ariya ff - jaan kai bhi kyun hai anjaan????

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Hiii frndz

Back with a new story

 and gives suggestions

Do comment


character sketch---

Riya mukherjee- a professional piolet. Orphan girl but lives with her best friend's rena's family. Loved all them like her own family. Very strong woman but is very emotional when it comes to her heart . loves captain arjun rawte but is unknown about his work.always readys to help someone with her dimpled smile and doe shaped eyes face all the challenges of her life.


Arjun rawte- no family . presently working as piolet in inde airlines(undercover) but in real he is ACP from which all criminals fear. He only fears from loosing his loved ones - and that is only his riya , his friend, caretaker, rulebook etc, etc...  loves riya a lot but don't wanted to show or confess bcoz of his fear.


Rohit mafatlal(from show airlines) - owner of inde airlines . all people think him as bad bcoz of his attitude but he is a very good person. Who loves to make friends and help them.

Mr. sen- manager of inde airlines.

New characters are added when story will continue...







Riya was sitting on her black bean bag in her balcony looking at the black sky which was blank without any start just like her life now.She was holding a cup of coffee untouched in her hand which was cold by now which reena(friend)gave her as she returned home from the hospital couple of hours ago.Though she was hell tired from the flight travel from bangalore and the tormoil she faced in the hospital sleep was million miles away from her eyes.she trusted may be her Arjun will understand her and her feeling and will never hurt her and her feeling even if he didn't feel the same for her.But he completely broke her trust and hurted her feelings a couple of hours ago and too cruelly.She remembered how she was worried for him for the last 15 days when he when out of town coz of some family emergency and hurt when he didn't leave her even a single message and how she was happy when Mr.sen informed her that Arjun will be flying with her before 5 days and how she was hurt when he behaviour took a 360 change from friendly to cold once he returned and finally how he broke her heart just a couple of hours ago without a bit a regreat.



Riya was getting ready in her room in her room getting for her flight with her captain Arjun who was also her best friend.But for the last few days she started to see him more than a best friend and realized she was falling head over heals in love with her captain .Riya never felt about anyother man in her man like she is feeling for Arjun and it felt good as well as scared a little.From the moment they both became friends not even a single day in her life went without his good morning and good night messages and his calls to ask about her welfare when they had a holiday which was very rare .Finally she took her bag and her car key leaving her room with a smile as she decided to let him know about her feeling to him today.As she reached the living room she find lovely nanaji watching news,her friend reena doing something with her notebook and her aunty cooking breakfast.

''Good morning nanaji's''greated Riya and her nanaji smiled seeing her lovely grand daughter.

''Good morning beta''said nanaji givinh her a hug and kissing her forehead .

''Good morning ri''greeted reena as her aunty served her tea which she took with a smile.

''Good morning reena .Good morning aunty''greeted Riya with a smile which her chachi returned.

''So with whom you are flying today ri?''asked reena sipping her tea and Riya smiled at seeing her Arjun within minutes.

''With captain Arjun reena ; Riya and her family smiled seeing her happiness in her voice when she said Arjun name.

''Now i can see why my ri is smiling like this today''said reena and earned a small glare from Riya .

''Shut up reena.''said Riya and kept her finished coffee cup on the table and got up from the couch.

''Ok guys i will see you day after tomorrow.will miss you all''said Riya giving everyone a hug.

''But looking your smiling face i don't think you will miss us ri.And when you are flying with CAPTAIN ARJUN ji i am sure you will not even think of us ''said Reena with a teasing smile and Riya blushed at this and her family smiled seeing a guy having this kind of reaction for the first on their Riya and they are glad that she too got someone special in her life.

''Whatever reenu nothing like that.Bye''said RIYA running out of the house to her car.Once she was out of the door Reena burst into laughter as her nanaji and chachi smiled with her.

''Have you seen her face nanji,Maa?she was turning literlly pink from blushing when i took Arjun bhai's name''said reena trying to control her laughter .

''Haan beta even i noticed the pure happiness in her eyes for the first time since her parents died. I wish that boy will not hurt her''said nanaji as chachi smiled with agreement.

''Arrey nanaji don't worry she will be fine and i am sure both of them love each other a lot even though they didn't realised still nanaji''said reena with a smile and chachi pulled her ears.

''Ok meri love guru.Now stop teasing Riya and go and have a bath and come for the breakfast go''said chachi and pushed her daughter into her room.



Riya  who was driving the car was remember reena's words and was similing to herself .   

''This reenu bhi na ''said riya to herself as she entered the airport parking the car in the staff's parking area and getting out with her bag locking it.As she reached the waiting room she kept her bag on the chair and went to the coffee maker filling three cups with coffee when she saw captain Rathor entering the room and smiled as he saw her.He too gave her a small smile .After the jaipur hijack incident captain Rathor started to respect Arjun and Riya though he never expressed it.He sat on a chair and Riya gave his coffee.He took the coffee with a smile with a silent thanks and Riya too retured the smile accepting as a welcome and she returned to her chair waiting for her Arjun.But as the time passed riya was getting worried as Arjun was late which never happened even once.She took her mobile and tried to call Arjun but his cell was switched off.Riya was really starting to get worried for him.Just then she heard the announce for her flight and she left the room hoping that she would meet Arjun in the flight.

After half an hour Riya was sitting in the cockpit checking the fianal arrangements.Just then the door of the cockpit opened and riya finally smiled letting out a breath.

''Good morning captain...''started riya with a smile but her smiled left her face seeing the person.

''Rohit sir''finished Riya and Rohit gave her a friendly smile.

''Good morning Riya and please call me Rohit''said Rohit taking the captain seat.

''Looks likes you are not happy to see me said Rohit as his put his seat belt ''said Rohit seeing her faded smile.riya  immediately gave a polite smile.

''Nothing like that sir...sorry Rohit.Its just that i was supposed to fly with captain Arjun i was just suprised to see you''said riya with a smile .

''Well Captain Arjun had a family he the town last night.So i will be flying with you till he returns''said Rohit as they take off the flight after the announcement as Ananya was really upset that Arjun left the town and prayed to god to keep him safe.

Once the flight landed on coimbatore riya  and Rohit headed to the hotel .As they reached the hotel Rohit bought the keys for their respective rooms and entered the lift.

''So riya  if you are ok can we go out for a dinner tonight?''asked Rohit with a smile.But seeing her hesitation Rohit smiled seeing what she must be thinking.

''Arrey riya  i was just taking about a friendly dinner as i hate having my food can you join me tonight ''asked Rohit with a true smile and riya nodded her head with a smile seeing the truth in his eyes .

''Ok Rohit i will join you.I will meet you in the lobby by 8''said riya with a smile as they left the lift once it reached their floor .

''Thanks riya .I will see you at 8''said Rohit with a smile and left to his room giving her the key to her room.


Once riya entered her room she took her mobile and talked to reena .Then she though of having a small nap as it was only 4 PM and she slept with Arjun filled dreams.At 7.25 riya got ready in a black geans and white top putting her hair in a high ponytail and with light makeup and left the room taking her wallet and mobile.As she reached the lobby she saw Rohit sitting on the couch busy with his mobile.riya  went and stood before him and Rohit looked up giving her a friendly smile.

''Hi riya i saw a chinese resturn in a 20 minutes distance.So we can go there if you like chinese''said Rohit standing up from the couch.

''Sure we can head there and i really like chinese ''said riya returing his friendly smile .Then both of them left to the resturant.Once they reached the resturant both of them placed their orders and engaged themselves in a light coversation.After few minutes their orders arrived and they started eating continuing their conversation.As they finished their conversation riya understood that Rohit was a great guy who was really misunderstood by everyone just coz of attitude.But once you saw him behind his arrogant attitude he is a great guy with nice quality.

The next days passed like this and riya was still upset as she can't reach Arjun but she was really happy on the other hand as she found a good friend in Rohit. In these 10 days they really became great friends and he shared everything with her from his childhood,his dreams and the girl whom he was in love with.Her name is Meera who was a doctor in mumbai and both are in from college days and Rohit promised to introduce Meera personally to her when Meera was free.


Its was the 11th night Rohit and riya  was having their usual dinner in a cafe near riya's house as riya's whole family went to wedding but she can't attend it as she is having an emergency flight tomorrow. .

''So what is going on between you and Arjun ?''asked Rohit and riya was first shocked by his question and smiled a little.

''Nothing is going on Rohit.we are good friends''said riya .

''Oh please riya you too don't play thw ''We are just good friends card''.I have hear how Arjun was determined to save you from the jaipur haijak and i saw myself how much he was worried when you are kisnapped from my i am sure there must be more than jusr friend''said Rohit sipping his wine as riya was having her chocolate milk shake.

''No Rohit it was nothing like that''said riya but seeing his pointed look she let out a deep breath .

''Ok I am in love with Arjun .Are you happy now?asked an annoyed riya but still a small smile formed on her lips.

''Finally.So will i get a invitation for your wedding with Arjun''asked Rohit and riya blushed lightly hearing the word wedding and Arjun in a single sentence.

''Rohit will you stop your teasing?I didn't even know if he likes me more than a good friend''said riya and Rohit rolled his eyes.

''You know what riya you may be intelligent and strong girl .But in this matter you are so dumb yaar.Can't you see the way he look you like you are his whole world.Believe me riya he is also in love with though i am not sure if he realized it ''said Rohit with a smile .

''Ok lets not take about my love life anymore and tell me when are you going to introduce me to Meera personally''asked riya and Rohit smiled hearing his lady love name .

''Well i think you both can meet next month as she is coming to see me.So i will introduce both then''said Rohit with a smile which riya returned.

''well riya i have a very good news for you''said Rohit and riya looked him with confusion.

''What is it?''asked riya .

''Well you will flying day after tomorrow with your Arjun as he is coming back this night ''said Rohit and riya gave a million dollar smile.

''Really?' asked riya and Rohit laughed at her reaction which he expected.

''Haan meri friend your Prince charming is coming back tonight and you will be flying with him from the next flight''said Rohit with a teasing smile and riya was trying to control from smiling like a fool. Rohit then looked at his watch and thought of dropping riya home as it was already 9.45.

''riya i think i should drop you home .Its late and you have a early morning flight tomorrow''said Rohit and riya to nodded her head in agreement.Both of them left the resturant and entered Rohit's car.As Rohit drove the car they was a complete and comforable silence between them after 20 minutes Rohit stopped the car infront of riya's house .

''Ok riya will see you tomorrow ''said Rohit giving her a friendly hug which riya returned.

''Sure Rohit.Good night''said riya and got out of the car.

''Good night riya and Arjun dreams''said Rohit with a smile and drove before riya could replay.riya stood there for few seconds and entered the houde with a smile.



Arjun was sitting on his bed and was looking at the wall infront of him lost in his thoughts.For the last ten days he missed his first officer, best friend and his love riya like hell.yes finally the ACP Arjun Rawte admitted to himself that he was in love with the rule book riya Mukherjee as she is only person who was able to break his wall which he built for many years.But he also know his love only bought pain and death to his loved onces so he decided to bury his love within his heart as he can never live with himself if something happened to riya .Though he was dying to see her for the past 10 days he know his duty and country comes first and keeping her away from him is the only way to proctect her and prevent her from giving killed by the attackers.But fot the past 10 days he continued to listen the voice mails which riya sent everyday without fail.He can sense her anger ,disappointment and mostly the HURT which he causing him by leaving without leaving her a single message.But only he know how much he was hurting with her as he can even sleep well without seeing her beautiful face or her dimpled smile which brightened his dark world .But after the past 10 days he was finally feeling a little peace and happy as he was going to meet his riya tomorrow,but he was determined to push her away from him as he know the attackers was tracing him and if the come to know about riya she will be their first target and he could never let that happened .Just then his phone beeped and he know he received a new voice mail from her and a sad smile formed on his lips.

''Hi Arjun i came to know that you will be back by tomorrow.I am so glad that you will be back and hope everything is ok with your family.Have a nice journey and return save .I will see you tomorrow morning .Good night''said her voice mail and Arjun wondered how she came to about his return tomorrow coz he only informed this to Mr.sen and Rohit.But after few seocnds he concluded that Mr.sen would have informed her

''I know riya you will be hurt by what i am going to do from tomorrow.But i swear i never mean to hurt you intensionally .I hope one day you will able to forgive me for what i am going to do and understand why i hurted you.I love you riya .I love you so much that i can never loose you at least not permanently.''said Arjun as a lone tear escaped his eyes as he remembered about his family which was no more .



riya was getting ready for the bed after sending a voice mail to Arjun like the past 10 days thought he never replied .She was applying her night cream when she received a message from Rohit that he reached his house and he was about to hit the bed.She wished a good night with a smiley and lay downed on the bed switching off the light .But sleep was far away from her eyes as the time she spend with Arjun ,their silly arguments,their dinner,their morning coffee in the waiting room etc., and she was smiling like a teenager .Though she was still angry on Arjun for not even calling her once for the last 10 days she was very happy on the tought of meeting him tomorrow .

''I love you Arjun and i can't wait to see you tomorrow .I hope everything is ok with your family .''thought riya as sleep finally consumed her.



ARJUN entered his house at midnight closing the door behind and immediately went to his room .Once he entered his room he kept his back on the bed and entered the bathroom to have a shower as he was tired from the journey .After 20 minutes he came back and opened his cupboard to take his t shirt and shorts when an item caught his eyes .He slowly took a black scarf from his cupboard and bought it close to his nose as he inhaled the vey familiar perfume which belonged to his riya and remembered the day where she came to his house after the Jaipur incident to check about his health.


Its was the next morning after the Jaipur drama and Arjun was on a medical leave for few days due to his hand injury and he was having fever from morning .He was laying on his bed thinking about the fear he went through when riya was held as a hostage.Even the thought of loosing her was making his heart grip in pain and he feared this new found feelings for her.Just then he heard the door bell ring and he wondered who was coming to his house this soon in the morning as it was only 30 past 8 in the morning.After few minutes he heard his bedroom door open and a very familiar fragnance hit his nose.He immeditely looked at the door only to find a smiling riya standing there in a blue geans and white top with a black scarf looking breath taking beautiful a ever .

''riya tum yahan?''asked Arjun with confusion as he tried to get up but he was really feeling week from the fever and pain from his hand.riya who noticed this immediately rushed to him and made him lay back on the bed .

''Haan Arjun i can to see how you are feeling''said riya and Arjun smiled feeling the concern on her voice.

''Well i am fine riya .Though i was feeling much better after seeing you''said Arjun and riya tried hard not to blush at his compliment.

''Yea i can see how fine you are.I asked Ramu kaka to prepare soup for you as he told me you didn't have breakfash till now.Once he brings the soup you are having it without any argument''said riya sitting on a chair beside his bed.

''Ok Miss riya mukherjee i will''said arjun and riya kept her bag and removed her scarf keeping it on the table beside the bed.

''So how is the pain Arjun''asked riya keeping a hand on his and before Arjun could replay she cut hom off.

''Arjun you are having fever''said riya with worry as she kept her hand on his forehead and Arjun closed his eyes feeling someone care after many years.

''Arjun i think you must visit doctor''said riya with concern cupping his face

''riya i am fine its just a normal fever i will be ok once i take a calm dowm''said Arjun keeping his hand on hers which was on his cheek.

''But Arjun ...''protested riya but she was cut off as they heard Ramu kaka enter the room with a bowl of soul and a glass of water.riya immediately removed her hand from his cheek and Arjun felt warmth leaving him.

''Beti here is the soup and make sure he drinks it.Though he is a grown man when it comes to taking care of himself he is very careless.''said Ramu kaka smiling and riya smiled back at the old man.

''Don't worry kaka i will make sure he finishes every drop of the soup ''said riya and kaka left the room with a smile.Once kaka left the room riya kept the soup on the table near her bag and helped Arjun to sit on the bed keeping a pillow behind his back to make him feel comforable.Then she sat on the bed beside him and started to feed him the soup and smiled seeing the weird faces he made .After he finished the soup she kept the empty bowl back on the table and made him drink some water.

''Arjun i will be back keeping the bowl in the kitchen ''said riya and left the room.After few miutes she came back with and asked arjun for the pills.

''Its in my cupbord riya ''said Arjun and she took a pill from the bottle and handed him the pill with a glass of water .After he took the pill she made him lay back and covered him with the blanket.

''Now rest for sometimes Arjun .''said riya with a smile and Arjun closed his eyes with a smile .After few minutes he drifted into a peaceful sleep as the tablet started to take its effects .

When Arjun opened his eyes he felt somehing its was already 20 past 12 in the afternoon and his eyes immediately searched for riya .But she was nowhere to be found in the door.Just then she saw her entered the room with a first aid kid and she smiled seeing him awake.

''Hi arjun did you sleep well?''asked riya .

''Yea i slept well riya but what are doing with a first aid kid''asked Arjun with confusion and sat on the bed without her help this time as he was much better as the fever left.

''Well captain you i have to change your dressing for the wound which you must have did this morning''said riya and sat on the bed and started to change his dressing.Once she finished the dressing she kept her hand on his forehead to check the temperature and smiled as she felt none.

''Ok Arjun i will leave now.Nanji will be waiting for me ,but if you need anything please call me and haan have your meals on time''said riya in a stern voice to which Arjun nodded with a smile.

''Sure riya i will .Please inform me once you reach home''said Arjun .

''Sure ''said riya and took her bag and left the room giving him a friendly hug .As she left the room Arjun stood up from the bed and entered the bathroom to fresh up .Once he enter his room he noticed something laying black under the table and took it only to realize it was riya's scarf which she left in hurry.He caressed the scarf and carefully kept it inside his cupboard not having the heart to give it back to her.



As Arjun came back from his past he felt something wet on his cheek and realized he was crying silently the whole time and wiped his tears.He kept the scarf back in his cupboard as he know after tomorrow this will be the only possesion he will have of his riya and went to bed with a heavy heart.



Jisko next time se pm chahiye

Add buddy

N first part kai liye no pm


Should I continue?????????????????????



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Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon

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Awesome update
Loved it
Continue soon
Next time please pm me

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hey dear...
its wonderful concept
nd mrvellous update
loved it so much
eagerly waiting to read more
please do update soon
if possible next time
when u update this
please pm me dear

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Awesome fantstic
Cont soon
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interesting update soon
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Nice one but,why am i having a gut feeling that u copied someone's story from Airlines forum?
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sorry anika but i dont know about it actually have not visit that forum .
ye idea to ek friend nai diya tha
may be she have visited that...Ouch

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