Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Maneet FF-U,me,aur...?#3 reposted parts 61-90;page1-4

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 March 2011
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Part 62

Maan:what happened?why ur voice is trembling..

ADI:sir pls..come here..i will show u..its'll not call u..pls..sir..

Maan  sensed something wrong.He saw geet.she was sleeping due to the sleeping pills..

Maans st: she will not get up now.,I may go to kc. n return soon .he made kala stay with geet n rushed to kc.

Maan entered his cabin.adi was waiting there.

Maan:what happened adi?why u called me at this time.

Adi:s..i..r..someone have taken our carbon copies of quotation..

Maan:I don't get u... ...when I returned from site all the staffs have gone.but ur cabin light was glowing..i thought something has gone wrong..when u r not here.noone is supposed to use ur cabin.i only used ur cabin for taking copies it was very secret. n i locked ur cabin too..

Maan:so what?

Adi:see the dust bin sir.all the carbon papers are thrown out..i checked all...the final quotation carbon is missing..

Maan:what?  He was shocked.

Adi:someone has stealed it..the person must be really take it from bin when all are present here.without breaking locker n taking the copies he has taken the carbons..

Maan:u r praising the enemy adi.if the paper goes to the rivals they will  get the tender.who is the black sheep in our office..

Adi:cheenu sir..i verified the cc tv..he is the one came into ur cabin.

Maan paced to  n fro in the cabin.he would have killed that cheenu if he was infront of him.before that he must replace the quotation with new one.

Maan:adi,today is the last day..or there is extension to submit tender.

Adi:till morning 10 a.m sir..n the quotations will be opened at 12 noon sir..

Maan smirked.

Maan:so still we have time.


Maan:adi where are the copies.

Adi:in locker.

Maan:bring it.

Adi brought the copy files..maan made some changes n asked adi to take printouts..the quotation amount was less than the previous one..adi was amazed to see the fast decisions of maan.they prepared a new one within an hour.

Maan:adi u will submit this @sharp 9.58 am.

Adi:yes sir.none will doubt me tomorrow.when I submit the new one n the rivals cant figure it.. the carbon copies..

Adi:yes sir

Maan:adi, who  is  behind this..

Adi:I suspect rahul chopra sir..

Maan:yes..i also have doubt on him..did u try to contact that cheenu..

Adi:his number is coming switched off..i sent our security to his house. his house is  locked.we will find him soon..

Maan:ok now lets go..n u be careful..

Adi:yes sir.n tomorrow u must be there at 12.sir..

Maan:sure adi..i want to see the rival who is underplaying with us.i want to see his face  when we get the tender.

He was roaring like a hurt lion..his anger was visible in his face..

Adi:lets go sir.


 Maan came to his room.kala left to her quarters.maan changed n went to his private room .after some time he came n sat near geet..his anger has vanished now..he caressed geets hair smoothly .

Good night sweat heart.he kissed her forehead.

she turned and hugged him in her sleep.he released her n went to his side n slept.

At night as usual she started to murmer mama papa,chachu Vicky ..aag..n all...

Maan came to her side she was twisting her body as it is in pain.he has seen her yesterday like,now it was not a shock for him..he took her in his embrace n patted her back .she cuddled with him tightly..her body started to relax feeling his warmth..

Maan was deeply thinking about something.he came to a decision..when he dosed off he doesn't know.

The next morning 5 am.he woke up.he can feel geets head resting on his chest.his hands were encircled protectively on her slim waist.

Maan st:today I cant be late..i have a lots of work to do..should I wake geet or not..

After a long thinking he decided to wake her up..otherwise she will cry..

Maan:good morning princess..

Geet:hmm...she turned to next side..

Maan:utto jaan..otherwise I'll get ready n then don't cry.remember ur mamas words..

She woke up in a jerk..he kissed her forehead..

Maan:good morning..dear..

Geet:good morning prince.she kissed his cheek in return.

He smiled..they both went to wash room,brushed the teeth n came out.he went to his gym .he took out his vest n started to do his daily exercise.geet was watching him sitting in an exercise machine.she was very quiet..n looked sad..may be she is remembering her parents.

Maan:why don't u do some exercise.

Geet:why..i'm not fat..


Maan:exercise keeps our body fit...its not like only fat people must do exercise.u r lazy ,only u don't want to do exercise.

He teased her,knowing she will start arguing with him..he wanted to hear her bak bak..

Geet:oye..prince..i'm not lazy..i feel sleepy..i've never wokeup at this time..bcoz of u I ve woke up..y don't u sleep till 7 r 8...I'll have some gud sleep too..

Maan:humans wake up earlier..

Geet:matlab..u r saying I'm not a human..

..maan was doing his pushups in floor.. She neared him.she sat over him..n hit him with her small fists..

Maan was shocked at her gesture.she was sitting over him with legs on either side..he was having a hard time to control himself.

Maan:get down from me.geet.


Maan:I'll flip n u will fell down..

Geet:lets c..

Maan laid on floor with his stomach.he flipped slowly,so that she doesn't fall on ground.but geet now sat on his stomach.they were facing each other.she was hitting his chest..

Geet:am I not a human..bolo..bolo..

Maan:hmm..yes..i agree,.u r a human monkey.will u now get up..but u r too bad princess..koi apni pati par hath uttatha hai kya..

Geets face shrunked..

Geet:I'm sorry..i forgot..i must not hit my husband..i'm so sorry..

She made a puppy face n maan could not hold his desire more..

He sat on the same position .geet was between his body n knees..he cupped her face n kissed her both cheeks..

Maan:I love ur puppy face. Gudia.

Geet placed her head on his chest.her eyes were filled with tears.

 Maan:Kya hua princess..ghar ki yaad aagayi


Maan stood holding her.

Maan:geet I told u already..they will be watching us..dont feel..they will get worried n their souls will not rest in peace..

Geet:I'm trying prince..but,...I cant forget them..

Her tears started to flow..he held her tightly consoling her..

Maans st:I must do something to make her recover from it..she must forget her past n live her present..i don't want geet to become like I locked myself in this cage after my parents n bros death...geet brought me out after ages..but I don't want  her to suffer like me..i'll do anything for u to get out of this shell..

Maan:geet do u know skipping.

Geet;yes I do.

Maan gave her n asked her to skip.he went  n proceeded with other exercise.geet started to do skipping..maan was happy atlast he made her do something..he came near her.he was sweating .

Maan:enough geet..lets go.

Geet saw his muscles.

Geet :wow prince ur abs r so did u get this..

He chuckled..if this was another girl ,they would have thrown themselves on him for his muscled his little wifey after a long time seeing me n my arms..n asking how I get it..

Maan:bcoz I do exercise daily.

Geet:if I do I'll also get it..

Maan:girls don't do such exercise as mens do...n u r too soft..u don't want to do this..i'll teach u what kind of exercise u must do...from tomorrow u will b here with me at 5 daily..


Maan prepared geets tub  n asked her to take bath.then he took bath n went to dressing room.he took his official attire n weared it,geet was standing near him knotting her duppatta..

Maan:what do u want geet..

Geet turned n showed her back..he understood.she was waiting for him to do her hook n tie her dori.he did it avoiding touching her skin.

They both came down ...kala greeted them both n they wished her back..

kala  gave their coffee n milk They finished it.n sat in the living room.maan was reading the newspaper.on the other hand he was holding the lighter.when geet was engrossed in her thoughts,he lighted the fire before her for a sec.n kept it in his pocket..she screamed n held him tightly..he asked her to show the fire..she looked around n saw nothing..she moved to his lap n hugged him tight in fear..she hid herself in the crook of his neck..

sry geet..this is ur treatment otherwise I'll not make u fear like this..

maan patted her..she was trembling in fear n breathing heavily..Holding her maan continued reading newspaper.he was shocked to see  the news,that cheenu was shot dead..near a hotel.

Maan's ST:The rivals are clever.they shot the person who can identify  them..

Dadi's came there.they saw geet cuddled like a baby in maans arms..

B.dadi:Maan kya hua geet ko..

He showed the lighter..they understood.

Dadi:Maan are u going to office...

Maan:no dadi.i'm going to the place where the tenders r going 2 be opened.

Nakul came there with breakfast for maneet.

Maan:for u both.

Dadis:we had our breakfast..its for u 2..

Maneet finished maan came to know,geet can only eat by her hands n she is not used to spoons n forks..he made a mental note,he must teach her to eat by using spoons..

Dadi:maan,geet is recovering..i'm thinking of announcing ur marriage..lets have a reception..didi is going  back to america ..

Maan thinks for a while.

Maan:ok dadi..but next month


Maan:college starts n then kc has lots of bending works..n in a month geet will improve more..she can face the world without fear.

B.dadi:savithri..maan is right..n we too needed time for arrangements n 2 invite friends..

Dadi:ok next month I'll fix a date..

Maan came with geets medicines..

Geet:no prince..i don't want..pls..

She ran around the living room..maan was too fast to catch her..

He held her tight..

Prince..pls..its bitter..i don't want..pls..she made all kinds of faces..

Maan:Ur puppy face will not work when it comes to open ur mouth..Geet:


Maan forcely fed her n made her drink water.she got angry with him.she turned her face..he gave her a chocolate bar..her anger vanished.
it was nearly 10 am..
maan gets the call from adi..
he said he has replaced the tender..
maan:thats really lets wait n see how will mr.rahul chopra look losing the tender..
precap:rahul to his staff,find out who is gudia maan refering..

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Part 64

Abc place 12pm

The government officials entered the place.medias were not allowed there.

They started to open the tenders.maan looked around.there were nearly 40 peoples,who have submitted the tender.behind all were his men in formal clothes.bahadur,eyed everything is in control.

Now the quotations were announced one by one..

A constructions..xxxbillions

B continued...

Chopra constructions...wxyz billions(rs.1000 less than the same amount maan finalized)...

Chopra smirked.till now,he is the he knows what has maan finalized,he was sure he is getting this project.he loked maan disguistingly.maans face was blank.

The last tender submitted by khurana constructions.

It was Rs.1o lakhs less than wxyz billions...

So,the least amount quoted was khurana,they gets this tender.

Mr.maan singh have done a great job.u have won ur first tender after taking the md post.we wish you gud luck.the officials signed n gave him the contract papers.

Thank you sir.

Maan looked into the crowd.all the persons face were disappointed.the one ragging in anger was chopra.he cant accept his defeat.after stealing KC's quotation,how did maan changed was a million dollar question running in his mind.

Hallo mr.rahul chopra... maan added fuel to rahuls temper.

Do u think by stealing u can get the project..honesty wins always mr.rahul.remember that.

Don't think u have won me maan.. singh khurana..address me like that..

He said pointing him to give respect.

That sounds gud..

He can see rahul gritting his teeth.

Don't fly high mr.khurana.u have to face me in all ways.

Better u show ur work in progress mr.chopra.

Ya..i'll show u a sample surely for facing me today...u'll know me then..what I'm capable of.

They were having a hot argument unknown to other competitors.

The other competitors reached them n congratulated maan for his success.

It was nearly 1pm.maans phone buzzed.without seing the screen he said

Hello, maan here.

It was dadi..

Maan beta,gudia is not taking her medicines.u talk to her.


Maan excused from others n went to a corner to speak.

Prince,when are u coming.

Soon gudia..have u taken ur meals.

Yes...she sounded low..

Kya hua..

U come soon..

Hmm..i will..

A man  came n started to talk in his phone.maan did not see him.

Gudia,achi bachiki thara,medicines khalo..

Bahadur came n removed the person near maan..

The man went to rahul..

Sir,maan was talking to some girl..may be a child..he referred her as gudia..

He ordered his men..

Find out who is gudia. Maan seems she is his weakness.

.the security of maan ,who was in his formal hears this.

He sent a msg to bahadur about it...

Maan was still in conversation with geet,who refuses to take medicine.

Acha baba teek hai..give the phone to dadi

Dadi..gud news..kc got the contract..

Congrats maan..

Dadi ..i'll come n give medicines to her..

Ok beta..

Did she trouble you..

Dadi sighed..

No beta..she is lost in her own world.she didn't talk to anyone after u left..we are forcing her everything..she didn't even ask her questions when didi narrated her a story..its only u to whom she talks..i think she misses u badly..n she couldnot say it..better u come soon.

Hmmm.i understand..i'll come soon..

He kept the phone.he turned to go.he saw his securities surrounding him.

Maan looked at bahadur.bahadur looked around .when he was sure only their men were around,he  showed his msg inbox.maans expressions changed..

Rahuls men are searching who is gudia.he wanted to stop

He is maan singh khurana.he made a quick plan.he msged bahadur to call him when he was around rahul or his men.

Bahadur called maan,when he was talking to a random person besides rahul.

Maan took the phone n started to behave like he was angry at the person on phone.

Mr.pqr...i wont help ur daughter again to take medicines..i have no time for things helping others..thank me ..first time when ur girl..who..gudia or whatever  name it may be..called me..i talked to her politely.bcoz,i was in gud mood.but don't expect it from me always..i'm not ur baby seater..if u called me again,I don't know what I'll do..may be if I c ur call again u r fired..maan kept his phone in fake anger inside his pocket..bahadur on other side who was listening maans tantrums was impressed by his boss,He can  make all things to his favour.

The man talking to maan asked him..

Whats it mr.khurana..u seemed to be angry. staffs daughter is not taking her medicine..the girl gudia seems to be fond of,they called me to help them..first time I helped just talking to her...but u know.i hate peoples who are spoiling my time..

Rahul listened it.

maan easily made rahul,believe he hates gudia n her parents.

Rahul said his men to stop searching gudia,as she is not supposed to be maans weakness.rather he hates her.maans men verified several times that his men are not now behind geet.then  maan left to his house.

Rahul has already made his plan to show a sample of what can he do.when maan has  openly challenged  him.

Maan was in his was a busy road surrounded with tall buildings.

Suddenly maans car tyre got punchered..someone has shooted it.n the next bullet hit maans cars window..maans driver lost his control on car in fear.the car hit a tree n stopped.

Maan n the driver jerked inside the car.maan tried to hold something from the jerk.but,it landed in the time maans other gaurds surrounded the car n took maan n the driver safely.they were looking for the place were the gun was fired...they had no hint..someone from  any of the tall buildings..but,where?

Bahadur:sir ur hand is swelling..i think u must go to hospital..

Maan took his gaurds car.he went to hospital.the xray said he is having a small crack in his palm.they bandaged it n gave him medicines.

On the way u doubt any one,who is after this accident.

No doubt..its rahul chopra..he said., he will show u a sample surely for facing him today.i didn't took it seriously..we must be more careful ..we must watch his every move..

Sir,I have an idea..

I know what u r going to say..i'm also thinking the same..we want some trustable persons who will be with him n give us informations about him.

Bahadur n raghav went speechless..maan was always too fast in making plans..

Ok sir..i'll make arrangements for it..


Maan came back to khurana the car stopped,he saw geet  ,who came running towards him.she throwed herself on him n hugged him tightly.he felt his shirt wet.she is crying..

Princess,why are u crying..

I don't know..

He took her inside..he made her sit next to him..

Dadis were there.they smiled at geets behavior..                     

Dadis:congrats maan .for ur first victory.

Geet looked at them

Prince,have u passed ur exams..

..the trio laughed at geets words.

Haan...he said in her language

they looked at maans bandage.

What happened maan.

Nothing tyre went flattened n hit the tree.

For nothing u r bandaged ur hand..

Wo dadi..had a light crack in hands.

Had ur lunch..

No..i thought of coming soon..n give medicines to her..

Maan felt feathery touch in his bandaged hand.geet was caressing it..

She looked at him..

Is it paining..


kala came with maans lunch n geets medicines..

No..prince..i don't want medicine..

She started to move from him.he caught her.she struggled in his grip..maan let a fake pain..

Ouch...geet..u hit my hand..its paining..

She took his hand ..

Sry prince..sry..mein jaan boochkar nehi kiya..sry..

I'll accept ur sry,only if u have ur medicine..


She took her medicine.. n as usual maan gave her chocolates..

Maan had his lunch..n then he took his tablets..

Geet gave him a chocolate..

He didn't understand.

Chocolate for me..why princess..

U also having medicines will not taste bitter if u have chocos..

Maan n dadis chuckled n were impressed too with her concern..

I don't want..u have it..

She was yawning..

Geet ,go n sleep..

No..i'll stay here near u..she hold his hands..

After a while she slept leaning on him..

Dadi..i don't want to announce our marriage now..

But,why beta..u only said we can announce it after a month..then why do you want to cancel the reception.

Maan  told her everything.

Geet is so innocent dadi..she has faced the edge of all...I don't want her to face any more trouble..she cant be able to face it..rahul is so dangerous..what if he finds about geet n harm her..i had body gaurds today..but,they also cant do anything before him..we want to hide geets identity as my wife from this rivalry world.atleast till she gets matured enough to face them.

b.dadi:I think maan is right .u need to protect her from this evil world.this is what I think worse to be a famous celebrity.we cant share our happiness too...geet must know the difference of peoples..till that do as maan says..

dadi sighed..

dadi: you are right didi..ok..i'll wait for the right time..maan u must be tired..why don't u change n take rest..


Maan took sleeping geet in his arms. He started to climb the stairs.he heared dadi's conversation.

Savithri,I think now we shall go back to America.


b.dadi:buddhu..myself n Vicky..vicky has got admission there in college..u only made arrangements n now u r asking like u don't know anything..

dadi:yes..i forgot..thinking about geet I forgot  vicky...

maan entered his room n  placed her on the bed.maan went n changed .he came back n slided next to geet.

Dadis words echoed in his mind..

Thinking about geet I forgot Vicky..

All thinks I made geet recover.but.its not  true..its bcoz of Vicky geet came out n reacted..if geet must recover soon only Vicky can do it..but,he is going to America..what wil I do now...

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Part 65

Thinking about geet I forgot Vicky..

All thinks I made geet recover.but.its not  true..its bcoz of Vicky geet came out n reacted..if geet must recover soon only Vicky can do it..but,he is going to America..what wil I do now'

He turned on bed right n left..he cant come to a decision..the only question in his mind was how?

Dadi will not allow me to near Vicky..then how..(there is flash back for this sentence..dont squeeze ur mind now frnds)


A week passed by'he was not able to find a solution,bcoz his mind had lots of ideasn don't know which to implement..'his works doubled..but he never left geet alone.or give her fire treatment..the dr.came twice a day..n maan will be with geet always..

.that day was noon'he was busy,engrossed in his work,geet was sleeping beside him..

Maans phone rang


Master:hello maan..just want to know when can we start our  dance classes back..

Maan:tomorrow is,from monday'

He looked at geet..then he got another idea..

Maan:.u have to teach new students also...can u..

Master:its ok when it comes to u ..maan..

Maan: sir,can u come here all 6 days instead of 3days..

Master:ya sure..maan ur college also starts on mondayna..

Maans st:shit I forgot it..

Maan :yes sir..we will see on Monday..

Maan had got  another  idea,what to do..he got up from his bed..he searched geets cupboard'he took the file out'

Maans st:princess u will recover soon..yes'

He got a new confidence in him..

later he was held with his works till night,when adi came..n he forgot what he was about to do..geet was with dadis..but she always looked at maan'maan doesn't forget to light the fire in front of her for seconds inbetween his busy schedule..always geet will get scared n scream n hug maan tightly..

the night was routine..maan n geet had their dinner.. nowadays,maan taught her how to use spoon n forks..geet struggled a lot ..but was successful at the end..dadis went to mansion...maan  will give geet medicines n her sleeping pills after her lots of tantrums...

that night too..maan made her lay on the bed.he tugged her with spread..

maan:gud night princess..

he got up n started to leave.

She stopped him holding his wrist..

Maan:what happened u want something..

Geet:hmm..u forgot something..

He knotted his brows..

Maan:what I forgot?

Geet:u did not give me kissy..gud night kissy..

Maan chuckled..he bent to her n placed a kiss on her fore head..

He was about to move..

Geet:please don't leave me..i'm scared..

Maan looked at her worriedly..he sat next to her..she kept her head on his laps .maan brushed her hair..

Maan:I'll not leave u geet..i'm here only..

He  kissed on her cheeks..he sat there till she slept..he went n changed to his tracks..he saw the file..

Shit..i forgot this'ok..i'll finish this by tomorrow'

He entered his private room'he came out after few minutes..his face was in full peace..he slided next to mid night geet screamed n maan hold her in his embrace n slept peacefully..


Night at vickys room..

He was talking to his fathers to his photo..packing his stuffs..

Vicky..whats this papa..i m going to america now..i'll not come for 3 yrs'3 long can I go leaving bhai ,bhabhi n dadi here..u said na papa..u will make bhabhi  love me..u said bhabhi ma will be like my mother,friend n sister..but,I'm going..i've not seen her face too..i'm so unlucky na papa..i promised u na papa..i'll take care of her..phir bhi..i cant go near her..

Papa..mei aap se khatti..i'm not going to talk to u..

He walked n fell on his bed,showing his anger..he felt asleep..

His room door opened..a familiar hand threaded his hair softly..n placed a soft peck on his forehead. vicky with his closed eyes

Vicky :papa.

Papa: haan beta..

Vicky: aap aagayi..

Papa: haan

Vicky:but why now..i'm angry with u

Papa:u cant get angry with me..

Vicky:how can u say that?

Papa:bcoz u cant stay away from me without ur complains..then,who will listen to it..

Vicky:but,u did not keep ur words..

Papa:I will beta..

Vicky..matlab,u will make me meet bhabhi ma..

Papa:haan beta..

Vicky:when papa..

Papa:cant u wait..

Vicky:no..pls say na..

Papa:tomorrow.but u must keep ur promise..take care of her..


     Papa r u saying the truth..will I meet her tomorrow..




Vicky opened his eyes..again it's a dream'

Is it true'that papa will make me meet bhabhi tomorrow..chances..50:50..may be may not be..

But he eagerly waited for the sunrise..

Morning 4.55 am

Geet was sleeping in maans chest..maan has woken up already..but he was admiring the innocent beauty..he placed her on the pillow..n started to wake up her..

Maan:gud morning princess..


Maan:wake up..princess'its late for  gym today..


Maan:if u r not coming I'll go alone..then don't cry that I left u..

She opened her eyes immediately..

Maan kissed her forehead..

Maan:gud morning jaan:

Geet :gud morning prince

She kissed his cheek'it has become their regular n geet did not have any feelings for that kiss..

Maan feels fire whenever her lips touched him..but he knows it doesn't matter anything to,he has started to control himself.moreover her health is important to him,than his desire..

Both made their way to washroom..brushed the teeth n entered the gym..

He  has taught her simple excercises n he started to do his..

He made her walk in tread mill with slow speed n he did his push ups without straining his one hand...

He remembered the first day  encounter with geet  in gym n chuckled..

After an hour..

They made their way out'

Kala came there with coffee n milk..they both drank it..

Maan:geet u go n take bath..


Maan:what..u don't want to take bath..

Geet:no..i  want to wash my hair..but,I don't know na..

Kala:ok..u take ur dress n come..i'll wash ur hair..

Maan went to his study n did some works in his lappy.

After geet  n kala came out, kala use to see geet with a hope whenever she baths her..trying to know maneet are one..but,she was disappointed,when she doesn't see marks or love bites on her body..but,she will console herself thinking,geet is still not well to be again in married life n so maan is maintaining distance..

maan went n freshed up...

When he came out geet was fully a fresh flower. Maan dressed in formals

They headed downwards..

Maan was busy in his lappy..geet was leaning on him'when she had no work to do,what can she do..she always tried to be in his warmth'she felt secured around him..dadi's came there..

They were happy to see both of them like that'maan greeted them n geet too..they wished them back..

Maan:dadi ..i'll be back in 5 min..

 Maan left geet with them.

He took his phone n called ..

Maan:hello sir,gud morning..maan singh khurana here..

Sir:gud morning maan..

Maan:sir,can I meet u today..r u free'

Sir:yes sure..

Maan:can we meet in ur office at that fine for you..

Sir:y anything important..

Maan:yes sir..i'll talk to u when we meet..


Maan kept the phone..

He came back..he saw geet looking at the side were he went..when he was back she was normal..

He shrugged his shoulders..

Maan:what are you looking for geet..

Geet answered innocently'

Geet:for you..

Dadis laughed at geets innocence..n our maan s cheek flushed lightly..

Later kala came with their morning breakfast from km.

Maan:dadis ,have ur breakfast..

Dadi:we have already done..its only for u both..

Maan n geet had their break fast together..maan gave juice to geet .

Geet,go change ur dress to nice one n come down..kalakka help her..

Dadi: are you taking her out..where?

Maan: yes dadi..but,I'll say after I come from there..

Geet came down neatly dressed n her hair loosely tied up..

Maan n geet took the blessings from dadi's n went out..


dadi:haan di..

b.dadi:where is ur grandson taking his wife..

dadi:who knows..

b,dadi:why he took blessings today..he doesn't do it daily..

dadi:..o fo di'aap bhi na..if I know the answers for ur questions..i will not be looking at the way they went..i'm also like u only..

b.dadi:he must have left to do some gud work'so only he took our blessings..

dadi was ::::::??????


 precap..:where would have maan took geet..

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Part 66

Maan has already sent raghav to the place where they were going'.he wants to check up,no one is there except the person who they are going to meet' Raghav confirmed there is no one other than watchman and the person has not yet arrived .maaneet sat in the moved out of the was the first time geet is coming out after she has come from hospital'the surroundings were new to her..though her childish nature made her look outside the windows in curiosity,she was feeling weird..she looked at maan n clinged to him..he slided his hands around her shoulder n comforted her..

Maan:what happened princess..

Geet:I feel scared..

Maan:y geet..

Geet:I've never seen places like this before'

Maan:whats there in it..u will get used to it'

She placed her head on his chest..

Maan:now what?

Geet:'.nothing..when u r near me,i feel secured'

Her simple answer gives him satisfaction'he could feel her relaxing on him..

The cars entered the big gates n stopped in the parking lot..

 (most of them guesses correct)

In Km..

Dadi's  n kala returned from palace as maneet were not there..they saw Vicky standing on a stool n tying up something at the entrance..

Dadi:what r u doing Vicky'


Dadi:what surprise'

Vicky:I'll not tell u'waise,u both are back soon ..why?

The dadis entered the mansion thru the small space between door n his stool..they looked at Vicky who was neatly dressed than ever..n his face had a certain glow..

Bdadi: ur bro has taken ur bhabhi out..

Vicky: where?

b.dadi: who knows..

Vicky: when will he come..

Dadi: no idea..he didn't say anything'

Vicky st: will my surprise become Vicky..dont lose hope..

After finishing his work,he sat in the living room looking on the way of entrance'he was playing in his cell phone to avoid dadis enquiries'.but his concentration was not in it..he was often looking at the door step..when dadis got pissed off,they asked'

Dadi's:are you waiting for someone..



Vicky:when they come u all will also get surprised n shocked'u will not expect them here..

Dadi:u r talking in riddles'tell us..

Vicky.:wait..dadi'till they come'n if I said too u will not believe be patience..

Vicky did not tell more than that .he kept his mouth sealed..

b.dadi:have u done ur packing Vicky..our flight is at 8pm.


Daadis went with their chit chats .savithri helped packing things for badi dadi..


Maan came out of his car'geet too came out'.

While entering the gate she read the board outside..******university of Delhi..she looked at the big gates,the big ground,the buildings ,the gardens'..,everything was classy'speaking the loyalty of the college'

Raghav came there n said the person has just arrived..

Maan took the file n walked with geet to the correspondent room..geet was looking at the environment with her eyes wide..she hold maans arms ..

Geet:prince..why are we here..

Maan:u will come to know. this is the college, where I'm studying..we are going to meet the principal'

Geet widened her eyes more'

Geet :u study here'mein bhi na buddhu hoon'u r a prince n u must study in a place like this only..

Maan:Geet u wait here..when I call u ,u come inside'behave like a gud girl before him'

Geet:am I a bad girl'she cutely pouted.

Maan:no..u are a gud girl..i said that ,bcoz he is

Geet: ur guruji'we must give more repect to them'haina..

Maan :yesahi samajlo'

Maan was about to knock the office door.she hold him n said

Geet:u r leaving me alone here'muje dar lagraha hai..

Maan called bahadur n raghav to be with geet. n he went inside.



Maan:gud morning sir.

Principal,who was looking in his lappy.lifted his gaze n looked at

maan,who was in his casuals,greeting him humbly.

Principal:gud morning maan.i'm proud of u my boy.n a very hearty u r the MD of ur company'n u have made ur first
deal rocking..


Maan: thank you sir..


They both shook their hands..

Princi:what happened to ur hand maan

Maan: I met with an accident..i'm fine now sir..

Principal: oh..take ur seat

Maan: its ok sir..i'll  stand..

Principal: its ok maan..i know u  respect me'we have to discuss something.. u can take ur seat.. so,we can talk comfortably..

Maan:thank u sir..

He sat opposite to him. tell me..why do u want to meet me'

Principal adjusted his glasses.looking at his lappy n moving the mouse he asked him..

Maan: I need 2 applications for bba 1rst yr..its a request from me..

Princi:maan the applications are closed n u r asking at the last moment'tomorrow college is going to open'

Maan:please sir..i really need this favour from you..

Maan gave the files he brought with him..

Principal looked at the files'

Principal read it louder..

PRinci:Vikranth singh n geet handa'

PRinci st:maan is recommending a girl..i know he hates girls ..its a wonder..

Princi: Both has finished 12th ..geet has topped in her school'

vikranth has 75%Geet is from a small town..whereas Vicky from a well known school..
Maan,can u answer me,..u or ur dadi has never recommended for anyone.. why are u recommending these two now..

Maan:sir,I'm not recommending..i'm asking for u..its my personal request..

Princi:whats the difference..

Maan:recommendation.we give to others'request..we ask for our own..

Princi:so,u know them..

Maan:hmmm..yes sir..

Princi: can I meet the students'are they here..

Maan:geet is here..vikranth doesn't know I'm here..he got admission in American college..

Princi:I don't understand maan..when he got admission there,then why are u asking admission here..

Maan:bcoz I want Vicky to be with geet..first u see geet ,then u will know why I'm asking ur help..

Principal looked at him puzzled..

Princi:ok..say her to come in.

Princi again went into his lappy .he was smiling ,looking at the screen.. maan called bahadur to send geet inside the office..

Princi:st:girl with maan'surely I want to know..why he is interested'


Outside geet was so restless'maan has left before an hour'she was used to him..

Bahadur n raghav tried to interact with her..she was knotting the dupattas corner..she was growing pale,missing maan..n making puppy faces looking at the office door..

Bahadur:Gudia,sir will come..

Raghav:Haan gudia,he is inside onlyna..

Bahadur:Why are u scared'we are with u..

She did not answer them..

Then maan called him..

Bahadur:gudia,sir has asked u to come in..go..

He opened the office door for her'geet entered the office..she walked with small steps'she was nervous..maan saw her pale face n went near her.

Maan took her hands in his n walked to principal..

Principal looked at them'

Maan:geet,this is mr.ravikumar,correspondent of this college..

Geet bent n touched his feet'her mangalsutra came out from her chudi..

Principal looked at the girl..she looks very innocent, wearing a simple suit.indeed beautiful.her eyes had dark circles,which said she was in deep pain..then he noticed her sindoor n mangalsutra..this girl is married..

Principal:in this century,no one is cultured like u beta..sadha suhagan raho..khush raho'he blessed her..

Principal did not ask more.he took out applications and gave maan n geet'

Princi:fill this form...geet,u can sit n fill'

Geet looked at maan..he nodded yes'she sat next to him..he handed her the form n a pen..

He filled vickys'then he saw her not filling n she was crying silently'he took the form from her..

N saw what She has filled

Name: geet..left half way..

Fathers/guardians name

He now recognized why she is crying'she is remembering her father..

Maan placed a hand on her shoulder comforting her ..he filled the rest'

Principal was confused,but he did not ask anything..he waited maan to answer..

Maan gave the forms to him..

Principal looked at the forms..n he looked at maan in shock'

Principal:whats this maan?geet is ur'..

Maan:sorry sir..i did not introduce her properly to u..she is my wife..geet maan singh khurana..n Vickranth my brother  

Geet:u have a brother..


Principal:I don't believe this'ok..then why is she crying..did u married her forcefully'n how we don't know about ur marriage..she is only 18..n we don't know u have a brother too..

Maan:geet..will u wait for me outside..i'll join u..

Geet:pls come soon'

 Maan:I'll be soon..

Geet:bye sir..she said to principal n went out..she was turning n seeing him often..

Principal:now can u say maan..

Maan explained all..

Maan:I married geet with her parents n dadis approval..geet has lost her family.,the next day of our marriage...she has recovered after a long wait..i cant leave her some other place to study..i want someone to be near her in my,only I decided to make geet n vikranth study in same class..geet cant stay away from me..she is not comfortable with others'college atmosphere will bring my old geet back..

N Vicky is kept out of media so no one knows about him...

Principal:ok'I give them admission'but I'm not satisfied with ur brothers percentage..

Maan:don't worry sir..he will improve along with geet.n one more request..


Maan:I don't want anyone to know geet n vikranth are khuranas'

Princi:But why..

Maan:I said u I met with an accident..actualy it was planned by my rivals..n I don't want them both 2 get into me..till everything gets controlled I want  to keep my marriage announcement also from medias..even,we have postponed our marriage reception ..i want their safety first..         

Princi:Ok'I understand'

 Maan:sir,geet is afraid of fire'she is under,pls make sure other students smoke or carry fire related things inside the campus..and I'll change canteen with electrical appliances..

Principal:ok..i'll give the instructions to students'maan u hate girls..then how can u care for her so u love her or pity her'

Maan sighed..

Maan:sir,its true I hate too I cant withstand any one..but geet is different from those girls..her heart is pure as an innocent child..she don't know how to cheat or lie..this is the first quality I like in her..she is my life now..i love her..there is no word pity in love..

Principal:I'm happy for u maan..happy married life maan..

Maan:thanks sir'sir ,can I ask u onething..if u don't mind..


Maan:why are u smiling looking at the screen..whats that gud news..

Princi:how do u know it's a gud news..

Maan: in hoshiarpur,all says wherever geet goes,there will be a gud luck following her..though I don't believe in those stuffs,i've experienced also..thats why I guessed..

Princi:u r right'our university has got the most precious award of this year'one more gud news..u knew we started a new building for before a year. next to our went under a case ..that the site belonged to another,the court has declared it as ours n we can continue our construction.. yesterday only,I came from I did not check anything.. now only I came to know about this'you can say,if it is co-incidence also geet is a lucky charm.

Maan:congrats sir..ok..then I'll take leave..

Princi:maan,can u complete the building..bcoz,mr.chopra left it half way when it came under court case..

Maan:sure sir..i'll ask my staffs to make a design based on the previous one..bye sir..have a nice day ..see u tomorrow..

Princi:bye ..

Principals st:I cant believe it..maan is so polite'he is married'he has a brother..he accepted to build the college..moreover he talked to me more than 2 hrs'

Precap: geet vicky emotional meeting'

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Part 67

Maan came outside n saw bahadur n raghav trying very hard not to laugh..seeing maan they left the place..he saw geet sitting on the verandah.hugging her knees.facing her back to him..

He neared her.he heared her cursing.maaan stood there crossing his arms over his chest. 


Geet:.dusht dhanav..kutha,kamina,muje..akhela choddhiya...he said he will come soon.. he forgot much time will he talk..whom will I talk to..he did not think about me..what will I be doing here..

I'm waiting for him..n he doesn't remember me at all'let prince come..i'll not talk to him'katti..katti...pakka..baath nehi karungi..


She was making all kinds of puppy faces..

Maan want to eat her..she looked so cute..

bcoz of this only raghav n bahadur were laughing..hmm..only geet has the guts to curse maan singh khurana.

a small smile reached his lips...

Maan:if ur cursing program has finished,can we talk princess..

 Geet:I don't want to talk to you..

She turned the other side..

Maan:achaa..then to whom u r talking me only na princess..

Geet looked here n there..wo..wo'I'm talking to this plants n wall

Maan:ok..if u don't want to talk..then ..i'll also not talk to u..its ok'I thought, u want to know,why I brought u here..

Geet looked at him curiously..

Maan:tum tho mujse katti ho na'so,I'll not tell..

Geet:nehi nehi..mei aap se katti nehi hoon tell me'

She stood up..

Maan: sachi..u are angry at me..

Geet:I was angry but not now..tell me na..why u brought me here..

She asked him excitedly..

Maan:u wanted to go to college na..


Maan;from tomorrow,u will also study in this college..

Geets eyes opened wide..

Geet:really'in this biiig college..


Geet hugged him..

Geet:thank u..

Maan:I want gift..not thanks..he said naughtily..n geet gave him kiss on both cheeks..

Maan:that's nice..come I'll take you a tour around this college.

.it took more than half an hour for them..

Maan:whenever I want to be alone ..i'll be here'

He entered a door'

Maan:principal is fond of birds'so he made this'

it looked like a small birds sanctuary..there was different kinds of birds..seeing him all chirped'geet looked around enjoying the view..

The most shocked her was a parrot'it called him by name..maan..maan'maan..

Geet: is calling u knew u..


Maan took her to the speaking parrot'

Maan:geet , this parrots name is Pikachu'.pikachu, this is geet..say geet'

It looked at her turning its beak left n right'

Geet ..geet..geet'

Geet jumped'

Geet:Hai'.its calling me also'

pikachu:Maan..gauva..maan guava..

maan:Sry .i forgot...i'll bring u 2morrow..

pikachu:too bad..too bad..LOL

maan:i'll bring 2 guava..

pikachu:maan gud..maan gud..LOL

geet looked at pikachu with her mouth opened wide..

with that they both came out of that small world..

Geet:which is ur class..

Maan showed the 2nd floor..


Maan :straight below in first floor'

Geet:alag alag..kyun..

Maan:I'm in 3rd yr n u r in 1rst yr..

Geets tummy growled'

Maan:u r hungry..


Maan: lets go home'


Vicky looked at the clock for upteenth time'1pm..

He  became restless.

papa said bhabhi will come ...its only a dream..i trusted it ..i wished it to come true.

.when dadi called him for lunch he sat there silently..n munched a little'the disappointment was clear in his face.seeing his mood dadi did not ask anything...he went to his room .he changed to a shorts n threw the dresses on floor..he fell on bed in his stomach n started to cry'bhabhi did not come...he slowly dozed off'

Maans car entered the palace..he asked the driver to go to mansion..

Driver looked at him,whether he heared it right or not..

Maan:did u hear me'go to mansion..

Driver :yes sir.

The car stopped before mansion.


Maan n geet stood at the entrance..maan hesitated a little to go inside..this mansion has only bitter memories'I don't want to go in'but,for geet..i have to'.

Geet:where are we kiska ghar hai..

Maan hold her arms n said

Khurana mansion..where dadi lives..

Geet:then lets go na..

She pulled him in..they both entered the mansion with right leg'rose petals started to fell on them..

Vicky has done this work .to welcome ...

Maneet looked up..geet extended her hand n enjoyed the flow of flowers..

Dadis,kala,nakul n the entire servants froze in their places looking maneet in mansion..

Dadis eyes filled in joy..maneet were about to enter.

Dadi:stay there..

Maan was about to go out of mansion..,he was hurt again.

Dadi:I said to stay there..not to go..

Maan turned n looked at dadi in confusion..kala,who knows dadi came out with rice pot n saffron water plate..

Dadi:geet,,till I say close ur eyes..

Geet closed her eyes'

Kala came out with aarthi plate'she did the aarthi n placed kumkum on their forehead..

Geet:dadi,now can I open my eyes..

Kala moved fast from there taking the aarthi plate'geet fire na dekhe..

Dadi:yes beta'I want u to enter mansion with all rituals'now u can enter..

Geet made her entry'n maneet sat in the living room.

Dadi:I'm happy n ur dadaji,then ur mummy papa n then  ur bhai n bhabhi all started our life here only'so,only I want my bahu to enter with full rituals..

Maan kept quiet..

Badi dadi fed them sweets..

Maan:kalakka,geet is hungry..give her lunch..

Kalakka:I'll place the dining..u too join her..

Maan :hmm..

Dadi looked at maan..he wants to say something..its visible..

Dadi:what do u want to say

Maan gave the admission form to her silently..

Dadi:maan u want Vicky to join college here with geet..


Kala:chotu.come n have ur lunch..gudia is waiting for u'

Maan left to dining n ate their silently..but,he did not fail to help geet to eat using spoons'

Daadis looked maan in awe'

They both came to living room.dadi waited for him to speak..if he has decided,he must give explanation also..

Maan:wo..dadi'uhgm..he cleared his throats..

maan:Geet needs change..we cant keep her inside 4walls..she needs to finish her studies also..but,in this stage she cant go alone to college..she needs someone to take care of her'till she is in college..i cant bunk my class also'so,I thought..vikranth can take care of her'so'so'I made admissions for them in college'ah..umm..but,its ur wish'u can ask him'I'm not forcing anyone to take care of my will be ur own decision..

Badi dadi came near savithri's ears n whispered..

b.dadi:ur grandson is too smart choti..he decided all..made admissions for,he is will be our decision..kamaal hain..

dadi:I'll talk to Vicky'

geet who was looking around the mansion,instantly said

geet:Vicky'.vicky..he too left me Cryshe sobbed..

maan hugged her..

maan:no tears geet..i already said u'don't cry..

dadi was moving to the lift..

maan:dadi,take geet with u..

dadi was super happy now'

dadis st:maan wants geet to meet Vicky'before he changes his mind I'll take geet with me..

dadi:chalo gudia..didi u also come up..

geet,b.dadi n dadi went to vickys room..

geet saw a boy sleeping in bed..his face was on other side..

dadi went n sat near him.she caressed his hair..


Vicky was in no mood..

Vicky:no dadi..pls..let me sleep now I ve  to be in airport at6..i ve to leave by5..

Dadi:u r not going..

Vicky:fir'where will I do my studies..

Dadi:here'with ur bhabhi'

This made him jump on bed'


Dadi rolled her eyes n showed geet'.

Dadi:I've a surprise for u ..see,who has come to see you'she is'.

Vicky closed dadi's mouth.

Vicky stammered..i.i..k.k.n.o.w..

he looked at geet..she was looking at him..

geets st:he is the boy I saw on that day ,playing with a dog..who is he?

Vicky looked at himself,he was wearing only a shorts no shirt..he covered him with spread.. dress'he shouted...

the dog came under from his gave him the dress,he threw on floor..

Vicky went to washroom changed n came out running..he gave a bone crushing hug to geet..

Vicky:m..y'bha..bha..bhab.bhabhi..maa'..he stammered'

Dadi :gudia,..this is vicky'maans brother , ur devar

Vicky was still hugging her n waiting for her to hug him back..

Geet was first numb hearing his name..then his hug'she thought what to do'how can a boy hug her..

Ranos voice came to her mind..whenever,u cant make a decision..think what will ur mother do if she is in ur place'

Mama ki devar chachu'whenever chachu hugs mama..mama too hugs him n kisses his forehead'n mama says..he calls him its not wrong to hug or kiss ur family member..

Now,Vicky too called me bhabhi maa..he is my family'so,i can reciprocate him...

She hugged him back'n that's what Vicky wanted'he cried holding her..

vicky:Bha..bha..bhi..Crybhabhi..maa.Cry.i've seen u'Cry

N geet was crying remembering her brother'Cry got u..

she kissed him as she used to kiss her brother..

Vicky was melting in her love'he hugged her more..kissed her n said.., bhabhi maa.sob.dadi.sob...i got my maa..

precap..a few more moments..

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