Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya
Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

Happy Birthday Incredible Doll *Tejasswi Prakash*

ShirishaTeddy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2018 at 11:35pm | IP Logged

Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar
the one who light's up our world, the one whose smile lights up the entire room, the one whose laughter is like melody to our ears, the one who makes us the happiest.

Everything about you is so amazing, you're captivating eyes, you're Rapunzel like hair and everything else!
You are so filled with elegance, and grace and beauty!
you're aura is something very beautiful, the impact you make on us is something that can't be explained.    
You have such a beautiful heart & such an amazing soul, it's not that we love you because you look like a goddamn diva but also because you have a heart of gold, you ,care about us, you care about everyone, you are such an amazing person! We love you more than anything! Our days start with you and end with you. And that is how much we love you.
You are our angel, our princess and our everything!

Thank you for coming into our lives and making them au hundred times better, you've given us a lot, we've made friends for a life time all because of you. And all we wish and pray for is for you to be happy, strong, at peace always. We are proud to call ourselves tejasswians, for we have the best idol ever, the besttt!
Absolutely none can do what you do, you do everything so effortlessly yet so beautifully. 

On this day of yours we ask God to bless you in every aspect of life, to bless you with the absolute best, to give you everything you've been wishing for! to bless you with good health and  success. To bless your family and that they be with you always! Thank you God for blessing the entire mankind with an angel of yours, we love her way too much and we promise to keep your angel happy always cause she's the best person ever.

Today we promise you dear tejasswi, that we shall stay by your side always in your joys and your sorrows.

We are your family too and you are ours we promise to be there no matter what, we promise to protect you and shield you from all the sorrow and to give you happiness and joy only.
We really really really really really love you a lot!


Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar was born and brought up into a musical family. 
She has done graduation in electronics and telecommunications engineering. She finds her father Prakash Wayangankar as her true inspiration, who is a singer by profession. 


Very few gets lucky to play the role as powerful as Rashmi in their first show!! Rashmi was was always admired for being hatke from other daily soap heroines, from her nick name to the consequences she had to go through after her father's death!! She had to fight the Terrorism to save her city along with a super cool cop!! 

Even as a debutant Tejasswi proved her acting skills and dialogue delivery!! Some of her dialogues still ring in our ears!!
"Chappal ka maar mangta hai kya"


Dhara is a simple chirpy Gujarati village girl who was struggling to earn her livelihood and bumps into her chote malik!! From there starts  their beautiful journey, there were misunderstandings, they couldn't admit their feelings!! But they had to accept their feelings afterall our Dhara was such a sweetpie that none could ignore her for long!! 

Dhara always had a positive outlook on life!! She has an open heart!! Forgave people who harmed her too!! Never held grudges against anyone!! Dhara always had this optimistic approach towards life!! 

Being Dhara wasn't easy!! Where Dhara had to create her space in Jai's heart!! Tejasswi as Dhara also had to replace Bhumi and create her own space in the heart of audience!!


- Prem Deewani because love brings all the madness

Ye moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja ulje

Everyone have a different view about the word "Love". For Ragini, her love, her Lakshya was her necessity. Their story started in a simple way, the girl next door falling for the cool dude!! But the story took a turn when Ragini's love became her Passion!! After all, love needs to be passionate!! There are many mediocre things in one's life and love shouldn't be one of them!! Ragini's love wasn't!!

Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna

Her love was filled with madness!! Her love was passionate!! Her love was extra ordinary!! Her love was loyal!! Her love was her adventure with the hidden danger!! 

Tu din sa hai, main raat
Aa na dono mil jayeein shamoon ki tarah

She gave away her everything just to find a place in his arms!! 
From a simple traditional girl playing sitar to the ruthless malkin who showed who the queen plays the game!! From an obsessive lover to a loving loyal wife waiting for her husband to return!! Ragini as a character has many layers to it!! Ragini is different, very different from all the goody two shoes heroines the industry saw till then!! 

Khaali raahein, hum aankh moonde jaayein 
Pahunche kahin tho bewajah 

We cried with Ragini
We laughed with Ragini
We sang with Ragini
We loved Lakshya with Ragini

Ye moh moh ke daage 
Teri ungliyon se ja ulje

Tejasswi portrayed Ragini with so much dedication that people started seeing her as Ragini!! The way she emotes every expression is commendable!! No one can ignore her when she's on the screen!! Even in scenes where she had no dialogues Tejasswi dominated them with just her mere presence on the screen!! 

Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre

No one could deliver those heart touching dialogues the way Tejasswi did!! Tejasswi's voice modulation is hugely applauded!! Some of the dialogues still remain fresh as if it happened yesterday!! 

"Buri hai Mohabbat!! Mohabbat buri hai"

Tejasswi absolutely gave life to one of the most beautifully written character Ragini!! Emotional scenes are one of the major plus for Tejasswi!! She absolutely nailed emotional scenes with such a passion that you would automatically press rewind button!! And as Ragini she got to do plenty of those!! 

While waiting for her Lakshya to return she looked no less than Meera waiting for her krishna!!
And yeah her love is her love none of your love!! Ragini is possessive!!


-Pari se Pehredaarni because SHE is his protector

Main fikar beparwah tu, Hai alag kuch dono yu
Umr bhi choti badi si hai
Na yeh rishta khoon ka, Na yeh pheron se banda 
Na hi yaar na hi saathi hain

She was just a normal princess waiting for her knight in Shining armour but destiny had other plans!! At a tender age she was handled a sword and asked to be the knight!! She was asked to sacrifice her 12 years to protect a prince, her prince!!

Na paraaye Na sage
Rishta na ek duje se
Kuch samay ki zimedaari hai

From 18yr old Diya to 30 yr old Diya the variation we got to see in her character was marvelous!! They were poles apart and to convince the audience in both the roles in a single character is only possible by Tejasswi!! 

Tu duniya hai ab meri anokhi
Mai tho hassi hu ab tere dukhon ki

Hands down!! Sun rises from the east!! Diya is one of the strongest female character seen!! But this strongest, our bravest Diya had another side too!! The side which seeked love!! Her love was unconditional!! Her love wasn't her weakness but her strength!! She accepted rejection but never left Ratan's side!! Diya was always at peace with herself!! She was never afraid to admit her feelings!! She knows what she wants!! She knows her worth!! Surrounding Diya always was this no nonsense attitude!! She knows to give it back with a smile!! 

"Pistol chalathi hai
Gaadi chalathi hai
dimaag bhi chalathi hai
Aur uske saath zubaan bhi chalathi hai"

Playing the character Diya was one of the best decisions Tejasswi took!! Her hardwork literally paid with all the critical acclaim she won!! 

Shocked is the word i would like to describe my state when i got to know that Tejasswi did all the action sequences by herself!! In that scorching heat of Thar, when you do action sequences with such an ease that makes the audience feel like you are the master of this art is only possible by Tejasswi and hwr dedication towards her work!! Her sword fighting skills still awe the audience!! Especially when you do it in heavy lehangas!! That was definitely one X factor!! 

Mere kahaani mein thi ek pari aasman mein thi wo basi
Mere liye jo sab kare ro du tho khud ro pade

Tejasswi as Diya is what we call as Perfection!! Diya had the guts!! Tejasswi added glory to it!! The journey of a princess from kshatrani to Thakrani can never be told better if it's not Tejasswi!! 

Diya's dialogues were what we call as blockbuster!! Every dialogue would come straight from her heart!!
         "Kshatrani hai hum, waada nehi thodthe"

Wishes from fans


Happy Birthday Tejasswi. You are truly one of the most gorgeous people we know, inside and out. On this blissful day, I hope you have an awesome day. Knowing how big a foodie you are, I hope you enjoy lots of delicious food and chocolate cakes as well. You deserve all the happiness in the world for your kind heart.

  Usually I don't become fans of actors. But your humility and honesty truly won me over. You are honest with your opinions and stick by them no matter what. And you are always humble. The amount of success you've attained in a span of few years is truly astounding and you've never let it get to you. You are the same Teju we saw when we first became fans of you.

  Additionally, what made many people your fans was your simplicity. Your ability to embrace the natural side of yourself, which is especially hard in the entertainment industry. Under the constant scrutiny of the media that keeps an eye on what you wear and do, you've always remained true to your simple but elegant nature. Besides embracing the natural side of yourself, you've also taught your fans to do the same. And that is really inspiring and is one of your tremendous achievements.

  I must simply talk about your appreciation for your fans. You've always acknowledged us and our efforts and this appreciation only inspires us to do more for you. At times, it's sad that you won't accept gifts. But then, this truly reflects the kind of person you are. You love simple, hand-made gifts and fans carrying out initiatives to benefit the community. This humility and selflessness only makes us love you more.

  Your journey in the TV industry too is really inspiring. Without any mentor or guidance, you've reached such great heights. Your struggle and hard work is prodigious. You've played multiple complex characters with different shades. And you have always pulled them off with ease. When you're on screen, it's hard to tell if you're Teju or the character on screen. Your acting is truly natural. And the versatility of your acting ability and the variations in the characters you have played, only makes you one of the best actresses around. Continue playing more complex and strong characters (Diya was sincerely one of the strongest and progressive female leads around on TV). We hope to only see you reach greater heights in your acting career.

  Happy Birthday again Teju! Hope you have the best birthday possible! And all the best for your future! We genuinely hope you reach even greater heights in your personal life and career in the future. And please come back on TV soon and please be more active on social media. We are really missing you, especially on our screens!


On this day of joy and merriment, i would like to share my heartfelt wishes for our love, our angel Tejasswi Prakash! She is like a shooting star whose every glance brightens up the environment...I truly wish she achieves all the more success and her fame keeps flourishing to the infinity! Wishing Tejasswi Prakash a very happy  birthday hope this year adds to her more n more positivity and her aura spreads all over the world


Happy Birthday Tejasswi. May God bless you tons and thank you for working hard to entertain us. We love your grace and elegance. All the best from Ruma, Shanaya, Fiza Jazzy, Shally, Farheen, Ruchika, Nidhi, Kia, Ashtha and Rinitta.


Happy Birthday to one of the most hardworking actress. May you have a wonderful year ahead. I wish you all the best to stay happy and blessed. Love you! 


Many Many Happy Returns of d day 
Princess Queen Tejasswi Prakash 
May god bless u with ol the health nd wealth 
Ur a true inspiration of a person with pure soul nd heart
I lov u so much my baby 
My jaanu
Our true super hero Tejasswi <DIYA> Prakash
U r soo pure that I find nothing adultrated in you 
A genuine nd coolie heart 
What to say more 
Anything will be less
I love u more nd more
Happy Bday Princess Most Gorgeous TJ.


Many many happy returns of the day Teju!! Another year round the sun but my wish for you remains the same!! As a new year adds to your life today, all we can hope is your this year be filled with more colours, joy, happiness, success, peace and health!! When i first saw on Tv never thought i would be this deep fangirling over an actress!! I wasn't here supporting you from the start but i promise will try to be here till the end!!


She came to my life unexpectedly.. I never expected myself to fangirl an actress.. but I was destined to become Teju ki Nee.. I still remember watching first promo of Swaragini and liking the girl in salwar.. and then started watching it after reading about her performance in jail scene.. IF changed my life.. made a family here and extended it to Twitter.. proud to be a Tejasswi fan.. our family is full of love and happiness.. teju is a gem.. and I think an essay on her is not needed.. I wish her all the happiness and success she deserves.. may God bless her more and more
. May the coming year be more successful than past year.. Happy birthday Teju.


Thanks for making our life happier. Thanks for making us believe that first love can be true love by giving us Ragini. Thanks for making us believe that a girl can be as strong as Diya. We love you Tejasswi for being a prominent part of our lives. Happy Birthday Doll. And we wish you all the best for your upcoming ventures. Lots of love!

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VARUNI2014 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2018 at 1:01am | IP Logged
thanks teju for making our life hapier and i wish u sucecss in every aspect of u r life.needless to say we love you not only for u r acting skills but also for an amazing person you are.

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Happy Birthday Tejasswi Prakash, our star Star!  

P.S. Shirisha- can you make this a global thread? Thanks! 

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baby ka bday aagaya!!!Party Happpy birthday Teju!!!
Jyoti_kuku IF-Dazzler

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Wish you a very happy birthday Tejasswi Smile
fairandlovely Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2018 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Many many happy returns of the day Tejaswi  Party
Beautiful thread  Heart
Aashna05 IF-Rockerz

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Happy birthday Tejasswi<3
May God bless you!
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Posted: 11 June 2018 at 12:35am | IP Logged
Happy birthday tejaswi...Embarrassed

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