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PrAnushka SS: Pelli Choopulu the Matchmaking Ph 18 pg47 Dt 15/01 (Page 46)

shreyj7 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 December 2017 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Oh My gosh! This just ahh made me laugh out loud which I havent done in a week now. 
It was so nice to see these two together and just aggghhh Raghu and Parthu being raghu and Parthu.
Legit in the middle of science laughing my mouth off and having awkward glares but who cares when I have these two with me. 
Ahhh Bhoomi just too good woman too good.. 
Meenu hats off to you for this and thank you so so much. 
Loved it a lot. 
Keep Writing 
Update soon 

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PriyaSweety-Anu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2017 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Thanks for Update,Dear.Smile
The Poster was Awesome,I likes it.Smile
It was Amazing Part.Smile
Bhoomi teasing Parthavi about Raghu on seeing song was so Cute.Embarrassed
Parthavi and Raghu Morning Moment was so lovely.Embarrassed
Raghu and Parthavi nick Names were so Cute.Embarrassed
The Bike Part was so nice.Smile
The way Parthavi makes Raghu smile was so Nice.Smile
Parthavi and Raghu Shopping Part was so Interestingly explained.Smile
Parthavi antics were so Cute.Embarrassed
The way Raghu handling with Parthavi antics was so Nice,I likes it.Smile
The Story is getting so Interesting.Smile
Please Continue soon.Smile

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natashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2017 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Anbu, that poster Day Dreaming

Man this chapter was everything I wanted it to be, full of love and laughs! 

You keep it light and crispy all at the same time, which I simply adore! Raghu aur Parthu toh are my absolute cuties! They're steadily easing in and giving in to each other, sigh. Blushing

The way Parthu freaked at the bike though LOL

And the shopping bits at the end, hehehe. I hate shopping too! Whoever ends up being my Raghu will be equally surprised to see us walk out of the store quick LOL

What I love about your stories is the way you characterize and stick to your development of the same. This is incredibly important and you deliver every time; kudos to you, dear author!

Do update the next chapter soon!

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MeenuCrazyPanda IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 January 2018 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Another update ready..

Phase 17: Snehithulu, Premikulu

Raghunandhu parked the bike and took all the shopping bags as he saw Parthavi engulfing Ishaani in a nice long hug. Raghunandhu chuckled.

"Parthavi! Give the gift

He said shaking Sanjeev's hands. But Sanjeev went on to hug Raghunandhu surprising him.

"Welcome to the family!

Raghunandhu smiled and looked at Parthavi who was smiling too.

"Sanju Bava.. too much formalities. He has no choice!

Both men laughed.

"And you ishu.. How is my princess?

"It could be a prince!

"Who cares! I AM A PINNI NOWWW

Everyone laughed. At that moment, Arush came running and hugged Parthavi's legs. Eyes twinkling, Parthavi took Arush in her arms as he kissed her.

"Hey kannaaa.. You are here already?

She said kissing his chubby cheeks.

"Atha.. nenu.. Chelli, Amma nanna..

He said and on cue they heard anklets clinking as the baby girl ran and hugged Parthavi's legs. Parthavi carried her on her other arm and exchanged kisses making her giggle.

"Give them to me Parthavi and give Ishaani her gift.

Saying Raghunadhu dropped the bags on the couch and took the kids in his arms as Parthavi gave the stoller to Ishaani who smiled.

"Pinni gives the gift to the baby eh.. And that too Red color. Why am I not surprised!

"Because you are not.

Parthavi glared and Raghunandhu frowned.


"Oh come on! Raghu bava... you never understood after shopping with her?

"Boss! Parthavi is attracted to red color!

"Ahhh!! No wonder, she chose this first and nothing else could convince her!

"Shut up! You werent any different either

"Because Red is a good color


Sanjeev laughed at his dramatic wife when everyone came out from the room on the side.

"Hey kotha pelli kuthuru

Everyone yelled making Raghunandhu and parthavi chuckle.

"Seriously guys?

"Oh shut up and learn to be the shy bride!

"Sorry.. He has taken up the role for me

Parthavi said pointing to Raghu whose ears were red already. Everyone laughed.

"What were you doing in that room?

"We all bought gifts.. And since that is supposed to be the nursery, we were decorating it with the gifts.

Anbu said.

"You were decorating? Or making bhas bro do it?

"Ahh you know your friend well Parthavi!

Came the voice of a young man who stood beside Anbumozhi who was jabbing his stomach.

"Outrageous! Anbu.. Bro Paavam!

"Shut up Partha

She said. Raghunandhu smiled.

"Hey there Mr. Architect! I am Mr. Web designer. I mean.. I am Bhaswath Vignarajan, sometimes known as Mr. Anbumozhi.

Raghunandhu smiled shaking hands with Anbu's husband after giving Arush and Mitra to Matheysh.

"I am Mr. Laddoo..

A man who looked like a grown up teddy bear said making Lakshya hit his head.

"His name is Veer, Raghu jeeju

Raghunandhu laughed.

"You do look like Mr. Laddoo Veer!

"Marriage agrees well with me

He said pulling Lakshya into his arms making everyone make a noise.

"Where are Aakarsh and Kailash?

Matheysh asked looking around. At that moment, his kids pulled two men who were drenched in sweat.

"Aah! That is my clumsy man! Aakarsh!

Said Tasha as she ran to her husband and gave him a towel.

"And that is my Fiance of long time, Kailash! The Commitment phobic.

Said Rashika as she removed her partner from the clutches of Arush.

Raghunandhu smiled at both men and shook their hands.

"Amma Mathiiieee... Enough of decorating the nursery. Bayatiki Raavammmaaa...  Ramulammaaa

Ishaani called making everyone laugh.

"And bring that sorry husband of yours too.

Matheysh called.

Vidya came out of the room pulling a young fellow along. She scowled at her friends.

"My name is VIDYA! And don't call me Ramulamma!

She breathed fire through her nose.

"Relax dragon!

Said the man.

"Shut up Sarvesh!

She growled making RAghunandhu chuckle.

"Another dragon?

He whispered to Parthavi who swatted his arm making him laugh.

"Hello boss.. Given time, you will understand that all these ladies here are dragons

Sarvesh said to Raghunandhu shaking his hands.

"True that. No wonder they are friends

Raghunandhu and Sanjeev said earning glares and jabs. The men laughed happily.

"Where are Nawaz, Priya and Yuva?

Parthavi asked. Nazneen came there cutting the call she was attending.

"Yuvi Bava's car broke down. So Nawaz has gone to help the car to the mechanic and bring them here.

"Yuva Krishna is Priyanka's husband. They got married recently and they just returned from honeymoon!

"And he has taken his car after so long that the idiot forgot to check the oil and fuel

Came the voice of Priyanka who entered glaring along with her husband.

"Come on cut that man some slack.

"Yeah! Please Priya! I am sorry.

"The fate of every married man!

Every man shook their head. Nawaz, Veer and Raghunandhu looked at each other and their fiances!

"Shut up!

The girls yelled together

"Sit up

Came two other cute voices making everyone laugh.

"Kailash! Table ready?

Rashika asked as everyone entered the Dining room.

"It is!

Rashika gasped as she saw the spoons all lying down.

"Nanu enu helide? And what have you done?

"Naanalla Rashi. Arush and Mitra came the last moment. Aakarsh and Veer let them go their merry way

Kailash said looking around to see grinning faces at his fate.

"Leave it na rash! You know these two monkeys!

Harshita came to rescue.


And everyone yelled.

"Okay baba! They are just spoons. We are used to eating with hands right. So its kay

Matheysh said as Raghunandhu picked up the spoons and put them for washing.

"Hey wait!

Priya called.

"Where are Ved and Sathya?

Harshita asked frowning. Parthavi frowned looking at Raghunandhu who was equally clueless.

"I tried calling them both. But they are not answering.

"Because we were on the way.

They heard and turned to see Sathya and Vedmohan standing there smiling. But everyone could easily see through the smiles.

"Ishu! For you

SAthya said handing her a baby carrier and A small box. Ishu opened the box and saw a beautiful mug with a smiling baby pic on it that made Ishaani give her wide smile.

"Thank you

And it was lunch time. Sanjeev made an elaborate display. Everyone were so into the food and kept praising Sanjeev's cooking irking Ishaani which led to nice laughs. After that, everyone came to the theater room with glasses of grape juice made by Raghunandhu, since Sanjeev made a long sorry speech as he could not get champagne due to Ishaani being pregnant which led to another round of laughs.

"So! What movie?

All the girls looked at each other and said


Together making the guys groan.

"Seriously girls. Leave those two idiots alone.


The girls teamed up together.

"Guys guys! We all know our ladies' obsession with those  two crackpots. So lets not get there. Shall we play a game?

Ved asked which was welcomed with claps.

"Voice of wisdom eh!

Sathya said smirking. Ved smiled.

"Man gains it at some point. Learns the hard way you know?

Ved gave it back. Raghunandhu and Parthavi intervened knowing the underlying tension.

"Ah ahh.. What is the game?

"Hmm.. Have you ever?

"YEi.. Po ra! We play it all the time

Laddoo said with boring expression.

"And there is no Champagne or wine to play.

Priya said sulking. Sanjeev tapped the remote of the music system and the song played irking the girls.




Nawaz and Vedmohan joined the song dancing in Pawan Kalyan style.


Arush and Mitra also joined them in dancing. Priyanka and others hit them as Ishaani switched the song and reduced the volume.


Called Tasha.

"Let us play Truth or Dare?

She said and looked around to see everyone having this grin on their faces. Tasha frowned.

"Now that is GAME

Said Rashika. Tasha smiled. Vedmohan rubbed his hands grinning. Harshita and Matheysh put the kids to sleep in the guest bedroom and came there with the baby monitor. Sanjeev bought an old bottle as per Ishaani's order and everyone sat opposite to their partner.

"Spin the bottle

Said Ishaani to Sanjeev.

"Let the game start

Said Vidya.


Said the guys irritating the girls.


The girls returned the favor back. And the bottle spinned. And Sanjeev was the first guinea pig. And Ishaani rubbed her hands with evil smile on her face.

"So Truth or dare Mr. Sanjeev?

Sanjeev tried looking bewildered.

"You know all the truth about me. So.. I take dare, Mrs. Sanjeev

Ishaani smiled, but turned it to smirk as she looked at her husband. Everyone waited with bated breath to see what the dare was going to be.

"Stand up Sanju

He stood up and smiled.

"That's all?

"Not so easy Mr.. Carry me Piggyback.


Sanjeev looked at her waiting to see if she was kidding. But he saw Ishaani getting ready and walking to him.

"You are serious. But where should I carry you to?

"Hmm.. Good question. I am thirsty. So I want water.

He looked relieved.

"The chilled water from refrigerator downstairs.

Ishaani finished grinning seeing Sanjeev's face. He had no choice as he carried her downstairs and came up as others kept cheering giggling and laughing.

Vedmohan played a song matching the situation perfectly.








They came back and Sanjeev deposited Ishaani safely and sat in his place panting making everyone laugh again.

"Seriously Ved?

Ved just raised his brow making everyone laugh as everyone knew that Sanjeev would do anything for Ishaani and he was sulking and being a dramaqueen.

"And there we go again

Vedmohan spinned the bottle and this time it was Priyanka and Yuva with Priyanka on the spot.

"Ahh! Mrs. Yuva.

"Yes Mr. thickhead?

"Truth or dare?

Priyanka gave it a thought and seeing the grin on her husband's face, she made a decision.


"How boring!

"Shut up and ask

"Ahaaa! What was your thought about me, on your first date with me

Yuva asked and everyone made a groaning noise. Yuva looked at everyone frowning.

"Bava.. I am serious. You don't want to know

Vidya said. Yuva looked at Priyanka who was grinning now.

"On our first date, I thought.. What a dumb fellow! Does he know what people do on their date? This fellow keeps..

"Eating and looking around the decor. Does he even remember that there is a girl sitting in front of him?

Other girls completed for her. Yuva looked like a pierced balloon.


"What to do Yuva? You were so busily eating that stupid sandwich you ordered. And you forgot to order for me.

"It was my first date.

"Hello! I haven't been to 100 dates before. You were my first too

Everyone made a noise making the couple go red.

"If you thought so.. Why did you accept the proposal then?

"What can I say? I liked your dumbness

Priyanka said pulling his cheeks making him groan and others laugh. Veer played a song..



Laughing Yuva spinned the bottle.

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MeenuCrazyPanda IF-Stunnerz

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continue here

Everyone were waiting to see who were to get caught now. And the bottle pointed to Tasha. Aakarsh grinned. Tasha scowled at him in warning.

"Ahan! Tash.. that is not gonna help.

Vedmohan said grinning. Sathya, who sat opposite to him smiled.

"We will see when you and Sathya get caught! Until then shut up

Vedmohan  lost his smile for a moment. But then he grinned again.

"Aakarsh bro.. My pities for you!

"Thank you bro

Aakarsh said which ended in a yell as a pillow landed on him. He looked up to see a scowling Tasha. Everyone were enjoying.

"So Mrs. Aakarsh. Dare or Dare.

"What the?

"Given a choice you will pick only truth up Tasha! So you get to take up dare only.

Aakarsh said getting positive response from everyone. Grunting Tasha looked at her husband who was smirking.

"What do you want me to do huzoor?

"Ikkada raa naa pellam.. And kiss and give away that one spot on me that you always fancied

There was a very loud noise.

"Aakarsh Bhai.. You are putting our friend on spot. Get a room

Sathya said.

"Seriously Aakarsh? You are making my theater room your bedroom?

Sanjeev raised his brow.

"Its safe U/V certified guys. You see what my wife does!

Aakarsh said. Grunting Tasha got up and walked to him. At that moment, Sanjeev switched on music system which played Billa BG score as Aakarsh was having this look on his face. Slowly Tasha bend and turning his face she kissed behind his ears making Aakarsh smile and others clap. Closing her face with her palms, she hid her face in her husband's crook making everyone laugh.

"It takes a man sometime to recover that. But still, the game goes on

Saying Aakarsh spinned the bottle which put Vidya and Sarvesh on spot.

"So, truth or dare Mathiee

"My name is Vidya! And its truth

"Boring! Tell me something that you have never told me, but always wanted to?

"Yeah.. I wanted to tell this to you for sometime now. Taking this opportunity, I would like to say... Mr. Sarvesh, please learn to zip your pants yourself! I cannot run around you to remind this.

Everyone laughed as Sarvesh bent and looked at his pant. Vidya raised her brow as her husband grunted.

"I kinda asked for it. Thank you so much wifey. So here guys

Saying he spinned the bottle. Anbu clapped her hands.

"Truth or dare Mr. Anbumozhi Bhaswath vignarajan?

"Dare, Mrs. Vignarajan.

"Wow! So here.. Call Amma

"Your Amma? Athamma?

"No.. yours.. And talk like a credit card agent

"What the?

"What is that anbu?

Sathya asked.

"Ahh Sathya, you don't know right? This fellow here is so scared of his mother that he was almost ready to stay in my mother's place life long as she treats him like some saintly ass.

Everyone laughed as Bhaswath got left and right from his mother. Wiping his sweat, he spinned the bottle glaring at his laughing wife. The bottle pointed to Parthavi and Raghunandhu. Parthavi rubbed her hands grinning.

"Ready Mr. Architect?

"Always Ms. HR


Everyone yelled. But these both did not mind.

"Truth or dare? Cheppandi sir.

"Truth nunchi start cheddam madam.

"Aha! Nice.. so.. tell me.. even after I gave you such a tough time in pelli choopulu, why did you say okay?

Everyone gave a loud noise and clap as they saw Raghunandhu's ears going red.

"Now that is a question!

Ishaani said grinning. Vedmohan tapped Raghunandhu's shoulders.

"Cheppu Ra bava..

Sanjeev played the MIRCHI IDEDO song BG score.

"I just liked how straightforward you were, not taking any crap from anyone. To tell you the truth, that was my first pelli choopulu and I never saw your pic before. When you came out wearing that kesari color saree, I couldn't lift my eyes off and then as I spoke to you, I could see my future with you. So I just said okay.

Seeing all the grinning faces and Parthavi's crimson face, he grinned and continued.

"And I always liked challenges and I am not backing away this time either.

He said and winked at Parthavi making her go red as everyone whistled and hooted. Vedmohan clapped his hands hard.

"Parthavi.. satisfied?

Parthavi controlled herself and smirked.

"I am not satisfied that easily.

"I will try my level best

Raghunandhu said making everyone laugh as Parthavi threw a pillow at him making him laugh.

"So get ready guys

Saying Raghunandhu spinned the bottle which came on halt pointing to Harshita.

"Dear wifey, truth or dare?

"Dare Mr. Hubby

Harshita smirked. Matheysh took a towel and put it on his neck.

"Uh oh!

Harshita said as Matheysh came to her with a glass.

"Sanjeev boss..

"Yes Matt boss..

"The song please..

Sanjeev who understood his fellow took the remote and played the song.

"So wifey.. Dance

Matheysh said handing her the glass.


The song started. Harshita held the glass high and gave a hiccup dubbing the song.


Matheysh danced along as Harshita danced like a drunkard. Soon Sanjeev and Aakarsh joined pulling Raghunandhu along. Everyone danced and in the end, Matheysh gave a long peck on Harshita's cheek making everyone laugh. And all the boys dubbed for Pawan Kalyan saying,


"That was awesome wifey.

"Thanks hubby

Harshita said giving him the glass and pulling his cheeks. Everyone settled down.

"Quite a talent Mr. Architect.

Parthavi said smiling.

"Thank you Ms. HR

He returned smiling. Everyone made a boring noise.

"Still Mr. and Ms? Are you some couple from the Victorian Era?

Rashika asked. Khailash hit his head.

"I am way better!

"No! They are getting married. But you are not. So don't compare.

Khailash gave a sorry expression. Everyone chuckled as this was very common for them. Everyone knew that Khailash was the responsible male of his family that he did not want to marry until he settled both his sisters because of which he was putting his wedding on hold. This was something that Rashika agreed happily but did not let a chance go by her without making him know what she was doing for him.

"Guys! Enough.

Matheysh spinned the bottle which pointed to Khailash.

"Oh no!

He said looking at grinning RAshika.

"Truth or dare

She asked.


"You are caught Mr. Phobia.. Tell me what happened after you got caught by Princi 6 years back.

"Seriously Rashi? 6 years back?

"You never told me, and I am not letting the chance go.

Khailash sighed.

"I jumped the hostel compound for you.. We went on a date and as I jumped the compound back, he caught me and you were safe inside your hostel already. He took me to the office and asked me if I were there for studying or for.. Going around in the name of date with you..


"I told him that I went to meet you.. Since you were the chosen one for me by my mother.

"And he called Amma?

Khailash raised his brow.

"And that led to our engagement

Rashika laughed.

"You did that? Amma would have definitely done this to get to the princi who always got on her nerves. God! My Herooo

She pulled his cheeks. Raghunandhu played the music system that blasted..


And everyone joined bowing down.


Bowing down in courtesy, Khailash spinned the bottle which pointed to Nazneen.

"Before you ask, Nawaz.. Its dare..

She said folding her hands across her front. Nawaz smiled.

"Ishaani vadina, you have nail paints and lipstick?


She smiled.

"Nazneen.. Take them and do make up for any man here.

"What the! I don't know to do for myself Sham

"That is why you are to do it to anyone else.. Except me.

Grunting, Nazneen brought them and looked around. Sighing she went to Veer and painted his nails and went to Vedmohan and put lipstick for him.


"You said to anyone.. You never said I should do it on same person! So suck it up Mr. Nawaz Sham Haider.

Everyone laughed.

"She is smart than you give her credit for bro

Veer said to Nawaz who grunted.

"I know! But hey.. Who cares. She is my girl anyway and I like my girl being smartypants

Everyone laughed as Veer played..



Veer bowed as Nawaz posed like blessing him. Laughing he spinned the bottle that pointed to Veer.

"I am already done with Dare Lakky. So truth

He said showing to his painted finger nails that made everyone laugh.

"Gym or walking Mr. Laddoo?

"Neither! Badam halwa made by you!

"Yaar besharam! You are never going to reduce that paunch? Are you?

"No way! Its the nishaani of a happily married man

Nawaz took the remote and played


Veer laughing went to fall on Laddoo's feet making her jump laughing.

Veer spinned the bottle and this time, it pointed to one couple that never got in to the action. Vedmohan was at the point and Sathya sat there raising her brow and crossing her arms on her front. Laddoo played the song






"Aba Cha.. Laddoo stop! Sathya.. Its truth

Sathya smiled.

"Date me or marry me?


His answer was cutting and short making everyone frown but Sathya was smiling. A very genuine one at that confusing everyone.

"Guys! Its 6!

Sarvesh said looking at the clock. That is when everyone understood that it was 4 hours since they started. Time just ran by.

"Oh boy! Dinner!

Nazneen said.

"Have it here Naz.. I will whip something up

Ishaani said as Harshita went to wake the kids up since they slept for too long.

"You are whipping nothing. I will cook

"Sanju! You cooked lunch already.

"I will cook again


Aakarsh called.

"We all guys will cook?

Girls clapped their hands as Guys groaned.

"Let us show them what we can do.. JAI MAAHISHMATI!

Guys teamed up and ran into the kitchen. Ishaani lamented on what will be the state of her kitchen after they were done. Others consoled her. Chuckling Sathya played a song on her mobile.


And by the time the song was done, Aakarsh came out with a plate of egg burji.

Behind him came Raghunandhu with a plate of piping hot parathas followed by Veer with a bowl of raita. Khailash came with a bottle of pickle and Nawaz bought the curd rice.

"Orei! You should be bringing Briyani. Look at you bringing curd rice!

"I do what I am best at and what I love the most

Nawaz said placing the curd rice on the table making everyone laugh.

"And Naz likes curd rice too!

"I know.. That is why!

Nawaz said among another round of laughs.

Sarvesh and Yuva brought bowl of carrot halwa and a jar of juice respectively.

"Guys! Seriously?

Sathya asked.

"What did you think of us?

Vedmohan came wiping his sweat after cleaning up the kitchen. Girls appreciated as they ate looking at their guys' handiwork.

The day ended well as everyone left after congratulating the couples on their parenting and married life ahead.

Raghunandhu was starting the car as Vedmohan came to them.


"Sathya and you can stay at my place for another night Mohan.

"Thanks ra. But tomorrow, I booked a flight ticket for Sathya too along with Parthu. I will tell everything in detail later ra.

"Okay.. sathya.. Tomorrow we will come there and then we can leave to airport.

"Okay annaiya

Sathya said smiling and they bid good night.

RAghunandhu made sure the house is locked inside and went to change. Parthavi was already changed and sat on the couch as Raghunandhu came and sat beside her.

"Something happened in Europe Raghu

"I understood ma.

"What do you think?

"Let them come out clean. We don't need to break our heads. Mohan is like kid on the outside. But he is very matured.

"I know RAghu. But Sathya always affected him bad. He got into fist fight once for her. When it comes to her.. Ved..

"I will do the same if it comes to you Parthavi, or anyone whom I consider are worth the fight.

Parthavi looked at Raghunandhu who had this serene look on his face. She smiled but then she frowned.

"Tomorrow I am leaving.

"I know..

"But you will be here.

"Work vundi ra.. I will be there in weekend.

"When are you shifting?

"Me and Bava are closing in on the vizag deal Parthavi. And Mohan is ready, so once we get the building, shift will be on the go..


"Soon.. Very soon..

He said and gave a long peck on her forehead. She savored it closing her eyes. Putting her arms around his neck, soon she fell asleep and unlike last night, Raghunandhu could not leave her in the bedroom. He sat beside her as she slept holding his Kurta collar. Trying to make this a memory forever Raghunandhu slept beside her with dignity intact. It was an eventful day and he was sure he would enjoy his days with the girl who slept like a baby beside him.

On the other hand in Raghunandhu's penthouse, Vedmohan stood holding Sathya as she cried her heart out leaning on him.

Guys.. there are songs from different movies in this update.. please dont get confused.. and

The title means Friends and lovers/partners/spouses.

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shreyj7 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2018 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
I am just in awe Meenu!! 
I truly from the bottom of my heart laughed and lived and loved this update!! 
I truly have no words to express how thankful I am to you fro writing this. Truly made my day. 
Be it their bonding, the truth or dare, or be it just Raghu and Parthu themselves. 
Truly just beautiful the whole essence and ambiance has taken me by storm, and it every time does. 
The way the guys cooked for the gals, and then the lovely truth or dares the nicknames truly in the mood of just having fun and living life to the fullest. 
I just love how you added the little ending part of just Parthu and Rgahu that little moment they shared indeed. 
Coming to Ved and Nithya, I just wanna keep knowing more and more until I know enough. 
All the other couples add to the essence, and purity. 
Truly amazing how it all comes together into one amazing chapter. 
Loved every single letter and bit of it. 
You are a beautiful writer. 
Keep Writing
Update soon

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natashu IF-Dazzler

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Raghu, le shy bride ROFL

oh how I love these two Day Dreaming

Yo after purple, red's the boss colour for me too!

Do tell me how smexy my Aakarsh is Blushing

All these ladies are dragons? ROFL but but but they love us for we shower them with heck of a lot more than any other woman could!

hehe Mirchi ofcourse Wink Jai for the win, I say hehehe

Ah, time for Truth or Dare Approve

Aakarsh be pulling a dare on me! And that is exactly where I'd be kissing *le melts into a pool on the floor* *slaps Ved for grinning*

You're making my theatre room your bedroom ROFL

Man, I really loved the way you handled all the truth/dare exchanges! Just marvelous, Meenu darling!! I toh absolutely gobbled it all up! You covered every couple's intricacies and differences but essentially it all ravels back to their love, sigh. How sweet!

(loved the addition of bg songs per couple, hehe)

The trip may be over but there's lots goin' on! 

Towards the end of the chapter we had an ultra-sweet romantic moment between our Raghu-Parthu and emotional reunion of Ved-Sathya. I hope those two can heal!


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aaradhaya1688 IF-Dazzler

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Loved it 
There were so many nice little things 
Awesome update 

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