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Abhiya SS Mr Bad Boy, NOTE Pg 15 (Page 12)

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Surprise surprise !! Shocked u didn't I? Well I did get inspiration finally :P my brain always gets overactive imagination during my studies , lol. Well, anyway , proceed to the next chapter , and Happy reading!!

      MR BAD BOY
                 CHAPTER 4

"Pia! Pia ! Get up, or u will be late!"

Pia heard a screechy sound hitting her eardrums disturbing her from her deep slumber . Sleep,*sigh* she just couldn't get enough of it .But ,then it all tumbled.

Abhay.the name boomed in her head.

Fudge, fudge, fudge, No!!

Pia woke up with a jolt , nearly falling off the bed , and saw an irritated figure of her mother standing in front of her but with no signs of Abhay. Abhay had disappeared or rather escaped at the right nick of time .

Of course he had, otherwise her mother would have been kicking the sh*t out of him and would have probably called the police , complaining that Abhay was trying to kidnap her daughter.

Like , as if . He didn't even have the brains to kidnap her.

"R u going to school or not? " her mother screeched, making the birds outside her window fly away hearing the catastrophic sound.

"Yes mum!"

" Then get going!"


"Baby,Janoo, lavu , please forgive me, I love u , just u !! Take me back "

Pia was welcomed in school with the sight of Aleena screaming like a banshee and Abhay , standing with an amused expression on his face , both standing facing each other and pretty much all the hippies, diva's , and jock's of the school surrounding them.

Gosh, is this our school's 'V channel' scenes ?

" But, why should I? U kissed Kabir, I front of me! " Abhay said, and the crowd murmured in agreement.

" But it was all alcohol baby! I thought it was u , but now I realise it , his lips were so rough , but ur's r so soft . Baby please, I love u ."

Ew, seriously?
Ever heard of too much details , Aleena?
Maybe I should just puke.

"Really Aleena? " Abhay asked , and the crowd once again waited in anticipation, after all they were all witnessing the break up of their school's 'high school sweethearts '. This was history!

"Yes, Abhay , I love u "

"Well, I love u too"



CONCLUSION: Human teenagers tend to be very confused creatures. They have a high degree of mood fluctuations, they may agree on something today, but u can expect them to disagree on the same thing the next day. They r highly confused creatures in the matter of choosing their mates .
       This report will further be continued , with more experiments and their conclusions.


Pia's brain was highly activated in solving the physics's numerical which had been troubling her for the past 2 days, but today , right at this moment , her brain had got her 'Eureka ' moment . She was finally on the verge of solving this numerical .

Everybody knows that whenever Pia Dobriyal has her 'Eureka ' expression on her face, u just don't go near her. If u do , well.. Let's just say it's not a good deal u have landed urself into. Theirs a pretty big chance u will be called to the rep's room for bunking ur class.

And guess how the rep got to know about it?

"Hey, sexy"

The wheels in Pia's mind stopped and she stilled . She knew who it was , but she ignored him. And she would, he didn't even have the guts to talk to her about last night ! It was like it never happened .He didn't talk to her all day !

It was like she had never seen the good side of Abhay. A side to which she had had actually conversed and had maybe liked Abhay Raichand a bit .

"What, u r ignoring me now?" He said.

Pia turned to face him, with a sarcastic smile .

"Oh, so ur majesty had the time to talk to commen folk "

" Well, if u see me as ur king , I have no problem , I never thought u would see me as who I actually was Pia, a true ruler. " he bit out , and plonked himself next to Pia's seat .

" I can't believe u " Pia whispered , menacingly, as everyone in her class had started look between Abhay and Pia.

What was the high school king doing with the high school nerd/loser/ weirdo?

Pis didn't want to create a scene, she hated attention , and if she could avoid it she would happily do it for the rest of her life.
     So she stood up, without a glance walked out of her class, her bag bouncing and every one was in awe ,

Was Abhay Raichand just ignored??

" Would u stop! I need to talk to u !" Abhay told her, as he tried to keep up with the curly haired girl who had saved him last night .

Abhay Raichand had been shocked beyond doubt when he had gotten up next to Pia Dobriyal . If it would have been any other girl , the conclusion would have been obvious , but this was Pia, so nothing right..?
And then when he had been driving back home , he finally remembered some bits. Yeah, he sure remembered what a fool he had been.

But those shorts were to be blamed, they were too sexy for sexy.

He mentally slapped himself for thinking such sinful thoughts ( ha! never would he have imagined that the words 'sin' and 'Pia' would come together in one sentence ) and saw a disappearing image of Pia amidst the crowd .


But he knew where she was, of course she's gone to the tree. That's usually where Pia Dobriyal was spotted while bunking classes and doing mcq's.

How can anyone live their life doing mcq's every frickin second! Abhay wandered .

And he was right, as he took the buildings turn and peeked from the corner, there was his Bon Bon , her fingers writing away anxiously. She looked cute, Abhay thought . Her legs swinging , and then she would slightly drum her fingers on the notebook , her lips jutted out in concentration . And her fingers always twitching with her hair , trying to keep them in place . Cute n sexy.

What the f*ck , what is wrong with me??

He didn't want think anymore, so he walked up to Pia and said, " Hey, let's talk."

Pia looked up,dopey had followed her here too. What was with him? Why was he following her like a dopey dog?

" Look I -" Abhay started , but was cut off by Pia.

"No u look Abhay, let's just get over with it , ok. Neither of us want to be in each other's company unless forced so let's just finish it . I am going to just say, that yesterday night was the worst night of my life, I don't why I ever let u in , but I shouldn't have . If My mum had got to know about it, she wound have grounded me for life just because of u , which would have sucked . But let's just say truce and follow our own ways ." Pia finished, her expression grim.

Abhay was just kind of stuck on the words worst night of my life
He didn't know why he felt so .. Hurt? Sure, he wasn't refused by any girls , everybody loved him. He was the perfect golden Punjabi guy in his house , but this girl , she just hated him. To the core, he could see that .
And he knew he deserved it, he had wronged Pia Dobriyal a lot of times in the past and yesterday was another one of those times . In fact he had always got this pleasure dictating the nerds, he had laughed and made fun of Pia that time with Aleena and spread the rumour , and never regretted it .

But today, something had just changed .

Maybe it was yesterday night , maybe that 2 word conversations had been so deep and true and he had actually felt Pia's pain. He didn't see her as his playtoy nerd anymore , but a cute and if he admits it, rather sexy girl in her own way. Who was just lonely .

"Ok" he squeezed out .

Pia forced a smile , and said "Well, that's settled".

He didn't even have the courage say anything , it was all her talking , Pia thought. He didn't even try to fight or tease her as his usual self, Pia continued.

" Yes, by the way , I just wanted to ask about the tuition thing . When do u want to take it? "

"Whenever u want to " she said plainly , her attention back to her boyfriend , Mr physics .

" So is tomorrow after school good for u ?" He asked, looking glum that she wasn't paying attention to him anymore. Maybe she really was rock heart as the people said .

" Yup, awesome " she said a little too excitedly, or maybe it was sarcasm , Abhay thought .

Someone kill me , Abhay thought . He just felt too guilty


" And so we get the conclusion that the molar fraction of a gas is directly proportional to the partial pressure of a gas..." Bhargav sir's boring old dull voice tried to awaken the students from their dreamland ,but alas it had no success.
       Sumit though being diagnosed with ADHD, and who really had a hard time keeping still was found sleeping on the backseat with drool . Kavisha and Sanskriti had tied each other 10 times in the game in of tic tac to. And Aleena had been ogling at Abhay, for the past 15 minutes. Rishi the class topper aka rattu tota was sleeping like a fish( with his eyes open ).

But Pia was in full battery . She had finally got the concept ! Can't wait to do the Solution chapter mcq's!!

When suddenly she felt a poke on her shoulder. Pia was about to turn when she saw a small little paper falling in her lap from behind . She curiously picked it up and read it .

Sorry about last night :( I just feel guilty ,about saying nothing and let u do all the talking.
                            -Ur Dopey

An involuntary smile reached Pia's face , which was very rare . Pia Dobriyal never liked to be disturbed during her class, she would give the person 'The Pia Deathly Glare' if u did.

But she was happy . At Least Abhay had felt something! He wasn't just another brainless jock with good looks.

Good looks?... Eh?

Before she could think anything else , she felt another note dropping on her lap.

So? Am I forgiven ? Plz sexy butt ! I don't want u to be sad because of me . Actually I can't see anyone sad because of me . So? Plz forgive me Bon Bon, be a sweet Bon Bon , now , eh? ;)
                  - Ur Dopey

Pia smiled again, and for the first time in history she was actually not paying attention to her class .

But Pia didn't care.she already knew it , anyways.

I am not gonna forgive him so easily , Pia thought . He deserved torture alright, she thought deviously. And she really wanted to smack Abhay's head for that Aleena episode . What was with him? Wasn't he hurt yesterday night because of that b*ch. What happened this morning then?

No, I won't forgive u till u answer some of my questions .What happened between Aleena and u ? I thought she hurt u , that's what u said yesterday night and then this this morning u both have this big exchange of 'I love u's'.

R u really alright in the head, Abhay?
                          - Ur Sexy

She slightly turned her head , to see where Abhay was sitting . She saw him staring at her , and then he gave her his 'Classic Abhay smirk 'and then winked at her . Pia's mouth gaped and she narrowed her eyes and nodded a no, to which Abhay made a slight pouting sad face. She then saw Bhargava sir busy on the board and then threw the note to Abhay, making Vikas sitting between them stare at both of them incredousely   . Was Pia Dobriyal actually passing notes during class?

Holy sh*t!

Pia waited eagerly and then a note soon came.

Well, if u really want to know , I still haven't forgiven her, but I just can't see her with someone else because I know if I broke up with her, she would move on with Rohit. I like her.
        -Ur Dopey

Pia actually felt sad, Abhay was such an emotional fool . He just couldn't see Aleena in the light of being a b*ch.

Abhay Raichand was a nice guy, she concluded.

But soon her conclusion was thwarted , by Abhay himself, as she received another note.

Also she's got a 'Good Bod' eh? . Maybe that's the real reason :D
                  -Ur Dopey

Or maybe her verdict was too early . *Sigh* she could never understand human males.

I don't know what to say, I guess it's ur business, let's meet after school tomorrow for tuition.
       -Ur Sexy

A second later, another note came in,

So, I am forgiven right? I mean , no more guilt from either sides and everybody is happy,
        -Ur Dopey

Pia turned to Abhay , and mouthed 'obviously ', while Abhay made a hand joining gesture ,indicating that he had finally got Pia's blessing .

In all of this , they didn't notice the angry glare from across the class, from a certain Aleena Khurana .

Why the f*ck is this weirdo getting her paws on my boyfriend??!! She thought .

Seems like , I have to remind her, her true place soon , Aleena thought , and spin the pen on the table , and tragically the pen aiming at Pia, as it stopped.

I know , so filmy at the end!! But I just couldn't help it :D !!!so I hope u like it , and new readers , Welcome Aboard!!

Plz do give a LIKE and COMMENT!!
If u want PM's , do the above thingy first , then BUDDY me!!
I forget people otherwise , sorry .


PS-Cuteriya and Doll.12 , my 2 loyal readers of this story , who kept bugging me to update , and made me feel 'Awww, someone does miss it ! ' , I hope u got the expected update as u like :D


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doll.12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 1:26am | IP Logged
Surprise... Me here... Lolxx ..
I was hell waiting for stories to bee updated and alas... U updated...
it was funny and fun to read indeed... Hehehe.. Mr. dopey and Ms. sexy... Love their name... Will comment later..
cuteariya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 4:05am | IP Logged
yippee finally got update Hug
thank god abhay left pia room before getting caught by her parent
loll pia thought was quite funny ROFL
holly shit abhay forgive that bitch alina? Wacko
even after her cheating Dead
pia was really confuse by abhay behavior Confused
oh god pia got really angry on abhay
abhay didn't know why but he got hurt by pia words Ouch
abhiya chit game was funny LOL
now what that bitch alina planning? Angry
continue soon
I will always wait for ur update sweetie Big smile
Dark-Beauty IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Wow finally Abhay is guilty of his past actions towards piya
N piya has forgiven him
O god this AlinaAngry what is she up to?
Thanks for pm
Please continue soon
rmifzala Groupbie

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
hey...I read this story today itself & the story concept is kool ...I liked abhays character a lot...I really liked the chit convo of abhiya ...& plzzz if u can update this lil soon as I really wanna know what's gonna happen?????
.Intoxicated. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Good one
Why abhay let go alina easily??alina will create probs now...
Haha both abhiya have decent feelings.. Chit game was sweet.. Looking forward to tutions.
Thanks for pm
-QueenlyChitra- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Hey wow that was awesome update Hug
so abhay raichand is a emotional fool LOL
but his sexy pia dobriyal forgives her dopey Wink
aww so cute the chit conversation was between abhiya Tongue
uff this aleena is headache hate herAngry abhay should leave herD'oh
waise right the ending was total filmy pen-pointing towards miss padhaku piaLOL
MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
nice update
abhay is indeed a fool. i luv pia's sarcasm here. she really gives it back to others in an amazing manner.

abhay-pia's chit exchange ha already landed pia in trouble with alina..i hope she would be learn to treat other ppl well.

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