Episode 20 : A Lesson well Taught..

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:43pm | IP Logged


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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
I agree with your every word Clap ,  SmileThanks for the post and great analysis of the episode Thumbs UpStar

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I literally screamed out in joy when the confrontation happened. when i could only hear one voice, see one man , feel his words, the impact was as solid as a metal piece, which was natural and electrifying.

Thank you ke liye Thank you.Day Dreaming

Ananya speechless, I was also speechless. Enough said. EPIC FANGIRLING GRIN HERE .

And the best moment was " Mahi ko yaha pe koi khareed bhi nahi raha "- There is always a tit for tat, and Kabir Sharma can teach harsher lessons in a very harsh way . 
The authority and self confidence with which Kabir defends his ideas and even his ethics is always so convincing . Externally he is a winner, but his inner soul is battered, it eats him up when constantly he sees that people show lack of faith in him . He is not answerable to anybody, but he still does, and tonight his threshold lvel of patience was exceeded. Th outburst was needed to understand how he has tackled the situation which seemed so easy till yesterday but as complex and nail biting as kabir explained it today .

Kabir-Khaled are my ship, Can i call them KaKa, and big deal, i just need these two, and i can tolerate even a filler episode. Khaled is not vocal in front of kabir but still he is the boss, and kabir knows that khaled must trust him, otherwise what is the point here ?

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You people, seriously, you people are very unfair, saying everything I want to and more (T_T)
And I'm left with nothing more to add LOL

So very sorry for this late edit but today has been quite hectic therefore I only got the chance to see today's episode now.

Now onto the episode, You have truly summed everything up so wonderfully that I am at a loss to add anything more nevertheless Ill try. Smile

Two things really stood out for me in this episode-

Ananya & Ronnie


Ananya and Kabir

Ronnie is the Mr.Dependable, the best friend, the one who will never let her go but at the same time he is a bit too mellow for the likes of Ananya who is like a waterfall rushing forth with such force and vigor. She is someone who is passionate and stubborn, one who will not allow herself to be torn down or pushed back. She wants to climb up that mount everest of journalism and she will do it on her terms without compromising with her morals and ideals. Her goal is to make a difference through the profession she has chosen. As we have seen many times, Ananya not only gives importance to providing the breaking news to the viewers but also to the subject of the breaking news, she wants to help them, change their lives for the better with whatever little contribution she can do.
Ronnie will support her obviously, he will be the one to hold her hand when she falls and pull her back up. However he can never keep pace with her, he will not be able to push her forward nor will he able to reach the pinnacle with her because he is not a man who is driven as she is. That's where the problem arrives between them, he will surely support her but he wont be able to stand on the top with her.

This is where I believe Kabir comes into play. He is making his way steadily up to the top, he may be just short distance away but he has managed to get past all the obstacles and tribulations. For someone like Ananya who aspires him to be her role model, he is the ideal mentor and guide, not just professionally but personally as well. He may not hold her hand or support her constantly but he will always push her forward, he is the person who can polish the rough diamond to become one of the brightest and most beautiful diamonds.
He is more mature and jaded for Ananya who is more immature and innocent in contrast to him but I don't think that's a minus point because for someone like Kabir, Ananya is the one who will give him hope, who will help him reconnect with the man he was before without being burdened by his insecurities and guilt.
Kabir on the other hand will help her mature and will open new avenues for her to experience the different aspects of life.

What I am essentially trying to say is Ronnie has a good chance right now to pursue Ananya if he wishes to do so because once Ananya manages to solidify a space in Kabir's life, Ronnie will not be able to catch up with her. But will they work out? Maybe or maybe not.
Kabir is still far from Ananya but that does not mean she won't catch up soon enough by learning her lessons and gaining experience. And during this journey, Kabir might become the one to support her and give her a hand to pull herself forward. He may not be as sweet as Ronnie, he will be harsh and strict most of the time but that's what Ananya needs. She will only learn when she is faced with the cold and harsh lessons rather than sweet and comforting advice.

Today's episode was one of the best so far, Kabir opened himself a lot more than expected and Ananya learned her lesson the hard way. It was exactly what I had thought their confrontation might be like and it also felt today like a good building block for KaYa's relationship.

That's all I can say for now, I have work to catch up on Unhappy I probably might miss today's episode... so will catch your review tomorrow yet again Big smile
Superb analysis. I really do love to read your scene by scene review. Smile

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bawaswift IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Well built.. n well preserved analysis... StarClap
Scenic beauty i wud call it.. ! Loved to read every word.. Thanks..

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bawaswift IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 2:55pm | IP Logged

Loving Ananya's character.. n today I loved the most Kabir's POV's... !! Clap
Ananya has to make a change in her life.. but with what effects.. ? Effects upon her professional ethics.. or to say Yes to her boss as he says... OR to change the way Reporting n reporters behave sumtimes.. Miles to go n to analyse..  But yes.. today we saw a new kabir.. n a timid Ananya.. Embarrassed
Ananya is all ehssaan ke neeche dabi huyi,,, and Kabir all with the mind of overpowering her,, anyhow,,, 
He is already hurt.. n doing his best to overcome his own .. but things take him back,, n he feels alone again n again.. He saw a real admire in Ananya.. but she failed him...
Does she really failed him.. .? Or with her one news n Laxman detecting her wherabouts.. he got the best news today.. ??/ 
Many things to explore.. Lets see what Ananya do when Kabir wont take her news n Manav confront.. ! 

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_symphony IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Jesus!! How can you do that describe every emotion, every intricacy and even every hidden meaning I felt watching the epi, and that too so effortlessly!! This post of yours is sheer sublimity. I wish I could quote you line by line but that will probably make it too long. I have so much to say today. LOL

As you said in the beginning itself tonight was the BEST epi of Reporters by far. Not just because it brought to the forefront the real character of Kabir Sharma, BUT more than that because his actions silently conveyed much more. Much more than what he said or did today. So many said and unsaid revelations were made about him tonight that it left Ananya (and somewhere me too) jaw-dropped. And it literally took me some time so that I can absorb what all I saw on my screen before reflecting it. The epi made certain things pretty clear:

#1 Kabir Sharma is a mighty example of a no-nonsense man - He is not just observant and brainy, rather he processes a highly developed intellect and emotional intelligence, that he has garnered for himself through his experiences and mistakes.he is someone who has laid the formation of his future with the bricks pelted upon him. He has been bruised and made to bleed for staying true to his beliefs and that's how he has learned to serve people "HIS" things in "THEIR" way...that's what makes him say..."Bina apne usulon ke saath samjhauta kiye" Approve He is not someone who always has his heart up his sleeve, BUT that does not mean he is oblivious to the needs and emotions of people around him. Or that he is insensitive to someone's painful condition...just like he wont have been oblivious to Mahi's pain and the fact that Mahi should not be presented in news in a wrong light..."Aur usse yahan koi khareed bhi nahin raha tha" Clap He has learnt his lessons the hard way...and in no way he is ready to let himself or others, make him do the same mistakes, even accidentally.

#2 Ananya affects him much more than he knows or accepts - Signed and Sealed! Tongue She occupies his thought, she has the power to make him hurt or happy and if it's about her, he absolutely knows what buttons to press. Something clearly indicated when he shoos away Khalid and Malvika to let him be alone. Yes he is also disturbed by them not trusting him but when have they done that before? Then why so much anger on it just today? Wink He says he does not owe any explanation to anyone but he still lectures her and explains to her his pov. He still bothers to make her understand his intentions and his stand. Still makes a point to let her know that how he trusted her and was hurt by the breach of trust from her end. Still does not forget to mention his expectation out of her. And still cares enough to direct and provoke her in the right direction. Do I need to say more? Embarrassed
He probably is not attracted towards her external beauty yet but he is surely attracted towards her character. Romantically, he is not there yet, rather not even started,  but professionally and morally, he is intrigued by her. Day Dreaming

#3 He is protecting and directing her - He is protecting her from being another Kabir Sharma! He sees his own reflection in her. In her rebellious nature, in her stubbornness, in her impulsiveness, in her zeal towards seeking the ultimate truth and in her flaw of 'doing before thinking'. He seems to have been there done that. He knows if given the right direction, the result of her talent and commitment can be humungous but if left alone unguided, she will be crushed by the crowd. By the fickle and powerful ones like Khalid and Malvika. And that instinct of his, to not let another talented, bold and free spirited Kabir transform to a battered and bruised Kabir, in front of his eyes, will keep the flames between them alive. At least till their pasts meet their present and ignite fiercer sparks. Embarrassed

#4 Kabir has learnt to work on relationships - I was the one who said Kabir does not work on relationships. I think I was slightly wrong. He has NOW learnt to work on them. The natural extinct of the once existing Kabir did not believe on working on relationships but probably his parting ways from his wife has taught him the importance of communication and clarification. Something whose lack was the reason of him and his wife falling apart. And that is probably what makes him say aloud to Ananya his intentions and expectations. Thats what makes him 'explicitly' clarify to her his each and every stand. He once again, before making Ananya learn the tough lessons, HIMSELF learnt a new lesson and immediately corrected it too, that is, if you expect your people to trust you, first teach them how and why to do it. This is what he did tonight. He gave her all the reasons to trust him in future and she shall definitely not falter the next time Wink

#5 He WANTS (not just expects) her to be in absolute sync with him - A boss always wants his employees to work as his expectation but there are only a few selected ones, whose support and team work he absolutely desires and needs. They are the truly talented and resourceful ones. And for Kabir Ananya is one of them!

Thus, a lot was made clear tonight. His intentions, his goals, his sense of duty and his moral compass, his said and unsaid emotions, how his past helped him shape his future, and even the level to which he is into Ananya (no pun intended Tongue), everything! And indeed a very strong foundation has been laid for them to work as a unit and have intelligent (not blind) faith in each other. And this is surely gonna be very exciting!

Last but not the least, I would like to say, Mr Khandelwal pls take a bow!Clap For portraying the strong, authoritative exterior as well as the subtle undertones of Kabir Sharma with such sheer conviction! You are a true poetic justice to this intricately written character which you already command and own. Embarrassed

PS1 - I just love Ronnie...he is such a cutiepie.Embarrassed *pulls cheeks* Every girl cannot get a Kabir but every girl does need a Ronnie! Smile

PS2 CVs thanks for the absolute brilliance that played on my screen indeed changed my perception of Indian tv. But I want a stronger and smarter villain against Kabir. Pretty please Cool

PS3 Though this should not have been the last line, but Kritika you rock lady! It's tough to let your act get subdued in front of a larger than life character like Kabir and that too when its played by an actor like Rajeev, but you never fail to pull your act with ease and conviction. Ananya's charm never fades even when its Kabir's day.  And its indeed commendable.

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sirimiri IF-Sizzlerz

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Fabulous analysis...

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