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SidNi OS : Move on, Baby

skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 5:43am | IP Logged

Hello peeps,

I have written an OS on our beloved couple SidNi yet again. This is a bit different from what I have written before and is not related to the show's storyline at all. But the characters are the same with same characteristics. So, enjoy!! Embarrassed




She could feel the warm breath on her ears. In an instant she knew who it was, she pretended to be asleep.

"You look so beautiful" he said in a husky voice which made her smile.

A droplet of water fell on her face; she opens her eyes to see him gazing at her adoringly with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. He shakes his head to sprinkle more water droplets on her face from his wet hair.

"Ughh!! What are you doing, Siddharth!?" she shrieked and tried to push him away.

"Baby, I had to get up early because of you!! Alarm baje ja raha tha aur tum kumbhkaran ki tarah soyi pari hui thi!! So, this is my revenge!" he said pinning down her hands on the bed.

"Siddharth!! What time is it? Am I late? Shit!! I had a breakfast meeting at 8 o' clock!!" she looked at the side table. It was 6.45am. She sighed in relief and looks up at him.

"Siddharth, leave me! I have to get ready! And wear some clothes, yaar!!" she scolded him softly.

"Why? Don't you like what you see?" he grinned.

She rolled her eyes and tries to free her hand.

"Baby, itni aasani se nahi jaane milega tumko!" he smirked and leaned towards her.

"Siddharth.. but.. " he shushed her by brushing her nose with his.

After half an hour, when Roshni comes out taking a shower Siddharth was settling his hair in front of the mirror.

"Babe, help me with the tie" he called out to her. She walks towards him while drying her hair with the towel. She throws the towel on the bed and takes his tie. While tying it, Siddharth pulls her by her waist towards him. She smacks his chest and tells him not to get naughty anymore as she didn't have time. He grins and takes the coat from the cupboard. She runs to the kitchen and prepares the lunch boxes. She hands one to him and keeps one in her bag.

"Oh shoot, I forgot to print the documents!" said Siddharth.

"Pich! Fine, you stay and complete your work. I am leaving." she replied and turned to leave.

He holds her hand and kisses her cheeks before she could say something.

"Bye! Good luck for your presentation!" he wished.

"Thanks!!" she said and leaves without looking back. She closes the door, and touches her cheeks where he kissed her. She closes her eyes and smiles. A tear escapes her eyes and she rubs it before anyone could notice it. She runs down the stairs.

In the office

Roshni was in a meeting, she was giving a presentation. As soon as she finishes it, everyone sitting in the conference room applauds for her work. Her boss, Mr. Mehta shakes her hand and thanks her for giving a fabulous presentation. The clients were impressed by her work and had offered their company the deal which they were anxiously waiting for. Roshni's phone buzzed, so she excused herself and went to her cabin. Without looking at the caller ID, she picks up the call and says,

"Hello?" very happily which surprises the person at the other end of the call.

"Hello? Roshni?" she said.

Instantly all the happiness from her face disappears as she hears her voice. She bites her lips and closes her eyes.

"Roshni, are you there?" she asked again.

"Yes, Mom. What do you need?" she asked flatly.

"Nothing beta, I just called you up to check on you! How are you? What happened? You sounded very happy?" she asked gladly sensing that finally her daughter must have come out of her trance.

"I am fine, Mom. You don't have to call me up every day to check on me. I had made a presentation for a deal that our company wanted for the past year, and we bagged it. That's it." she said irritably.

"Roshni..I called you up to say that... Ma, has fallen ill.." DD said sadly.

"What? Kya hua nani ko?" she asked urgently.

"You know that she is not been keeping well past few months, but yesterday she suffered from a heart attack.. she has been hospitalized.. abhi she is stable, but she still hasn't gained any consciousness." replied DD.

"Mom! Nani suffered from a heart attack yesterday and you are telling me now? How could you?" she yelled back.

"If I would have told you yesterday would you have come here?" retorted DD.

"Mom.. I.." she said in between her sobs.

"I know this is difficult for you, beta! But it's been 4 long years now! Please come back home. We all miss you a lot." said DD unhappily.

"Mom, I'll take a leave from office and come tomorrow." replied  Roshni after gaining back her voice. She wipes off the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.

"Leave from office? Beta, you will come and then again leave us here yearning for your presence??" asked DD.

"Mom! I can't..you know that.. I can't leave Paris.. this is my home now.."

"No!! This here in Mumbai, This is your home. Where your family lives. Siddharth-" said DD.

 "Please mom. Stop. It's better if you don't take his name." snapped Roshni.

"Roshni, but how long will you-" she started.

"I have work to do, Mom. See you tomorrow. Bye." she cuts the call and sits down on her chair.

Roshni starts sobbing and she looks at the photo kept on her table. Her family picture with her Mom, Nani, Kesar Chachu, Resham Chachi, Bablu Chachu, Pratima, Mona Bua and Siddharth. She lingers her finger over Nani and then remembers that she had not informed Siddharth about her going to Mumbai. She is about to call him, when he barges in her cabin. She looks up to see him standing there.

"Siddharth!!" she runs and hugs him tightly.

"Shh..Roshni.." he tries to pacify her by caressing her hair.

"Siddharth, why nani?" she shrieked in between her sobs.

"I know, baby! I heard." he responded.

"Agar nani ko kuch ho gaya toh-" she started.

"Don't think like this, baby! Please!!" he said and cupped her face in his hands.

"Stop crying! Nothing will happen. You are going home na?" he said softly.

"Yes, I.. I will just call Nate to book my tickets. She calls up her PA and asks him to book a ticket for her. After she keeps the phone, she looks at Siddharth and says,

"I wish you could come."

"I wish too, Roshni." he responded.

She goes and hugs him again. He kisses her hair and she rests her head on his chest. They stood there just like that for some time, till Roshni had calmed down.

"Why don't you go home, baby. You have to pack too. I have an important meeting now. I will meet you at home in sometime." he said at last breaking the silence.

"Yes. I should start packing, come home soon." she replied and kissed his cheeks as he leaves. She takes some files and keys from her desk and leaves too after a while.

At home

Roshni reaches home and starts packing up her clothes in the suitcase. While taking out the clothes from the cupboard she notices a letter which her nani had sent her a year back. She reads it again and starts sobbing, as her nani had literally begged her to return home but she did not respond to her. She felt guilty that maybe it was because of her that nani's life was in danger. But why couldn't her family understand her feelings? Why were they forcing her to return back to her normal life when she was happy like this? Why couldn't they be happy knowing that she was happy here too, with him?

"Nani...I am so sorry... I shouldn't have ignored you... I should-" she wept when Siddharth enters.

"Then why did you?" he asked with a sad smile on his face. She wipes her tears and looks up at him.

"You returned so early?" she asked.

"Yes. Now answer my question." he pestered.

"Siddharth, please." she replied and keeps the letter in the suitcase.

"Please se kaam nahi chalega Roshni. I am tired. I am tired of making you understand. I am tired of these fights now. You have to grow up and look around you!! Whatever you are doing is unacceptable!!" he said as his anger rose.

"Just Shut up!! I don't want to hear anything-" she screamed. He places his hands on her shoulder and shakes her up.

"Roshni!! This is not you!! You have changed!! Open your eyes!!" he yelled.

"Siddharth you are hurting me." she replied.

"And you are hurting me even when I am-" she covers his mouth with her hands so that he could not say the word out loud. She was already too broken inside and she couldn't bear to hear that now.

He takes her hand off his mouth and says,

"You have to go back. You WILL go back. This is a perfect opportunity. No one will question you. What do you want, Roshni? Do you want your family to die like this every single day waiting for your return? Please! Baby, please listen to me. Hear me out. Do this for your Mom. Your family. For yourself. For me?" he concluded with teary eyes staring at her intently waiting for her reply, hoping that she will say yes this time.

"How can you ask me to do this? Don't you want me to live with you? Why are you so against me living here? Don't separate me from you Siddharth!! I can't live without you." she cried.

"This is as tough for me as it is for you, baby. But you know it very well that this is not right. You know it in your heart! Tell me if I am wrong?" he asked making her look at him.

"Siddharth...I can't.."

"Yes!! You can! I have full faith in you. Please show some faith in me too!" he said.

She snuffled and shook her head to a no, but Siddharth knew that she had agreed to him. He just needed to console her a bit more. She embraces him firmly and closes her eyes. He too enwraps her in his arms and engulfs her scent one last time.

"Everything will be fine, baby. Don't worry." he whispered. He loosens the hug and they pack up her luggage.

In the car outside Airport

Roshni was still holding the steering wheel. She was trying to calm herself down. This was it. She was returning home not for a day or two, but forever. Siddharth kept quiet and gazed at her. They sat like that in silence for atleast 15 minutes when finally Roshni spoke,

"I can't-"

"Yes you can." he replied calmly.

"How can I leave you?" she asked him.

"You are not leaving me. I left you, remember?" he said with a smile and tucks her hair behind her ears.

"I will miss you." she sighed.

"Me too." he said caressing her cheeks.

"If I leave, will I never see you again?" she asked fearing his answer.

"No." he replied with a straight face.

"I don't wanna go then." she whined which made him laugh.

"But you have to or else even if you stay here you won't see me again." he smirked.

"This is not fair." she replied.

"Nothing is fair in love and war, babe" he said cupping her chin firmly.

"How will I live without you?" she whispered.

"Like you have been living these past four years." he said.

"But I could see you, I could touch you, I could talk to you and I could feel you!" she said gloomily.

"I will be in your memories forever. I trust you with that." This was the only answer he could think of.

"Move on, baby. You have to move on. You can't live like this anymore. It's been four long years now. I can't see you like this anymore. You have to and you will." he said and before he could complete she hugs him and starts howling. Tears rolled down both of their cheeks as he finally loosened the hug.

"I love you" she whispered.

"I love you, too." he replied.

"Always" she said and covers his lips with hers. She breaks off the kiss and gets out of the car without looking back. She feared that if she looked back she would not find him there anymore. She takes out her luggage and walks towards the entrance where her PA was waiting for her.

"Nate, here are the car keys. Take it back. And I have emailed Sir for my transfer in India. So check on it." she said handing him the keys without looking at him.

"Yes, Ma'am. It was a pleasure working for you." he replied. She looks up at him, and smiles.

"I will miss you." she said.

He smiles and leaves. Roshni gives her documents to the security for checking and she couldn't resist glancing back, hoping she would find him. She was right; he was standing at a distance waving her a goodbye. She waves him a goodbye, and he gives a flying kiss to her.

"Ma'am, here take your documents." said the security. She turns to take her papers back and when she glances back again to where he was standing, he was long gone. Her heart skipped a beat when she didn't find him anymore. With a heavy heart she closes her eyes to keep her tears in and when she opened them it was with determination that she would do whatever he wanted her to do.


So, this is it. It's my first attempt on a sad story - I usually don't like sad stories but i thought let's try LOL I hope you didn't find it confusing, coz i wanted to keep it a mystery till end. Looking forward on reading your comments!! Big smile

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 5:48am | IP Logged
res me firstWink
well it was mindblowing and well the mystery was unvealed as soon as siddharth said "When I m" and she kept a hand on his mouth.
i got it there!
great one although i hate sad ones but this was too good!Smile

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arshi00 Groupbie

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I really hate sad stories...but this one made me spell bound its amazing...Im crying even nowCryCryCry...plz write something on current storyline with happy ending...If you have timeSmile

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skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Starsfireflies

res me firstWink
well it was mindblowing and well the mystery was unvealed as soon as siddharth said "When I m" and she kept a hand on his mouth.
i got it there!
great one although i hate sad ones but this was too good!Smile

Thank you Aayushi Big smile Congrats on being first Tongue You caught it soon, that was my first hint LOL

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skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by arshi00

I really hate sad stories...but this one made me spell bound its amazing...Im crying even nowCryCryCry...plz write something on current storyline with happy ending...If you have timeSmile

Yeah i hate sad stories too Confused I have already written somewhat related to the show.. u can check my FF! And all my other stories have a happy ending LOL

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rachana10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 6:25am | IP Logged
CryCry CryCry U separated sidni??Shocked I can't believe this pallavi...AngryOuch
Wow this os was really mind blowing and I loved the way u started with sidni morning romance Embarrassed Oh god roshni was away from her family past 4years so sad...ConfusedAnd now she's going back...Last part was so painful like roshni even i couldn't bear their separation...Cry Totally its amazing...Tongue
And I knw ur mystery pallavi "when sid said u are hurting me even when i'm" that is roshni was talking to bhoot in this entire os ryt...LOLWink

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stephie34 Goldie

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Fantastic mind-blowing awesome amazing it was too good my friend and I know the secret too...Cry

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rosesidni IF-Rockerz

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Sad storyCryCry But loved it...Smile Is Sid going to die??Shocked I'm not sure whether I got the mystery right.Confused And Roshni leftCryCry I don't want that to happenCry

But it was nice reading the OS... U are a brilliant writer.. Keep writingThumbs Up

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