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PrAnushka FF- First Impressions Part-8 updated (Page 7)

sweety1025 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2017 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PriyaSweety-Anu

Thanks for PM,Dear.Smile
It was Amazing Part.Smile
Ashmith attitude was so interesting.Smile
Shasha feelings on Ashmith on seeing his Eyes was so Cute.Embarrassed
Shasha act to makes Ashu and Vikram sit beside,it was so Cute.Smile
Vikram Character was so Nice.Smile
Shasha staring at Vikram was so Interesting.Smile
Shasha became shocked when Vikram said that she will become Favourite to Ashmith.Wink
Amar Jealousy for this was so Interesting.Smile
Here,Ashmith also thinking about Shasha was so Interesting.Smile
The Story is getting So Interesting.Smile
Please Update Next Part soon.Smile


Thank you so muchEmbarrassed

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sweety1025 Senior Member

Joined: 30 May 2016
Posts: 443

Posted: 22 July 2017 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hasi.83

Nice and cute update sweety... Clap Clap Clap

Even though they didn't have a proper conversation... still attracted towards each other... waiting to see whats up with them in next parts...

Thanks for the update dear..

Clap Clap Clap

Thank youEmbarrassed

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sweety1025 Senior Member

Joined: 30 May 2016
Posts: 443

Posted: 22 July 2017 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Penfolk

That was cute!
And I specifically loved this line..
as if he understood that someone is studying his eyes, he covered them with shades. 

Thank youEmbarrassed

Edited by sweety1025 - 22 July 2017 at 8:01am
sweety1025 Senior Member

Joined: 30 May 2016
Posts: 443

Posted: 04 August 2017 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Sorry for the late update guysOuch

Vikram woke up early in the morning as it's his special day, His business is going to be extended and he is even more excited to meet Ashu..., the night was so long for him and today is the way for his new life... everything he dreamt of his life is going to be true. He had a cool shower and got ready for the breakfast.

"Good morning, Vikram his sister wished him with a sweet smile

"Good morning Vishu, where is Ashmith? he queried as he didn't find his friend at the breakfast table

"I guess he is still sleeping

"Ashmith!! and sleeping till now? Impossible

"Is he alright, let me check once he adds

He knocks Ashmith's door and doesn't get any response

He goes in and is shocked seeing Ashmith sleeping on his study table

He taps his back... "Ashmith, Ashmith..., wake up man

Ashmith slowly opens his eyes and rubs them to see the blurry person in front of him

"Vikram... you

 "Dude, why did you sleep here??

Wasn't that bed comfortable??

 You must have informed me at night itself... I would have arranged another room for you

"No Vikram, I was working on my Laptop and don't know when I slept

"Uff!! Man please take care of your health too, or else I'll start searching bride for you he winks

Ashmith glares at him, Vikram laughs and go out

Rao's Residence-

Everyone got up and were waiting for Amar at breakfast table, this is one of the good habits of Patels, from childhood they were taught to eat their Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner together with their family so that they can spend time together.

"I am sorry, So sorry guys.. kept you all waiting Amar apologized

"Ah!! Don't be sorry, we know you must have really some important work Mr. Patel says

Amar looks at his cousins while eating  and something naughty cooks up in his brain

"You three are still here?? Don't want to attend the party?

"What do you mean Amar, why don't we attend party if  we are here? Preethi asked

"If you don't start getting ready now, you can't attend today's party

"How mean!! all three replied and the elders laughed

"What's so mean in that? Tell me when and where did you reach on time

"Amar shut up!!! Stop teasing them or else I'll tell your stories his mother warned him

Three girls laughed and thanked their Aunt, Amar kept quiet and resumed his eating.

Ashu's wait is over, finally it was evening and Saasha was helping her in getting ready.

"Girls are you ready?? their mom ran in

"Yeah mom, Ashu is ready

"You're looking so pretty Darling She caressed Ashu's cheeks and kissed her

Ashu blushed.

"Saasha, what about you? You're still in this dress... go and get ready fast

"Hmm... Ok mom She leaves

"Ashu listen, we are going now, your Aunt needs our help... You and your sisters come later... ok?

Ashu nods

At party hall-

Vikram received his guests but he was waiting for someone, his eyes are fixed at the entrance and as soon as he saw Amar receiving his Aunt and Uncle, he ran to them

It didn't take him much time to recognize that the couple standing in front of him are Ashu's parents, Ashu is same like her mum.

Amar introduced him to the couple and Mrs. Patel's happiness knew no boundaries, even Vikram was pleased to meet them, his smile didn't vanish unless he realized his Ashu haven't come with them.

Where Vikram was busy in conversation with his to be in-laws, if everything goes well, Ashmith was busy in studying them- their gestures, their talks, their intentions etc, from that short conversation he was able to understand that Mrs. Patel wants Ashu to marry his dear friend. Vikram saw him and gestured him to come, like a gentleman he went there. Vikram introduced him to them. Mrs. Patel was not so excited about him as from what Saasha said about him, she didn't like him. Mr. Patel forwarded his hand and this time Ashmith didn't upset him. He just stood there with them not uttering a word except when they talked to him.

Hyderabad roads are so busy and especially in the evenings it's difficult to reach on time; these sisters are stuck in traffic from 1 hour and the saddest part was there were no signals to inform their parents.

Vikram and their family became restless not knowing about these girls.

"Uncle it's too late, let me go and search them Amar said worriedly

He was about to leave when he saw his two cousins in front of him. Vikram gasps seeing Ashu safe

"Phoof you are finally here Mrs. Patel says

"Where is Saasha? their father queries and Ashmith's eyes have the same question

Ashu and Preethi looks at each other.

"Ashu tell me, where is she? her mom is really tensed

"Mom, Saasha...

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Dwipanita IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2017 at 10:29am | IP Logged
oh teri! where is Sasha?? this is really a good thing to keep ur readers in suspense. now Ashmith will go to bring back Sasha whether she is in danger or any other problem

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shreyj7 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2017 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Where is Saasha keeping in suspense huh????Day Dreaming
You write very well haven't got a chance to post a reply because been a bit busy but awesome contentBig smileBig smile

P:S. Can you PM when you next updateStar

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sweety1025 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 October 2017 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Sorry for the delayOuch
Got strucked up with many works and couldn't update
but today i'll post the next update
Thankew guys for reading and supporting my ffSmile
sweety1025 Senior Member

Joined: 30 May 2016
Posts: 443

Posted: 02 October 2017 at 11:11pm | IP Logged

"Mom, Saasha..."

"Now stop your nagging and tell where is she" their father lost his cool

"Dad calm down!!, she's safe and here itself... talking to her friend outside" Ashu finally said and Ashmith sighed running his hand through his hair

"Outside??, then what's wrong with you girls??

Why were you stammering to tell this?"

"Dad its Ciera outside" Preethi looked at Ashu if she can tell the truth and Ashu blinked her eyes

"Woah!! Ciera is here??" Mr. Patel exclaimed and Mrs. Patel's tensed face is replaced with a fierce look

Ashu looked at her mom before continuing "and even her Mom"

Mr. Patel face became pale and he looked at his wife just to see her muttering something; probably cursing someone within herself

Ashu now noticed Vikram who was confusingly looking at her not even understanding a point from what she told her parents, she managed to smile at him and he returned it back frowning

Mrs. Patel went away followed by her husband and everyone remained silent.

 "Ashu tell me one thing, why is Aunt so serious on hearing about Ciera??" Amar asked unable to control his anxiety

"Ciera was Saasha's closest friend when we lived in Araku, she was a small girl when she lost her father, so Dad treated Ciera equal to us; later by dropping and picking Saasha at their house, he got into conversations with her mother and came to know that Ciera's mom was his childhood crush.

You know.., my dad never hides anything from my mom and he even cleared her that his love was only for her and he can never imagine anyone in her place. Even my mom didn't argue much as she trusts my father than herself. But Ciera's mom- Rosie aunt kept visiting our house very frequently than before, she used to call dad for some or other help... Mom didn't like it and then she made Dad to apply for transfer" Ashu paused

"Then what happened..." Vikram asked

"What will happen, Mom hated her so much and she didn't even inform us about shifting our place so that Rosie aunt will not know about it, one day when we came out of the school Mom and Dad picked us in car and left Araku forever, Poor Saasha di, she spent many nights sleepless and kept starving herself... She begged my mom to take her back to Araku but mom didn't listen to her and then dad somehow convinced di, she missed Ciera so much..." Preethi said with a sad expression

Even Ashmith felt bad for Saasha

"hmm... Past is past but I'm glad that they at least met now" Ashu smiled

Everyone agreed with her

"So, guys let's start our party its already late" Vikram said looking at his watch

"People get ready and choose your partners" Vikram said looking at Ashu

Vikram forwarded his hand and asked Ashu for dance, Preethi was ready with a handsome young man, Mrs. Patel angrily turned down her husband, Amar refused to dance with anyone waiting for his partner who is busy outside and Ashmith always hated such dances so even he turned down Vishali

"Start the music" Amar said loudly

A soft romantic music played, Amar and Ashmith's eyes were glued at the entrance waiting to see Saasha

Both were dragged on the dance floor by Vikram when a cool breeze touched Ashmith

He looked at the entrance to find a silhouette behind curtain, a smile adorned his face, he kept staring at it, the curtains blew due to air revealing the person behind it little.

He saw her eyes glowing like the twin suns, she moved forward, he lost it between his heart and brain... today most difficultly his brain wined over his heart telling that  "Your Ashmith Suryavanshi..; smart, rich and beautiful girls from all over the world are behind you and you... you are interested in this middle class- average beauty?? Forget her Ashmith, she isn't made for you, you deserve more than her" but all his brain talks went in vain seeing her, his heart conquered him completely, she looked gorgeous in her blue gown which was his favorite color too, her lively smile made her look more beautiful

He kept admiring her and turned away when he realized she was coming towards his direction, he got nervous thinking about dancing with her as he is not yet ready for it, he immediately asked Vishali for dance to keep himself busy but little did he know there was another gentleman standing right behind him with his hand forward and a wide smile on his lips waiting to dance with his cousin.

Ashmith got more and more nervous seeing her getting closer towards him, one part of him wanted to ask her for a dance and the other filled with pride was afraid of being rejected. His subconscious mind made an eye contact with her before he realized it she walked past behind him and hugged her cousin. It hurted seeing her hugging someone else but he kept telling himself  "C'mon dude, they are cousins and nothing is wrong in that, especially when you are no one but a stranger to her"

He danced with his partner but his eyes danced with many emotions seeing Saasha... and the worst of all were seeing her blushing for Amar words and then later she found him staring at her, he was embarrassed and didn't even think before leaving his partner because he was neither interested in her or the dance moments he was doing, it was just his hands following his partner instructions, his mind, heart and everything were with someone else.

A thud sound bought his senses back, he looked in the direction of sound and found Vishali on the ground rubbing her legs, She decided to take advantage of the situation and tried getting romantic with him, she made him hold her waist and was leaning back, that's when he left her and she landed on ground.

"What are you doing on ground?" he asked innocently unaware of his mistake

She widened her eyes You are asking as if I wantedly fell on ground and you have nothing to do with it?"

He didn't want to drag the topic so he apologized and helped her in settling down and stood at a corner where he can be far from everyone including Saasha but can have a not so clear look at everyone.

They were shifting partners, Vikram and Saasha danced twice, Ashu and Vikram for countless times which made her mom happy and gave her more expectations. Vikram needed little break, he went aside and didn't find his friend anywhere.

He thought for some time and went away, Ashmith was thinking something deeply when his friend tapped his shoulders

"Ashmith, what's wrong with you? Why can't you enjoy the party? See there are many beautiful girls, why can't you dance with them?" Vikram asked

"Yeah all the beautiful girls are engaged with someone or the other" he replied rubbing his eyebrows

Vikram looked at him confusingly

"I mean, see you got the most beautiful girl in the hall, Ashu and no one is that beautiful enough to tempt me to dance, sorry to say this but not even your girl" he winked

"Oh c'mon!! See her, Ashu's sister- Saasha, how gorgeous she is looking, every men in the party are dying to dance with her" he said pointing at Saasha behind Ashmith who came to have a drink with her mother.

Ashmith turned back and looked at her for some time, when she was about to turn towards him he turned to his friend and continued "There is nothing special about her, she's not so beautiful and she would be my last choice to dance", he said hiding how much he is willing to dance with her

Saasha gritted her teeth hearing this and even her mom hated Ashmith so much for insulting her daughter, Ashmith didn't expect this to be heard by them, he just wanted to avoid what he feels about Saasha from his friend.

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