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Happy Birthday Misek aka Simmo

-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 10 September 2017 at 8:24am | IP Logged

Simmo screaming  *NOOO WHAT THE HELLL ... errmmm my ENGLISH ... gosh my ENGLISH ... errrmmm WHAT THE HELLL* rolls and falls off her bed with a *thud sound*  and still continues with her WHAT THE HELL ...  .. 

Hearing the THUD sound , Poo, Moo, Hina ben who were planning for her surprise birthday ,  rush into her room ... and try to help a blabbering simmo off the floor ...  

Simmo is made sit and they give her water and  with a concern ...ask her what's wrong and what was she blabbering about her English ... 

Simmo throws a sharp glare at Poo and Miffs .. it's all because of you . 

Poo : Shocked whaaat ...

Hina and Moo : Pooo, did you push her ., that's soo mean of you grill  .. 

Ohhh shut up you both ... i was with you in the living room .. Angry *  Poo glares at Moo and Hina ben

Moo : Achcha yeh chodo, Simmo what happened to your English .. yeh sab kya hain ... 

Simmo leans on Moo and glares at Poo Hina is on other side of Simmo .

"Poo is the reason for everything "

 confused  faces  ConfusedConfused

*couple of days earlier *

Seeing the above on Poo's FB wall and the much celebrated use of Covfefe by Trump Simmo began to wonder if her english needed a jig, specially when she is preparing to give a speech at her bestie's graduation party !! she thought she should discuss this with Moo, ben and Poo

Poo you think I should try and jig up my english

Moo : Why u want to be like my ebp kids?

Ben : No No Munziye she probably wants to get it right after all you know how you write can land u in trouble on forums 

PooHelloz the ladies 

Simz : haan Ben u got the point 

Poo Yeah sure Simmo why not i think I can help you with that if you want 

Simz : You know someone kya ?

Poo *grinning wide to herself* : Yes I the knows the 100%  MAN who can make u talk walk english because english is a very funny language.

Ben: Yaas u jus wet Simz

Simz wondering whats happening here

Poo I emailed you the details jao enrol karo and then u can teach us yr brest frands some cool engleesh too

*aaj ke din *

Simmo enters the institute dreaming of  Arjun Kapoor ya Asfi type teacher ... but her eyes pop out seeing the 100% Hero Alom Bogra in glittery orange coat and florescent green pants... 

Bogra's eyes pop up looking at Simmo, he is totally fidaa on her ..  

Simmo cringes, controls her anger and hastily walks towards towards the door ...cursing her phooti kismat .. 

"hey you bootiful grill ... I crazee for you ,,, 100%  ... you know crazee for me  ?? " says bogra with his trademark headshake 

Simmo stops in her way,..  turns around "HUH !!"

"You crazeee sawing me in my glittery orange cot  and caming back rright ,.. I knew grills lau 100% Alom Bogra " with his trademark headshake 

An enraged Simmo finds it's outrageously funny and howlarious.. and she decides to have some fun with his Ingleesh 

So Mr.Bogra your English is so royal and classy .. where did you learn this and who is your inspiration ?? 
 : Simmo asked  with a straight face,...  

"Mr.Sassy Tharoor my incpiration ..he is 22% of me.. I am 100% Alom Bogra " says with confidence ..

Simmo under her breath " Sassy nahin hain be Shashi Tharoor ... god bless him !!"

"Wow so Mr. Shashi Tharoor ... wow I am his fan as well .. but after meeting you .. not anymore .. because you are 100% , he is only 22% good English talked... ermm "
 shakes her head as she started talked Bogra Englees ... *Moo shakes her head while writing this .. 

seeing Simmo and Bogra's discussion , rest of the students sneak out of the class. 

"Yes... yess you caming to write place .. I teaches Englees you speaked well in BBC also " 
Smiles Bogra at Simmo 

Simmo trying hard to control her laughter ... 
"How long have you been in this profession , was you dreaming teaching from kid " phew simmo knocks herself for her raitha failoed angrezi ... 

"No No I know teacher.. I am a 100% Hero "  Bogra with smile and confidence ... 

"chup be ... tu aur hero ..,..shakal dekh apni ..  errmmm sorry ... I mean you were HERO ?? why "were".. you still IS a HERO "  
says Simmo and mentally hits her head with a pan .. 

"Thank you  I apreseat your words kindly "

"Then how did you caming to teaching Engleesh "
 says Simmo drowsily for obvious reasons ..

"I show you my twitter ... " taking out his phone 

"You are on twitter Shocked " shocked Simmo ... 

"See my Englees is poplar with ladees in twitter .. but my fans boyzz not liking grills going crazee for 100% Hero .. they saying bad Engleesh I talking "

and starts showing his gems ... erm tweets ... 

"see this ... isn't it goood Engleesssh" 

This vilane caming and doing bad things to this bootiful grill...Hero Alom beet him very bed...hospital is admited to him...pray for him 

Simmo almost  dies unable to control her laughter ... 

and he keeps on showing his further gems with a great pride and confidence..

This green cot is vary popular with ladees...they go crazy when they see Hero Alom in green cot...here is a photo from new song...

isn't this perfect Inglish 100%  more good Sassy tharoor bad Inglisss : looks at Simmo for her approval 

Simmo *Nods in all directions yes and no ... * 

next .. 

i heard u kill deer and road in the traffic? court also free

"abe  you killing me with your angrezi " Simmo murmers under her breath 

"these boyzzz no liking  me Alom Bogra bcaazz grills going crazee as me is 100% handsome .. you agree na ... "

Grills want to take selfee wid me alwez wherewer I went...Ohh Allah, why I'm so handsome made by you...

Simmo reached a saturation ... can' no longer hold her laughter .. 

"Sir you are 100% Handsome HERO and your English 100% more Sassy tharoor ..  I will be your student for life .. I willl come  tomorrow to class 100% "

she runs out of the room even before Bogra says Bye ..

and lols and rofls on the floor ...recollecting his tweets ... opens her twitter and goes through the same tweets and is unstoppable...  

*later in the evening *

Simmo rushes to a graduation party of her bestie, where she has to give a speech and talk about her friend ... she wanted to give the best speech hence asked Poo if she knew anyone and Poolanded her in this Bografied Institude ... Simmo shrugs and walks into the party, when it's her turn to speak, she goes to the dias 

"My friend is my friend bcoz I am 100% grill friaaand of her .. she is bootiful  and studies crazee that she beets me and others 100% in marks .. and we beeten and hospital is admitted to us "  

Simmo shakes her head .. "ermm exuse me 100% " all guests are laughing at her 

her bestie takes her aside.. Simmo is sad ki she ruined her friend's party ... 

 and screams ..
.*NOOO NOOO ...  WHAT THE HELLL ... errmmm my ENGLISH ... gosh my ENGLISH ... WHAT"s wrong .. this is NOT me ...errrmmm WHAT THE HELLL* rolls and falls off her bed with a *thud sound*  and still continues with her WHAT THE HELL ...  .. 

*** end of the dream .. ermm nightmare .. ermm  bogramare ****

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munnihyderabad Moderator

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Posted: 10 September 2017 at 4:03pm | IP Logged

the girls keep on ROFLing and LOLing continously ... Simmo glares at them  and then joins the laughter ... 

After a good 30 minutes Simmo asks them what  they were doing in her apartment ..

Ben : "coffee peene aaye .. par tu toh kahin aur hi hain .. "

Simmo : ab toh mujhe bhi coffee chaahiye .. this Bogra na AngryROFL

Simmo makes her way into the kitchen passing through the living room,  
suddenly the tv is turned on. when Moo steps on the remote .. on the floor ..  and the song "angrezi mein kehte hain ki I love you " starts playing on TV,  (the girls were half way through decorating the place when they ran to Simmo's room, because of the thud sound)  the video has Bogra and Simmo with "Happy Birthday Simmo " on it !!

"ARRGGGHHH you grills "  glares at Poo for making the VM LOL

she turns off the tv  and then notices a  huge poster of Bogra Simmo ka siggie with "Happy Birthday Bogress"  

She pulls it down tears it and stomps and glares at Hina ben for making the siggie poster ...

walks into the kitchen in a huff..  but is excited to see a cake box ... we wish her in a rather slow voice 

hApPy bIrThDaY sImMo Hug

she slowly opens the box ... 

WTHHH you grills Angry takes the knife and stabs the  Bogra cake ... 

*cake ko toh spare karte HMPH !*

20 minutes later ...  they settle down with the stabbed cake ... and coffee and go through their favorite twitter handle yet again and the LOLing and ROFLing continues .. into the early hours .. 

Baar Baar Din Yah Aaye, Baar Baar Dil Yah Gaaye
Tu Jiye Hazaaron Saal, Yah Meri Arazu Hai
Happy Birthday To You 2
Happy Birthday To You, Simmo, Happy Birthday To You Hug

We LOVESSS you 100% HugHug

(waise toh you got us as friends isse better gift you can never get but fir bhi ...LOL)

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
Joined: 07 February 2007
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Posted: 10 September 2017 at 4:24pm | IP Logged

Happy Birthday Simmo Embarrassed

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Javitri, FFG Cupids
Joined: 31 August 2011
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Posted: 11 September 2017 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Happy birthday! Stay blessed. :)

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..AjabdeBaisa.. IF-Stunnerz

Captain Jaifal
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Posted: 11 September 2017 at 3:23am | IP Logged
Happy birthday Misek! :)

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hinz Viewbie

Joined: 13 September 2005
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Posted: 11 September 2017 at 6:49am | IP Logged

Sim ben ka budday aaya lots of bogress fun saath laya...

hepy budde Sim*kiss kiss kiss* , grill you rockzz! 

we louwes ue in angrezi, Gujrati, bengali, and of in cource bogressi da mostROFLROFLROFL

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-Misek- Viewbie

Stormtrooper of CC
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Posted: 12 September 2017 at 2:58am | IP Logged
Awww, Thank you so much Da-familyHug the themes are getting interesting each year.. I had a feeling that it would be Bogra and was scared to even read LOLLOL haha Thanks for making me only learn Bogra inspired Englishh, I was worried it could be shaking legs in his infamous choreographyROFL and that speech I made lol my friend would have kicked me out from her party and many others to come ROFLROFL
Ps What is with the VM- I think I know the culprit behing the multi linguistics talent Angry I shall get back to you in upcoming birthdays ROFL

On diffirent note, I loved the siggys Heart and Arjun on top of the thread Blushing

Thank you for yet another amazing thread.. you grills rock.. Love ya xx

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-Misek- Viewbie

Stormtrooper of CC
Joined: 15 December 2011
Posts: 9713

Posted: 12 September 2017 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Radhikerani

Happy birthday! Stay blessed. :)

Thank you Smile

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