Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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The hall was decorated lavishly as it is the engagement of maan singh Khurana with his love sameera chopra...both their families have been friends from decade and it couldn't b wrong in telling the couple knew eachother all their life...for sam it was always love she loved him with heart for maan he believes it is love as he is very much sure no one can ever understand him like she when their family asked him to tie the knot he gave his nod while sameera was over the moon to get her love..she cherished their friendship and from now on sharing the life with him made her feel she is the happiest person on earth...

They exchanged rings and the party continued through out the party sam saw maan who was smiling she kept looking at him and decided to ask what was bugging her,she slowly poked him gaining his attention and whispred to meet her next morning in the park,she need to talk something important..he looked at her surprised... as they met at every morning its routine in  same park from the time he started jogging,she will drop by from her dance class and he will gift her rose everyday and she asking him to meet particularly tomorrow made him amuse...

Next morning as usual he finished his jog and was waiting for meera as he called her with a rose beside him,he looked around to see the people enjoying the fresh breeze and across the road people offering prayers in Krishna temple,he was brought back by the thump sound behind him and realized its meera..he silently offered the rose and she took it with a frown

Sam:maan why r u marrying me!!?

She asked out of the blue

Maan:why meera!!?dont u want to marry me!!?

Sam:maan I do want to marry u ,because I love u,the minute I saw u,but its not in your tell me

Maan :what do u mean by minute u saw me!!?

Sam:true maan ,we knew eachother all our lives but I did fell for u when u came from us after 5 years,it's a love at first site for me..

Maan:love cant b at first site mayb u r attracted to me,but love no...

Sam:why cant it b

Maan:u cant love a person on just a glance...u need to understand him/her,their likes and dislikes,trust reach other then only u can feel love..

Sam:love cant happen with planning maan,it just happens ..

Maan:then I say it cant b love,uu cant love a total stranger,in love both need to know eachother

Sam:maan I don't trust your theory

Maan:as I don't trust your love at first sight concept..

Sam frowned at him and challenged:so u mean to say,if u meet a girl and can understand her,share her likes she can love u...u can love her..

Maan:yes...and as for your previous question why I am marrying u..u yourself said the answer meera,we know eachother ,we trust eachother and I can spend my life with yes I love u..

Sam:maan don't change the topic,u said u can make any girl love u...

Maan :mera why r we even discussing this...

Sam:no,I want to prove u wrong,love just happens,not with your theory I had a dare for u Khurana... r u ready

Maan: r u challenging me


Maan:then I am in,u know I love to win...

Sam:ok the dare is,u have a make a girl fall for u with in 30 days,u do know I am going to london with your parents,by the time I return she must love u,dare u mister only she must love u not the other way and u can fall for her..

Maan :meera u do know I love u

She smiled sadly yes,I know

Maan:ok,I can select a girl

Sam;no,she almost shouted..,I will show u a girl u must make her fall for u

Ok,who is the perfect moment someone rang the bell in temple and both looked atthat side and found a girl clad in white chudi decending the stairs,she looked beautiful as an angel and maan kept looking at her much to sam anger she clicked her fingers before him making him aware of his stare ,

Sam:beautiful wasn't she..


Sam:so she is the girl,make her fall for u

Maan :what!!?i don't even know her

Sam smirked didn't u said love happens when u knew her,so try to knewher,and make her knew u,and in 30 days she must say I love u to u..if not u lost,u have to give me what ever I ask



 Maan :ok what if she had already bf

Sam:then u lost even before u started

Maan:msk never looses meera,I will make her fall for me

Sam:even if she had bf


Sam:ok then,I am leaving her to u maan,will meet after 30 days,bye take care my flight is in few hours bye

Maan :I know,I am coming to airport remember,even my parents r travelling,I don't know whats up with u all

She smiled nervously and left even before he questions more...she turned and saw him watching the girl they both spotted,she gave a longing look and left hoping to get what she wants...On other hand maan saw the girl getting into a car ,he quickly memorized the number before the car zoomed vanishing.

Maan entered his office Khurana technology,which was buzzing with models he never spared a glance at them while all the girls try to make a move on him,he love to shoot,and making adds was his proffesion,he called adi in his room and gave the number demanding all the details about the person in few minutes..and as expected adi never disappointed him,he told the details like he knew the person very well

Adi:her name is geet handa,sister of brij handa,handa group of industries,they both lost their parents at early age and brij loves her to bits,he didn't even got married fearing how his wife will treat his baby sister,geet very wish is his command,she is pampered to no end


Adi:she loves music,she did completed her studies presently enjoying her time doing nothing...

Maan:boyfriend r fianc

Adi:no..she is single


Adi:she visits Krishna temple daily,at noon she spend time at orphanage,evening her music classes...


Adi;she never attented any party without her brother,they r more of family functions..

Maan dismissed adi and closed his eyes lost in thoughts,what ever he heard about geet made him wonder,she doesn't behave like the girls he knew,if he is truthful to himself,he is more curious to know about her...her first image is still fresh in his mind,the way her hair flew while she decending the stairs,her smile which she passed looking at the children...he snapped open his eyes wondering why he is thinking about her and looking athis ring reminding himself he is taken,geet is just a game,which he had to win...

Whole day passed in her thoughts maan was thinking for ways to meet geet but he didn't knew he was going to meet her same evening,he was to attend a party of his old client ,he decided to just show his face and made an escape from there not knowing his piece of intrest was also in the party,he entered only to get a sweet shock on finding geet greeting the couple...he quickly reached them taking her look..she was dressed in red chudidhar again her hair open looking simple and stunning.he again scolded himself for getting lost in he reached he saw her leaving from there..he frowned yet again missing the opportunity to talk..

He greeted the couple and his eyes only were on geet and he knowingly banged with her spilling the juice on her dress making her frown..ho her frown is cute too he said to himself...

Maan:ho I am sry miss..

Geet:its ok..she looked here and there for washroom,and he helped her

Maan:I am sry again for your dress

When she just smiled,he knew she was about to leave..which he cant let

Maan:hai,I am maan,maan singh Khurana,khurana groups

Geet looked surprised and her eyes sparkled with intresert making maan happy finally he got her attention..

Maan:r u interested in modeling...

Geet:no no,if u don't mind can I see your shoot..i love to see how u guys made it

Maan was amused hearing her innocent question,here he thought she was interested in modeling and wants to try it but she wants to see the shoot...well coming to think of it..he never really allowed his family in his working space..he love his work and needs no distraction even meera never visited while he work but he cant refuse her..seeing her child like hope made him agree and his nod rewrded hima million dollar smile of her making his smile wide...

Maan:this Saturday we r shooting u can come tomy studio..he said giving her card

Well now u can say your name


That evening they both had dinner and exchanged numbers promising to cal eachother morning maan eyes kept looking at temple in wait to see soon as she came he waved his hands to gain her attention and both acknowledge eachother with a smile..

Geet:u r here..r u following me..


She was surprised at his answer

Geet: u came here for jog

Maan:every day

Geet:I visit this temple everyday..

Maan just smiled as he knew that already..he asked her sit showing a bench

geet:aren't u getting late for your work..


that's a lie..he was very particular about his work and timings,but with geet every other thing took back seat,he didn't know why,yet he preffered to not to know..

geet:but I am..i had to reach some where soon ..

now that confused him according to adi she goes to orphanage ..which she can go anytime...he couldn't stop himself from asking

maan:where r u going!!?

Geet:today is pari birthday,we are celebrating in orphanage

Maan:attenting a party without your new friend..

She looked at him surprised :will u come

Maan:only if u invite

She smiled and drove with him towards the orphanage ,the  kids shouted seeing her this early and ran towards geet...maan kept looking at her how she talked with them and made the hall ready for the birthday girl,he even don't know what and how he helped her all he did was stare at what ever she did..and at the end of evening when she asked him where to drop he had no heart to leave her,but he had to..he asked to drop at the park and she left him leaving in thoughts..

Instead of making him fall for her,he is getting lost in her,instead of making her know him..he is knowing her what is he doing with her whole day,yet he didn't try to make her interested in him,he left his work for her which never happened before,his whole day went in staring at her and when she asked him where to drop him,he didn't want to leave her..leave her!!??where did this come from!!???he questioned himself...he never felt this lost with meera,she never disturbed his life r work ,like he never poked in her life...they both were perfect with eachother r that's what he thought..but why with geet his feelings are all disturbing,today he literally forced himselfon her to spend time with her..what happening to him..a strom was ragging in him thinking about the day..unkmown to him another strom was coming his way..

Brij saw geet was with aman in her car while they were crossing eachother..she didn't saw him but how can he miss his sister car while she was with a stranger...he stopped his car abruptly and called his bg to follow geet car and see the person who was with geet and get his history to him...he didn't move from his place until he got with whom geet was and next second his blood boiled thinking about the man.

That night when geet arrived at dinner brij was confused will geet share her day like every other day r she will hide about the new man in hes life..buttohis wonder geettold abot maan and every little thing about her day to him making him sigh in relief and like every night she wished him good night with akiss..but he cant sleep that night until he meet the manand get clear about his intrest in geet.

Next few days brij kept his eyes on geet when ever she met maan...he knew his sister in and outto say she was interested in maan,slowly he was making his way in geet heart he couldn't forget the evening when geet left to meet maan few days before and what all chaos he created and how geet explained how she got lost of time that day.

It was same day when maan offered geet to show the shoot,geet went thinking she will return by evening but unknowun to her,she was lost in that world forget about was past midnight she was still looking at the happenings and the way maan dictating them what to do,and the crew following his orders,the actors taking retakes,maan trying to make them do what exactly he wants,for the person being first there she was amused to watch all that,even busy in work maan did look after her with small breaks ,made her forget time and place,she was lost in glamor world until the packup happened ...

Maan :so how was it

Geet:it was fun..i really enjoyed watching it..patah nahi chala tym...

And her eyes went on watch only to get wide ,she looked at maan and without a word made a mad dash and went driving to her home...

The scene there wasas expected brij stood at the entrance of mansion on steps with a stressed look while a team of police standing there...the moment geet came out of car one officer reached her questioning

Of:where were u madam!!??we searched whole city thinking u were lost!!?your brother made us all search each street for u..but here u r..

Brij:not a word..he roared scaring not only ooficer even geet too..


Brij:bacha ,u r alright that's what matters,come sleep its late

Geet:bhai I was..

Brij:we will talk tomorrow u need rest

Off:but sir

Brij glared at him to shut and asked a maid to escort geet to her room turning to officer

Brij:my sister is most precious thing to me,no one questions her,her safety is my priority that why I troubled u,now she is safe and home,thanks for your service..saying he dismissed the team

From that day brij appointed a guard for geet even after her constant refusal,his point is clear he is worried for her safety and finally geet too agreed making brij happy,unknwon to geet guard was only to keep watch on maan...when she was with him.

It was almost a month and maan geet met everyday at park,sometimes she visited his shoot ,maan was still struggling with his feelings towards geet constantly reminding himself he is engaged,sam is his love,while geet was slowly falling for maan and she was happy in her own world ,maan look always made her feel butterflies which she always read in her fairy tales,she never felt this way maan made her forget her surroundings,with him she even didn't feel the need to breath as he slowly became her reason to smile,she was sure even her brother knew her growing feelings,as she never kept anything from brij,her each moment with maan she shared with her bhai,even she is sure he didn't miss her blush  when ever she talks about him,the only thing which is stopping brij was her confession,if she said she loves maan,she was sure her bhai will accept him for her,but she will only confess to brij after she confess her feelings to maan,which she was going to do today...geet blushed with the thought and made a cal to maan to reach the address which she just messaged him...

Maan who was busy in work got the message without even thinking he wrapped the shoot making others confuse and rushed to meet geet,even he was confused himself why he didn't ask her to wait,it was so unlike him to wrap the work just for her...still confused he reached the address which was a mansion,he frowned..this is the place geet asked to meet..was he at wrong address whose home it is..all his thoughts broke with geet arriving ,he turned to watch her getting out of the car with a smile

Geet:hai maan



Maan:hmm geet..he was still comfused looking at the mansion..

Geet:its mine maan,yesterday bhai gifted me this...

Maan eyes popped out seeing the mansion,:gift

Geet:yeah,we were passing bythis road when I casually said to bhai,how beautiful this mansion is...bhai took my words seriously and brought for me..come in..i am yet to see in..wasnt I beautiful from here

Maan :couldn't agree less,your brother loves u a lot..

Geet:I am his life

They both took a tour of the house which was splendid ,geet smile said it all she not only liked but loved it,her eyes widened seeing the violin on center table no need to guess her bro brought it for her..the silence around them broke with her say it was melodious would b light,she had a good grip on it...she played forgetting around her surroundings making even him lost in her and she slowly started to twirl with the music and taking a small rounds she lost her balance and landed in his arms,making him to hold her tight..both their eyes met and slowly he brought her close almost making geet almost hug him...when maan was about to hug geet completely..she blushed amd made a run to other end of the room,she took a few breaths to calm her heart,she closed her eyes to gather strength facing the wall

Geet:u know maan I always thought I will marry the person whom bhai will choose for me,not once the thought of love crossed my mind because bhai loved me more than naything in this world and i owed this to him,that was until u entered my life,u made me feel all the things which I thought I will never feel before marriage,I got my fairyfale because of u..i know my bhai will accept u,u r perfect prince charming for any girl maan..i love u

She waited for maan response but even after few minutes when she didn't get anyreply she turned only to find him gone...she was confused whether he didn't love her..was he upset with her confession..when she found him entering the hall looking at his mobile with a smile...seems like he was on cal


Maan:geet sry we need to go..a emergency at shoot

She just nodded unable to deal with disappointment while maan heart bleed,he cant explain the joy he felt when geet was about to confess and he heardeach and every word she uttered but the moment she confessed he was about to say he did too..but stopped himself from uttering,how can he say that,the thought itself scaredhim,how can he love geet,when he loves sam,what about sam,wasn't she his fianc,wasn't geet a deal,a game,the thought itself made him feel disgust but he couldn't let her hope for he left and pretended he didn't heard any of her confession...

When geet returned home she found her bro waiting for her shrugging all her thoughts she went to hug him and thanked for the gift,but none could make brij forget the look on his baby sister face when she entered home..he knew she is upset about something..he only thought it shouldn't b any where near to the guy whom he saw with her..if its yes then god only save him for hurting his sister...

Geet:bhai I need to say something important

Brij looked at her blushing face and he couldn't stop the sinking feeling..he just nodded

Geet:not today tomorrow...

He saw geet ran to her room smiling ,he prayed to keep his sister happy always like this...if only he knew...

Maan was fighting a battle with in...he still couldn't forget the moment geet landed in his arms...the feelings she evoked in him...his thoughts broke when he felt someone hand on his shoulder out of reflex he said


Geet..yeh geet koun maan

Hearing her voice he snapped out of his thoughts:sam...tum...

Sam:sam..u just called me sam..

Maan:so..he asked slightly irritated

Sam:no..u always called me

Maan:hmm,when did u come back..i thought there is still a week left for your return

Sam:today morning,why r u sounding upset with my return..i missed u maan,so I cut short my trip

Maan just nodded for first time he didn't have any words,he needs to b alone for some process his thoughts,to know what exactly he was doing with his life and geet..when sam found him again in thoughts she nugged him to get his attention..

Sam:who is geet

Maan:geet is..

Sam looked curious,but he didn't find a proper word to explain..

Maan:the girl whom we saw in temple

Sam eyes widened with realization:the girl whom u r about to make fall for u...our how things are going..

Maan :sam she is not a deal..he almost shouted making sam scare...

Sam:maan realx what happened to u..u seems disturbed..saying she was about to touch him when maan took a step back..he don't know why he didn't like sam being touchy with him,its not new though they always held eachother hands,even she had a right on him..but today he was feeling like he is cheating ...and his thoughts were all making him scare more...

Sam looked at maan and her hand which was still in air..she knew maan enough to say something is bothering him...but what pained her was even her touch wasn't acceptable to him..this wasn't the maan she knew...something is surely changed but what!!??


Maan:sam plz I want to b alone..plz leave..

Sam:ok tomorrow dinner with me

He just nodded and sam went from there,thinking they will atleast meet tomorrow morning at park..and she will make him say what is troubling him...

Next morning sam saw maan waiting on the same bench where they always met,she smiled and about to cal him when she noticed another figure sitting with took few momets for her to recognize the person as geet,but what surprised her was the way maan smiling with her,it pained her see him happy with other woman..but a friend in her wished to see him happy...she loved him and wants to b loved by him even though knowing he never had same feelings ,she dared to took a step and get engaged thinking one day he may did love her...but now seems like her dream will always b a dream...she didn't make her presence obvious..she hid behind a tree keeping eye on both but couldn't hide her tears which flowed

After geet left man waited for sam when she didn't turn up he too left thinking to talk with her at night..he needs to clear few things with sam...he couldn't keep her in dark...

Sam saw maan who was struggling to say something from past few minutes they met at dinner as planned but she knew maan wants to say something which is going to put a stop on their relation what ever they shared,she wants to stop him from what ever he wants to say..but she couldn't,she smiled at her fate that when her eyes landed on the figure beside maan and she spoke deliberately gaining their attention...

Sam:maan...toh geet khey sath kaha tak aayi tumhari love game...

She didn't use the word deal as before which made him mad...

Maan:sam who..

Sam:maan u remember right..if u didn't make her fall for u in next four days,u lost the game and u have to do what ever I say..

Maan:sam listen..

Sam:and u know what u have to do...u have to listen all my orders after marriage and maan guess what our marriage date fixed its in...

She didn't finish when both heard a roaring

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Part 2

She didn't finish when both heard a roaring


Maan turned to find a teary geet and a fuming man beside her...while sam just closed her eyes,she knew what she did was wrong..but she did what she had to do...


Brij:how dare u to even take her name,u thought my sister as  a doll to play,u will pay for making brij handa sister go though this,mark my words I will..

Brij was about to punch maan when geet held him back,she nodded a no looking at brij and left withot even sparing a look at maan,brij glared at maan and left with geet,he feared this,he cant stand his sister broken...all his life he madesure no sorrow touch her,but a mere man made her cry that too for his stupid dare he to bet on his sister..he owed to ruin maan...whole ride he saw geet in tears..his heart bleed with each tear making him to curse maan..they both went to have dinner and discuss about geet important matter there,butwhat they saw and hear..he didn't need more words to know his sister did fell for that man,who was playing with her and this was what she wanted to say..but now..thier thoughts stopped when thye reached home...

Brij:geet bacha

Geet:bhai I am so stupid...

Brij:no u are not..geet listen..

Geet:I was about to confess him bhai..but he..moretears made their way

Brij:he don deserve your tears geet,please..he is not worth it..i cant see u cry geet,I will make him..

Geet;u wont bhai..u will not do anything to him..r that girl..please bhai...true he didn't love me,but I did bhai..i cant see him hurt..

Brij:geet how can u..

Geet:please bhai...she did the thing which he can never refuse...he promised not to touch maan until he crosses her path,if he again did something to hurt geet,he cant stop himself...

that night geet cried her heart out thinking about the memonts she spend with maan,while maan kept trying to cal her..he tried to came behind her but sam stopped him and demand an answer ,he didn't knew what to say and he did was think about geet tearfull face which pained him,he left from there withouta word making sam smile in tears

sam:u r stupid maan,stupid enough to not recognize your I know what I have to do...

if she left to maan ...he couldn't have clear anything nor he could tell geet anything,she deliberately made geet heard their words,now its time for maan to decide what he wants in his life...

next morning maan waited for geet to see but she never came,he called her repeatedly but all his cals were received by voicemail...he wants to talk with her once but she is not giving him a chance,other side geet tried to ignore maan,she went to orphanage but skipped temple visit not to face maan...

other side sam was waiting for the meeting finally her wait end and she was called inside

brij:why r u here,ts only geet promise which is stopping me..dont make me broke my promise..get out

sam:I just need few minutes,I promise to never disturb u sir

brij hardly controlled his temper and guestured her to speak,her every word made him fume more,if only he get hishands on maan he could teach him a lesson...

brij:I don't trust him

sam:I love him enough to trust him sir,he will never hurt geet

saying sam left wiping her tears and smiling to herself...

Brij thought about sam words and geet tears ..he was still unsure whether he can trust her...can he trust the man who played with his sisters can he trust him with his baby whole life...this man don't even knew what he wants in his life..then how can he keep his baby happy...he mulled sometime..keeping a stone in his heart he decided what he had to do for geet happiness..

Geet was about to enter orphanage when she was pulled by someone

Geet:leave maan

Maan:geet please listen to me..

Geet:maan if bhai knew u r here,I cant save you..please leave

Maan:why geet,why u want to save me from your bhai..why cant u see me hurt,I did hurt you,I deserve to b punished right,so let him do what he wants

Geet:maan don't,just leave..

Maan:geet listen

Geet:there is nothing to listen


Geet:u played well maan,and let me say u won too,I did fall for you,I did love you,but its all agame for u,I am only game for you maan..i ma

Geet didn't even finish her words when brij held her in his arms away from maan,while his bg took hold of maan..

Geet :bhai..

Brij:lets go geet,he didn't even spared a look at maan and took geet with him,while maan kept calling her his lungs out,they only lefthim when brij took geet from there...maan collapsed on the ground again loosng a chance

When he returned home he found sam along with his and her parents waiting ...he couldn't face them not now,all day he kept trying to meet geet but all his efforts went in he is not ready for another argument with sam..but seems like nothing was going according to his wish

Sam:maan we are waiting for u

Maan :sam not now please

Sam:but maan we want to talk about our marriage

Maan:we are not marrying sam

Therehe said it..for which he was struggling,he thought he loved sam and they can have their life until geet happened to him,with geet he knew what exactly love is ,the thing which he started as game became his life,now loosing geet was never an option,a day without her was being a hell for him and a life without her..he cant even think..he knew he was hurting sam and their family...but geet hurt pained him more..he just hoped his parents understand him...he looked at them only to see them smiling and then at sam who was smiling sadly

Sam:that's what I want to say maan,we cant marry,as u don't love me...u love geet

Maan:sam I am sor

Sam:don't say sorry maan,don't regret out friendship,if not more I am your friend,I am happy for u

Maan:you will b always my friend sam..but how u and mom dad..he was confused seeing their reaction...

Sam:I told them everything even before I met brij

Maan:u met brij...why

Sam:for u and geet ofcourse,why u think he didn't beat u black and blue this morning...he is ok with you


Sam:but he didn't let u meet geet,u were waiting before her house till now

Maan just nodded hearing sam

Sam:that's because he wants to make u suffer for geet pain..maan looked confused..then sam explained how she saw geet in restaurant and she deliberately made them hear their words...then next morning she went and met brij to clear things..

Maan:but sam..

Sam:maan I did that just need a push to are still confused would have either hurt geet r hurt yourself but see today you just declared we cant marry

Maan cursed brij in mind while sam just smiled covering her pain,he apolised to her parents and even his aprents and went to his room thinking ways to convince geet..coming to think of it,he still didn't confess his feeling to her...

Sam looked at him with teras while her parents hugged her..they consoled her saying she can never be happy in a love less marriage...its better to bear few moments pain then to bear a life long pain in that marriage..even man parents felt sad seeing her but as parents they want maan happiness if his happiness is in geet,then they agree rather to create fuss in his already confused life...The only thing they wondered was how on earth their son is this dump..not to recognize his feelings until now...

Next morning the first thing he did was to but a beautiful bookey for geet and rush to meet her at her house,the guard wholocked the door yesterday on his face opened even before maan asked,maan glared at him and went in,none stopped him as they got orders from brij


He shouted making geet to jerk from her place,for a minute she thought she hallucinated maan,how can she hear him but another shout from him made her scare,she ran out of the room only to see him in her house..she looked around for brij and siged not finding him...

Geet:maan what are you doing here

Maan:geet I know I am jerk for not voicing my feelings and made u hurt,I am stupid enough for making you go through all this,but geet I never intended to hurt u..i

Geet:maan bhai is home..leave please

Maan took a step closer and held her hand making her more nervous:geet I love u will u marry me...!

She removed his hand and took a step away:u r engaged maan..i am just your..

Maan:no don't say that..i am not engaged..yes, I was... but not now..sam and I r just friends geet nothing more,I thought I loved her but its not,the only girl for whom my heart beat is its you geet...I am stupid enough to realise it late and made u hurt.

Geet was about to reach maan but her eyes caught sight of brij who was coming down,she panicked..


Maan:geet please I can do anything for you,just say yes please

But its not geet who replied

Brij:u sure u can do anything for geet


Brij:geet relax bacha trust your bhai..

Geet simply nodded not knowing whats going on,while maan faced brij with confidence..

Brij:toh mr.msk what can u do for my geet

Maan:I can do anything for my geet

Brij:geet wont say yes,unless I say yes,so you have to prove you really love my geet

Maan looked at geet and then at brij he knew geet well that she never wantsto hurt her bhai so he agreed for what ever brij says unknown to what he is going to ask..

Maan:anything for geet

Brij smirked: you are not going to meet my geet for another six months,after six months if u still feel the same way for geet,I am ready for your marriage with geet..


While geet still looking at his bhai in daze maan shout briught her back


Brij turned to geet:bacha this man says he loves u..and he says he thought he loves his ex fianc..i cant trust his love with you,if he stay away from you and yet at the end he feels for you,I am ready to takethe risk of marrying you with him..just for your happiness

Maan fumes with each word of brij yet he couldn't retort:risk...

Brij:marrying my geet to a man like you was nothing but risk...

Brij replied coolly making maan fume more

Brij:take it r leave geet wasn't short of boys..there r plenty of eligible bachelors who are ready ...

Maan:I am ready to prove my love for geet...I will not meet her for next six months

Brij:even if u even saw her by any chance... u must keep your distance,u cant talk with her..either she canttalk with you,I trust my geet but you


Maan left leaving a confused geet and a satisfied brij behind...

Brij:geet yesterday sameera came to meet me,she said maan only agreed to marry her for their families..he never loved I thought to give him a chance,as your happiness lies in him and anything for your happiness

Geet had tears in her eyes and she hugged him tightly..i am ready if only he proves his love for u...who knows after six months he may say he thought he loved you...

Geet smiled:bhai I trust maan..

Brij:then I trust your trust on him...only six months my bacha will b leaving me..

Geet:bhai..i can never leave you...I am going to come everyday to meet you...

Brij:what if maan don't agree...

Geet:then I am going to stay with you until he agrees...

Brij:I will b more happy to have you with me rather than that man..

Brij made aayuck face making geet giggle both shared a hearty laugh

The next six months weren't easy for maan as brij made maan suffer to his hearts content,he took geet to every party maan went,maan craved to talk with geet but brij never let him...he just used to admire geet from far..if it was not less brij hired his company for work and made geet to tag him whole day..if maan lost his concentration on shoot,brij never left a chance to taunt him...if not in office he even took geet to meet maan parents specially when maan is home...the more maan suffered the more brij had a gala time making ways to trouble the end of six months he had enough of brij..maan often crib to sameera that he will not let geet meet brij once they married..his revenge time is so close..brij will wait to meet his wife

Sam:and what if geet wants to meet brij

Maan :I am going to take geet in 6 months honey moon..

They would often share a good laugh with maan cursing brij...sam geet did met few times thanks to maan,they both weren't angry ,either jelous nor friends...thier relation was just as two known strangers...

It was the day when sam was returning to us with her parents,maan geet who got married last week came to bid her bye,geet, sam were were not too close with each other they still need to come in terms with their new friendship..yet both tried their best to remove the awkwardness between them...

The elders were busy with themselves while maan,geet,sam looking at them..sam took geet with her away from maan making him confuse

Sam hugged geet :we still had a long way to go geet...

Geet:sam I am really sorry,I know u did love maan,u left him for me

Sam smirked:who said I left him

Geet looked confused,sam:I still love maan,do get pregnant soon,men often have affairs when their wives get pregnant...and I will come back soon for our maan

Geet mouther turn a big "Owhile sam smilimgly patted her cheecks and left winking at her...maan came to a shocking geet and asked what sam said

Geet:she said to take care of you well

Maan:true friend..she did loved me a lot

Geet  glared at maan and asked him irritatingly:shall we...

Geet saw maan looking sad and couldn't stop asking:u will miss her..wont u!!??

Maan just nodded:no problem..she will b back in few days...


Maan:now we will enjoy our lonely time and when sam comes after few days obviously you will b busy..i will enjoy with her..

Geet :why I will b busy mr.khurana..geet asked folding her hands and visibly angry ..she still trying to process sam words if that's not enough now maan ...

Maan:soon you will get pregnant mrs.khurana..then you have to take care of your health sam will b there for me..

Geet:hoo really..even now I am busy..iam going to my bhai for next three months..sam flight still didn't took off u can go back and enjoy

Saying geet was about to strom when maan held her hand laughing his heads off...making geet visibly imagine to chop his head

Maan:come on geet I was just joking..i heard your and sam thought to tease you

Geet:very bad mr.khurana..still I am very serious...I am missing bhai so I am going..will see you after 3 months...and yes you will tellmy bhai why I am leaving you for three months

Saying she pushed him and went slamming the car door right on his face with a bang...maan stood there still shocked and confused seeing his wife car ...the only thought running in his mind was:BRIJ





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Keepdreaming IF-Stunnerz

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congrats on your old story posting he he

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SANJANA9167 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Keepdreaming

congrats on your old story posting he he
he he he
nahi finally bolWink

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Keepdreaming IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by SANJANA9167

Originally posted by Keepdreaming

congrats on your old story posting he he

he he he
nahi finally bolWink

lol sach mein finally you did
SANJANA9167 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Originally posted by SANJANA9167

Originally posted by Keepdreaming

congrats on your old story posting he he

he he he
nahi finally bolWink

lol sach mein finally you did
is it a tauntEmbarrassed

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you did ask for it di
I only followed you

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