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#3. SS ~ Exclusively Mine! -complete- (Page 10)

ZackKnightRocks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 12:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Member100

Awesome teaser
I LOVED the romance bit but WHY is her father there
He's obviously going to create a MU
Thanks for the PM
Continue soon!!!!!!
:D i will

ZackKnightRocks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 12:07am | IP Logged
ALL MY WORK (both on my blogspot & of my IF account PinkPenguinxo) IS COPYRIGHTED.
Despite my repeated warnings people have been plagiarizing and taken overinspiration from my work.So I have found a legal means to protect my work: it is covered legally under Indian Copyright Act 1957.
None of my chapters, scenes, or the plot should be copied in any way. 

ch~12 :)

beautiful romance & ugly truths

"Goodmorning, my beautiful wife."

Khushi woke up to Arnav saying this to her and she smiled awkwardly.. she was basically feeling like she was on fire everytime she came infront of him.

Awkward-awkward- awkward. She is in love, in LOVE! For the first time in her life.. like ever!

How to do this 'love' thing?

Should she sing songs with him and dance? Or jump into bed with him and do naughty things??

Unfortunately Bollywood movies can only tell you this much about love and marital relationships.

"Uh-h-hiii!" she said as he stroked her cheek. It was the morning and he finally wanted to talk to her coz after she locked herself yesterday she only came out to sleep and since then they hadn't interacted. He seriously didn't know that the Feisty Khushi Gupta (Singh Raizada) is so shy.

"How was your sleep?" he leaned in and kissed her cheek making her shudder and gulp.

"It was..nice. Awesome. Very very..very amazing." she nodded and got up immediately so he can stop kissing her making him chuckle.

"Aw, com'on babygirl! Why are you so shy? I'm your husband you know.."

"No you're not! You drugged, kidnapped, forcefully married me then I signed on those 6 month papers-"

"Here she goes again!" Arnav shouted, making her whimper and a sad expression came on her face.

Arnav groaned seeing her and he went to the dressing table before getting a mangalsutra and sindoor/vermilion box.

Her breathing stuck in her throat and she realized she had not worn that since the first day of their marriage.. as she was so angry on him but he never bothered with making her wear it as long as they were still legally married.


But.. now..


Khushi swallowed hard as Arnav came and sat infront of her. He took a pinch of the red vermilion and filled in the parting her eyes and she closed her eyes.

"Don't be dramatic like heroines, closing eyes when this happens." Arnav commented making her immediately open her eyes and hit his shoulder as he chuckled and put on a serious face like her.

He then took the mangalsutra and put it in her neck, hooking it behind her neck and staring at it as it nestled between her breasts.

She immediately tried to cover herself with the pallu of her sari as it was so messed right now coz she just woke up but he stopped her and kept looking at it before leaning in and kissing it as it lay on her chest.

"See this, Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada.. the mangalsutra found a nice home on you. Between your lovely big breasts." he smirked and she immediately pushed him away and wrapped herself properly with the sari. She giggled and ran out before he could tease more..


"Chote, will you stop staring at her? You have not yet finished your coffee." Anjali scolded for the nth time as she found Arnav staring at Khushi while she served Naniji her breakfast. Khushi was staring at him too, stealing glances at him.

"I cant.. di.. Khushi is so gorgeous." Arnav drooled like a teenage boy making Khushi blush while everyone except Anjali burst into laughter.

Anjali fumed and just left to pack his tiffin.

"Kya baat hai chote? You are finally being vocal about your love for Khushi bitiya??" Nani popped an eyebrow wisely.

"She deserves it and I was too late to realize it. But now I will nani. I love her so much." Arnav walked towards Khushi and held her wrist making her turn and look at him.


"Come with me to office today." he smirked.

"What? Am I your personal doll that you'll take me everywhere? Arey-"

"Goddammit, this woman! I want you to come for something.. to sign on some papers. My lawyer is coming. Remember that stupid 6 month contract? We gotta get it cancelled." Arnav clarified making her nod before he started taking her away with his arm wrapped around her..



"Thank you." Arnav and Khushi said to the lawyer.. that contract was removed and now they are wife and husband in the legal sense forever.

"Have a happy married life, Mr Raizada and Mrs Raizada." the lawyer grinned.

"Oh, we will." Arnav spoke cockily making Khushi stomp her foot on his before the lawyer left.

The moment he did, Arnav pulled Khushi off her feet, swirling her around as her laughter filled the whole place.

"LET ME GO! What will your employees think?" Khushi looked around and found that his office is made of glass so people were looking at them.

"I'll be home soon, ok? Go with the driver." he put her down and kissed her cheeks.

"Hmm.. bye.. have a nice day A-hole." she stuck out her tongue at him before rushing out..


"Hello beautiful!"

Khushi sighed hearing the familiar voice of Neel, Anjali's fiance. She turned around and found him standing infront before she could go into the car.

"You should call me 'bhabhi' or something.. not all this." she rolled her eyes.

"I dunno if you're my bhabhi anymore. I saw Mr Verma, the marriage lawyer coming out of ASR's cabin.. he specializes in breaking marriages. Are you still Mrs Raizada or ASR finally left you??" Neel mocked making Khushi laugh, well this time that lawyer had cancelled that contract not their marriage.

"I'm forever Mrs Raizada. Just know that." Khushi smiled sassily.

"Oh com'on, stop fooling yourself so much. ASR really doesn't treat you well I know.. just tell me if you like me Khushi, we can have an amazing affair. I'll make you very happy." he stepped closer making her flinch.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?!" Suddenly a loud roar made Neel stop in his tracks. He turned around to find Arnav standing infront.. his eyes blazing with fire.

"ASR-I-I-I was just-" Neel struggled to find any words before a punch was thrown across his face making him fall to the ground. Khushi gasped, running to Arnav and hugging him tight as she buried her sobbing face into his chest.

"ASR, listen-"



"I knew he liked her.." Anjali whispered numbly as everyone sat with her after this whole Neel issue, their marriage was broken now.

"Then why didn't you ever tell me di?" Arnav said through gritted teeth.

"I HATE HER! She.. she has made him lose interest in me. It's her fault." Anjali pointed towards Khushi and cried even more burying her face into her knees.

"Di, if a man has eyes for any other woman it's not the woman's fault. If it wasn't Khushi, it would have been someone else too.."

"Yes, it's good you came to know his true colors before you got married to him." Nani added.

"No.. No.." Anjali shook her head, tears continuously flowing out of her eyes before Khushi went and sat beside her.

"I'm sorry this happened. He doesn't deserve you." Khushi mumbled sympathetically.

"Yeah right, it's easy for you to say this.." Anjali laughed mockingly "You have everybody, you got my fiance being crazy over you, my brother, and my father likes you as well."

"Well.. it's not my fault I'm perfect, Anji sweetheart." Khushi joked and Anjali looked up at Khushi, her expressions hardening before a giggle escaped her mouth much to everyone's shock.

"She's so.." Anjali laughed and tried to slap Khushi making Khushi put her hands infront of her face protectively.

"Adorable?" Arnav chuckled.

"YES! Silly adorable girl. Really cant hate her." Anjali groaned as Khushi laughingly hugged her.

"You'll get a better guy I can assure you. Neel is not even handsome. If you guys would have gotten married everyone would have said: Yeh dekho! Langoor ke saath angoor!" Khushi rolled her eyes girlishly.

"Right.. he has as less hair as a horse does on his head." Anjali agreed, wiping her tears.

Arnav shrugged seeing the two ladies bonding and left along with others so they can talk..


"Done talking to di?" Arnav asked keeping his laptop away when Khushi finally came to the room after a long time.

"Yes, she is so nice! I used to think wrong about her really.." Khushi spoke excitedly going towards him and cuddling with him.

"I hate Neel. I will make sure he pays for this." Arnav growled.


Khushi suddenly got up when she felt something hard poking her in the stomach.

"Y-your THING poked me! EW! You're such a pervert Raizada! You got turned on by us CUDDLING???!!?!!" Khushi snapped making Arnav chuckle.

"As if cuddling cant turn a man on. Com'on, your soft body against mine.. definitely a turn on." he winked, holding her hand and pulling her back into his chest.

He cupped her face and leaned to kiss her but she looked away making his lips hit her cheek instead. He groaned against her cheek.

"Khushiii. Babygirl com'on.. I need you." he whispered sexily making her gulp.

"I-I I need to pee." she got up and fled making him sigh in anger..


After 50 minutes~

"I didn't know it takes about an hour for you to pee." Arnav commented when Khushi finally came out of the wash.


He got up and held her waist, nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck seductively.

"Come, babygirl. You and me. One bed. All clothes off."

"N-n-nice. Nice. Hey do you know that soap doesn't really clean your hands it just makes the water molecules smaller so the water can go into smaller pores in your skin?" she blabbered making him roll his eyes at her trying to change the topic.

"No I didn't know that. Shut up."

"Sorry I blabber when I'm nervous."

"You blabber all the damn time, babygirl. It's kinda cute though. Funny." Arnav laughed placing kisses on her throat and unraveling her sari as their lower bodies pressed together making her moan at the contact.

"I CANT DO THIS!" she suddenly moved away breathing heavily. "Y-you know.. wives should not let husbands see them naked in anytime except the night. So no romance."

Arnav looked at her confusedly. What the?

"I didn't know there is such rule.."

"You didn't know that fact about soaps too.." she mocked.

"You have made up this rule." Arnav mocked back.


"No I haven't!" she lied "Th-this is a rule.. ok.. I cant break it it's a special, important rule."

"FINE." Arnav groaned making her internally scream with happiness. "So lets postpone this to night..alright?"

She gulped, her eyes widening.

"What?" he demanded an answer, stepping closer to her.

"Tab ki tab dekhenge. Now I'm hungry tata bye bye!" Khushi said quickly before running out of the room..


At night there was a party going on in the Raizada mansion. Anjali herself organized it, coz their family business had recently experienced their biggest win of 23 billion bucks..


"Congrats Mr Raizada. I, a Gupta, salutes you for your hardwork." Khushi laughed congratulating ASR after everyone else did. It was really impressing he was so young but worked very hard and she realized she should acknowledge him.

"Why thankyou, Ms Gupta, it means a lot coming from a rival's daughter." Arnav said charmingly making her laugh again before he held her arm and started taking her to the main area for a dance..


"You look so beautiful, babygirl. Tonight I can picture you in our bed, I will make love to you first.. then I will f*ck you all damn night."

Khushi's eyes widened as Arnav huskily whispered this to her after the dance.

"Honestly, I'm not ready." she answered shyly as he sipped his drink before putting his hands around her trapping her between the food table behind and between his body.

"I'll be gentle I swear." he nuzzled his nose with hers playfully before she put her palms on his chest and nodded negatively, holding his tie in her hand and swirling it around her finger laughingly.

"No, no, and no!"

"Yes, yes and hell yes!"

"Are you done flirting with my daughter?" suddenly Mr Gupta's voice interrupted them and Khushi shockingly looked at him...

Why is HE here?!!?!?

"I wasn't done." Arnav cleared his throat, holding Khushi's hand and kissing the back of it.

Shashi took a deep breath, then walked towards Khushi before he kissed her forehead.. surprising her.

"Khushi I am sorry for not caring about you."

Khushi swallowed hard, tears glittering in her eyes. "You don't have to, you-you've done so much for me I can never forget it, just coz you became a bad person for revenge I wont stop loving you daddy."

"Khushi," he breathed "I really wish I never told you to steal those documents from ASR.. that I stopped ignoring you instead of realizing that you love him now thats why you never committed that sin and never cheated him. You said yes to doing it coz you love me but never did it coz he matters to you. I should have been happy that my daughter has finally found happiness of her own. After I have lost so much of my business money and all that superficial things I realized your value."

The moment Shashi said this, Arnav's hold loosened on Khushi.

Khushi shut her eyes, so it is finally out now.. the ugly truth.

"I give up this rivalry for my daughter, ASR. Just keep her happy." Shashi turned towards Arnav while Arnav numbly kept looking at Khushi.

"Promise me you'll take care of her forever, that you'll love her, cherish her like a diamond, always." Shashi said as tears dripped out of his eyes and Arnav glanced at Khushi before looking at Shashi and replying:

"I promise."

Khushi's eyes widened hearing Arnav, he was NOT angry at her for that document thing?

Has he already forgiven her?

She looked at him confusedly as he held Shashi's fists and nodded his head.

"I promise." Arnav smiled "I'll always love my babygirl. I promise this."

only a last chapter + epilogue left!! :)

ily angels :*

hugs and chocolates,

- PinkPenguinxo <3

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love14356 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 12:17am | IP Logged
It was great. Thank God ARNAV is not angry. 
Sarunarshiy Senior Member

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Wow.. Superb chapter.. Thankgod shashi is changed.. Woah arnav isn't angry after knowing the truth.. But yeh kya? Sirf ek aur chapter?:-(.. Hmm:-/..
peachygirl Senior Member

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I expected arnav to froth at the mouth!!!
But asusual he's beyond my expectations..
Such an amazing chapter!!
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amazing update
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Awsom blossom...nice chp & nxt update sooon!!!
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Amazing update. Thanks.

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