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#2 Asya ff unique love part 18-23 *thread links in the index* @ pg 1 (Page 49)

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Originally posted by SanKsgian

continue soon yaar and thanks for sharing
thanks ki to koi zaroorat nahiLOL
hahaha...ab me itni bhi acchi nahi hu
shin chan styleROFL

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Originally posted by MeDHellsAngel

Hey 61 likes ho gaye now update na.
When will uh update?
so sholly vaishu...
gud to know ur that eager to readBig smile
update coming right awaySmile
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Originally posted by Kanwal4salman

update plz...
m giving it nowWink
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Originally posted by -Crazy4AsYa-

Congrats golden girl
n the update was fantastic with the best part being asad realizing his love for zoya and the stool scene

continue soon
hehe...thanku mehroon pariBig smile

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Originally posted by swapno

Whoa Asad had changed overnight
Not only that he had confessed it to Naniba and Dilshad..
Quite impressive Mr. Khan.
Zoya still not telling her truth to Asad but I think Asad should know it.
Love AsYa stool scene...it was romantic...
When will we know about Zoya's past??
Is it near or we need to wait for more???
Continue soon
love ur comment sadiaBig smile
asad will know soonSmile
it is near...2 updates more i think
suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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I apologise guys!!! Before u read I wanna say that m extremely sorry  for taking a long break!!!!

I keep getting comments that when will I update and I feel happy that u guys are excited and willing to read more Big smile

Sorry for keeping u all waiting long and thanku for ur wishes

m enjoying being a goldieLOL

thanks again for praying for geeta...she's great nd happily married nowDancing wish her plsEmbarrassed

Nd @Abi tujhse to me apna sorry wapas leti hu...coz u don't want ms. Sorry na? *looking sideways* lol

Enjoy the update...ahead is the most awaited part Wink


                     Tonguepart - 20Tongue

The breathtaking figure moving towards him caught his eyes.zoya was dressed in a blue colored suit giving her a fairy style look.as for asad she was indeed a fairy who stole his heart.their eyes met nd zoya bit her lower lip nervously.asad was looking dashing in a black sherwaani with the deepest black color in his eyes too.they sat together and with brushing of their arms a blush crept in zoya's cheeks giving them a pinkish shade.

The zestate was beautifully arranged for the function.the guests excitedly explored the house as this was the first time they were in their both boss's home.new Yorkers were enjoying the Indian traditions.although there were not many guests other then ZOAD's staff nd some friends of zoya nd asad's relatives who lived in the state.

Zoya was the most excited of all the members.she kept glancing at asad and he too replied her every smile with those dimples.

allah miya! Aaj ye jahapanah weird behave kyu kar rahe he! Hmm akdu kahi ke! Pata nahi mere liye koi saugaat laye bhi he ya nahi'

Zoya was busy in her thought's when asad cleared his throat. She raised an eyebrow but before he cud tell her something rinki aunty came and kissed asad on his cheeks.the raised eyebrows arched more upwards as zoya took in the sight.gaugingasad's reaction she tried to say something when she got a kiss from rinki as well.

"oye balle balle zoya! Tussi to menu bataya bhi ni ki tenu inna sona munda mila he! Aaja gale lag ja yaar!" rinki hugged zoya while she gave out a low chuckle. Asad glared at her as he wiped his cheeks nd she mumbled an inaudible sorry trying hard not to laugh on his expressions.

As they broke out of the hug zoya wished her "salam aunty!"

Rinki smiled and wished them both.rinki was a manager of a grocery store.the store where zoya worked part time before 3 years.they both shared lot of things and rinki always remained a good friend to her rather than her boss.rinki was proud of zoya that she was successful and now even more happier was her condition after knowing asad's gonna be her husband.

She made introductions with all and then zoya asked innocently "aunty! Aap kuch bhool ni rahi he?"

Rinki chuckled nd shook her head "oye kudiye! Thand rakh de rahi hu teri saugaat"

Asad smiled at zoya's twinkling eyes nd pursed his lips "she's still a kiddo!wonder how will I handle our kids when she's already behaving like one...oh freak! Wat m I thinking" he tried to shoo away those thoughts shutting his eyes.and then as if rinki was reading his mind,came her statement

"asad,zoya...tum dono ke liye meri taraf se ye chote se bal krishna. Shaadi ke baad na tum dono ne inke jesa sona sa gopal ko is duniya me lana he!"

Asad stared deep into her eyes as she stared back at him wide eyed.


Oh  hooo...ishq pe zor nahi...

Unable to handle his intense gaze she dropped her eyes blushing hard. While the elders exchanged smiles asad noticed her watery eyes.she stood up and ran to her room.

Asad became confused as he watched her leave. The youngsters thought that she shied away but dilshaad cud sense something. She smiled at rinki and then looked at naniba.

Asad took the bal krishna's murti from rinki "shukriya...excuse me"


Resting her head on the closed door, she let her tears flow.

pata nahi asad kya soch rahe honge! Unke liye to ye nikaah serious bhi nai he...ya shayad he? I just don't get his eyes...wo mujhse nikaah kar kyu rahe he?'

She let out a frustrated sigh... love...its complicated'

Somewhere inside she knew he wasn't playing and that he was serious.but was she? Afterall she agreed for marrying becoz she loved him...but there's one more reason to it.

The day asad taunted on her being a girl who carelessly roams in a bar...she was literally hurt and that day she had resolved that its good if she married him...atleast he won't touch a bar girl coz of his least interest.

The physical intimacy was the last thing zoya thought about. Yes she was sccared 5 years before nd was dumb and innocent. But wat happened left such an impact on her that she barely came close to a guy other than eric and rickwood.

But the case with asad was turned upside down.she cud sense the physical tension everytime asad comes near.its hard to hold back when world's sexiest figure is at such proximity with her. But then again...she was burdened with a guilt that she decided to get married to him just coz he won't touch her.

And now asad seemed changed.he was still the same in some things but wat he did in the morning in front of whole family was totally unexpected. She laughed out remembering how she'd said the stinking dialogue and how he fell down.


Asad stood outside zoya's room scrunching his eyebrows.

she's laughing for real? That's why she had to run here?' it didn't make sense to him and he knocked  the door.

Zoya opened the door and her eyes got lost in admiring his adam's apple. shit zoya! Focus! Yaad hena last time kya hua tha when u hurted ur knee' her inner voice mocked at her.

Her eyes made their way up to his sexy eyebrow which arched up.

"r u alright ms. Farooqi?"

"huh!" she replied absentmindedly...lost in his eyes

Asad cleared his throat "mene poocha aap theek to hena?"

With the movement of his lips she realized he was asking something. shit this is embarrassing get a grip girl!' she looked down and nodded. In order to escape the awkwardness she moved ahead saying "hall me chale?"

Taking two quick strides she was stopped by a tug at her dupatta.

Zehnaseeb zehnaseeb...

Tujhe chahu betahasha ...


asad who just started walking behind her, unknown that her dupatta stucked in his watch,bumped into her back.

Mere kareeb...

Mere habeeb...

Tujhe chahu betahasha ...


man! Her hairs smell so good'

Her few hair strands got stuck to the buttons of his sherwani.she tried moving away but hearing her wince he held her by his hand.

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz he...

with his other hand he adjusted her hairs on her right shoulder giving him full view of her milky nape.

Tere sang jo naa beete uspe aitraaz he...

he breathed in her scent as she closed her eyes.his fingers worked on rest of the strands to free them frm his buttons.

Is kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz he...

intentionally he brushed his fingers to her skin lightly. Her heart skipped a beat and then hyperventilated as she felt his rough yet light touch.his breath fanned over her skin and she suppressed her low moan.

Hua ameer...

Dil gareeb...

Tujhe chahu betahasha ...


Asad completed his task taking his own good time relishing over her fragrance. As she moved again she felt a tug and this was the limit to her patience. She turned around to see a confused asad who was still not knowing that his watch got stuck with her dupatta.

"allah miya! Wats wrong with u mr. khan...aap.." she stopped as her eyes travelled down to see he wasn't holding her nd that it was his watch. great! This is way too much embarrassing' she mentally smacked herself as she came forward to free her dupatta.

Asad followed her gaze and then a smirk surfaced over his mouth. lagta he allah ne humari dor kabse baandh rakhi he' he thought happily,his eyes still at her beautiful face.

Lene dena nahi mera duniya se...

Bas tujhse kaam he...

"ms. Farooqi chaliye mere saath"

"kaha mr. khan...ek minute! Meri saugaat?" she asked excitedly like a kid, to which asad smiled and nodded. He led her to the terrace and stopped just outside the door.

Zoya's mouth fell agape in astonishment "wow!!" she whispered.

"This is so beautiful mr. khan! Ye sab aapne mere liye kiya?

"ji" asad enjoyed her expressions and was glad that her response was just wat he expected.

Teri akhiyo ke shahar me yaara...

Sab intezaam he...

The whole terrace was decorated with a blue theme and white feathers. The spotlights in the corners screamed pink and the floor was almost invisible under a cloudy layer of fog.from the dark night fell little snowy balls and vanished in the foggy layer of the terrace. The spectacular sight was so inviting to zoya that she cudn't resist.she made her way to the centre of the terrace and  enjoyed the cold touch of snow on her snowy skin. She whirled and twirled grinning madly enjoying her time. She giggled when the snow tickled her.


Asad stood admiring the beauty, a smile of contentment playing on his lips. He knew zoya loved rains.he'd seen her many times enjoying with her friends back in Bhopal. Today was special. She was laughing becoz of him.

Hona likha...tha yuhi..

Jo hua...

It wasn't beautiful to him whatever set up he did before...but now that zoya stood between, it was the most beautiful sight for him.

Ya hote hote...abhi...

Anjaane me hogaya...

It was 15 minutes he stood at the same place while clicking her pics.and she took her time. Their eyes met and zoya gave him her dazzling smile to die for.

Jo bhi hua...hua ajeeb

Tujhe chahu betahasha...


she came towards him and took his hand in hers. They both were in the middle of their personal fairyland.asad let out his hand


Zoya chuckled and gave her hand in his.her other hand rested on his shoulder while her eyes lost in his eyes.his free hand pulled her closer from her waist as they moved in a parallel rhythm.

Zehnaseeb zehnaseeb...

Tujhe chahu betahasha ...


The physical tension resurfaced as they were so close physically. Zoya seemed least bothered about it as she cudn't take her eyes off from his deep nd darkened eyes.asad looked deep inside her eyes as if they were reflecting her heart. He held her both hands and twirled her around .her soft figure hit his hard chest and she cud feel his heart rate change.

Mere kareeb...

Mere habeeb...

Tujhe chahu betahasha ...


She was again facing him now with her hands at his nape nd his hands busy in exploring her waist.

"aur ek surprise dekhna chahengi aap?" he asked whispering in her ears as he curled her hair strands back at place.

She gnawed at her lips nervously while a shudder ran thru her.

"ek aur?"

"hmm...c'mon lets go"


They both stood in zoya's mini bhopal...now their study. Asad was watching zoya's expressions keenly. As they entered zoya looked at the familiar wall behind her chair.she smiled to it then she turned to the right wall relishing the Bhopal pics...that she does everyday. Now  she asked

"mr. khan hum yaha kyu aaye he?" as she turned around and her mouth formed a perfect 0.

The wall in front of her chair, which contained the door they just entered, was full of her pics.she examined each and every pic of hers...zoya in formals,zoya in her night clothes,in casuals,in  shorts at the beach and in saree...there were so many of them.she was speechless but she had to ask.

"mr. khan ye sab aapne kab...kese aur ye pics aapne kab click ki?" she asked without looking at him,still busy in taking in the sight.

"do u like them?" asad asked hopefully

"nah!" asad's eyes fell as she stared at him playfully.she laughed at his cute expression

" I love them mr. khan...I love ur surprises"


Wo oho ho...woho...

Oo mitwaa...

I love u' this she said in her mind only.but with wat he did today,the respect increased in her heart.she felt happy that he cared.

His eyes danced merily over the wall. "aapki tasweer ke bina ye Bhopal adhoora he ms. Farooqi.wait! I'll show u the recent ones"

He sticked her pics from the terrace and she was in awe of her mr. khan.she admired him more than the beautiful night pics. he looks cute' she giggled to herself.

Ishq pe zooor nahi...

"kya hua?"

She covered up "kuch nahi bas I wanted to ask ki aapke is akdu dimag me ye idea aate kese he" she chuckled.

"akdu dimag?" he shook his head "ms. Farooqi ye ideas dil se aate he.mujhe aapki tasweero ki koi zarrorat nahi he kyuki they're always and always will be residing in my heart. Its just that I want u to know that kabhi kabhi doosro ke bare me sochte sochte aap apne aap ko na bhule.

Is room me apki ek bhi tasweer nahi thi ms. Farooqi to mene socha ki why not gift u this! Taaki apko har din yaha aakar, in tasweero ko dekhkar khush rehne ka sahas mile.i want u to be happy" his voice cracked at last as he saw zoya's tears.she moved ahead and hugged him tightly.

Mitwaaa...(female version)

"thanku...thanku for everything mr. khan" she said while her warm tears flowed on his sherwani.

He wrapped his arms around her securely crushing her against him.he too cried unable to resist nd let his guilt flow today.

"I was wrong zoya! I was wrong that nobody cared for me no one can be mine.but it was always u who guided me,who stood by my side, who supported me...even if u were so far..you were close to my heart." He brushed his nose in her hairs. She sniffed and broke the hug still in his arms.

"I was close to ur heart...nd meri tasweer aapke dil me he?" she bore her innocent eyes into his as he nodded "always"

"m I not in ur heart mr khan?" her eyes watered more nd more as she asked "coz I want to be...i had u in my heart and I still have u."

Asad's hand found their way up from her back nd wiped her flowing tears.

Zoya swallowed  nd asked with her sweet eyes while he cupped her face " I fought with myself to stay away frm u...to mind my own business...to let our agreement live...but I cudn't do that."

"oh f**k the agreement!" he swore and took her in a bone crushing hug again.


Oh who...ishq pe zor nahi...

She wanted to hear it frm him.it was now or never.finally her emotionally challenged asad was changing for the good so why not give him a li'll push?

She whispered in his ears "say it asad...for me..say it ! can I buy a ticket to ur heart?"

He held her close for some time and then broke the hug to cup her face again "ur priceless...ur worth it zoya" zoya's heart jumped up and down by now and her heart started beating on an excited note

"...i..lo..." before asad can say anything more stella knocked at the door breaking their ever so special moment.

Zoya sighed and adjusted her clothes and hairs while he attended her.

"stella I ordered u to find asad nd zo..." dilshaad came from behind nd saw zoya "oh! To tum dono yaha ho aur mai poore ghar me dhoond rahi hu! Chalo beta mehmaan sab jaa rahe he...where were you both?"

Asad and zoya exchanged a longing look and then asad out of habbit started " uh...ammi..woh actually...hum"

"bas asad! Rehne do!" dillu rolled her eyes "zoya  aao beta rinki jaa rahi he aakar mil lo"

"ji phupi"

Zoya left with dilshaad while asad sighed and shook his head.****************

After meetings and goodbyes the family came to the hall and enjoyed over the refreshments.rest of the night while youngsters were busy in chatting for the sangeet practice plans asad and zoya kept exchanging smiles and glances.

Naniba and dilshaad were happy to see them like this.

"ab mai bolungi to bologe ki bolti he!" razia spoke

"are ayaan miya sangeet pe bhi koi hip hop karta he?"

"oh humaira begum ki ammi...aap hi bata dijiye na ki sangeet par kesa dance hota he" ayaan replied winking at zoya and she chuckled while shaking her head

Razia stood up to dance and nuzzhat played the music

Banno tera sweater ...laage sexy

Banno tera...

Razia started her desi thumke and all laughed while humairah stopped her and took her to their room

"baaji bhi na" shireen chuckled "chalo good night"

Exchanging the good nights everyone retired to sleep.asad and zoya got busy with ayaan and nzma respectively so they cudn't meet again.

The night fall down awaiting the morning...where the evil shows up...its a cruel world out there...different frm the fairyland...zoya slept peacefully ...no nightmares haunted her this night...but she didn't knew the next morning will be a lot of things from her past...where her haldi ceremony of turmeric shade wud turn red...blood red.

Ya ya! I know that razia part was gutter!!! I still don't understand why I added it! Nd m too lazy to remove it

Anyways so do u like the update

Pls hit like nd don't glare at ur screen pls! I know asad ko mene bolne ni diya but they are mere words na! feelings matter more !

Nd keep guessing wats gonna happen at the haldi!!

Let me know wat u feel by ur comments Big smile



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Originally posted by Niya_789

Teri dosti ki saugaat kya dun...
Teri dosti ne mujhe nai zindgi di hai...
Uski khushi ki main dua kyun na karun...
Jisne khud mujhe khushi di hai..

Hey hey hey 
R u trying to kill me niya 
I just love u lot baby 
U should seriously publish book  of your shayries 
U r just amazing u know 
And pagal where were u this long 
Swap was wanting to meet u 
And you know tomorrow we r heading to hmEmbarrassed
Lol and Sue my darling tujhe kaise bhool sakti hu mai 
I'm just getting addicted to this love I'm getting from all of you 
Don't love me this yar 
I am scared what if I lose u all 
Thought of losing u makes me feel like dying 
It's overwhelming u know 

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Wow. Awesome.
Asad couldn't say those 3 words again.
Excited for next update.
Continue Soon.

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