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The Seductress: RagNa TS, Part-1 & Part-2, 15/5/15

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So, chemical reactions going on in my brain due to some externally induced factors. LOL One of the side effects, I end up yearning for Ragna more; and when I do it I let go of my control mostly. Tongue I tried hard not to write this but then, like I said I could not control. 

Presenting to you a RagNa TS (Two Shots). It had become too long for an OS so I divided the story in two parts. This does not exactly fall within my style of writing, a little bit different. Apologies in advance if anything in any character or story seems offending or distasteful. 

Looking forward to the feedback. 

P.S.: Please do not keep the hopes too high with the title.EmbarrassedTongue


PART-1: Page-1,

PART-2: Page-1.

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Kalpana Jadhav had made up her mind today; she was not going to keep silent now. Something had to be done before it was too late and her life became a silent film. She would teach that devilishly handsome man a good lesson. "Enough, why is he such a dumbass? I cannot take it anymore, I mean what's wrong with me?" pacing in front of the double bed in her room, Kalpana was highly pissed off now. Giving a pause to her self-talks for a while, Kalpana stopped in front of the large mirror, taking in her reflection. She studied her face first while moving it side to side and then looked at her whole self. "Hmm, I am...not...bad!" a small smile came on her lips as she gained some confidence. Soon her small smile turned into a wide one "In fact, I am quite good" Kalpi grinned. Even in a daily wear long skirt and T-shirt Kalpana could make out that despite her dusky complexion she has a blessed beauty. Never the one to cry over complexion, Kalpana was always a confident girl about her looks. Kalpi had never let some other people's remarks about her skin-tone form the scar of a complex inside her.

Being a realist Kalpana always admired both true physical and inner beauty of other girls, but she valued herself. Thanks to her mother Neetu Jadhav, Kalpana had grown up to be a true Indian traditional beauty with contemporary outlook. Generally seeing always happier side of life, today was an exception for Kalpi though. In fact past few weeks had many such moments when Kalpi had felt like banging her head on the walls of her bedroom. But today all record of her patience had broken, she cannot take in his ignorance towards herself anymore.

They'd met in a neighborhood cafe, along with two of their common friends: Sammy and Maya. All the while Kalpi had kept observing his different facial expressions as he talked to Sammy & Maya. Sometimes he teased Sammy, sometimes he was calm and sometimes their friends managed to irritate him for a few moments. But most of all Kalpi had loved his smile; even now in her anger a smile had spread on Kalpi's lips on remembering the magnetism of that smile. And then, there were his eyes "even Pacific Ocean would fail in front of the depth of his eyes" Kalpi thought drooling on him. But the frown returned on her face when she remembered what had happened next. "He doesn't speak to me as he should" Kalpi had thought sadly, "at most we look like two good friends, same old casual jokes; conversations. Why doesn't he understand we have much more between us, in us?" Kalpi was frustrated now.

Afterwards Sammy and Maya had taken their leave and being immediate neighbours Raghav and Kalpana had walked back together. Thankfully it was one of the few precious pleasant months of the year and Kalpi had enjoyed the cool sea breeze touching her. Raghav had smiled looking at Kalpana; and they had continued their pleasant conversation.

Between the neighborhood market and their colony, there was a little lone patch where the only sound Kalpi heard was that of rustling of leaves. It was dark and Kalpi had immediately held on to Raghav's hand. He'd given a little squeeze to Kalpi's hand before leaving it. "I am here with you" were the only words he'd said. "I know that" Kalpi had hissed before adding "but right now that is not enough." She was angry at Raghav's lack of understanding of her fear and because this was one of many incidents where Kalpana had felt Raghav was avoiding her deliberately.

"Kalpi I..." Raghav had tried making peace with Kalpana and tugged fingers of her left hand. But Kalpi had pulled her hand away, saying "leave it. I will go by myself from here" and she had started walking ahead of Raghav in a faster pace. Her anger and hurry to reach home before Raghav didn't let Kalpana focus on her path properly. In the dark things weren't easier and Kalpi's plans to take out her anger on Raghav had failed when a pit came in way, dug to instill some pipeline. "Kalpi stop, we'll go together" Raghav was saying. "No I am a big girl, I don't need you. You can come..." And the words died in her mouth when one of her feet sensed air beneath them instead of ground. Both her and Raghav's eyes had widened "Oh..." she'd screamed and then closed her eyes, preparing herself to fall.

But no, she felt a pull on her left hand and soon she was enveloped in two strong arms, very close. Even air wasn't passing between them and Kalpi's heart which was beating fast out of fear first, had continued to beat fast out of nervousness and excitement. This is what she'd wanted, to be close to Raghav, near him. Though to be actually in his arms was a completely different feeling, she'd felt goose bumps all over her. She saw the fear of her eyes reflecting in Raghav's and felt it in his hold on her waist. He was scolding her "at least look where you are walking even if you are angry. What would have happened if you had fallen?" Kalpi could only look in daze at Raghav, feeling him so close to her she was unable to comprehend what to do, feel the pleasure or blush in her cheeks. "I, I, I am sorry" Kalpi had said and felt his arms relaxing around her. It was then that Raghav had realized the effect of their proximity. He'd looked down at their proximity and then in Kalpana's eyes. She saw Raghav clenching his jaws for a second and then unceremoniously left Kalpi's hold by pushing her away. He didn't let his hold on her arm go though, saving Kalpana from stumbling. Kalpi could do nothing except fuming internally and looking at Raghav with her narrowed eyes.

"I am sorry. I should have been more careful too" Raghav had said under his breath, his tone carrying a strange firmness. Kalpi's head felt a sudden ache in her heart at Raghav's words. He needn't say the unsaid, that he should have been more careful in maintaining the distance with Kalpana. "Why me?" Kalpi couldn't help but wonder. She had seen Raghav hugging and dancing with his female business associates in the parties at his home. But in the monthly get-togethers of their old college friends or any other function in their colony, his dance with Kalpi carried a formal look. He had never hugged Kalpi the way he used to hug other girls. This pinched Kalpi and tonight when she had finally found glimpse of peace in Raghav's arms, he himself had pushed Kalpi way which had left an incorrigible pain inside her. Even the loose touch of Raghav's hand on her fingers was unsuccessful in soothing that pain. She had attempted to pull away her hand saying in a damp voice "I am fine now". But Raghav had slightly tightened his hold on her hand, adding only four words "No you are not." Kalpi had covered the rest of seven minutes walk without letting anything from Raghav's side affect her. "But this is it" coming to present Kalpi thought, "it's either this way or that way now. Raghav Singhania, today either I am coming into your life or you are going out of mine forever." She wiped away the few tears which had trickled down her face.


 It was after 8 PM at night and Raghav was already late to pick Kalpi up from her home. His hectic schedule had taken a toll again, and on a night like this Raghav had wished it was otherwise. He rang the doorbell of Kalpana's home and a maid opened the door."Memsaab and Saab have already left, Didiji is in her room, waiting for you" she told Raghav and quickly went inside to inform Kalpi about Raghav's arrival before taking leave for the day.

They were to attend two functions that day: first was a marriage of one of their acquaintances in colony. Both their parents had apparently already left to attend it, and from there Raghav-Kalpi were to leave together for the monthly get-together of their group from college days. Since they were already running late, Raghav wanted to leave at the earliest for both the parties, "Still what is taking her so much time?" It was five minutes now that he was flipping through pages of one of the business magazines but there was no sign of Kalpana. So he decided to go and look for her himself, "maybe she is still upset with me" Raghav thought. "I should go in and check myself, and try to pacify her" thinking so he moved his feet in the direction of Kalpana's bedroom. The sound of his shoes reverberating more in the almost empty confines of home, Raghav reached Kalpi's bedroom and knocked on the door twice. "Kalpi", "Kalpi are you ready?" Raghav asked from outside and knocked again but there was no answer.

Left with no other option Raghav pushed the door slightly ajar and dared to peep inside. The door wasn't locked so he hoped that he hadn't intruded into Kalpi's privacy. But what he saw inside perplexed him more. Inside the room showed its interiors in dark, the only source of light being a bed lamp. Raghav frowned and now stepped inside, remembering what the maid had told him, Kalpi was waiting for him inside the room.

Adjusting his pupils to the darkness Raghav tried to gather some hint about Kalpana. He had just spotted a small light coming from beneath the bathroom door. "Maybe she is inside" thinking so he was turning to go back out when he heard a click of door behind him. Raghav immediately turned back and was even more startled when he saw Kalpana standing with a hand on her left hip as the lights went on.


"Kalpana? Where were you? I had come to look for you only" Raghav said. "But...what...are you wearing?" he faltered looking Kalpana from top to toe. She was wearing a long cloak and Raghav was confused, "you're supposed to be dressed for a party!" he exclaimed. Kalpana smirked looking at the frown on Raghav's forehead, "well I am" she said moving slowly towards Raghav, holding him still with the eye-contact.

"You are?" Raghav said and again gave a look to Kalpana. "We'll have our own party tonight, just YOU and ME" Kalpi whispered huskily against Raghav, while moving her forefinger on his cheeks. His eyes widened and he gulped. Looking at the twinkle in Kalpana's eyes Raghav was getting some idea what this was about. But he didn't want to believe his assumptions. "This is not funny Kalpi, we are getting late" Raghav said.

"Hmm, you are right. It is late, but only for me. What took you so long baby? I was waiting for you since past one hour" Kalpi said pulling Raghav's nose lovingly. He took a step back "you seem...different", "And why are you wearing this cloak, it's not that cold". Kalpi came closer to Raghav and put her arms around his neck "it is hot" and winked at him. "Kalpi, what are you doing? Are you fine? You don't seem to be?" Raghav said worriedly and tried to walk away from Kalpi. She continued to walk towards him, "You are right, I am not fine. How can I be?", "How do you talk with me? Hello Kalpi, Hi Kalpi, and sometimes it's just a Hi or worse...a nod of your head. Tell me am I that bad?" she questioned Raghav making him nervous. "Umm, no when did I say that?" Raghav said rotating and walking backwards towards the door, his eyes looking for a chance to get out from there.  "No, you didn't. But then how do you talk with other girls? Hellooo, and a Hi with a big smile and a tight hug! And as if that is not enough, sometimes it is 'Hi Babes'. I mean this is the limit...you never called me Babes" Kalpi complained, her voice was loud now and she continued hitting and pushing Raghav backwards. She blocked all his efforts to open the door and moved him away from it. Her eyes were spitting daggers and Raghav was afraid to see this avatar of her. He chuckled nervously "Really? I am sorry. But trust me, I didn't know that I was to call you Babes" Raghav replied meekly and soon regretted. Kalpi was looking at him with narrowed eyes and Raghav gulped again. "Sorry" he murmured.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll give you enough time to be sorry" Kalpi said and gave a gentle push on Raghav's chest to make him sit on the chair behind. She turned and Raghav tried to get up. "Today you better not get up Mr.Raghav Singhania" Kalpi warned Raghav and he sat back on the chair, waiting to see what was next in Kalpana Jadhav's bag.

She took her cell and played a song on it. "So, you do know how to greet a girl, right?" saying so she made a move to drop the cloak off her shoulders. 

 SONG: Mar Jaawan (Seems I've become obsessed with "Fashion" movie's songs LOL


The cloak fell off Kalpi and onto the rug. Raghav's eyes which were glued to Kalpi moved first to the fallen cloak and then up to Kalpi. Standing there, dressed in red colour high-neck lace gown with sleeves, Kalpi was looking gorgeous. They looked into each other's eyes, and with her hands on her hips Kalpi walked slowly towards Raghav. She remembered the way she'd seen Raghav hug other girls. Controlling the sadness engulfing her heart Kalpi moved forward.

Moving her hands from Raghav's chest and shoulders to his back, Kalpi hugged him, letting herself feel how it is to be close to Raghav. Startled Raghav took in Kalpi's scent and feel, he raised his hands to hug Kalpi but then let them drop again. Kalpi broke her embrace but not before placing a kiss on Raghav's ear. Looking into his eyes she asked him seductively "what kind of girls do you like? Hmm?" Raghav opened his mouth to say something then his gaze fell on Kalpi's leg. She'd kept it on the edge of Raghav's chair and the long slit in her gown revealed her transparent black stockings. He was still staring at Kalpana's beautiful leg hidden beneath the stocking when the movement of Kalpi's fingers to remove the stockings caught his attention.

Surprised to no extent Raghav saw Kalpi slowly roll the stockings of both legs down. Soon her both legs were bare and Raghav closed eyes for a moment to control his racing heart. But Kalpi's seductive voice made him open his eyes again, "what happened baby? You like the other girls like this, don't you?" she asked Raghav. Her voice carrying tinges of both hurt and seduction, "Kalpi" Raghav whispered and she came near him. "I am here, with you" saying so she winked moving her hands to the edges of Raghav's coat and removed it. "You don't need it here" she said "It's going to be hotter" and Raghav was left thinking "what's it with her today? It seems I am in danger today."

"Want to know how?" suddenly Kalpi asked and a baffled Raghav asked a counter-question, "what?"

"I mean to ask do you know how is it going to be hotter?" and in reply Raghav gave Kalpi a frustrated look. "We can still go to one of the parties at least. Look even you are ready" Raghav reasoned with Kalpi, trying to get one chance out of there. But what he saw silenced him for the next half hour; Kalpi was looking at Raghav angrily and in irritation. "You still think so?" she asked him. "Umm, yes I do" he replied and saw Kalpi holding two ropes and two stoles. "If you don't shut your mouth and sit here quietly Mr.Raghav Singhania, I will tie you up with this and you'll forget to repeat this line" Kalpi said, her antic had some affect and as she saw Raghav gulping a small smile came on her face. "Better" she said, "let's make things hotter" she whispered against Raghav's ear. She held Raghav's left hand and placed it at the back-zip of her gown.

Holding Raghav's hand Kalpi made him unzip her gown, and Raghav was lost in various expressions in Kalpana's eyes. He didn't even know when the dress was unzipped. Kalpana smiled and slowly-slowly started removing the dress off her, revealing her beautiful shoulders first. She lowered it further and Raghav widened his eyes and then closed them. But being a man, curiosity took him over very quickly and when he opened eyes, the gown had fallen off at Kalpi's feet. Raghav was watching Kalpi with his mouth agape. What he saw was a revelation, as Kalpana stood smirking in a corsette pencil black dress. The dress shaped her beautiful figure beautifully and Raghav couldn't help wander his eyes at Kalpi from top to bottom. Seeing that her charm had started working, Kalpi smiled internally. She passed her soft palm across Raghav's cheeks, and opened her hair which were tied in a bun till now. Her silken tresses fell on Raghav's face making him close his eyes. The fragrance of her shampoo and silky feel was the only thing Raghav could feel then. Taking advantage of this situation, Kalpi unbuttoned top three buttons of Raghav's shirt and he held her hand on feeling she was touching his skin.

She poured some water from a flower vase onto her palm, while Raghav watched Kalpi bewitched and in bewilderment. Kalpi watched Raghav and the incidents when she had seen one or other girl placing a kiss on his cheeks, that too casually. She smirked, both out of sadness and out of determination. Raghav's confusion got cleared when Kalpi poured some water from her palm onto Raghav's cheeks and slowly kissed and sucked it. She saw him clutching the arms of chair tightly. But couldn't comprehend if it was because Raghav felt true enjoyment or for some other reason. "I love you so much" Kalpi whispered huskily in Raghav's ears, while her heart prayed for a life full of lovable moments with him. Her confession made Raghav open his eyes and he saw Kalpi's doe-eyes gazing with all the love and affection into his. But before he could react, that expression had changed into a seductive one again. "Ready for more" sexily touching Raghav's stubble with her finger Kalpi said. Her hand reached out behind her back as she unzipped the black dress. This time Raghav's breathing had stopped as his heart jumped partially out of excitement and partially to stop Kalpi.

The dress was unzipped and soon Kalpi started removing it off her body too. "Oh no" Raghav muttered and closed his eyes, holding his breath for the next adventure. He'd never in his wildest guesses thought that this night would turn into something like this. "How to go safe & sound;  and in one piece from here? That too without giving a look to a...a...a...to Kalpi in birthday suit almost!"  He was lost in his thoughts when he felt a mass sitting on his lap, to be precise he knew that it was Kalpana.

 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction using characters from the show "Ek Mutthi Aasmaan" on "Zee TV" solely for entertainment purposes. No monetary gain is intended. The characters are owned by creators and owners of the show.

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Okay, I know Part-2 is shorter probably. Sorry for that. Embarrassed


Seemingly Kalpi's arms were around Raghav's neck. Admitting the pleasant feeling at a girl sitting on his lap, and this close to him Raghav smiled. But he felt a little interruption in his smiling moments when Kalpi held both his hands and kept on her waist. The soft skin of Kalpi's body was under Raghav's hands as he held Kalpi, his heart had almost stopped beating. Kalpi was placing small kisses on his neck as her hands moved up Raghav's chest. Raghav let out a small groan; this was too much even for a man of patience like him. "Open your eyes Raghav" Kalpi said.

Raghav protested "Kalpi",

"Sshh" Kalpi kept her finger on Raghav's lips. "Trust me" she said making Raghav open his eyes. Apprehensive to see what he was expecting to see, Raghav opened his eyes slowly. His gaze was met with Kalpi's soft and loving one as she still sat on his lap. Hesitantly yet curiously his eyes roamed at Kalpana's frame from head to toe. To his pleasant surprise he saw Kalpana was wearing a tube top and shorts. He let out a breath of relief, making Kalpi raise her brow. Grinning sheepishly Raghav said "you wear this too? I mean...Thank God you're wearing something" he finished chuckling and received a small punch from Kalpi on his chest. "I am not that shameless okay? And you're NOT MY HUSBAND" Kalpi said and Raghav gave her a crooked smile. "May I ask what was all this about then?" he asked Kalpi. "Because it was my dream to seduce you and make you call me hot!" Kalpi replied casually.

"What?" Raghav said after a pause. Kalpi fluttered her eyelashes, "Yes! Am I not hot?" Raghav just shook his head in exasperation; "tell me" was the only thing he said. Hearing the firmness in his voice Kalpi's gaze softened. Not saying anything for a few moments she kept searching something in Raghav's eyes, kept looking at him.

"Do you..." She paused. "Do you not like me?" Kalpi asked and saw Raghav widening his eyes at her question. "Do you not love me Raghav?" she asked again, waited for Raghav to say something who had first opened and then closed his mouth shut. "After today, I promise to leave your path forever. I shall not come in your way like this, but only as a good neighbor. You don't like me right?" Kalpi asked Raghav, controlling the tears ready to spill out of her eyes. On not receiving any answer, she sighed and rested her head against Raghav's chest for a few moments. "Kalpi, I..." Raghav started but Kalpi cut him in middle. "Just let me be like this for sometime" she said.

"I knew it" she said raising her head after a few moments. "It's okay, I understand. I'll cherish these moments forever" saying so she gently placed butterfly kisses on Raghav's cheek and lips. "Goodbye Raghav, I am sorry for all this. You can leave now...forever" Kalpi said and lifted herself off him. She was going out of the room when she felt a strong pull on her arm and soon she was engulfed in Raghav's tight embrace. Before she could make out anything, Raghav's lips were on hers, crushing them hungrily as he tasted them for the first time. His hands roamed all over her, and under his touch Kalpi trembled when she felt Raghav's hands all over her bare skin.

Breaking the kiss Raghav scowled "how dare you?" he said and kissed Kalpi one more time. "How dare you" Raghav said after their third kiss, "how dare you go out of my life? How could you think that I don't like you? You..."

"Does that mean...you like me? But, you didn't reply to me" Kalpi said flabbergasted.

Raghav cupped her face "That's because you silenced me at the wrong time, and I couldn't help but cherish the feeling of you against me." Kalpi pouted, and slowly tears started flowing out of her eyes. She still wanted answers "But your gestures never showed anything else except plain friendliness towards me" Kalpi complained. "That's because I am too spellbound by your innocent and sexy beauty not to ravish you before it's the right time" Raghav replied casually while keeping his forehead against Kalpana's. This time it was Kalpi's turn to be surprised. "What?" she almost shouted.

Raghav gave Kalpi a crooked smile and took her in his arms, touching her everywhere. His gaze carried a dazed and drunken look as he took his own sweet time to devour Kalpi with eyes. "That's right, it is hard to touch you and not start kissing you then and there. And every time I'll want to take things...a lot...ahead of kiss. Had I hugged you once, I'd have wished to kiss you. Had I kissed you, I'd have wanted to make love to you" Raghav said and bit Kalpi on her bare shoulder gently. She moaned, felt shy and hid her face in Raghav's chest. "You made me kiss you now, and now do you realize how tough it is to become free with you; and not take advantage? Do you know how tough it was for me to resist your, err, seduction?" Raghav whispered in Kalpi's ear and nuzzled in her neck, placing soft kisses everywhere from her neck to her collarbone.

Making some distance between them, Raghav roved his eyes from Kalpi's bare shoulders, her sexy figure, bare abdomen and long, slender legs. He gave Kalpi a naughty smile and without warning lifted her in his arms in bridal style. "What happened? Tongue-tied?" Raghav teased Kalpi, who was still having difficulty in accepting this completely opposite version of Raghav. Placing Kalpi on her bed and coming on top of her, Raghav said "Forgot to confess...I Love You Too...Baby." Kalpi who had closed her eyes on feeling Raghav's breaths on her cheek opened her eyes. "Really? You're not joking?"

 Raghav shook his head in a no. "No, I love it when you are close to me. I love when you drool on me, eat me up by eyes stealthily". "Yes I know that" Raghav replied on seeing Kalpana's widened eyes. "When you hold my hands, I want to pull you closer and closer to me. I cherish your proximity so much" he whispered lovingly "so much that it scares me. What if I lose control? I wouldn't want to break your trust on me. I love to take care of you, to protect you. I love...your company and a simple walk with you takes away entire tension of my rough day. I love you...so much."

 By now Kalpi was crying happy tears and Raghav kissed them away. "No baby, no crying. I promise I'll not hurt you again" Raghav said and Kalpi hugged him. "Why didn't you say it before you stupid? You hurt me so much and also made me so shameless" Kalpi complained and Raghav chuckled. "I am sorry" he repeated. "But...I loved your little show, and your hidden secrets" Raghav said winking at Kalpi, and moving his fingers sexily on Kalpi's abdomen and navel, before placing a kiss there. Kalpi's cheeks were tomato-red while she moaned. "I woke up a lion" she muttered hiding herself more into Raghav, while he was busy roaming his hands on Kalpi's body. "You bet" he replied.

 "By the way will I get such shows after marriage too?" Raghav asked. "Then don't stop at this" he indicated at Kalpi's tube-top and shorts, making her blush. "What?" Raghav smirked looking at Kalpana's condition, "I am your fiance and would-be-husband, future Mrs. Hot Singhania." He held Kalpi's hand with the engagement ring and then showed his to her "and someone was talking about breaking our engagement" Raghav gritted out. "That's because before today you never behaved and talked like my fiance! I thought you do not like me and if that was so, I wanted to free us both of this unwanted relation" Kalpi said and her lips were taken over in a passionate kiss. "For your kind information, Dad (Harish Singhania) and Mom (Gauri Singhania) had placed this proposal of marriage before Uncle (Vitthal Jadhav) and Aunty (Neetu Jadhav) on my insistence. I'd told them how smitten I was with you and they'd readily agreed to bring a "jewellery designer" daughter-in-law for their "business-man" son. They already liked you." Kalpi was astounded by this revelation and she lay still in Raghav's arms.

 "You really love me" she whispered finally.

 "Yes" Raghav said "and now if you don't mind I have an unfinished business" and he ducked his head to place kisses from Kalpi's neck to bosom. "Raghav" Kalpi moaned and complained. "I promise not to cross limits before our marriage next month" Raghav said. "Why?" Kalpi asked Raghav, wanting to hear those magic words again and again.

 "Because I love you baby" he replied.

 Kalpi: "I love you too."

 "Umm, hmm" Raghav muttered incomprehensibly and captured Kalpi's lips in a long, lingering kiss.

 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction using characters from the show "Ek Mutthi Aasmaan" on "Zee TV" solely for entertainment purposes. No monetary gain is intended. The characters are owned by creators and owners of the show.

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why u said don't keep high hopes...coz this Ts is more than high hopes for meLOLEmbarrassed
fabulous ts chahat.

initially it seemed raghav was ignoring kalpi nd didn't like her just like one sided love but as the story progressed.,revealation comes nd the whole revealation was super cute...nd lovely.

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Fabulous and a very heart touching story.it should be an eye opener for all those who consider the fairer complexion is the perfect gatewAy to seduce a handsome hunk.i do agree that the outer beauty plays a part in one' s life.but the inner beauty surpasses And covers up the flaws very beautifully,I loved this Kalpi.she reminded me abt bi pasha Basu very much.kalpis guts confidence and presence of mind made her to face the problem rAther than running awAy from it,for a moment I was shocked and surprised after reading the way Kalpi was undressing herself and sexily black mailing him!!! U had forced me to imagine the reactions of rags at that moment.what could have been his facial expressions his heart beat his wide opened mouth and the amount of pressure he must have put on his lips and hands!! Thud cAme the last surprise when Kalpi sat on his lap and broke all his control.after that his emotions poured out through that searing kiss shocking Kalpi to the core.he had proved how caring is he towards her by showing her their engagement ring and made her to realise that their is very strong to be broken .and promised her that he will not cross his limits before marriage in whatever way she may seduce him.

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A.C. is own in the office... and yet am sweating... LOL
Last few days here.. and am reading updates... kya karein.. woh bhi control nai hua... Lovely Update... !!!
And surprise too... :D

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superb start dida.. Omg new TS... Nice.. I loved it cute story..

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its already too hot at Mumbai...& this hot TS... Embarrassed ...
cant believe kalpi is so seductive...& rags Wink ...he could hv never imagined this... Tongue Wink
cute lovelt ts...
pls do continue giving this type of ts... Big smile

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