Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS- PRINCE- 5/8/18

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                                                 part 1

Geet enters the library. This library is very near to her home. She has been coming to this library since she was a child. Her father is a teacher, was very fond of this library. On every Sunday they would come and spend some time together here in this very library. Whenever she is free at home her father would send her to the library to read some meaning full books. He is a good father but very strict. He has this rule in life which suggest not to waste any time. Under this rule. he doesn't want her to waste her time by playing with the children from their street, maybe this is the reason she doesn't have any friend. Now books of this library have become her friends. "I am now get addicted to these books though geet as she looks at the well-arranged ranks of books.

This library is very old and famous one. If you like to read old historical books then is the best place. The library is very big and the last section of this library is filled with old books. Geet had never been in this section.

The old man who is one of the librarians, of this famous library, used to tell her that the old section of the library is the house of knowledge and a thousand tales. He used to tell her that books pull the people with magical attraction, they charm their mind and attract it to read them. Many times the thought of visiting an old section come in her mind but she always ignores it and goes to her usual stuff. "Somewhere among them, I may be able to find the tale which will attract me, thought geet as she remembers the old man's words. I will definitely find the book which will pull me with her unnatural force thought geet as she walks around in old section looking for the book. The old section looks very scary to geet. It is situated at the end of the library.

As she continues to walk, she feels a cold wind snake around her legs. She shivered to step back in fear, because of her fear she was going to fall back. geet immediately takes to spot of a bookshelf. This action causes her to pull a book, which is situated in the middle of many books, as a result of the entire collection (of books on that particular shelf) rain down on her. One by one they fell down in a crescendo of loud thuds. Geet raise her arms above her head to protect her herself and shut her eyes close.

Luckily, none of the books fell on her. However, when she opened her eyes and looked down. all books are lying around her feet. Scared about whether she would get caught or not, as undoubtedly someone must have heard the noise. she crouched down and began to put the books back on the shelf. With a thumping heart, she places each book back in its position on the shelf.

When she had finally finished putting the last one back she let out a deep breath. A breath that she has not realized that she had been holding all this time. She places her forehead against the wooden shelf and sighs "this is definitely not something I have expected "thought geet taking deep breaths as she clams herself.

"Get a grip geet, thought Geet. The library looks silent once again as if nothing had happened. geet look left and right to confirm. she slowly figures that no one is going to come if they have not arrived yet. Geet breathes a sigh of relief and turns around. As she did, she felt something hard under her foot... another book. It is a small book, Old with a weathered cover and loose binding. Something about it magnetically drew her in. She slowly crouched down and pick it up.

As she held the book, she felt a strange kind of calmness in her heart as she held it. She turns it around and looks at its cover "TERE LIYE is written on it. As the book is the very old title is faded but she can still read it as if she always know what would be the title. she opens the front page of the book, at the back side of the front cover one line written. it is a faded yet beautiful and cursive handwriting...

Geet read the words out aloud, "Is Janam may na shii per aglee her janam main tum sirf or sirf mere hoo".

This line touches a chord in Geet's heart unlike any other. the sheer impact of line forced her to sit down on the floor itself. "This line sounds familiar but why? Why these words seem to hold some meaning"thought geet as she once again read the line "Is janam may na shii per aglee her janam main tum sirf or sirf mere hoo... it made her heartache while the fuzziness of her mind would not let her clearly figure out how this can have any impact on her, with shaking hands she turns the page to read.
She wants to read this book, despite its underlying strangeness it feels so familiar to her. Geet looked at the words that began at the bottom of the page... It read:
Everybody wants that special someone to come for them, even I did and he came in with all his splendor. When I saw him across from the hall that night, the night we'd first met, I'd never realized how empty I had been without him and how much I did not want to be without him...
"it looks like someone diary," thought geet after reading first 2 line... "many stories in books start in the same manner geet, said geet to herself as she shakes her head at her own stupidity. Her eyes scroll across the words faster and faster as she took in the story. The words began to leap off the page and take a voice of its own as the pages turned. Geet took in every word like a traveler who had not realized how thirsty they had become. Her eyes began to redden and fill with tears as she read the tale of the two lovers destined to be together though evil forces had other plans

As she read through the misunderstandings, sufferings, and pain they underwent, especially the trials and tribulations of fire the girl had suffered. Geet could not help but wimp and cry. The feelings executed in the story were so strongly and acutely felt by her that she could not help but empathize along with the heroine in the story.
geet take her short dairy from her handbag. She has this habit of carrying a short diary with her. when even she like some lines or dialogue in the books she used to write it in this dairy but today for the first time she has used it for another purpose...for the first time she writing something of her own. She writes on the behalf of a heroine in the story. The lines represent are feelings that heroine want to express to her lover.
"Jism Pak Aankho Mein Bhar Loon
Saans Saans Mein Shaamil Ker Loon

Is Duniya Mein Jaan Gawaa Tujhe!!!
Us Duniya Mein Haasil Ker Loon

Zindagi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Zindagi Mile
Har Khushi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Ik Khushi Mile

p.s. reposting this Os as the older link is blocked.

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                                              part 2

She again opens the first page to read the heart touching line once again, moving her delicate fingers on the words written in there, like tracing the feel and touch of the person who have written it.
"Is janam may na shii per aglee her Janam main tum Sirf or sirf mere hoo

A small smile adores her lips, while her eyes shed tears. "PRINCE whisper geet as she felt the different kind of energy pulling her. The feelings executed in the story are so strong and acutely felt by her heart that she could not help but empathize with the heroine in the story.

A single tear, that she'd shed as she closed her eyes curled down her cheek and fell down onto the ancient page of the book. As it hit the book Geet felt herself being thrown back with such a force that around her everything began to spin and slowly begin to crumble.
Geet struggle keep her steady and to get back on her feet. She hears the striking of clocks and the ghostly opening chords of an orchestra playing. The spinning became faster and the music grew louder. The books crumbled away into dust as large ghostly dark figures oozed out between the cracking floorboards. The figures grew from the library floor, which had now become a marble floor, in huge numbers slowly fleshing out.
Geet look at them in horror as they turned into people dressed in ornate clothes. The ceiling of the library became the high arched ceiling of a ballroom with the most stunning, glistening and heavy chandelier she had ever seen. Geet watch the transformation take place in shock and then she found herself standing in the middle of a masked ball.

She turns around in awe as the music floats around the room and the voices of the guests reached every nook and cranny. Everyone has dressed in their finery that Geet felt so out of place in her simpler clothes. Dancers sped past circling and twirling in and out of guests. Butlers and waiters ducked and dashed silently refilling glasses and offering food. One is so close to her that when he turns he dashed straight into her. But instead of his tray clattering or her touching him, she felt him go straight through her! She screamed with horror.

However, no one heard her scream and the butler resumes his job. She felt her mouth open in shock. What is happening she thought? Where am I? Have I somehow entered the story? How?

dress for a beautiful woman
"Wait! A voice comes. Geet turn her head around and see in the crowd part as a beautiful woman dressed in a silvery white gown with a seven-foot silk train edged with soft dove feathers ran past her. She had a mass of dark brown hair flowing behind her like a glistening river flowing in the bright sunlight. A clip of diamonds tried to hold the hair in place in the middle. The woman is wearing a golden mask with white feathers on it, run pass geet. She does not stop for one second. She just clasped her skirts and ran barefoot through the ballroom. One servant is running after her with her heels.
Geet could not understand what is happening around her. She felt so helpless and disorientated but she also wanted to desperately see this beautiful woman. Don't know why but she feels like she is an answer to all questions. To get her answer she follows her downstairs. On the last step, she felt something under her feet. As she looks down at the floor she saw that the beautiful girl has dropped something. Geet bent down to pick it up and is surprised to find that she can. She thought that this foolish act of her would lead the object going straight through her hands. But it did not.
"Hey wait! Geet called out to her as she ran to the great hall. "You dropped something! Geet cried out.
The beautiful woman turns and only gave her one look. Geet saw the almond brown eyes of the woman tinged in red. She has been crying for sure thought geet.
Geet run behind the woman as she fled down the marble stairs of the palace. The train of the gown floated over the steps. Running out of air Geet have to slow down. Her legs were getting heavy and tired so she could not keep up.
Plus when she saw the woman stop at the gates and turn around once more she felt those brown eyes bore into hers from that large distance.Our love story ended abruptly in this life. I did everything I could to protect it. Now you'll write ours in our next. She whispered as Geet watch her whole form get blown into the wind as though it was millions of white petals. Geet watched the petals rise in the air on the back of some unknown wind that carried it away until she could no longer see. Geet gulped. Everything is happening in such an incomprehensible manner.

"You forgot your... Geet open her clenched fist to look at what she had picked up. She saw it is a chain with a heart pendant. several small twinkling diamonds are surrounding the heart like protecting their heart from this cruel world. Geet turned around bumping into a hard chest. She gasped as she fell back.
A strong arm grabbed her and held her close. A second caught the chain that has been thrown up in the sky. She blinked to see a pair of dark brown eyes stare down at her. A face that she had never imagined but now would never able to forget is staring back down at her with such intensity as it gripped tightly around the pendant.

"Sach Kahan Tumne, Hamara pyaar ki kahani adhura hai, Aur hum milenge Zaroor milenge kyun ki es janam may na shii, per aglee her janam main, tum mere ho, sirf mere... He said it to her with such faith that Geet fears whether it will come true or not. She felt her eyes drawn to his deep dark brown eyes and as she gazed deep within them.
Janmoo Ka Pyaar Tere Liye
Khushiyan Hazaar Tere liyeJannat Dua Tere Liye
Ye Jaan Nisaar Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
she once again felt the whole scene slowly get brighter and brighter like someone is changing the dimmer switch to increase the brightness of a bulb. When she could not take it any longer she felt her eyes close tight with the image of the prince's face seared to her memory."Ah, there you are beta. How are you feeling? The doctor asked as Geet blinked several times. She watched him click on the light pen that he has been using to check the reaction of her eyes.
"Odd. I had the strangest dream. By the way what time is it? She asked yawning feeling very tied strangely.

"Oh, it's gone past 1. You've been sleeping a bit heavy given the painkillers. It's a good thing. You were very lucky my dear. That faulty circuit board caused an almighty bang but thank the lord you survived. He smiled affectionately offering her water.

"Bang? What bang? Where have I been? I don't understand. She told him terrified and look around to see she is laying on the hospital bed.only one thing is in mind, how can I be in the hospital.

"Calm down. A few days ago there was an accident in the library. You were brought in her and have been in and out of consciousness. You should not overdo it though as you were still healing. But you were definitely muttering about some story. He told her.

"yup last time I remember, I was reading a book, told geet closing her eyes as she is very weak. suddenly get open her eyes and said "Dr I just have had this strange dream of a prince and princess and a great ballroom. I just can't shake the whole thing off my mind but in all this, I feel like someone is narrating it to me . She informed him. The Doctor nodded tapping the book beside her on the side table.
he took the chair to sit and said "My assistant. Dr Khurana has been reading you a story. You were in the panic state like you are facing some tension and from your parent, we get to know your love books so my assistant comes with this strange theory that stories might help you relax. Since you were talking about a story of a prince and a princess, well he found this one from the children's ward and was reading it to you. His voice, the painkillers and your subconsciousness could be fashioning these exotic dreams. However, I am glad you are now awake. Your family have been  very worried. He informed her. Geet nodded.
"Yes, maybe that is the issue. She replied half halfheartedly. Everything had felt so real. The sounds, the smells and the people. They had felt the most real. No this could not be a dream.
"Doctor where is my family? Geet asked feeling worried about her family.
"They are in the waiting room as you are up now and feeling well too, I will send them, He told her putting his stethoscope around his neck and picking up his files. "I'll be back in a few hours to check up on you my dear. Get some rest okay. Read the story may be. He smiled. Geet nodded.
Before he can leave the room, geet called himDoctor.He turns around and said "Yes.woo ...can I... can I meet the assistant Dr. who read me the story, said geet nervously.Dr. smile and saidof course you can, just wait I will send him
Once he had left, Geet felt bored, she looks around the room. It has nothing special the same white painted walls without any frame, a room filled the different kind of machines which are giving her creepy feeling and not for once she looks at her hands although she can feel the needle in her arms. geet found one book on the side table. She took the book and start reading it while relaxing on the bed. Door make noise as someone enters the room. Geet look up with a smile as she thought it's her family, but get shocked when she finds PRINCE standing in front of her eyes.
questions are running in her mind, How can she see him? Is he for real? Is she once again in her dream?
her questions got their answer when she looks at his dress. He is wearing a formal pant shirt different from the dress of the prince and not to forget the white court which shows he is very real and a doctor.Am assistant doctor, you want to see me? ask an Assistant doctor with clam face as he checks her reports.You are PRINCE said geet gasping at him. He stops writing and smile.I think this is yoursaid Assistant doctor giving something in her hand and went from there.
Once the door is closed geet look down and open her hand. The same chain from the story is in her hand. geet look at it with shocked it. After clam down, she looks at chain once again she took the heart-shaped pendant in her hand as she softly moves her fingers on it. She felt one button on the side. Geet click to open it. It has two picture one with the same beautiful woman with a golden mask and other picture of the prince. Geet took the pendant closer to look at the princess' face, She gets shocked finding her face more like finding herself in the picture. Tears roll down her eyes as now everything gets clear to her. This is their story, she was the lady in the mask and he is her PRINCE.

Geet pulled all the wires from her body and run out. The assistant doctor is standing outside her room waiting for geet. As she comes out both look at each other with tear filled eyes.He opens her arms for her, geet at once hug him tight. He smiles and whispers in her ear "kaha tha na maine ke aglee her janam main tum mere ho geet node her her still hugging him tight "ayaa hu sirf TERE LIYE

"shii chup ho jayoo geet. bas ab or nhi rona said Assistant doctor calmly. "Prince apne naam kya hai said geet as she comes out of the hug, She is feeling guilty asking his name. How can she forget the name of her prince?

He smiles and said "PRINCE. Geet pout on that knowing he is teasing her. "ok, Maan Singh Khurana for other and PRINCE for you said Maan as he kissed her forehead and make her wear her chain.

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Nice Os. Actually really nice, honestly I hadn't started reading it with much interest, but slowly as I continued reading you've made it so interesting..that's all in the beauty of narration... great job.

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Congo on new OS

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Aww..this is really sweet and cute OS!!
Wish I read some book and find my PrinceLOLas Geet did!!
Really books are good companions..and I love to read!!Big smile
Beautifully written!!Glad that Maaneet are together at last Big smile

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Really Nice OS...
Loved the whole story concept you used to depict their past...
loved the tere liye song used...apt for this situation

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thanks for reposting! nice reading again! 

superb banner and lovely OS! 

glad Geet got her Prince! Big smile

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Sweet OSSmile

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