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Manan OS: Her Shadow part 2/2 updated pg.6 ( may 18th) (Page 6)

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Originally posted by Mawara_Ejaz

OMG..!!! I am just crying like a fool whole the time reading this..thnx God my mama didn't saw me crying...yaaar what to say u made me speechless...I don't have words to explain my feelings...reading your os i came to know that vision is a great blessing...you wrote it so beautifully and the way Manik helped her was so loving...plzzz do write more I love ur writings...
I would apologize for making you cry so much but i won't but a reader's tears, they are precious to me, they are compliments on their own, it means they felt the emotions i had set out to emote. Thou i am definitely glad your mama ddin't see you crying. it gets a little difficult to explain to my family too when i am crying over ficition..lol LOL so i know what you mean.
Yes, eyes are truly a blessing we humans don't appreciate enough. 
Thank you so much for your kind praise..truly humbled Embarrassed

- Reya <3

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by gaurimenon

wat ws that ?? oh my god...i cudnt stop my tears.
i dont hav any words to describe this...wat ever i write ,it wont b enuf to express my feelings.
i loved it...u r too good
superb.u r writing skills are amazing...luv u dr 
And i don't have the words to express my gratitude for your kind praise so call i can say is thank you, truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- reya <3

Originally posted by Ladyeirin

Hey Reya.
That was so absolutely beautiful... I cried reading the story, it was out of this world. Really!! Such romantic stories will make MaNan forever imprinted on my heart. Its incomplete if I dnt say 'Thank you' for this beauty. Embarrassed
 Manan are such a special couple..and they really do give inspirations for amateur writers like myself to let our imagination loose..and try to capture the essence of their beautiful love. 
Thank you so much for your kind praise..truly humbled by your words..so thank you is all i can say to express my gratitude. Embarrassed

- Reya <3

Originally posted by kriti094

Plz post the second part soon
yes next part soonish Embarrassed

- reya <3
Lovelylav7 Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Its just amazing.. Ur story realized me love is beyond the problems.. I just loved it..please continue it and pm me

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Hey everyone. Here is the 2nd and final part of this OS. I will be honest; I rather like this part. Think this came out like I was hoping it would.

Here is the link for the short film: https://youtu.be/_99ySDoC1fw I would suggest watching it after you finish reading so it doesn't end up giving anything away. And yes, after you folks tell me what you thought of the entire piece.

And yes, to the people who add me to their buddy list, please be sure you do indeed want PMs. I have a friend list of 250+ and it's quite a task to find the people who want PMs for the Manan. And an effort I don't mind putting in as long as the reader opens the PM I send. So yeah.

Okies. Happy reading folks.


Her Shadow Part 2

A few months later

The light of my life has the lost her sight. Her world is a cloak of darkness now.

My Nandini was such a positive person, always had been. She always taught me to see the brighter side of life, to see life as glass half full'. But as her sight faded, the light within her started to fade too. Her positivity dimmed until there was nothing left. We had to find a way to bring it back, we had to find a way for her to shine away.

She has been my light ever since she met me, pulled me out of the darkness into the light. And now I have to pull her out of the darkness into the light as her shadow. I will shadow her for life, even in her darkest moment, I promise to remain her faithful shadow. 

I want to wake up every morning and tell her I love her. I want to be able to smile at her when I say it. She says she misses seeing my smile so I find a way to show it to her everyday.

I open my eyes and see her. Our bodies are entwined together.  She is awake with her eyes to the ceiling. She is waiting, waiting for me to wake up. She doesn't kiss me awake anymore. She never touches me while I sleep, afraid her touch will wake me. So I let her know when I am awake. I close my eyes. I lean in and nuzzle her the delicate curve between her shoulder and her slender neck. A hand curls around my neck as we come close. Bringing my fingers to her lips, I feel her smile and my own lips widen upwards. I bring one of her hands to my curved up lips. She can feel me smiling for her.

"I. Love. You.", I mouth against her fingers. This is how I tell her I love her, I let her fingers read my lips.  So she can feel my love.

"Hamesha.", she mouths against my fingers.

Her hand starts to travel along my jaw, her fingers skimming along my light stubble. From my jaw, her petite hand journeys to my forehead, feeling the lines of it. I know what she is looking for, the tell tale of my worries: my worry lines. She used to able to see them and soothe them away. Now she feels them. Whenever she thinks I am stressed or worried, she will simply put her hand to my forehead.

Her hand starts to drift to my eyes but I grasp her hand. I hear a soft gasp from her so I bring her close and seal our lips together softly.  I can't have her touching my closed eyelids. She doesn't know it but I close my eyes too whenever I touch her. We touch as equals.  We don't need her sight. We don't need my sight. We just need each other's touch and the love is felt. 


I step out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist.  I see Nandini in her walk in closet picking her outfit for the day. I stand the bathroom door about ten feet away refusing to make my presence known. 

She likes to pick her clothes herself. Her closet is now organized by material and colors. She first decides what material she wants to wear. She is on the side that has her denim jeans, pulling one off the hanger, she feels the cloth and sniffs it to make sure it's denim. Next, she trails her hand until she gets to her kurtis. Colors are put in Braille on the walls so she knows what color category she is in. Skimming her finger over the yellow, she pulls out a sleeveless yellow kurti to go with her denim jeans. She fingers the Braille color tag sewn into her back of her kurti to double check she has picked the right color. Every piece of clothing in her wardrobe has the color sewn into it. She wants her independence and this is my attempt at trying to give it to her. 

"Hey babe, the shower is all yours.", I call out and walk with heavy footsteps towards the bed and she walks over placing her jeans and yellow kurti on the bed.

Reaching out with her hand, she finds my cheek and leans in to kiss it. "Okay, my turn then."

I smile seeing the smile on her lips. That smile I was worried I wouldn't get back. 

Looking down at her outfit, I see that there is a big tear along the hem of her top she missed. I go to her walk in closet and pick another cotton yellow kurti and replace it on the bed. 

She will never know and I won't ever tell her. But whenever she messes up with an outfit, I always fix it before she is out of the shower


"What do you want for breakfast ?", she asks as she hears me walk into the kitchen. I always try to spend extra time in the room or the study in the morning so she can get started on breakfast herself.


Her need to take care of me.

To be my wife, my partner.

She asked me for those that night. I have to give what she wants. But I make sure to be there before she turns on the stove and hover around, flirting and laughing with her when most of the time, my eyes are glued to the burner, afraid every second she is near it.

"Scrambled eggs with cheese, please.", What I really wanted for breakfast this morning was a mushroom and cheese omelet. I swear I even dreamt about it last night. But it's harder to make and I don't want her to struggle. She would manage it, no doubt about it but I didn't want her to put more effort than needed.

I walk up to her and close my eyes curling a hand around her neck and kiss her with all the love I have for her. 

Her face is flushed by the time we draw back. She gives me a playful shove, "Stop distracting me.", she says with a short laugh turning towards the steeliness fridge. 

Nandini herself organizes the fridge now. She puts everything away exactly where she wants it so she never struggles. I have a picture posted on the side of the fridge to remind myself how it's organized, making sure I place everything exactly the way it is so she doesn't get confused looking for her items. 

She reaches into the second shelf for a cartoon of eggs and the third side shelf for the shredded mozzarella cheese. She places them gently on the counter and moves her hand searching for the bowl she placed here earlier.

Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, I nuzzle her ear. And as expected, she turns into my arms as I kiss her. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I hug her close. And look over my shoulder for the white bowl she was searching for. It's farther away, not within the reach of her hand. Trailing a hand along her spine, I use my other hand and very quietly pull the bowl closer so it's within her reach when she searches the counter again. With my goal accomplished, I let her out of my arms. 

I grab the bread and pop two slices in the toaster as she starts cracking the eggs open. She bends down to throw the shells in the waste bin at her feet. And I quickly reach in and scoop out the big piece of the shell that went into the bowl without her realizing. 

We work side by side, talking and laughing as we make breakfast together. I set the table quickly while she grabs our plated breakfast. I set up the table the same way everyday now. Salt and pepper at her 3 o clock, ketchup at her 12' clock, butter at her 9 o clock. It's the same everyday so she never has to ask for help. 


"When do you plan to be home by ?", I ask her as we walk out the door with our hands interlaced. Her mornings are now regularly spent at the orphanage teaching the children singing.

She fingers her Bradley to check the time, "In about four to five hours so hopefully by three. Why ?" 

"Just like that. I will come home for lunch, and because I will miss you." And I will, I will miss her so much.

We stop at her car first, and I place one of her hands to let her know. Tugging her hand free, she opens the back passenger door and places her bag inside before she turns around to face me.

She wraps her arms around my waist tightly, placing her head on my chest, right where my heart is. She says she likes listening to the sound of my heartbeat. It gives her peace, she says and I know exactly what she means. "I will miss you too.", she whispers softly.

She tilts her head up for a kiss. I close my eyes and kiss her forehead as I hold her tighter, just for a moment.


I pull the car to a stop. I grab my laptop bag from the passenger seat and put my phone on silent. I am not suppose to get calls for next few hours but just in case. In front of my car is Nandini's car and the driver holds the door open for her to step out. I silently nod at the driver to acknowledge him. I stand at my car door, waiting for her. She opens her walking stick and puts her bag on her shoulder and steps out of the car.

She turns to the driver with a soft smile, "Okay Ramesha bhaiya, you can be back in four hours or so."

Ramesha acknowledges her words but he will stay parked outside the orphanage the whole time. That's what I pay him for.

"Nandini Didi !", the happy squeals of the children rushing towards her grabs her attention and she smiles genuinely as she pivots to face them. Small arms wrap around her legs as her students hover around her, talking all at once. She listens patiently and answers each child by the name. It took some practice to remember all the names with just their voices.

 "Abhi, let's go inside and learn some singing." They all nod with excitement and turn towards me. I wave with a smile and they wave back. They don't say a word though. They know, Nandini can't find out I am here.

"Where is Manik bhayia ?", one of the young boys, Karan asks winking at me with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. I chuckle quietly to myself so Nandini doesn't hear me. I fake glower at them as they all snicker and grin at me. Always up to no good these brats are. 

"Remember, he only comes on the weekend. So he will here tomorrow. Right now he is at work", Nandini says and they all giggle. My adorable brats, they always find ways to have some fun at Nandini's expense.

All the kids race ahead to get inside. But Usha, a beautiful five-year old with her two front teeth missing, always stays back. She likes to help Nandini. Usha gently holds Nandini by the hand as they go up the five wooden steps that lead into the orphanage.

Nandini pauses at the entrance and glances back as if she can see me. She does it often, like she knows I am around. Shaking her head and mumbling to herself, she turns around.

I pick up my laptop bag and walk quietly a few steps behind. As Nandini and Usha go through the small entrance door, Usha turns back and smiles at me. I blow her a flying kiss and thank her. Usha is my tiny helper. From the moment Nandini comes to the orphanage to the moment she leaves, Usha becomes me, she becomes her shadow and makes sure Nandini is safe.

Ashaben, the woman who is in charge of running this small orphanage smiles as soon she sees Nandini. Usha leads Nandini into the kitchen and I stand by the doorframe as the ladies talk.  Ashaben looks over to me and I acknowledge her with a smile and fold my hands in greeting. When the kids lead Nandini the hallway for their class, Ashaben comes forward and lightly touches my head in blessing. She is a widow in her 40's who has been caring for the children since her husband passed away years ago. 

I reach into my bag and pull out an envelope for her and hand it to her. Whenever I offered her my help, she refused it. So I decided to put money into the orphanage, rebuilding it from the ground up and take care of the monthly expenses. The children deserve to be brought up with their needs fulfilled, they deserve to be loved well. And these small children with the biggest hearts and smiles bring my Nandini joy. The time she spends here, she is happy. And for that reason alone, I will be forever indebted to them.

I pass by the classroom where Nandini is standing in the front with her students as they listen to her intently as she teaches them SA RE GA MA PA. Usha looks over and sees me. She smiles her mischievous smile as she winks at me. Looks like the brat is up to something. She gets up from her chair and walks up to Nandini. She tugs on her kurti to get her attention and Nandini stops mid-sentence and looks down.

Nandini Didi, SA, RE GAAA is so boring. We want to hear you sing a song.", she says with a grin. All the other kids shout in agreement and demand that Nandini sings a song for them. And Nandini finally relents. 

She clears her throats and starts. And then magic happens, like it always does whenever she sings. Her voice is like soft velvet and I miss listening to her. She doesn't sing as often now so I cherish this blessing. I lean against the wooden doorframe and just listen. The song she picks brings back such beautiful memories. It was the first song we ever sang together.

Meethi boliyan sun lo
Aasmani rangon ki 
Meethi boliyan sun lo
Bezubaani lamhon ki

As Nandini's song comes to a close and applaud rings out. I walk away and go into the next room, which serves as my office for the next few hours or so. I look over all the files necessary and then when I get home with Nandini, I can make the necessary calls. I go into the office once a week, on a Wednesday. Wednesday is girls day. Navya, Mutki, Alya show up in the morning and stay till the night. And when the girls are there with Nandini, I can focus on putting in a hard day in at the office. Otherwise, I work from home or at the orphanage. Everyday when Nandini comes here, I come too. I bring my work files and work from here. She doesn't know that though and I don't need her to. She needs to be independent. I need to take care of her. This is my way of compromising and meeting her halfway. 


I tail Nandini's car on the way back from the orphanage. I know Nandini's car will stop soon at a coconut roadside stall. She likes to have it during the summer months. Nandini's car stills to a stop and I park mine behind her. I step out while she is still getting her walking stick ready. 

This scares me the most. When she is on a busy street and I can't hold her hand and keep her safe. I have to walk behind her, hoping that I can still protect her without her finding out. She doesn't even let the driver, Ramesha walk with her. I trail her footsteps as she walks the few steps to the roadside coconut stall. She stops by almost everyday on her way from the orphanage so the aged vendor smiles in as he sees her approaching.

"Namaste uncle.", Nandini greets the old man with a smile. He nods and smiles at me but he won't say a word to me either. He knows I am Nandini's husband who is meant to be a silent shadow that Nandini must never find out about.

"Arre Nandini beti. Namaste." He gently touches her arm and hands her the coconut he has cut and readied for her already.

Nandini pulls out wallet where she keeps her money. Money was a hard thing for her to master. With the coins, it was relatively easy to figure them out by the feel of them. But the paper bills, they all feel the same. We ended up with a solution of buying a wallet with more dividers so she can sort her paper money that way. Now each divider has only one kind of bill. She reaches into the 20s section and pulls out two and places it in the aged vendor's hand. He glances down at them and thanks her.

She ended up giving him a 20 rupee note and a 10 rupee note instead of two 20 rupee notes. And the kind man he is, he doesn't embarrass her by calling her out on it. Watching Nandini turning around to leave, I quickly reach into my wallet and hand him the difference.

He is about to speak out and I quickly gesture to Nandini. He smiles and nods. 


I wait for a few minutes inside my car after we get home. I want Nandini to get inside and settled. So she can wait for me.

"Nandini, I am home.", I call out as I stepped through the door.

"In the kitchen." She hollers back.

Oh snap ! I hope she didn't start cooking yet. It's only been a few minutes since we got home. I drop my laptop bag and blazer to the ground and literally run the short distance to the kitchen.

When I get to the kitchen, I heave a sigh of relief when I see her standing at the kitchen island, measuring out rice.

"Hey babe", I pull her into a hug and she tilts her head up for a long kiss. "How was your day?", I ask her when we draw back.

Still needing the touch, I wrap my arms around her waist as she turns around to face the sink.  She turns the tap on to soak the rice in water. 

" It was good. Karan was asking about you." I muffle a chuckle knowing she will hear me because we are standing so close to each other. Of course he was asking about me, that brat.

"So did you miss me ?", she asks me cheekily. 

I pick her up and gently place her onto the kitchen counter. Her arms come around my neck easily and she leans in. And starts to journey my face with her petite hand, starting with the lips. She waits for my lips to curve upwards for her. So I smile and she smiles her beautiful smile in response. 

Love, it's felt the most in the touch now. She touches me like she wants to touch my heart. Our hands reach out and intertwine with each other and it's like our souls touch. 

"You know I missed you.", I tell her, pecking her nose. It's the truth. I did miss her. I miss the hours I couldn't talk to her. I missed her knowing that I was around her, close by the entire time. I missed being able to stand next to her holding her hand, intertwining our fingers together. I missed her touch the most. I always miss her touch, it's the way our love is felt now.

But this is how life needs to be now. My Nandini is independent, starting to live life, again, is happy with her life . Her Manik can only stay close by, just in case she ever needs me. 

"I love you, Manik. Hamesha", she leans in until our foreheads touch. 

"I love you, Nandini. Hamesha." I whisper to her softly.

True love, it's more than a feeling, they say. It's an action, where the love is expressed by taking care of each other. She may never know how much I do for her and I don't need her to. Because everything I do, I do it for myself. I love her this way because I need to love her this way, because I need to take care of her this way. I need to be her faithful shadow, one that won't ever abandon her, even in her darkest moments.


Okies, over to you folks. Do provide your feedback

Much love,

- Reya <3

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This is seriously beautiful...that's the best I can say, this is so beautiful and you write beautifully.  Love the concept and devotion and the way that it's all expressed...Day Dreaming

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This is so amazingly wonderful!!! Its so touching, so beautiful. A love like this is so poignant, so pure.
Loved the conclusion of the story. How he does everything within power to  let her attain the sense of independence. Give her the normalcy that she craves. 

Being their for her without letting her know that he is doing it all for her. Walking behind her, ready to catch her if she stumbles. He is not doing it for her safety alone, but he is doing it all for his own sanity. Because in her happiness lies his happiness. If she gets to know about the sacrifices he is doing for her, she will be crushed and he cant afford to let her lose her smile.  His love for her selfish. He would lie to her to save her spirit, to save her smiles.

Loved the video too!! Beautifully written Reya. Loved it Heart

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This is the mst beautiful piece of work
Dam! Why aren't these tears stopping?
You deserve an applause

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Manik as nandinis shadow- beautiful

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