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#2 Asya ff unique love part 18-23 *thread links in the index* @ pg 1 (Page 30)

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hola!! how u all are doing?
i guess waiting for the update na?Tongue

wait up! guys!!
m a goldie!!!!!!!Party
Dancingdil to bhangada kar raha heLOL

okay so here's the awaited part
enjoy...well i enjoyed writing it...hope same is the case with u while readingBig smile

credit- Niya_789


The night clock in zoya's room showed the time 2:30 am .the restlessness took her over and the anger made its way. its been five years and he's back. Can't believe the man itself stalked me from last one and a half month! All those weeks he didn't tried to do something then why today had to be the day he tried cornering me? And thank god now he's behind the bars.'

She again turned to left side and adjusted her pillows. aaj jo kuch bhi hua usse one thing is clear to me that he will try again...he will come back. Wat if he tried to attack one of my family now? No I can't let him!'

She picked her cell and placed a call to Lara.


On the other hand asad wasn't able to sleep and the familiar anger surfaced. how dare someone try to hurt my zoya'

He was surprised with himself with wat he called zoya.his zoya! He sighed deeply and remembered how zoya has hugged him at the south beach. He still relished the feeling of her soft figure against his hard chest. A smile crept up followed with a slight blush.

He closed his eyes and he saw her calling him by his name. he smiled and opened his eyes only to close it again after switching sides.

This time the faint figure in the back of his mind came in view and the voice called him by his name.the figure became blurred and the again it became clearer revealing the face of zoya!

Asad opened his eyes and sat up in shock!

"zoya?" he scrunched his eyebrows and rubbed his temple in confusion.

how come I saw zoya? Is she the one who've been disturbing my sleep thus far? The visions I had so far,those illusions and that voice...it contained zoya?'

He became a li'll emotional and remembered how in every tough times those visions helped him.whenever he was confused or frustrated that person in his mind always use to come at nights as a blurry vision and comforted him always. It was hard to believe that it was zoya!

He smiled now with teary eyes and said aloud "I guess we had a connection before we knew it ourselves"

He walked out to the garden and saw dilshaad sitting alone.

"ammi? Aap yaha?"

"hmm...neend nahi aa rahi thi to socha bahar ghum loo" dilshaad replied staring at the stars above.

"aap abbu ko miss kar rahi hena?" asad asked looking at her.

She just nodded her head in confirmation and said "kaash tumhare abbu yaha hote asad. Wo bohat khush hote tumhe settle hotee dekh kar." She smiled and caressed his hairs lovingly.

Asad too smiled and took her hands in his. "wo hum sab ke saath taumr rahenge ammi. Humare dil me rahenge"

Dilshaad again looked up "aaj agar wo hote to mujhe decisions lene me help to karte.mujhe nahi pata mai ye sab akele sahi kar rahi hoo ya..." she was cut short by nani baa who came from behind

"dilshaad tum akeli nahi ho. Tumhari ammi zinda he abhi, aur yaha jo ho raha hai allah ke rahm se sab accha ho raha he."

Dilshaad and asad stared at her and then asad spoke " ammi mai help karunga aapki  ...bas aap hukm kijiye.."

"baitho yaha" dilshaad led asad to sit at the swing the ladies sat beside him.

"asad  mai chahti hoo ki tum apni responsibility acche se nibhao. Tum sabke liye ek acche bhai,bete aur dost ho nd even ur a good boss.par zoya ke liye bhi to tumhari kuch zimmedariyaan hena?" dilshaad spoke softly.

Asad looked at her nd then at nani baa.she kept her hand at asad's  shoulder and said

"asad dekho zoya ne sab kuch kho diya tha. Ammi abbu ke bina wo apne dum pe is mukaam tak pohachi he.usne yaha ajnabi shahar me eric aur uske dad ko apna banaya. Fir uske baad uske liye hum sab hi sab kuch he."nani baa made him understand.

"hum sab ko wo apna pariwar manti he aur khush bhi he. Dilshaad ne use tumse nikaah karne ko kaha to usne foran haan kardi. Wo itna kuch humari khushi ke liye kar rahi he yaha tak ki nikaah bhi.badle me thoda sa pyaar hi to chahti he."

Asad looked at her taking in every word. Dilshaad took a deep breath and said "asad mene uski aankho me humesha sab ke liye pyaar dekha he par tumhare liye beintehaan mohabbat se bhi badkar feel karti he wo. Me jaanti hu tumhare dil me wo apni alag jagah bana chuki he. Mohabbat karte hona tum usse?"

Asad's lips parted and he didn't knew wat to say. The truth dawned upon him that yes she sure has a special place in her heart. But is it love really?


"hello?" Lara spoke on the phone sleepily

"Lara zoya here!"

"zoya? Why u calling this late? Is everything alright?" lara asked rubbing off sleep from her eyes.

"lara we need to talk...it's a serious issue"

"zoya we can meet in the morning yeah?...if its that serious then phone calls aren't safe ..u know wat I mean? Wats it about?"

"yeah I know! Erm...its about Gary Wilson"

"gary Wilson?" lara's eyes opened up wide. "did he do anything. How did he reach you?"

Zoya asked frowning in confusion "how did you know he reached me?"

"I have information that he's outta confines and now he may try to hurt u.pls stay safe and beware of him zoya."

"hmm...i will and how about we meet tomorrow?"

"okay..i'll cancel the meetings at lunch.will that be fine?"

"yeah"zoya nodded. "can I bring mr. rickwood ?"

"sure then. See u at noon."

The call got disconnected and zoya walked to the balcony in order to free her mind with those warnings which Gary gave her.

She saw asad,dilshaad and nani baa hugging in the lawn outside.her own eyes welled up for a minute taking in the sight of a family which was going to be hers soon. She thanked her allah to give her this family and wished to keep them safe.

"my past shudn't affect these good people. Asad loves them and I'll make sure his loved ones don't face any bad" she resolved breathing in a fresh air.


"I knew it! Asad tum zoya ko humesha khush rakhna. God bless you beta!" nani baa broke the hug and said " bas ab jaldi se zoya ko bhi bata do ki tum bhi usse chahte ho."

"haan asad fir dekhna zoya kitni khilti he." Dilshaad smiled at him.

Asad can't believe wat he said! He really loved her! He was happy at heart knowing that. tumhe duniya ki har khushi doonga zoya' he thought and smiled to himself.

"pata he asad how guilty I was that I may be forcing u two in a marridge but now I know u two are made for each other." Dilshaad confessed.

Nani baa yawned and said "okay ab saari baatien aaj hi karni he kya? 3 baj rahe he. Jakar so jao coz tomorrow's big day"


The morning sunrays hit zoya's half open eyes and she fetched her remote to close the curtains.sitting up in her bed she stretched her arms with a morning smile on her face . a blush made her cheeks pink as she recalled her and asad's first hug yesterday.

"allah miya! Every morning ye sudden excitement kyu rehti he?"

Li'll did she knew that it was coz of meeting asad.

On the other hand asad too came out of the shower and picked a light blue shirt.his eyes rested on his coat he wore yesterday. On taking a wiff his lips curve up.it still had zoya's sent from there hug.

"aaj tumhe aisi saugat doonga zoya jise tum zindagi bhar yaad rakhogi."


Zoya came out of her room dressed in a pink sleeveless  top and black pants rolled up to her knees.

"good morning mona darling!"

Zoya smiled at ayaan and wished him back "good morning rabbert!" her eyes roamed in the hall which was fully decorated for the function.but she was least interested in that...all  she searched for was asad. And there he sat beside the sofa while nani ba sat behind him massaging his hairs with oil.he wasn't aware that zoya was watching him and he talked with nani baa.she pecked his temple and he chuckled.zoya cudn't hear wat they were talking but the sight was really cute to watch.one thing was clear to her that asad and nani baa shared a very lovely bond and asad can't tolerate anything happening to her. She smiled to herself taking in the sight of her mr. khan getting a hair massage and he looked cute with those dents.

"jaha teri ye nazar he...meri jaan mujhe khabar he..." Nzma,humairah,nuzzhat and ayaan sang in unison attracting asad's attention.

Zoya soon realized wat happened and found asad smiling at her.she instantly looked down blushing slightly.

Nikhat giggled "hota he hota he guys! Don't tease her." She said side hugging zoya while zoya gave an embarrassing look.

Zoya stole glances at asad pretending to read a magazine while he openly stared at her showing his dimpled smile.

"badi bee...zara yaha to aana" razia's voice called nani baa while nani baa rolled her eyes

"why do she has to drag bi to beee...! Aa rahi hoo" nani baa moved while shireen and zoya chuckled and asad shook his head.

But now it was asad's turn to roll his eyes as the squirrel from the front door chirped "visitor to zoya! Welcum! Visitor to zoya!"

The gang giggled while zoya moved to check the door.after a while she came in with dozen cameras and called the gang.she noticed that asad wasn't there.

thank god jahapana chale gaye warna ye cameras to me kabhi fit nahi kar paati'

"bhabi! Cameras ka hum kya karenge?" humairah asked

"shooting! Aaj function hena to me chahti hu ki hum ye cameras fit karien." Zoya told them.

"haan mona but mai hoo na...mai karunga na video shoot to no need of these" ayaan asked confusingly

"rabbert tum catering manage kar lena! But pls haan ye cameras to automatic apna work kar sakte he.c'mon now akdu ahmed khan ke aane se pehle get started"

All chuckled and zoya gave directions to everyone where the cameras has to be set.

"are waah! Cameras and all haan? Lagta he someone's excited for tonight haan?" dilshaad asked amusingly.

"oho! Par itne saare kyu zoya ek se bhi to kaam chala sakte hena?" shireen asked coming from the kitchen behind dilshaad

"um...wo..khala alag alag angle se shoot hosake isiliye itne saare cameras hai..so ya just like that" zoya reasoned uncertainly while all bought her lie

The cameras were all set and zoya was setting the last one when asad came out of his room.

"oh freak! Zoya!! Bhaijaan aa gaye!" nzma whispered to zoya and she looked at him expecting that now he wud start his jahapanagiri!

Asad saw zoya standing on the stool and fiddling with the camera. He also noticed that the whole hall was fitted with numerous more.

He frowned and looked at zoya.

"mr. khan wo aaj ka function...usi ke liye shoot karna he..u know.."zoya fumbled with words while asad looked deep in her eyes for more.and it struck to him that she was scared...yes she was.

Tonight many guests will be arriving and it wud be hard to record who came and who departed.the cameras will record surely and if that stalker have other men in his gang then surely they wud pull out some stunt.they'll be in the recording and as a proof zoya wud have those for further problem.though he wasn't convinced that anyone wud try to sneak in their home with the instructions he gave to the security already . he smiled much to zoya's surprise and moved towards her.

With one hand still at camera she tried to keep herself in place when suddenly asad climbed to the stool.she was going to lost her balance due to very short space for standing on the stool surface.her eyes widened in the fear of falling when his arms caught her by means of her waist and her both hands rested on his shoulder with the camera in one hand.

"wha...tt are u tryna do mr. kh..an" she stuttered

"give the camera" he demanded and she quickly gave it to him.asad got busy in setting up the camera while zoya stood between him with a perplexed expression.she took in his scent and the sight of his hard chest just before her.she again blushed as she remembered how she d crushed herself to his hard chest and how his strong arms which were now working on the camera holded her.

She soon became aware of their surroundings and noticed the gang standing agape while dilshaad and nani baa shared a smile and razia and shireen stood amused

After fixing the camera asad still didn't broke his gaze and said in a low voice so that no one can hear except zoya.

"nobody will dare to break in here.don't worry!"

It was zoya's turn to stand open mouthed while she controlled her breathing at such proximity.

"u know?" she whispered at which he reassured her with a blink.

Zoya was feeling happy that at least someone was there who knew even though not fully but still asad knew the real reason behind this set up.

She was also surprised that instead of ranting about these many set-ups he understood her pov and didn't object once though she knew that she was acting silly for now the stalker was in jail.

Ayaan cleared his throat and zoya broke their staring session.asad tugged her hair strands behind her ears and she tried to move away but damn the mini stool! There was not enough space to move away and asad wasn't ready to free her

Waist.also his toxicating scent was driving her crazy. There was another smell which zoya took as an advantage to free herself.

"mr. khan..aap..wo"

" mai kya ms. Farooqi?"asad asked still under her spell

"aapke baal...unh.." how do I tell him?just go for it zoya otherwise u'll end up standing here for a lifetime' she closed her eyes and blurted out quickly

"mr. khan ur hairs are stinking from the massage oil"

Asad  for one minute stood there itself till she opened her eyes.everyone laughed out loud making asad realize.and as soon as he realized his foot slipped causing him to fall down while zoya stood at the stool still wide-eyed.

As asad fall down everyone laughed all the more and asad was embarrassed when ayaan helped him get up.

"r u okay asad? I saw u fallin'" eric walked in and asked asad.he found it weird that why all were laughing when he fell!

"yeah! Pretty gud" asad replied and analyzing the situation zoya giggled softly unable to hide it.

"eric when wud u learn to not walk in without ringing?" zoya glared at him still with an amusing smile.

Eric still looked in confusion "but wat u two were doing together on the stool?"

"dumbo eric! They were experiencing stool romance lol" nzma chuckled.

"really? But nzma the other day when you showed me that bollywood movie, the heroine falls and hero caught her right? Seems situation reversed this time. Asad falled and zoya even didn't prevent him from falling" eric gave his unresistable logic while all laughed.

Asad and zoya stared at each other and looked embarrassed.

".mai batata hu hona ye tha ki mona stool se girti aur asad tum use apni baahon mein uthate par tum to itne utawale nikle ki khud hi stool par chad gaye" ayaan laughed.

"enough guys! Stop teasing...sorry bhaijaan.." nikhat tried not to laugh but failed miserably.

Zoya came down and smiled.

"zoya dad's waiting outside" eric informed her

"oh! I shall meet him." Zoya took leave much to her relief now that it was hard to stand amidst the teasings.


"uncle!!" she moved to hug rickwood while he returned an affectionate hug to zoya.

"zoya! U okay yeah?"

Zoya pecked his cheeks and nodded "nice to see u"

Rickwood smiled and signaled his hand towards his maid stella.

"I brought her here for any assistance.now that there are guests coming so she can help u in chores."

"sure uncle. That's so nice of u. stella u can meet everyone inside" zoya smiled at her and she returned a smile and left while zoya and rickwood moved to the garden.

"zoya after wat u told me I gather that Gary is a dangerous as well as powerful man nd being him I know he wud try to get out of jail asap."

"yeah uncle and as far as I know he wud try hiring an attorney"

"we have to stop him zoya! U have an appointment with lara right?"

"yeah lets go meet her.she wud BE of help."

"okay let me say hey to ur family then we shud leave"

Zoya smiled "my family? Yes they are and you too"

uncle winked at her " I know" and they headed inside.

okay!! I hope u all enjoyed reading this part. I gave a lot of thought and the next one is going to be special. So wait up till then and drop ur comments here pls Big smile

don't forget to hit like

see u soon Embarrassed












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Hey again am firstDancing  n the update is awesome awww asya r so cuteEmbarrassed   n finally asd realise his feelings yaaaHeart  eric is really dumbo n zoya ko bachane ki wajai asad kuhd hi gir gaya ROFL   continue soonBig smile

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Congratulations for becoming a GLODIEHugParty

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Heyyy...it was a good update...Smile
And congrats on turning into a Goldie Clap

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I loves the update 
Lol stool wala romance 
I am so happy Asad is now being lover boy of Zoya 
So much happy 
Waiting for confession ! 
I love the bind between rickwood and Zoya 
Congrats for being goldie dear !

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Congrats on becoming Goldie
And loved the update
Asad accepted that he loves zoya
They understand each other
Update soon

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Hey sue
Very nice
Asad prapose her very soon
But who is man disturbing zoya
Thanks for pm
Congo for become goldie

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Aha so romance filling upEmbarrassed
neatly penned updtStar
My sincere prayers with Geeta hope she gets well soonSmile

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