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Teri Muskuraahatein Hai Taakat Meri!!! (Page 3)


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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Brilliant ...
U said it all...
Manan don't need dialogues.. Their hands talk more..
Cavy a n Manan .. What an episode..
Thanks for pm..Smile

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
aww so many wonderful posts esp Lavy,Shez,Sana...!! truly BRILLIANT..!!

will reply to all pending posts here later today...as of now thnx a ton to each one of u who commented here and/ liked my post..HugHugHug

Lavy...ur posts r bcomin inevitable parts of my ky2 forum topics...what a comment dear..n am so glad its in pg1 already..!!

Shez n Sana-wonderful posts frm u both n hv put comments frm u both in pg1(best comments section)

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Hifah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
Such an apt song.loved it. U always write with heart.

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apardh_ba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Nice post nikki.
I just love all d yest scenes of manan.
Bt that hand scene god such a beautiful scene.
He was upset as she ws upset and she gained all d courage frm within and try to give him what he needs.
For both of them d other one matters d most.
The slight hestiation of her and then slowly she held his finger and they both for dat moment again bcm one.

Very nice post nikki. Thanks for d pm.

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vani86 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:58am | IP Logged
hai dear...

get well soon...!!Hug

as usual awesome post...u penned manan so beautifully...!!! ClapClapClapClap

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aairahahmad Goldie

Joined: 14 January 2015
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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 1:05am | IP Logged
Oh MY gosh...
You know nikki...though this scene made me cry..yet it was my favourite too in yesterday's episode...
so same pinch
this showed their love so effortlessly...

the ''I love you'' scene gave me goosebumps...
the way he said to her without even touching her...
it was the sheer beauty of their relationship..
the purity of their relationship...
they actually shows that they are each other soulmate...Embarrassed
their profound love is such an amazing feeling for them...
it gives them a feeling of being content...
they complement each other...
they complete each other...Embarrassed

and then when he was following her...and man can anyone be more cuter and adorable than them..Embarrassed
especially manik..his look of determination...that he will not let her be alone...at any cost..
she wants her space, she will get that...but he will be there like a shadow to her...Embarrassed

now coming to both of our's favourite scene...
it showed how much for each of them the other means...
the effort and the courage it took for nandini to touch him...to assure him...to try and bring a smile on his face...was showing their love...which was ethereal....

"My heart will be yours for so long as you want it because,
You have been there when no one else was...

And you are my star from the heavens above,
And if you still dont fully believe such immense love...

I am willing to wait until next time..."
                          by-Dawn Rodney

I"ll wait for your courage to return...

.I"ll wait for your warmth to return...

I"ll wait for your bickering to return...

I"ll wait for your tranquillity to return...

I"ll wait for your replying to me to return...

I"ll wait for your positive vibe to return...

I"ll wait for your delight to return...

I"ll wait for your excitement to return..

I"ll wait for your amicableness to return...

I"ll wait for your ameliorating nature to return...

I"ll wait for your soul to return to me...

I"ll wait for you to return to me...

everytime they make me fall in love with them a little more...
i love their love...
they actually define and give meaning to love...
what a love is supposed to be like...
What a love should be...

P . S - an awesome post Nikki...Clap

take care...

Edited by aairahahmad - 14 May 2015 at 6:15am

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IFollower Groupbie

Joined: 08 April 2014
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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

aww so many wonderful posts esp Lavy,Shez,Sana...!! truly BRILLIANT..!!

will reply to all pending posts here later today...as of now thnx a ton to each one of u who commented here and/ liked my post..HugHugHug

Lavy...ur posts r bcomin inevitable parts of my ky2 forum topics...what a comment dear..n am so glad its in pg1 already..!!

Shez n Sana-wonderful posts frm u both n hv put comments frm u both in pg1(best comments section)

Nikki... thats such a mutual feeling then. I can't tell U, how very much I look forward to your thread and to make my post. In fact, after watching the episode, last night, how much I wanted to get hold of you, to find out if you were gonna make a post and if so, to try and reserve a place for me WinkEmbarrassedTongue (just like reservations done on Indian buses/ trains- in old days, they used to throw a hanky/ towel from the window..Tongue). This morning (keeping in mind, our time differences), when I got to know, U made a post (thro Ur pm), I imm came to the forum and reserved my slot, w/o even reading ur take. I know, ur writing would definitely make me WANT to write and rant. Your encouraging words motivate me to write. Of course, my inspiration comes from KY2 and its CVs and the characterisation of MaNan, CaVya..!!

Hope you are feeling better. 

And once again, many thanks for such a sweet comment from you and for your pm as well. It makes it easier to jump into your thread, rather than searching for it in the ocean of this forum. 

Nikki... as the day went on, thoughts sprung into my head, about the PINKY hold. I know.. I have been doing other things, but still couldn't get MaNan out of my head Embarrassed!! I have updated it in my main post. 

Take care.. GET WELL SOON!! HugHug

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deactivated_bye Senior Member

Joined: 22 October 2014
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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 3:10am | IP Logged

Ok ok i m supposed 2 be inactive bt 4 ur post hai withdrew my khamosiyaan!!! I knew a post was comin 4m u !! LOOks lyk we r soul sisters as I get insticts dat NIKKI'S Post iz coming LOL!!! Can I call U Nikki!!!?

I read ur unwell!! Is it serious r u alrite!!? Dear pls take care n get well sonnish!!

OK soo cuming 2 d epi wat a masterpiece lov the way KYY displayed d beauty of franhip n love is just HATS OFF!! Dis epi solely belonged 2 MaNan, CaVya, ManBir, NavNi its was magical!! Take a bow CVs!!Take bow u deserve it darlings well as we know d epi solely solely just belonged 2 foursome awsuums Navya Naveli, Cabir Diwan, Nandini Murthy and our very known Manik  Monster Malhotra.


Firstly I chose Navya to further rant my praises this epi portrayed a very new Navya infront of a small town girl with the girlpower to shock the world. A girl who does nt hesitate to fight using all her strength for her beliefs, her frens and her child. A girl who is capable and mature enough to bring a new life in the world and understand the responsibilities that entail with it. We see drastic change in Cabir's black and white Madhubala as she changes into a strong sherni day by day as she further explores the journey of motherhood. She is no that Madhubala who required support to fly she is a girl who has grown her own wings to support her flight to success!!! I just love how Veebha portrayed this maturity change in the character of Navya and SALUTE to ur acting which had a strong essence of GIRLPOWER!!


Then we have the devil himself AKA Cabir Dhiwan sometimes as sweet as sugar while others times the notty badtamaaz!!! He is one character which completely 100% matches to the devil of Bollywood himself as yeh dil main toh aata hain par samaj main nahi!! KYY did a splendid job as now we have a fellow who is proud 2 be wat he is proud to accept what he has become. A man who fights 4 his frans a man who leaves no stone unturned 4 the people who mean d world 2 him!! I lov d way our Cabira stood up 4 Navya n d way he accepted her in his life. Then we get 2 say d sizzling ManBir bromance as our cupid yet again helped Manik in his mission 2 be the bestest sweetest BF!!! Srsly 1 Parth was nt enough even Ayaz I think is gonna steal my heart away frm me with his spunky bt chweety attitude!!!


This epi has had wishing for CaVya like hell I know I know dat Cabir is a guy bt I lov his cute Knok Jhok between them. I lov d trust Navya has for Cabir "mere pas Cabir hain na who sab kuch sambal lega!!!". The support he gives her and the way Navya said, "Agar tum normal hota toh main...". I lov d way Cabir displays care 4 her n has her back all d time frm giving encouragement 2 providing a shoulder 2 cry on I just lov n die for Madhubala n her Devil the imperfect in all ways bt yet the perfect partners in crime... Lov u d cupid devil Cabir n d black white Madhubala aka the new sherni of KYY!!


New going on 2 our love birds MaNan u have said it all bt still main apni boring POV dine ke liya encourage ho gayi hoon LOL!! So as always d MaNan love is everywhere in d air!! As d song Humdard itself says "Jo tum mera humdard hain suhana har dard hai!" I must say lagta MaNan kissi bhi romantic song ko app na declare karne ke liye koi bhi kasar na chodengay!! Coming 2 d epi WOW Manik u shocked nt only Navya bt luks like d wind of change as touched u 2!! Manik Malhotra d arrogant n cool dude ka aaj kuch alag hi chehera hamre samne aaya he tried his level best 2 make his girl smile. D way he said d 3 magical words he spread d magic of the truth in meant in dis words everywhere. I could lyk 2 go on dat tym when Nandini was his spot n she used 2 follow him everywhere n now 2day he followed her footsteps lurking behind her lyk her shadow...  N d way he asked her for her permissiom 2 be his spot through hies eye "aakho hi aakho mai kare baat ghup chup!!" n way he followed her , "Main tere agal magal hu tu mere agal bagal hain..." N d way Nandu quietly gave her consent giving him d green signal. N d way he she sat down as her eyes searched 4 her man, , "Mainu chad ke kitte jawa tum mera parchawa tere mukre bich hai main ta rab nu aap ni pawa".. N then again we have d Parth lover boy magic as he hands her a milkshake bt knowing her vunerable condition due to dat creepo he leaves a space between them n keeps her love gift in dat space!! He then starts his mission 2 to get back his most precious thing Aka his Nandu's smile he starts his "idhaar udhaar ke baatein wagera wagera..." N provokes her 2 smile showing his famous million dollar lopsided grin. Bt when even dis does nt work out our baba loses his hope n d fake brightness he lit in eyes n fake happiness he has adopted in his aura evaporates n emptiness n storm ranging in his soul takes d place!! Wat a way of expression Parth I lov boy n I lov u more 2day!!! This reminds me of "muskurane ki wajah tum ho!!" AWW n dhen our baby doll takes d cake shows even she like Manik does nt want her jaan 2 lose as her soul does nt release her true smile n he can see through her fake she adopts another way 2 express her gratitude n encouragement!! She uses the power of her touch she uses her pinky finger 2 make a promise with his that one day she will give her smile back 2 him if nt day n her plan d hope our baba had lost revives back in his eyes!!!


 This epi was epic it had all Romance, Confession, Girlpower, Motherhood and most of all yarriaan!! Watching ManBir and NavNi I was reminded of d song u used sum tym ago "Yaar mil te hai pyaar milte hum ko yarro nasseb se!!!!" I lov this show soo much my lov is crossing all d boundaries as the friendship in dis show is getting stronger day by dat!! HATS OFF u deserve the  title of best youth show over n out!!


N now coming 2 ur post even u dear ( can I call u Nikki pls) r gonna leave no stones unturned 2 make us drool over ur writing n ur song selection. First of all ur title itself is eye catching and lures us to read. N ur use of words is fabulous n sweet!! U use such emotions take a bow girll m ur bggest fan!! Bt being ur bggest fan I don't know ur name!!


Love u lots n lots


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