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TaaYam TS: Return Of My Sister

.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:31am | IP Logged
NOTE: THIS STORY IS NOT MINE, IS WRITTEN BY MY FRIEND, LAKSHMI. (EternalStars.)<--- Her ID. I don't know she isn't ready to post from her account. So if you want her more stories, then add her in your buddy list and bombard her in every way.LOL

Hola guys!Wrote this when I had nothing else to do!LOL Here is the First part..Smile

TaaYam TS- Return of My Sister!

Part One

Swayam's POV

It's been 2 months since she has left..and I miss her terribly.Everything about her,from her smile to her cutely weird antics and her haath ka bana khaana as she says..I wish I could get her back!But she is so damn stubborn and ..hurt!All thanks to my best buddy Rey.Well Rey is not any less hurt..but then that does not change the fact my sister left mainly because of his stupid fake break up plan!I made a mistake of supporting him..but on the other hand he did it for her own good.Anyways..I have tried convincing her to come back..but she just does not seem to listen!I don't understand where this void has come into our relation..I am so damn angry at Taani for leaving me as well just because Rey hurt her!But then it was my fault as well..Ugh!Krishnaji can't you hear my prayers and get my sister back?I promise I will clear out all these stupid complications!I am tired of calling up Dad..every now and then to enquire how Taani is.She rarely talks to me these days..busy you know!Or maybe its coz of Rey..why can't we just get this over with!!

I looked down at the rakhi in my hands.Its Rakshabandhan tomorrow..there hasn't been a year where Taani hasn't tied me a rakhi.Will this be the first year where I wont have a rakhi tied by her on my wrist??The rakhi in my hand is wet..I realise those are my own tears.Tears of having lost my sister..tears of sorrow..tears I can't seem to wipe.I went to my desk and took out Taani's gift to idol of Laddoo Gopal.

"Krishnaji..mera aur Taani ka rishta bhai behen se bhi badhkar hai.Aap bhi jaante ho ki hum dono ek dusre ke liye sab kuch hai.Inn do mahino mein chaahe joh bhi hua ho..chahe Taani mujhse dur kyu na chali gayi ho..par mujhe hamare rishte par pura bharosa hai.Mujhe yakeen hai ki kal,rakhshabandhan ke din Taani zarur aayegi mere paas waapis.I believe in the depth of the bond and love between us.And trust me Krishnaji..main sab sort out kar dunga..bas aap ek baar Taani ko waapis le aaiye!!Please!!

I held the idol close to my tears did not seem to stop.Neither did I make an effort to wipe them.I decided if Taani would not come tomorrow I would go to Jodhpur..but somewhere I had a hope she would come back..coz she knew what this day meant to both of us.I did not realise when I dozed off thinking about her..

Swayam's POV ends:

In Jodhpur:

A girl was preparing a rakhi..she kept it at Krishnaji's feet and smiled.She looked at the stars..

"Apni behen ka intezaar karna bhai!"

Next morning:

The D3 team was lazying around in the canteen.The rakshabandhan event in the college, was in the evening and they were waiting for Swayam to come so that they could hold a final rehearsal of their performances.

Sharon: Where the hell is Swayam!!

Nil: Aa jaayega tera majnu.Chill!

Sharon blushed.Everyone knew about SwaRon.

Rey: Aaj Swayam bohot late..lo agaya!

Swayam entered with a forlorn face.

Swayam's POV:

I was feeling so bad now..that I guess even the D3 gang could sense it from the looks on their faces.The entire morning I had waited for either Taani or Dad to call saying she would be coming.Finally I myself had called dad up and he had said Taani would be busy the entire day.He asked me to call her at night.And I never knew when tears started rolling down my cheeks..was I so unimportant to her?Was our relation so unimportant to her?All she cared about was Rey and their past?Umpteen questions took over my mind..and finally my sorrow turned into anger.I may have hurt her 2 months ago..but this wasn't right either.She had no right to do this to me.I could not bear to look at my empty wrist.

I had no energy left in me.I went and sat down on the chair,surrounded by my anxious friends and an over-anxious Sharon.

Sharon: Kya hua Swayam?

Nil: Tu devdas kyu bana baitha hai?Teri paro toh hai idhar!

Simmi: Shut up Nil!

Rey: Bro whats wrong?

Bharat: Haan be bata na!

"Nothing guys!!" I answered exasperately looking up at them.For the first time since I had entered college I noticed that the entire college had been decorated for tonight's event on rakshabandhan.This stung me even more.I instantly remembered how I and Taani used to decorate our home during rakshabandhan together,fighting and arguing at the same laughing and teasing each other.I smiled remembering how once I had fallen into a pile of decorations and had looked like a total cartoon.Taani had laughed hard at me before removing that stuff from upon me!Suddenly I felt someone shaking me.I realised it was Sharon.

Sharon:  Swayam what is wrong with you??

I recomposed myself.If I spoke about taani..I wouls surely end up getting teary and probably I would make Rey cry as well.I did not want eitherof the two happening.

Swayam: Nothing.Lets go rehearse chalo.

Bharat: Par swayam..

Swayam: chal na yaar.

I noticed Sharon was concerned.I signalled her to keep quiet.

The afternoon quickly passed by in rehearsals.I was messing up in steps occassionally as I kept on remembering how me and Taani would perform together on Rakshabandhan.And how I would tease her about managing her weight during lifts!And that cute nose of hers used to become all red!Hahaha!I missed her terribly now..

Rey: Swayam tu kabhi galtiyan nahi karta?Kya hua yaar?Subah se dekh raha hun kuch khoya khoya sa lag raha hai.

I could not tell Rey anything.The last thing I needed was Rey feeling guilty.

"Nothing yaar.Main zara aata hun." I excused myself and ran off to the terrace leaving Rey to his thoughts.

 As I stood there breathing in the fresh air..I felt a soft hand on my shoulders.Without even turning around I knew it was Sharon.

"I miss her sharon.."

"Its ok Swayam.."

I turned around and hugged Sharon..fresh tears blurring my vision.

"Bas woh aaj aajaye Sharon..main usey sab kuch dunga.Saari khushiyan dunga..usey kabhi hurt nahi karunga.Usey kabhi firse dur nahi jaane dunga..


I pulled away from the hug.

"Par woh kyu nahi aayi Sharon?Aaj ka din kitna important hai.Kya uske liye Rey aur uska past matter karta hai.Main nahi?

"Aisa nahi hai Swayam..woh aa jaayegi!Behen hai woh tumhari.I am sure she will come today."

"Agar aana hi hota toh ab tak aa jati Sharon.Trust me I will never forgive her for this."

"Calm down Swayam.Please."

"Ok I understand maine bhi kahi na kahi usey hurt kiya..but she knows ki rakshabandhan ki kya kimat hai hamare zindagi mein.Still she chose not to come.This means her past is more important thanme right?You know aaj subah tak I was confident she would return back but nahi..

Sharon's POV

I wiped Swayam's tears away.I had never seen him cry this much for his sister.I could understand the depth of love the siblings if today was this important to Swayam,I am sure it would be just as important for taani too.Somethingin me told me she would show up today.That was the only way to bring back the smile on Swayam's face.I really hoped she would return back.Both for Swayam..and for Rey.I hoped she would return back to her brother,her love and her friends.But most importantly..Swayam needed her today.And something told me she too would be needing him.I prayed to God..asking him to reunite the siblings on this rakshabandhan.Suddenly I felt I heard some sound behind me and was shocked to find Rey standing there!I looked at Swayam..he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts.I looked back..Rey was gone..Hell!!

Rey's POV

What the hell!I am already missing her added to this the guilt of seperating Taani and Swayam.Meri stupidity ke wajahse aaj Taani yaha nahi hai..coz of that stupid fake break up plan! Aaj Rakshabandhan hai..such an important day for Taani and Swayam.And she isn't here today,all coz of me.Swayam bhi sad hai..! "Krishnaji please..mere liye na sahi,Swayam ke liye toh Taani ko waapis laado!Warna main khud ko maaf nahi kar paaunga..please krishnaji!!"

Taani and Swayam really meant the world to each other.I hoped Taani could look past the hurt I had given her and come back today..for her brother..and maybe for me?? But one I knew for sure..if Taani back today..neither me nor Swayam would let her go.Not this time.Not the same mistake again.I could hear the gang's voices..I quickly wiped my tears.

Nil: Rey tu yaha kya kar raha hai??

Rey: Nahi bas aise hi..

Simmi: Rey,Sharon and Swayam have called us down.Chalo jaldi.

Swayam's POV:

I was badly anxious.Ramu kaka's call had come saying he needed me back home.It was quite urgent.Since the costumes for our evening's performance was at my place and in case of an emergency as it seemed from Ramu kaka's call..I decided to take the gang along.It was already 5 pm anyway..our performance was scheduled for 7 pm.I noticed the gang hurrying and asked Sharon to take the driver's seat as I wasn't really in the proper frame of mind.I explained to the gang..what had happened and we drove off.

We reached home and I ran upstairs..with Sharon and the gang following me.I opened the door and was surprised to find the house dark..all the curtains were drawn.Not even a ray of sunshine entered in.Ramu kaka wasn't to be seen.Had something happened to him??

" Ramu kaka??"

Suddenly the lights came on..!

To be continued..


For the next part you need to like this and comment. Let her know you like this and she will post the next part. She might be my frnd but she is nothing like me when it comes to updating. She is pretty fast at it. 

*Running before any one of you hits me*

Don't forget to,




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...Rhythsy... IF-Dazzler

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1st of all yipee me 1st!! Dancing

Secondly lakshu dii aap khud post karte to aapko keede kaant leteErmm

Mumma thnks a lot 4 posting it!! Hug

Cuming 2 d TS...

Bolane ki zarur h kya??

Aapko pata hi h!!

It's superb like anything!!Clap

Bichara mera swayam!! Unhappy

Update next part soon.. 

Warana u'll b like >Ouch Wink

Iss baar pls zyada bhav mat khana LOL

keep writingBig smile

N next time khud post karna Tongue...

Lastly a big hug !!! Hug

Edited by ...Rhythsy... - 14 May 2015 at 9:02am

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Ish!!LOL Thanks for posting!Embarrassed Next time khud karungi!Disapprove Thanks ryths!!Embarrassed

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Cupcake. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:11am | IP Logged
amazing start
emotional and well written
Waiting for TaaYum and TaaRey meet
continue soon

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EternalStars. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Thanks guys!!Will update soon.Smile

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Nicky-nish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Superb start
I always enjoy readng taayam story...:)
Wtng fr taayam nd taarey meet
Update soon
Nd do pm me

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skfirdous IF-Dazzler

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wow awesome
loved it
taayam love their bond
u r awesome dear
continue sooon

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n I read it again :D

n again it gave goosebumps @ d end ...

my lakshy is super good in TaaYam :')

ab tu bhi good girl bankar update kar -_-

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