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Abhiya SS Mr Bad Boy, NOTE Pg 15 (Page 6)

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Hi guys ! I decided to update Mr Bad Boy after a looong time, as I just didn't get the motivation ... But now in the midst of boredom and studies during vacations inspiration hit me :)
Anyhoo I was sooo happy with the response I got and some new readers :) so without any further ado,
Happy reading ! :D

       MR BAD BOY
                  CHAPTER 3
                        SEXY AND DOPEY

"So I have to tutor u?"

" yeah , awesome right?"

No, it was not awesome . In Fact it wasn't even close to being awesome.
Why the hell would tutoring this idiot be awesome ?

Pia had kept on a straight face and was really trying to do her best in dealing with her enemy. Abhay on the other hand had a cocky look on his face.

"So why were u crying ?"

Damn! He noticed it!
Well Pia wasn't going to be a loser and just admit all her weakness's
In Front of   her enemy .
Who did he think he was ?

"None of ur buisness , Dopey!"

"What did u just call me?"

Pia could see a muscle straining against Abhay's jaw as he demanded her.
She achieved her goal of irritating him.

" Dopey" she repeated, with a confidant look.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know, Dopey just suits u... I guess"

"Fine then I will call u Nerd!"
He smirked .

Really ? He thought that was gonna insult her. Well he clearly didn't know Pia Dobriyal then.

Pia Dobriyal felt pride in being called a nerd. She had afterall worked a lot in achieving this position .

Scoring A+ in all tests, being a teachers pet , never talking to people , not having friends and declaring books to be her bestfriends.

She loved being called a nerd.

"Or rather I think I will call u sexy "

"Excuse me , WHAT!"

Finally Abhay got the reaction he wanted. Calling her a nerd , which to him was a the biggest possible insult to any girl. on this planet, but instead Pia had relished it . She had been smiling as if being proud or something .

And then he thought. Why not call her something she would totally hate . To a word she would never situate herself with .

He could see the bulging eyes of Pia Dobriyal as if they would drop on the table any second. Her one leg, tapping against the floor , a sign of nervousness he guessed.

"Well u r sexy in a way , u know. I mean the whole crazy curly hair , the whole big giant fish eyes, the pink fat lips that need a little lip gloss and I would be ready to kiss them , anyone would be! And Ofcourse the whole scenario of good girl gone bad. Now that is SEXY!"

That's it, Abhay had hit the last remaining patience she could have.
She could feel the blood on her face and the warm feeling radiating from her body .

And there infront of her stood her overconfident cocky enemy.she just wanted him to cut into tiny pieces and turn him into a shish kabab.

" I. HATE. U"

"Me too suger, the feeling is mutual"

With that Pia gut up from her seat and dramatically walked away. Not looking back once .

"Hey Bon Bon ! Nice butt!"

Do not look back . Do not look back.

How the hell did he create so many nicknames for her?

"Hey! Atleast tell me ur address, so that I can come to ur house for the tutoring sexy!"

Pia finally looked back at Abhay with a serene expressions and said,

" f**k u Dopey"

"Now that's definitely good girl gone bad Pia!"

With that Pia walked away, a hint of smile playing on her face. Never had she argued so much with anyone . She had always been the peaceful type . Ofcourse her sarcasm and swear words were her best friend , but always hidden and secure in her mind.

No one could accuse Pia of using foul language . She was a good girl afterall .

But today , something had given her the thrill.

Though she had hated the ridiculous nicknames he created for her , sexy, suger and Bon Bon. Really ?

But Pia knew , a small nasty part of her liked it .

Especially when he had said 'Good girl gone bad '


"Pia beta how was ur test?"

"Mum, our chemistry teacher gave us the miss today "

"What! These teachers r so
Irresponsible , they all just want money! These teachers r just frustated people and can't even take a little responsibility!"

Pia looked at her mum, getting all flustered And moving from here to there doing work . Sometimes she wondered what the mother and daughter bond was all about . All her mother talked about with her was studies.

Not about any girly things, any crushes, monthly problem jokes .

Not that Pia minded , she was already over that stage and hope a long time back .and crushes? She didn't have any and would never have one.

Pia was already aware of her physical looks. She knew she was no Megan Fox nor was she a Aleena Khurana who could gossip and talk all day about Versace and Maybelline. God forbid the day if it ever came to that!
She just wasn't desirable and she knew that. No need to keep any hope.

" Beta, it's a little late , now go to sleep after doing 5 mcq's, u have to get up early na?"

" yes ma"

She scrambled up from her seat and walked towards her room,finishing another day and getting ready for another .


Brrr brrr

Why is my pillow vibrating ?

Brrr brrr

Oh shut it pillow, I want to sleep.

Brrr brrr

Pia got up all of a sudden all
Wide eyed and looked at her mobile kept beneath her pillow. It wasn't her alarm . It was just 2AM right now . It was an unknown number calling her.

Probably a wrong number.

But curiosity got the better of her and Pia picked it up her .

" helloo"
She murmured sleepily

"Hi sexy" a whispery voice spoke up , alarming Pia.

"W-Who I-is this!"

"Awww, sexy forgot me already? Come on Bon Bon we spoke in school"

" Abhay????!"

"Yup, about time "

"Why the hell r u calling me now?!"

"Because I am infront of ur house , how else would I meet u , sexy"

Pia didn't speak for a minute .
Had this guy gone crazy!!
Wait, how did he get her address?

" Sexy, u t-there? "
And then she heard a hiccup .

Why was he slurring around his words ?

"Where r u?"
She spoke tightly

" just come infront of ur balc-cony"

Lucky , for Pia that her room was the balcony one. Otherwise ... Oh god don't even think about Pia!

She quickly ran to her balcony and saw Abhay .
Abhay freaking Raichand stumbling and dancing around his Freaking Harley Davidson Bike.
He then suddenly looked up, and gave her a lopsided grin and said placing his both hands on his chest.

" I knew u would come for me my sexy! I knew it! I know u love me !"

What the fudge.

"Shut up Dopey! And come to the 2nd floor !"

Pia shut the balcony door and tiptoed outside her room to the front door. If her parents found out any of this by any chance .

She was dead meat .

How the hell did that Abhay her biggest enemy get here? Why?
And why was she of all the people stuck in such a situation , shouldn't it be Aleena ? Shouldn't Abhay be her romeo and call her sexy and arrive in her front of her house DRUNK!

She peeked through the front door to look at a sight of staggering Abhay climbing the stairs , and then suddenly looking up at her and giving her a big smile . With his cute dimples .

What the! Pia stop noticing him!

" Sexy! I came as u had told me"

"Shut it Abhay! People might hear u, come inside "

He staggered again and entered the house , while half cursing herself and half him helped him to her room.

" Bon Bon , u really look hot in those shorts and shirt , didn't know Garfield could look so hot"

" shut it Abhay! What r u doing here?"

He then stopped smiling and took s deep breath , and said

" I was out p-partying with m-my f-friends in the c-club in P-Promenade, w-when I s-saw A-A-Aleena kissing K-Kabir ... A-and I w-was so s-sad , u know? M-my h-heart b-b-broke in Chota Chota p-pieces. And then I -I *hic* r-remember u, u know u r so g-good in a-arguing a-a-and I wanted to fight with s-someone and we we-were in Vasant Kunj and I re-remembers ur house was here a-as Ma'am h-had told me for the t-tutoring thingy *hic* so I came .."

What the fudge .

Abhay Raichand came to argue with Pia at 2AM in the night!!!
Because he was experiencing a heartbreak . Well about time he realised that Aleena was a real B*ch!

Well he was an a**hole too for dating her.

" um..." Pia trailed

"B-but I d-didn't know Pia that u looked so f**kin sexy at night , I don't even fell like arguing with u r-right now *hic* , I feel like doing the na-"

" shut it Dopey"

And with that both of them started giggling , While falling on the bed.

"People r so *hic* m-mean Pia, they just don't c-care ab-about ur f-feelings*hic*"

" welcome to my world Abhay"

At that Abhay turned look at Pia who was lying right beside him and realised for the first time how Pia's life must be. Everyone made fun of her, she had no friends, hell! Even he was a culprit! He had once spread nasty rumour against her.

" I am sorry sexy"

" for what? Coming at this hour?"

"No, for spreading that bad rumour against u and calling u names. I just f-feel s-so g-guilty u know?"

Pia didn't say anything, she couldn't think what to say. Sure she had been made fun of, but someone ever apologising to her? Yeah right .

" Aleena told me I don't look like a female because I have a flat chest and Ruhi and Tanushree called me a robot "

Pia turned her head towards Abhay , who had been still staring at her.

"Well I think ur body is sexy Bon Bon , that's what I pointed out earlier today, but u got angry"

" u think I am sexy?"

" hot as a good girl gone bad can be Bon Bon , specially ur butt"

" shut it Dopey"

With that she heard a slight snore , and saw Abhay falling asleep .And in turn she also yawned and closed her eyes worrying about how her parents r going to react to Abhay. Yup, she was dead meat. But before she could tire her brain any more sleep engulfed her.

So yeah peeps that was it! :D
Hoped u liked it, :)

Don't forget to like and comment , it really makes me happy :D

If u want a PM BUDDY Me and don't forget to LIKE it!

Will Send PMs later in he evening:)

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MS-meghasharma

nice update
the girls were really mean to pia and it seems she is gonna have a tough time ahead.

Thanks :) the girls r bad but our Pia is gonna be fine, Ofcourse with Abhay being with her :D
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Originally posted by cuteariya

superb update
god those bimbos was really mean to pia Angry
uff abhay also D'oh
pia was crying she was hurt by that bimbo's comment on her Cry
oh god now pia have to be tutor for abhay Thumbs Up
update soon

Thanks cuteariya! ( what's ur name btw?)
Yes, u took the right word for them ' The Bimbos'
Ya, Abhay well... U will see *winks*
Don't worry Pia isn't a crybaby, I always try to make her character strong :)
And the tutoring thing u will soon see :D
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Originally posted by VISUforEternity

Srsly those chicks r annoying.. Poor pia..
Excited to c how hr and abhay relation come out to be in future..

Thanks ! U will see their relation progressing soon :D
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Originally posted by Abhiya-4ever

Nice update Dear
Those bimbos r really mean
Abhiya little scene was cute
Poor Piya started to cry..
I knw its hurt when no one likes ur work but dnt worry n all the best

Update soon...

Thanks Noor :)
The thing is they like it and every time I post it they also read it but they never press like :( that's all I ask for, if u r too shy just like it :D
Anyway thank u for always being there :)
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Originally posted by doll.12

<font size="5">the update was good yar...
pia was crying she was hurt by that bimbo's comment on her Cry ...
hope they start a good friendship..
update soon

Thank u doll.12 ( what's ur name btw?)
Yup, they definitely r mean girls.
Abhay and Pia well... U will see soon :D

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Originally posted by ---Lizo---

Great update dear

Thank u Lizo :D
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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by muzikk93

Don't be disheartened by the lack of responses. I'm sure as more people read your story, it will pick up in no timeEmbarrassedI think you've touched upon a brilliant concept! A school girl who is deemed as a nerd and has become a soft target of bullying versus a guy who is charming and yet mysterious in his own way (bbecause you haven't revealed a lot about abhay) please do continue, at least for your loyal readersEmbarrassedI'm very sure the number of likes will pick upBig smilecan't wait for the next updateBig smile

Ur comment really made me happy muzikk93! ( btw what's ur name?)
I am so happy that u liked my concept , because this story well... Has been inspired by one of my own closest friends and a little bit of me in it too :D this story is definitely very close to my heart. I can see that u r my loyal reader * YAY!* and guess what? I did get 14 likes this time :)
Will definitely continue it if I get likes like this:)
Keep reading :D

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