Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Tera Hone Laga Hoon Chapt 12 Pg 41 {7/09}

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Tera Hone Laga Hoon

Chapter 1


Maan jerked up to his feet when he noted the latest text he'd received from his sister in law, he told his chief of staff to continue the meeting without him and excused himself. He immediately dialled his sister in law's number and waited for her to answer.

"Naintara, what's happened to dadima?" he asked without waiting for her to even say hello. Pleasantries were not needed right now.

"Maan veerji, dadima isn't feeling too well. She's fallen ill and doctor's are saying it doesn't seem good" Naintara relayed, she rolled her eyes seeing Savitri Khurana giving her a thumbs up and a large grin.

"Dammit!" Maan cursed, "Give me the address, I'm coming. Where is this place?" he asked as he stormed down the hall towards the elevator.

"Hoshiarpur, I'll send you the details of Gautam Vihaan, we're currently staying with them" Naintara informed.

"Okay, okay I'll be there" he cut the call exiting the building and settled into the waiting car telling his driver to make it to the small town named Hoshiarpur.

"He's coming" Naintara told her grandmother in law.

Savitri chuckled and high fived her grandson Dev, and Naintara.

"Veerji is going to know what you're planning to do, dadima" Naintara shook her head.

"Hum Maan ke dadima hain, Naintara. He's smart because I made him like but I'm smarter" Savitri winked. "Aap jaake Gautam ko bataiye ke humare pota aa raha hai unke beti ko dekhne" she told Dev.

"Ji dadima" Dev nodded and walked out to informed Gautam Vihaan.


"Mumma, you cannot be serious" Geet looked at her mother and father.

"Geet, woh loug acche pariwar ke hain. Tu Delhi jayega" she tried to reason.

"No, no, it's going to mess with my studies. Mumma aap ne promise ki" she pointedly answered.

"Geet bete, humne baat ki hai Savitri Devi ji se, unhoune kahan ke aap padh sakte hai" Gautam explained.

"Can you guarantee that?" she crossed her arms in front of her, "who's to say she wouldn't take me to Delhi then lock me up?"

"Geet aap bhi na... bete aise rishte baar baar nahi aate. Aap unke hi ghar ke bahu banenge" Gautam responded seriously. "Hume yakeen hai ke aap ko woh loug pyar se rakenge aur aap bohut khush honge" he turned leaving the room.

"Mumma" Geet turned to her mother putting her best saddened face hoping to melt her mother.

"Aap ke papa sahi keh rahe hai, Geet. Aise rishte baar baar nahi aate".

"Par..." Geet started only to be stopped when her mother walked out patting her cheek.

"Main bhi Geet Gautam Vihaan hoon, dekhte hai aap mere shadi uss Delhi wale se karte hain" she murmured.


Geet snuck out of her bedroom late a night and headed towards the room where she knew Savitri Devi was resting, she looked around making sure there wasn't anyone around and slowly opened the door.

She stepped inside only to find the elderly woman sleeping, she had hoped she'd be able to speak to her and get her to take the rishta back. It looked like she was just going to have to come back tomorrow morning.

"Kaun ho tum" a voice called out as she exited, the person grasped her wrist pulling her away from the door and into a dark corner near the window.

"Oyee chor" she screamed.

"Chup" the person covered her mouth and dragged her outside into the garden. "Chilla kyun rahe ho! Chor main nahi, chor tum ho" the person opposite hissed narrowing his eyes.

Geet frowned blinking her eyes, she wondered when chors became so handsome. She snapped out of her thoughts realising his hand was on her mouth, she pushed away his hand stepping back. "Mere ghar mein aakar mujhe chor bol raha hai" she growled.

"Tumhari ghar?" Maan questioned. "If this is your house, why are you sneaking around like a robber?".

"Mujhe Savitri Ji se baat karni ti" she paused wondering why she was telling him that.

"Raat ke ek baje?"

"Toh? Aur waise bhi tum kaun ho?" she stared furrowing her brows. "Tum mere ghar mein kya kar rahe ho?" she raised her voice.

"Chup! Bilkul chup" he planted his hand over her mouth again, "Dadima utt jayegi tumhare jungli awaaz se".

Geet gasped pushing his hand away, "mujhe jungli kahan? Saru kahin ke! Aur yeh dadima kaun hai? Dadima kahan se agayi yahan? Tu uss gobar ka baccha Eli ke dost haina?".

"Main Savitri Devi ke pota hoon, Maan Khurana" he cut her off narrowing his eyes, it was a deathly stare. Geet Vihaan was no less, she shot back her glowering glare.

The wheels in Geet's head started turning as she'd heard his name and she gasped pointing her finger at him.

"Tu... tu wohi Maan Khurana hai jo mere shaadi ho rahi hai?"

"What?" Maan snapped sharply, his entire body coursed with rage at her words. 

Hope you like it 

I love arrange marriage stories and wanted to create one

If you like this, plz check out Only You ss as well, it's revenge types love story. 

Thank you 


scroll down for chapter 2 Embarrassed

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Harley-Quinn Groupbie

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Chapter 2


"Yeh aapki plan thi kya?" Maan stared at his grandmother. "You'd get me here and you thought you'd get married?"

Savitri kept quiet watching her grandson pacing and burning a hole in the carpet, she pondered thoughtfully and gestured to Naintara who'd understood quickly.

"Naintara..." Savitri gasped holding her heart, she started making gagging sounds and panting.

"Dadima" Maan rushed to her side. "Naintara, call the doctor" he yelled.

The commotion drew the attention of the Vihaan family members, they'd rushed inside, Gautam told his wife to bring a soaking warm towel telling his daughter to call the doctor.

"Maine bulali" Naintara informed, she couldn't call the real doctor, he'd informed her Maan veerji that there wasn't anything really wrong with their dadima but that she was pretending.


"There is a limit to carelessness, Naintara ji" The doctor looked around at everyone, "I did explain yesterday Savitri ji is not well and you will have to take care not to stress her. She has a delicate heart right now, anything could trigger any sort of heart problems and it could lead to having heart attacks" he emphasised staring at Maan intently. "Heart attacks at Ms Devi's age, Mr Khurana can be fatal".

Maan sat down besides his grandmother taking her hand, "I'm... sorry dadima. We'll return to Delhi and get you the best care".

"Travelling in such a state isn't going to be fair on Savitri ji, she isn't well enough" the doctor intervened. "Please take care of Ms Devi, she should not be stressing at all. You should keep her happy and take care of Ms Devi at this stage".

"We will, doctor" Dev stated nodding his head, he then saw the doctor out of the house. He returned only to hear Maan.

"Teek hai dadima, I'll get married"

Dev had not expected that at all, he had not known his brother would agree so quickly but then dadima had put up such an incredible performance. Had he not known, he'd have believed it and agreed to anything.


With that, Geet found herself sat at the mandap besides the Delhi wala saru taking vows. She was defeated in front of her parents who happened to take a leaf of Savitri Devi's book and emotionally blackmailed her.

She felt her eyes sting as he pinched the sindoor and filled her parting, she swallowed hard as he slipped the mangl sutr around her neck.

She had so many dreams, she had wanted to marry someone she'd liked, she wanted to be blushing and smiling at her wedding, she dreamed of sharing loving glances of her husband as they wed, but this wedding was the total opposite.

Maan had barely looked at her, he followed the routine robotically and she'd not paid much attention either.

Maan stood irritated as Geet held onto her parents sobbing, he looked at his grandmother who'd patted his cheek and said, "Maan, she is leaving her whole family behind. Let her say bye properly".



 It was almost 10pm when they'd arrived in Delhi following the long journey, they'd stopped for a short break to change their clothes into something comfortable and eat something.

Geet looked uncomfortably as she stood besides Maan, his grandmother insisted on welcoming Geet wholeheartedly. Geet pushed the kalash containing rice with her toe then stepped inside. Dadima then led her to the side, Geet dipped her hand in the red paint and placed her handprint on the wall besides Naintara's prints.

"We have to play some of the games" Dev grinned.

"Dadima, I've done everything. Everything, so don't even think about it" Maan warned noting his grandmother's lit up expression.

"Teek hai" she sighed. "Naintara bete, take Geet to the room. Hum aate hai" she told her and waited until Naintara had led Geet away.

"Aap humare saat aaye" she took hold of Maan's wrist and led him to her room.

"Dadima, please save your lecture for the morning. I am exhausted".

"Aap sirf mere baat suniye, Geet ab aapki biwi hai aur aap..."

"Dadima, you don't need to remind me" he cut mid sentence.

"Maan, she left her whole family and joined our family. You've married her but I expect you to respect and love she deserves as your wife. Its her first night and she's... every girl has an expectation Maan, and I want you to try to live up to that expectation" she told him.

Maan sighed, he didn't say anything. He wasn't going to tell his grandmother that he intended to tell his 'so called' wife that he might be married to her but he isn't going to be playing husband.

"Can I go now?" he asked.

She smiled pressing a kiss to his forehead and headed to his bedroom.


Geet could hear Naintara and some of these other women asking her husband for money.

Husband she thought, she couldn't believe it. She looked down at the ring, then her mangl sutr and her sindoor. She was married.

Her heart picked up pace and started beating faster, the door opened and in stepped Maan. They don't like each other right? So nothing would happen... she thought inwardly and watched as he closed the door locking it behind him.

Why is saru locking the door? She whined looking up.

Geet's eyes widened as he advanced in her direction, she instantly stepped back holding her finger out, "Stop there. Aage mat bharna".

Maan halted, he looked amused crossing his arms in front of him. "Kyun? We're married aren't we?" he was enjoying the panicked look on her face.

"Dekho saru..."

"Saru?" his amusement now turned to anger. "Jungli billi, I'm not interested in you. You should be grateful and thanking me for marrying you, I've made you Khurana's eldest bahu".

"Grateful? I'm cursing my bad fate for marrying me to such a saru. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror?"

"I sure have and I know I'm very handsome" he smirked stepping forward again.

"Stop coming towards me" she hissed.

Maan ignored her and advanced forward, Geet frowned as he walked around her and slid open a door. She looked curiously and gaped at the walk in wardrobe, there were pressed clothes hanging on one side then opposite there were shelves which held ties, shoes, watches.

Geet watched as he grabbed himself a towel and a change of clothes and heading across the room into what was the washroom.

Geet looked around wondering where she'd sleep, there wasn't any sitting furniture in his bedroom, it was a simple large room.

A large bed which faced the large tv across the room, his washroom on the left corner of the room, his wardrobe besides the sliding balcony doors and a chest of drawers on the right wall besides the doors to leave the bedroom.

What ugly room she murmured. He supposedly has so much money and he has such an ugly room? No character and such bland colours. It suits his personality black and white saru

Maan frowned as he noticed Geet had curled up on his bed, he shook his head noting the line of cushions she'd placed in the middle.

He wanted to irritate her and remove the cushions, but he was exhausted and slipped into the other side and lay down on his back.

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Lovely update
So both are married let's see what happens on future

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ENjoying the start to this journey. already so much drama and more to come.

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congrats on another story
so happy it's on arrange marriage

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oh that's was dramatic first meeting
both are fire don't want to cool down hehe
but both sides elders are too adamant

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it's works... Dadima's acting paid off lol
but maaneet having different thoughts
so much hurry I can understand Geet but Maan littel bit rude
liked how dadima tried to make him understand how she feeling leaving her parents
wow first night I liked that Geet told him to stay away before Maan could say anything

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