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BOMBAY VELVET BO collections and REVIEWS (Page 42)

briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Deathstroke

@MehraAmod: Being Humans we all make mistakes.. Akshay (Joker) Hrithik (Kites) Ajay (RGV Aag) Salman (Veer) Shahrukh (RA 1) & now Ranbir #BombayVelvet..

i knew he would thrash the movie...he thrashed the music bad...bitter man!LOL

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IhateKhans Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rogerrocks

#BombayVelvet is a Visual Diarrhea. A review!


In a parallel universe inhabited by doped Anurag Kashyap, there might exist a decade where guns come from Capone's America, gowns from 90s Miss Universe contests, goggles from 40s world War II Era, men's clothes from 50s Europe, art-deco buildings from Fascist Italy, but alas, such a decade never existed. When you are supremely stupid like Anurag Kashyap or brain dead, same in this case, then you mix everything in a grinder and come up with Kafkasque s borefest which is Bombay Velvet. Except some background music, this movie has nothing much to offer except ridiculous caricatures of characters from potboilers of yore.




We have Karan Johar playing some kind of early-age don rolled up as a newspaper owner a la Shah in Kohra. While Shah was masculine; effete Karan makes piecemeal of his role, being supremely untalented his cartoonish take on villainy is a sight to behold. Wearing ridiculous decade-confused, ill-fitting clothes, he simpers through his character. Dialogue delivery is produced with abundant display of teeth gum; as if he were snarling, unfortunately, also accompanied by a whinny sub-feminine voice. In some serious scenes, you will break out laughing. Karan Johar's acting debut is an unmitigated failure of epic proportion. Given his temperament, a Maharani type of role of Sadak should have been tried. But, alas, I forget, Karan is a MONUMENTAL ZERO in front of Late Sadashiv ji. 

Anushka plays Rosie, love interest of Ranbir in this slow-paced tedious track. There is no chemistry between the two. She could have copied some actress from 50s/'60s but, no, you need brains to copy too. LOL. Unfortunately, for Anushka, her lip job for PK is still evident. Her lips look like a Venus Fly trap plant. They open and snap shut like a frog. She wears Miss World / Miss Universe costumes with long trails and sings some soppy numbers. A Jazz singer in impoverished Bombay of 60s trilling lullabies in a set copied from the film Chicago! Makes sense! NOT! Anushka, too, fails badly. A resounding flop by Anushka.



The person who decided Ranbir's look should be fired. His hair is a mop making him look girly. He has uncanny resemblance to 7 UP's cartoon. He plays some sort of a boxer, a character purloined from De Niro's Taxi Driver. Pathetic is the word I would use for Ranbir. A promising start fettered away in wrong films. Despite possessing a modicum of talent, his role is the weakest in the film. He epitomizes a Chinless man. Though playing a boxer with dreams of becoming rich by hook or crook, the script doesn't substantiate his longing. His acting is also very poor; his voice is a cross between Sanjay Dutt s bhidu mannerism and junked up version of Amitabh s Agnipaath. He is entirely unconvincing as Johnny Balraj. Though he tries to bring vulnerability into his role when interacting with Rosie, he manages to look amateurish. The wild kissing between the two may raise a pole or two in sexually frustrated Indian male but all it reminded me was a plumber using his pump to clear a clogged sewage pipe.


Bombay Velvet is one of the weakest film ever directed by Kashyap. Fault lies squarely with Karan and Ranbir and a tenuous script. The film looks like a kaleidoscope of poached references from at least a dozen of Hollywood scenes. 30s gangster capers, 40s styling, Chicago, Taxi Driver, Rambo were unabashedly referred to create a confused maze of soulless characters, dialogues that go nowhere, sub-plots like smuggling and some land-deal add to the pandemonium. It is a kitsch gone sour. A tribute to one's ego and Anurag fails like no one has ever failed.

Box Office Verdict: 

An opening of 10 crore is assured. Punjabi film critics will pay obeisance to this film because of their leader Karan. Racism in action.

Okay this is an outright negative review but the manner in which the film is being criticized is hilarious..I din even feel bad cos it cracked me up..Esp. the racism bit LOL

just, WOW
MY-WAY IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Movie is getting bad reviews well I am not surprised. This movie promo itself gave hint that it gonna be trashed by critics. When first time I saw promo it was looking mimicry of 80's movie n I didn't feel it has essence of vintage aura.

I like Ranbir's acting n I just hope he doesn't trashed by Critics n Audience and his upcoming movies change the scenario of his movies choices.

All the best to him.

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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:41pm | IP Logged

'Bombay Velvet' Movie Review: Ranbir Kapoor-Anushka Sharma Starrer Bags Mixed Talk from Viewers

Anurag Kashyap's Bollywood movie "Bombay Velvet" starring Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles, has got mixed reviews from the viewers, who are confused over whether to like it or not.

"Bombay Velvet" is a period crime drama film, which is based on historian Gyan Prakash's book "Mumbai Fables". Set in 1960s Bombay, the film revolves around the story of boxer Johnny Balraj and aspiring jazz singer Rosie. How their hopes and dreams collide with theirindividual realities will form the crux of the movie.

Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma have played boxer and jazz singer respectively in "Bombay Velvet". Their performances are the big assets and also saving grace of this much-talked about film, say the audience after watching the movie.

The movie buffs say that it has an interesting script, brilliant performances by lead actors and rich production values, but the boring and slow-paced narration kills the interest of the audience. We bring you the verdict of the film goers, who posted it on their Twitter handles after watching the film. Read the live update of "Bombay Velvet" movie review by viewers:

Ankita @ChotuMissMuffet

1. The film is so appealing visually. Almost perfect. The early Bombay and the whole feel. The music adds to it. And works in a good way. 2. Didn't like the narrative though. Especially the beginning or the first half. Second half, more gripping.Interval point quite interesting 3. But the point of any film, atleast for me, is that it should touch you or you need to feel for the characters. That didn't happen to me. 4. The end (won't reveal) otherwise could have been so moving or tear-inducing.But somehow that didn't happen despite me being so sensitive. 5. Probably why I feel a dialogue like, "Rosie mein aisa kya hai joh mujhmein nahi" during a serious climax scene didn't make sense Why??? 6. From KJo to Ranbir Kapoor. My point being, if you don't feel for the hero/heroine and feel angry on the villain in a film toh kya fayda! 7. I'm an admirer of Ranbir Kapoor's work. Be it Wake Up Sid or Yeh Jawaani... But in my opinion, he just didn't fit in Bombay Velvet. 8. While he fit the vulnerability his character needed perfectly, the intense part isn't for him I feel. There's a scene where... 9. There's dramatic music, the door opens, he walks in and shoots people. You need a heroic walk for such characters. Quite larger-the-life 10. But I just felt he didn't fit in. If you know what I mean:) And still you do love Ranbir in a lot of parts. 11. But Satyadeep Mishra who plays his friend Chiman is brilliant. And Raveena Tandon > Anushka Sharma when it came to the singing part. Anyway,so in the entirety, I ain't bowled over by #BombayVelvet but you can watch it once for the visual appeal and Ranbir-Anushka chemistry

MissMalini @MissMalini

Just watched #BombayVelvet and it was awesome, a tad long. But awesome! And @karanjohar you were epic! Especially that evil giggle hahaha

Avinash Lohana @AvinashLohana

#BombayVelvet a gritty love story crafted in an intoxicating long lost era, the money invested can b seen seen on screen @anuragkashyap72 #BombayVelvet wonderfully written, but gets lost in transition to big screen... Since performances all the way @anuragkashyap72 If you wish to be seduced by the era of 60s then #BombayVelvet is the film for you. Gr8 production value, gr8 content, average execution

Rachit Gupta @radiochatter

I loved #BombayVelvet. Yes it's flawed. But so beautiful. Such a terrifically put together effort. Well-made is an understatement @filmfare

Salilacharya @Salilacharya

Good things come in long and bug packages #bombayvelvet takes u into a forgotten world and u teliah evry moment Intriguing at times .. Tad long at times but u do fall in the love with world the detailing #bombayvelvet Yes #ranbirkapoor is brilliant #karanjohar #satydeep all woven in wonderfully #bombayvelvet .. Just wish the film had been tighter , i quite enjoyed the over indulgence hindi phillum style #bombayvelvet ohh and how can i forget @AnushkaSharma controlled tender and vulnerable at times .. works well for #BombayVelvet

Rhea Srivastava @VirtualRheality

#BombayVelvet puts me in two minds as I went in with massive expectations. It has some brilliant moments but remains half baked overall. #BombayVelvet has its moments but it seriously flawed in plot and character development.

Monika Rawal @monikarawal

So Disappointed... Didn't expect I would walk off after interval only. Such dragged n dull movie... @AnushkaSharma @anuragkash #BombayVelvet @PositiveEnayat I had such high expectations from #BombayVelvet but 20 mins into the movie n it looked so slow n boring. Only visual delight

Pankaj Sabnani @pankajsabnani

Just watched #BombayVelvet & I don't know whether I liked it or not. Slow & somewhat boring first half & a decent second half make #BombayVelvet above average. 2.5 stars from me. At the end of the day, #BombayVelvet is more of a revenge drama. Bombay is just a backdrop. And the songs of #BombayVelvet were so boring & monotonous. The sets of #BombayVelvet were good. Wish I could say the same about the film. Sigh.

Why So Serious! @surrealzakir

#BombayVelvet - Intermission Performances of the leads Saving the medicore Plot of the movie... Abv Avg Stuff U will not believe me if i say khambata Actually overshadowed Johnny Balraj n Rossie...But u will when see the movie. #BOMBAYVELVET Hoping for a Better n Engaging second Half... Special Mention BGM...Kummi Kummi Kummi Avataledaru evaroo kani #BombayVelvet Climax is Gud but that doesnt makeup for the boring n draggy second half of the film #BombayVelvet #BombayVelvet - A Spectacularly Shot Boring Lovestory - 2.5/5

Naanvi gagroo @maanvigagroo

Big round of applause and cheers to the man with a vision @anuragkashyap72 #BombayVelvet is your must watch this weekend! 1/2 Each and every performance in #BombayVelvet is worth your money. #RanbirKapoor is BLOODY brilliant, literally! #BombayVelvet #SpoilerAlert and a special mention to our very own @CastingChhabra for his casting n acting brilliance combined!

Sudhir Mishra @IAmSudhirMishra

Bombay Velvet's terrific.It's visceral,exciting with both scale n detail.D love story n d story of sleaze tht built Bombay merge beautifully Ranbir n Anushka perform with both restraint n abandon in BV.They r in love but for these lost souls love's necessary bt not enough.

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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
i find this tweet a honest one...

#BombayVelvet My biggest grouse is that the 4 writers, Anurag included, couldn't see the many logic loopholes in their story. Frustrating.

Edited by briahna - 14 May 2015 at 9:43pm

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Coldplaying IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Critics ko Goa mein party karake bhi kuch faida nahi hua LOL
briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Coldplaying

Critics ko Goa mein party karake bhi kuch faida nahi hua LOL

kyun jalle parr namak spinkle karr rahe ho...arre kuch hatt ke kiya nah.

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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:50pm | IP Logged

Film review: 'Bombay Velvet' struggles to make the heart skip a beat, let alone go boom-boom

Nandini Ramnath   Today 09:10 am

It's the late 1960s. Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar are holding strong, various Kapoors are running all over the screen, Dharmendra has already taken off his shirt, and Amitabh Bachchan has made his first picture.

Yet, the face on the poster that street thug Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) worships belongs to James Cagney, the American icon from the 1930s and '40s ' one of cinema's original angry young men. As he watches The Roaring Twenties, a film that that was made in 1939 but is playing at a Mumbai theatre all these years later, Balraj is struck by the iconic closing line that is spoken over Cagney's corpse: "He used to be a big shot."

Balraj badly wants to be this big shot, even if it means dying young, and it's telling that the protagonist of Anurag Kashyap's Bombay Velvet picks up his cues from the movies. Like Kashyap's other films, especially Gangs of Wasseypur, his latest effort, Bombay Velvet has utmost faith in the power of cinema to influence attitudes and career choices. However, it is never clear why a ruffian trying to get in on the big game in 1969 in Mumbai needs guidance from long-dead fictional Americans.

Both character and actor are unable to free themselves from the yoking of a '60s drama set in the city that was then known as Bombay with the moral dilemmas that gripped America during the Depression: prohibition, the rise of organised crime and the corruption of public office.

Velvet is also influenced by references to Martin Scorsese's reworkings of American gangster films (Scorsese is among Kashyap's stated heroes and his long-time editor, Thelma Schoonmaker, has co-edited Bombay Velvet). It also doffs its hat to the television series Boardwalk Empire, set in the US Prohibition-era.

Meanwhile, there is also the source material to contend with: historian Gyan Prakash's fabulous Mumbai Fables, an unconventional history of the metropolis. Prakash crafted Bombay Velvet's basic story and is one of the movie's four writers, along with Kashyap, Vasan Bala and S Thanikachalam. Mumbai Fables includes chapters on the Nanavati murder trial from the late '50s and the rise of the Shiv Sena, but BombayVelvet is concerned with the controversial reclamation of the Arabian Sea for the city's central business district, Nariman Point, portrayed here as an early instance of private interests colluding with the state and street muscle to push through a questionable but lucrative land deal.

Period padding

This handsomely produced and always attractive retro-retelling of Mumbai's recent history - a kind of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Again again - has been meticulously designed by Sonal Sawant and lit by cinematographer Rajeev Ravi in amber tones to create a twilight zone between dreams and nightmares. At its nub is an old-fashioned love triangle. There's Balraj, the manager of the Bombay Velvet nightclub, star attraction Rosie (Anushka Sharma, chanelling Goan singing great Lorna Cordeiro to whom the movie is partly dedicated), and Kaizad Khambatta (Karan Johar), the club's owner. Balraj and Rosie are in love, but Khambatta hasn't taken Balraj off the streets to run his club because he likes the excitable young man's curriculum vitae. Khambatta wants to own Balraj's soul, and had the movie shed its ambitions of being a Mumbai origin story and been a study of these three characters, it would have worked just fine.

The overly busy screenplay features more multi-tasking characters than in a supermoms' group, but perhaps nobody works as hard as Khambatta who, apart from running the club, runs the tabloid Torrent and operates an illegal hooch racket. When he isn't listening to Rosie sing, Balraj is getting beaten to pulp as a participant in caged wrestling bouts and argues with his childhood friend Chiman (Satyadeep Mishra) about amassing wealth. Another frequent visitor to the club is Jimmy Mistry (Manish Chaudhuri), the cigar-chomping editor ofTorrent rival Glitz who is trying to bring down Khambatta through the ratatat of his typewriter.

The ardour between Balraj and Rosie, however passionless, provides the trigger for the preposterous post-intermission portion. When Chiman picks up a Thomson sub-machine gun and pays visual homage to Cagney, Paul Muni, Edward G Robinson and other leading lights of '30s cinema, Balraj's world, and the movie's conceit of being a cautionary history lesson, come crashing down.

Under the influence

The nods to an American storytelling idiom are at odds with the hyper-locality of the story, which contains references to Mumbai's actual history of prohibition, jazz clubs, the Nanavati murder case (through the song Sylvia) and the rivalry between the tabloids Blitz and Current. Mistry has been inspired by Blitz's charismatic editor Russi Karanjia, though it is impossible to believe that an influential character like Mistry or, for that matter, Khambatta, would be threatened by the loutish Balraj. Kashyap also doesn't make a convincing case about the nuclear-hot secret that these parties are shedding blood over.

Films such as Shree 420, Deewar, Satya and even the comedy Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro have all pointed to the collusion between capital and crime in Mumbai's history. Bombay Velvet depicts this collusion from the point of view of a punk who is seized by the illusion that he has a chance to move out of the gutter. Ranbir Kapoor has the Cagney template down pat: he displays guts, gumption and guns but little grey matter. It's an all-surface and no-interior performance from an actor who is capable of suggesting depth and hidden emotions, and it doesn't come naturally to Kapoor. He neither carries off the Mumbai patois nor suggests a complex beast who is being yanked this way and that.

The American gangster films weren't big on complex characterisation either, but their narrative style had the directness, smoothness and impact of machine-gun fire. They also had sharp dialogue, which Bombay Velvet misses. The plot is needlessly complicated at the expense of emotion, and assembles a set of well-dressed people who seem to want to go someplace but are not quite sure where.

Anushka Sharma does a better job on the stage than off it, Satyadeep Mishra and Manish Chaudhuri are effective in their roles, while Karan Johar has a whale of a time holding meetings that will decide Mumbai's future and eyeballing Balraj's lithe frame. In between the knotty web of murder, blackmail, lies, double-cross and corruption woven by the spinners of this 70s yarn with 50s morality refracted through a projector screening 30s films, there is also Kay Kay Menon, playing a cop who has stepped out of a bespoke tailoring establishment.

Among the effective moments of real emotion is the song Dhadaam Dhadaam, where the marriage of glimpses of the action with Rosie's performance works perfectly. The rest of the time, the montage of moments and fragments fails to make the heart skip a beat, let alone go boom-boom.


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