Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

SUHAAG Thread 2**UPDATE Pg. 41**14/08/18

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Are sindoor and mangalsutra only objects to adorn oneself or they mean much more?

Is it alright for an unmarried girl to adorn herself with mangalsutra and sindoor in order to save herself from malicious, body hungry and lustful society? Will these adornments really protect and save her? Has she ruined the sanctity and piousness of mangalsutra and sindoor without accepting the marital vows that go along with it? Will she loose her true love if she adorns herself with these marital symbols?

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ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS (if any resemblance to persons & places is purely coincidental). Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, RELIGIOUS TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. PLEASE DON'T BASH ME !!!!!


Khurana Industries have many areas under it as they are very old established company since the time of Savitri Devi's father-in-law. Khurana Industries includes, Khurana Construction, Khurana Interiors (Rang)Khurana Hospital (Sanjeevani), Khurana textiles (Vastra) and last but not least Khurana Foundation (shelter for poor & orphan children and destitute women)


76yrs old. She is Chairman of Khurana Industries. Savitri Devi belongs to old school of thought very particular regarding the Thakur family's parampara and etiquette.  She is traditional and a strict disciplinarian. Although she appears to be hard hearted and strict but she is very soft hearted. Although traditional she is extremely practical(unlike Devyani Raizada). Maan is her blue eyed boy and she has extreme soft spot for him. She cannot hear anything against Maan from anyone except her own mouth. Although in personal and private life she seems but as far as business is concerned she is a shrewd businesswoman. In Maan's absence she often goes to KC to inspect employees work and take decision if urgently required. Both Savitri Devi and Maan don't trust Vicky regards running of Khurana business due to his careless nature. Savitri Devi was extremely eager to make her childhood as well as school friend, Mrs. Devyani Raizada a part of her family by getting their respective grand children married. But unfortunately Devyani Raizada's  grand daughter, Anjali was elder to both Maan and Vicky. Also Anjali fell in love and got married to a lawyer named Shyam Manohar Jha. While Maan refuses to get married to anyone as he was attracted to a girl two years back but before he could find her whereabouts  i.e. her name and address she disappeared. Hence, Savitri Devi is very sad seeing Maan unhappy at being unable to find his lady love! 


40yrs. old. Renowed Criminal lawyer mainly appearing in Court in favour of defence. He is very mature, responsible and diligent! He fights cases in High Court as well as Supreme Court. He is the prime legal advisor to Khurana Constructions, Khurana Hospitals and Khurana Hotels. He is Maan's elder cousin i.e. Maan's bua's (father's sister) son. Maan's bua and Phuphaji are no more, hence Rishabh lives in Khurana Mansion with Maan and Vicky! Rishabh is an extremely reserved person and only tells his emotions to Maan. Whereas Maan always follows his advice legal or personal.


30yr. Old CEO of KHURANA INDUSTRIES as well as MD of KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS. He has a degree in Bachelors in Architecture as well as MBA degree. He has looks that girls just die for! Tall, handsome & well toned body with 8pack abs. Intelligent, arrogant, ruthless (with enemies), tough employer. Hates lies, gossip & deceit. Very soft & loving towards his family. For him education (merit) of a person is more important than his social status! He is fairly a calm, sedate and mature person if people around him work in a systematized and disciplined manner following his orders. He does not accept kindly to people's taking decision involving him without consulting him even if its his grandmother, Savitri Devi. He is extremely harsh, cruel, callous and a terror with any individual if he/she betrays him or breaks his trust.  He doesn't believe in religion, Indian caste or class system. He doesn't believe in the institution of marriage as society or religion sees it i.e. pheras, sindoor, mangalsutra, ghunghat etc. Although he does believes that one should be legally bound to a person he or she loves and then should be implicitly devoted to her/him but not with all the religious facade that is named as "marriage. He had fallen in love with a girl much younger than him at first sight couple of years back. Maan had met with an accident in Lucknow where he had gone to do a site survey for a new construction project. Maan had become unconscious due to head injury. But while going in and out of consciousness he had seen a girl around 16-18 yrs. old, extremely beautiful, having an innocent child-like face mesmerising almond shaped hazel coloured eyes helping him out of his crashed car. But then Maan lost his consciousness as well as her. He is still searching for her. Although his grandmother is insisting for him to get married to someone else but he says he will only marry the girl who saved him!


25yrs old. MD of Khurana Interiors (Rang). He is younger brother of MSK. He has a heart of gold. He is fun- loving, jovial and a prankstar. Work is not his passion like his elder brother, MSK's. He likes Meera but she ignores him due to his lack of seriousness in life! Although everyone considers him immature but he is emotionally very strong. Emotionally he is stronger than his both elder brothers i.e. Rishabh and Maan.


15yr. old. She is youngest and newest member in Khurana household. She comes from a small town of Bareilli in state of Uttar Pradesh. She has lost her parents three months back in a road accident. Relationship wise she is Savitri Devi's younger sister, Sushma's grand daughter. But as both her parent's respective families did not want to look after her and her welfare, Mrs. Savitri Devi Khurana took this responsibility! Savitri Deviji treats her as her real grand daughter and Rishabh, Maan and Vicky as their real younger sister/daughter due to difference in their ages. As its only three months since her parents demise, she is still very depressed and quite. She is not willing to open up to anyone not even with Vicky. She often skips meals and remains closed in her room.


24 yr. old. Meera is a Senior Architect in KC.  She is Geet's senior by four years as they both studied in the same University. But Meera and Geet have never met before Geet's joining KC. Meera was aware that Vicky has an interest in her but Meera was practical and knew that there is no match between Khuranas and her family.  Also she found Vicky highly immature, irresponsible and careless!


30yrs. old. Studied in Maan's college but in Accounts department. He is currently working as Director Finance in Khurana Construction. Very close friend of Maan! He is very loyal to Maan and can do anything for Maan. He is Maan's right hand man. But also at recieving end of Maan's temper maximum. Maan trusts him the most professionally & personally. His stammering increases in Maan's presence! He is married to Pinky.


23yrs. Old. Munshiji's daughter. Works as a junior architect under Meera. Very lazy in her work. Love to boss her juniors! Her main aim is to marry one of the Khurana brothers. She considers any girl who becomes MSK's secretary as her personal enemy. Academically and professionally very poor. Only interested in fashion and gossip.


23yr. Old. Pinky recently got married to Adi after two years of steady relationship. Pinky works in Khurana Construction's HR Department. She is a people's person and hence HR work is most suited for her. She is also foodie and fun loving person. She can't stand Sasha and maintains distance from her as much as possible.

MUNSHIJI : Loyal accountant from time of Maan's grandfather's time. Very humble & honest. Often scolds his daughter for her extravagant ways!

Rest of cast same as GHSP




75yrs old. Head of Raizada clan. Her word is final in Raizada house or "Shantivan. She belongs to old school of thought very particular regarding the family's parampara (tradition) and etiquette.  She is a conservative, traditional and a strict disciplinarian, but a very soft hearted person. Once she let her ego and arrogance get better of her and she is still paying for her past 21yrs. mistake! She is a true believer of Indian values(sanskaars).For her an individual sanskaars are more important rather than their fashion sense or financial status. Her values are 360 degrees opposite to that of her grandson, Arnav. She extremely bothered with what society will say? Although she would like Anjali and Shyam to move into their own independant home as Anjali is now married but she doesn't how to say it as Anjali always starts crying when she mentions it. Devyaniji gets extremely heart broken when her family and friends question about Anjali staying in her "maika. She is extremely impressed with Khushi and in hearts of heart, Devyaniji wants Khushi as Arnav's bride not Lavanya!


28yr. Old Owner of AR Designs. He has a degree in Fashion Designing as well as an MBA degree. He is extremely proud of his fashion sense and H****** Degree. He abhors Middle class values and tradition. He doesn't believe in religion, customs(rasamein), tradition(paramparaand values (sanskaar). He hates the institution of marriage and anything related to it due to his personal tragic experiences in the past. He can do anything for his sister Anjali as he sees in her reflection of his deceased mother! He is 6 feet tall and slim youngman. He has an impeccable fashion sense thereby making him dress in the most fashionable and elegant style giving him a sauve and a debonair aura.


34yr. Old. She is married to Advocate Shyam Manohar Jha for past 3 years.  She is very superstitious. She considers her husband next to God "Pati parameshwar. She is extremely emotionally dependant on her brother, Arnav and her husband, Shyam. She has undying trust in her husband. For Anjali Shyam comes first and Arnav next in her life.

SHYAM, MAMAJI, MAMIJI & AKAASH (Same as Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon)


22yr. old. She comes from middle class family in Lucknow. She was adopted by her Mausi (Aunt) Garima (mother's sister) and her husband, Shashi when Khushi was only 8yrs. old. Although Khushi is not very highly educated due to financial difficulties but she has inner intelligence and high level of common sense. She knows how to make bad situation turn in her favour. She has a heart of gold and cannot see anyone around her unhappy. Shashi considers Khushi more like a son than daughter i.e. gives only Khushi financial responsibility not Garima or Payal. Shashi is extremely wary of a youngman named Shyam whose is running around Khushi since she arrived in Delhi. Khushi is a firm believer of Indian customs, rituals (rasamein), tradition (parampara)and values (sanskaar). Although she loves the whole Gupta family but she is closest to her sister, Payal.

GUPTA FAMILY (Same as Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon)


20yr. Old. Doing Bachelors in Architecture. She is an extremely intelligent and diligent student. She is very obedient and soft spoken. She is a true combination of brains, beauty & grace. Trained in classical dance of Bharatnatyam as well as Hindustani music. She has a milky white complexion, hour glass figure with doe-like hazel coloured eyes. Her ethereal beauty has often been a cause of concern for her personal safety. She is an orphan. A group of dancing girls having compassion for a fainted, homeless mother and her 14yr. old daughter gave them shelter at "Heerabai ka kohta or brothel (the dancing girls' residence)Hence, this is where Geet was brought up. But Swarnanjali (Geet's mother) made sure that Geet doesn't come in contact with her infamous surroundings i.e. go in front of Heerabai's clients. Often Swarnanjali wanted Geet and herself to move out from their surroundings so that Geet's future won't be tarnished as well as Swarnanjali could get Geet married in a good and respectable family. But Geet refused as she considered the Kohta and its residents as her only family. Geet felt that so called disrespectful society gave her so much unconditional love and respect which the so called respectful and decent society did not! Finally on Swarnanjali's death bed, two years back she made Geet promise to leave Heerabai ka kohta and Lucknow.  Geet could not deny her dying mother and hence two years back moved to Delhi to live in respectful and decent society as an orphan. She was staying as a paying guest at Pinky Manchanda (Adi's wife)'s home till she got married. After Pinky's marriage she is now looking for a job so she can move in Working women's hostel.


33yrs. old. She a qualified Architect and has recently resigned from Rathore Construction due to personal reasons. She was working in Rathore Constructions as Head of Architectural Department. She is extremely confident, mature and responsible woman. She is extremely against sexual harassment at work place. She cannot stand injustice. Raagini is unmarried as her straight fowardness and fighting for injustice was not acceptable to the prospective bridegrooms' family as well as prospective bridegrooms.  She is currently applying for post of Head of Architectural Department of Khurana Constructions.


35yr. old cruel and lustful man. He is the CEO of Rathore Construction. He is not interested in working only fulfilling his lustful and animalistic activities. He wants a new woman every night. For his these activities he needs money and for which he married a billionairess, Naintara Rathore. 

But within two years of their marriage, his wife Naintara died. But there was a strong suspicion that Devendra Ahuja murdered his wife but no one has any proof to drag him to the court. Due to his nefarious activities he once had seen Geet at "Heerabai ka Kohta. Seeing Geet's beauty his lust arose and Dev wanted to claim Geet for himself. But when he went few weeks later to "Heerabai ka Kohta, Geet had disappeared after her mother's death.


28yr. Old. She is a lecturer in a reputed US University. She is teaching discipline of "Architecture" to the Undergraduate students. She is also working on her Doctorate (Ph.D)She is very quite and calm but has a fiery temper if she ever looses it! Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada and his wife Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, are her mother, Kavyanjali's elder sister Ratna's son and daughter-in-law i.e. Bhaiya (brother) and Bhabhi (sister-in-law). She had an accident seven years back. Soon after her accident, Arnav bhai had brought two babies to her saying that his and Madhu's first cousin, Geet had recently passed away after giving birth to twins i.e. a baby boy and a baby girl and if she can look after the babies as a mother. Besides babies getting maternal love, Madhulika will also have company in absence of Arnav and Khushi. The moment Khushi placed the babies in Madhulika's lap, her maternal instinct came to the forefront and she immediately accepted the babies. Twins also immediately bonded with her! Now the babies are a boy and girl of seven (7) years old and both address her as "Momma" ('Ma' for "Mausi" and 'Mom' for "Mummy") Geet and Madhulika have similar facial features thereby confusing outsiders as her  being Geet that is everyone except Arnav and Khushi. Currently Madhulika is working part time at the post of Senior Architect at Barney and Smith Constructions (FICTITIOUS NAME). She has a best friend in Dr. Armaan Malik. Often her friends and well wishers have asked her to move on in life with Dr. Malik, but she refuses to as she feels it in her soul that she belongs to someone. But to whom she doesn't know and even her Bhai and Bhabhi don't know or are not willing to tell her!



35yr. Old. She is Maan and Vicky's third cousin Kailash Khurana's wife. (Pls. see Khurana family's history!) She is a woman of loose morals only interested in materialistic pleasures i.e. drinking, smoking, gambling and being with a new man every night (lady counterpart of a male womaniser!). She married  Kailash Singh Khurana only for his money not love! She is aware of the family feud between her great grandfather-in-law and his brother. But she is not  interested in the family feud but she wants to be declared as the "Badi Bahu of both Khurana Khandaans" so that she can rule both Khurana Industries and Jaswant Singh Khurana Industries. She initially tried with sweet talk to convince the both feuding families, then she even gate crashed into Khurana Mansion but Maan threw out a petrified Kaamini and her male family members from Khurana Mansion. But that day Kaamini promised to herself that she will bring the proud, egoist Maan Singh Khurana on his knees in front of her and  rule the Khuranas! She has already started her plan with her new friends who are Maan Singh Khurana's enemies. They are her new love interest, Devendra Ahuja; his right hand man Brij as well as Shyam and Sasha who have been wronged by Maan Singh Khurana!


43yr. old cruel and lustful man. After Geet's drenching Devendra Ahuja in kerosene oil and igniting him with a match stick, half of Dev's face and one fourth of his upper body i.e. above waist had been badly burnt. Hence Dev had undergone number of plastic surgeries thereby now making his look different i.e. a totally different person and hence went around by name of Raghvendra (Raghav) Sikand so police doesn't catch him for "attempt to rape" of Geet . Physically, he may have changed but his inner self, behaviour and morality is still the same. He still wants a new woman every night. Due to his new persona there was a major drawback i.e. as he was no longer Devendra Ahuja, hence he had no right over his wife, Naintara Rathore's property for his nefarious activities. Hence,he was economically in a bad state. It was during one of his late night escapades in a nightclub (running from a nightclub management due not paying of bill for his booze in the nightclub) , that he happened to meet an evil, sexy, without any morals but extremely rich Kaamini Khurana. Rest as they say was history. Kaamini needed a man to take revenge with Maan Singh Khurana. Dev wanted to get Geet by hook or crook which Kaamini was unaware but for which Kaamini's scheming mind was perfect. Both Raghav and Kaamini needed someone from the opposite sex to fulfill their sexual urges as well. Hence, both of them became a couple.Kaamini had used her contacts and money, thereby booking a room in a five star hotel of Gurgaon for her sexual and illegal activities with Raghav. Whereas Raghav got to stay and eat for free in a classy five star hotel room making him safe from law enforcement's prying eyes!


30yr. old grandson of Industrialist, Thakur Satyanarayan Singhania. He is prospective heir to Singhania family. He has done MBA from a prestigious University in UK. Singhanias are distantly related to Raizada's i.e. Rukmani Singhania and Devyani Raizada are first cousins. Thakur Satyanarayan Singhania's son, Vallabh Singhania (Krish's biological father) is a renowed doctor in the field on Brain Nuerosurgery. He is Dean as well as the Owner of Satyanarayan Singhania Hospital (SSH). As Vallabh was not interested in business making his father furious, hence Thakur Satyanarayan Singhania disowned Vallabh. Therefore, when Krish was born his grand parents i.e. Satnarayanji and Rukmanji immediately took away Krish from their parent's care as well as legally adopting Krish (much to the emotional anguish of his mother, Sulochana). As Vallabh was one and only son of Thakur Satyanarayan Singhania, he needed an heir for the empire that he had created.  When Krish was 5yrs. old, his mother Sulochana was murdered (in place of her father-in-law, Thakur Satnarayanji) leaving behind a helpless and dependant three month old infant, Arjun. Although Thakur Satnarayanji had by now forgiven Vallabh (after seeing his bahu's selfless sacrifice for Satnarayanji) and even invested money to open hospital for Vallabh to practice, but both Satnarayanji and Rukmanji knew that Vallabh is too busy and has no time for his three month old son, hence they also undertook Arjun's responsibility on themselves by legally adopting him. Valkabh didn't oppose this decision as it gave him undisturbed time to spend tending to his patients and his research.

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Charactersketch                               Pg. o1

Story Synopsis                                 Pg. 01

Chapter 55                                        Pg. 04

Chapter 56                                        Pg. 07

Chapter 57                                        Pg. 10

Chapter 58                                        Pg. 12

Chapter 59                                        Pg. 16

Chapter 60                                        Pg. 18

Chapter 61                                        Pg. 21

Chapter 62 & 63                              Pg. 24

Chapter 64                                        Pg. 27

Chapter 65                                        Pg. 30

Chapter 66                                        Pg. 31

Chapter 67                                        Pg. 33

Chapter 68                                        Pg. 35

Chapter 69                                        Pg. 37

Chapter 70                                        Pg. 39

Chapter 71                                        Pg. 41

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congrats for new thread 
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Geet's mother, Swarnanjali belonged to a rich business North Indian family. But she fell in love with a mature 35year old Tamilian Brahmin, Professor Rajshekhar Iyer who was a University Dean in Lucknow University. Although academically very bright and well established but he was earning modest income as his specialization was English and English Literature. Swarnanjali's prestigious family was not agreeable for this marriage which was below their standard economically and culturally. Hence, Swarnanjali eloped with her love, Prof. Rajshekhar Iyer. After 15years of his marriage (when Geet was 14yrs. old), Professor Rajshekhar finally lost his grit and confidence against continous battle with financial difficulties, thereby resulting in him to desert his 36 yr. old wife, Swarnanjali and his 14yrs. old daughter, Geet. But within a week of his disappearance, a badly disfigured body was found on the banks of river Gomti in city of Lucknow.  The body was identified as Professor Rajshekhar's body on the basis of rings her wore, his shoes and whatever minimal clothes he had on. Due to the shock of her husband's death and lack of food, Swarnanjali collapsed in a dead faint on a roadside. A group of dancing girls having compassion for fainted Swarnanjali and her 14yrs. old daughter gave them shelter at brothel or "Heerabai ka kohta"where the dancing girls' danced as well as resided. Swarnanjali was determined to make Geet have a good education like her father. Therefore she got Geet immediately admitted into a boarding school in Nainital by selling whatever jewellery she had. Swarnanjali had too much pride to go back to her maiden home, "maika" from where she was thrown out. Swarnanjali always made excuses to avoid Geet from coming home i.e. Heerabai ka kohta during her vacations thereby slowly developing a resentment in Geet towards her mother. But in one of her stays at "Heerabai's Kohta", Devendra Ahuja saw Geet and lusted for her. While trying to protect Geet from Dev, Swarnanjali was hurt badly. Before Swarnanjali left this world, she took a promise from Geet that she will leave "Heerabai's Kohta" for good after Swarnanjali's death.

Two years before Swarnanjali's death, when Geet was coming home (Heerabai's Kohta) from Naintal for Christmas vacations, she saved a man whose jeep had an accident on road and took him to the hospital with help of rickshaw puller. Two years after Swarnanjali's death, Geet had applied for internship as well as post of  PA cum secretary of MD of Khurana Constructions. The Chairman of Khurana Constructions, Savitri Devi was impressed by her interview, simple behaviour and humble attitude. Thus, Savitri Devi gave Geet the job of  PA cum secretary of MD of Khurana Construction, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. After a month of working in Khurana Constructions, Geet came to know that her boss, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana is none other than the same man whom she saved during his jeep accident. Maan also recognised her once he returned after his tour. Soon Maan and Geet started working as a team in Khurana Constructions (KC). Maan who was already in love with Geet after seeing her during his semi conscious state after the accident wanted to come close to her and progress their relationship a notch further but Geet ignored his non professional advances and maintained a professional behaviour.

Maan and Geet's relationship underwent a sudden and unexpected change, when during their official tour in Manali, both Maan and Geet were caught in a blizzard (snow storm). To prevent themselves from having "Hypothermia"*, Maan and Geet first had brandy and then sat in front of the fire to warm themselves. But when that didn't work they came close to one another, to provide body heat. One thing lead to another and Maan and Geet became one in all senses!

Meanwhile it was confirmed that Geet is related to Raizadas. Devyani Raizada is her grandmother i.e. Nani (Geet's mother's mother). Arnav Singh Raizada is Geet's first cousin (Geet's mother's sister's son). Geet was not interested in being part of Raizada family, but she wanted to Raizadas to know the true nature of their son-in-law (Anjali's husband), Shyam Manohar Jha who was duping Geet's friend Khushi Kumari Gupta. On finding Geet's DNA matching with Devyani Raizada, Arnav wanted Geet to come home to Raizada House, Shantivan but she refused. When Arnav's requests didn't work, Arnav finally threatened to use force and take Geet with him. Seeing Arnav's aggressive stance, she agreed to visit Raizada home. In Raizada home, she told them about her mother's death and showed the true picture of each and every family member!

Seeing Geet's still aloof behaviour with Maan, he finally confronted her. Dev's men attacked Geet before she could tell Maan about her past. As Maan came in between Geet and the shooter, hence Maan was shot. Geet took Maan to hospital. After examining doctors said, Maan needed immediate surgery. But as none of his family members were present, on Advocate Rishabh Khandelwal's advice Geet signed pre-surgery papers posing to be "Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana". Seeing Maan's condition deteriorating after surgery, Geet went to Maa Bhadrakali temple and made vow to Goddess Bhadrakali, that if Maa makes Maan well soon, Geet will leave Maan as soon as he gets well. Maan was furious once he knew what Geet has done i.e. posing to be "Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana". After a major fight between Maan and Geet, Geet decided to leave Khurana Constructions for good. But before she could resign, she was summoned to Chennai (her father's hometown) by her father's solicitor. After two weeks when Geet returned from Chennai, Geet was a married woman! Maan was furious seeing Geet's marital status and showed her legal documents saying that Geet can't leave KC till her one year is over and if she wants to, she will have to pay KC, Rs. 3 lacs. Seeing no alternative she agreed to stay till a year is over.

As Geet was feeling unwell for sometime, she went to the doctor and found out that she is pregnant. On doctor's advice she decided to tell Maan the truth about his being the father of her unborn child. When she went to Khurana Mansion to meet Maan, before Geet could say anything, Maan in his feelings of jealousy, insecurity and betrayal forcibly carried Geet and locked her as a prisoner in his room. To show her resistance to Maan's kidnapping and inhumane behaviour, Geet stopped eating. After three days Geet's body could not take starvation anymore and Savitri Devi and Vicky found a bundled up Geet lying on the floor. Savitri Devi and Vicky SOS took Geet to the hospital. Geet discovered that she has lost her baby making her extremely devastated. Geet told Savitri Devi when she came to meet her that Geet will never forgive Maan for the demise of her unborn baby. Before leaving the hospital, Savitri Devi had called Arnav and Khushi and told them about Geet's ill health and Maan's inhumane behaviour. Angry Arnav and Khushi came to the hospital and took reponsibility of Geet on them and took her from Khurana Hospital (Sanjeevani). Seeing Geet's weak and fragile state of health, Arnav was furious and he vowed never to let Maan and Geet meet ever again in this life! Whereas when Maan came to know about Geet's disappearance he was furious but Savitri Devi refused to tell him about Geet's whereabouts. 

Despite of using all his influence as well as using famous detective agencies, Maan could not locate Geet and then he had to suddenly leave for an urgent meeting in Paris to sign a profitable deal for Khurana Constructions (KC). After a week, when Maan was returning from Paris and was on his way home, he saw Geet being followed by goons. To save her honour, Geet jumped from the bridge into the Hindon river (Noida, suburb area near New Delhi). After two months of searching by CID and Police force they still couldn't find Geet. There was an extreme cold war going on between Maan Singh Khurana and Arnav Singh Raizada since Geet had been admitted in hospital after Maan's inhumane behaviour with her. Although the respective grandmothers would meet but there was no communication between the rest of the family.

Eight years later, Arnav's first cousin (Arnav's mother's youngest sister, Kavyanjali's daughter) Madhulika (Madhu) Mishra was working as a Senior Architect in Barney and Smith Constructions (FICTITIOUS NAME). Madhu had two children Udayveer (Veer) and Urvashi (Vashi). Maan on seeing Madhu felt that she is his MISHTY/GEET. But Madhu behaved with him as if he is a stranger. What also arose Maan's suspicions was that Arnav Singh Raizada was extremely overprotective about Madhu whenever  she was near Maan. Meanwhile after Geet's constant nagging of Khushi and Payal, Geet came to know that Maan is the father of Udayveer and Urvashi. After much battling between her brain and heart as well as Madhu's alarming blood test results, Madhu decided to hand over twins to their father. Once DNA confirmed the paternity of Veer and Vashi, Madhu (much against Arnav's wishes) introduced Maan and Savitri Devi to Veer and Vashi as Khurana offsprings! Slowly the twins started bonding well with their father and his family. 

Maan's third cousin Kailash Khurana's wife Kaamini (Please see Khurana history in thread 1, Chapter 45) one day arrived in Khurana Mansion and wanted to be declared the'eldest daughter-in-law of Khurana clan' (Khurana Khandaan ki badi bahu) but Maan refused saying that in his great grandfather, Sukhdev Singh Khurana's family the eldest daughter will be his wife i.e. Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana and threatened serious consequences, thereby making Kaamini flee from Khurana Mansion. But Kaamini still did not back off and made Dev (Raghav), Brij, Shyam and Sasha her ally.

Maan and Savitri Devi along with Madhu and the twins returned to India. Madhu had come to India so that children can get accustomed to Indian life style and Khuranas. Madhu had to return to US for her medical after 3weeks. Before Madhu leaves in her presence, Savitri Devi wants to introduce twins to Khurana clan, relatives, personal and business friends. As whole Khurana clan was invited so were Jaswant Singh Khurana's family i.e. his grandson Parminder, his wife, Jaspreet (Jassi) and Jaswant Singh Khurana's deceased great grandson Kailash Khurana's wife Kaamini. On arriving at Khurana Mansion, Kaamini insulted Madhu, twins and Sukhdev Singh Khurana's family in front of whole Khurana clan. Thereby erupting Maan's temper resulting in Maan and Madhu being married with traditional Hindu rites and rituals i.e. taking circles around the fire 7 times (pheras); filling of hair parting with vermilion (sindoor se maang bharna); and tying of mangalsutra around Geet's neck (mangalsutra pehnana). Making Geet, Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, "Khurana Khandaan ki badi bahu". Also by Maan's this act, Maan now looked as a winner in the battle between Sukhdev Singh Khurana's family and Jaswant Singh Khurana's family (according to Kaamini). Kaamini was now even more furious and adamant to become "Khurana Khandaan ki badi bahu"!

(*Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature. Normal body temperature is around 98.6 F (37 C). Hypothermia occurs as your body temperature falls below 95 F (35 C). When your body temperature drops, your heart, nervous system and other organs can't work normally. Left untreated, hypothermia can eventually lead to complete failure of your heart and respiratory system and eventually to death.)

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