Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

~ [Dheera AT # 23] ~ Aye Zindagi tu hi batah , Kyon Ishq hai gunah

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Finally the day is here. Its always hard to say good bye. It actually looks like it was yesterday only can't believe still that it's all over. They are an unusual pair. They created a huge fandom in a very short span of time which isn't quite possible for let's say any other pair. Yes finally the beautiful journey has comes towards the end. The journey of Dheera.

Dharam and Meera are one of a kind pair.  Theirs is a unique love story , a man in his 40s falling for a much younger girl in not a new concept, but what made this pair special was the circumstances that brought them together. A love that started in hate ,  passion that had its roots in revenge and a bonding that was only meant to be a game.
We are introduced to Dharam through his voice first. But there is something captivating about it. Dharam first met Meera when she was in disguise . But there was something magical in those eyes.  Was it inevitable that they become soul mates? 

Meera broke his leg, he wanted to kill her but eventually she recognised the goodness in him and he identified with the lost child in her. Both of them went through difficult childhood, Dharam was used as a pawn in Gaura's game of revenge, Meera was separated from her family. Was it this shared pain that brought them closer? Whatever it was, having Meera in his life changed Dharam,he learned to laugh and love and live.  And having Dharam in her life was the stability that Meera needed and made her a better person.

Meera and Dharam married each other to trouble Meera's family and initially they hated each other, he thought she was a drama queen and she thought he was an uneducated thug.  But one dance was all it took to make Dharam see Meera in a different light and Gharam  Dharam started becoming Naram.  When his son's  life was in danger, it made Dharam question whether what he was  doing was the right thing. It also made him soften his attitude towards Meera and he came to her rescue when her honour was being trampled on by Gaura and her friends. That was probably when Dharam fell in love with Meera.

Meera continued to manipulate and use him against Gaura but when she saw him hurting himself for her she fell for him too. It wasn't just love that Meera felt for him, she respected him and more importantly trusted him. Which was why when her whole family accused him of trying to rape her she went with her heart and told the court that he was innocent.  By this point it was obvious they both were in love with each other and meant for each other.

It would take a lot more twists and turns before they are able to be together but their journey yo get to that point was one of the high points of Saathiya. In a show that had so much family drama, Dheera's love story was special and genuine. And Amar and Tanya are perfect for the parts. A huge part of the success of this track rests with the two of them and it is their on screen chemistry that won them such a huge fan following. It is unimaginable someone else being Dharam or Meera. And most fans would rather have stopped watching the show than see Tanya or Amar paired with anyone else.  

In spite of a couple of scares that the actors were leaving the show, it thankfully didn't happen and Dheera has continued to entertain us till the end. 

With a heavy heart today we are bidding them adieu as Saath Nibhana Saathiya is going off air. But Dheera will be missed and always remembered through the large number of Dheera fanatics around the globe. 

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                      What makes Dheera so special and unique - 

First reason would be the amazing screen chemistry that Tanya and Amar has. When showing two characters separated by age of 20 years falling in love , the first challenge  is to get the pair accepted by the viewers and the makers hit jackpot with this pair. It is hard to make the track credible if the actors don't look good together, in Dheera's case that was never in question. From the very first scene that they shared together it was clear that the pair had something special in them.  

The concept of an older man falling in love with a younger girl is nothing new but in this case there were other complications, he was married with grown up children albeit estranged from his wife and Meera wasn't just any girl ,she was his daughter in law's sister, she was meant to marry his son .  This could have been rejected by the more conservative viewers but there was something charming about their relationship that made them so popular with the viewers. Not everyone accepted the pair mainly because of the presence of the wife in their life but contrary to what happens in family dramas where the wife always gets her husband back,in Dheera's case more people wanted Dharam and Meera to end up together.  Every time they shared screen space it was clear that this was a made for each other jodi.  So Dheera not only had to win over the Modi family and get accepted by them( their final victory was when Ahem asked Dharam to marry Meera, accepting finally that he was the only person in the world who could love his daughter like he did), they had to win over viewers as well.

Over time it was easy to forget about the differences in their relationship and concentrate on what binds them together and viewers accepted them for what they were, a couple deeply in love with each other, who had to fight against the whole world to come together and has managed to stay together against all odds. 

Tanya and Amar don't just look good on screen, their off screen masti has also entertained viewers as evidenced by some of their hilarious sound bites in segments. And they very clearly seems to behaving a lot of fun in the sets. 

Many watch serial just to see Dheera together.. their cuteness their smile their love their romance even their fight is a great treat to watch..and now the serial is ending and it's huting so much because we know.. we won't get to see them together after that.. but we really wish and pray that they get roped in another serial opposite each other.. Because for us,Dheera is everything.. Dheera Forever Heart 

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I started watching them on their first wedding night n I was completely in awe of them Embarrassedafter that I started searching FF's on them n got to know n read some amazing FF's on them...I fell in love with them naturally...N then I started writing FF's on them Embarrassedbut I won't stop writing on them even after the show gets over...This is my love for them Embarrassedwould surely miss them n their amazing chemistry Crybut yes they would be alive through my FF's Big smile

                                                                                                   - Vampire2468

I often used to watch saathiya.. I already used to like meera and then Mr. Dharam suryavanshi entered..their first meet and fight was fire..i felt that they are something out of world...i never shipped Dheera like any other couple and i am sure no other couple can make place in my heart like Dheera did..their each and every scene , their dialogues , their expressions are just something i can't explain.. definitely gonna miss Dheera but never gonna stop shipping them.. will stay connected to them through old episodes.. whenever i get bored , i watch Dheera.. whenever i feel sad , i watch Dheera.. whenever i feel happy , i watch Dheera.. Because Dheera is something that gives me hapinees :) .. And Dheera is so special just because of TanAm..Thank you TanAm for making Dheera so special so unique and so outstanding.. Thank you for entertaining us with you talent.. Thank you for doing Dheera.. Thank you.. Thank you for everything.. Love you both.. Dheeraforever :)  


I fell in love with Dheera in August 2016. I accidentally caught the episode when Dharam chased Meera and broke his leg as a result. I was hooked on Dheera from the start. They were different from the usual Indian tv pairings with rona dhona Cry and gushy I love you's. This couple were unique. A fiesty independent girl a rebel who had no respect for any one. A "bad boy" who although heavily influenced by his evil mother also displayed a fiery independent nature - he also had a cheeky glimpse in his eyes. He also cracked the funniest one liners. Both were gorgeous. So anyway, I watched with delight and sometimes frustration with the creatives, as their unusual love story unfolded. He tried to electrocute her once, she was always fighting and answering back, they had amusing rows using funny language. They were like chalk and cheese, complete opposites. He was much older than her yet still could be as immature. 

How could anyone not love Dheera? Their pairing had never been matched on Indian to and will never be matched again. Many people disliked and criticised them too due to the controversy surrounding them. It later transpired he was already married and a wife abuser. However I loved the way the couple were not shown as perfect but had many flaws which somehow entered them more to me as they were human beings we could relate too. 

I enjoyed watching the trials and tribulations of Dheera and will miss following their antics immensely. 

I'd like to thank Amar and Tanya for their amazing work in bringing Dheera alive on screen and creating magic for us all. 

I will miss them so much.   


Saathiya for me has only been about the Suryavanshis, especially Dheera.  I am not into dailY soaps and when I first started watching Saathiya 7 years ago and later about 3 years ago, I gave up after about 10 days as I found the show too regressive and condescending. Then last January while channel surfing I stumbled upon Dheera. I was instantly hooked by this super hot couple and started following their story, I found it quite a refreshing change in a show like Saathiya. While searching online for previous episodes I came across Dheera AT ,, which was quite handy as it helped me determine the point from which I needed to watch the show. Within a few days I had watched all the previous  Dheera episodes, caught up with their story  and enjoyed every single one of them. You can say that I have been a shipper from when I first saw them together on screen. I will miss Dheera as for the last 18 months they have given me so much viewing pleasure and made me see Indian shows in a different light. 

  Amar and Tanya, you have done a fantastic job as Dharam and Meera, two very complex characters with shades of grey. But you both made them lovable. It is not easy for male characters to make a mark in saas bahu type shows but Dharamji has turned out to be a favourite with the viewers and full credit to you Amar for that. And likewise Tanya, you have made Meera a very memorable character . All the very best to both of you in all your future ventures and hopefully we will get to see you both together again in the not too distant future.


DhEera (TANAM) =DHARAM(AMARUPADHYAYJI)+MEERA(TANYASHARMAJI) Pehle main SaathNibhanaSaathiya ki 10years leap ke baad Meera ki pehli jhalak dekhi .She was stubborn and spoilt brat. Mujhe interest nahi laga . Aisi stories main pehle bhi bahut dekh chuki hoon aur tang bhi aa gayi hoon .Is se pehle main usko kisi show mein nahi dekha .And ek promo mein main Dharamji ko dekha .Tab mujhe ye bhi pata nahi hai ki vo bahut famous actor hai .Usko bhi pehli baar dekha hoon .Phir bhi revenge drama bore lagi .Lakin maine ek promo dekhi .That is Dharam marries Meera and apne saath  Suryavanshi Mansion leke aaya. First maine yahi socha ki kitni sundar jodi hai. Beautiful pair .Made for each other . Tab se maine show phir se dekhna shuru ki only for DHEERA .Next in Haldi ceremony they looks each other very hot and Romantic .First time I see Marvellous Chemistry between them. Tab se uski fan ban gayi hoon .Lahumu lag gaya scene tho main bhul nahi sakta hoon .After that I see their amazing chemistry in every scene .They give full justice to every scene .Chahe vo emotional ho ya Romantic ho ya fighting ho ya cute ho ya Lovely ho vo donon bahut ache se kiya . Wonderful acting ke saath saath they are good looking and both are having good physique .Ye donon apni talent se uski age gap ko bhula diya .Bahut sari problems ko face karke usko paar kar ke  ye donon finally legal Marraige kar liya hai. But after that we DhEerashippers hardly get good scenes of DhEera Phir bhi main in donon ke liye hi show dekh rahi hoon .Finally DhEera sort all problems between them .Now they are together .Love you DhEera .Love You TANAM .But is serial mein TANAM ki chemistry and acting ko ache se use nahi kiya .So I want to see TANAM together in other serial as leads .DHEERA FOREVER.


Ummm. Don't know what to say. Completely unexplainable. I'm not a serial freak. so watching Saathiya was more like destiny? I don't know. I used to follow Pratigya and after the show went off air, i used to sneak in to IF just to be connected with my friends. Just out of curiosity one day i was hovering around SNS forum. Read couple of articles about Amar's entry. Well i watched couple of episodes of his show "Kyunki saas bhi..." and his character here in SNS was quite interesting. I had no idea about Tanya. Never ever seen her previous work. When i see her, i was taken a back. It was like - Its' a gamble but will this work? Shocked 

So started watching the show right from Amar's entry. Then Dheera's first faceoff - Run and chase. No need to say anything , literally forced me to watch the show. 

They aren't like other daily soap pairs. There's definitely something special about them. They have a great understanding and of course their sizzling chemistry makes "Dheera" an eternal couple. 

Credit goes to Rashmi Sharma and team for picking out the best persons to portray Dharam -Meera and giving us "Dheera". and Ofcourse Amar-Tanya for justifying the roles and make "Dheera" so special  Heart You guys are amazing. 

Like everyone even i wanna see them together again in some other shows. They'll rock as usual. 

Years will come and go, shows will come and go but "Dheera" will be missed and remembered. Dheera Forever Heart


I am watching this show since its inception. 
The relationship of an orphan girl and the way she managed to won everyone's heart in the so called rich family made me glued to the show. 

The first time i read on a fb page that Meera and Vidya are going to be DIL and MIL. I was shocked like all other SNS fans . after their wedlock  , gradually i started liking them.  Their hot chemistry and cuteness made me fall in love with them. 

I wait the whole day for DheEra. 

I am going to miss them badly. Amar Updhyay sir  and Tanya Sharma have  done a fabulous  job as DheEra. I would love to watch them again on sceen.


I may not be the biggest fan of Saath Nibhana Saathiya but I m surely the oldest fan of the same... As I have not been following the show from episode 1, day 1 but since promotion 1... Yes u read it right promotion 1 of Saath Nibhana Saathiya... Where young Gopi (gia manek) was talking with parrot & Urmila comes & throws an old saree of her on Gopi & tells her to get ready for a boys family is coming to see Rashi & she shouldn't be looking pretty then... At that time itself I decided to watch the show no matter what... Coz Gopis Innocence caught me... 
When the show started, Gopis naivety won me... Along with this urshi kalakaris were really worth watch specially when after doing all the things it would fail miserably or worst it would back fire on them... Then came Ahem... The rude egoistic businessmen... Well according to me he was good for nothing specially after the day he called Gopi as maid of their house Infront of his foreign clients... But slowly after lots of hardships, insults, breakdowns, kalakaries Gopi won over Ahem... Though not as much as he could stand up against his mom for Gopi unlike during education track he did... That had given us GoHem fans a hope that Ahem will protect & preserve Gopi... Waited waited & waited & our wait got 2+ years long... But Ahem never turned Ahem viewers wanted... The gia manek left d show... It was really heartbreaking... I wanted her back as Gopi & this is what made me sign up on India Forums.. as before that I was just an offline visitor of the site.. I had decided to stop watching the show & CVS played their card well... They got us many GoHem scenes... Ahem started taking care.of Gopi... Which was liked by GoHem fans..  & it also bought back many GoHem Lovers back to viewing ..
Then story moved forward... Gopis parents entered & this got Gopis fans hope that finally Gopi would be given justice & urshi will be punished & also exposed but nothing of that sort happened... On the contrary Gopi was troubled more & she lost Meera & now after the leap she was living separately with Vidya... This again broke me as Ahem once again was left as mummas boy & not a husband... That track & rashis death really.made it difficult for me to continue watching but then Vidya, Meera Samar Sahir were kids & they were so adorable & for them I gave show a shot... After they took another leap Meera was just made ridiculous like Ahem which I surely hated... But.more then that I hated Vidya for she from.being strong, naughty turned so stupid... But then Gopi started fighting for herself... Against Ahem... This was what u had been waiting since the start... As wanted Gopi to be strong finally which happened but she was not fighting for herself but her maaji that was worst... 

Then came shravan by look of him & the chemistry of vidya-shravan... Had high hopes from.them.. but CVS highly disappointed all again... Then started Dheera story... At first I this idea of Meera marrying her sisters father in law to take revenge... Yes now it is revealed Vidya isn't Meera's blood sister but then she was... Meera had crossed all her.limits then... But Dheera chemistry was nice to see... Both were fire then... It was fun to watch both fight... Then slowly gradually.both calmed... Meera though faked her love initially the chemistry was superb... Then came.cvs masterstroke... Dharam was everything what Ahem was not & couldn't be... Dharam always stood by Meera supporting her even went against his mother for her... It finally felt that a character entered justifying the title.of the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya... Finally a Saathiya came... But Meera & her impulsiveness ruined it... Gopi was right in her saying that Meera is child & immature & Dharam mature so it would be difficult for them to live together... How much ever Meera's immaturity & impulsiveness wronged Dharam patience & maturity stood by & this was reason for the success of their relation... But everything has a Dharam so was dharams patience limit... It gave away & that made Meera realise her blunder... 

Now I don't much watch the show.. but try to watch some scenes... Specifically Dheera scenes... Coz these r only worth watch now... Though my wish for seeing Gopi happy won't be ever fulfilled by cvs... But again it is good the show is ending before even they ruin another couple...


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Tanya Sharma is a beautiful Indian actress popular on television.
She was born on 27th September 1995 in Delhi. Tanya has completed a Bachelors Degree in Mass Media and is pursing a masters in communications now. She is very much interested in dancing and loves Acting.She made her acting debut with the TV show Afsar betiya as Chanchal vidyapati raj.The pretty girl impressed everyone with her role in Channel V show "Its complicated-Relationship ka naya status".Currently she is seen in Sath nibhana Sathiya as Meera. She truly amazed the audience with her charming face, dedication towards her work and her down to earth nature.

Meera has different shades. She is snobbish, arrogant who gets into war every time her wish is not fulfilled, But deep down in heart she is a little kid who longs for her parents love and attention and though she always has a rift with her family, She loves them a lot and can goto any extent for them. She is like coconut hard to break but soft inside and that makes her a good soul only to handle with care.


Amar upadhyay is an Indian television actor and model.
He shot to fame with his role as Mihir virani in an iconic soap opera Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi. He also appeared in bollywood movies like 13B, LOC Kargil, Dehshat and Dhoonte reh jaoge. Amar was born on 1st August 1976 in Ahmedabad,gujarat India.

He grew up in Malad suburb in Mumbai and studied chemical engineering after completion of schooling.He is a black belt holder in Taekwondo.
Currently he is playing Dharam suryavanshi in Saath nibhana saathiya.

Dharam suryavanshi is son of gaura. He is a wrestler with mustaches putting ear ring and Tilak on forehead. He basically joins her mother is her plans to take revenge from modi family and ends up marrying one of daughter from modi family( Meera).He is mature, firm and religious at his age. Living apart from his first wife since many years. Though having a big body, sharp mind and revengeful antics, he is very soft at his heart and his second wife brings out that lost life in him.


DhEera define the most complicated relationship. A girl at her early 20's get married to her sister FIL as a second wife and the man at his 40's still married to his first wife falling for his newly wedded wife is generally a kind of relationship which is considered to be a societal taboo, unacceptable to many considering a plain Mismatch. But then many of us fell in love with "Dharam-Meera" and then why not??

In history of love,time and again Love has battled social norms,changed customs,overcome prohibitions and altered or abolished Laws aimed at restricting Love relationship.Often at great cost 'Love usually eventually wins'.

A famous line says "She got gaps,I got gaps...Together we fill gaps".DhEera are as such.They didn't fall for each other intentionally,they hated each other but then Love has to be happened coz somewhere they complete those voids in each other lives.

Meera besides having a golden heart is one short-tempered, arrogant and stubborn but the only persons who calms down her easily is Dharam. He knows her better than herself. He is one good husband who can make her wife smile and Love her like anything.

Its not easy to sparkle Love again in a Man's life who is at his 40's.He has already lived his life,worked hard,had family and now is at his retirement phase.But then if love strikes them again it is definitely not only cause of beauty of his Lady-love.In a Boring life of Dharam, Meera is a breath of fresh air to him.He loves to pamper his young wife as a little kid and loves to get pampered in return too. Meera is the one who brings out that lost charm in his life which he left long ago cause he doesn't lives with his first wife since years and has never loved her.
In such case Meera's cuteness, pure heart and loving attention melts him.

They began as victim of revenge,hated each other but even then their was a soul deep connection which was undeniable.They shared pain got torn and part ways..but then each test made their love for each other much strong and no matter how many more test they go through,Their love will get stronger and DhEera will emerge as a winner and Soul mate and will keep shining and defining complicated LOVE.

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Dheera SS...Can Love Happen Twice? By Vampire2468
Dheera FF - Junooniyat By Dheera Fandom



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                                          ~~  Dheera.FC  (Instagram)  ~~
                                          ~~  Dheera Fanclub (Facebook)  ~~
                                          ~~  @Dheera_FC (Twitter) ~~
                                          ~~  Dheera Fanclub (Youtube)  ~~

                                                Follow Us! 


Tanya's Pre Birthday celebration with Entertainment Tadka - 


Gift Segment ('Amar & Tanya' received gifts from 'Dheera Fandom') with Entertainment Tadka - 

Gift Segment (Tanya Sharma receives gifts from fans) with Telly Reporter - 

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