi tu bhi toh mere sang dol
rock and roll soniye, dole yeh ban tere liye
rock and roll soniye, kabhi tu bhi toh mere sang dol

rock and roll to the beat of the dhol
c'mon shake your body, shake your body
rock and roll…..
rock and roll to the beat of the dhol
honey honey honey honey honey mere sang dol


s? ?s ??? ? ???s? ?a ?s?g ?s?? ? ? ??la??? ?s? lsl s? ?s? l??z g?? ?a? ?s da ??gz


Dear Ayesha,

I met you on BB forum and had lot of fun reading your comments. I looks forward to many more happy times on II forum. Hope this birthday brings you all the joy and happiness you always desired because you deserve them.



Happy birthday ayesha
hope ur birthday is full of fun!
goodluck in ur future"

Hey Ayesha...may many happy returns of the day sweety...God bless u..may all ur dreams and wishes come true..May u get all what ur heart wants and more...may u have a rocking day and a wonderful year ahead...Lots of love...Shyama

think you are a bit careless of your things!
Be careful wherever you go with your stuff.
Now look what have you left when you just came in my mind?
You have left a smile on my face!

happy b'day ayesha...
have a fantablous year ahead...
ma guuud wishes wid u!

Dear ayesha,Hug

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you dear ayesha

happy birthday to you....

may god bless you dear with lots of luck and happiness

love ya


happy birthday ayesha.. hav a gr88 year ahead and may ur wishes come true and u reach gr88 heights in life!! my best wishes for yu ..

many happy returns of the day.. hav fun

Amrita (tpam)

hey ayesha Hug

omg look your birthday is the same as amey's birthday!!

thats soooo cooool yaaaaaar

i remember last year on your birthday i didn't really know u cause i just started to post on IF  but then i sent u this video as your bday gift LOL yaad aaya? Wink

it was that ladoo shop shit LOL oh yea u were first person on IF to see it Cool

oh yea btw i am typing this in microsoft word and I am doing on my ownCool bole toh apne dil seWink

i remember how once u said that on your bday post i better write everything myself LOL

wow ayesha i doing this on the last day Ouch like right now its 8:05 pm friday, march 30 LOL

wow that means i know for about a year i guess Tongue thats longggggggg

oh yea ayesha during the summer time we chatted a lot Wink

i remember when football world cup was going on u had a pink font loll i dont know how i remember that Confused

oh yea during the summer a lot we use to chat until like 4-5 am LOL fun times Wink

oh yea you are reallllly nicee Hug and always there and caring Wink

oh yea look i still have that siggy u gave me like a longg time ago LOL

acha ayesha lagta hain ke maine buhot likhdiya LOL bole toh 250 shabd hogaye Wink

aur tujhe toh sab ka post parna hain loll

acha enjoy reading everyones post Wink

have fun on ur birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Hug hope all ur wishes come trueee

and God blesssssss Tongue

Happy Birthday Ayesha

hope ur all dreams and wishes comes true

may u live longer

hope u get all happyness that u wanted and u deserves

ayeshaa reeeee u r getting old EmbarrassedLOLLOL just kidding

have blast

keep smiling

heyy ayesha! many happy returns of the day! hope all your wishes come true and hope u have a fantastic year ahead of u! always stay cool! luv ya


pooooooooooooooooo!!!! happy birthday ayesha!!!!! i was going to give the usual "haha youre a buddhi" speech but i think i gave that to you last this year i will just dedicate to you all the english parts in wedding qawwali, and i mean every word from the bottom of my heart. sweet, na?? Big ok but really, i DO have a small bday gift for you that came from my total impatience and perhaps some temporary brain damage...get on msn and ill send it to u! love u lotssssssssssss and hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

Hey Ayeshaaaa!! happy birthday to you!!
wow it's been ages since we have actually got together
to talk but I could not miss the chance to wish you on your birthday!

I am kind of late and Megha is yelling at me to quickly send
a wish, so I cannot write long or else Megha will post the thread!
You know how she i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Many many happy returns of the day! Wish you have
a great day and a life full of love and excitement ahead!

Love, Prapti

hmmmm human!!! the first thing that comes to my mind when i think abt her is cookie..haha ..that made no sense...anyways...Many Many happy returns of the day human....may all ur dreams come true and may this year be the best year of ur lyfe..i will say this next year every year will be the best ..dont worry..wohoooo party time...huh? how come i didnt get the invitation..not fair...anyways i am coming wid monaliEmbarrassed.....hmm today i can bug u as much as i can..wohoooo....ok one quick fact about human

she loves cookies...oh yeah thats true..i saw u eating cookin...but where? can remember...its definetely in canada...i guess we first met (talked) in amey fan club..and den this human thing came up and den rest is..................haha its so funny how i always tease u but itz not fair how u always find something to tease me abt yeah...all i want to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY....HAVE FUN IN UR BTHDAY.......AND YEAH STOP BUGGIN ME BUT I WILL ALWAYS BUG U....thats a good deal ...isnt it? haha

and yeah thansk for the background..remember the friend i was talkin was u but then sandy/caramello decided to open it so i was lyk ok...yeah....


?a??? ??????a? a???
s?g ??z ?? ??a? ?s?a? lsl ? ? ?????? lsl ? a? ?a?a
??ll l???? ???? ? ƒ????? lsl..?s?? all ??
?????? ?  ???a?z ?? ????Winka??? a??? ? ??s? ?a?
  ? a? ??a?l? ?al??? ?s?? ??g??WinkLOL s?
?s ????? ?a? ? gs? s? ?? ??a? lsl ??? l???? ??ll
  ? ?a? ? a??? gs?? ?s ????? a? ???a? a?z ?
??s?? ?? la?? ???? s? ?? a???????a 103;? ? g???? lsl..
  ?s a??? gs??a ?s?? ? ??z ???? lsl ?s ?????
??? ?? ???? ??lslLOL s?? g???? ?a? ? ???????? ?
  ?a???? a sa? ?ag ?a?a ?s ? gs? ? ??? sa?
?agz lsl ? ??s? ?a? ? ????? l??? a ls? sƒ ?s??? s?
  ?? ƒ??a??? ?agz lsl ?s ? ????a l??? ??..s?? ?
a? ? al??a?? gs? a ls? sƒ ??gz ?s ???l? ?s ? ??a
  ???? ?? ??g ??s?? ?s ?s?? ? ?a?? a ?la?? s? ??
?a? ? ?a? lsa?z sƒ a?? ? ?a?? ?? ???Tongue 
    l?? ?a lsa?z a???
     ??..?a???..?&#967 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;




Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!
I hope that for every candle on your cake

I cherish all the moments we've had together. Never met you but this faceless friend means much to me. From Amey Dates Indian Idol days to Samir Amrute and Penn Masala...its been fun knowing you. May the years to come continue to as much fun. I look forward to enjoying our friendship for many more of your birthdays. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.


MySpace Layouts

So sweet, so beautiful
Everyday like a queen on her throne
Don't nobody knows how she feels
Aicha, Lady one day it will be real

She moves, she moves like a breeze
I swear I can't get her out of my dreams
To have her shining right here by my side
I'd sacrifice all the tears in my eyes

Aicha Aicha - passing me by
Aicha Aicha - my my my
Aicha Aicha - smile for me now
Aicha Aicha - in my life

Zulfein uski aisi lehrati
Mere mann ki hai woh shehzadi
Mere kwabon mein woh balkhati
Har pal woh mere sapno mein aati ohhh

Aicha Aicha - dil mein chaho
Aicha Aicha - muskurao

Needs somebody to lean on
Someone body, mind & soul
To take her hand, to take her world
Show her the time of her life, so true
Throw the pain away for good
No more contemplating boo

Aicha Aicha - ecoute moi
Aicha Aicha - passing me by
Aicha Aicha - my my my
Aicha Aicha - smile for me now
Aicha Aicha - in my life

Aicha Aicha - passing me by
Aicha Aicha - my my my
Aicha Aicha - smile for me now
Aicha Aicha
In My Life


MySpace Layouts

Heyyyyyy Aichaaaaaaa!!

hehe myyy eshuuu!!
i dont noe where to start off from...
uve been like a blessing for me from above
which i will treasure forever and ever!!
this past year and few months have been a blastt!!
every nite coming onto msn and having chats about
absolutely nothing can actually be fun...
and i realized this after talking to u hahaha
ur the onli....honestly the onli person who doesnt
bore me...i think in alllllll this time...ive said
i'm bored to u like 3 times onli maybe loll
tho u say it to me quite often hmmm...but we wont
talk about that loll LOL



MySpace Layouts

"There are many people
That we meet in our lives
But only a very few
Will make a lasting impression
On our minds and hearts..
It is these people that we will
Think of often
And who will always remain
Important to us
As true friends"

MySpace Layouts

this was said by sum susan dudette...but i love itt!!
itz soo true....and u are one of those important true friends
that will always remain in my mind and heart
u are a friend who has made my life more meaningful
having u around, virtually that is, has brought
brightness and completeness to my world!
from the day we first met in that loser gameLOL 
to the hours spent on Amey's Fanclub and everything
to do with Idol, to Samir Jay Srikant and Tushar...
our friendship has onli grown...every moment i have
spent talking to u...have been many different
lifetimes for me... : 4,000 Graphics and Pics

we've laffed 2gether...we've laffed at eachother...
we've shared our pains with eachother...
we've cried with eachother (well most me onli)
no matter wat we matter wat time it was
you were always there for me everytime
i really needed a true friend..
u always listened to me no matter how
bored u were...u always gave me advice
for things i was confused about (and at
times confuse me even more than i was,
well i dont blame u for that, as kitkat says
u were born confused LOL) : 4,000 Graphics and Pics

ur the sweetest person i have ever met!!
and the coolest....ur just the besttt!!
i love u and will always be ur side anytimee!!
if u ever run away from ur house...u can
knock on my door at 4 am and i will take u
in any time LOL unless im sleeping tho...
but usually around 4 im styl ur safee!!Embarrassed

hehe....oki ill stop boring u now and sign off....

many many many many many many many
happy returns of the day!!
hope u get everything u ever want in ur life
may God give u all the success and happiness
u deserve and desire....
i hope one day u get to meet Samir, Jay,
Srikant and ofcourseeeee Mr. Amey Date Embarrassed 

MySpace Layouts

oh that reminds's ur gift:


MySpace Layouts

and here's a gift from the 4 of us:

MySpace Layouts

and here's 1 more from the other 4 of us hehe:


MySpace Layouts's a gift from me and natsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed:


ohhh.....and ummm.....nats and i have another gift for u....
but we cant give it to u rite now
u will have to wait for it for sum time......Embarrassed

till then...suspenceee!! hahaha


MySpace Layouts

Ankhon mein tu hai
Honton pe tu hai
Jiya Nahi lagda...tere bina

Ankhon mein tu hai
Honton pe tu hai
Jiya Nahi lagda...tere bina

Those eyes blink once
Take my breath away
They see the way i feel
The lil games we play

I admit there are times
When I get confused
She grabs my hands
And I know that I cant lose

It's no mystery
It aint hard to see
This girl might be the one for me
And I've got to try
To catch her eye
She whispers down this lullaby

Ankhon mein tu hai
Honton pe tu hai
Jiya Nahi lagda...tere bina

Ankhon mein tu hai
Honton pe tu hai
Jiya Nahi lagda...tere bina

So smooth, need my fingertips
Watching the way she moves,
The way she sways her hips
She got away with me
I'm being serious
She smells at me
And I get delirious

And then I ask myself
If I know why
My heart skips a beat
Whenever she goes by
And she sings so sweet that lullaby
I lose myself in her

Is this for real
I can't be sure
What do I feel
I don't know until she
Comes to me
And then I strive
To lose myself
In the ocean of her eyes

Dil mein mere tu
Dhadkan tu hai
Chand sa jaisa
Tera chehra

Ankhon mein tu hai
Honton pe tu hai
Jiya Nahi lagda...tere bina

Ankhon mein tu hai
Honton pe tu hai
Jiya Nahi lagda...
Tere bina....tere binaaa!!





Love, Megha

MySpace Layouts






*Credit shared amongst: Sandy, Prayas, Nats, Megha*


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nibbler IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2007 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
wohoooooooooo human itz ur bthday...yayy party time..
~Poonam~ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 16754

Posted: 30 March 2007 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
happy birthday ayesha

will edit it later Embarrassed Tongue
mango-frost IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 March 2007 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

Thank you Sandy for alll you help!! This would not have been possible without you!! You are awesomee!!! Clap

Thank you Nats for helping you!!! Clap

Thank you Kitkat...for everything.....hehehe!!! love uuu tooooooo!! Clap

Thank you to everyone who gave their wishes Clap

~Happy Birthday Aicha!! EmbarrassedHug

Xplicit_Desii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 March 2007 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
wohaa megzz da post lookz hella sexiiiiiiiiiiii Tongue TongueTongue my msgz hella short n stupiddOuchn i couldnt even give her a gifttOuchwe were runnin out of timee lol n we had to do a lot so couldnt make my msg loook niceeeOuch anywy ashi hope u like da posttTongue
luv ya Embarrassed

Edited by *Touch~Me* - 30 March 2007 at 10:13pm
Xplicit_Desii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 March 2007 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
btw i love dose siggz megzz.. hez look hella cuteee[:$EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
kuhu.kuhu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2007 at 10:26pm | IP Logged

Awww !!! this thread looks soooo awesome !!!  .. Tongue Wink ....

Anyway, Happy birthday again Ayesha....have a rocking Birthday... Clap  

Thanks Meghs !!!Wink   .....

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mango-frost IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 March 2007 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
sandy...itz okay yaar...the doll siggy gift is also from ur side naaa Wink itz from all of us who worked on it Embarrassed Embarrassed

and which siggy are u talking about?? who looks hella cute?? LOL amey? salman? samir? LOL

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