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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 80)

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Hello to all my lovely readers!!! Hug So here I am with the 11th Chapter...an intense, emotional and moving update...hope you all love it...!! Happy Reading! Embarrassed

Chapter 11

"All the preparations will be done in some more hours...we hope you both like it!!"

Asad and Zoya were having tea sitting at the sofa at the guest room, at one of Ayaan's friends, Ashwin's home at Pune.

"I am sorry that we had to bother you like this..." Asad said, while Ashwin smiled, "Come on...this is such a pleasant and happy task yeah...conducting someone's marriage...please don't feel bad...it's my pleasure!!"

Asad smiled while Ashwin looked at a silent Zoya.

"You seem to be very tensed..." Ashwin asked Zoya with a smile, as Asad looked at her.

"No no..." Zoya said keeping down her tea cup, "I mean...yes I am a bit tensed...just that...nervous..."

"I understand..." Ashwin said with a smile, "Love marriages are like this...tensed and excited...that feeling is beautiful...I am sure your families will soon accept your decision...by the way, where are your parents??"

Zoya looked down hearing that, while Asad looked at her getting upset.

"I am sorry...did I ask something wrong??" Ashwin asked, while Zoya shook her head in denial and looked up, "No...they...they are no more!!"

Asad was shocked to listen that as he was totally oblivious of that, while Zoya looked at Asad in teary eyes and looked down.

"I am sorry...really sorry!!" Ashwin apologized while Zoya smiled wiping off her tears, "That's okay...!

"Fine...you guys talk...I will go check with the decorations..."

Ashwin left the room closing the door, while Asad moved close to Zoya and asked her, "Zoya, your parents...when...how?? Even Ayaan didn't tell me..."

Zoya smiled, "My parents themselves never said me they are leaving me...how will you all know??"

"What?? What are you saying??" Asad asked with a confused look.

Zoya leaned her head on Asad's shoulder, with tears flowing through her emotionless pale face, "As I said you...my Ammi's one attempt of hurting you and marrying me off to Amar destroyed so many things...including themselves!!"

Asad wrapped his arm around Zoya as he listened, while Zoya said, "I wanted to inform everything about Amar to Ammi and Abbu...but as I said you Amar had cut off all conversations and communications which I could make to the outside world...I didn't even know if they had tried to contact me and what all lies did Amar tell them..."

"Then one day...Abbu and Ammi gave a surprise visit to home when Amar was at office...I had always wished that they come to my home, but regretted wishing it after that...!!"

Zoya closed her eyes as she recalled the incident:

Zoya saw her Ammi and Abbu walking inside the home through the pathway, from the window in her room.

"Ammi!!! Abbu!!!" Zoya banged the window in tears of happiness and relief looking at them.

Zoya looked around the room trying some or the other way to get out, as Amar had sealed off the windows in the room. They could not hear the window banging sound and were walking forward. Zoya rushed to the washroom, filled a bucket of water quickly. She climbed up through the bath tub and splashed the water out through the exhaust fan.

Zoya's Ammi and Abbu stopped looking at water coming from the wall.

"Ammi!!! Abbu!!!" Zoya shouted, while they came to that area and looked up at water dripping from the exhaust fan.


They were startled to hear Zoya's faint voice from the exhaust.

"Zoya??? Beta??"

"Abbu!!!" Zoya cried, "Abbu, thanks to Allah that you are here...Abbu...please save me from this place Abbu...please!!!"

"What happened beta??" Zoya's Abbu asked with a panicked face, while her Ammi too was equally panicked.

"Why are you speaking this way...?" Zoya's Ammi asked, "We were anyways coming inside..."

"No...even if you come inside you won't be able to reach me...Abbu, Ammi...this place and Amar...they are not what you think like!!"

Zoya quickly narrated all her sufferings over there in tears, while they both were devastated hearing everything.

"Abbu Ammi...please take me out from here...please!!! I guess I will die soon in this place...I can't live with him..." Zoya cried holding the exhaust box, while Zoya's Abbu said in tears, "No beta...don't cry...Abbu will take you back home today itself...don't worry!!"

"Abbu...Abbu..." Zoya said, "Please make it quick...Amar will come from office in 2 hours...please try to do something and take me out before he comes...Ammi...he beats me a lot...I can't suffer more...please help me out...please!!!"

"I will bring you out beta...after all I am the reason for all this yeah..." Zoya's Ammi cried, while her Abbu interrupted, "Sameera, it's not the time to discuss all that now...we must save our child from that monster..." He looked up at the exhaust, "Zoya beta, don't worry...Abbu and Ammi will come soon...you be ready...okay??"

"Come soon...Abbu...Ammi...please come soon..." Zoya cried as she sat down at the bath tub area.

"I waited...waited and waited..." Zoya said as tears rolled down her cheeks, as Asad was holding her with an emotional face.

"There was no news from them...every time the bell rang I would run to the door in expectation of my Ammi and Abbu having come with people to rescue me...but no...then after a week or such...Amar said me he will take me to my parents...I was shocked and surprised...I didn't waste a single minute, as I didn't want him to change his mind...I left immediately with him...bought my dad and mom's favorite snacks...on the way...and then..."

Zoya clutched Asad's arms tighter, as she recalled it with tears in her eyes:

Amar reached Zoya's home in his car and Zoya looked at him with a smile.

"You can stay here today..." Amar said looking at Zoya and unlocked the car, while Zoya couldn't believe her ears. She immediately jumped out of the car in happiness and ran inside opening the gate, but saw people standing out in crowd. She slowed down looking at everyone there and turned back seeing Amar coming to her.

"Come baby..."

Amar took Zoya inside, as people cleared way for her. She stopped at the door and saw two bodies covered in white cloth, placed in the living room with people mourning around it.

Zoya leaned along the wall abruptly looking at it, clutching the snacks cover in her hand.

"Zoya beta!!!" One of their relatives came crying to her, "See what happened to Ajmal and Sameera beta...the gas had been leaking it seems...and we heard a blast and...and it was all gone beta..."

The lady hugged Zoya and cried, while Zoya was emotionless looking at the bodies.

Zoya moved the lady aside and walked towards the bodies. She fell on her knees near them, and kept looking at it. She took out the snacks and showed it near the covered body.

"Abbu...your favorite kachori...it's hot..." Zoya said with a smile while tears started flowing uncontrollably.

"Ammi...I got your favorite chaat too...and yeah...I bought extra for me so that you don't take away mine..." Zoya said with a laugh, as she crumbled the covers in her hand and hugged her dad's body.

"Abbu..." Zoya whispered as tears flowed through her cheeks, "Abbu...why did you both go alone...could have taken me along yeah..." Zoya hugged her dad's body tightly as she tried hard to control her tears and whispered, "You left me all alone to suffer with him...you both hate me that much?? You both were my last hope!! First you snatched Asad from me...now you both yourself left...am I that bad?? Tell me!!!!"

Zoya burst out crying hugging her dad and mom's body, while Amar looked on.

"Abbu...wake up and talk to me...Ammi...please!!! Get up Ammi...I will go crazy...please!!! Don't be this cruel to me!!! Please!!!!" Zoya shook their bodies vigorously in tears.

"Get up!!! Get up!!! No...you can't leave me!!! I won't let you to!!! Wake up!!! This is not fair!!! Stop being so cruel to me!!!" Zoya screamed shaking their bodies, while the people around and Amar held her and tried to move her back.  

Zoya started struggling for breath and had a suffocation attack, amidst her tears.

Zoya burst out crying hugging Asad, while Asad hugged her and consoled her being in tears as well.

"Asad...Asad..." Zoya looked at him holding his hands in tears, "At times I feel I am some unlucky charm you know...whoever is close to me...they disappear from my life...Allah snatches them away from me..."

Asad caressed Zoya's face wiping her tears while Zoya asked, "Now all I have is you...you too won't leave me yeah...Asad...Asad...when my...my parents died...I just started having wheezing attacks...but...I can't handle one more trauma..." Zoya said sitting close to Asad holding his face, "If something happens to you...my breath will completely halt!!"

Asad closed Zoya's mouth with his hand and said in teary eyes, "No!! That will never happen!! We both will live long...happily...I am not going anywhere from you!!!"

Zoya hugged Asad and cried her heart out, while Asad consoled her.

Asad lifted her face from his chest, wiped her tears and said, "Now don't cry...it's our wedding today...and I want you to look happy...okay?"

Zoya nodded her head, while Asad patted her cheeks and walked out of the room.

Zoya looked at the door and said, "Sorry Asad...that's all I can tell you as of now...I don't have the courage to share any more with you...I am sorry..."


It was noon and the girls had applied mehendi in Zoya's hands, and were making her ready, while Ayaan and Imraan were with Asad in his room, having bought dress and necessary things for their wedding.

Tanveer and Humeira had brought few jewels with them from their respective homes.

"Zoya...sorry we didn't have time to buy new ornaments as we had to reach here soon...so right now adjust with these old ornaments..." Tanveer said, while Zoya held her hand, "Come on Tanveer...this itself is a huge thing for me...and moreover I didn't even expect all this..."

"Ohh...come on!!" Humeira said, "It's our two best friend's wedding and you guys have no one by your side too...and if not us who will do all this?? This is our gift to you as well...so no issues!"

Zoya smiled, while Tanveer knelt down and looked at Zoya, "Zoya, this decision might seem like a quick and hasty one...but trust me...it's the right and best decision you have taken in your life."

Zoya looked at Tanveer hearing that while Tanveer added, "You and Asad were always meant to be with each other...and fate was cruel enough to separate you both, but now you both have decided to rewrite your destiny...and I am so happy for you and Asad!! Hereafter you will only have happiness and smiles in your life Zoya!!" Tanveer said with a smile, while Zoya smiled back.

"And if anyone comes your way...just murder them and you both live happily!!" said Humeira with a laugh, while Zoya remembered Amar and looked down looking at the A in her hand, and caressed it whispering with a smile, "Asad!!"

She prayed that nothing comes in the way or her and Asad hereafter and hope God stays with her.


Nikhat fell on the sofa holding her cheek and sat over there with a stern face.

"Answer me!!! How could you do this with me??" Shireen asked in anger, "At least I can bear that he is not my son and hence he ditched me the last minute...but you?? I am sure you only helped in moving out your brother, as all his belongings and things are empty in his room...because he was empty handed when he left to airport with Zoya."

Shireen walked to Nikhat and clutched her hand and shrugged her, "You know where is your brother...tell me Nikhat!!!"

"Meher's family is coming and shouting at me...Meher has done a suicide attempt...how dare that guy run away from home on the night before the wedding?? This is the respect your so called brother has towards us right?? He proved he is a step son after all...If only your Abbu was there..."

"I so wish Abbu was there, Ammi!!" Nikhat shouted back shrugging her hand off from Shireen's hold, "If only my Abbu was there, he would have regretted marrying a woman like you who is torturing his son who always worshiped you as his second mother!!!"

Shireen gave a stunned look hearing her outburst, while Nikhat took a diary and threw it on the table while Shireen looked at it.

"You know Ammi...Bhaijaan always knew you saw him different from me since childhood...you think I don't know what all you used to do to him?? And you are speaking about him being a step son?? Are you even worthy to talk about my brother??"

"How dare you Nikhat!!!"

"Today I will dare Ammi!!!" Nikhat shouted back, while Shireen looked on.

"You know...there's not been a single day Bhaijaan hasn't cried that his mother left him all alone...and Abbu...he married you because he felt a 3 year old kid would need a mother's care and upbringing be it however a father does both the roles...and I seriously feel bad that he took such a decision!!"

Shireen looked on, while Nikhat walked to her, "And how beautifully you used to play both the roles Ammi...acting as a caring mother in front of Abbu, and being a total devil when he leaves...what did that little boy do to you Ammi...other than losing his mother at the age  3?? My Bhaijaan doesn't even know how his mother sounds like or even remembers spending time with her!! All he knew was you!"

Nikhat broke down, as she said, "You always cooked food just for us 3 and lie to Abbu that Bhaijaan ate yeah?? And you make that...make that poor boy wait at the living room while we have food giving false promise that you would feed later and then...tell his there's no food...that poor kid hasn't even complained to his dad about you...not even a single day!! And you are calling my Bhaijaan step son?? You were even worse than a step mom...you were not even a human being Ammi!!"

Shireen looked down hearing that, while Nikhat took the diary to her and said, "He writes letters to his mum in this diary each day...and I recently happened to come across this, while Bhaijaan slept reading this one day..."

Nikhat turned the pages and said, "He has written this when he was 8...you know what he has written..." Nikhat read it:

"Ammi...I am very hungry...Shireen Ammi asked me to ask you whatever I want and you will bring it to me...can you get me two apples and chocolate milk..."

Shireen looked down with a shameful look, while Nikhat threw the diary on her, "Sit and read this...and feel proud on what a human being you had been...I so wish Abbu had never married you and I was not born to such a disgusting woman like you...I feel ashamed to share your blood in my body!!!"

"You know how many days I secretly take food to him at night when young...the only relief and humans in this world who showed him some affection was me and Abbu...but Allah snatched away Abbu too from him and for that too you blamed him only!!!"

Nikhat walked to Shireen, "Bhaijaan went out with his friends as usual, and since it was a storm warning Abbu went in search of him...and having night vision issues, Abbu met with an accident...and how much you cursed Bhaijaan for his death, as if he wanted him to die...you know Bhaijaan became a total orphan after Abbu died?? He even stopped going out at night after Abbu's death and you never left a stone unturned in calling him a parent killer...his Ammi dying when he was 3, his Abbu dying in an accident, getting an evil human like you as his step mother...what was my Bhaijaan's fault in all this???"

Nikhat shrugged Shireen by her hands while Shireen looked down with a dejected look, "You wanted the properties in Abbu's name and you went forward to be his second wife...but you didn't want his son...and saw him just as a disturbance."

"My Bhaijaan bore all these atrocities from you only because of me and Abbu...and he kept taking care of us after Abbu's death too, while he could have easily shrugged off us and left, as we are no one to him...he has never even raised his voice against you...and always have given the respect to you as his father's wife..."

Nikhat glared at Shireen, "And like the icing on the cake you want my brother to marry a psycho and ruin his life once and for all...but I am happy that when it came to his life and his love, he opted to go for it rather than thinking about his so called word to you and yes...I did help him to go to his love and I am proud about it...I know where they are...and I don't find any necessity to let you know about that too!!"

Nikhat walked to her room, while Shireen bent down and took the diary and flipped the pages, while Nikhat came with her trolley bag and handbag.

"Nikhat..." Shireen went to her, "Where are you going??"

"After Abbu died, I stayed in this home only for my Bhaijaan...now when he itself is gone, for whom should I stay in this home??"

Shireen was shocked, while Nikhat handed over a document to her, "You were bearing Bhaijaan for this house and properties only yeah?? Bhaijaan had transferred this to your name long back...keep this and live happily...and from this moment, there is no more relationship between you and me!!! It's over!!"

Shireen nodded her head in denial while Nikhat said, "Thank you for lending your name in the place of mother for all these years...and live happily in this home alone!! Good bye!!"

"Nikhat...Nikhat..." Shireen rushed behind her, while Nikhat walked out and there was taxi waiting for her.

"Beta...if you leave me, what will I do?? Please...please listen to me..."

Nikhat loaded her luggage in the car, while Shireen pleaded, "What will I do in this home alone...beta listen to Ammi...I will end up my life beta!!"

Nikhat opened the door of the car and said without turning back at Shireen, "Your wish!!"

Nikhat entered the car and signaled the driver to leave, as the car sped off.


Shireen fell on her knees with the document in her hand and all alone at the desolate road.


Asad came to the dias where the wedding set up was made with few relatives and neighbors of Ashwin, along with Ayaan, Imraan, Humeira and Tanveer.

Asad was dressed in a blood red sherwani, and he looked at the set up and looked at Ayaan.

"I don't know how am I going to repay all your kindness and love guys...I am really lucky and fortunate to have you guys in my life..." An elated Asad said while Ayaan hugged him.

"Come on man...I always was angry with Zoya that she left you...but I am really happy that she finally decided to move on in life...that too with that one, who is the only one capable of bringing back light to her dark life...anything for that!!"

Asad smiled, while he saw the opposite room opening and Zoya coming out in a golden sharara with a blood red coloured dupatta over her face. Zoya looked at Asad through her dupatta and smiled lightly and Asad was happy to see that smile in her face after so long.

Tanveer and Humeira brought Zoya to the dias and they seated Asad and Zoya opposite each other parting them with a diamond studded veil.

Zoya looked down and tears flowed through her cheeks, as Humeira sat next to her seeing that.

"What happened Zoya??" Humeira asked in a whispering tone, while Zoya said, "I still can't believe this is happening...my marriage with Asad...I am scared that nothing happens this time...after all this...now I don't want to go back to that barren life...I just want everything to happen well and good..."

"Nothing bad will happen...your parents' and Asad's parents' blessings are with you both...I am sure they must be feeling elated looking at you both finally getting married beating all odds...trust in Allah...nothing bad will happen!! Now no one can come in between you and Asad...no one!!"


Back in Delhi, a man was walking along the corridor of a mental asylum with a plate of food, while another guy was walking along with him.

"Every day when I go to meet this patient, my heart skips a beat...such an unpredictable patient...God knows when he gets angry or when he is normal."

"He never even speaks to anyone right??" The other guy asked him and said, "In fact no one even comes to visit him yeah...no one even knows his name...such a strange guy!!"

The other guy left to enter another corridor, while the other person continued walking to that cell. He stopped at the cell, and opened the door and walked inside.

"Hey...your food!!"

He looked around and found nothing but some graffiti all along the wall and floor. As he turned around,

"Aaahhh!!!" The man winced with his eyes wide open, as he saw a plate's broken piece pierced through his chest.

Opposite stood a man in a patient's uniform with a calm composed look, but piercing the glass piece with full strength.

The guy fell down, and he quickly dragged him to the corner with a limping leg, and exchanged his dress with him, and knelt down near him, looking at the dead person with his chin resting in his palm.

"Sorry Bhaijaan..." he said looking at him with a sad look, "She is calling me...I can't stay here any long you know...and who else would help me??"

He slanted along the wall of the cell, and caressed the pencil sketch of Zoya, and smiled looking at it, "My Zoya Jaan is calling me...I can hear her calling me...I can sense it...I can sense her going away from me...I need to go to her..."

He kissed the sketch and caressed her face and said with a psychotic smile, "Don't worry Jaan, I am coming to you...don't worry...I am coming to you...your Amar is coming back to you!! Very soon!!"

He limped his way out of the cell, locking it unaware to anyone, while there laid the dead body of the caretaker in that cell, filled with writings and sketches of Zoya.

Amar tried to walk straight even though it hurt him and his identity was hidden with the huge glasses which he was wearing. Unaware to anyone, he went to the kitchen and grabbed the matchbox and walked out. With the strain in his legs caused due to walking straight, the wound started bleeding too. He reached outside the electricity room and looked around.

He lit a matchstick and threw it inside at the mains and ran far, and there was a deafening blast. Everyone rushed to the blast area, while Amar utilized that chance and ran out through the gate, as the watchman and security too ran inside to see what happened.

Amar looked at the asylum from far, and grinned and looked at his bleeding leg and wiped the blood and looked at his fingers.

He then wrote on his hand "Z O Y A" and kissed it.

"How long I have stayed away from you Zoya jaan...I know you must be still crying waiting for me...now don't worry...your love...your husband Amar is back...where are you my love??"


"Asad Ahmed Khan, kya aapko Zoya Farooqi se yeh nikaah qubool hai??"

Asad smiled looking at Zoya, as Zoya looked back at him with tears in her eyes.

"Qubool Hai!!"

Zoya closed her eyes and let the tears roll down with a smile.

Imraan was shooting the wedding in his mobile to show to Nikhat, while the friends were happy.

"Zoya Farooqi, kya aapko Asad Ahmed Khan se yeh nikaah qubool hai??"

Zoya recalled a similar question which ringed in her ears 2 years back, but a different name in that question. That horrific moment flashed through her mind, where her heart just wanted to stop beating rather than giving her consent to some stranger sitting opposite her in the place of Asad.

Zoya looked up with the teary kohl lined eyes and looked at Asad with a smile.

"Qubool Hai!!"

Asad smiled hearing that being equally emotional as much as Zoya.

"Mashallah!!" said the Qazi, "Ab yeh nikaah mukkammal hua!! The Qazi looked at Asad, "Aaj se aap inka shauhar aur yeh aapki biwi hai!!"

Zoya broke down into tears hearing that uncontrollably while Humeira and Tanveer consoled her being as much emotional as her.

The veil was pulled down and Asad came to Zoya and sat near her.

"What happened Zoya??" Asad asked holding her face, while Zoya shook her head in denial and wiped her tears and looked at Asad with a smile.

"I can't believe it's done...it seems like a dream...I can't control my..."

Asad hugged Zoya and comforted her, while Ayaan said placing his hand on Zoya's shoulder.

"Now it's only happiness ahead of you both...no more tears...only smiles...okay??"

Zoya nodded her head in agreement with a smile, while Ayaan hugged both Asad and Zoya happily, and the friends watched on happily.


It was night and Asad and Zoya's reached at a car outside a home, along with another car behind it.

Asad and Zoya got out along with the friends. Ayaan came to them and showed, "This is Ashwin's guesthouse and you guys stay here for a couple of days...soon I will try arranging a house for your guys and I shall look for a good opportunity for you in some good hospital."

"It's okay...you and Ashwin have already done a lot for me and Zoya...from here I will take care of things..."

"Alright...but still any help, don't hesitate to call us...we are just a call away...okay?"

Asad smiled while Ayaan hugged him and the friends took leave and drove off while Asad and Zoya looked at them going and looked at each other.

Asad smiled at Zoya and held her hand and walked inside the house, which was the only one located in that area with a lake behind it.


"Sir, there are so many pressures from the superiors to close Amar Siddiqui's case...you suddenly went out of town as your mother was unwell...what shall we do Sir??" Inspector Vikrant said as ACP Abhishek Sengupta walked inside his cabin.

"Superiors are meant to pressurize us...why do you panic for that?" He sat down, "I have said you till I don't get convinced that Amar Siddiqui and his wife died in that car blast, I won't close this case...my mom went unwell suddenly and I can't skip that too yeah??"

"Okay Sir...I understand...so where do we continue from now??"

"Tell me this...who is using Amar's house now??"

"Sir...no one..." Vikarnt replied, "It's just locked since the day Amar and Zoya left that home...and no one even bothered to enter the compound fearing of getting haunted..."

Abhishek giggled, "People and their superstitions...alright...tomorrow we will go to that spot where Amar is supposedly said to have died...let's start things from where it ended..."

Meanwhile Amar jumped in the compound wall of his house and walked inside with his limping leg and opened the door slowly and there were less chances of people noticing him as his house was the only one situated in between a huge compound.

Amar walked inside slowly limping and he covered all the windows with the black screen in order to avoid people witnessing anything happening in that home, or even light escaping that house when he was with Zoya.

After making the place pitch dark, he slowly made out the switch area and switched it on. The place lit up and he looked around the disheveled home with broken furniture and blood stains on the walls and floor. He limped towards his room and opened the door. He looked at the bed and walked towards it with a smile. He saw Zoya's dupatta lying on the bed.

He lifted it up and caressed his face with it and took a deep breath.

"Zoyaaa..." Amar whispered as he looked at the dupatta, "This dupatta still has your smell Zoyaaa...I need you...I need you back...and those..." Amar lied back on the bed and caressed the bed spread, "Those beautiful nights...when are you coming to me Zoya jaan??"

As he turned he looked at his reflection on the mirror at the side of the bed. He crawled over the bed and walked towards the mirror.

He looked at the long stitch mark on his forehead along the temple of his face. He touched it as some commotion and screams ringed in his head.

He looked down at his leg and touched his limping knee, and looked back at the mirror and saw Zoya's photo through the mirror and placed his hand on it.

"You did many things which you shouldn't have done Zoya...two days I which can't forget in my life...the day I made you my wife...the day you ruined my life...!!" Amar said and immediately looked at Zoya's reflection in tears, "Why don't you understand this dear...I don't have a life without you...Amar Siddiqui is a lifeless body without Zoya...and I will do anything to get back my life...Zoya is only and only Amar's!!! Zoya, you are mine!!!!"

Amar screamed and banged his fist on the mirror shattering it around and looked at the broken pieces down and said, "No one will come in between you and me Zoya!! If anyone attempts to, they will have to bid goodbye to this world!!!"

While in Pune, Asad came to the room with the tray carrying dinner and saw Zoya sitting at the couch and looking at her mehendi with a smile.

Asad smiled and looked at her as he thought, "Hereafter I will never let this smile go off your face Zoya...no one will come in the way of our happiness hereafter...I will turn all your bad memories into happy ones...if anyone dares to harm or hurt you again...I swear on my mom, his death would be in Asad Ahmed Khan's hands!!"

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"I have married you just for you to have that moral strength that now I will always be with you...through thick and thin...but I am not insensitive enough to force you for a physical relation with me utilizing our marriage as a license...that too after knowing what all you have been through..." Asad said holding Zoya's hands with a smile, while Zoya looked at him with an emotional look.

"As much as I love you, I respect your feelings and emotions even more Zoya...how much ever days your mind and body takes to prepare to take our relation to the next level, be it years or if it never happens too...I don't have an issue...all I want you is you in my life...your love is what I want...not your body Zoya!!"

Zoya was moved hearing it, as she hugged him emotionally and Asad hugged her back.


"Look at this photo..." Abhishek showed the accident site photo to Inspector Vikrant near the jeep at the accident site, "The bodies are seated in the front seat with seat belt intact...they burnt as such as there was no time to act...correct??" Abhishek asked while Vikrant replied, "Yes Sir...the bodies are in sitting position..."

"Now look at this pendant chain...you said you got the chain from the rear seat...Point 1: if Zoya had been wearing that chain, it would have been in that burnt body as such...and Point 2: this chain has a lobster claw lock...and this chain is unlocked, not broken...in no ways could the chain unlock automatically from a lobster lock...which means..." Abhishek said removing his shades, "Someone has thrown this pendant inside the burning car to divert us...and Amar and Zoya didn't die in this crash!!" Vikrant was dumbstruck on Abhishek's finding, while Abhishek was in thoughts.


"Asad, switch on the lights please!!! No more surprises in dark!! I am scared of dark ever since he used to...he..." Zoya closed her eyes with her hands as Asad looked at her, "He used to always call me to room and switch off lights abruptly and...that monster used to hunt me like an animal...and I don't even get to know when is he set to pounce on me and...!!!" Zoya said breaking down, while Asad switched on the lights with a shocked face looking at Zoya.

"Asad!!! Asad help me get out of this!! Please!! I want to wipe off all his marks off me...physically and mentally...please!!!" Zoya hysterically rubbed her body, "Please Asad...I want to be your Zoya again...I don't want to keep you away from me too...please help me...I just feel like burning this body and..." Asad grabbed her face and hugged her tightly in tears, as Zoya broke down hugging him, while Asad clutched his fist and clenched his teeth and thought, "You should have been alive till I met you Amar!!"


So, how was this multi emotional update?? So, everything has happened together...Amar has escaped his cell trusting his instinct that Zoya is somewhere moving on from him...and Asad and Zoya have finally entered wedlock fighting all odds and their cruel fate...and also Nikhat has bid her good bye to her mother after an emotional burst out regarding her mother...so with everyone moving on into a new phase shedding off their old lives...is it going to be a smooth ride??

Asad on the other hand, has to be a very supporting husband to Zoya after all the trauma she had faced and it definitely is a huge task for him ahead...and Zoya wants to move on but her injuries are that deep that she requires Asad's help...will Asad help recover Zoya soon?? And from ACP Sengupta's investigation, he has crossed the main truth that the crash has nothing to do with Amar and Zoya...so what did actually happened on "The Day" when Zoya reached Asad's hospital and how did Amar reach the asylum?? Who is the reason behind Amar's injuries...?? And Zoya still has some secrets with her unable to share to Asad, other than her parent's gruesome death...and with Asad burning in rage getting to know Amar's brutalities to Zoya, what will happen when he gets to know Amar Siddiqui is alive? And what will happen when Amar gets to know Zoya has married her long time love Asad? Who is going to keep their word regarding Zoya? Amar or Asad??

There are more mysteries to be unveiled and much more exciting tracks...so stay tuned to my updates!! Smile


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Res for Jas, Ankie, V, Sue, Aishu, Anopama, Asif, Riddhi,  Mayur, binuu, Sanjhari, Muskaan, Keya, Kritz, Mariam, Proteeti, Shweta, Amina, Sonu, Sans, Juhi, Prinky, Anuv6, Shailu, Tehs, Minahil and all my other wonderful readers too!!! Smile 

Sorry if I left any names...all my readers are special for me...!! Embarrassed

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Hey guys!!

Shall be updating the 11th Chapter tomorrow...Asad and Zoya's marriage special update and Amar's comeback update...stay tuned!!! Wink

Aishwarya Heart

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Updated Chapter 11 !! Embarrassed

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Awesome update.
Pl dnt let amar win over asya.
Hope zoya tell asad whole truth.

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Awesome update plzz continue soon

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