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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

Teri Muskuraahatein Hai Taakat Meri!!!

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Helloo Ppl...Big smileBig smile...Am back again with my yet another new post n with this post-KY2 officially joins the list of forums where i hv made max topics...DancingDancing...Out of 36 forums,i hv made 530 topics in 24 forums(includin this as this is my 530th topic in IF as a whole) n out of 24 forums-its MJHT(Miley Jab Hum Tum-235 topics in 5.5 years),YHM(Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-138 topics in 1.5 years)and Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan(22 topicsin 7 months)-r the 3 forums where i hv made max topics...Big smileBig smile..When i started watchin KY2 back in oct,i never thought there would come a day where this show would make me reach the level of EPIC CRAZE which MJHT,YHM did make me before...But nw am glad...am super glad this show did tht with me(n tht reflects in frequency of me makin posts too) n i FOREVER owe to this show for givin so many wonderful memories onscreen...Will alwz alwz cherish it..Day DreamingDay Dreaming!!

Now comin to the REASON coz of which i made this post tonite n thts ONE N ONLY MY PERFECT PERFECT MANAN...StarStarStar...!! With every track,this show is only gettin more n more rocking *touchwood*...In Manik's words-i so wanna ask them "kaise kar lete ho tum?"..ShockedClap...Truly i SALUTE the love u ppl hv for ur characters n sheer justice u do with ur chars evry single time in evry track..!! Simple HATS OFF..StarStar!! This love story started with Nandu taking Manik out of the darkness which hovered his life for years with her love,care,positivity,understanding,respect..!! And thtsy Manik alwz see her as HIS SHINING STAR..!! Now with this track-Manik is gonna be the EVER SPARKLING SHINGING FIREFLY who would completely take away the darkness tht has suddenly stormed into Nandu's life with his light of love,care,hope,understanding n respect..!! Its a FULL CIRCLE..!! And kudos to CVs for takin MaNan relation to this much beautiful by pennin down such wonderful tracks...!! Cant wait to see how this track unfolds n gets back to time when evrything is SORTED...!!

Todays epi ws one of the best ky2 epis which had love n frndship flavours in such abundance tht epis lik this r testimonies to show the CLASSICNESS of a wonderful show titled KAISI YEH YAARIAAN..ClapClapClap..!! Todays epi belonged to all 4 equally- MaNan,CaVya,ManBir,NavNi..Big smileBig smileBig smile...But  me being BIASED MANAN fan,my topic is JUST FOR THEM..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...!!

The scene which moved me so much n inspired me to make this post ws the 2nd MaNan scene of tonites epi...Big smileBig smileBig smile...It kills Manik every second to see Nandini who ws once synonym to phrase FULL OF LIFE,has nw bcome totally devastated..!! It pains him a hell lot to see the SMILE of hers which used to light up his world has VANISHED ever since the tragedy happened to her all coz of creepo pandit..!! But,Manik being Manik is EVER READY to put his feelings aside n ws trying to be POSITIVE n TRYING evry thing to make Nandu come out of the darkness which shes in currently..!! But bcoz Manik has bcome so mature n wise with time,he doesnt wanna FORCE HER ANYTHING on her..!! The Monster Manik who dnt evn acknowledged the word PATIENCE has nw fully transformed to Nandu's Manik who hv all patience in the world ONLY to see HIS LOVE HIS LIFE GETTING BACK ON TRACK..!! He can wait for eternity in the hope of she coming back to him..!! But he also cant hv peace by just waiting..!! So he decides to be there with her LIKE A SHADOW yet would give her ample space which she needs in current situation so tht she can sort things her own n ultimately fight with her darkness n come out as his alwz shining star..!!

In past when MaNan were apparently hatin each other,then too for Manik-her smile did matter to him...!! But then he ws only slowly knwin her,he din knw hw to make her happy properly..Yet tht din stop him then frm tyin to make her smile evn if thts to MAKE HER SMILE by "ordering" her "to smile" then...LOLWink...But ab toh NANDINI IS HIS LIFE n all he care is seein her happy..!! And with time,now look hw tht monster hv turned to EVER UNDERSTANDING CARING Nandu's Manik who knws A-Z ways of making his beloved happy yet WONT order her to be happy or smile,instead he would let her to feel on her own will..ClapClap!! And thts exactly wht v saw in 2nd MaNan scene tonite..!! 1stly he ws silently following her...And when Nandu caught him,hw cutely he asked her if she want him to leave...!! And when Nandu gave green signal on he can continue wht he ws doin,he ws VERY HAPPY n his HOPES increased more to set things b/w them soon..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Post tht,he brought her milkshake for her..!! She silently took tht..!! And he again continued his own ways of trying to make her happy lik out of the blue he started tellin her he loves strong black tea n hw his butler makes it n says if she want to make him smile she can use this "black tea" method..LOLLOL...AND then came the talk which ws his motive alwz-abt HER SMILE which is his utmost need rite now..!! He told her he knws tht currently its her turn to smile..!!
From there started my most fav set of moments which inspired me to write all these..!!

Nandu knws all the random talks abt black tea,bringing milkshake,followin her lik a shadow-all these r HIS WAYS to say HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR HER NO MATTER WHAT..!! Those r his ways to help Nandu come out of the darkness n gave her back the lost smile n hopes..!! But still she ws yet not out of trauma fully,she couldn make the EARNEST EFFORTS of Manik to make her smile turn successful..!! So all she could do ws CONTINUING TO BE SO LOST..!! And tht KILLED MANIK..!! He only knws hw much hes suppressin his own pain seein her sad state,yet puttin up a fake happiness jst to help her in gettin back her life back to track..!! But hes also a HUMAN at the end of the day..!! So when he saw his efforts hvin no effects on her,he ws VERY SAD n his DISAPPOINTMENT knew no bounds as shwn in pic below

And this change of mood,does get noticed by Nandu n seein him all sad whom she saw till before was SMILING n also TRYING ALL THINGS to make her smile,it DID affect her as seen in pic below..

Now it ws Nandu's turn to make him smile..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She ws still disturbed,still very much in mental pain,still feelin emotionally lost..Yet she din waste a second to think of doing something FOR HER LOVE when she saw his smile vanishing away..!! And she does something heart touching as shwn in pics below..!!

^^These moments as much as made me happy...it also made me teary eyed seeing the BLISSFUL LOVE these feel for each other n their ways to express the same...ClapClapClap..!! When words fall short,actions speak louder than words n thru this finger play act-she SILENTLY CONVEYED to him she DO understand wht he wants from her n she VALUES HIS SUPPORT ik nythin n thtsy evn aftr she trying to be away from him yet is lookin forward to see him around n thtsy she silently lettin him do his ways of makin her happy as the truth is SHE FEELS AT PEACE when shes with him n for her HE IS HER ULTIMATE support system coz of whose help she will be back in normal mode soon..!! And her this gesture,totally lifted the spirit of Manik n tht ws SO VISIBLE IN HIS GENUINE HAPPINESS as seen in pics below n Nandu notices the same too n she feels her mission accomplished with tht..!!

^^what a scene this was..ClapClapClap...just cant get enough of this..!! At one side v saw Manik's sincere efforts to make Nandu feel happy n bring back tht lost heart touching smile on her face as its in her happiness lies his happiness in her smile lies his smile his hope his strength to face ANY PROB tht comes to his life...!! And when he saw his efforts gone in vain,he cant help but feel helpless again..hopeless again...!! Just lik Manik,for Nandu too-his happiness,his smile means the world to him..!! She knows hes equally in pain coz of shes in pain..!! She knws hes leavin no stone unturned to make things normal for her n make her feel happy...!! But she certainly cant switch to normal mode as if forgettin nothin happened..!! But again it HURTS her to see him sad n seein the smile vanish away n hence v saw her efforts to make him smile n happy as in his smile,lies her hope,her strength too..!! So much of love these two hv for each other n both gives sheer importance for each other's happiness evn more than one's own sadness..StarStarStar...

So to conclude this scene can be summarized in one line by using the HEART TOUCHING LINE from "Humdard" song of "Ek Villain" film which BRILLIANTLY describes wht MaNan felt for each other not just today BUT HAMESHA-be it in past  or present or in future..Big smileBig smile...!!

"Teri Muskuraahatein Hai Taakat Meri!!!"

PS : Sorry for makin this post very late..But i am unwell,yet couldn stop makin this post hwevr much late it might be as tht much MaNan made me SMILE n i fell in love with them all over again for yet another nth time..!! So jst wanted to shower my love on them with this post..Big smileBig smile...!!

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Originally posted by Aresha_uchiha

Ok ok i m supposed 2 be inactive bt 4 ur post hai withdrew my khamosiyaan!!! I knew a post was comin 4m u !! LOOks lyk we r soul sisters as I get insticts dat NIKKI'S Post iz coming LOL!!! Can I call U Nikki!!!?

I read ur unwell!! Is it serious r u alrite!!? Dear pls take care n get well sonnish!!

OK soo cuming 2 d epi wat a masterpiece lov the way KYY displayed d beauty of franhip n love is just HATS OFF!! Dis epi solely belonged 2 MaNan, CaVya, ManBir, NavNi its was magical!! Take a bow CVs!!Take bow u deserve it darlings well as we know d epi solely solely just belonged 2 foursome awsuums Navya Naveli, Cabir Diwan, Nandini Murthy and our very known Manik  Monster Malhotra.


Firstly I chose Navya to further rant my praises this epi portrayed a very new Navya infront of a small town girl with the girlpower to shock the world. A girl who does nt hesitate to fight using all her strength for her beliefs, her frens and her child. A girl who is capable and mature enough to bring a new life in the world and understand the responsibilities that entail with it. We see drastic change in Cabir's black and white Madhubala as she changes into a strong sherni day by day as she further explores the journey of motherhood. She is no that Madhubala who required support to fly she is a girl who has grown her own wings to support her flight to success!!! I just love how Veebha portrayed this maturity change in the character of Navya and SALUTE to ur acting which had a strong essence of GIRLPOWER!!


Then we have the devil himself AKA Cabir Dhiwan sometimes as sweet as sugar while others times the notty badtamaaz!!! He is one character which completely 100% matches to the devil of Bollywood himself as yeh dil main toh aata hain par samaj main nahi!! KYY did a splendid job as now we have a fellow who is proud 2 be wat he is proud to accept what he has become. A man who fights 4 his frans a man who leaves no stone unturned 4 the people who mean d world 2 him!! I lov d way our Cabira stood up 4 Navya n d way he accepted her in his life. Then we get 2 say d sizzling ManBir bromance as our cupid yet again helped Manik in his mission 2 be the bestest sweetest BF!!! Srsly 1 Parth was nt enough even Ayaz I think is gonna steal my heart away frm me with his spunky bt chweety attitude!!!


This epi has had wishing for CaVya like hell I know I know dat Cabir is a guy bt I lov his cute Knok Jhok between them. I lov d trust Navya has for Cabir "mere pas Cabir hain na who sab kuch sambal lega!!!". The support he gives her and the way Navya said, "Agar tum normal hota toh main...". I lov d way Cabir displays care 4 her n has her back all d time frm giving encouragement 2 providing a shoulder 2 cry on I just lov n die for Madhubala n her Devil the imperfect in all ways bt yet the perfect partners in crime... Lov u d cupid devil Cabir n d black white Madhubala aka the new sherni of KYY!!


New going on 2 our love birds MaNan u have said it all bt still main apni boring POV dine ke liya encourage ho gayi hoon LOL!! So as always d MaNan love is everywhere in d air!! As d song Humdard itself says "Jo tum mera humdard hain suhana har dard hai!" I must say lagta MaNan kissi bhi romantic song ko app na declare karne ke liye koi bhi kasar na chodengay!! Coming 2 d epi WOW Manik u shocked nt only Navya bt luks like d wind of change as touched u 2!! Manik Malhotra d arrogant n cool dude ka aaj kuch alag hi chehera hamre samne aaya he tried his level best 2 make his girl smile. D way he said d 3 magical words he spread d magic of the truth in meant in dis words everywhere. I could lyk 2 go on dat tym when Nandini was his spot n she used 2 follow him everywhere n now 2day he followed her footsteps lurking behind her lyk her shadow...  N d way he asked her for her permissiom 2 be his spot through hies eye "aakho hi aakho mai kare baat ghup chup!!" n way he followed her , "Main tere agal magal hu tu mere agal bagal hain..." N d way Nandu quietly gave her consent giving him d green signal. N d way he she sat down as her eyes searched 4 her man, , "Mainu chad ke kitte jawa tum mera parchawa tere mukre bich hai main ta rab nu aap ni pawa".. N then again we have d Parth lover boy magic as he hands her a milkshake bt knowing her vunerable condition due to dat creepo he leaves a space between them n keeps her love gift in dat space!! He then starts his mission 2 to get back his most precious thing Aka his Nandu's smile he starts his "idhaar udhaar ke baatein wagera wagera..." N provokes her 2 smile showing his famous million dollar lopsided grin. Bt when even dis does nt work out our baba loses his hope n d fake brightness he lit in eyes n fake happiness he has adopted in his aura evaporates n emptiness n storm ranging in his soul takes d place!! Wat a way of expression Parth I lov boy n I lov u more 2day!!! This reminds me of "muskurane ki wajah tum ho!!" AWW n dhen our baby doll takes d cake shows even she like Manik does nt want her jaan 2 lose as her soul does nt release her true smile n he can see through her fake she adopts another way 2 express her gratitude n encouragement!! She uses the power of her touch she uses her pinky finger 2 make a promise with his that one day she will give her smile back 2 him if nt day n her plan d hope our baba had lost revives back in his eyes!!!


 This epi was epic it had all Romance, Confession, Girlpower, Motherhood and most of all yarriaan!! Watching ManBir and NavNi I was reminded of d song u used sum tym ago "Yaar mil te hai pyaar milte hum ko yarro nasseb se!!!!" I lov this show soo much my lov is crossing all d boundaries as the friendship in dis show is getting stronger day by dat!! HATS OFF u deserve the  title of best youth show over n out!!


N now coming 2 ur post even u dear ( can I call u Nikki pls) r gonna leave no stones unturned 2 make us drool over ur writing n ur song selection. First of all ur title itself is eye catching and lures us to read. N ur use of words is fabulous n sweet!! U use such emotions take a bow girll m ur bggest fan!! Bt being ur bggest fan I don't know ur name!!


Love u lots n lots


Originally posted by Shez.Ishra09

Oh GODDD!! u made post today? ShockedShocked..u know what...i was just thinking that u might come up with a post today! and here you aree!! Big smileBig smile...

WOW WOW!! Just beautifully u described this scene! Gosh just beautifu..HugHug...and i so soo loved this scene as well! and same is the case with me as well..bcz todays episode just made me write when i have two pending projects in my hand but all m doing is just opening my heart out for my lovely babies Manan!! <3 their love and respect in my heart just increases every day! Their love for each other is just commendable that one cant stop himself to adore this couple! Embarrassed..
I just commented on Twinkle's post..and m copy pasting my comment here! bcz i just blurted each and everything in that comment of mines! Embarrassed...

I'll wait...

Yes he will wait for her till eternity! He will wait for her return!  He will wait for her nandani to come back and to shine for him as she promised him. He will wait for that day when she run towards him and just hug him and never let go of him ever again! He will wait for that moment when she calls his name with the same love, trust, smile, belief, and care.

When nandani came to manik's life, he made her suffer. He did every single thing to tease her and to mock her! He never misses a chance to make fun of her! But she resisted it, inspite of all these monstrous things he did, she still felt something for him. She trusted him..she gave him break everytime he needed..she was always there to give him advice..but she suffered..she's been through a lott of hard time bcz of manik..but she didn't gave up on him..inshort she gave him everything he wanted, and during this journey of happiness, sadness, separation, heatbreaks..they never leave each other's sides. They were there to support each other..eventhough when manik treated him badly, she never left his side and she always there to console him! Whenever manik came to her and asked for solution to his problems, she always gave him solution, she always helped him! Not only by words but also by her silence!

So now ITS TIME FOR MANIK. Its time for him to do all those things for nandani! To make her smile, to make her feel the love and care again! To make her trust again on their relationship! To make her believe that she hasn't lost anything! She has her STAR. And when she has him, she cant be lost! NO! and now its manik's turn to bring back his old nandani! To bring back that smile! Its his turn to bear all her tantrums, but to not give up on her! Its his time to prove his love for her! Its his time to make her believe on the fact that he will be there with her no matter how hard time she face! Its time for him to make this hard time easy for her..!! Embarrassed

I just love todays scene when he asked her to put HIS OWN HAND ON HER HEART to feel the beautiful and sweet music of her heartbeats! Bcz he knows that she is afraid of his touch..she wont let him touch her..she will run away from there..he understands her more than she does! Once his touch just took all of her pains, but now she is afraid of his touch..its all bcz of that darkness..that nightmare which is just haunting her.!!! But then, she just closed her eyes and felt the heartbeats and it raced up when manik whispers those three words! It was like a balm to her pains..it soothes her! It gives her pleasure! Eventhough he didnt touched her, but he knows that these words have the magic to take away all his pains without even touching her! these words have the power to prove balm to her pains! But she was still lost! She just cant b just normal after the horrible time she faced. And this is nandani..a sweet, sensitive girl who haven't faced such things ever in her life! She faced this phase of darkness for the very first time...so it will be much much difficult for her to come out from this darkness! But when ur star is there to shine na..this darkness just vanishes away...all nandani needs to do is to let this light enters her heart! All she has to do is to let go of her fears..let go of the darkness inside her heart, let go of the horrible memories which are residing in her head and haunting her! JUST LET IT GO!

And then the way manik said that he will be around her and he will wait for her! Bcz he knows that as same as nandini never gave up on him, he also cant give up on her now! He has to become her shadow! And deep down this is what nandani also wanted! She wanted him to be near to her..she wanted him to be close to her..she wanted his shadow to be hers! And that's why when he was following her, she nodded her head in approval that she needs him! SHE NEEDS HIM TO FIND HER OWN SELF! And when she was sitting on a bench and was anxious bcz manik was nowhere, it was a proof to it, that she is incomplete without him! She needs him to be around her! To be her protector..to be her shelter as always!

Manik just rant away that entire coffee thing to make her smile like he did last night! He was trying to make her feel better! He wanted to see smile on her face. But she didn't smiled so he got disappointed! And when nandani saw that face, she just felt that this person who is trying hard to do every possible thing for her, so she just closed her eyes and intertwined her pinky finger into hims! This was the promise from her to him that she will be alright soon! She need some time...she is feeling every thing..she knows that how hard he is trying to make her feel normal..she acknowledges everything..but she couldn't just help herself! Its just difficult for her to just move on or to just get away with the flow. But she still managed to utter just one word..His name. the only word which she spoke when manik rescued her..His name is the only soothing thing for her, his name has that power which just reduced her worries. And just after that manik got all concerned that she might open her heart to him..but she didn't! she needs space. It hurts equally to see her shining star in pain..it hurts to see that ur soulmate is trying hard to make u smile..it feels terrible to see that ur partner is suffering bcz of ur pains...But she is helpless! Its not easy for her to just forget all those terrible moments. But I know this girl will return to him even stronger than before! This girl will come back to him with even more love in her heart for her star!

And now todays Cavya-Manan scene was just SUPERB and PERFECT! It was soo beautiful scene..It showed the true meaning of friendship. It showed that when love fails to understand the feelings, friendship never fails. A friend who always shares ur pain, who always understands you, who always give u his shoulder to lean on, who always remain there when u just have no one to open ur heart to. And today the way navya came to console nandani was just beautiful and meaningful scene and it justifies the title of the show as well! And I just love the way nandani shared her pains, her fears with her and navya just forgot her pains and consoled her..nandani was equally hurt by distancing herself from manik..but as I said earlier..time will heal everything. She needs sometime and after that she will be back to where she deserves to be- In Maniks arms!! And when navya shared her biggest problem with nandani, she got all worried and asked her for any help forgetting all about her problems! That's what a true friend does.

 Just the case with Manbir. Gosh I just truly adore their friendship...they always stood by each other..and they always shared their worries..they are the closest buddies. And cabir is the person who first noticed the THING between Manan..so now Manik can easily pour his heart out infront of him and tell him everything as he did today! He told him that how she understands nandanis place bcz he's been through it..He has faced that daekness which nandani faced for the first time..he knows how it feels..he was sharing what hidden in his heart..! and when cabir told him about his side of story, he as a true and amazing friend just forgot all his tensions, offered him his help! HATS OFF! Their friendship is something to be proud of. It was such a BLISSFUL moment! They are strengths of each other. And they just proved that friendship is just above from all relations. Even when ur love, Ur soulmate fails to feel ur pains na.. ur friend would be there to not only feel and share it but also lessen it.

Thankx Cvs for such an amazing moment between these beautiful people! Todays episode was a beautiful blend of love and friendship!!

And yess!! Thankx for making this post..since this scene just become one of my MOST favourite..and i love to read people's thoughts on this scene..and ur take is just simply superbb and heart touching..HugHug...Waise ur post was a surprise for me..i just posted my comment and got ur PM and it felt soo soo nice to read ur thoughts! Soo amazing..!!Embarrassed..

Originally posted by rev4eva


An awesome topic gal... Yesterday's epi was indeed a treat to watch. A pain so beautifully depicted by MaNan...

Nandini is Manik's biggest strength and she is also his weakness. Her mere smile can cool his volcanic temper, her single touch can melt the monster in him. Finally when they decided to give a name to the invisible cord that held them together as "Love" and begin their journey, the most unexpected stirred their new beginning.

Nandini held herself guilty for marking their beautiful beginning with a tragedy. She holds herself responsible for the misery that happened that night despite all Manik's warning, her beliefs and judgments betrayed her for the first time. She always wanted to be the Nandini who is the reason for his smile not his agony and guilt. She hates herself for that. Manik on the other hand, holds himself responsible for the darkness that has cloaked Nandini's life. He was unable to fulfill his promise to protect her. His shining star is now in a dungeon full of darkness, he may have physically rescued her but her smile is still lost in the darkness. If he was the cause of her smile to disappear, then he will also be the reason it comes back to her eternally... Hamesha

The two individual with stark contrast are now merged as a single soul. Just like how tie connects the two notes, it's their love that connects them. Her smile is his life, her pain is his misery and her happiness is his ecstasy. The darkness of the night took his Nandini away from him but the rays of sun yesterday brought him a step closer to her. He physically distanced himself but his heart leaped closer to her. Manik did the cutest things that he could do just to make the lips curve into a smile. When he failed, his hope faded. That was when Nandini's touch revived his hope. Her baby steps and Cabir's encouragement gave him the confidence that his hope will win.

Originally posted by anj_taarey

Wonderful post nikki...Big smileAfter soo long we are getting balanced episodes and m lovn it...
Now cumng to yesterdays epi...full of yaariaan...loved the balance between Manan,Cavya,Manbir and Navni...the cvs need to maintain the balance...it has been missing since soo long...
Ahhh..u talking about Manan...ever ready for itWink
So he decides to be there with her LIKE A SHADOW yet would give her ample space-->>this...i was reading sumwhere and could totally agree with the person...that there was a time when manik had forced her to be his shadow during the spot days...she was always the one who would be following him everywhere...now see the role reversalLOLLOL..he cannot leave her even for a second...coz he knows she is in a vulnerable state and he cannot bear the sad look on her faceOuch...like a lost puppy following his home..which is in a broken stateCryCry
Smile...he practically lives on her smile...her optimism...her hope...i remember the scene after Dhruv had bashed him and he was shattered he found solace in her arms...her optimistic words povided strength to him...but now..poor boy has to struggle to get that smile those words..hell he even cant touch her let alone get a hugOuch
Nandus chotu sa effort just took my heart...she is trying...trying not for herself but for him...and that tiny winy touchDay Dreaming...he held it soo strongly...coz now he sees hope...hope to get his shining star back...hell i love these twoEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Awww...wat a song selection...seriously...true lines for our manan..past is evidence ke "Teri muskurahatein hain takat meri.."Day Dreaming...
PS...loved todays epi as well..seriously loving the execution part nowadays...Embarrassed
Hope you are well now...take careHug

Originally posted by MaNanmatic_Sana

Big smileBig smileBig smile
First of All what an epi...
2nd... I knew from yesterday this track is gonna be rocking
I wrote this but you did not readUnhappy
So I am upsetErmm

3rd.. But Since you made this post today making Hamdaard for MaNan...Big smile 
I spare youCool..U made me Big smileOtherwise I could be harmfulEvil Smile

Teri Muskuraahate Takaat meri...
Against all odds..
Against all evils..

Manik following Nandu,,, The "Earl Grey" Scene...
And in my niece's words... "the Pinky Promise ="
All are so touching..
And the main aisa kyu hu BG music wasROFLly cute

Now I say my feelings... deep wala...

She has been ... The light for him so far.. she held his hand... she let him feel.. to see through her light.. when he was in scary dungeon of darkness... and made him enlightened ...
he knows it all ... the darkness behind beauty... he feels it all... he saw himself and all his friends there... 

But he is not being able bear it for his love,,, 
Cause his love his star in the darkness...her smile his strength... he finds himself broken inside.. 
I loved Manik's deep convo with Cabir..!! 

And Cabir confides in him... shares him his situation... and the sharing definitely helped both the friends too move forward... Same for beautiful NavNi convo... and really proud of CavYa

Nandini is the one who protected Manik's heart to be affected by dark forces... She made him immune... she taught him to let it go... she made the monster calm and control...

Now she needs it... the protection from darkness...
And his dark prince will definitely shine for her...
And together they will survive...

Pyaas ka ye safar khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa jo tha poora ho jayega

Hamari adhoori kahani...

Originally posted by aairahahmad

Oh MY gosh...
You know nikki...though this scene made me cry..yet it was my favourite too in yesterday's episode...
so same pinch
this showed their love so effortlessly...

the ''I love you'' scene gave me goosebumps...
the way he said to her without even touching her...
it was the sheer beauty of their relationship..
the purity of their relationship...
they actually shows that they are each other soulmate...Embarrassed
their profound love is such an amazing feeling for them...
it gives them a feeling of being content...
they complement each other...
they complete each other...Embarrassed

and then when he was following her...and man can anyone be more cuter and adorable than them..Embarrassed
especially manik..his look of determination...that he will not let her be alone...at any cost..
she wants her space, she will get that...but he will be there like a shadow to her...Embarrassed

now coming to both of our's favourite scene...
it showed how much for each of them the other means...
the effort and the courage it took for nandini to touch him...to assure him...to try and bring a smile on his face...was showing their love...which was ethereal....

"My heart will be yours for so long as you want it because,
You have been there when no one else was...

And you are my star from the heavens above,
And if you still dont fully believe such immense love...

I am willing to wait until next time..."
                          by-Dawn Rodney

I"ll wait for your courage to return...

.I"ll wait for your warmth to return...

I"ll wait for your bickering to return...

I"ll wait for your tranquillity to return...

I"ll wait for your replying to me to return...

I"ll wait for your positive vibe to return...

I"ll wait for your delight to return...

I"ll wait for your excitement to return..

I"ll wait for your amicableness to return...

I"ll wait for your ameliorating nature to return...

I"ll wait for your soul to return to me...

I"ll wait for you to return to me...

everytime they make me fall in love with them a little more...
i love their love...
they actually define and give meaning to love...
what a love is supposed to be like...
What a love should be...

P . S - an awesome post Nikki...Clap

take care...

Originally posted by sizzysehrish

Nikki ClapClap
What an awesome fantabulous lovely and heart touching post

Your punch lines is enough to tell about manan need for now

Teri muskurahatein ha takat  meri ! Star

And that is their hope to make each other smile
The finger scene really spoke the depth of their love
They are one soul two bodies like "do dil ek jaan" 
Their world roam around each other

Manik who never ever would have done it for any one is now doing for nandini . His love his life
He wants to be her shadow , he wants to bring back lost charm, the charm which makes him live, the charm which taught him to love , to smile.

The way nandini took out manik from darkness , now manik is reciprocating that too her 
He will surely bring old , full of life nandini back 

Manan always make us feel good about love about friendship 

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:49pm | IP Logged

 i dont need to add anything in reply as you have said all 

their love is unconditional 

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Kapk Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Oh my God, this post of yours was pure love to read Clap I so loooved that bench sceneDay Dreaming It was so beautiful. I loved both of their expressions - Niti and Parth do take these scenes to a completely another level. 

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Nadz...truly their love is unconditional...thnx dear for commentin here n likin my post...HugHugHug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kapk

Oh my God, this post of yours was pure love to read Clap I so loooved that bench sceneDay Dreaming It was so beautiful. I loved both of their expressions - Niti and Parth do take these scenes to a completely another level. 

aww u feel lik tht?here i ws wonderin if i made ny sense or not ek toh i am so awestruck coz of epi n 2ndly coz of my not so good health jiski wajah se i din read wht i wrote..i jst wrote wrote wrote wht ws comin...LOLLOL...bt if u felt lik this,then glad to knw tht...n thnx for the lovely appreciation dear..HugHugHug

n yes PaNi makes evry MaNan scene evn more spl with their natural acting n chemistry..ClapClap

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Kapk Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

Originally posted by Kapk

Oh my God, this post of yours was pure love to read Clap I so loooved that bench sceneDay Dreaming It was so beautiful. I loved both of their expressions - Niti and Parth do take these scenes to a completely another level. 

aww u feel lik tht?here i ws wonderin if i made ny sense or not ek toh i am so awestruck coz of epi n 2ndly coz of my not so good health jiski wajah se i din read wht i wrote..i jst wrote wrote wrote wht ws comin...LOLLOL...bt if u felt lik this,then glad to knw tht...n thnx for the lovely appreciation dear..HugHugHug

n yes PaNi makes evry MaNan scene evn more spl with their natural acting n chemistry..ClapClap

Yes, I felt that. I love reading posts in which the content is written from the heart Smile So I loved the thoughts you shared about the scenes. 

And yes, MaNan scenes are always sooo mesmerizing Day Dreaming Always worth a rewatch Wink

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IFollower Groupbie

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Nikki... Do we have telepathy? Why did I feel you might make a post? OR is it because, I WANTED YOU to make one? U know the answer, right? This episode deserved a POST and by YOU!!! 
Before I start off, after the initial hitch, that I normally do.. how r u? Hope you recover soon. And thank you, for still making a post, in spite of not feeling well. That is the LOVE we all have for KY2 and in your case, more so MaNan!!! GET WELL SOON!!

What can one say about the episode? I mentioned in Twinkle's post yesterday, I have become so repetitive lately.. about praising KY2 team!! ClapClapClap Simple, but yet so meaningful things, which were never given importance in Telly Land, this team, highlights them so beautifully. 
Who could ever think of such tenderness in Manik?? Those gestures by him? And as you said.. Have we fallen in LOVE with him all over again- YES, of course we did!!! And I am all the more in love with the whole of KY2 team, for giving us such DIVINE episodes!! 

Coming to the episode... continuing from the day before, Manik not wanting to let go off Nandini so easily. Wanting her to open up. Talking about togetherness, and solving all problems TOGETHER. And then Nandini, blurting out that SHE is the problem and how can they then do anything together?? That must have killed Manik. Yes, what does he do... he stays calm. 
How he badly wanted to touch her, soothe her, hug her, reassure her, kiss away all there worries and self-doubt?? But, NO- he doesn't do any of those. He so respects and loves Nandini. So, what does he do? Asks her to CLOSE her eyes (yes, he still sort of ordered her to do that, though he couldn't order her to smile) and then asks her to place her her own hand on her heart (how he must have wished that it is his own hand, on her heart) and what does he do next? The most amazing, unexpected and the most LOVING gesture to me- whispers in her ears: I LOVE YOU, and repeats I LOVE YOU!! God.. tears just brimmed in my eyes.

Once again, my ClapClapClap to the CVs for this gesture!! How many of us, would have realised the significance of this gesture- eyes closed, hand on heart and hearing a whisper?? It probably is me, reading too much into it but for me it meant a LOT. 
I'm not sure, how many of you are aware of naming ceremonies for babies on (or sometimes after) Day 21 after birth? During this ceremony, a baby is named and the parents, grand-parents, family, friends, all whisper the name in the baby's ears. The reason, it directly gets registered into the MIND (brain)!! All other senses closed, only the Auditory sense is alert. 

Manik knows that Nandini loves him as much as he loves her. But currently, she is numb, closed herself to all sensations and feelings. He wanted to penetrate that barrier of SILENCE. So, he asked her to shut off other senses, thereby heightening her sense of hearing. Why didnt and couldn't he tell her that he loves her with her eyes open? Because it would go thro' her! And it is very evident by her immediate reaction of opening her eyes and looking INTO Manik, NOT at him but INTO him. Her eyes were boaring into his soul, just like his were. 
Another metaphor to this, is MEDITATION. Why do we keep our eyes closed when we meditate? We hear the resonating "AUM" in the background and yes, try and look at a candle flame or whatever U follow. But what are we trying o achieve in this process? The "AUM" or the chants or anything that is audible, will keep resonating in our MINDS. And thats what Manik was trying to achieve with Nandini. 

The 2nd gesture of 'hand over the heart'. What is that for? The minute Manik said those 3 precious, beautiful words- it is a normal physiological response, for her HEART to respond to the MIND (Yes, of course, its not always HEART Vs MIND- sometimes they work together), in the form of a flutter, in the form of an increased heart beat. 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."  - Helen Keller 

And what would the immediate response be- as Adrenaline has been pumped in- you respond by opening your eyes. And thats what Nandini did. And whatever he said later, that no matter what she thinks of herself, he won't ever let her lose. He will be there with her. Those short, yet crisp few sentences of Manik would forever be etched in Nandini's heart and mind- as all her 3 imp senses were awakened by then. She had Visual (as Manik in front of her), Auditory (his words for her) and Tactile (sensation of palm on her heart)!!

And this took me back to memory, where when their eyes were closed, before the FC- due to Navya's promise and Manik in a similar way tries to reassure her that all will be fine. The only difference is: in that incident, he closed her eyes, drew his fingers/ hand over her face and then rested it on her heart. And he asked, if it still hurt? He was then trying to comfort her as he did yesterday, but the approach was different. He was giving Nandini the space she wanted. 

Nikki, you have very well written about the 'pinky' holding gesture. How cute and utterly heart-warming can that be? When was the last time YOU have watched something like that? A very small gesture, yet again so loving, so warm, filled with so much of care!! They just cannot see each other down or sad!! 

A quote from Manik to Nandini: 

"When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, remember that in those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever." 

HATS OFF to the CVsClap for giving us MaNan, CaVya (I'm not going to go there, as I can't stop). How very well, they closed this silly Marriage drama? Well done!!!!

I could go on and on about the episode. As said, I have a starting problem and then an ending problem. And I know I can gush and rave all I want over here and thank you for letting me do this Nikki. We all need a let out! 

And if you dont mind, I would like to c/p something that I have posted on Twinkle's thread for the Tuesday's episode (in olive green). 

         LOST is our Dear, Chirpy, Bubbly, Happy, Optimistic, Strong, Idealistic, Hopeful, Trusting          Nandini
         LOST is the shine in her eyes, LOST is the smile on her lips
         LOST are her trust, beliefs, sense of safety, security, ability to take things at face value
         LOST are those happy days when MaNan were carefree and oblivious to the world 
         where no one else mattered, except them, their eye locks, their hugs, their touches, their          smiles, their togetherness
         LOST is Manik's Nandini, his shining star, his smiling angel, his pillar of support, his 
         strength, his LOVE and his LIFE
         LOST is Manik- because his Nandini is LOST!!

WE all know this LOSS will NOT be for ever and this is only to strengthen the bond between the 2 and for Manik now, to help Nandini get over this phase. To help Nandini, rebuild her trust, be able to believe in herself again, be able to face the past and start afresh. 

She was violated in the most unexpected circumstance, by the most unexpected person, was completely unprepared for it and felt very powerless. So naturally, she was in shock and disbelief initially. Then she had her goal of getting Pandit punished- the anger came into role. At the same time, she unintentionally/ subconsciously started disconnecting and withdrawing herself and became numb. Now that justice has prevailed, have set in her feelings of sadness and helplessness, guilt, shame and self-blame. The reality is slowly sinking into her, as to what actually has transpired. Hence, her repeated self-blaming, as to SHE IS WRONG, she did not believe Manik, hence led herself into this situation. 

Nandini, will eventually come out of it. It might take a long time but she has Manik to give her his unwavering support. She might try to avoid him, NOT because she doesn't love him or trust him. But she has LOST the trust in herself, is in a shell herself. In fact, the first hurdle in overcoming shock is breaking the SILENCE and that she did. And who did she do it with- Manik!! She knows HE will always be there for her. But she right now needs some space for herself. But Manik will always be there for her in the back ground, like her shadow.

And this is where, I think the promise might play a role. Manik promising her that he will give her, her space. This doesn't mean there should be a separation or MU (CVs, please kindly dont bring in more unnecessary drama). It probly means, they keeping a certain distance bet them, physically, till Nandini feels comfortable enough to get closer to Manik. And eventually might lead to her confession Smile. Lets see!!! 

Nothing is completely LOST between these 2 adorable ones!! Time is testing them and yes, they will yet again emerge victorious, and even more stronger. 

Our Dear Manik will WAIT for his Nandini- because SHE IS ALL his hopes, dreams. She is ALL he WANTS and NEEDS!!!! Manik knows, they have a beautiful tomorrow (FUTURE) together, and he gets the strength to go on with today (PRESENT) with so much patience, resolve. 

Before I put a stop to my ramblings, I can't help but compare the Soha MU track to the current one. Once again, this just portrays the maturity NOT just in their relationship but in Manik, as a person. He was upset and angry with Nandini, for NOT trusting him, about Soha's death (so-called). In fact, Nandini was not wrong in that situation. She was unconscious at that time, and she honestly answered, she didnt know what might have happened (The Magistrate did NOT ask her opinion, but the fact and that was the fact). But Manik, with his ego, could not see any other way out of it, other than pushing her away. 
And THE MANIK we have now.. Nandini is recoiling from his touches (albeit not deliberately, but it is her state of mind), is reclusive, has withdrawn from Manik. Yet, he understands her and the situation and is willing to be patient and wait for her to come back to him. THAT IS LOVE!!!!

Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say, " I LOVE YOU", but not everyone can wait and prove its true!!! 

And our Manik is patient and so is his LOVE! And yes, He'll WAIT...!!!!

I feel so melancholic, but still somewhere, there is peace in my heart, thinking that, this won't last long. It gives me immense pleasure and tranquility to my heart to see so much of selfless, pure LOVE!!

If Nandini would allow Manik to speak his mind, he would then say: 

"I think that love is stronger than habits or circumstances. I think it is possible to keep yourself for someone for a long time, and still remember why you were waiting when she comes at last... I would enter your sleep if I could, and guard you there, and slay the thing that hounds you, as I would if it had the courage to face me in fair daylight. But I cannot come in unless you dream of me." Peter S. BeagleThe Last Unicorn

Nikki... It ended up longer than I anticipated. I have c/p some from my other posts in other threads. As I wanted all my thoughts on one platform and THIS is the chosen one!! Sorry, if it didnt make sense and appear disjointed. Thats my current state of mind. I have 1000 things to do, and am sitting here gushing about KY2!! Cant stop but be a romantic!!

Once again, U GET WELL SOON!! 

Take care.. HugL!!

Most  importantly... SUCH AN APT and BEAUTIFUL SONG for the episode and MaNan!

2nd update: 
Was it a pure co-incidence- the PINKY hold or was it a deliberate attempt of the CVs to drive through a more deeper meaning. Let us NOT just consider it to be a simple, little, pinky finger. In some Hindu marriages, the bride and the groom hold their little fingers together and take the 7 holy steps or the 7 wedding rounds/ pheras or the wedding vows. What does it signify? I won't go into the details (as I might have to look it up as well),but in summary- it is the bond that signifies TRUST, CARE, LOVE and TOGETHERNESS.. HAMESHAA!!! 
So, though our baby Nandu is a bit upset and sad for now, unknowingly, she has held Manik's little finger with her own- symbolising their TOGETHERNESS and LOVE for ever!!!

Once again, my sincere appreciation to the CVs!!!ClapClapClap

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