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TaaYam TS: Return Of My Sister (Page 4)

...Shrisha... Goldie

Joined: 05 November 2013
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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 4:21am | IP Logged
awesome start
update soon
waiting to read more

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poorni_vishali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
amazing start 
really miss TaaYam so much
everyones pov were awesome

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princess_tara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2015 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
plz update next part
dh19 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2012
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Posted: 25 June 2015 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
nice cute and emotional
loved taayam

waiting for taayam meet
do cont soon

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EternalStars. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 8:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Muskan_TR

update karde -_-

 Kal karti hun pakka!Ouch
dh19 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2012
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Posted: 23 July 2015 at 7:21am | IP Logged
pls. update

Edited by dh19 - 20 October 2015 at 1:14pm
taareycrazyfan Goldie

Joined: 30 October 2014
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Posted: 14 October 2015 at 1:40am | IP Logged
awesome update yr
really loved taayam bond
swayam ka taani ko is kadar miss krna
rey ka guilty hona

update soon dear
nd plz pm me
muje apki rk b story ka pm nahi milta yr

plz pm me
EternalStars. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2015 at 6:50am | IP Logged
TaaYam TS-Return Of My Sister

Part 2

Hellooo ppl!Embarrassed I guess most of you must have forgotten about this story!OuchI am finally updating it..sorry for so much of delay!OuchI promise 2016 se I will be regular with my updates. Big smile

Everyone was shocked!Rey and Swayam's stopped beating for a second and then started beating wildly..making both wonder if it would pop out and claim how happy it was! Wink

There she was..looking resplendent in her red anarkali,her features enhanced by the beauty of her smile and her twinkling kohl-filled brown eyes..the owner of Rey's heart and soul,the darling sister of Swayam:Taani Shekawat!She was back!With a Bang! Big smile

Swayam was absolutely surprised!A corner of his heart knew she would definitely come to him on this day..but as time passed he had lost hopes.But looking at her now..he mentally did cartwheels!

He could not stop the same time his tears were allowed a free fall.Overwhelmed by happiness,joy and a variety of other emotions he hugged his sister tight..not wanting to let go.None in the bro-sis duo needed to speak.The love of the siblings did the job words would have failed to do.

Meanwhile..Rey stood rooted to his place.He failed to get a grip over his emotions.Taani was standing before him..after what seemed like ages!All he wanted to do was take her in his arms,kiss her like there is no tomorrow and never ever hurt her or let her go again!

His Taani..looking as beautiful as ever..with that serene smile on her face..his heart and soul yearned to have her back..but Rey was immediately gripped by doubt and sadness.

After what had transpired between him and Taani before she left..would she still forgive him??Did he have the strength to face another heartbreak??Did he deserve her..her love??

He looked at the bro-sis duo.Taani had comeback for Swayam.Rey decided to get some control over his thoughts and emotions.He did not want to sadden the atmosphere which had happiness written all over it due to Taani's return.Rey walked away,his heart yearning for her love,eyes burning with tears and soul..well she owned it he realised.

Swayam broke the hug after what seemed like an eternity.He still could not find any appropriate words to express his happiness to Taani!He wiped the tears streaming down her face.

Taani: Bhai...
She cupped his face and wiped his tears.
Swayam: Taani..tum!Gosh..main I mean.. I don't know what to say!

Taani: *faking sadness* Aap khush nahi ho ki main aayi? Cry
Swayam: *surprised* khush Taani??Agar khushi measure karne ki koi meter hoti na toh woh bhi aaj meri naapne mein fail ho jaati itna khush hun main!! Dancing

Taani: *happily* Sach bhai??Toh meter banva dun?? Tongue
Swayam: Taani!!! *fumbling for words* But..I mean seriously..maine expect nahi kiya tha ki..tum waapis..I mean I had lost all hopes..main.. 
Taani: Aapke liye waapis aayi hun bhai.Rakshabandhan ke din aapse dur kaise rehti??
This made Swayam look up at her..his eyes reflecting pure brotherly love and utmost joy.
Taani: *pouting*Aapne toh mere kiye hue decorations bhi nahi dekhe! Disapprove

For the first time since entering the house Swayam actually looked around.The house was decorated in a traditional manner giving it a peaceful aura.Earthern lamps had been lit up and placed which gave the house a festive yet divine feel.On the table..rested a puja thali with the traditional flowers,tilak and a beautiful handmade Rakhi!

Swayam was overwhelmed.Usually it was him and Taani who would do the decorations together.But this time Taani had done it all alone.Just for him!!

"Taani..Its Beautiful!!Par tum ne yeh sab akele.."

"Ramu kaka ne bhi madat ki meri bhai!Aur yeh sab toh karna hi tha na.Aapko surprise joh dena tha!!Tabhi toh maine tauji se kaha tha ki aapko batade ki main pura din busy hun.Taaki aapko bhanak bhi na pade ki main yaha hun! " Big smileSaid taani..her face glowing with unadulterated joy and innocence.

So dad knew it all along thought Swayam!!He was touched by this gesture of hers.Not only had she made him smile by coming back but she had all these pains just to see his face glow in happiness.And what had he given her??Hurt?Pain? 
Suddenly..his heart twisted with guilt.Swayam's face fell.

Taani noticed the glow of his face reduce.

"Kya hua bhai??"

Swayam took her hands in his.

"Tumne mere liye itna sab kuch kiya Taani.Aur maine tumhe kya diya?Dard hi diya na?"
"Shh..nahi bhai.Dard toh maine aapko diya..apse dur jaakar.Tauji mujhe kehte the ki aap har roz call karte the..aur har roz unhe aapke awaz mein sirf dukh ka ehsaas hota tha." Disapprove

"Galti toh meri thi na main Rey ka saath deta na tum kahi jaati.I am sorry Taani." Cry

"Aap sorry mat kahiye bhai.Galti kahi na kahi hum dono ki thi.Mujhe iss tarah mere aur Rey ke beech ke problems ko humare rishte mein aane nahi dena chahiye tha.I am sorry Bhai.." Ouch

"Hmm..par ab tum kahi nahi jaaogi??Promise??" 
"Promise!!Jaane ke liye waapis nahi aayi hun main.Yahi rahungi ab!" Taani said smiling through her tears.

Swayam choked due to tears of happiness.He hugged her again!

"I..I missed you so much Taani!Bohot pyaar karti hun tujhse gudiya.Promise main tumhe fir kabhi hurt nahi karunga.Hamesha khush rakhunga.Bas tum firse mujhse dur mat jaana. Cry
Taani caressed his hairs. "I love you too Bhai.Aisa koi din nahi gaya jab aapko miss na kiya ho.I promise main fir kabhi aapko chodkar nahi jaaungi.Chaahe joh ho jaaye.." 

She pulled away from Swayam and wiped his tears.
"Bandh karo yeh rona.Itne shubh din pe koi rota hai kya!!"
"Tum khud pehle yeh aansu rokho apne!" Swayam said wiping off her tears.
"Acha baba sorry..!" LOL

She went and got the thali.

" Ab jabki saari MUs clear hogayi aur sab thik ho hi chuka hai..toh rakhi bandhne ka samay aagaya hai!"

Swayam smiled.So his fears were of the previous day were baseless..he was sure now..he would not see a year where Taani would not be by his side on Rakshabandhan. Embarrassed

Taani led Swayam to the sofa.She performed the aarti,aaplied the tilak on his forehead and tied the rakhi she herself had meticulously prepared on his right wrist. (Sorry guys!I do not know the order of the rakshabandhan rituals properly!)

Swayam could not stop smilingly.He caressed his right wrist.The rakhi was gorgeous!!

"Rakhi bohot sundar hai Taani.Mujhe toh har saal tumhari rakhiyon ki khubsurati badhti hui dikhayi deti hai!"
Taani laughed.She was glad to see Swayam glad. "Thanks Bhai!" She smiled.

"Bhai maine aapke liye kuch likha hai.Aur ramu kaka D3 team ke liye kuch khaane ke liye le aaiyega."

The D3 team had settled down and were enjoying watching the bro-sis duo.Due to the happiness one had noticed that Rey had been gone since long.

"Kya likha hai Taani?" enquired a surprised Swayam.
"Ek min rukho"
Taani came out with a sheet of paper.
"Ok so I go!!"

She took a deep breath and began reading hoping her brother would love whatever she had written..putting her heart and soul into it.

"What does it mean to be a brother??

Kya ek bhai woh hota hai joh naam ki rakhi bandhvakar apni behen ki parva nahi karta ya woh hota hai joh apni behen ki khushiyon ke liye zameen aasmaan ek karde?
Kya har kisiko aisa bhai naseeb hota hai joh uski itni itna parva kare ki uski duniya pyaar se bhar jaaye??
Har kisika toh nahi pata..But I am lucky enough to have such a brother.A brother who loves me without any limits,who cares for me like no one else does,who supports me and so much more!
Bhai..kehne ke liye aap mere bhai hai
But you are everything for me,aap mere maa,papa,bhai behen sab kuch hai.

You cared for me when I had no one
Loved me when I was being difficult
Helped me cope with the loss of my parents
when everyone turned their backs to my trauma
You became my mom,my dad,my world
You still remain so
You understood me when no one did
Supported me,stood by me like a rock
Wiped my tears,made me smile,
Taught me to love,taught me to laugh
You filled my world with unadulterated joy
And made me bade my worries goodbye!
A Brother like you is hard to come by
Who loves his sister to death and beyond
My trust in you can never falter
For you have earned it with your unending love
You gave me the freedom to fly,to love
But you still remain the Typical Possessive Bhai!LOL
Not that I want you to change,for you are one in a million!Heart
You have loved me all your life,And I know you always will
I promise to do the same.To love you till I die and beyond
For you are the Best brother any girl could ask for!
I love you for being who you are.Love you for being the typical Indian Bhai!LOL
You are perfect Bhai.Thanks for being there!Always! Heart

By the time Taani finished her voice choked with tears.Swayam could not find words to even describe his emotions.Happiness,joy,love,everything flowed through his heart at one!!His lips curved in a huge smile even as tears of joy began to make their appearance.
He ran to Taani and hugged her,lifting her up! He was overwhelmed,stunned and touched!What had he done to be blessed with a sister like her?? 

Swayam put her down.

"Taani..thank..thank you!I am touched seriously..isse better aur kuch ho hi nahi sakta!I..I dont have any words Taani! A happy and teary Swayam said.Taani's words had made his heart leap in joy!
"I love you Bhai..Hamesha!"
"You dont know what you..these words mean to me!I love you Taani..I love you!"
Swayam and Taani hugged each other with the entire D3 team joining in.

Sharon: This is perfect!You write beautifully Taani!I mean moved all of us to tears!
Taani: Thanks Bhabhi!
Vicky: Tumhe sach mein possessive bhai se koi problem nahi hai??

Taani laughed while Vicky got smacked on the head by Sharon!

"Nahi hai!Mere bhai bohot cute lagte hai possessive avatar mein!" giggled Taani,throughly embarassing Swayam!LOL

"Taani!!Acha woh sheet do mujhe."
"Kya karoge aap iska?" Taani asked handing her piece of writing over to him.
"Yeh mere dil ke bohot kareeb hai Taani.Isey ek surakshit jagah pe sambhal kar rakhunga." Swayam said smiling and folding the sheet carefully.

"Khud ki tareef roz padhoge kya?" Tongue
"Ok sorry!Ab aapko toh aapka gift mil gaya.Mere gift ka kya??" Unhappy
"Ek min."

Swayam went to his room and got a beautifully wrapped present.

"Yeh lo.Tumhara gift."
Taani began to tear apart the wrappings excitedly.

"Kya hai ismein Bhai?"
"Kholke dekhlo." Swayam said smiling mysteriously.

Taani opened the gift.She was shocked.Her eyes which were twinkling with joy went blank.It was a framed photograph.Of Taani and Rey.On it was written TAAREY.Shocked

Ok was supposed to be a two-shot..but I can't accomodate TaaRey reunion in this update.And since most of you guys would want that..shall I make it a three-shot?? Embarrassed

Please do comment and let me know if you would like another part or not!Big smile

Joote,chappal,tamatar all welcome! Tongue Ande mat pekhna as I am vegetarian!Ouch

And sorry again for this super-duper late update!! Ouch

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