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ArHi SS Restricted Love. Part 6 on page 15. (Page 11)

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Originally posted by raniluvsasr

Hey thanks for the pm. Loved the update. Wonderful. Awesome. So Khushi avoids Arnav like a plague. Excellent. Aman is confused. They both were relieved when they came to know Lara and Aman were nt their partners. Awesome update soon

Haha~ :D Glad you enjoyed.!

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Part 5.


Khushi din't know what she felt for Arnav right now. No she wasn't lying to herself but she honestly din't know. After returning to Goa from Anjali bua's wedding she had found it extremely difficult to think of anything else but him. She had spent days dreaming of him and wondering how it would be if they really did get a chance to be together. She would get upset everytime she got to know about how they would all hang out while she was left alone here to sulk. How she wished she lived in Mumbai! Maybe things would have been better? 


Anjali bua's wedding held the best memories for her! She often found herself going back to the moments spent with him but then with the news of Anjali bua's divorce everything had been destroyed. The entire family was shaken with the news. Khushi had been shattered for her bua and for herself. She remembered her mother's words "Assume that the wedding was a bad dream and forget it! We have to move ahead." Khushi had helplessly cried that night. Anjali bua's wedding was anything but a bad dream. It was the best thing that had happened to her and she was supposed to forget it, like it never happened at all! She had wanted to yell and scream, she wanted answers but who would give? Memories were all she had but going back to them was forbidden!


She had to move ahead and she did. She carefully locked all those memories in some unknown corner of her heart. She busied herself with college work! Fortunately for her in the next two visits of theirs to Mumbai she din't meet him. He was out of station both the times. Yes she was a tad bit hurt she hadn't forgotten him for that was impossible but yes she kept in some far corner of her mind which she wouldn't visit frequently. She had learnt to live that way and then this wedding happened which had brought him back into her life!

She was brought back into reality with a loud clang of vessels. Turning around she saw the caterers setting up their things for the preparation of food. The terrace was going to be their hub for the next two days. With alot of guests coming they had rented three flats for them to stay in and luckily they had managed to get all three in their building itself. Anjali bua along with the maid was setting up the houses for the guests while her Ma and Arti bua were getting things ready for the pooja to be held in the evening. Payal was getting her mehendi done, Akash uncle was seeing to it that the cars were leaving to pick up their guests and Arnav was down with the electrician for decorating their building with lights. They were all running here and there, up and down it looked as if they were participating in a race but then that is what happens when there is a wedding in the house.

She turned to see where the haldi decorations had reached and was disappointed to see that the workers had barely started. "Bhaiyya the haldi is tomorrow please buckle up." She said to one fellow. They were having the haldi on the terrace, bigger place, many people it was a better option. Half of the terrace was going to be for the haldi while the other half was reserved for the food set-up. Khushi had personally seen over all the arrangements since she wanted Payal to have the perfect wedding.!

Sheilding her face form the sun with her hand , this was how Arnav found Khushi standing right in between of the terrace watching over the work.


"Khushi.." He called out and began walking towards her.


She froze. Turning around she saw him walking towards her. Dressed in a jeans and t-shirt looking cool as ever he stopped and stood next to her and here she was dying of heat! Wiping the beads of sweat from her forehead she looked up at him.

Arnav smiled at her to which she responded with a small smile. He missed the Khushi which he met two years ago. This Khushi which stood in front of him now was a little aloof he had come to notice. Atleast around him she was her normal self with others.

"Anju has called you down." He said finally coming to the thing he had come here for.

"Ohh i'll go see." Giving him a small smile yet again she turned away to go.

"Khushi." He din't know why he had stopped her but he just din't want this to get over just as yet.

Khushi stood looking at him waiting..

"Uhmm..what time is the pooja in the evening?" He finally said. Wow you're amazing Raizada What-time-is-the-pooja? Seriously!! He mentally smacked his head.

Finding the question utterly wierd Khushi still answered back "Its at five."

He nodded.

"Anything else?" She din't know what made her ask that.

He shook his head in a no while she nodded and left.

What was wrong with him?! He mentally chided himself.


"LAVANYA!!!!!" Khushi squealed in joy seeing Lavanya sitting in their drawing room.

"KHUSHIII!!!" An equally excited Lavanya rushed to her and pulled her in a hug.

Introducing Lavanya Shah, daughter of Mahesh and Manorama Shah who were Garima's elder bhai and bhabhi and big sister to Rahul Shah. Tall and blessed with extremely good looks Lavanya was like the star of the house. You know one of those girls whom aunties would look at and say "arey isse toh actress banna chahiye."


Lavanya also lived in Mumbai but a little away from Khushi's house and hence Garima and Shashi had insisted that they come and stay till the wedding is done so that travelling woul,dn't be a problem.

Lavanya and Khushi were unbelievably close! The bond they shared was enviable. Always connected to each other through phone, they both were always aware of what was happening in each other's lives.

After all the hugs and kisses Khushi went to greet her mama and mami.. they were just like her  parents similarly Mahesh and Manorama considered and treated Khushi and Payal as their own daughters.

Khushi finally turned towards Rahul her 13 year old kid brother! Okay, 13 year old and kid doesn't go in the same line but to Khushi no matter however old Rahul would get he would always be her baby! Khushi was extremely fond of Rahul and loved to pamper him.

"Look at you. I am telling you this guy will become a hero in the future." Khushi exclaimed as she saw Rahul.

"Di you always say this." Rahul said laughing as he engulfed his favourite Di into a hug.


After they were done showering each other with love Khushi showed them their room and they moved in to settle their luggage.


"Anjali why not make some tea for everyone you all are constantly working since morning relax a bit." Shashi said as he finally sat.

"You're right bhaiya it will help freshen up a bit." Anajli said getting up but was made to dit again by Khushi. "Bua you sit while I prepare the tea." Khushi offered. "Yes and i'll help you with it." Lavanya chirped in happily. "My girls are become so  big." Anjali said emotionally. Khushi and Lavanya rolled their eyes at the ever sentimental Anjali.



"Lavanya you take this tray i'll get the other one." Khushi  said handing over one tray filled with tea cups to Lavanya. "Lavanya Akash and Arnav are on the terrace don't forget them." Shashi reminded as she was distributing the cups. "Oh yes i'll go give them." Lavanya made her way to to terrace.

"Papa where's Ma?" Oh she will be in one of the houses we rented check." "Okay." Khushi replied and went off to search for her Ma with the tray.


Akash was busy on the phone when Lavanya gave him his cup which he happily accepted. Lavanya turned to see Arnav, his back facing her. "Arnav." Lavanya called moving towards him and put the tray in front of him. Arnav looked at a smiling Lavanya offering him tea. He was just about to refuse when he heard Khushi. "Lavanya no ." Khushi hurried towards them. "Not that one it has sugar, Take this its sugar free." Khushi said holding out a cup for him.

Arnav was tongue tied she actually remembered he was diabetic! She had separately made sugar free tea for him. He couldn't explain what he felt, it was always his Ma and Anju who took special care of the fact that he was diabetic and yes they always made him sugar free stuff..recieving this same care and concern from someone else and that someone else was none other than Khushi! He was deeply touched.

"Oh ya I'm so sorry I absolutely forgot you're diabetic!" Lavanya said feeling extremely sorry.

"Its fine Lavanya." Arnav replied trying to make her feel better.

He then took the cup from Khushi's hand.

Lavanya moved further to give the workers some tea too.

"You remembered?" Arnav asked curious.

I remember every single thing about you! She wanted to say .. but she simply shrugged and smiled. She turned to leave "Khushi" Not again she thought and turned towards him. "Thank you." He said and gave her the most heart melting smile. It was worth making the tea she thought and smiled to herself as she walked down.




By afternoon all the guests had arrived and by now the Pooja also was over. Arnav glanced at his watch and decided to go home for sometime and check on his Ma.

"Arey Arnav beta where are you going.?" Garima asked as she saw him leave. "Aunty actually i thought of going home and checking on Ma." "Oh haan beta how is your mother now ?" "She is much better now yesterday she had a slight temperature." "Good that she is better now she has to come for the haldi tomorrow." "Sure aunty yeh bhi koi kehne ki baat hai." Garima fondly touched touched his head. "Did you take Prasad? Oh actually wait take some for your mother as well." Garima offered. " Shruti get a Prasad packed please." Garima called out. Shruti came in no time and handed him the Prasad. "Achcha beta now go and come back soon for dinner and give your mother  my regards." "Aunty i'll be back in no time don't worry." Arnav said as he left.



Wiping her hands Khushi finally sat for her mehendi. Khushi was the only one remaining she had successfully managed to get everyone's completed adjusting with the timings and everything. She had kept herself last as she was getting a semi bridal design done since she was the bride's sister which would take time. Her Ma, Papa, Grandparents, Anjali and Arti bua were all busy entertaining the guests while she quietly sat in her room. Shruti and Lavanya were out Anita bhabhi and Akash while Payal was at the terrace talking to jiju on the phone. She was glad she was cut from the chaos for sometime. Weddings are definitely not easy she thought.



About two hours later...  



Khushi's mehendi was finally done when Lavanya entered. "Shruti  and Anita bhabhi?" Khushi questioned. "They went to the terrace for fresh air and im going for a bath now. You're here only right? I mean there's no one in the house its only us two everyone's either on the terrace or in the other three houses don't lock me and go ok. We'll go up for dinner then." Lavanya said all in one breath and ran in the bathroom.

Khushi shook her head amused at her sister!


Arnav realised there was no one in the house when he entered the drawing room he gathered they were all upstairs and in the other houses as he could hear people talking feeling thirsty he decided to go to the kitchen and get some water himself!


Khushi suddenly got a coughing bout, she began looking for a bottle in her room but found none. She ran to the kitchen all the while coughing only to be surprised to Arnav who stood drinking water.

Arnav turned around to see Khushi whose cough was growing worse. She went to get a bottle but realised she had mehendi on which was still not dry. Oh damn!

Arnav caught the problem and immediately filled a glass of water for her "Here." He brought the glass to her lips and signalled her to drink. Khushi gulped the liquid down quickly feeling better in the process a little water dripped down her chin which Arnav began wiping with the back of his hand. And then it clicked! Their position, they were so close to each other his hand still on her chin while they stood staring at each other. Like they show in serials and movies. Neither of them moved Khushi blinked slowly thinking it was a dream but it wasn't. Arnav stood staring at the doe eyed beauty in front of him. She was way more beautiful in close he noticed. They were brought out of the moment with Lavanya screaming and calling out to Khushi. Arnav and Khushi both moved away from each other. Khushi said a quick thank you and left. God what was happening!


Let me know how you find it :)

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very interesting just loving it the story  it is in a different atmosphere and surrounding

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 Its getting interesting & interesting day after day! 

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Originally posted by abivicky86

very interesting just loving it the story  it is in a different atmosphere and surrounding

Im glad you're enjoying :)
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Originally posted by Dark.Desires

 Its getting interesting & interesting day after day! 

Thank you! :)
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Originally posted by candyjan

Love it dear...

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Originally posted by maitricuteheart

lovely update!!

Thank you ;)

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