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ArHi SS Restricted Love. Part 6 on page 15. (Page 13)

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Originally posted by jyothirockz

Hmm... Its getting sooo much interesting ... But with age gaps and Arnav being Anju's friend, their way doesn't look straight and easy... But both of them are equally attracted towards each other... hope they could continue being in touch even aftr the wedding.

I'm glad you're liking it so far.

SaRun. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by cue1

Omg such a good story! Please pm me!!

Thank you! I will for sure :)
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Nice StoryBig smile

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Originally posted by .MissStubborn.

Nice StoryBig smile

Thank you :D
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Part 6.


Simplicity is the best sophistication'  Khushi did full justice to this phrase! Dressed in a simple yellow salwar, minimal jewellery, her hair in a loose braid while a few strands neatly caressed her face she looked simply beautiful completely in set with the theme. Everything was yellow, white and silver keeping in mind it was a haldi function.  Arnav watched her giggle as she smeared a little more haldi on Payal's face. A smile formed on his own face.


"Chote.." Anjali called out to him and the minute he turned his face towards her Anjali with her haldi filled hand flicked his nose lovingly! "Anju noo." He whined like a little kid and went off to wash it away.

"Khushi beta could you the thaal of sweets from down?" Arti lovingly asked her niece.

"Sure bua i'll get it right away." Saying that hopped away happily only to see an Arnav who looked like was going too in a hurry muttering something under his breath. Arnav stopped and looked at Khushi who was looking back at him. Guessing the reason of his irritation would be the haldi that cutely sat on his nose she giggled at how he looked like a little child trying to wipe it away.

"Wait." She stepped a little closer to him and with her thumb gently wiped the haldi off his nose. Arnav stood still and watched her. The soft feel of her thumb was hard to ignore but the hardest thing was that he liked it!

He watched her as she slowly realised their state. Her eyes grew a little wide and she quickly stepped back looking around if anyone had witnessed this. What the hell is up with you Khushi? If only she could undo her action. "Thanks." Arnav finally said to kill the awkward silence that hung in the air. As usual she threw a small smile at him and left.



The night sky was lit up with a thousand shining stars that watched over the young blood of the Patel house as they had a merry time chatting away. Khushi served freshed made badam milk to everyone around. As Arnav proceeded to take his glass his hand lightly brushed that of Khushi's making them look at each other as they both felt the sparks of their electric touch. While Khushi acted as if nothing had happened Arnav barely smirked.


"So ready for the performances tomorrow guys?" Akash enquired. "Yes!" Lavanya said in excitement "I can't wait for the sangeet tomorrow."

"Im scared! What if they're better than us?" Shruti asked all nervous.


"So what?" Anita quipped in "We're here to enjoy its not some war! Chill ok?" She said squeezing her hand in assurance.

"Aur waise bhi we have Khushi on our side, we have absolutely nothing to worry about." Anjali joined in.

"Guys, whatever happens just remember to enjoy!" Khushi chirped in happily.

"Arnav aren't you performing?" Payal questioned curious.

Khushi mentally thanked her sister for finally asking what she was dying to know.

"Uhmm.. no actually I din't really get the time to prepare anything. I was out of station and then directly your wedding." Arnav finally said.

"Arey, so our hero only won't be performing!" Payal said feigning a sad face.

Arnav blushed slightly at the comment..he was always referred to as the hero among them!


Khushi din't know whether to feel sad or no? She had really expected him to perform with that they called it a day as there was alot of preparation to be done for the next day.



Slipping in the silver bangles up her wrist Khushi adjusted her dupatta one last time and with a final lookat herself in the mirror she left for the hotel where the sangeet was held.



Arnav and Akash had arrived early at the hotel to see if all the arrangements were in place. The sangeet function was a jointly organised affair by both the familiesof the bride and groom.


Arnav heard the tinkling of laughter from somewhere behind him and turned to the source of it, he froze! For there was Khushi Patel in all her glory entering the hall look breathtakingly stunning in her white, yellow and pink lehenga. Her bangles chimed in as she moved her hand to push back her hair. Her milky white waist which peaked in through the folds of her dupatta  his throat go dry. The young Khushi he had met two years back had now grown into a beautiful woman.

Still in trance Arnav din't realise that Khushi along with her girl gang had already walked ahead.



After the families and important guests had arrived it was finally time for the sangeet to begin.

Aman's best friends Arjun and Neeti who were also a couple inaugurated the sangeet followed by Lavanya and Rahul's performance on Punjabi wedding song. Both the performances had gone well and the audience seemed to be thouroughly enjoying.

Alia and Ayesha, Aman's cousins from Delhi came onto the stage and got everyone dancing along with them on Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve. Khushi din't like them one bit. They were those stupid bimbos who only thought about hair and make-up and loved bitching about others.


Arnav came and stood next to Khushi wondering why she was frowning at the girls that were performing. Khushi looked at Arnav who was dressed in a silver and white kurta-pyjama looking dapper as ever! She felt her heart race when he looked at her and gave that usual smile of his. "When are you performing?" He asked. "Last." She replied delightedly.

Khushi clapped and cheered as she saw Shruti, Radhika and Anita bhabhi take their places on stage. Arnav heard Akash whistle from front. The three ladies gave a mindblowing performance taking the dance level to a notch higher. "I wonder why Shruti was simply getting nervous she was so good and Anita bhabhi hats off to her ya for dancing in a saree." Khushi said happily. "Saree.?" Arnav questioned. "You know how difficult it is to manage a saree? Let alone dance in it." Khushi stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I don't know how will i manage to walk in a saree for the wedding. I told ma and jiji that i don't want to wear a saree but no who listens to me? What if i trip and fall?" Khushi blabbered non- stop and Arnav couldn't help but smile at her childishness and he suddenly felt like it was the old Khushi that stood next to him. "You'll be fine. Don't worry." He assured her as she finally realised she had been ranting on her saree topic with him out of all the people.

Just as Aman jiju's nephew was done performing Khushi quickly excused herself and left for her performance.



The lights slowly dimmed as everyone waited for the last performance. The beats of Nagada sang dhol began to which Khushi began her performance. In complete sync  with the song she danced like a dream. Her movements so graceful that made everyone want to get up and join her. Khushi clearly was the best dancer in the house and it could be seen as the Patel family watched in pride. By the end of it everyone was awestruck and a huge roar of applause could be heard. 

Arnav was well aware of Khushi's dancing skills as he had seen her in Anju's wedding but today she had definitely set the stage on fire!



After  a little touch up Khushi made her way back to the hall. Dinner had begun and by the looks of it everyone was having a feast.

She made her wy to the drinks counter and ordered a soft drink.

"Hey beautiful."

Surprised she turned around to see a handsome man in his early twenties. Confusion marred her beautiful face as she tried to guess who he was. "Let me introduce myself, Im Karan Malhotra Aman's cousin from U.S." He put his hand forward. "Oh yes ive heard about you." Khushi shook his hand and smiled warmly. "I'm." "Khushi Patel." Ofcourse i know you the bride's sister.


Arnav looked at Khushi and Karan shaking hands and an uneasiness he had never felt before filled his body. Ofcourse he knew what Karan trying to do but why did he have a problem? He tried shaking off those thoughts but when he looked at them laughing and chatting it was like they were long lost friends. By the looks of it she was her normal self with that guy but when it came to him he din't what happened to her.



"Arnav." He heard someone call out to him in the sweetest voice possible.

"I'm Ayesha." The girl introduced herself. Ayesha had set her eyes on Arnav the minute she had stepped into the hall. It wasn't hard for Arnav was clearly the best looking guy around. She had found out all the information possible on him and decided to try her luck.

Arnav looked at Ayesha and thought it was a good way to keep Khushi's thoughts away.


Khushi spotted Arnav and Ayesha together. She felt heart become heavy as she saw them happily chatting away. That good for nothing bimbo had laid her eyes on her Arnav!


The host of the evening then announced for love songs to be played as the he convinced the bride and groom to grace the dance floor. Slowly many couples began swaying to the romantic numbers.

Khushi saw Ayesha drag Arnav to dance floor and turned away she couldn't bear to see further.

Ayesha was glad that Arnav wasn't resisting while Arnav was some what satisfied that he got a distraction but that was shortlived as he saw Khushi dancing in Karan's arms and that made him angry, very angry! He couldn't understand the exact reason of his anger but well yes if he could shoot that Karan guy right away he would feel better, much better!





Khushi couldn't refuse Karan's sweet offer to dance and had hence accepted it. She needed to distract herself from the Arnav-Ayesha duo!


Just then the song changed and the host declared a change of partners Khushi twirled to the next person who happened to be her jiju Aman! The jiju-saali duo danced had danced for only a minute now when the host again announced a change of partners. Aman twirled Khushi and left her hand which was immediately caught by a certain caramel eyed person. Khushi landed in Arnav's arms as he caught her by the waist and slipped his fingers into her milky ones. Their hands fit perfectly as if they were made to be together. His touch on her waist created havoc in her body. She looked at the man in front of him, she had always dreamt of being in his arms dancing away to the beats of their heart. Now that she was really in his arms she did not whether she should be happy or sad about it! She was waiting for the host to announce a change of partners again, she couldn't bear this!

Arnav felt the soft skin of her waist on his palm which was driving him crazy. He din't know why but this felt right. Having Khushi in his arms felt perfect! He pulled her closer to him breathing in her scent it made his mind go hazy with her desire something was different he noted. "What has happened Khushi? You were different before." He finally voiced the question that was irking him for quite some time now. Khushi's eyes grew wide as she understood just what he was asking.

How was she to tell him that she had fallen for him? How was she to explain what all she had gone through being in love with him? How was she supposed to tell him that Anjali bua had told the girls to keep a safe distance from Arnav when she had seen them getting along well! Khushi had gotten angry at first but then she knew her Anjali bua was not wrong. With so many girls in the house and Arnav who were all young and knowing very well his history with girls Anjali was being protective and she din't want anyone to be hurt in the end as Arnav and the girls were so close to her.

"Its been two years Arnav, people change!" Khushi replied trying to be as normal as she could.

Not at all satisfied by her answer he just smiled back dryly.


Khushi's breath hitched as she heard the next song.


Muskuraane ki wajah tum ho...

Gungunaane ki wajah tum ho...


Arnav knew exactly why Khushi had stiffened in his arms hearing the song. They both knew what the other was thinking.



Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na..

O re piya re...!



Not being able to take it anymore she left the comfort of his arms and left in between of their favourite song!


Khushi rushed making her way to the washroom, she stopped in her tracks at the door of the washroom as she heard two familiar voices take her and Arnav's name.


"I don't really know, there could be something going on between them. Haven't you seen how he always looks at only her. Infact they're dancing together now i just saw and you know what they do look good together!" Alia stated as a matter of fact.

"Oh shut up." Ayesha snapped at her "Let me just try my luck! And by the way Arnav is in a way Khushi's bua brother so that definitely changes their relationship."


Khushi  felt her heart clench with pain. She knew this din't she? Why did it hurt so much from hearing it from someone else's mouth? This day couldn't get any worse she thought and blinked back the tears that threatened to spill out.

Let me know how you find it :)


Khushi's haldi outfit

Khushi's sangeet lehenga

For Arnav's sangeet look just imagine Ranbir Kapoor from Dilliwali girlfriend :P

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   so attraction is getting to its peak and the outfits were awesome

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The last part was interesting Embarrassed

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 Loved the last para most!<3 superb update  dear & the outfits are beautiful! 

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