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SS: Only You Chapter 12 Pg 34 [21/10/18]

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Geet looked at herself in the mirror, a bubbling feeling of resentment and hatred for her husband fizzled within, she swallowed thickly clenching her jaw refusing to cry. She wasn't going to appear weak and broken in front of him, this is just what he'd wanted.

She tensed hearing the sound of the door opening, she glanced over her shoulder narrowing her eyes as she met the darkened gaze of her husband.

"You don't have to look so pleased" her husband commented closing the door behind him, he was in front of her in a few strides. She swallowed thickly as he brushed his palm along her cheek.

She pushed away his hands, "don't touch me, Maan"

Maan smiled, he slipped both his arms around her waist pulling her close "Don't mess with me, Geet" he warned still smiling down at her. "You won't like the consequences".

Geet struggled in his arms, she attempted at moving away but failed when he tugged her close, their faces inches away from one another.

"Stop it" he hissed narrowing his eyes, "don't make me hurt you".

"You're already hurting me, you've already wounded me. How much more can you hurt me?" she countered defiantly.

"Marrying me wounded you?" he grated. "Do you want to see how much more I could hurt you, Geet?" he inquired angrily pulling her harshly, their chests pressing against each other. "Do you want to see it?" his voice grew colder and quieter.

Geet inhaled sharply, she withered within seeing the darkness overwhelming his brown eyes, she lowered her eyes and squeezed them closed, her heartbeats racing faster.

"Don't challenge me, Geet" Maan pressed his cheek against her hissing in her ear, "you've not seen how much more I could hurt you. You played me and I've not even begun to make you pay for it" he harshly pushed her away from him releasing her.

Geet's eyes welled as he turned and walked out the door slamming it behind him. She slumped down onto the ground hugging her knees as she cried.

Hi, this is a short story sorta like revenge types. Hope you like it. 



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Chapter 1

Maan returned to the bedroom a few hours later, he found Geet slumped on the floor resting her head against the bed and seemingly sleeping. Her dried tear marks were very much visible, he crouched down in front of her, his jaws clenched he lifted his hand to brush away the tear that lingered in the corner of her eye but stopped. Instead, he slipped his arms around her scooping her up and placed her on the bed.

He kicked off his shoes and walked into the bathroom to take a cold shower, once he'd finished he'd dried himself then slipped into his black pyjama bottoms not bothering with a t-shirt. He climbed into their bed, Geet shifted and stirred, she blinked sitting upright in a jerk having noticed Maan lying down besides her.

She looked down at herself then back at him, "What are you doing?" she moved to leave when he grabbed her arm pulling her down besides him.

"You're sleeping and so am I" he replied locking his arms around her waist.

"Maan, leave me" she struggled and planted her hands on his bare chest pushing at him.

"Geet" Maan warned, he swiftly moved until she was on her back and he was hovering above her straddling her, his weight resting on his palms as he pressed them on either side of her.

"Stop it, stop fighting because you're going to lose" he stated firmly.

"Why are you doing this?" she whispered, a tear slipped down her temple.

"Why do you think?" he responded lowering his head and pressed a kiss to the corner of her eye, she squeezed her eyes closed turning her head away.

"Stop fighting me, Geet" Maan told her, "you're not going to win". He moved to lay down on his back and slipped his arms around her waist pulling her to him.

Geet didn't move, she stayed still and stiff in his arms.

"Relax" Maan stated.

"How do you expect me to relax?" she questioned sharply, "you're forcefully holding me, I don't want to be held or even be near you".

Maan cupped her chin tilting her head back, his fingers squeezing her cheeks. "Don't make me hurt you, Geet! The quicker you accept me, the easier it would be for you".

She inhaled sharply when he lowered his head, his fingers loosening its grip on her cheeks, he caressed her cheek and brushed his lips against hers.

"Don't, Maan please" she whispered.

He closed his eyes breathing heavily, his jaw clenched as he moved his head back.

"Sleep" he responded coldly and kept a hold of her. Geet sighed dejectedly, she closed her eyes and wished sleep would come forever.


Maan returned from the bathroom and looked over at their bed where his wife remained curled up sleeping, he smiled faintly and moved into the walk in closet to change.

Geet stirred awake an hour later, she sat up looking around. It was pin drop silent, which meant her husband wasn't here. She climbed out of the bed opening their bedroom door and looked on either side, he wasn't there nor were any of his staff.

She returned inside the bedroom and quickly freshened up, she slipped into her jeans and t-shirt and walked out.

"Maan" she called. When she didn't hear any response, she realised this could be her only opportunity.

She climbed down the steps, and looked around warily, this wasn't like Maan. She wondered whether she takes this opportunity, he certainly wasn't stupid and she knew he wouldn't have left her such an opportunity so easily.

She looked at the front door, she could walk out and not look back however she had a gut feeling, this is a game her husband is testing her on.

Geet closed her eyes fisting her hands by her side and headed to the kitchen, she was going to take the opportunity when she knew for definite Maan had lowered his guard.

Geet had just finished making herself a cup of coffee and toast when Maan walked into the kitchen, "finally awake, I see" he gave a small smile taking her coffee, "thanks".

Geet grabbed herself another cup and poured coffee for herself, she turned her head when she noticed Maan stood sipping the coffee leaning against the counter and watching her.

Maan placed his cup down, he took a step forward. Geet stepped back looking away from him, he halted clenching his jaw.

"We're going to happen, Geet" he stated moving forward, he planted his hands on either side of the counter caging her in. "Accept it because I am going to make you mine in a couple of days" he promised.

"Do you hear yourself?" she pushed him away moving backwards. "Do you even know what you're saying?"

"I'm very much aware of what I'm saying and I f**king mean it" he replied.

"You're mad" Geet shook her head in disbelief, "you've gone mad" she reiterated.

"You've only got yourself to blame" he answered angrily then stormed past her leaving her standing in shock. She couldn't believe he would actually... she shook her head she didn't want to believe that Maan would stoop so low, but then he didn't hesitate to ruin everything else, he didn't hesitate to break everything and forcefully marry her.


"Our last summer break together, girls" Geet held up her glass and clinked it with her friends as they cheered and threw their tequila shots down, they hurried reach for a slice of lime and sucked licking the salt of their skin.

They'd all finished their studies and were now being dispersed into different directions due to their internships.

"Geet, come lets dance" Rachel took a hold of her wrist and pulled her to the dance floor, Geet laughed bouncing on her feet swaying sexily to the music that vibrated around the whole club. Anita and Jenny soon joined them on the floor, the ladies swayed their hips laughing and dancing together garnering the attention of onlookers.

"I'm going to get another drink" Geet yelled in Rachel's ear and moved off the dance floor, her skin misted with perspiration and her throat dry and scratchy.

She moved to the bar and waved over the bartender placing another drink order, when she felt someone's presence besides her, she turned her head and awkwardly gaped at the handsome guy dressed in a button down shirt and pressed grey pants besides her.

Damn he's hot, Geet thought to herself.

"Thanks" the man turned his head smiling faintly.

"I said that out loud?" she winced in embarrassment.

"Loud enough for me to hear" he smirked handing the bartender cash as his drink was placed in front of him. "Care to give your name?" he asked.

Geet smiled, "Geet" she held out her hand for a handshake.

"That isn't how I greet my admirers" he responded and leaned down pressing a kiss to her cheek, "Nice to meet you Geet, my name's Maan".

"Geet" Rachel called out to her, "our song" she yelled.

Geet pulled out some money to pay for her drink when Maan waved it, "let me get it for you" he paid for her drink and smiled watching her as she took a long swig feeling thirsty.

"Thanks" Geet thanked him and moved to leave.

"Care to give me your number?" he asked.

"I don't give my number out to strangers stranger danger" she winked and moved to join her friend on the dance floor unaware of the piercing brown eyes that followed her eyes movement that night.


"Stranger danger" Geet murmured as she recalled the night she had first met Maan, the words rang true for her, she had not realised the handsome guy she'd met was only a danger.

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Chapter 2

Geet had been sat in the living room staring blankly at the tv, her thoughts were occupied by Maan's words. She pondered whether he would really sink so low and ruin her, considering his actions for the last couple of days, she was afraid he'd do what he said and ruin their lives forever. She snapped out of her thoughts hearing the sound of a car engine and turned her head as the front door opened, Maan entered.

She looked over at the clock and realised she'd been sat blankly for the last couple of hours and didn't even realise the time.

"Get ready, Geet" Maan stated as he headed upstairs.

"Where are you taking me?" she questioned standing up, he ignored her and headed into their bedroom. Geet followed and watched as he shucked out of his waist coat and moved into their walk in closet.

"Where are you taking me, Maan?" she questioned again.

"I figured it was time to meet your parents, they should meet their son in law" he responded casually unbuttoning his shirt.

"No" Geet stated firmly, she wasn't going to let him play with her parents.

"You're saying it as if you've got a choice" Maan smirked grabbing a towel and headed towards the bathroom. Geet followed him.

"You're not going to do this to my parents, Maan. I won't let you"  

Maan placed the towel down turning around to face her, "We should be getting their blessings, Geet before we go away on our honeymoon".

"I'm not going anywhere with you".

"You're going, Geet" Maan replied and started unbuttoning his jeans button then unzipping. Geet scowled and walked out slamming the door behind her, she cursed inwardly pausing when she heard the shower door and the sound of the shower.

Geet thought of her parents' reaction, this was going to ruin them and break their hearts. She couldn't allow Maan to do that, she walked out of the room in determination.

She climbed down the steps hurriedly, if she could hail a taxi and get a head start, she may just be able to get away from him. Her gut feeling was different altogether, she just somehow knew it wouldn't be so easy to escape Maan Singh Khurana.


Maan stepped out of the shower drying himself and wrapped the towel around his waist, he walked out glancing around the room and rolled his eyes. He nonchalantly dressed, his attention drew to his phone, he slipped on his Rolex watch and answered his phone.

"I'll be there" Maan responded cutting the call then walked out of the bedroom.


"Madam, are you going to tell me where I'm taking you?" the driver questioned Geet as she sat tightly in the back biting on her bottom lip worryingly.

"Just drive, I'll pay you double. Just drive" she responded desperately. "I'll tell you when to stop" she told him, this was the third taxi she had changed.

Geet noticed the taxi stand ahead and asked the driver to stop there, she handed him some cash and climbed out heading to the next taxi.

She had just pulled the handle to open the door, when a hand pressed against the door closing it.

Geet stared in surprise as her husband stood before her, his brown eyes intense and filled with a mischievous glint.

"If you wanted to go for a drive, you could have asked me" Maan slipped his arm around her waist, she winced as he pressed his fingers down. "I could have a line of cars in front of you, I don't know why you're going in a taxi" he led her to his waiting car.

Maan opened the door for her, but she didn't move.

"Get inside, Geet or I'm going to push you inside and make love to you in the back seat with or without the driver there" he threatened.

Geet blinked back the tears that welled up and she climbed inside moving to the other side as Maan climbed in besides her.

"Drive" Maan told the driver then pushed a button which slid the privacy glass up separating them from the driver, he then turned his head and looked at Geet. "Did you really think I wouldn't know what's playing in your head?" he asked. "Did you think you could succeed leaving me just by changing a few taxis?"

"I had to try to get away from the devil" she responded.

"Who's to blame, Geet?" he asked raising his brows. "Who's to blame for waking the devil within?" he questioned again.

She didn't answer, instead she looked out the window blankly.


Geet tensed in her seat when she noticed the driver going in a different direction, he wasn't returning to the Khurana mansion but going towards... she turned her head and looked angrily at Maan.

"You're not..."

"We're going" he confirmed ignoring her look of anger and disgust as he tapped away on his phone.

"You can't do this Maan" Geet looked at him desperately. "Please, I'll do anything. Please don't do this to my family".

Maan arched his brows pocketing his phone and looked at her intrigued, "anything?"

Geet swallowed thickly, she couldn't bear the thought of seeing her family torn apart and broken, to see that they're left alone and unscathed she'd do anything.

Maan leaned back comfortably, "kiss me" he stated staring at her with a challenge.

Geet didn't move, she stared back at him.

"C'mon Geet, I'm sure you remember how to kiss. Do I need to remind you?" he asked.

She shifted closer, "I may be losing this game of yours now, but you're the one who's losing" she murmured softly before she cradled his cheek and pressed her lips against his.

Maan closed his eyes groaning as her soft lips brushed against his, he cupped her nape pulling her close and deepened the kiss, his tongue sweeping into her mouth, his hand coming to her waist and pulling onto his lap. Geet pushed on his chest feeling breathless, Maan released her allowing her to pull back.

"I almost forgot how your lips tasted" he brushed his thumb across her lower lip.

Geet shifted moving back and looked away, her hands fisted in her lap. "Take me back now" she demanded. "I'd done as you wanted".

"The world no longer revolves around you, we are still going to your parents" he shifted staring straight ahead ignoring the look of shock on Geet's face.

"You... you can't" Geet stammered, "I'd kissed you as you wanted, Maan don't do this! Please don't do this to them" she begged.

Maan clenched his jaw blocking out the sounds of her desperate pleading, he wasn't going to give into her. She'd brought this on herself.

Geet moved closer cupping his cheek and turned his face to her, "please... please Maan".

She desperately hoped he'd listen and accept, she stared into the dark brown orbs in the hopes of finding the love he had for her.

"Don't f**king play me, Geet" Maan pushed her hands away.

Geet swallowed noisily as she looked out the window, her heart racing as the she noticed the familiar roads, her palms misting with sweat, her skin heating. She could already imagine her parents hurt etched on their faces as they see her with Maan.


Knock Knock


Gaurav Malhotra placed down his newspaper hearing the sharp knocks that vibrated on his door, he stood and walked towards the door.

He looked confused for a brief moment as he faced a stranger, then his eyes drew fell on his youngest daughter almost hiding behind the stranger.

"Geet" he called stepping forward, he paused and looked at the stranger. "Who are you?"

"Maan Khurana, your daughter's husband" he introduced.

Gaurav stiffened for a moment, his eyes drew to Geet who'd dipped her eyes down.

"Aren't you going to say hi, Geet?" Maan placed his hand on the small of her back making her step forward.

"Is this some sort of sick joke?" Gaurav scowled looking between his daughter and Maan, his eyes were drawn to Maan holding his daughter's hand. "Leave her hand" he stated firmly.

"I've brought her home to introduce us, I figured she'd want your blessings for her new married life" Maan responded not releasing her hand. "She's always yapped on about how much you mean to her" he added.

"Geet?" Gaurav looked at her questioningly, "tell me you're not married".

"Gaurav, your coffee is getting cold" Nadine Malhotra walked over wondering what her husband was still doing by the door. "Geet" she grinned widely.

"Nadine, stop" Gaurav stopped his wife, "Geet came home after a year to tell us that she's married" he informed. "We sent her to study and she returns like this".

"Geet?" Nadine looked questioningly at her daughter.

"Mama, please listen to me" Geet moved forward trying to come up with words. She couldn't tell them the truth behind her marriage, that would kill her parents. No parent would ever want to hear that they've been forcefully married. Maan would dispute it and he could easily manipulate them given their history together.

"It's true, then?" Gaurav bit out.

"Papa, I..."

Gaurav brushed his hand through his hair, he was in disbelief to think his youngest daughter would have just gotten married secretly.

"Tell me it's a lie, Geet" Gaurav pleaded.

Geet looked down unable to face her father, she could see the desperate plead from his eyes.

Gaurav had gotten his answer, he stepped back holding his wife's hand pulling her inside and closed the door.

"What are you doing? She's our daughter" Nadine narrowed her eyes at her husband.

"She comes after a year, and tells us she's married! She didn't once say anything, we've talked weekly but she never mentioned this guy" Gaurav responded sharply, "since she could take such big decisions, it's best that we don't interfere in her life anymore. She clearly doesn't want us in her life" he added angrily, a tear slipped down his cheek as he said the words.

"Gaurav, she's our daughter"

"Who'd taken such a big decision and didn't once tell us" he responded swiping his cheek furiously.


Geet stared at the closed door of her family home and felt her heart shattering within, she could see the immense hurt in her parents eyes as Maan had informed that they were married. She barely registered anything, she felt her wrist being enclosed in his large hand and being pulled alongside him. She slumped into the car dejectedly staring ahead blankly, she could feel his warmth besides her as he climbed in to the car. Maan closed the partition blocking them from the driver's view as the driver started driving away.

"Good to see how much your parents loved you" Maan scoffed shaking his head, "They're not fit to be called parents, if they couldn't see how much you were hurting".

Geet snapped out of her thoughts with his words, she turned her head touching his shoulder.

Maan turned to look at her.




"Don't you dare say a word against them!" she screamed.

Maan clenched his jaw, his cheeks burned with the strike of her hand. He straightened and slowly turned his head narrowing his eyes, he reached out pulling her against him, his other hand furiously gripping her nape, "I'm going to let you have this one, but you ever raise your hand against me again. I will f**king kill you" he whispered harshly.

"I'd rather die then!" she answered angrily raising her hands and tried clawing at him.

Maan swiftly blocked her attempts pushing her down till he had her on her back and his body covering hers, their chests pressed together.

He cupped her chin pushing her cheeks in, his eyes narrowed. "Stop it" he hissed.

"Kill me, Maan. Just kill me" she screamed wriggling and struggling beneath him as she attempted at shoving him away.

He grasped her wrists pinning them above her head. "f**king stop it" he yelled, his face nearing hers, "Don't test me, Geet" he warned pressing himself down.

Geet paused, she swallowed thickly and blinked as tears slipped down her temple and fell onto the leather seats.

Maan lowered his head, he pressed his lips to the corner of her eyes and licked away the salty wetness. Geet closed her eyes breathing heavily, she bit down on her lower lip.

"Stop crying, I don't want our new start to be like this" he whispered pressing a kiss to her cheek, he opened his mouth and grazed his cheek against her plump cheek teasingly.

"You're the reason behind these tears" Geet murmured opening her eyes.

"You did this, Geet" he whispered sternly releasing her then sat up staring out the window.

 Geet sat up slowly and brought her legs close hugging her knees as she stared out blankly.

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welcome here and congrats on your story
I love your writing style... are you really new !!!! you are so good ...

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interesting prologue
so revenge yet love story
who played whom ...first Geet now Maan I guess
they are married !!!!

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past sweet ... their first meeting Geet so carefree
but now present Maan very much into her
is he angry because she played him or she actually he likes or may be loves her yet forceing her to marry is big thing

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ohhh he is wicked
not he just married her , he even told her parents same why so rush
she doesn't live with them now he could have given her time but he didn't
seems like she played badly Maan not ready to melt
but he does like her a lot
I don't blame her parents...anybody would react like this seeing their daughter coming out of blue with a guy calling husband

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