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MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2018 at 9:09am | IP Logged

Appy: Hey Poo, can you please get me some pickle from the kitchen? I am already half way through and Meera as usual is busy with her bollywood forum.

Yuvi: Wait! i will get some.

House help : Nahi didi aap nahi chho sakti achaar ko!

All three of them looking at the house help.

House help : haw! aapka to undin chal rahi hai na? Aap agar achaar choyoge to kharaab ho jayega.

Yuvika : Got up and hugged her house help.

Yuvika : Aisa kuchh nahi hoge.

Menstruation, also known as a period, is the regular discharge of blood from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina.Usually a girl experiences her first period when she reaches her teens, marking her puberty and completes her cycle at her mid-age. Periods occur once in every month except during pregnancy and for some time after childbirth. 

Though period is a natural process, it's looked down upon several times. Girls who are on their period have to suffer through a lot, including social practices that forbid them from many things and even dejection and isolation. 

All around the world, there are myths and practices born from the superstitious mind of the people, that chain girls up into different unfavourable situation every month. From their eating habits to sleeping arrangements, everything is controlled by such beliefs which sometimes lead to the violation of their basic human rights.

Ten of such mythssuperstitions and beliefs from all around the world are listed as below,

1) Woman is considered impure when they are on their periods and are forbidden to visit holy places. 

2) In parts of India, women are forbid to use their kitchen, eat sour food and simple things such as touching pickles. 

3) In Afghanistan, some women are told that washing their genitals when they are menstruating can cause infertility.

4) In some communities in Burundi, it is thought that contact with a woman who has her period can be deadly for family members.

5) In the some of the rural parts of western part Nepal, girls are isolated and are made to stay in barn and feed on less food. The practice is know as Chaupadi. 

6) In Ghana girls are given a hard-boiled egg to swallow whole. They believe that biting the egg is like killing your babies. 

7) In parts of Japan, women can not hold traditionally male jobs like sushi chef as it is believed that menstruation causes imbalance.

8) In Bolivia, women are advised not to cradle her babies,  or they will become sick. 

9)In some parts of the world, it's said that if a woman happens to cross the menstrual blood of another woman, she could turn infertile. 

10) If you go camping while on periods, bears will attack you. 

There may be thousand more myths and beliefs that look absurd and baseless . 
But not all myths are incorrect. A few myths were logical during the time they were made. We need to understand if any myth is still relevant or not. Following myths blindly or rejecting it out-rightly is not a good practice 

But one belief that all women need to believe in and should always remember is that 

"We can play an important role in breaking the damaging silence around periods"

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Confused_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2018 at 9:15am | IP Logged

Menarche is a natural process, which is an essential part of growing up. Menarche means menstrual bleeding for the first time and is considered as a phase of puberty. It is nothing to be afraid of as one just need to take few precautions.
It occurs generally after 2-3 years of breast development, which is as early as 9 years and as late as 15 years. If a girl has a major growth spurt and has grown some underarm hair, period are likely to be just around the corner.

We did a survey on Menarche within the CC team and this is what they have got to say.

"My Menarche started when I was 9 and worst thing was I didn't have any idea about these cycles.  As a kid back then, I used to share my bed with my elder brother and nobody thought that my cycles will start this early. When we woke up in the morning, the bed sheet had turned red, scaring us.
When my mom saw this, she scolded me a lot and forbid me from entering the kitchen. She used to make me take bath early in the morning, without brushing my teeth. All of this scared me so much that I shared this with my father, resulting in coming under my mom's wrath again.
As I was very young, without any prior knowledge of menstrual cycle; I didn't know how to use or place this sanitary pads, which used to precede into leakage.
It was bitter-sweet experience as cramps were worse at the start, making me take my day off. Later, my mom explained me about this cycle and precautions that should be taken, so as to not pass off any germs."



"My first experience of facing the menarche was rather bad because I used to take lot of medications, yet vomited for the first 2-3 days.
Initially I used to be on bed-rest and my mom used to monitor me, until I learned how to handle myself. The feeling used to be like walking through path of thorns bare foot.
Although vomiting has stopped, I still suffer from severe cramps, but now I am more accustomed to it.


My first experience was rather uneventful. I had already known what periods were due to the awareness and training by my school through regular presentations.
Then, one fine day, when I was 13, the bleeding happened. Since I was home that day, I told my mother about it and she guided me about the basics like placing the pad and the precautions I need to take from now on.


I was 15, when I got my first periods. Since I was the last one from my friend circle to menstruate, so I had pretty fair idea about cycles and how troubling it could be.
But unlike others, I was actually glad when my menarche started; because before that my friends used to tease me by doubting on my gender.
Somehow, my brother was the person to know about this, and I still remember his confused being, as he didn't know how to react; but, finally, he settled on saying, "You are normal!



I was in 7th grade, when one day while playing in the school I got hurt in my knee. That evening, while studying, I realized that I was bleeding from there. It confused me that, if I got hurt in my knee then why is that bleeding, did I accidentally got hurt there also? But again there is no pain in there. Unable to understand anything I very innocently told my younger brother about this, who was sitting just beside me studying.
After hearing our conversations, my mum came running from the kitchen and told me to immediately get off the bed and stand somewhere without touching anything, not even the walls. After instructing me she started collecting my personal items, from round the house and made me take bath at 7p.m. scaring me even more; as she never demanded anything like this ever before.
After taking bath and changing into fresh clothes, she gave me an old cloth to use as an substitute of pad. She told me she is going to buy a pack of sanitary pads next day and I had to wear it everyday, even to school.  Hearing all this made me wonder is there something wrong with me? I asked the same to her. Has something happened to me? She just smiled a bit and replied, "Tu ab badi ho gayi hai, and from now onwards you are going to bleed from there every month. And whenever, you bleed don't tell anyone, except me.
For next few months, I was highly confused regarding periods. Initially, those sanitary pads were so uncomfortable to wear  and sometimes my school uniform also used to get stained. In 9th grade, there was a chapter about menstruation in science, and that's when I got to know everything about menstrual cycle.



My Menarche experience is quite eventful. I was late in getting my chums, all my friends already had theirs; so I basically knew the drill. If you suddenly get it in school, then check your clothes, ask for pad from your lady teacher and go to washroom to fix it. If your clothes get stained,  go back home; there was no need to be afraid. And there is definitely  no shame in this, as it happens to everyone.
Co-incidentally, my menarche started on  school day.  I , armed with all knowledge which I received from others; operated like a pro, took a pad from my teacher and went to loo to fix it.
Only problem was I didn't know which way to put the pad on!! So, being an intelligent girl, I put the sticky part on my skin.. In my head, we put the sticky part of bandage on our skin, so I applied the same logic here. It made perfect sense to me then.
What happened after that was quite embarrassing, thank god the glue used in the pad was of low quality; otherwise I would had my menarche and first bikni wax on the same day. Placing a pad may look easy task to most, but ask a nervous young girl whose periods have just started; all the common sense gets lost in confusion.
So moral of my story was  that all the theoretical knowledge is good, but there is no substitute to practical knowledge.



I wasn't kept in ambiguity before I began menstruating but still it took me a while to find out from where the blood is getting discharged; and when I figured it out, I reported it to my teacher.
Since my school was far from home, my parents were called. Till the time my parents arrived, my teacher instructed a female sweeper  to take me to loo and get me cleaned. That lady asked me to undress and poured a bucket full of cold water on my head, and that was the most horrible thing to do in the month of December. I washed myself and changed into diapers like pants ( the one we get for bigger kids).
Even though I had sex education and had basic knowledge about these,  still it was horrible to see my body passing so much blood and along with it came the realization that this going to be every month affair from now on. All this got me bit panicked and I started crying; when my Dad came and saw me crying with wet hair, he got mad and created a little scene in there.
When we returned  home; we had a little celebration and where I got a pair of new clothes, with a bit counseling on menstrual hygiene, puberty and why boys do not menstruate. This got me a bit angry and I remember throwing a classmate's bag out of window next day in anger after a silly fight.


From the above experiences  shared by our Creatives, it is clear that we all need help and education before we get our first periods.  Moms should openly talk about periods to their daughters. 
 It is important for your daughter  to know about changes that  her body will go through, how to deal with these changes -  mentally and physically.  

Some of the things that daughters need to know includes:
What is period and how often it comes?
How much blood will come out and how many days the bleeding is likely to last?
Whether period hurts?
 How to use and dispose off sanitary pads and tampons?
 What to do if she gets her period away from home, example- at school or camp?
Whether she should start with pads or tampons?
Whether she can swim when she has her period?

How to keep track of her periods?

Health and Hygiene during periods?


By keeping in mind these few things, parents can easily help their daughters to overcome any situation, and make their first experiences a little less painful.

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Mishti_Dahi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 February 2018 at 9:40am | IP Logged


The demon in red, as girls usually feel, is infact a sign that we're no longer naive girls but responsible women. And responsibilities not just for others but for ourselves too.

The first step towards accepting menarche is maintaining cleanliness and a strict hygiene of our body, specially for "those 3-5 days". 

Crazy Creatives present to you, our very own health regime to follow every month, during your chums:

1. First and foremost, make sure you physically clean yourself properly, specially the genitalsPreferably, use warm water instead of cold showers.

2. Change your pads, roughly after every 5 - 6 hours. If outdoor, make sure you carry your provisionsExcessively long use of the same padcan cause infections and also in rare cases, cancer.

3. Eat well. By 'well', I mean, eat healthy too. Include more of fruits, vegetables and fibre rather than plain carbohydrates. Avoid heavy food during your special days.

4. Drink loads of water to keep yourself hydrated.

5. Wash your clothes, towel and mattresses (even the unstained ones) thoroughly after every period.

6. Avoid heavily exercising in the first three days. Yoga and basic stretching helps in regulating your periods.

Reminded of your granny's restrictions or mom's advice, are you?

That's possible, because little do people know that most of the taboos associated with periods are scientifically proven points

Let's take a look 

 Girls need to sit in a corner for first 3 days 

Reason : Exercising or physically stressing out your body during menstruation can cause long lasting damaging effects. It also reduces the necessary hormone levels, hence the rule to rest. So the next time don't fuss over if your grandma asks you to rest, it's totally logical!

Girls are given food in a separate vessel 

Reason : Well, this has nothing to do with the food's quality but quantity. Whilst bleeding, our digestive system becomes partially slow and weak.Hence food is given in small quantities (in a bowl) so that we aren't constipated or fall sick.

 Washing hair after 3 days 

Reason : We are asked to bathe from top to bottom after the three days cause a lot of heat is generated in the body. So to cool down the system, the advise is to bathe thoroughly in cold water.

Barred from Kitchen 

 Reason : Menstruating girls are asked to keep out of kitchen. Though some of us may enjoy it but there's more. During these days, girls emit a significant amount of negative vibes and energy. And so that the food served to others doesn't absorb it, girls in their periods are refrained from entering the food quarters.

We should consider ourselves to be the privileged ones, to have access to such health related information and hygiene benefits. 

Not all understand, rather are trained to keep clean, specially young maids and house helps.  Being responsible women, it is our mission and duty to educate other girls, specially our female helpers, not only for their well being but also for ours. Encourage them to have a thorough bath during their days and also to keep changing their pads frequently.


Graphics: 18shabbo

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laughingpearls IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2018 at 5:29am | IP Logged
You always rock it CC team. Awesome thread and good work. You are right.


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Anjali33 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2018 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Hats off to d Crazy Creatives of India forumsClap
You people write such brilliant articles n much needed ones..just like this one
Keep it upThumbs Up

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Ranbirrocks IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 February 2018 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Great Thread Team mates Thumbs Up
I am in love with the Graphics . You are a star  Nabz.

The experiences of CC covers so many aspects . Thanks for bringing this useful topic .

Gonna read it again now 

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meenachem IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 February 2018 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Superb thread by the team as always

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braveheartdoc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2018 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Really this is an amazing thread...hats off to the entire team who worked on this ... actually this time is very stressful especially for young girls...Thanks for the entire information and letting us know about the various myths associated all over the worldSmile

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