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McLeodganj D6: Tum Hi Ho, Sanam... 14.5.2015

AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:01pm | IP Logged

    Aahil is tortured, watching Sanam walk hand in hand with Shaad. His eyes follow her every move, looking at her face with bloodshot eyes. Allah, the pain in his eyes...

   His mind is reeling, trying to make sense of this situation. I must say I'm proud of what Aahil has become. All the horrible things he has been through has made him stronger emotionally, and he is seen reacting with his brain, rather than emotions.

  He can see she is his Sanam; she had an accident and she can't remember everything prior to that, and she ended up in Pakistan. 

Question is: How do I make her remember without alerting the stranger she trusts ? 

He does something smart. He doesn't ask her his probing questions in front of Shaad. He's not quite sure of Shaad's motive as yet. He's concentrating on Sanam. Focused. 

 Her name on his lips gives her a shiver. Again she is intrigued about Sanam. 

"Tell me about her..." she asks.

How do I describe yourself to you? It's you, Sanam! 

" My Sanam is worldly wise, she has seen so much pain and sorrow...Yet, she smiles bright and sunny. In between her tears, she smiles so serenely. She gets angry over little things sometimes, out of nowhere she argues, a little silly , a little stubborn. She fights with me so I can make it up to her and make her smile again. She forgets... only to remember again..."

<Argh... the pain...> 

"If you don't mind me saying.. I feel she's just like me.. Really, I'm like that only..."

<Please...!! I thought... You're nothing like Sanam, Jannat. All clingy and shrieky and weepy. This is what everybody has been grumbling about since the Pakistan track started. Jannat is NOTHING like Sanam... Ugh...Sounds mean I know, but I have not connected to Jannat's plight very well>

Aahil moves to tell her, "Not just her nature... even your..."

He's interrupted by the return of Shaad, and he wisely stops the conversation.

They move to a restaurant and Aahil sits in front of them, in full observation of Sanam, her reaction and manner to everything. He watches how Shaad is with her, and her demeanour with him...

How is she so comfortable with him?

<I'm presuming this from the look he had watching them. I wished he had an inner monologue questioning the motives of this man; why he claims Sanam to be his wife? Is she there against her will? Is it entrapment? Blackmail? Imprisonment? Or did she just fall in love with someone else because she forgot him?>

Shaad asks to order, and he blurts out, "Mango juice is your favourite.." for Sanam. Everyone looks unsettled, how awkward was that statement? But Shaad is wooden through it all, not suspecting anything. 

But that is what Jannat ends up ordering...

As Shaad gets up to order. Aahil leans forward to enquire further. 

If you don't mind my asking... 

Do you remember your wedding? Who else was there?

Your father and mother? Your sister? Anyone?

Probing questions gives Jannat a headache...

A little impatient, but he pushes his questions through, before Shaad came back. Quick, Sanam, come back! Remember !! 

But she faints or something... and the precap, a very worried Aahil suggests they come back to Bhopal with him and he can help get the best doctors...

<Good going Aahil... bring her back to your turf... Where you are Nawab... where the people are talking about your Mohabbat and how you are fighting for it... Even the police can help you there... There's a missing person report still open there... >

Back in Bhopal...

A long drawn out dismantling of Begum Sahiba. 

Like a scavenger, Khala sells all the things in the house to strangers, buyers coming in and out of Aahil's house looking at everything.

<Frankly, I didn't like the disrespectful way everyone walked in and thumbed through everything, breaking them, talking badly about the things... For me I felt as though they were being disrespectful to Aahil... As though people didn't really like him, and couldn't wait to enter his house and look about like vultures. yuck, I didn't like that one bit. That grandfather and his grandkid were especially distasteful to me...>

Sanam2 is horrified to see people taking everything away from her; her jewelry, her clothes, the things in the house, everything. 

Khala held an auction of her own, selling Aahil and Sanam Sacchi Mohabbat memorabilia. The plates they ate it, the things they used... While they also wooed a potential buyer of the house, to employ them as well.

  Sanam2 is fully degraded by everyone, very tough to watch even though deep down I feel she deserved it. She is denounced as the one who tortured Aahil, making him go away like this. She is called out for ruining Aahil and Sanam's Sacchi Mohabbat, and must pay for it. 

<Whoa... when did all this become public knowledge? And punishment by angry mob?! Really?!>

Sanam2 is kicked out of the house, and she blames it solely on Aahil.

Still unrepentant.

What is Aahil going to come back to? His house is being sold!?

Farmhouse? The one he bought for her before?

Or new sets?

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KhatamKahani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Sages, it's why I am saying. What happened at IM was magic. How do the Bhopalis suddenly view her as villain in Aahil-Sanam? Whole thing was like a Twilight Zone situation. Also Sanam2 doesn't know Aahil is near Sanam. Her mother told her advice was either find Sanam or go far away from her (Sanam2). So Sanam2 would never consider that it's moreso magic backlash than Aahil.

As for Jaanat's "I'm also like that." My reaction was

Even during Wednesday's precap that was my thought.

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darkice7_12 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
Loved the batman gif. Thanks for the recap! Hug

Superb acting by KVB. I'm loving the drama, but want to see more tension by Sanam. Now that he's awake/aware of her, she's no longer feeling that pull? I want some more inner monologues from her.

As to Aahil not reacting and being very careful, I agree he's trying to figure out how to attack this situation/get Sanam back without attacking the only person Sanam trusts right now.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Jiyaaa..... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
His mind is reeling, trying to make sense of this situation. I must say I'm proud of what Aahil has become. All the horrible things he has been through has made him stronger emotionally, and he is seen reacting with his brain, rather than emotions.

Beautiful post, Sage...Loved your write up on today's episode, exactly the same feelings. Word!! 

I loved the way Aahil is handling the whole situation. Even though he was emotional, I am liking that he is  reacting with his brain.  

<Whoa... when did all this become public knowledge? And punishment by angry mob?! Really?!>

Exactly the same feelings with IM scenes. I did not like the way people treated Sanam 2. She deserved this but I thought it was way too much. I didn't like the scene where grand father asked his grandson to break those plates..Seriously!! 

Aditi was superb, so is KVB. Yesterday I was looking at KVB's expression...today I was flattered with the way he delivered his dialogues...Loved his voice modulation when he was talking to Sanam. 

SJ was looking beautiful as usual Tongue

What is Aahil going to come back to? His house is being sold!?

Farmhouse? The one he bought for her before?

Or new sets?

I am thinking, Aahil will come back to IM and allow Sanam2 to live there, but he is not going to live there. He is Sahil quareshi for Shaad and Jannat now. I am thinking, he will take them to the farmhouse. 

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Mini2013 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 May 2012
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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
beautiful post as usual...
finally aahil is blamed for chudali's situation...poor soul...he himself is in a pathetic situation...
hope s2 changes now...i don;t think so as dog tail always remain sickle...

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minnie2308 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 12:02am | IP Logged

You know Sagey, of all the 4 L heroes, Aahil says the best things about his wife. it's so soothing for the feminist in me. his lines to that lawyer long back.. to his friends.. and now to Sanam herself. I loved his description of her.

Sure he has her best interests in mind and sure he is assessing the situation and her fake husband and all that.. but  still I feel very very sorry for Sanam. She will hate Shad with her being once she finds out the sexual advantage he took of her state. (nope- its not just about intercourse -forgive me for the full spellingDead)
I liked the worried urgency in Aahil demeanor. Off course that's KV's good portrayal. His body language---ShockedI never thought I'd fan girl but KVShockedStar
Perhaps it is soo much worry for Sanam that's making Aahil totally curb his jealous tendencies and think only of Sanam. Shad won't know what hit him once Sanam is back in BhopalApprove

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 September 2011
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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 12:45am | IP Logged
Sage, (Ani), sorry for being so late! I have honestly not had any time for the past few days, and unfortunately I am not feeling too well either. Chest infection and on meds! So try not to spend too much time on the computer. 

Anyways, coming to the episode, I just loved how he called her "Sanam" and she turned around as if he had called her name. (well that IS her name). I love the quiet way he is dealing with this situation. Not the old volatile Aahil that was tearing through things before. (Dhaba and then his jealousy of Rehan etc). He has really matured a lot. He now knows to react less emotionally and just hold back. This is not the time to blow his top and also blow his cover! This women does not remember she is his wife and thinks she is someone else's wife? What do you do with that? Accuse the person she clearly trusts of having "Nefarious" intentions? He KNOWS this is Sanam! Too many coincidences. I mean, she was in Pakistan, she has lost her memory. Does not recall marrying Shaad etc etc. So it's clear he is dealing with a very "tricky" situation here. He needs to be very cautious if he does not want to Alert Shaad to who he really is, and also what his intention is. (To get his wife back).

Did you hear the "ironic" statement made by Shaad? "You will get back that which is yours!" YEAH mate, he will! Don't you worry about it! Start worrying about what you will do when your world of deception come crashing down on you! Like anyone can keep up something like this for good? Maybe he thought he could, using his military connections to hide his crime! But it's not as easy and simple as he thinks. Especially when even God is on the side of the right, and made him bring this women to the very place her REAL husband happens to be? How much of a coincidence is that?

When Jinnat the Gennie said she is "just like Sanam" even I laughed. This screechy OTT women who's only identity is the pathetic statement "My husband is an Army officer" dares to compare herself with Sanam? LOL. Sanam never glorified herself through someone else! She had her own identity and personality and she was not "someone's wife". It was amusing to hear Jannat compare herself to feisty and passionate Sanam! The kind of women who "tamed" the un-tamable Nawab Aahil Raza Ibrahim and turned him into an Aashiq of the highest order! You wish girlfriend! LOL

Sanam2 drama? Less said the better! I doubt any of this is actually real! I think Aahil has set this up to teach her a lesson she wont forget. "Dont ever try to cross me, and think your in control!". I wonder if she uses her pregnancy with Saif as a card to stay in IM? Like Tanveer tried to blackmail Asad to marry her by threatening to tell Najma that her baby is Imran's! As we all know, GK and her people like to use the same lines and themes over and over. So I am sure if I thought of it, so have they! The good brother in him may play along to buy time! Who knows? Maybe just like Najma, even Nazia will find out herself that Saif is Sanam2's kid's father! Poor girl! (Only difference is, Imran told Najma himself and he sincerely loved Najma).

How the Bhopal drama will pan out once Aahil brings the "Fake" married couple back to Bhopal will be interesting. Since Shaad knows Sanam's guy is "Aahil" as soon as he hears that name, he will know who Aahil really is! But according to spoilers that does not effect his intention of continuing to "Fake" his way into Sanam's life. What more can we expect? I gave up expecting him to have a conscience a long time ago. So no hope there! But the story sure is much more interesting now. In Bhopal as well as Himachal! 

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JShukla IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 1:08am | IP Logged

Mandy.. though we do get very harshly critical of Jinnat, if we think about Sanam- she knew who she was. And Sanam was a very proud woman. she had some accomplishments, like running a business, being hardworking, being tough, being responsible, etc... she knew her capabilities through the past incidents of her life..

Jannat on the other hand has no idea if she has ever achieved anything. So she clings to what she feels she knows about- marrying an army major, who we know is no-good, but the poor girl knows nothing.
Even I laughed so hard when she said I am like Sanam. LOL

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