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Taarey OS - Being in love... Again

taarey_ria Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 1:36am | IP Logged


Hey guys! I know I have to update mr. anjaan, but, I couldn't stop myself from writing this OS. Hope you like it!


Being in love... being in love for Taani was next to impossible. Being a workaholic and one of the top detectives, she didn't have time for the personal life nor she wanted one. All that she had seen in the past was enough to make her understand that, love is just a waste of time. Nothing else. She thought it only gives pain, sorrow and sadness. Destiny, soulmates, all bullshit. But who can blame her? Her childhood and past made her think that. All those years seeing her mom, suffering, made her think, she wont ever fall in love. and her past ofcourse.  Never. Ever. But who knows what happens, life is unpredictable, for everyone, there isn't any exception.

She works day and night, keeping only work relations, communicating only on what is needed, socializing, but only with limited people. Everything included limits, except for work. She visited her mother, twice a month, only twice a month. She knew it wasn't her mom's mistake that their happy family wasn't now together, infact her mother suffered the most when her dad declared that he has an extra marital affair, that too since an year. But then, the minute she stepped inside that house, all the memories rushed in. Each and every happy moment, each and every sad one. So she decided, if she dosent go to that house she wont even remember anything. However cold-blooded and strong she may seem, everyone has a heart. She couldn't face the her mom nor handle those moments more than twice. She just couldn't.

Every month her mom used to try and make her understand that she cant end her life by only working, she has to have a personal life, she's a human after all. "Look Taani, its not our mistake that dad is not here anymore, and neither is the mistake that I have fallen in love with him, taani you cant predict the future, can you? If I knew that this is going to end like this I wouldn't have married in the first place. And taani I understand that you don't want to fall in love and you don't want to get hurt, but love dosent only' give pain, it gives many other things as well. You need to understand taani that you need to have a personal life. Taani agar tumhe shaadi ya pyaar mein nahi padhna hai, its okay, but atleast stay with me. Atleast I wont be alone. Atleast you and me both will some company. Try to understand, please beta." Taani's Mom had said.

But who knows whats got into her, she wont even budge from her decision. What she has decided, its decided. Inspite of her mother's numerous pleadings, she rented a separate flat and started a new life there, atleast she hoped that the new life would start. "Look ma, every girl dreams that her life partner should be like her father, but here my father only..." She sighed "never mind, muma as I said, please, I need some time, mujhe aapko akela chodne mein acha nahi lag raha, but for once, I want to think about my myself. Please."  And she was right, all her life thinking about her parents, and not doing anything for herself, but now she couldn't tolerate it anymore. If her dad can take a selfish decision why cant she? Though it was 6 months her father left them, she still couldn't get over the fact that he cheated his wife, whom he loved. Taani's father promised to stay in touch, and send money whenever needed as well, but whenever he called taani, she either ignored it or made excuses to not pick it up when around people. taani's dad was  also one of the top business man, so the news about the affair made way from newspapers to televisions. Everyone knew the truth now, so taani changed her name. Her surname. She took her maiden name, initially Taani Shekhawat was now Taani Verma. Even in her card she changed the name. Her mom also changed her surname, she went back to the old one.

Everything was going smoothly, or atleast she thought that there was a routine, enter the office, check which cases are left, search on the them, one by one, going home, eat, sleep and wake up. She had become like a robot. And twice a month visiting her mother. Being a detective, she had to be alert. Not that she wasn't, but she had many enemies out there, so she had to be extra alert, hence she took her assistant every where, who would help her fight if anything of that sort happened. That was one person who she was good with, you could call him a friend, taani's friend. She knew him since college days after all. He was Swayam, Swayam Sharma, who was, apparently the son of the  woman who is having the affair with her father. So she started hating swayam as well, eventhough she knew its not his mistake, it was his mothers mistake. But the fact that it was his mother was pissing her off. Now she was cocksure that everyone that comes into her life, his/her sole intention was to hurt her, by some or the other way. The girl who once thought that this world is full of positive people, thought that every problem has a positive side, thought that every person you meet comes into your life for a reason, was now thinking that everyone in her life is just not good. The happy-go-lucky girl, was now nowhere to be seen. That girl was lost, 6 months back.

She thought even swayam is like that, She fired swayam and send a vacancy ad in the newspapers and the agencies. Her company was huge, she had many juniors,  she could have easily recruited someone from the lower levels, but she didn't want anyone from there. Though she had to manage without an assistant for 2-3 days, there had been a call from an agency. The person said that the person was strong, muscular and was trained as well. Impressed taani said yes, and told that the person should join from the next day only.

The person came the next day, "So you are Vicky Kalsi?" She asked, while she stood and shaked hands with him.

"Um, actually, no and yes." He replied.

Taani raised her eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, No because I am not Vicky, I am Reyaansh Singhania, and yes because I am a replacement of Vicky, he got a better job offer so he joined there. So the agency called me to come instead."

"Okay, just give me a minute, I must say the agencies are very unprofessional." She got up, contacted the agencies and stated she wouldn't ever recruit anyone from there. Without waiting for a reply, she cut the phone.

"Taani, its not their mistake, I insisted that I want to come here."

"Why have you come back? Just go away forever okay!" Taani shouted, fresh tears forming in her eyes.

"Taani why are you behaving like this? Whats wrong with you?"

"Rey, whats wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me?! Or is it with you?"

She was right, there wasn't anything wrong with her, it was him. Some years back, during the college days, taani and rey had fallen in love. Immense love. It was like they both are each others soulmates, nobody could separate them. Years passed and their love grew stronger, like never before. And that time, everything was perfect, her happy family, her boyfriend, who even her father had accepted, and her perfect love life and her perfect self. She was herself that time, not pretending to be happy, because she was happy! She wasn't pretending that everything was alright, like now. She wasn't trying to be strong, like now. Everything was fine. Until, a girl name Ruhi came into their life, they treated her as their best friend, but she... she had other plans. She wanted to take revenge, revenge on Rey, because he had dumped her sister, Kria. And Ruhi was the second person he trusted blindly, absolutely blind. Whatever she would say, he would do or  believe. There weren't any questions asked about rumours. If she had said it, it was true. The first was Taani. But maybe that was just for namesake, he never trusted her, or atleast she thought that after that incident.

"Rey it was with you! You trusted a third person who wasn't even part of our lives! She wasn't until you included her in the group, Rey you said its all over, Rey YOU did everything, while I was trying to make you understand that nothings true."

Again she was right, Ruhi had said taani was with Swayam and she was only using Rey for status, after all he was the famous dude in the college. Without questioning anything, he left for taani's house, leaving a smirking Ruhi behind. He called her out, and said, "Taani I never expected this from you, taani behind my back you were with swayam?! Taani I still don't believe this. You... Taani, its over. We are DONE." And without even listening to her he stormed towards his car and drove away. The following days were unbelievable for taani, she followed rey everywhere, but he wouldn't listen. When she came to know that its Ruhi, she slapped her hard, but Rey? Rey shouted at her in front of the whole college. That was the most shocking thing he had done. He called taani's tears fake when Ruhi's were fake. He told everything to taani that he should tell to Ruhi. Everything was over. Even she decided, if he was trusting a third person more than her, then be it. They stopped communicating. Never were they seen together. After a few days, Ruhi told her sole intention to Rey, who was shocked to the zenith. Knowingly, he had hurt the most important person in his life. His life was shattered. He slapped ruhi then and there and left her where she was. He didn't care if she died as well. Both the sisters were the same. Sole intention to hurt Rey.

While Rey's life was shattered, taani's was no better, after the whole Rey thing, she had come to know about her father. She was broken, her heart was broken, her mind wasn't working. It seemed as if everything had ended. That's when swayam stepped In and showed her the new life. Though this all had a huge impact on her, she smiled, only for him. That time she still didn't know that swayam was the son of the lady. That was much later, and then she fired him too. Once perfect life was shattered in just a moment.

"Taani, I know, what I have done is not forgiveable, but that time I was shocked. I was hurt, trust me taani, please."

"Trust? Rey, trust to aapne bohot pehle tod diya tha. Bohot pehle. Abhi koi fayda nahi hai."

"Taani, tum samajna ki koshish karo-"

"Rey, I should understand?! Rey, all my life I have been trying to understand, what was your problem that you didn't trust me, what was dad's problem that he went away, but I haven't got any answers. Get one thing straight, now I am not interested in you, nor in your explanations, nor am I interested in appointing you as my assistant, so it would better that you just go away from my life forever." It was very difficult for taani to say these words, but she couldn't help it. She had promised herself she wouldn't ever fall in love. Never. Ever. But right now, being with Rey, it was being difficult to suppress the feelings. She had loved him. But that was the past. Now she cant. She just cant handle anymore hurt.

"Really Taani? You want me to go? I know I committed a big mistake, but does it mean that you'll forget me forever?!" Rey's anger was rising.

"Yes." She said coldly.

Rey pushed his chair harshly and went towards her.

"You really think you'll be able to do that?"  He held her tightly and pulled her towards him.

The closeness wasn't helping taani, she wasn't able to control her emotions, and slowly the tears that she had held back, were running down her cheeks. Wiping those, "I am confident."

Rey's anger now on its peek, the grip on her hands tightened. "Then I must say I like your confidence Ms. Taani Shekhawat."

"Rey leave me, you are no-one to me, do you understand NO ONE, and secondly, its taani VERMA, not shekhawat." She said, trying to get out of his grip.

"Oh yes, how can I forget, I am no one to you, I don't matter to you any more, that's why these tears, and then its taani verma, I am so sorry, Ms. Taani Verma." Rey said, his anger on its peek, pulling her more closer towards him. "If you are so confident, then look directly, into my eyes, and say, I hate you, come on try it."

She knew, he knew, she couldn't do it. She couldn't do it. But she had to. She had to prove him. If that what it costs then be it.

"Ihateyou." She said hurriedly, wriggling out of his grip, while he left her hand, slide his hand on the waist, and pulled her more close.

"Do not even try to escape, and don't try these games with me. Understand?" He whispered. Taani tried hard to push him, but she couldn't, she was plastered with his body.


She couldn't complete, his lips were on hers, he kissed her passionately, He pinned her to the nearest wall, deepening the kiss, whereas taani also couldn't control, she gave up and responded equally.

"Look, taani, I promise I wont ever do this to you, please forgive me, please, I am sorry, I really am, I really love you taani. I love you."

"Okay, Rey, I am trusting you this time, and if I get hurt this tim.."

She couldn't complete, his fingers were on her lips, "Ssshhh, I wont ever hurt you again, never."

He pulled her into a bone crashing hug, both hugged each other tightly, they felt like they were in  heaven

"I love you." He whispered, when they broke the kiss.

"And I love you too." She said, smiling. After so many months, she was smiling genuinely.

Being in love again for taani was the most beautiful feeling ever!


Can somebody tell me why is it so hot

Hope you guys liked it! 

Do like and and do comment big! 



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__nidhi__ Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 1:41am | IP Logged
superb os
loved it..
taani's pain was described beautifully..!!!
this ruhi..Angry
do write more..
thanks for the pm..!!
and not to forget me first...Dancing

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ndcdance Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 1:52am | IP Logged
awww...rio di.. !u rocked 1c again...
tr union is always a treat to watch..i always say..
tks for the pm..
*sry cant comment long*

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 2:02am | IP Logged
superb os...loved it...

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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Awsme os
Loved it

Keep smiling

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princess1926 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Really cute os!!
Taani faced so much!
That Ruhi!!
Hate her!!
Keep writing!

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dh19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Awesome and emotional
Superb writing
However loved the ending

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 2:51am | IP Logged
it was really great!!Wink
but taani suffered too much..
i have always hated ruhiLOL
thanks fr pmSmile

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