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#2 Asya ff unique love part 18-23 *thread links in the index* @ pg 1 (Page 99)

suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suganti

hi,was having exams yaar..tats why seldom come here.
coming to the update..
it was awesome as usual.Thumbs Up
zoya's past was so painfulCry
that gary is such aCensored..can't believe that he raped herAngry
hope asad will do something about this guy.

that's ok suganti ;)
m happy u catched up ;)
thanku so much nd asad se to punch khilwa ke hi rahungi gary

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Amin21Khpulwak Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Wonderfully written sueClap
very painful and emotional updateCry
Felt really really bad for zoya CryCry
I wonder if you write it from zoya's pov 
how painful it will beBroken Heart
hope now asad take full care of zoyaSmile
and just kill that gary Angry
loved the update Heart
Waiting for next

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2015 at 1:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Amin21

Wonderfully written sueClap
very painful and emotional updateCry
Felt really really bad for zoya CryCry
I wonder if you write it from zoya's pov 
how painful it will beBroken Heart
hope now asad take full care of zoyaSmile
and just kill that gary Angry
loved the update Heart
Waiting for next

hey dalEmbarrassed
thanku so much
yeah its tough to write
and writing it frm zo's pov...i am afraid if i can do itOuch
yes asad will
ofcourse i'll kill that garySleepy
m glad despite sad one u loved the update
thanku...next coming todayBig smile

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Jasleenkaur01 Goldie

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Posted: 05 July 2015 at 4:21am | IP Logged
I can't imagine zoya went through this... 
It's very dad n painful to hear... 
Zoya is really brave...  Hope she gets well soon... 
Asad will b always with her... 
Update next part soon as n do pm me plzzz

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2015 at 4:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweeetyrocs

I can't imagine zoya went through this... 
It's very dad n painful to hear... 
Zoya is really brave...  Hope she gets well soon... 
Asad will b always with her... 
Update next part soon as n do pm me plzzz

heyBig smile
whr were u all this while hmm?
missed ur comments
yes she'll be fine soonish
thanks for coming back
will pm u for sureBig smile

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2015 at 4:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jas91

i m late again but this time wid choiceOuch
as i said i didn't wanna read this part
chahe u made it as short as possible but jo nahi hona tha woh hua toh naBroken Heart
aur han i know twist change nahi kar ssakti thi cuz that will affect d story but attempt 2 rape kar deti toh bhi saame impact hota na Zoe pe 
that would have shook her d same & d distance & distrust will b still there
but u went ahead wid rape & i must say i hated it cuz i feel disgusted listening or reading about it
mera guess sahi tha but i so wished u would have changed to attempt 2 rape 
khair yes this is very sensitive & real topic what's happening these days but still this is bitter topic 4 mePinch
& yes i read u will write Zoya version of d story later plz mujhe PM  kar dena cuz i don't wanna read that 4 sureApproveLOL
m not sure if i will write it or if i can write it...zoya jesi girls ki feelings we never know wat they'd gone thru...
attempt to rape ka mene socha tha ...but as i said before its gonna affect some points in the story further...i think it won't fit...sorry to show that reality...
i know its hard to read...jas abhi to story wapas smooth chalegi so keep reading
if i decide to give her pov then i'll pm u surely...minute details me pm pe hi bata dungi ok?

rest part was very nicely pennedClap
Eric was very nice frnd Dillu also got 2 know
& Asad's breakdown & hesitancy 2 meet Zoe was believable 

PS- i know its stupid qstn i know 5 saal beet gaye but still i thought Zoya ka chori chori Asad ko dekhna in pool & desiring him was confusing i think jo reaction rinki aunty ke bachon wale comnt baad the were more apt than them. cuz jab tak Asad se she is not assured woh usse dar se baahar kaise aa saktiConfused bola tha na stupid qstn haiLOLLOL

thanku for appreciationBig smile
nd yes ye bohat stupid question he...mujhe bilkul samajh me ni aayaLOLLOL

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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not at all happy with the response i got this time..Ouch

i know that was my fault to give such an update...so noone is to be blamed

but abhi bhi hajam ni ho ri he baat...mujhe 60 ya 75 ke upar humesha likes milte he

nd now i've gone down...Confused

mene kaha mujhe puraane readers wapas chaiye...so they came back nd even silent readers showed up

but regular readers gaayab ho gaye? wats going on?

any ways m thankful to those who read the previous update...nd cared to like and commentBig smile

thanku so much guys...nd this time mujhe 75 above likes chaiye

ni to no update!!!Sleepy

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2015 at 4:32am | IP Logged

how many of u love this banner? i know all of us doWink nd i love the banner maker as well...but pls make her understand how...awesomely fantastic she isEmbarrassed...niyu we all love ur work and u must continueBig smile after lot of persuasion u finally stayedDancing

looking forward to more amazing shayrisEmbarrassed

this update goes to you nd sry i didn't update last nightEmbarrassed

in case my readers...u haven't visisted this superb thread below...i guarantee noone will regret...just do pay a visit sometime here tooBig smile...


have replied to all the comments...pls check it out before readingBig smile

nd now go ahead nd read the following updateBig smile

credit- Niya_789

                        Tonguepart 23Tongue

Zoya was alone in her hospital room now.ayaan took all ladies at home for the holy offerings to allah!eric was compelled to go home by asad and his dad's absence made him confused so he left readily now that he was sure zoya was fine.

Asad entered zoya's room after 1 hour and heard the nurse telling her "u need to change the bandage at night."

zoya looked up and nodded and saw asad standing and looking at her.a relief crossed her but now she wasn't really in the mood of talking to him. ye bhi koi tym hua aane ka?forget it mr. khan! Aaj to me aapse baat karne wali nahi! Where were you when I needed you?' she huffed in annoyance!

Nurse left them alone and he cleared his throat to attract her attention.she looked the other way.

Asad was sure she was hell angry on him.he came near her and sat on the stool beside her.zoya was looking everywhere but him.he took her hand in his and zoya glared at him.but she saw his eyes wet with so much emotions for her that it broke her resolve.

"zoya...m sorry I didn't come earlier but I just want to hug u right now..." As he said by now zoya had moved forward and hugged him.


She cried silently finally letting her fears out in his arms.she could see love in his eyes for her.

mitwaa...ishq pe zor nahi

For minutes they were in the same position but zoya's aching pain moved them apart.asad made her lie down and she rolled her eyes.

"mr. khan I've rested enough."

"no u haven't! m telling you and you have to do this." Asad stayed rigid and zoya put her head down on the comfort of pillows. She stared at the ceiling while her one hand rested in asad's hand.he was caressing it softly smiling to himself.he kept observing her innocent expressions as her eye balls moved here and there sometimes up and then to him.and his mind drifted back to what eric told him.the lump in his throat was resurfacing as he thought how could such a pure soul could go through that!

Zoya watched him now and felt that he was sitting with her sharing the silence but his mind was elsewhere.she found a similar emotion in his eyes what she saw in dilshaad's in the morning.was it worry or she was thinking too much...maybe something else?...pity?

"mr. khan aap kya soch rahe he?"

Asad came out of his sad mind and flashed  his dimples.. "what do u think ms. farooqi? Ofcourse m thinking abt u" he grinned.

"oh really mr. khan?"

"yes really ms. Farooqi" he winked at her.

He watched her as her face grew serious "m sorry mr. khan"

"kya hua zoya?"

"meri wajah se...nani baa ko bhi lag jati.wo to accha hua end time par mene dekh liya ni to...m such a danger to u all..."zoya pursed her lips to keep from sobbing while stubborn tears flowed thru her eyes.

"how dare u think like that zoya? Tumhari koi galti ni he ok?u please don't cry."he tried making her understand wiping her tears.

"asad par kuch ho jata to...nani baa is umr me...I don't know how to face her.she didn't even come today...and.."

"zoya...she's worried for you and praying for u.give her some time...in all this she's thinking that she's to be blamed."asad told her avoiding telling her that nani baa was under medication.

"what? Asad but she's not at fault...i was attacked..."zoya bit her lip. shit! Did I spoke too much?' she glanced at asad from under her lashes...his face was expressionless while his eyes at distant something.

Asad would have been surprised by what zoya told him but after last night he knew that already.even ayaan and asad have talked about it.asad didn't reveal her past to ayaan but he told him to check the cctv footage. He was convinced gary was behind this attack and there has to be someone from zestate who helped him in his mission.but he wasn't able to understand that if gary wants zoya then why would he try to kill her? Is there someone else behind this? Someone who would think that all would doubt gary and he or she will be safe?asad looked at zoya who was looking with tears in her eyes.he respected her before but now respect knew no bounds.even after so much horrible experience she always tried to make everyone happy...though she wasn't the same zoya as eric told him but he can see how zoya cared about nani baa...eventhough she knew the target was her.

"mr. khan aapne yaha aane me itni der kyu laga di?" zoya suspected something odd in him today...and even in dilshaad.she wasn't liking how they watched her today.

"zoya...m so sorry! Mai bohat dar gaya tha...and after that I didn't knew how to face u"he tightened his grip on her hand and raised it to the level of his lips.his eyes kept pouring as finally once again he let out his tears.all this while he kept comforting either his ammi,tamatar or eric.but he didn't show to anyone how his heart was threatening him to form a single line.

"mai bilkul theek hu asad.jab tak aap mere saath he...i have full faith ki mujhe kuch ni hoga"zoya tried making him feel better whilst her one part of mind kept wondering that is there something else!

"zoya me tha waha aur fir bhi ye sab itni jaldi hua...i couldn't protect u"his voice came out low,barely as a whisper.

"par ab to me theek hu na mr. khan!aur jo beet gaya uski kyu sochna bhala hena? Is pal ko jeene ki takat rakhenge to m sure aage bhi hum ek doosre se juda ni honge." She smiled at him pushing her doubts aside to live the moment with him.

He smiled and kissed their entwined hands as she looked down.she wiped his tears moving forward and he chuckled "I know m behaving like an Indian soap hero"

"I don't mind mr. khan. I just love sentimental souls..." she sighed dreamily "u know I love karan.his acting is MA."

Asad who smiled thinking she was talking abt him grimaced when she took a  male actor's name.


"masha allah mr. khan! U know when the actress left him he was so devasted and his eyes spoke volumes...he so nailed it with his acting skills..." zoya kept on blabbering and he smiled at her not listening to her but got busy in admiring her innocent and carefree look! She had such pain in her shoulders and more than that in her heart but how well she manage to put on a poker face! eric was right...she never behaves like this in office or even at home before except when she's talking abt pizza or dhoni! But look at her...she's praising this karan guy a lot sitting in a hospital.but now he wasn't jealous and rather happy that she's being herself.

She stopped guessing well that asad was not getting jealous and that made her more sad. allah miya! Wats wrong with mr. khan? Aaj na to unhone mere attack wali baat pe gaur kiya na jealous ho rahe he! Why do I feel there's something I don't know!whom shud I ask now?' she mind talked while he took the soup tray from the nurse.he sat beside her on the bed and fed her...his eyes never leaving hers. She didn't liked the taste since she hated hospitals and sitting in a hospital and eating the food made her face twist despite the fact that she knew the doctors ate the same food prepared in the same canteen!

After feeding her asad left to sign papers as it was evening already.he waited outside for the nurse to be done with her bandage and then she walked out herself. She walked at slow pace due to some weakness still in her body.somehow asad kept up with her to the car walking patiently beside her as she didn't needed his help!

He started the car while she sipped on her energy drink noisily.he scratched the side of his neck and adjusted his collar trying to keep his cool despite the irritating sound she was making.he looked at her...the winds coming frm the window played with her hairs but the sound disturbed him again!

"ms. Farooqi could u pls stop that?"he said annoyed after having enough of her stubbornness!

"kya mr. khan?" zoya played innocent.

Asad sighed after rolling his eyes "c'mon ms. Farooqi! Aap bacchi ni he...stop making sounds."

"what if I don't!" she shrugged her shoulders and winced feeling the pain.

Asad looked at her worried and said after making sure she was ok "challenging me?"

"kya fayda mr. khan! I told u aap koi bhi challenge jeet kaha pate he" she smirked and then he stopped the car aside.

He unbuckled his seat belt and turned towards her.

"what do u want?" he asked her finally.

Zoya sighed keeping the bottle and straw aside and became serious "mr. khan...mere behosh hone ke baad kuch hua tha kya? Kuch esa jo mujhe ni pta?"

He became confused and shook his head in no "kya hua zoya? Why u actin' like this?"

"I shud be the one asking u that! Something ur hiding frm me mr. khan m sure abt that!"

"somethings u urself has hid from us all of these years ms. Farooqi. When the time comes one knows the truth" he said not meeting her eyes and turning to look straight ahead.

Zoya was making too much of what he said and she even thought that he was talking abt her past...and hence to avoid more discussion she stayed mum. She wasn't in a mood of talking sitting in a car.she was confused if there was any way asad or anyone cud know her past?

"m tired mr. khan! Chale?"

"I want a promise first." He said staring in her eye.

"I want u to share with me whatever bothers you. Not eating properly and not taking care of urself isn't going to help u overcome the stress. Dr. told me abt ur lack of appetite. Just promise from now on u'll be fair with ur living self"

Zoya cud see so much emotions in his eyes and she just nodded fully under the effect of his eyes.after some time he was satisfied looking at her and restarted the car. The quite drive came to an end and asad saw her sitting almost limp.he came out and walked to her side "zoya?" he called out to her to wake up. She opened her eyes drowsily and came out with the support of his hand.they walked up and she mumbled the password that was his name and the gate opened.he turned to her hearing his name and then her head came on his shoulder.he could see she was too weak and tired.he bent down and took her in his arms.perfect! he thought how perfectly she fits in my hold!' the contact rejunevated his feelings of love while she moved closer to his chest to hide her face.she wasn't blushing in that state! But was conscious enough to seek support.he walked in to meet several smiling faces of his family.he simply walked towards her room but without her help the door won't open.

"zoya...wheres the remote?" he asked her and she listened it but didn't replied.

"kya hua bhaijaan?" nzma came behind.

"tamatar zoya ke room ka pass word me ni hu...I mean mera naam ni he. Kya tumhe pta he remote kaha he?"

"haan bhaijaan wo to room ke andar he par we can open the door through the wifi sharing...wait I'll bring her phone." Nzma left and he sighed.

"asad...put me down.."she mumbled like a phone who has its battery low. He smiled at her and blew on her face to move her hair strands aside.nzma came back and opened the door.he moved in with her in his arms and placed her softly on her bed.nzma left to bring the water and he adjusted the pillows around her.she was weak and the heavy dose of painkillers showed the effect. He let her sleep and pecked her forehead softly.

"I love you zoya" he whispered and saw the smile on her face. He blushed slightly as he knew she wasn't sleeping but was too tired to move.

After checking her shoulder and the resources she needs around her like her phone,ipad,charger,remote,meds and water he left to freshen up. Last 36 hrs had made him tired too.


He walked out after a good sleep and saw everybody at the dinner table.he was happy to see zoya talking energetically again.she glanced at him and pointed towards the fork in her hand and he shook his head smiling giving a smile of approval as she kept her promise. He came and sat near her. Everyone was there..eric ofcourse the most happy person on planet blabbered and started his antics for zoya.zoya noticed that asad was no more irritated by eric and was even smiling.she found it different again!

Rickwood too sat there smiling at her daughter.everyone was there except one person.

Eric asked his dad "dad did u send stella back? Where's she?"

Rickwood's face expression changed to anger.he was out in the morning to settle the things with stella.it was time he tells them stella was the one who placed the knife.

Asad and ayaan exchanged an alerted look with their eyes widened. Zoya did notice it and she became more curious and frowned at what was happening? just 36 hrs I was out and look at the condition.it has become a suspense movie.what the hell is happening?' she thought annoyingly while there was only one word in asad and ayaan's mind stella'.

Okay that's it guys...nobody guessed it right but nice try LOL

I know there wasn't much in this part but only the minute details! I haven't read it after writing...pta he har baar mistakes ignore karte ho meri...par iss baar zada hongi to again ignore pls Wink

Do hate gary frm my side as well but I'll say with eric's puppy face that pls don't hate me!!! Lol...eric lovers ab maaf kardena mujhe Embarrassed

juhi ye tera b'day gift bhi thaEmbarrassed hope u love this


  comment fast! Don't forget to hit like...

Love from me...LOL

 before heading to below link...don't forget to hit like and comment

link to thread 3

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