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PrAnushka SS: Pelli Choopulu the Matchmaking Ph 18 pg47 Dt 15/01 (Page 47)

MeenuCrazyPanda IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 January 2018 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Happy sankranti Guys

Phase 18: Vizag Lo Dragon, Bejawada lo Thindi Pothu

Raghunandhu was driving as Sreenu was munching Chakralu made by Parthavi that morning before leaving for the flight. Raghunandhu smiled thinking of how she made them and why she made them.

The morning, Raghunandhu woke up with Parthavi in his arms as she was sleeping with his shoulder as her pillow. It was how he wanted to wake up everyday.

"Ms. Dragon.. Wake up

He whispered in her ear.

"5 more minutes Mama

"Mama kathu, bava.

Parthavi opened her one eye and looked around.

"Bava na?

She looked up and saw Raghunandhu grinning. She sat up with startle.


"Yes madam.

"Who is bava?


"Meeru Bava enti? Chee move aside!

"Hey! Enti Chee? Now itself.. WE have a life ahead to wake up like this.

Parthavi scowled at him.

"Chee chee.. Poddu poddune  started?

Saying she pushed him and went inside the washroom to get fresh. Chuckling Raghunandhu too went to the other common bathroom to freshen.

After the shower, feeling fresh and hungry Parthavi went outside and found a morning milk parlor from where she got the milk and went to the nearby 24 hours supermarket to get some oil and flour, gram flour and fresh palak.

"World war??

Raghunandhu asked seeing her entering with the grocery.


She said growling as she went to the modular kitchen in Prithvi's house. Within some time, Raghunandhu smelled awesome coffee. He took a deep breath closing eyes and the moment he opened his eyes, he saw Parthavi standing there with 2 mugs of coffee.

"Ahh Parthavi. Love you for this

He said very casually making Parthavi gasp. He looked up at her after a sip and looked up at her to see her standing still. He thought frowning and understood what he said. His ears went red.

"Ahh.. Sorry.. I meant.. Coffee..

By then Parthavi who had composed herself raised her brow.


"Haan.. coffee?

She asked.

"Coffee chaala bagundi.

He stammered and took another sip. Parthavi hid her smile behind the cup as she enjoyed her coffee and also the sight of the embarrassed man in front of her.

After both were done, she took his cup and went inside. Raghunadhu smiled as he followed his girl in PJ. That bugs bunny T shirt and Grey PJ did make her look..

His A rated thoughts were interrupted as he saw Parthavi kneading a green dough.

"What are you doing?

"Rat poison

She said as she tested the dough for hardness and then started making small balls of them.

"Never knew there were rats  here. If you meant yourself.. Then..

Parthavi stood with a Spatula aimed at him.

"Hey hey.. Relax Dragon.

"Shut up.

She said as she went  back to making twisted rounds out of the balls.

"You know to make Chakralu?

"Learnt to make them when I was in hostel. Amma nerpindi


He said taking a ball of dough and popping it in his mouth. She swatted his hand.

"Dont eat them until I make them!

"Dough or fried. I eat them anyway

Saying he was about to take one more as she swatted his hand again with the spatula.


"No eating. I am making them so that you can have them as snacks for at least a week and if you eat them as dough, what will you do for snacks?

"Buy outside?

"Okay.. Then I will still make them and give them to Ishaani. Amma said at this time, Such food will help her.

"Researching already?

Parthavi turned with her hands on her hip and looked at him as if she was breathing fire through her nose.

"Ammo Dragon

"Shut up

She huffed and started frying them. Raghunandhu helped her to fry them and store them in a container. Once they were done, they went to Ishaani's house and gave her a box making her squeal.

"Partha.. I love youuu

Parthavi smiled. But then her cheeks colored remembering another time when the man beside her uttered the same.

"Bava Paapam Ishu. Look at him eyeing the Chakralu and then glaring at me.

"He did not make them. So No love for him.

Ishaani said popping a Chakra in her mouth. Sanjeev hit his forehead.

"Food.. Is her first love!

"Wow bro! I see my future in you

"You should. So that you will be warned!

Ishaani swatted Sanju's hands as Parthavi jabbed Raghunandhu's stomach. Both men yelped. Ishaani had made lunch that she packed it in a box for them so that they along with Sathya and Vedmohan can have. Thanking them, both left to Raghunandhu's penthouse.

"He is not there in your office cabin.

Parthavi said.

"You expected him to be?


Chuckling Raghunandhu opened his penthouse with the key he had and saw the culprits. Sleeping on the couch. Sathya slept with her head on Vedmohan's lap and his hand was still caressing her head, with his other hand around her holding her tight, even as she slept in that awkwards sitting position.

Parthavi looked up at Raghunandhu.

"They did need each other.

"Yes. they did.

Slowly Parthavi went to sathya and woke her up.


Sathya and Vedmohan woke up with a startle and looked up to see the other other couple.

"Ahh.. Bava..


"Yes! That is us

Both replied in chorus easing the situation.

"Both freshen up. We brought lunch.

Parthavi said showing the boxes Ishaani packed them. Sathya and Vedmohan just ran from there to freshen up and came back wearing fresh clothes. So did Sathya.

Soon Lunch was noisy affair. Parthavi got up to put the dishes away. As she was putting them in the kitchen sink, she felt a pair of arms going around her.


She turned in his arms and smiled.


"In just an hour, you will be going back to Vizag!

"Hmm.. YEs..

"And we have 36 days!

"A month. Wow



"Vedmohan will take you and Sathya to the airport.

Parthavi frowned.

"I am going to Srinivas's house. I am leaving to Bejawada.


"I have a peddanana.

"I know.



Parthavi mumbled knowing it was him who kept pushing Vedmohan to the brink. So much that today he stood losing his family.



"Don't be. Whatever he did. He is family. I have 2 younger sisters and a Peddamma who love us despite the restrictions put up by Peddanana.

"Really? I have 2 more vadinagaru?

Parthavi smiled as she understood what the family meant for him.

"Yes. Ratna and Raji.. I mean Rathnitha and Rajvitha. They are studying in Siddhartha Medical University in Bejawada.

"You are going to invite them?


"Please tell them my Hi. And tell them I missed them in our engagement.

Raghunandhu smiled as he pulled her more close to him. Smiling Parthavi locked her hand around his neck as he leaned in and their lips met. His one hand held her waist while the other cupped her cheek. Their second kiss was even better. Both did not know for how long they were locked that way. But they knew one thing. This was not a Bye.


Raghunandhu was brought out of his morning memory of his Fiance by Srinivas's call.

"Orei! We are not in office. How many times I have asked you not to call me like that.

"You are my boss!

"No. You are a partner in our firm.

"Working partner.

"Partner is a partner Sreenu. Now put that chakralu down. I have to give them to my sisters too.

"Hey. I am eating from the box madam sent me.

"Madam ah? Wait.. I will text her..

"No no! Please Nandha! Dont text Chellamma

"Orei Paapi! You are scared of her? You immediately dropped the formality  

Raghunandhu growled.

"You are classmate. She is my sister

"She is sister because she is marrying ME! And that chakralu are for my CHELLAMMA too.. Your wife ra. Keep them down.

"Jealous, are we?

Srinivas grinned. Raghunandhu could just smile and shake his head. Parthavi managed to even pull his trusted friend and loyal man of his to her side. Just with a box of Chakralu. He did not stand a chance in front of that.

"Rei! Listen. I am dropping you in your wife's house and from there I am taking this car.. Your car to meet my sisters. Okay?

"Okay. After meeting them, you are bringing them to our house where Peddamma will be waiting. Then I send them via cab, you stay the night here at our house and we leave back to hyderabad tomorrow


Raghunandhu said and switched on the music system. A beautiful melody from the movie Kotha Bangaaru Lokam played.

Lyrics Translation

There Parthavi went inside her room saying she is tired and switched on her music system and tuned to Kotha Bangaru Lokam album.

How the song merged with their story right now, thinking both smiled. Raghunandhu smiled as he thought about Parthavi, how she became integral part of himself within such a short time. Parthavi smiled with closed eyes as she saw Raghunandhu supporting her in her every step. Like he said once, there is nothing wrong in following your women when she is taking you down the right path, she thought that she could follow down in his path too.

The song lulled Parthavi into beautiful sleep while it took Raghunandhu into a euphoria.


Srinivas shook him. The car halted with a screech on the highway road. Raghunandhu saw that they were really close to Bejawada now. Calming his racing heart, he turned to his friend.

"Yem ayindi ra?

"Po ra Waste fellow

Saying Srinivas got down the car and ran towards the petrol station nearby. Raghunandhu understood him and laughed. Once he was back, Raghunandhu started the car.

"You had to yell like some bomb dropped on me?

"Vedhava! You were so in to dreamworld, did not come out even after that song and 100 other songs were done. But my bladder doesnt know that my idiot friend is dreaming of his fiance kada?

"Chee shameless fellow.

"Take me safely to my wife ra. My son thinks that his Raga Mavaiyya is epitome of goodness. Only I know the real state of you.

"Shut up ra rei.

Srinivas just growled. Raghunandhu laughed as they went inside the city. It was already 5 in the evening.

Raghunandhu and Srinivas were very enthusiastically welcome by Srinivas's son, Nayanesh Vaidhav as they got down in front of a beautiful traditional house in Bejawada.

"Raga Mavaiyya!

"Hey Chinna. How are you?

"Fine Mavaiyya. How are you?

"Very good.

"Where is my Athaiyya?

"Athaiyya na?

Raghunandhu looked around with wide eyes. Srinivas snorted but then smiled listening to a very beautiful laugh. HE looked in the direction and found his wife.

"Orei! Close your mouth. Maahishmati waterfalls kanapadutondi

Srinivas closed his mouth and looked at Raghunandhu who was laughing and giving an hi5 to his son.


Saying Srinivas went to his wife who took his bag and chakralu box.

"Vadina made them annaiyya?

"He already told you in whatsapp kada Pranathi? Then why asking. Eat them and tell how it is

"You ate them yourself. So you will know

Saying pranathi showed her tongue making everyone laugh.

"Seri Pranathi. I am leaving to the college. The dangerous duo are waiting for me.

"Bring them here for dinner Annaiyya. And you Sesha Srinivasalu, go and get Peddamma here. I already gathered information. Peddanana has gone to Mangalagiri to get his materials. He will come in the morning only.

"How useful you being in your  mother's place for us

"Pranathi! Alludu is still waiting outside?

They heard Pranathi's mother. Sreeni immediately ran inside with his son following him laughing.

"Pranathi, I am leaving. Amma ki you answer yourself. Bye

Saying Raghunandhu took the car.

Parthavi woke up and looked at her mobile and sighed seeing no message yet. She knew he must be driving. So she just woke up and freshened and saw that the time was already pushing 6 in the evening.

She lit a lamp in the pooja room after her evening bath and looked around for her parents. Only to find Bhoomi in the kitchen while Ditvi was asleep in a room with Sathya beside.


"Lechara ammagaru.

"Sorry ra. I was so tired.

"Really? Never slept last night?

Bhoomi asked raising her eyebrow and grinning. Parthavi who was taking out an empty water bottle, threw it in bhoomi's direction that she missed giggling.

"Shut up. Where are Amma nana, Vasu?

"Amma nana, my amma nana Vasu and Prithvi have gone to Bejawada. To Thathaiyya's house. The wedding invitation cards have come. So they have gone to give Thathaiyya first.

"He is back from Rameswaram?

"Yes. He is. Krishna babayi called yesterday. So they went today. Its just a month kada. We have start giving the cards. So they did not waste time and Prithvi is driving them taking turns with Nana.

"Ahh okay.

"When did Sathya come?

"She came the morning of Alumni meet bhoomi. Shock to us also.

"Ved was also there kada?


Parthavi frowned. Her amma asked the same. Now Bhoomi asking the same. What was happening?

"Adi pakkana pettu. What happened for past 2 nights?

Bhoomi asked Parthavi who was helping with the dinner.

"Chee shut up!

Parthavi said. But could not help the color raising in her cheeks.

"Aha.. Look at the color. Ante? Touch? Hands? Kiss? Or all over?

"Yei Shut up bey!

Parthavi said scowling.

"Okay okay

Bhoomi said teasing. Grunting Parthavi switched off the stove on which the rasam was cooking and stomped out to the room where Ditvi and Sathya were sleeping.


Raghunandhu chuckled hearing the squeal of two little bombshells who came running to him. He hugged them.

"How are you?


Both beamed at him. He too smiled and looked up to see Prithvi getting down from a car, followed by ShivaPrasad, shakthi, Prabha and Hariharan who had their pointed looks on the girls in his arms.

Please find the Lyrics translation on the link provided. Thank you

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natashu IF-Dazzler

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Ah, this was a nice breezy chapter! Big smile

I like that we can enjoy this in-between period between marriage. The two are engaged and so lovey-dovey even with the spatula smacks in the middle LOL

Parthu cooking was definitely a sight for me too! The two are simple souls and I love that about them!

When the two will finally be husband-wife, it will be fireworks for sure, hehe

Now let's get the prep for the shaadi goin' jaldi jaldi!

P. S. That song is very, very soothing!

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hasi.83 Goldie

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Beautiful update meenu. ClapClapClapClapClap

Love the cute moments between parthu and raghu...Day Dreaming

It's not even a day and Raghu is already missing his love..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Just matter of days they will be together forever..WinkWinkWink

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shreyj7 Senior Member

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Super chapter!!
Ahhh and now let the spatula games begin. Oh so early, but totally fun re!!!! I love em. heheh I cannot wait for this after marriage they both are totally gonna rock it with em spatula smacks!! LOL
Ahhh and then we have some good missing ehhh. 
Parthu and Raghu missing each other so much re. 
Raghu missing Ms. HR ehhh no worries!
And Parthu missing Mr. Architect no worries to that too. 
Soon you be hubby-wifey and then you both could go together everywhere woohooo
I am sooo excited to dance in their marriage I cannot wait. 
gonna dance my legs offf Cool
The song though ahhh so beautiful
Loved it Meenuuu
Keep Writing
Update soon

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PriyaSweety-Anu IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for Update,Dear.Smile
I'm so sorry for late and not commenting on last Parts,Busy in Exams..Sleepy
It was Amazing Part.Smile
Raghu and Parthavi Morning Part was so Cute.Embarrassed
Raghu teasing Parthavi wake up her on calling her it her Bava,it was so Cute.Embarrassed
Raghu saying I love you to Parthavi and her Blushing,it was so Cute.Embarrassed
Chakralu Part was so Interestingly explained.Smile
Raghu and Parthavi Kiss was so Cute.Embarrassed
The Song was so Nice..Smile
Raghu missing Parthavi,it was so interesting.Smile
Bhoomi teasing Parthavi was so Cute.Embarrassed
Waiting for Parthavi and Raghu Marriage..Smile
The Story is getting so interesting.Smile
Please Continue soon.Smile
aaradhaya1688 IF-Dazzler

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Loved the update 

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