Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

~A phenomenom called KisDeshMeinHaiMeraaDil:RulingHeartsSince10Years ~

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Jag Diyaan Rasma Ishq Nahin Janta
Dil Betaab Hai Tujhko Hi Manta
Ishq Ishq Rab Hai

On 3rd March 2008, A phenomenom show named Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil entered our lives and are still ruling our hearts today.
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
The show itself needs no introduction.
Kis Desh is about a journey, a rollercoaster of emotions and timeless moments.
Today marks 10 years of our beautiful show.
10 Years of Romance
10 Years of Passion
10 Years of Drama
10 Years of Intensity
10 Years of Golden Moments

As you might be recollecting your memories of the show, this thread comes as a tribute to everyone who contributed to make KDMHMD a success from the creative team to the fans


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10 facts that make
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
an evergreen drama

The drama had glorious days because of a strong storyline, a superb team and a brillant cast. Harshad Chopra (Prem Juneja), Additi Gupta (Heer Maan Juneja), Sushant Singh Rajput (Preet Juneja), Meher Vij (Meher Maan Juneja), Tasneem Sheikh (Daljeet), Manoj Chandila (Harman Juneja), Tabreez Khan (Harman Juneja / replaced Manoj Chandila), Deepak Qazir,(Lalit Juneja) Manav Vij (Kiran), Krystle Dsouza (Veera Maan), Shama Deshpande (Gayatri Juneja) Muskaan Uppal (Chahat Juneja), Nidhi Tiko (Kulraj), Mihika Verma (Ashleesha), Madhura Naik (Maya Juneja), Virendra Saxena (Balraj Maan), Tanaaz Curim (Kuljeet), Jai Kalraj (Rishab Rampal), Sadhna Singh (Teji Maan), Mahesh Shetty (Nihaal Maan), Kalyani Trivedi (Jugni have given their characters life. Their acting have convinced audience, one of the reasons why so many scenes are very dear to Deshians. 

Before being a story aboout two lovers who are meant to be with each other, Kis Desh is about a promise between two families, the Maans and the Junejas. Lalit Juneja promised to his late friend Balraj Maan that his son will get married to Heer. Through all the drama, the value of family was very present.

Prem and Heer are the ideal couple that any family would love to get. Their romantic scenes are like them: sweet, cute and innocent.

Talking about passion, undoubtely Premeer comes in our minds. Their phandooh (hand touch) scenes made us all phrool (drool). During 2008 era, fans have witnessed many memorable Premeer passionnate scenes that were romantic and intense with a big "I" at the same time.

Supporting each other during hard times is a must. The show had many twists and turns that made audience balance between mixed feelings. Kis Desh gave us many scenes when we saw characters supporting each other like Preet and Harman who supported Prem when he was emotionally broken.

Along with supporting, caring about each other was important. Preet easily consoled Meher while she was crying about realizing that her 'so called' lover has ditched her. Like a friend who would comfort his bestfriend, many times, scenes were touchy in Kis Desh.

A drama is nothing without funny scenes. Cigar scene, Dangerous room scene and many others are still remembered today.

And a drama is nothing about "drama". Kis Desh, by being a family drama had to give us sad scenes to remember, like when Lalit threw out Prem and Heer from their house.

THE iconic couple... they made us smile, drool, laugh and cry... Harshad Chopra and Additi Gupta are one of a kind. Their chemistry have created sparks and their scenes will be forever remembered. Like an anniversary treat, they gave us this selfie after 4 long years of wait.

For many actors Kis Desh was their first show. After 10 years they're still ruling small or big screens.

After essaying the character of the ruthless Sahir Azeem Chaudhary, Harshad Chopra will make a comeback this years with the show Bepannah.
Kis Desh was her first show and since, she has essayed many versatile roles. After Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil, Additi Gupta will be back soon on a webseries.
Kis Desh was his first show, Sushant Singh Rajput is currently seen in Bollywood. His last powerful performance was in MS Dhoni, The Untold Story.
Meher Vij is also in Bollywood, she was last seen in Secret Superstar.
Sorry for missing out Krystle Dsouza. She has become popular with Ek Hazaroon Mein Meri Behna Hai and is currently back on a new show.

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Meant for each other

Two lovers, whose destiny was written in the stars, will cross their paths for a journey which lead them to being forever soulmates. The journey will be filled with emotions and turns.

When Prem meets Heer for the first time, he has saved her from some bad people harrasing her at the train station. From this time, connection has started between them. Prem feels that Heer is not a stranger to him and without knowing her real identity, he keeps being attracted to her. He was right, his heart was right she was the one he has been waiting for.

Prem can't hide his feelings anymore and decides to share his feelings to Heer. "Kyunki Main Tumse Pyaar Karta Hun!!!". Heer is about getting engaged to someone else but Prem was determined to make Heer hers and hers only!

Love stories are not always easy, in fact they're complicated. Prem and Heer will be separated twice. Those separations will help them to realize that THEY CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER despite the conspiracies and the play of destiny.

After their second separation Prem and Heer explored new feelings. Hate for each other. Prem thought he made an unforgettable mistake, Heer left him for breaking her trust. But Prem didn't stop himself. He wanted his Heer and his Chahat to come back in his life.

Time heals the pain as we say. Prem will finally succeed to bring Heer and Chahat back home, their home.

By remarring Heer, Prem puts their relation to another level, that noone will come ever between them. They were meant to be with each other from the beginning of this beautiful tale.

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Meet: From Friendship to Soulmates

A show like Kis Desh was wonderful not just because of its leads, but by characters that shined in their supporting roles too.

Young.  Free spirited.  Jokey.  Foodies.  Tortured.  Loyal.  Friends.  Soulmates.

These are all words I would use to describe two of my favorite characters from Kis Desh...Preet and Meher.  Both were younger siblings to the main leads, Prem and Heer respectively.


Their youth made them free spirited and carefree.

Remember when Meher was about to get engaged to Manmeet?  She found her own clothes too heavy and cumbersome, and wanted to dress up in her father's clothes instead.  After all, his clothes were also traditional, she had reasoned.  Remember when she wondered out loud how her Chacha could sleep when Daljeet snored like a wolf?  Or the time when she rolled up her sleeves ready to fight the "Bindu" at the bus depot.

Remember Preet's entry?  He lay spread across the bonnet of his red sports car, one arm resting over his eyes, while his ears were glued to the radio commentary of the match his brothers were playing in.  He rushed back just in time to save the day and win the match.  For their last night in Canada, he took his brothers to party at the disco. 



Remember Meher picking pakodas from a plate by her bedside, while complaining to her sister that her throat was sore from eating too many sour guavas?  Years later, she's cutting mangoes for Preet and complaining to Kulraj that she had to be prepared for his late night munchies.  Remember Preet and his cousins racing to snatch boxes of mithai out of Meher's hands?  Or him trying to sneak a ladoo at the summer house when she wasn't looking?



Remember how Preet dressed up as Heer to fool Prem?  It wasn't until one of his "apples" rolled out that the game was up.

"Aaj kal ki glue bhi na."

Later, Meher sneaked up on Heer as she waited for her groom.  She and the rest of the gang couldn't help but burst out laughing when Heer finally said "I love you Prem."

How can we forget about Preet calling his dad Chand whenever he could?  Or when he warned Prem about his dangerous room, or teased Meher about what would happen if she fell on him.  I don't think anyone else in the Juneja mansion was chased after more than Preet.


Behind the strong front they put up, both Preet and Meher went through phases of their lives where they faced abuse.  Meher was tortured by Daljeet, while Preet suffered at the hands of his own father.


You would think two people with so much in common would hit it off immediately, right?  But they didn't.  Preet accused Meher of stealing his mother's kangan.  Sure he apologized, but the damage was done, and poor first impressions made.  And when Meher was accused of ruining his party shirt, I'm sure they silently agreed to avoid each other like the plague.  But fate had other plans.  Prem and Heer had fallen in love, and these two were determined to stand by their siblings sides.



A small bond of friendship between them had formed, but fate had even bigger and better plans.  In the name of family and honor, Preet and Meher decided to marry.  Not to the people they were in love with but to each other.

As they slowly walked down the hall to their decorated room, with empty hands and an uncertain future looming up ahead, they agreed to build their relationship on the pain they were feeling.  Meher had been hurt by someone.  Preet carried the guilt of having hurt someone.  Whether they realized it or not, it was at that point that they began to understand each other like no one else ever could.

There was no need for "Preet ji" or "Aap" in their life.  Just because now they were husband and wife, didn't mean they were no longer friends. 

"Meher hum pehle bhi dost thay aur ab bhi dost hain.  So no Preet aap."



Days went by, and like a best friend or more...they stood by each other...inspired each other to be better, because they accepted and believed in each other when no one else would.

Then so many things happened all at once.  Stealing a glance while she sewed a button on his shirt.  Holding hands over a glass of juice while sharing his worries with her first.  Catching her in his arms, but then letting go.  It was only so he could cushion her fall, you know.  May I have this dance and let's not forget Kasauli romance...they became soulmates in the truest sense.

To sum it all up...a wise man once said:

"Pyar dosti hai.  Agar woh meri sab se achi doost nahin ban sakti, toh main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahin sakta.  Kyun ke dosti bina toh pyar hota hi's simple."

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~~Deshians celebrate~~

Hiii! Harshad Hi!!! Additi how are you? Hope so you are doing well.
I really don't know what to say. Actually, I have lots of things in my mind and im confused where to start!
Ah!!!...Ahm... Here it goes
First of all congratulations for completing a decade n more in the industry...
You both are amazingly talented, inspiring and have a kind soul.
I am very thankful to Almighty Allah that he gave me the opportunity to know you. Seeing you and hearing your voice makes my heart melt away.
Words are not enough to express what you both and Kis Desh mean to me...Can't express my love towards u guys... So sending you a small video filled with loads of memories and love...
You guys have totally changed my life ... You were my world you are and you will always be... Kis Desh and you both has given us so many memories which will cherish us with throughout our life
I really want to see you both in person. That is my greatest dream. I will do my best to achieve my dream.
I admire you both as an artist and as a person too and thank you so very much for being the most beautiful part of life I love you I love you so much and forever.
Wish you both good luck and may you achieve huge success and always pray for your well being.

Congratulations to whole cast and crew of kis desh for completing 10th years it was a beautiful journey and lot many memories to remember.
Thank you Balaji Telefilms, Ekta mam for creating the show.
Thank you Sonali Jaffar for the beautiful story and thank you Nivedita Basu and all the writters, directors
Thank you so very much to the whole cast and crew without you guys this journey wouldn't be so beautiful.
#Additi Gupta #Harshad Chopda #Muskaan Uppal #Shushant Singh Rajput #Meher Vij #Deepak Qazir #Shama Deshpande #Nidhi Tikoo #Manav Vij #Krystal D'souza #Manoj Chandila #Tabrez Khan #Mahesh Shetty #Sadhana Singh #Virandra Saxena#Tasneem Shaikh #Mihika Verma #Simran Khanna


Happy 10 Anniversary KIS DESH MEIN HAI MERA DIL...kis desh is my all time fav has created a special place in my heart ... It touched my heart, made me laugh, cry and smile through its course. Love you desh, love you premeer, Meet and entire juneja family .
No one can take my desh's place in my heart.. THANKYOU HARSHAD, ADDITI, ekta mam n all the cast n crew of kis desh for bringing this wonderful show in our life...


Hi besties so the celebration is back & we r back too well mine third year here & m soo happiz that m here ..!!
Another year gone i cNt believe it time is running so fast bfr 10 years everything just superb premeer on screen the cutest ppl & couple the bNding of the juneja'z & maan'z
Prem 'z guitar Heer'z Dubatta drops of tears
Eyes contact hidden love but expressive too..!
Meet'z unexpected love unconditional too ..a beautiful gift that we r still enjoying ..!!
Speechless things happened at every single month many tracks . Fall in love with every single step of the drama kdmhmd rocks ...!! Caz childhood things always memorable for life time ...thanks to every single cast member for givings us such a entertaining drama !!. Lob youuu KDMHMD .


Wishing the whole team of kis desh mein Hai Mera dil Happy 10th Anniversary... Kis desh serial is very special for me because of prem_heer... Thank u Ekta ma'am for giving us kis desh and prem heer and whole cast who made the show success... Happy anniversary to kis desh...


Happy Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil 10 Anniversary Kis Desh Is Very Special For Me
Besh Show Ever Love Premeer love Kis Desh Cast
Kis Desh Cast Is Very Special
My Fav Actors Harshad Chopda And Additi Gupta
Love Them Best Couple Ever
I Want To
Thank You Ekta Maam
Kis Desh Rocks Prem Heer Rocks Harshiti Rocks Meet Rocks

Happy 10th Anniversary Of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
What can I say I just love everything about the show.
The whole cast was awesome. Specially Heer-Prem jodi. Evergreen Jodi. I love Harshad and Additi most. They are my life.The story was just superb. I have never seen any show like this. It's 10years now but still it's in our heart. I remember each an every episode. That cute, romantic scenes between Heer-Prem on screen, Prem and Preet's bonding,Bauji and Preet's natkhat jhagre And obviously how can I forget that sweet interviews of Harshad and Additi. Most Popular Serial. Most beautiful and best jodi Harshiti. Even also today when I see olds interviews of Harshiti it makes me cry. I know it'll be in our heart for whole life. We will never forget Premeer-Harshiti
After Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil I see many shows and jodis but no one can take the place of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil in my heart
Actually Harshiti and The Show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil is in my heart.
So Again Happy 10th Anniversary of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
And Harshiti Rocks

Wishing Happpy 10th Aniversery
To my Sweetest Desh
.. nd all d Deshianzz ..
I cannot belive it has been 10years
since kis desh n PREMEER/HARSHITI entered to my life
nd Give a forever moments,
Memories to me
which are always Remain in my Heart Forever..
9 years ago we Get a beautiful show to cherish
and a Magical love story that our touched our heart n soul forever...
Prem And Heer Redifining The meaning of True Love...
We cant forget dem dey will be always wid ...
Thnks to all d Characters, producers, directors,
Ekta Kapoor,Balaji Telefilms, Star plus n Everyone
for Giving us d Beautiful show N Beautiful Memories
Kis desh n premeer/Harshiti r always close to my Heart ever N for
Dey r My HeartBeat
I hope one day SP will bring Kis Desh 2.
Love u so much kis desh mei hai mera dil, missed u,
once again Hppy Bday n Hpy 10th Aniversery toKDMHMD
Lots Of Love

Pooja Lamba

Every time I look at the two of you together I can see so much love my #Premeer ...
Love is something which cannot be measured. There is not a limit to loving someone or any measuring tool to calculate the love in any weight form.

My love for you is deeper than the ocean .. ... #kdmhmd ... Whole cast is mine Favrt... But My first #Love #MyPremeer ...

Happy 10th Anniversary of kis desh mein hai meraa dil to all the deshians, and entire team of desh.This serial changed me, I was totally boring, now I am a little bit boring Thanku Ekta kapoor for giving us kis desh,premeer &and Harshiti never forget this show .I love u Premheer and will always do.


Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Kal Kal Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal Pal, Yeh Hain Pyaar Ke Pal Chal, Aa Mere Sang Chal Chal, Soche Kya Chhoti Si Hai Zindagi Kal Mil Jaaye To Hogi Khushnaseebi Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe, Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal

Omg its 10th anniversary .Time flies so fast.. I really miss this show Happy 10th KDMHMD Anniversary guys! its been 10 years!!!!

Honestly everything just seems like yesterday KDMHMD is very close to my heart...The show has given me HC.AG started watching the show just for HC AG..but the show with all its characters and actors...have left a deep impact...PREMEER is still remains my most fav pair of television...PREMEER was brilliant...HC AG immortalised Premeer in my heart...they actually created two eternal lovers based on tv show Premeer is like other historical eternal lovers but this is only which come out from a tv show they had to maintain the eternal couple & characters & ESSENCE OF show n that sense KIS DESH IS REALLY ETERNAL SHOW many good shows will come & go but not like kis desh it created history ,the best romantic & magical show evermany jodis will be popular but not like Premeer they r eternal ,ONE OF A KIND & i think its bcoz of fans who were really possessive about Premeer & that made BT not to mess up with the show this will always be one in million ,more than perfect missing Premeer ... may KDMHMD memories live for ever...missing the entire team...waiting to c them back together...Thanks to all behind this master piece ...KDMHMD FOREVER"

A show that made me experience all emotions through its course,laughter,sadness..Made me experience ALL.
A show that not only showed the amazing chemistry between the leads but also,portrayed other family relationships it be the unique bond between the brothers or the amazing mother-son relationship.It showed the value of family..I want to thank Ekta Ma'am,the whole team behind the show,the whole cast and crew of the show for giving us such a beautiful show.Most of all our beloved and unforgettable Premeer,cute Meet and such an amazing cast.The whole cast was amazing.Thank you HC-AG for giving life to Prem and Heer's characters and making them memorable.Thank you to the cast for giving us memories that we will cherish forever...

Happy Kis desh 10th Anniversary to all Fans


I can't believe it's 10 years of my fav show which made my childhood beautiful.Kis Desh will always be close to my heart. Because of this beautiful show I got to meet my 2 beautiful friends Athi and Maria .I have cried,fell in love with this show from Prem Heer to Meher Preet and the entire Juneja Family .It gave me timeless memories that I have been cherishing since ages and hope it continues to eternity.


It's been 10 Years since Kis Desh graced the TV screens, but it is still going strong in the hearts and minds of its fans.  New to the Indian daily soap scene, I was one of those that actually saw this serial after it went off the air.  I was hooked immediately.  It was that good.  And although I initially started to watch it because Harshad was the lead, the supporting characters, Preet and Meher, stole my heart and I became and still am their biggest fan.  The show also led me to join I-F and make so many friends here, as well as develop my writing skills.  For that, I will always be grateful.  The cast has moved onto new projects.  I wish them all continued success.  My two favorites Sushant Singh Rajput and Meher, and even Manav Vij (Kiran Jiju) have gone on to do extremely well in Hindi and Punjabi Cinema.  And although I am waiting with bated breath for Harshad's return in his new drama, it will always be Kis Desh that I remember and love them all for the most.

Congratz and best wishes to the fans.  May Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil continue to rock and rule our hearts forever.

Loads of love...Dil se, 


KDMHMD 10th Anniversary yayyy Dancing
It's been decade memories, don't know how time flies But i am still at the same place where kis desh ended .I am not looking forward .After kis desh i don't like to watch any other show ...Sometimes i feel as i hv gone crazy ROFL  Everytime i watch any of the videos of Harshiti and Premeer ,i'll be totally lost on the premeer land ..Really missing them I love to see them together forever Heart l Iove the whole cast of kis desh  Heart  A very big thankx to Ekta ma'am What an amazing serial she has made Clap I am madly in love with kis desh and Premeer I can't describe my love in the words Shocked
                          Crazy fan of KDMHMD , premeer, harshiti , muskaan uppal .
                                                                Sadia Shaikh from Pakistan


I can't belived its has been 10 long years since Kis desh started. The only show that touched my heart so deeply it was my first eves show which watched from first to last. I still remembred when i watched first episode of this show its was like any other serial for me what actually caugh my attention is the shiv mandir scene that whole scene was just Wow. PREMEER left me completely memerising and its was their pure love their pain their simplicity & innocence which made me fall for them their purity of the hearts their passion for each other. They don't need words to express or explain their eyes is enough to express their feelings "PREMEER" were just perfect that we still cherished & love them .
This show also has given us a beautiful bondage of prem-gayitri , prem-preet and harman ,( specialy prem-preet), heer and meher their honest emotions love and fun moments scenes are delighful to watch. The show has made us cry and as well as laugh with it till now i have'nt watched a show like i used to watch KDMHMD and the actors had done the great job they putted their soul into that character its was outstanding specialy Harshad & Additi who potrayed Prem&Heer so beautifuly. Onscreen its HARSHITI jodi who were as adorable as premeer their sizzeling chemistry was greatly admired by their fans that we still wish to see them back together.
Thanks to the entire crew producers and each and everyone who is acociated with this show for giveing us such an memorable show and the unforgatable jodi of "PREMEER" Missing them so much.

There are some moments in your life that leaves you an impact forever, be it in real or in reel. Kis Desh is one of them. I still can't find words on how the show became very special and close to me. The journey has been one of the kind and the fact that Deshians are still present to cherish moments make this journey even more memorable today.
I've started watching Kis Desh 9 years back and there was no turning back. Despite its flaws, the show managed to keep me glued to my screen. Some moments are very precious to me.
I'll always remember Kis Desh as a show which gave me those haaaye wali feelings and a kind of innocence.
Happy 10th Anniversary Kis Desh Mein Meraa Dil. Thank you for giving me priceless memories and adorable friends.

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~~Deshians celebrate~~


Image associe
Image associe


Rsultat de recherche d'images pour &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;prem heer india forums&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;



























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~~Deshians celebrate~~



Pooja Lamba









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Special game
Kis Desh has reached its 10th Anniversary, here is a small gift test from our side
 (cheating is not allowed...LOL)
// plz pm your replies to .sweetchick.

Q . 1- How much money balwant gave to Lalit when they are going Canada ? And what was the reason that Bauji was ready for Prem & Ash marriage ? And Name the  number of  Lallu Balwant (Flashback) scene?LOL

Q . 2- "Duniya mein kitni hai nafratein" when did it play for the first time ? And which sabzi heer loves making for Prem ?

Q . 3 - What is the first dialogue of Preet's entry in the football ground ? What is the date when Preet & Meher hugged each other in the rain?

Q . 4 - How many Villians are in KDMHMD ? And when Heer get to know that Nihal is her brother?

Q . 5 -  On which finger does Heer makes Prem wear the ring when they met for first time ?

Q . 6 - When Heer saw Veera and Rishab for the first time togethter? And How Veera died ?

Q . 7 - After 6 years leap why Maya hated Harman ?

Q . 8 - What is the name of guy whose proposal was brought by Daljeet for Meher ? And which song was played in the (BG) when Daljeet made her entry in KDMHMD?

Q . 9 - When Prem tried to tell his "dil ki baat " to Heer for the first time ? What job was Heer doing in Juneja hotel?

Q . 10 - What is the date of Prem's entry in Rajasthan ? And How many times Premeer met in Shivmandir ?


graphics: CuteOOish // .moutushi. //  kiran_28 // .sweetchick.
write ups: Fatima_Q // sana.harshiti // .sweetchick.

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