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#2 Asya ff unique love part 18-23 *thread links in the index* @ pg 1 (Page 12)

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hello my lovely readers!!!Smile

thanku so much for all those wishes.enjoyed reading them.

before reading i want u to patient pls haan! instead of forcing me to reveal the past again nd again enjoy these updates.i am growing this story now and if i write the revealation in pressure it'll affect whole story so pls cooperateConfused
 i don't want to be under pressure and write.i assure you that a big thing is gonna come so pls bear with me and support me.

don't be sad or disappointed coz reading ur those comments i also begin feeling lowOuch

m trying my best to make it better.hope you all enjoy this *fingers crossed*

credit- Niya_789


Things moved smoothly in the lives of asya.but is it the silence before a big storm?

Asya's two days passed very hardly.they were working like a bug.waking up at six and starting out their work at 8 and then coming home late at night and finally going to sleep tiresomely. They were two professionals caught in a hectic schedule not caring enough about breakfast,lunch or dinner either.

After their 48 hours of hardwork they were finally relieved at the arrival of uncle rickwood.when he was there neither of them have to worry about the work.

Dilshaad have given them full warning that they'll not even step in office till their nikaah and even not after one week past that.they'd also agreed reluctantly.

It was Wednesday, when the gang decided to shop around for the wedding.eric met them in the mall itself and they spent the afternoon there.

Zoya and nzma were talking and discussing about the designer lehenga to be ordered frm India while ascending the lift.the whole gang was waiting for them at the caf.

Zoya's eyes caught a glimpse of a something gold in a man's hand.she wondered why it looked familiar to her?

Then it struck her that it was the same one she found it in front of her house.her eyes got wider as she took a closer look at the wristband.her fears came true becoz it was broken indeed and the same snake was inscribed on it.

ya allah! It's the same one jiska half part mere pas he.' She bit her nails nervously to find a way outta there.now she was pretty sure that the man was same who was following her and she wasn't safe.she even cudn't risk a glance at the man's face to see who's that creep! oh shoot! Nzma! I'll have to get her out of here soon'

There were people in the lift so she was confident that the man wud not pull any stunt now.the people started descending the lift on the 5th floor.zoya took nzma out along with her to the crowd of people.

"zoya hume to 2nd floor jana tha na?sab wahi wait kar rahe honge" nzma protested

Zoya took in a deep breath "nzma listen to me.mujhe lagta he hume yaha se chalna chaiye."

"kyu? Zoya hum pehle sab ke saath to ho le fir.." nzma asked confusedly

"nzma try n understand.tum saamne wali lift se jao aur sabko ghar lekar jao.jaldi haan!"

"are par aap?..."

"Nzma I said go! Mai thodi der me ghar par milti hu um..vo mujhe kuch kaam he.tum jao na pls." zoya insisted

"okay but r u sure u'll be fine?" nzma asked again not convinced at why zoya behaved weirdly all of a sudden.

"yes I have my car.just go !" zoya said checking their surroundings and headed towards the ladies washroom making sure the man followed her and not nzma.once inside she quickly checked her pockets. oh no! I've left my phone with nzma. How stupid of me!'

She saw a lady coming and asked her if she can use her cell for a minute.the lady was kind and allowed her to use her phone.she quickly placed a call to 911.


At the caf nzma said that they shud leave now that they're done with the shopping.all headed towards the parking lot when asad asked nzma

"where's ms. Farooqi?"

"bhaijaan I think aapko unke liye rukna chaiye.unhe achanak kuch kaam yaad aa gaya aur fir ek dum se ve ghabra bhi gayi aur unhone mujhse kaha ki me sab ko lekar yaha se niklu.she really acted differently and instead of coming to this floor she dropped me at the 5th floor aur fir wo chali gayi."nzma narrated the last moments with zoya

"what?nd u let her go?tumne unse poocha ni unhe kya kaam he?" asad frowned

"bhaijaan aap please unke saath aaiyega wo pata ni shayad bohat worried thi.unhone mauka hi ni diya mujhe poochne ka." Nzma clarified

"its ok. Me dekhta hu"

"c'mon yaar asad nzma chale?" ayaan called

"nzma just don't say anything to ammi or anyone.i'll see"asad said to nzma and she nodded.

"kya hua nzma tum akele ?asad bhaijaan aur zoya kaha reh gaye.?"nuzhat asked

"c'mon guys give them some alone time.wo zoya ki car me aa jayenge."nzma grinned at them.

"oooh" everyone  hooted



Outside the washroom the man dressed in a black coat and hat waited for his prey to come but he kept waiting for an hour  and zoya never came out.the man being frustrated entered the washroom but there were no ladies.one of the loo was occupied and he smirked.

zoya farooqi ur one cunning women!' he thought.

He banged the door loudly after locking the main door to washroom.zoya sat inside her heart running 85 miles per second if that was possible.she saw his shoes and was pretty sure that she was alone here and now this stalker will probably kill her!she again shut her eyes tightly to that banging on the door.

"zoya baby! C'mon open the door.why u shying away?look I've come to complete wat I've left 5 years back." He smirked and zoya made a disgusted face at his tone of speaking.she was in a li'll shock herself.she recognized that voice of a devil and shuddered.

oh my god! how did he got out of jail so early?allah miya! Help me' she prayed silently as a lone tear made its way down her cheeks.

This time the man spoke harshly "look u open the door I say! U know it'll not take more than a hour and I'll be done with u."

 anger began to crept in zoya and she hoped that the cops reach there soon.


Asad searched the whole 5th floor and several others too.

nzma ne to 5th floor hi kaha tha!now ye irresponsible ladki he kaha?" he rubbed his temple in frustration cursing zoya for being so careless and carefree.his cell rang and he picked it up

"hello asad.beta zoya ka phone nzma ke paas reh gaya tha.zoya tumhare saath he na to meri baat karwao usse." Dilshaad spoke on the other end.

"umh..ammi vo washroom me he...me vo..kuch important tha kya?" he tried to lie.

"nahi bas ese hi use batana tha ki uski rinki aunty ka phone aaya tha aur wo pooch rahi thi ki zoya ne order ni diya.to bas thoda poochna tha.its okay tum ghar aa jao to hum order ki list bana le."

"Theek he ammi me rakhta hu.hum sham tak pohach jayenge."

"okay allah hafiz"

He breathed a sigh of relief now that he don't have to lie to his ammi.but it struck to him that he didn't checked the washroom.he rushed towards it.as he reached there he saw many ladies outside but he wondered why they weren't going inside.

"excuse me.can u check if there's some zoya farooqi inside?" he asked one lady.

"I don't know mr. but there's someone inside surely.the door's not opening" she replied at which asad scrunched his eyebrows.

musibat magnet he ms.  Farooqi! M sure its her inside' he thought.he saw some cops rushing towards them and they instantly break through the door.

The man was about to break the door behind which zoya sat scrunched remembering her horrible past.but soon his hands got handcuffed and he was in a tight hold of officers.

The man shouted "I'll make you pay for it ms. Zoya farooqi.u just mark my words" at his dangerous voice zoya let out a sob and shuddered.

they moved out of the washroom.

The ladies gasped at sight of a man coming from a ladies washroom.

"he's  the stalker who was disturbing the lady" the officer informed his senior and they left along with the criminal.

Asad irked at the word stalker'. That means his intuition was right and someone was after zoya indeed. but where Is she?'

He again insisted the lady "excuse me now can u pls look for her inside?"

Looking at his worried face the lady smiled at him "sure may I know who's she to you?"

"umh..my fianc .just let her know that  m waiting for her outside."

She smiled and got in the ladies room where she heard gentle sobs.she knocked at her door.

"excuse me ms. Are u okay?"

Zoya wiped her tears and pushed open the door.at the sight of zoya's red puffy eyes she exclaimed

"oh my god! Have u been crying dear? Did that criminal hurt u?"

Zoya nodded her head in a no. "no m fine. Thanks for ur concern" she smiled at the lady weakly.

The lady smiled back and informed her "actually I was asked by ur fianc to check on you.he's waiting for u outside."

Zoya looked at her surprised and thought mr. khan's still here?for me?'

"dear u shud go to him coz he looks really worried for u.m sure he loves u loads.best of luck for ur future." With that the lady left and zoya was left pondering abt wat she said.

"love? Does he love me?" zoya questioned herself and quickly washed her face and put some make-up to hide her tear-stained face.

Outside asad was literally going mad at the amount of time zoya took to come out.does that creep hurt her?how was she?why she's taking so much time?is she crying?shud I go inside and check muself? He was full of these questions when zoya stepped out.

"ms. Farooqi..aap itni late..."but he cudn't complete his sentence staring at her painful eyes.no matter how much she hides but her eyes always speaks for her.

"I want to get out of here mr. khan" she mumbled gazing at the ground.


Nzma sighed in relief as she received the information that zoya was with asad and they'll soon come home as asad is taking zoya to dinner.

 uncle rickwood was invited at zestate. All got along with him so well.razia and shireen were really hilarious at their poor English.eric helped nani ba at English convo and rickwood loved the khans.he was content and happy that finally his zoya got a wonderful family.


Zoya sat folding her legs on her knees staring into nothingness.asad was new to this behavior of zoya.she was always the happy one and enthusiastic and excited and wat not! But at the drive frm mall to the south beach she didn't speak much.the chatterbox was silent and it was hard for asad to digest the fact.watever the feeling was, he just knew that he was missing the old zoya.

"zoya talk to me please. Did he do something?" he asked her softly.

Zoya was having no expression but her insides were burning.she was feeling suffocated.she even didn't knew how to feel.how shud one feel when her past is suddenly in front of her and is dangerously shooting warnings? she shut her eyes and there was only one face that she saw.it was that bloody man aiming glares and death warnings at her.she was literally scared.at asad's question her heartbeats raced and she was just overwhelmed at the utmost care with which he asked her.

Asad noticed the change in her at her heaving chest and closed eyes.he kept a comorting hand on her shoulder. "zoya please tell me wat did he do nd I swear I'll kill him for messing with my girl.." he said with his nostrils already flaring imagining the worst.

Zoya let her tears flow and hugged him tightly.now she knew that asad had feelings for her and at his this threatening statement she felt the love and she felt like she really belonged to him and she can only be safe in his arms.she cried on his chest hearing to his raced heartbeat at her act.

Asad was taken off guard at the sudden breakdown of zoya.her warm tears stained his blue shirt but that wasn't wat he cared for.he sensed her insecurity and placed his arms around her taking her in a very comforting hug.


Oh ho...ishq pe zor nahi...


"I was so scared asad.i didn't...didn't know where to go"she said in between her sobs.

Asad shut his eyes and caressed her hairs smoothingly.

"its alright. Now ur safe...with me" he added the last two words to let her know that nobody can harm her and that she was his.he was also awestruck that zoya called him by his first name for the first time.it sounded so good to his ears, so familiar like he's known that voice calling him somewhere...but where?

Ishq pe zorrr nahi...

Oh ho ho ho woo ho ...

Oh  mitwaa...

Ishq pe zor nahi...

Zoya was done with crying and she tried to back off but asad was still holding her tight.then he realized wat he was doing and let his arms drop from her soft and fragile body.she was flushed a li'll.

"will  u tell me who was he?" he asked looking ahead in the sea.

"i...I don't know..." zoya wasn't ready yet to reveal her past to asad.but she had to tell him something.she don't want to lie

"mr. khan from last one and a half month I was feeling like someone was stalking me.." she admitted

"I knew it zoya.that day I had asked you about that SUV logo.why did you lie?" asad reminded her

Zoya looked ahead sheepishly and mumbled "sorry mr. khan but I really didn't want any of u to be worried about me."

"why? R u not family?" he burned her in his intense gaze.

Zoya looked down trying hard  not to let her blush reach her cheeks which was now beginning to form at the back of her throat.she was touched that for the first time asad was letting out his care for her.

"ms farooqi wo waha kese pohcha?"

"I don't know mr. khan.i saw the gold bracelet in his hand which I found in the driveway.i thought he may try to hurt me that's why i sent nzma and others to home .but..."

"but..? asad asked

"but...you stayed." She completed her sentence gazing at his dark eyes

"i...umh how cud I not.ms. farooqi instead of asking my help aapne soch bhi kese liya ki hume ghar bhej aap akele us creep se ladengi?did he do any wrong to you? He asked worry written all over his face and anger in his eyes.

At first she was touched that asad did cared or else he wudn't be raged like this if someone tried hurting her.That anger worked like a conductor and zoya boiled up with anger too. "no he didn't dare to touch me! I hate him! How dare he stalk me.use pata ni he usne kisse panga liya he.tab me maanti hu ki me kamzor thi par ab m strong hu aur aapko pata he ki zoya farooqi agar..."

"khud ko bhi salute marti he to behosh ho jaati he.i know!" he completed her dialogue rolling his eyes in disbelief.but inside he was happy to get back his always irritating zoya.in all this he failed to notice the words of zoya where she told him that then she was weak.and just like that zoya's past remained untouched by him.

Zoya frowned and the worry returned. "mr. khan what if he tried again...I ..i mean he gave me dangerous warnings too."

Asad slid his hand on hers which was caressing the cold sand as the dark shut the sun below the sea.

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze "don't worry. He'll not dare when he's behind the bars.and even if he did he has to face me before reaching you" asad told her with a promising tone which became determined at the last.


Zoya was stunned that who is this man.the AAK who is surely a proud owner of that well built body can but ofcourse fight really cool! But the jahapana six packs never made her feel comfortable and secure before.now in that moment she felt that asad wud always be there for her.today she felt her importance that she was someone in his life.the care he beholds electrified to her through their joint hands.the heated current was mutual on both sides despite of the cool sand.and then the unexpected thing happens!zoya stared at his beautiful dents.

omg!!is he smiling?i wanna touch those dimpled cheeks" zoya was lost in him smiling dreamily.it was then that asad realized it was dark and they shud leave.

"chale? Its late" he reminded her

"ya allah! Its very late!" she exclaimed dramatically

They headed towards the car and zoya said worriedly "phupi pata ni kya soch rahi hongi.unhe pata to ni hena mr. khan?"

"no ms. Farooqi and don't worry mene unhe inform kar diya he ki we'll be late" he told her while moving to driver's side.

"late? Par kyu? Hum ghar ni jaa rahe?" she asked knitting her eyebrows in confusion.

"I'm taking my fianc to dine with me"he spoke from his side and winked getting into the car.zoya was left open mouthed in air.she blinked twice and thrice to make sure this was real.The asad ahmed khan was taking her on a dinner date?is he not in his right mind?the honk of her Mercedes brought her back to earth and she quickly got in.

No bookings were done so they were in a middle of couples and families eating together.zoya sat admiring the twins in front of them and he rolled his eyes at her.

"ms. Farooqi ye aap kya kar rahi he?bichare bacche bhi dar jayenge aapi aankho se" he teased her

"haw!!! Mr. khan isn't that rude? Aur ye bhi ka kya matlab he haan? Aapko dar lagta he meri aankho se?

"I didn't say that" he muttered handling his forks and knife.

"u meant that mr. khan.okay then lets see.aap aur me ek game khelte he.hum dono ek doosre ki aankho me aankhe dal dinner karenge and agar kisika bhi eek bite neeche gira then the one looses." She said excitedly

"what rubbish ms. Farooqi! Chup chap khana khaiye."

"how boring mr. khan.aapko hi shauk chada tha na apni fianc ko dinner pe lane ka to now she's saying that and aapko maan na padega." She huffed at him

He smiled inwardly but pretended to be sad "haan bohat badi galti ki mene"

"please mr. khan otherwise I won't eat!" she threatened and made her puppy face pleading him to give in and at last asad had to give in.

"okay.wese bhi jeetunga to me hi." He boasted.

"in ur dreams mr. khan.we start in 3 ..2..1.." they stared at each other directly in the eye and started eating.

"I don't dream about winning ms farooqi coz simply my dreams are much more than that.u wanna know?" he asked her huskily

She got his idea of distracting her and therefore ignored his question and said "just eat mr. khan"

Silence prevailed between them as they were lost in each other's eyes admist the surrounding families.they were in their own world and their eyes conversed on their own accord.


Ishq pe zor nahi...

zoya was burning under his intense gaze and she did the mistake to run her mind wild.she gulped when he relished on the dessert having done with his dinner.asad noticed that and smiled seductively and licked his thumb as if there was something on it. Zoya dropped her dessert bite on her jeans and asad chukled at her.

Zoya looked at him agape and came out of her lala land finally realizing that she lost.

"that's cheating mr. khan!" she complained.

Asad smirked and asked innocently "wat did I do?"

 "you...u vo actually you  just ..." it was so embarrassing  and hard for her to concentrate  when he wore that sexy smirk.

How cud she let him know that she was set on by his act.she turned crimson and quickly excused herself to wash the stain on her jeans.

Asad sat pursing his lips trying hard not to laugh out loud.oh how he loved teasing her.and it was a delight to him when her silly games backfires on her.he saw her coming out and stood placing the amount on the table with the bill.

so finally it was my third date with ms. Allah miya! Wats wrong with you.but sadly I don't know wats going on inside me.' He thought sighing at last

All of these weeks he misbehaved with her and she cried.he felt guilty for that and thought she isn't that bad.somtimes she is mature and professional woman and other times she is a cute child who needs love and care.'he remembered the antics of zoya and chuckled now that he looked at them with another angle.

He just knew that zoya deserves happiness and that he felt content to see her in joy.He wasn't sure if he loves her or not but whatever was the feeling he was enjoying it and resolved to go with the flow wherever it takes them.

hit likes and comment nowEmbarrassed

the day ended but but but...somethings more in store

stay tuned plsBig smile


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Hey sue iss baar am first n d update is awesome glad cops come in time n arrested him n asad is so worry for her aww love asya scene's n their game it was cute yaar n asad is realizing his feelings i thing good for him n no worries yaar u can write zoya's past whenever u want we can wait continue soon Big smile

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Awesome update
continue soon
waiting for zoyas past to be revealedSmile

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Hey amazing update
Actually I have been a silent reader to your story but this awesome part made me type this comment
I just love your story "In Love With It" Day Dreaming
Loved AsYa's Date and that sweet game lovely 
Loving this side of asad a lot
Good the cheepo guy is behind the bars 
I loved AsYa's Cute and Emotional convo in the car
Reveal Zoya's past soon 
Loved your whole update
Thanx for the pm 
And do pm me next time you update

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Originally posted by muskaan17rocks

Awesome update
continue soon
waiting for zoyas past to be revealedSmile

thanku so much dearTongue
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Hey Sue...


Continue soon..

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Originally posted by Aashiisayyed

Hey amazing update
Actually I have been a silent reader to your story but this awesome part made me type this comment
I just love your story "In Love With It" Day Dreaming
Loved AsYa's Date and that sweet game lovely 
Loving this side of asad a lot
Good the cheepo guy is behind the bars 
I loved AsYa's Cute and Emotional convo in the car
Reveal Zoya's past soon 
Loved your whole update
Thanx for the pm 
And do pm me next time you update

its always feels good to hear from new readersSmile
thanks for ur lovely commentEmbarrassed
erm...that convo wasn't in a car!
it was on south beach...i think ur mistakenShocked
that's okSmile
will pm you for sure...till then y don't u read my another ss...i'll pm you nowSmile
btw wats ur name
suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by MayurChan

Hey Sue...


Continue soon..

hey mayurSmile
thanks a lot buddy

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