Ariya ff Kaise yakeen dilau tujhe (Page 66)

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updating just one min

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 part- 13


It has been a month after ariya confrontation , riya has also 

recovered welly & ayush has gone underground no one knows

 where he disappeared , there was no clue about him but the ETF

 team couldn't risk riya & sakshi's life. So, they all were staying in

 sam's home only until they find that Bloody Ba****D Ayush.

In this whole month Arjun tried everything to make realize that he

 really love riya. He is not faking it but riya was not ready to budge

 , her heart was scared to love again but no one else than chirni

 knows the tension going b/w ariya , they were acting normally in

 front of them. in this whole month riya haven't talked to arjun

 properly or without requirement even for once & that was

 breaking arjun's heart to extent but  he knew he deserve it all, so

 he didn't said anything to her , even he prepared riya's fav food

 for her everyday which riya never ever even touched , arjun

 respected riya's every decision , he didn't misunderstood her any

 intensions , even when others did so , he always stayed there as

 her backbone but riya choose to ignore them thinking he was

 faking it all. But was it so ??????????

It was a normal day in etf , everyone were busy in their own world

 , when suddenly a case arrived they were going to some old

 factory location as they got info of some drug dealing there.

The team entered their very cautiously & immediately took their

 positions at the first half it seemed everything was under their

 control but in the second half they were out numbered it was all a

 plan by ayush to trap them & they all were separated but the

 team was fighting with them very bravely .

Arjun's concentration was not at all in the fight as he was worried

 about riya, after defeating many goons, he reached where riya

 was fighting his whole attention was on riya & the last goon in the

 room , who was going to hit riya from behind , he instantly shot

 him directly at head & smiled at riya as if saying I'll not let

 anything happen to you but their lil moment was broken by a loud

 frantic laugh behind arjun

Ayush their stood pointing his gun at arjun & smirking at riya who

 was pointing her gun at him.

Ayush : hey jaan , agar tum apni gun gira do toh accha hoga wrna

 tumhara yeh pati gya kaam se samjho

Riya was holding the gun more tightly & glaring at ayush

Ayush : mein janta hu tum nafrat krti ho issse fir bhi tum yeh nhi

 chahogi na ki tumhari wajah se iski jaan jaye

Riya : ayush let arjun sir go wrna tumhare liye accha nhi hoga

Ayush : rassi jal gyi pr bal nhi gya tum police walo ka same

 dialouuge kyu hota hai harbar anyway as you wish I don't mind

 killing him

Ayush gun was aiming at arjun's back &  he was behind arjun so

 riya even couldn't shoot , riya's eyes held pain , fear &

 helplessness that shook arjun's inside he couldn't see her loosing

 not at all he wanted her to win even if it cost his life

Arjun : riya this time you don't have to choose , this time you don't

 have to make any sacrifice , this time all the bad from your life will

 be gone , I only wish to see you happy forever & plss if possible

 forgave me . I can't see you loosing. ( saying so arjun turned

 towards ayush very fastly startling him but shooting himself too,

 the bullet went from very near to arjun's heart riya screamed loud

 but till then arjun had fallen down to ground & riya's all bullet were

 inside ayush's body. )

Riya fastly moved towards arjun & put his head in her lap , arjun

 was still breathing , he smiled a painful smile looking at riya..

Riya :arjun

Arjun : i...ii...i' ..i..if



ly ...u...

Riya : no , you can't leave me like this arjun ( riya sobbed & tried

 to shake arjun but he had already closed his eyes the team

 reached their after few minutes & looking at ariya they got shock

 of their life. Sam immediately called ambulance & took arjun to

 hospital Riya was holding arjun's hand whole way.)

In hospital as soon as they reached arjun was taken to ICU & the

 team was sitting there in shock , riya was the most shocked she

 didn't uttered a word since then she was angry at arjun & scared

 to let him enter her heart again but she did love arjun after all &

 couldn't see him like that only but a ques was running in her mind

 if he was really that good if he really cared that much for her than

 y didn't he showed it to her ?? why he was always ignorant

 towards her ?? why he made her cry ??...

Chirni also got to know that arjun really love riya & he wasn't

 faking it his love for her was genuine but they couldn't tell riya this

 could they as it will broke her further only


Sakshi came n sat beside riya

Saks : u must be thinking na what happened that bhai changed so

 suddenly but he didn't changed he was always like that only for

 whom ever he cared , for whoever he loved he can cross all

 limits for them , you wanted to know what happened right, well

 bhai told you one part only the other is total secret which only

 both of us know.

After the wedding even arjun wanted to believe riya didn't did

 anything. So he himself started searching for proof what actually

 happened , he was getting many clues but all were against riya, it

 seems all of it was plotted , there were numerous sms of rosh in

 arjun's phone telling him she still loves him. She is kidnapped &

 locked in a dark room & then riya had done this , and then for few

 days there were no messages arjun don't knw whom to believe

 whom to not , he couldn't share it with anyone as the number was

 not rosh & he couldn't  take any chances as it will create many

 drama & rift b/w family too , and whenever riya come infront of

 him he remembered all the clues & then rosh pain she is suffering

 due to riya. He was trying very hard to find the solution of this

 mystery & then again he got a video clip of riya who was telling

 that she will reveal the top secret of police once she got it...

Riya looked at sakshi with ques filled eyes...

Sakshi took a deep breath & narrated further : it was ayush he

 was behind it all, he wanted revenge from both sam bhai n arjun

 bhai & when he got to know that rosh & arjun were getting

 married. He planned to kidnap rosh & torture them both but when

 he got the news of rosh running away, he come up with this plan

, he planned to not let arjun bhai have a happy life & created this

 scenario as he knows very welly that if u r hurt both the boys will

 get most hurt & so arjun bhai was avoiding you as all the clues

 were turning against you but he still couldn't believe them & not to

 harm you as he know what he can do in anger, he kept ignoring

 you while you were trying to save us & ayush was taking

 advantage of it & when I told bhai about you & ayush , his anger

 reached the limit point . we both never wanted to hurt you but we

 end up doing so . you know when ayush case come & his truth

 come out bhai connected the dots & reached to the conclusion,

 he knew that you're never ever going to forgave him as when you

 were crying that day & he hugged you to console you, you got

 more scared. He knew the amount of damage he had done & he

 wanted only your happiness. So , he was going to ask you if

 you're happy with him which he clearly knew was a clear no but

 still his heart wont listen , do you wanted to live with him & give

 him a chance but that ayush he called bhai & said something to

 him that he changed his mind immediately it was related your

 security . so , bhai took you to sam bhais house & asked the

 team to come there too , so we can given security. You remember

 the challenge bhai gave you that he is going to make you fall for

 him before this case ends it was faade also he knew , he is

 going to loose but he wanted to divert your mind from ayush &

 stay with you to provide you security , he wanted to enjoy this

 moments with you cause he know as soon as the case ends. You

 will divorce him. Riya , I know whatever we did it don't have any

 justification but circumstances made us do that rii & we also know

 that we don't deserve forgiveness but still forgave us if possible.

Saying so saks left from there & riya looked towards the ICU

 where Arjun was being operated.

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Safar yeh tera, yeh raasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina

Riya remembered how to save her arjun took the bullets , how to

 not fail her , he sacrifice his life without a thought & then how he

 asked her to move on. What the hell was he thinking was he

 going to give up on their love , on them like that only...

Ho teri saari shoharatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhi pe saari rehamatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

Riya now knew whatever he did was to secure his family & when

 he got to know her innocence , he didn't tried to justify himself he

 thought about her security before & on top of that he even didn't wanted her to know all this & now he wanted her to move

 on forget him . what he think about himself huh ?? how can

 always he decide behalf of them no not this time she isn't going

 to let him . he couldn't go , he just can't ...

All the members of team were very tensed about arjun , it had

 been more than 2 hour that operation is going on & still no news

 about how is he ?? and they were concerned about rii too who

 hadn't spoken a single word after that incident.

After sometime doc came & all rushed towards him

Doc : sorry , we did our best but the injury is really bad , the bullet

 had missed the hurt but damaged a vein near the hurt , Mr

 rawte's survival chances are really low & he had drifted to coma ,

 we can't state how long it would be but he is no better than a

 dead body. I hope you all understand , I'm sorry again...

And with that the last ounce of strength & hope in their hearts had

 been destroyed too they all look at riya but look like she hadn't

 lost her faith till now , she had the believe that her love will be

 alright no matter what, destiny can't be that cruel can it be ??

At first riya was trying to prove her innocence n love to arjun but

 couldn't succeed

Latter arjun was trying to prove his love to riya but he couldn't


Ayush was trying to complete his revenge but he couldn't

And all because of circumstances

But now when everything is settled

Can ariya's true love succeed

Can they prove that they r the soul mates

Can riya bring back arjun from the door of death

Or it's an end of it all....

kya voh kabhi ek dusre ko yakeen dila payenge

ya unki kahanyi adhoori hi reh jayegi ??


next part = last part

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Authors note

hello guys , i know you all didn't expected this neither did I but you know me an swetha di were really busy & couldn't update any of our stories , so as lack of time we decided to end the story cause making it on hold wouldn't do any good & so i wrote this chap which we have thought to write at last. so guys this one is going to end tooo...
thanks for all the support we were really grateful that encouraged us to write & not to discontinue it.
thanks for it all & sorry if we disappointed you by not showing arjun's punishment time.

with love

stuti & swetha 

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manasvi.. IF-Rockerz

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actually I never ever read this one so first I read then comment


very nice story
destiny n Ayush play very cruel game in ariya n sak life
but riya the poor soul bear a lot .
two year two whole year she was broken n pretend happy in front of all
she never complaint
then he come to know abt truth he regret what he did
he want her to cheer n safe n can do any thing for her
now whole mystery he didn't did it himself but he is prey of situations
hope arjun recover n riya get her love back
update next soon
thanks for pm

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Omg plzz Arjun ko much mat kerna
Plzz ariya KO ek kerna...
Waiting for next part

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Sana_Jannat IF-Rockerz

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ok,can understand..
its nice ..
waiting for next..
thanks for PM..

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cuteariya IF-Sizzlerz

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finally got update
I like riya gave tough time to arjun Clap
whatever arjun did to riya he deserve every ignorance from riya Angry
chirag & roshni knew what happening between ariya but couldn't say anything
oh hell that jerk beast ayush came back to take revenge from arjun Angry
oh god arjun got shot but riya shot ayush to the death Clap
so arjun behave like jerk bcoz of ayush he create all those fake proof against riya Angry
but somewhere I feel that's not justify for the hurt arjun & sakshi gave to riya Angry
now doctor said arjun cant survive but riya wasn't believing
lets see what riya can do?
u r right dear im very much disappointed for no punishment for arjun D'oh
but I can understand if u don't have time we cant force u dear
update soon

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ariyabestfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Awsome update..
Love it..
Aayush game is over..
Finally Riya realize Arjun really loves her..
But Arjun is in coma..
Plz continue soon
Thanks 4 pm

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