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Balika Vadhu 14th May 2015 Written Update

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Excuse all the errors plz...Embarrassed

Kamli is holding the rope but they see a guard.Gopal is shocked.Kamli struggles with the rope.She is in pain.Akheraj and co are dancing.The guard leaves the place.Kundan is eyeing on Nandini.Kamli successfully gets down.Gopal also does the same.

Kundan is only looking at Nandini.Nandini is happy and dancing.She thinks now Kamli will be happy and Gopal will keep her very happy.She enjoys dancing.

Gopal-Kamli are running away but sees two guards at the gate.

FIL says they will bring Barat tomorrow.Akheraj says he will stand in front of the gate before they will come.Nandini offers food to MIL.She asks she is so sweetly asking her to eat but did she herself eat.She says she can't eat when guests are still there.She will eat later.MIL seeks permission to meet Kamli from Harki.Akheraj says of course and asks Harki to take her to Kamli.Nandini is tensed.She thinks she needs to stop them as Gopal-Kamli couldn't go far away from the house yet.

Gopal says they will need to go away from her house soon.Its very dangerous.Kamli says how would it be possible.Gopal asks her to hide her face and put veil on her face.

MIL and Harki go to meet Kamli.Nandini follows them.

Gopal-Kamli reach the gate but a guard stops them.He asks where they are going.He says its not allowed to leave from here.

MIL-Harki sees a black cat and stops as its inauspicious.Harki says Kamli will go to her house tomorrow,she can talk to her as much she wants.MIL agrees.Nandini comes there after they left.Its her cat Dingli.She says to Dingli that she is very nice.

Gopal changes his body language and asks why she can't go through this gate.She says who stopped.Guard is confused.Gopal says did his father put restrain on this place.He asks him to bring his father to her and she will make him understand in such a way that he will understand everything.Guard asks him to stop speaking rubbish.He asks them to go through the front gate.Gopal says she danced enough and now her Sakhis will dance.She asks the guard to come with her if he doesn't understand.Gaurd is frustrated and asks them to leave.They starts leaving but he again stops them.He asks who the other person is and why she is putting a veil.Gopal jokingly says she is guard's wife and feeling shy.He says she is her friend so obviously she will be with her.He asks whether he wants to see her face.If he wants then he will have to pay 500.Guard says he is not interested in looking their face.Gopal then praises guard's courage and asks him to wait for her,she will come back.They leave.

Jagya enters Badi haveli.Mannu touches his feet.He asks where is everyone.He says don't tell me all three great ladies of our house are in the kitchen and making food for us.Mannu says Ganga is in her room and DS didn't return yet.Then he uncomfortably says that Anandi shifted to Shiv Niketan and they will live there from now on.Jagya is shocked.

Dadisa comes and sees Jagya's bag.She asks Mannu whether Jagya came.Mannu says yes ,just now and he went to Ganga.He got upset listening Anandi leaving the house.

Jagya asks Ganga why Anandi left.She says she tried a lot to stop her,everyone stopped her but she didn't listen.She was determined.Jagya says does she want him to believe that she stopped her.He says both of them very well know that its not the truth.Ganga is shocked.He says Ganga must be happy that Anandi herself left.Jagya asks her not to look at him like this as her heart knows if Anandi left its only because of her.Ganga is hurt.She says she already knew that she will be blamed.She was not in peace till the moment Anandi left.She was in tension how he will react.She thought to inform him but didn't get the courage.She asks whats her fault.She just said things about her own kids,doesn't she have that much right.Jagya asks who said she doesn't have right.Did he ever snatch her right.He says he is not understanding why she is bringing this topic,he asked a simple question why Anandi left but he didn't get the answer yet.What happened between them that she left.He asks her to tell the truth.Ganga is shocked.

Jagya again asks Ganga why Anandi left.Dadisa enters and says he is going mad and it can be seen clearly.She asks why he is getting angry on her.Is he mad that he is talking to his wife like this.What is her fault!Anandi went and it was her decision.She was continuously saying she wants to leave for 11 years.Jagya asks didn't she try to stop her.She says she didn't find it right.Jagya asks why this time she didn't find it right!What happened!She says is it a must that something happened.Anandi was stubborn and she left.Jagya refuge to believe and says she didn't leave due to her stubbornness.They all know why she left.He says she left behind his back so that he will not try to stop her.He says he understands everything.He looks at Ganga and leaves.Dadisa asks where he is going.He says she knows where he is going.

Gopal takes his motorbike which he hid in the bush.Kamli sees everyone.She gets emotional looking at her house.She remembers the sweet memories with Nandini and Harkhi.Nandini sees them and waves her hand.Kamli does the same.Nandini says to Akheraj that Halwayi has called him.So they enters the house.Nandini looks back at Kamli.She again waves her hand happily.Kamli is crying.Gopal wipes Kamli's tears and says not to cry as the day came after a long struggle.He encourages her and kisses on her forhead.They escape on the motorcycle.A man sees them and thinks to himself whether it was Akheraj's daughter.

Jagya starts packing Anandi's bag.He calls Shivam.Anandi is looking at the things he is doing.She asks him to listen to her for once.He says he doesn't want to listen anything.He says they all will have dinner together like always and asks her to forget whatever happened.She says she is not going anywhere.He says she may find it as a joke but he is not.She lived in Badi Haveli for years but didn't think a minute before leaving.Anandi says she thinks she take too long to take the decision.She will not change her decision.Not even if he is asking her.Jagya asks her the reason.He says does she think whatever is happening in his married life,she is responsible.She says she doesn't think anything like that.He says then why he is getting the feeling that she is holding herself responsible for whatever happening in his married life.

She says he himself is responsible for the problems happening in his married life.She asks him to think once.She says she is noticing the problems are increasing between them..She says she thought of making him understand but then she thought both of them are mature enough.She says he is not understanding Ganga.She says its good to work for others but its important to start it from one's own house.One shouldn't avoid the person to whom he made promises.Jagya is confused.She says Ganga loves him a lot.She did a lot for him.She takes care of his family,his hospital,everything with full dedication.She wants him,his time which he is not able to give her.She says Ganga loves him without any condition and she needs him.Jagya is in thinking mode and the scene is not finished yet so will have to wait for tomorrow.

Precap : Harki enters Kamli's room to call her.Nandini is also there.She sees the rope on the window.Meanwhile Gopal is feeding Kamli.They are looking at each other romantically.Harki is stunned and burst into tears.She screams taking Kamli's name.

Thanks for reading...Smile

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Thanks for update 

So like we expected Anandi ji left in a hurry after there was some tension between her and Ganga over Mannu's matter   Jagya returns home and gets the news from Mannu  It was natural for him to think did something more happened on that , thats why Anandi left like this Thats why he was asking her to come back Don't leave because of him and Ganga 

Ganga obviously with her misunderstandings for  him he does not trust her  even when she did no wrong He will think she uttered some nonsense like she uttered to him Ganga needs to work harder to get back his trust 

11 years ago  he said same to Anandi when she was lecturing him on she wants to leave because she does not want problems in his marital life  with her stay in BH He said you dont need to leave because of me and Ganga rest its wherever you wish to stay thats your wish  This time he was stopping her for same reasons because she left because of his and Ganga matters Obviously Jagya does not wish  to come between her and DS , between her  and her relation with BH 

Anandi's lecture to Jagya Dead Her so called support to Ganga Dead How can she hold Jagya responsible for problems in his married life ? how she was lecturing on Ganga"s love as if he does not know she knows more ?How she is saying to him he does not pay attention on his wife she needs him he should think from her point of view blah blahDeadIf she so wanted to prevent any misunderstanding here she should have listened to Dadisaa and left in Jagya"s presence because she knows there was some tense situation between her and Ganga so to prevent any misunderstanding she should have been clear to everyone i am leaving on my wish but she did not because she thinks she cannot say no to Jagya  Cannot move out in front of him it will be difficult for her He will get hurt she cannot take thatWackobut then if she left he came to her she should have told him only this you are misunderstanding i left on my own wish No other reason Don"t blame yourself and Ganga but no she goes on becoming so called supporter of Ganga putting false blames on Jagya he is the only one at fault Not taking care of his wife ,lecturing him on Ganga's love for him as if he does not know Dead

First she thinks for him he listens to her more than wife even when no where he asked her opinion , she herself jumped in to give then when she saw Ganga's discomfort at it not for once she thought Ganga is misunderstanding its no such case Jagya listens to her more than Ganga but she blamed Jagya yes he listens to her more so she was asking Dadisaa let her move out , out of his sight so he will listen to Ganga onlyDeadand what makes Anandi ji think he listens to her more than Ganga ?

Then was it Jagya who asked her go ahead and give promise to Ratan Singh without asking them ?No she herself did , when Ganga was angry at her for this she cried buckets in front of Dadisaa to let her go  Ganga has issues with her 

and now in front of Jagya she is becoming Ganga's supporter and blaming him he is the only at fault He does not pay attention on Ganga  Ganga needs him , she loves him so much blah blah How can she say he does not pay attention at Ganga ? how can she blame him he is responsible for problems in his married life what wrong he has done ?

Hated Anandi and her lecture to Jagya todayDeadshe should have only told him she left on her wish and assured him  he and Ganga are not responsible for this in anyway but she is blaming him he is responsible for Ganga's problems  How pathetic Dead

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..SupreMe.. IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for the update .
Mehek134 Senior Member

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Thanks for update 

Jagya's reaction was expected i can understand him   Anandi left in a rush because of a tension between her and Ganga and Jagya definitely does not want her to leave BH because of him and Ganga 

and he caught Dadisaa's lie too Dadisaa was lying 

Anandi is really Dead

why she could not simply assure Jagya she did not leave because of Ganga He does not need to blame himself and Ganga for it but no in her so called support system for Ganga she was accusing Jagya He is responsible for problems in his married life , he does not pay attention on Ganga she needs him she loves him a lot Dead

hello lady what makes you think he does not take care of his wife well , he is responsible for problems in his married life , he does not pay attention on Ganga DeadYou lecture him when he does not even ask your opinion You jump in their matters when ganga misunderstands you blame him he is not giving importance to GangaDead

You makes decision about Mannu on a very sensitive matter without asking them and then announce your decision to them when Ganga dislikes it you leave the house crying in front of Dadisaa Ganga have poison in her heart for you You should leave the house You are causing problems for Ganga and then in front of Jagya you blame him he is not giving importance to Ganga He is responsible for every problem in his married life Dead

Really cvs if you are trying to make Anandi as great here it is not working Thumbs Down

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tiny15 IF-Stunnerz

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thanx 4 the update.
@saba i agree wid u.
this woman never changes. 1st she does damage & wait 4 the things  2 worsens & then wen things blast in her & oder's face she tries 2 damage control or rather pretend 2 do it & bcum & victim & try 2make oders wrong.
if Aji madam u r thinking of  saying all these thing form many yrs as u'd sensed tension btn them ( as said by Aji & we can think that she knew pretty well why were probs  there btn them) the why did u wait for 11 yrs or waited 2 things  2b exploded like this.

really so much double stds. in front of DS saying ganga thinks ill of me & has poison 4 me in he r heart & i m leaving bcoz of her but in front of J not i din't leave bcoz of her.

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Stephi IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the WU

Why Anandi couldn't wait for Jagya in BH to say I'm leaving, this is something I always wanted to do, thanks for all  your support and help, but its time to move on?Her excuse was that she  cannot say no to him, cannot  hurt him  and blah blah blah. So how come she  can  say no to him now when  she's  is in  SN ?Not only she can say no  to him but she can hurt him quite firmly blaming him for the bad relationship with his wife . She blamed Ganga in front of Dadisa, in front of  him she plays Ganga's supporter, Ganga will think Anandi's words have indeed more weithage than hers ... so Anandi's  little clever games never end. That's why she didnt wait for Jagya because she knew perfectly well that she cannot blame Ganga and Jagya at the same time and Jagya would never stop her if she said she's moving out for her own reasons , because its time for her to build a life for herself and her son on their own. In this way, Ganga and Jagya they  both  need to feel guilty, Dadisa will blame Ganga eventually  , but  only she is a victim and a great person who only   thinks of someone else's happiness. Again . Don't viewers slowly become tired of her so much  greatness and sacrifice?

'' As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves .''- Mahatma Gandhi

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Thanks for update 
Jagya's reaction  to Anandi leaving BH understandable Quite natural for him to think and behave like this  Anandi so suddenly left after an unpleasant situation where there was some tension between her and Ganga then what will Jagya think from it He will only think she left because of him and Ganga so he went to bring her back  Jagya 11 years ago too assured when she wanted to leave because she does not want problems in his marital life with her stay in BH He told her you dont to leave in worry for me and ganga rest its your wish where you want to stay Its between you and Dadisaa and today she made him believe she left because of Ganga's issues and his marital life and he went to bring her back because he never wanted to come between her relationship with Dadisaa and BH and she had to leave them because of him and Ganga  Their issues 

He was angry at Ganga and thought she did something then its because of Ganga's own mistakes she keeps misunderstanding him , blamed him falsely he cannot trust her she did not utter same nonsense to Anandi too in his absence that she left so suddenly like this even though Ganga did no wrong here but Jagya's misunderstanding for her is understandable

Anandi SleepyThis character needs serious redemption Creatives if trying to show her great soul it is seriously not working  SleepyFirst she left the house after an unpleasant situation    without  waiting  for a  member of that house to  say goodbye to him Tell him you are leaving after all he treated you  and your kid so well for  11 years? Then you know there was some unpleasant situation Some tension between you and Ganga Anandi should have been clear to everyone including him she is not leaving because of that but no she did not In front of Dadisaa she told she is leaving because of Ganga's issues , Ganga have poison in her heart for her , she hates her , with her moving out so Ganga can have rights as daughter in law of the house  To Ganga she clearly tells she is leaving because of her by throwing it on her face she has heard her conversation with Jagya  now you can tell your kid whatever you want i will tell my kid whatever in want 

 Dadisaa asks her to wait for Jagya Of course Dadisaa did not want any misunderstanding here but Anandi does not because she thinks she cannot hurt him she cannot say no to him as he will try to stop her  she will have to this will hurt him and she cannot take that It will become difficult to move out SleepyWell he would never have been hurt if she would have told him she is leaving Its her decision only not because of anyother issues but right now she made him feel bad by making him believe she left because of him and Ganga with her sudden exit after unpleasant situation where she made promise to Ratan without asking them and Ganga was angry with her on that

and then if she left he came to her She should have only assured him she left as per her own wish not that she has any other reasons but she started her so called support system for Ganga by accusing Jagya he is responsible for all problems in his married life , all Ganga's problems , she criticized him he is not being good husband to Ganga , she preached him on how much his wife loves him  What nonsense Anandi How can you blame him and criticize him like that?

How you think he is not giving importance to his wife , does not care for her well , needs your lecture to know his wife's love for him ?Dead

Does he asks your opinion in his personal matters , never ,  you yourself jump in  to give  Husband wife will resolve their misunderstanding your speaking is not needed but you jump in then when Ganga dislikes that and misunderstands as if he listens to you more than her you don't think Ganga is misunderstanding you blame him yes he only listens to you He gives more importance to your words than Ganga's and you tell Dadisaa you wants to move out of house so his anger gets calmer hearing Ganga's words only Dead

You go and make become decision maker for Mannu in a sensitive matter without asking his parents Jagya and Ganga even for once You promise Ratan you will make him meet with Mannu when Ganga objects that you think Ganga have poison in her heart for you you tell this to Dadisaa but in front of Jagya you hold him responsible for all Ganga's issues and criticizes him for not being good husband to Ganga 

Not done i am very annoyed with Anandi Today she was not becoming so called great in front of Jagya with her Ganga support system She was complete wrong with her lecture and blame game on Jagya and criticizing him Thumbs Down

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aparnauma IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for the written update.
Looks like Anandi knew how Jagya would react to her decision to leave BH and that's why she felt it was better to leave in his absence.

Jagya also seemed to know why Anandi chose to leave in his absence.He knew that she very well knew that he would try to stop her and that's why she left in his absence

So Anandi was not in any La La Land when she said J would try to stop and make it difficult for her to say no to him.Had he behaved the way he did in SN in front of his wife and kids it would have been very difficult to say no to him.

Had J been there at BH he would have done the same thing what Shivam was trying to do to stop his mother from leaving BHTongueLOL That would have made it difficult for her to leave in his presence 
and made things awkward for his wife as well as his kid.

How would his wife and kids react if they saw him react this way to Anandi's decision to exit BH?

Don't see what is so natural about Jagya trying to bully her in order to make her return to BH.

Barging into a woman's house packing her clothes and tell her to leave with him is a natural reaction??

Had it just been to find out why she had left in his absence and questioned her that would have been natural. Assuring himself that he and his wife were not the reason behind her decision.That would have been called natural

He obviously did not want her to leave BH.That was why he was bullying her to make her return with him to BH.

Anandi didn't deny that Ganga is one of the reason for her exit and it is true has they not been facing rough times in their marriage Ganga would not have had a problem with Anandi.

Anandi only thinks that since Jagya is too busy and he is not giving to his marriage and that's why they are having problems currently but she doesn't know that they have issues like his constant comparisons were a big problem for Ganga and she made some drastic accusations on Jagya.

Good that Anandi was firm on her stand.

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