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Abhiya SS Mr Bad Boy, NOTE Pg 15 (Page 4)

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal

Wowww Title Pakadu Keeda Lolxxx.. ROFL And Hey Author Profession Isn't Worthless.. Infact They R Worthness... Smile Because If Authors Won't Write So We Won't Get Shows Serials And We Can't Get Help In Studies And We Can't Develop Interest In Studies... Smile Do Tell Piya To Her Dad.. That Daddy Authors R Wothness.. Smile If They Won't Exists Then Maybe R Life Would Be Hell Bored... Smile And Wowww Abhay'S Tuition Great Job Dear... Smile Embarrassed And Awww I Liked How Did Piya Was Telling About Herself... Smile And First Chapter Was Too Cute And Pretty To Be Read.. Smile Embarrassed And Yess Do Continue It.. Smile And Dear Plzz Do PM Or Scrap Me... Smile And U Didn't Do It To Me... Unhappy Anyways Do Continue Ur Story... Smile

Everybody seems to love Pia ask padaku Keeda lol ;D
I am so happy dear that u loved my concept :) hope others like it too..
Also being a writer is the best thing , I think. But Pia 's dad here is an ambitious old guy who really doesn't allow his daughter any freedom and Abhay...
Ugh don't I reveal too much? But u get the idea * wink wink*
I didn't pm anyone dear, but have done for my other story , alas u haven't liked my story ;D
Will continue as soon as I can :)

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Originally posted by mahi4ever

Its really interesting ss . Awww dis gonna b fun pia tutoring abhay n m sure she vil try to take revenge on abhay. I know most authors update slowly but it's becoz dey r too busy. Pls if u can update quickly it's really Gud. V readers die of waiting.

Thanks for finding it intresting girl :) yup our Pia genius is going to get a lot of fun while tutoring Abhay or rather Abhay is , he he. She will try her best to take her revenge but... Won't say more;D
I love updating quickly but I never get the response I want :(
But for u guys I gonna try to update quickly :)

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ---Lizo---

I like the concept! I think ot will be splendid! Do pm me if u update!

Thank u Lizo ! Seen u after a long time :)
Will update soon dear :D
Ms.Purplegoth Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Hello peeps :) I actually wasn't going to update because of the disappointing response :( but then I saw those 6 likes ,so for u ppl , I am gonna update :D
Happy reading !

       MR BAD BOY
              CHAPTER 2
                    MEAN GIRLS

" Listen up guys Bhargava sir is on leave today , so 3 free periods u guys, no chemistry torture today !!"


And ofcourse the whole class was overjoyed by this . Who wouldn't love it when a teacher is absent and u can do whatever u want.

Well, there is a certain Pia Dobriyal who wasn't really happy about this. Infact she was quite annoyed. After all the whole night all she had done was slave for chemistry surprise test and and learned the whole chapter by heart.

Pia had not expected this. Atleast from the teacher.

"Come on guys lets go and roam around the school! Bunking time!!"

That was Rishi. The class topper.

Hard to believe right?

Pia always used to think that Rishi was an idiot . An idiot . A big idiot. A giant idiot. Overall a total a**hole.

Yes, Pia did swear , but never aloud. She reserved this swears for her big time enemies.

And Rishi emerged as Pia's prime enemy on 26 April 2014 when he beat Pia on her Monday test by 1 mark.


That in Pia's life is a big thing.
She never figured out how a big class 'A' type idiot like Rishi could ever beat her? Infact he always ahead of her.

Pia then decided observe him . Really observe him.
She noted the following things -

* Rishi loves sleeping during class
* Rishi loves eating during class
* Rishi loves bunking class
* Rishi loves to talk, in fact given the chance he would never stop.
* Rishi has non science friends.
* Rishi list of bestfriends include-
    = Pulkit
    = Tejas
    = Abhay
RESULT= Class A Idiot type

But alas , Pia and her whole calculation was wrong because he not only topped in school but in her coaching too.

Pia was so depressed with this case that she had to let go of this case.
To top that , he was also bff with Mr ABHAY RAICHAND !

How could a total idiot be friends with a guy like Rishi , though he was no less an idiot himself but not atleast in studies.

Pia then decided that she could never go into psychology . She can never understand people

Lost in her deep thoughts she suddenly heard a shrill voice , belonging to Aleena, or as Pia used to refer her as 'Rich Witch'

" Sorry Rishi can't come year , have to share so much gossip with friends yaar!"

With that Aleena who was sitting infront of Pia invited her 2 other friends Ruhi and Tanushree and started with her ' Gossip Gala'

" Hi babes U looked so hot in Karans Party"
Gushed Ruhi to Aleena

" Oh I know , I ordered that dress from Versace in Emporio Mall u know? Daddy brought it for me . And ofcourse my makeup , my aunts brings all that for me from New York u know ! I love New York!!
Infact I am thinking of going there after 12th yaar, thinking of taking Abhay also , my couchie coo bf" Aleena smiled impishly .

"Oh girl I am so happy that u and Abhay r still going strong u know, did u hear about Akansha and Shaurya?"

"What tell ! Tell!" Both Aleena and Ruhi screamed, nothing was tastier than fresh gossip and then having the power to spread it afterwards .

They truly were witches Pia thought.

"Well Akansha and Shaurya seem to have hit the rough spot.."

" what ! Why?"

"Because .. Guys this is gonna be a surprise , Akansha thinks Shaurya is GAY! And she saw him hitting on Karan in the party!"

" OMG" Ruhi and Tanushree exclaimed simultaneously .

This was followed by whispers and giggles and ofcourse more shopping details .

Well damn! Why couldn't they just shut up?Pia thought.
Pia could't concentrate and her MCQ's were going wrong due to their gibberish .

"I love Varun Dhawan yaar, he's too cute"

" I know yaar-"

" I don't get what's so great about him ? To me he's just guy who really has big smile and sometimes looks kind of like a rat"

Silence. That's what met Pia's statement.
Well that's what she wanted ,to shut. Them. Up.

"Weirdo has spoken up girls "
Aleena muttered and gave her an evil smile .
That was followed by Ruhi calling her 'freak ' and Tanushree giving a really ugly laugh .

" why would u understand the charm of Varun Dhawan? Afterall we aren't even sure if u r a female , u know , u certainly don't have the boobs to prove it "

"Yeah, Lee! I am sure she's a robot "

And the three of them burst into a laughter.

This my people was the hard truth of Pia's life .

She was bullied.

Pia was a strong willed girl. Nothing could make her give up, but sometimes .. Sometimes like this time for instance , Pia's strong will crumbled . She felt hurt.

Maybe because she was sometimes Jelous of their beauty, their freedom, their social life...

Pia had stood up from her desk and rushed out of her classroom to a corner of the school , behind the school building under a tree. This was her spot.

This was where she thought deep things. Where she could escape whenever it was recess or whenever she felt hurt and wanted to think about her feelings..

Whenever she wanted escape the normal mortal world .

But today she saw someone else sitting on her spot.

Abhay freaking Raichand.

What was he doing here?

He appeared to be writing something .
He was so engrossed that he didn't wven notice Pia standing there .

Abhay Raichand wasn't known as the school hottie for no reason. He had perfect grey eyes that could capture any XX chromosome human . He had a lean muscular body and though he wasn't a complete man, only a teenager, yet u could see some muscles straining his T-shirts sleeve.

Pia Dobriyal did notice this. But she didn't like it that her mind noticed this.

He was her enemy for Pete's sake ! The Rich Witch's boyfriend !

" what r u doing here ?"
Pia finally interrupt him and demanded, stopping Abhay from writing immediately.

Abhay looked up looking dazed, and then finally squinting his eyes said ,

" Pia?"

" yeah and welcome back to earth , I said what r u doing here ?"

Abhay looked taken aback by her sarcastic remark but then smirked and said ,

" why is it ur business what I am doing here huh?"

" because this is usually my place !"

" well ur name isn't written here "

With that he gave her a satisfied smile showing that he had won the argument .

Pia had enough. Literally.
First those witches then him .. Why don't people understand she had feelings too?she especially didn't like the boob remark .

She isn't a robot.

Pia didn't know why she was being so emotional , maybe she was PMSing, but then she felt something wet on her cheek.

Apparently Abhay noticed it too.

" Hey r u crying ?"
He looked alarmed , this was an insult to Abhay. He never made a girl cry, whoever she was. Even if it was a total nerd like Pia.

But before he could say or do anything else , she blinked quickly and rushed out of there.


Pia Dobriyal never cried.
Crying is for babies .

Then why the hell did she cry infront of Abhay Raichand !!

Ugh .

" Pia?"

" yes ma'am"

" u r an extremely briallent student"

"Thank u ma'am"

"Beta , there is a student who almost failed in science in 11th and we want u to tutor him"

"Is he from the medical stream too ma'am?"

"Yes , he's going to change his section from 'B' to yours.his name is Abhay Raichand "

Oh sh* t.

As if he heard his name being called , Abhay walked right into the rep's office and plopping himself next to Pia.

Pia had thought coming to Reps office was going to cheer her up, maybe she was going to be chosen as the head girl .

But ofcourse today her luck was really running out.

Tutoring Abhay Raichand. This was not what she expected herself to do in any point of her life.

" ma' am u called me?"

" yes Abhay due to ur bad performance in ur studies last year, we are going to let Pia here help u, she's going to tutor u"

Abhay looked sideways toward her ,first without any expression , but then suddenly gave a bright simply smile .

" cool"

Karma is really a b *tch u know.


So yeah people , this was the update for my darlings who liked and commented on chappie 1. I really am hurt by the response, so for this update it is going to be 10 likes. Minimum.i am NOT gonna continue this if it gets less than 10 likes.

I really do want to continue this, but I just don't get these silent readers. I mean r u that lazy that u can't even like? Fine don't comment but liking me kya jaata h yaar ?
I know I am being rude , sorry but not sorry .

Also I may not be regular after this update as I am going somewhere , where I may update really irregularly ... So if u want a PM BUDDY ME or ATLEAST LIKE IT. I am going PM those who like it or comment.

That's all I can say

But again love u guys who liked and commented . Thanks for motivating me!

Au revoir! :)

Ps. XX chromosome = female

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MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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nice update
the girls  were really mean to pia and it seems she is gonna have a tough time ahead.

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cuteariya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 10:18am | IP Logged
superb update
god those bimbos was really mean to pia Angry
uff abhay also D'oh
pia was crying she was hurt by that bimbo's comment on her Cry
oh god now pia have to be tutor for abhay Thumbs Up
update soon

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Srsly those chicks r annoying.. Poor pia..
Excited to c how hr and abhay relation come out to be in future..

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Interesting story. ..
Do cont soon

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