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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 75)

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Plzz dear update this one na I badly wanted to read this and hunted love

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Hey aishTongue just came across this one
Prologue seems quite interesting and intriguing 
Res for now ...will read all parts soonishTongue

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A very interesting but scary promo dear
So zoya's ex-husband is back
And asya are all set to spent their lives together
Seems like they will have to face lots of challenges in their married life
Looking forward to know what happens next
Please continue soon
Will be waiting impatiently Smile

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Plzzz update this one na dear

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Hey guys...shall update this one next...as I didn't see much posts on this FF...I totally forgot that its been a really long time since I updated this...

Shall try up update this FF pretty soon and then update Haunted Love!!

Stay tuned!!

Aishwarya Heart

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I m waiting to read it all stories ...
Update soon

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Hello everyone!!! Big smile I didn't even realize that its been too long since I updated this FF...maybe coz there weren't much requests on this FF...it's a dark and emotional love story and maybe because of that not much were wanting to get the next update Wink And some thought it was a SaHil FF looking at the banner... Tongue

Anyways...Its okay...as a writer I will update all my stories no matter how is the response, and thank you for my consistent readers who reserve immediately as I announce my updates...Embarrassed So here is the 10th chapter which is an emotional, intense moving one...and hope you love it!! Embarrassed

Chapter 10

Zoya looked outside at the quiet night road and smiled while tears caressed her cheeks, "My life had ended them moment I left you Asad...it was all over...in fact Amar had married my corpse only...a non-living Zoya Farooqi...you know Asad...life sometimes gives you choices...we prefer the ones with less trouble, hesitating to fight...but most of the time those decisions never give us happiness...my decision of break up with you and marrying Amar was one such decision..."

Asad looked down while silently listening to Zoya, while she added, "At the same time, I didn't want to punish everyone who was linked with me...I had already killed your heart. So for the sake of my Ammi and Abbu's happiness, I decided to embrace my marriage life...with a decision to explain Amar about my first love...and make him understand that moving on with him wasn't easy...but Amar had some other revelations with him...!!"

Zoya closed her eyes, while the scene shifted back to her wedding night.

Zoya was waiting in her bed dressed in her lehenga, with an emotionless look and looked at her mehendi decorated hands.

She recalled Asad's lines long back, "Can't wait to see your hands adorned with mehendi...with my name!!"

Zoya controlled her tears and wiped it off, and she heard the door open.

Zoya looked down while her heart thumped louder and was more audible than the clock's ticking sounds.

She could hear the door getting locked and Amar walking towards her, and Zoya clutched her lehenga tightly, and closed her eyes, with her veil covering her face.

Amar sat next to Zoya, and he took his hand close to her face, while Zoya could feel it, and she decided to talk to Amar about requiring some time to start a marital life with him.

As she lifted her veil to look at him, she noticed Amar retreating his hand suddenly.

"Amar...I want to talk..." Zoya said while Amar held his hand and got out of the bed, sweating all over. Zoya gave a puzzled look at him, while Amar behaved abnormally holding his head and sitting down.

"Ohh no...I forgot...God...oh my God...this is unbearable..." Amar exclaimed and ran around the room searching something.

"What...what happened..." Zoya asked getting out of bed and tried to help him, "Amar...what's wrong...I can help you..."

Zoya went to Amar while he pushed her and started frantically opened his drawers. He took out a box and took out a small bottle and syringe. Zoya was shocked to see all that.

"What's this...what medicine is this??" Zoya asked and went to him, while Amar sat down on the floor and tried to search his veins.

"Give it to me...I will see to this...I am a doctor Amar..." Amar pushed her back, and said, "No no...stay away from this...move!!"

Zoya was looking at that scene with a horrified look, while Amar injected it in his hand and switched off the lights of the room, and had a contented look closing his eyes.

Amar stood up and lied on the bed and looked at Zoya, "Zoya baby...actually...I am...tired today...I hope...you don't mind..."

Amar fell asleep, while Zoya didn't understand what had actually happened. She moved forward in the dark, and looked at the empty medicine bottle lying over there. She took it and walked near the window and tried to read the contents.

She opened her eyes wide and dropped the bottle, and slanted against the wall with a shocked look at Amar.

"Dr"drugs!!" Zoya walked forward in slow steps and looked at Amar's hand and saw several injection pricks on his hand. Zoya collapsed on the floor with a devastated look and moved back on the floor and sat below the window clasping her knees together and looking at Amar.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, and Zoya's face had turned all pale and shocked. Zoya covered her mouth with her hands and burst out crying, banging her hands on the floor causing her bangles to break.

"My Ammi was so keen in defeating me...that she had the major defeat in this game..." Zoya said in tears, while Asad was in tears hearing that, "She wanted to prove my choice wrong, but Allah helped me prove that my choice was nowhere near hers...but that victory was...at the cost of my life Asad!!"

Zoya wiped her tears as she continued, "He used to be very normal during other times...but I couldn't let him near me at all...and I was scared to let him know about you too fearing his mental condition...as you know...I got a husband and a patient along with my marriage..." Zoya gave a painful smile, "I decided to accept it as the punishment for ditching you...and decided to move on with him trying to cure him...but I realized later on that I still had to know things...and it was bigger punishment!!"

Zoya reached her room with a glass of milk, while she saw Amar at the backyard. She walked up to him and saw him putting heaps of mud inside a pit with a tensed look.

"Amar...what is it? What are you doing here??" Zoya asked, while Amar turned at her abruptly raising the spade in his hand, "SSshhh!!!"

 A startled Zoya dropped the glass down and moved back in horror.

"Don't make noise!!! Ssshhh!!" Amar placed his finger on her lips and said looking at the pit, "It might wake up...quiet!!"

"Wh...what might...wake up??" Zoya asked with a panicked tone.

"Baby...come here..." Amar dropped the spade and took Zoya to the room and showed her a painting of her which he had been doing.

"I was doing this with so much concentration jaan...one stupid cat kept disturbing with its noise...I said it not to disturb me...but no...it just didn't want to listen to me!!!"

Amar moved forward to the place where he was standing and demonstrated, "I was standing here okay...it came here..." He pointed at the floor, while Zoya was looking at his behavior with abated breath.

"It kept shouting near my leg...I said it to move...it didn't...I said again...no...again...no no no no!!!!" Amar shouted, "Then I realized...it was staring at your pic Zoya baby!!!" Amar said coming to Zoya cupping her face, "How dare someone other than me stare at your face...be it that cat too...so I decided to get rid of it permanently...!! Come...come with me!!"

Amar pulled her by her hand and showed her the pit, "I buried him here...it won't disturb us anymore and won't stare at my Zoya too...!!"

Zoya opened her eyes wide in shock hearing that and looked at the pit with a horrified look.

"I did right nah baby?? You go...go and take rest...I will come soon...go go...!!"

Amar continued filling sand in the pit, while Zoya walked backwards with a horrified look with a pale face. She reached her room, and locked the door and ran straight to the washroom.

She sat down at the floor, breathing fast recalling everything.

"Amar...is...not...only a...drug...add"ddict...but..." Zoya gasped for breath, "he...he is a...psy...psychopath...!!!!"

Zoya placed her hand on her chest and burst out crying looking up, "Alllaaahh!!!"

Zoya closed her mouth and cried her heart out and said in a crying tone, "I have married a...psychopath!!! How am I going to survive here Allah...such a huge...punishment...Allah..."

Just then she realized in horror, "A cat...he killed an innocent cat...just because it stared at my picture...what if...what if he knows...he knows about Asad!!! Asad!!"

"I understood my life has ended!!" Zoya said in tears while Asad looked down unable to control his tears. Zoya said, "Home became hell for me...Amar took away the TV from my home thinking I admire the male actors...radio was gone because he felt I liked the RJs speech more than his...all I was allowed was to see him, talk to him, be with him...no phone calls to mom, dad anyone...but I never let him touch me Asad...I kept asking for time to get to know him...and avoided it...I didn't even have the strength and courage to suicide too Asad...!!"

Zoya took the water bottle and had water and continued, "Every day he would buy me new jewelry, saarees, apparels...but I stopped smiling, laughing...I forgot to talk too Asad...and maybe Allah wasn't happy with that much punishment...and as an icing to that cake, finally Amar got to know what he never should have known...about you!!"

Asad looked up at her, while Zoya closed her eyes tightly recalling it.

A horrified Zoya looked at Amar sitting at the middle of the room with all the furniture broken. He kept looking at the diary in his hand, while Zoya cursed herself for leaving her personal vault open forgetting to hide it behind her dresses.

He flipped through the pages where Zoya had written about her love, and looked up at with reddish teary eyes.

"Amar...believe me...there is nothing like what you think..." Zoya said with a horrified look, "That's an old..."

Amar broke the glass table next to him with his hand, while Zoya closed her ears on that commotion.

Amar stood up and walked to her while Zoya moved back and stopped at the wall. Amar stood opposite her with a ferocious look and showed the diary to her.

"You love him...right??"

Zoya said with a panicked face, "No Amar...trust me...that was...past...I don't...I don't love him now..."

"Really??" Amar asked moving closer to her.

Zoya nodded her head abruptly swallowing her breath.

"Okay..." Amar pulled her forward and pushed her on the floor and walked to the drawer and took out a matchbox.

He gave the diary to her and threw the matchbox at her. Zoya looked at it and looked up at Amar.

"You don't love him right...burn his diary!!"

Zoya looked at him with tears and looked at the diary.


"Burn it!!"

Zoya looked at the diary and recalled how she had written all their incidents not even leaving a single event by mentioning him in their code name "AsYa" in order to keep it safe from other's sight as they shared a relationship secretly.

"Burn it!!!!" Amar screamed, while Zoya lit the matchstick and dropped it on the diary closing her eyes. She turned her face away unable to see that diary burning, while Amar moved behind her and turned her face making her face the burning diary.

"Look at it...open your eyes and look at it!!!"

A horrified Zoya looked at it with teary eyes, while Amar asked, "Are you seeing??"

Amar held Zoya's face tightly while Zoya said, "Yes...yes...I am...I am..."

The diary burnt completely and Amar suddenly left hold of Zoya and moved in front of her.

"Baby...Jaan...I am sorry...I am so sorry jaan!!! Did I hurt you??"Amar asked moving close to Zoya while Zoya moved back avoiding his touch.

Amar noticed Zoya's apprehensions and got hold of Zoya's shoulder in anger, "Why??? Why are you avoiding my touch??Haan?? You love his touches only?? Tell me...how does he touch you...haan??"

"Stop it Amar!!!" Zoya stood up and said in tears, "Stop being so disgusting...yeah I did love Asad...but it's not a bad relationship like how you speak...he is a gem of a person..."

Zoya stopped suddenly noticing Amar's change of reaction, while Amar asked, "I see...gem of a person...really??"

"No...I meant..." Zoya said with a panicked look, while Amar asked her, "Then what am I?? Devil?"

"No Amar...I didn't..." Zoya said while Amar pushed her at the bed and said, "Gem of a person...praising another man in front of me...you still love him...you still love him!!"

"No Amar...I don't..." Zoya said in tears while Amar bent towards her on the bed and said, "Alright...you don't love him right...then come on...love me...be a proper wife to me now...you don't love him right?? Come on!!!!"

Zoya shook her head in denial understanding Amar's intentions, and screamed as Amar slapped her hard.

Zoya closed her face and cried her heart out, unable to narrate anything after that.

"I am sorry...I can't tell anything more than this...how will I...how will I tell you itself...about..." Zoya had an anxiety attack and started breathing rapidly, panicking Asad, while she signaled him she is alright and quickly popped in a tablet and had water.

"Are you okay??" Asad asked holding Zoya's hands, while she nodded her head with her rapid breath getting controlled gradually.

"The only gain I got after getting married...these...anxiety attacks..." Zoya controlled it, while Asad was feeling distraught and heartbroken looking at what Zoya had become over a couple of years.

"I lost everything Asad..." Zoya cried, "I used to boast about my love to you always...I used to boast to you that I have not let any other guy's finger too touch me...now tell me...with what face...with what face should I come and live with you...after all this...tell me Asad!!"

Zoya looked at her hands and body, "I am no longer...no longer your Zoya...I preserved myself as a treasure for you Asad..." Zoya cried bitterly, "My heart and...and body was only for you...but now...I am not worthy enough for you...for you anymore...!!"

"Zoya, please relax..."

Asad placed his hands on Zoya's shoulder, while Zoya caught his hands and cried on his hands, "No Asad...listen to me...you please move on...I am not your Zoya anymore...I am just a...just a disgusting...assaulted..." Zoya looked up at Asad, "One thing I will tell you...I came to know through Ayaan...that Meher is a psychopath...do not marry her at any cost...life would be a hell Asad..."

Asad looked at her in tears, while Zoya added, "Marry some other nice girl...and settle in life...I can't get back to you...I lost that rights...I don't have that quality in me to be in your life anymore..."

"Zoya, please don't say..." Asad said while Zoya hugged him and said in tears, "No Asad...your Zoya died long back...I am just a cursed girl...leave my thoughts...and live happily..."

Zoya held the door, while she turned back at him and said in tears, "Thanks for giving me some nice memories in my life Asad...for me to live a lifetime with it...!!"

Zoya got out with her bag, and looked at Asad and said, "You leave...my train will come in some time...leave Asad!!"

Asad looked at Zoya with a distressed look, while Zoya signaled him to leave. Asad drove off, as he looked at Zoya through the side mirror, standing with her bags looking at the car.

His throat had a lump and he felt like bursting out looking at that, while he drove off too.

Zoya wiped her tears and walked towards the platform with her bags.


Asad was driving while his mind was battling with Zoya's tragic story and her tears.

He switched on the radio to divert his thoughts, and a song started playing:

"Jis ko dhoondhe baahar baahar

Woh baitha hai bheetar chhup ke

Tere andar ek samandar

Kyun dhoondhe tubke tubke"

Asad looked at the radio hearing it and his conscience started getting louder.

"Are you doing the right thing Asad??" Asad's inner voice spoke as he was thinking, "You are leaving that helpless girl on the streets and coming back??"

"Akal ke parde peeche kar de

 Ghoonghat ke pat khol re tohe piya piya

 Tohe piya milenge milenge milenge"

"Zoya needs you Asad...what's her mistake in what happened in her life...she always loved you...and is asking you to leave her not because she doesn't love you...she loves you and feels she has become unworthy for you...and you are proving it right by leaving her??"

"Paake khona kho ke paana hota aaya re

 Sang saathi saa hai woh toh woh hai saaya re

Daga tune ki na bas jee se jee mere

 Bole seene mein woh tere dheeme dheeme re

 Tohe piya milenge milenge milenge"

"What will she do now...she never even mentioned about her parents too...no idea where are they and what if Zoya has not let them know anything...where will she go...Allah has left up to you to decide...you want to marry someone whom you don't love for your Ammi who doesn't love you...or leave a girl who doesn't want to be with you because she loves you??"

After a riot of thoughts, Asad looked at the time, and noticed it was 10 minutes more for Zoya's train to leave. He halted the car all of a sudden.

"No!! I won't leave you this time Zoya!!! Time to break our silence and re-write our story...even if I have to oppose the world for that!!!"

Asad saw the time again, and took an abrupt drifting U-turn and sped off back to the railway station.

Asad drove in high speed with only Zoya in his mind.

"Jo hai dekha wohi dekha to kya dekha hai

 Dekho woh jo auron ne naa kabhi dekha hai 

 Naino se na aisa kuch dekha jo hota hai

 Naina meecho toh woh sab dikh jaata hai

 Tohe piya milenge milenge milenge"

Asad reached the station and heard the sound of the train arriving. He jumped out and ran towards the platform with all his might.

"Ussi ko paana ussi ko chhoona

 Kahin pe wo na kahin pe tu na

 Jahaan pe wo na wahaan pe soona

 Yahaan pe soona"

He reached the platform inside and Zoya standing up from the bench with her bags to go to the train, as the train stopped.


Zoya turned hearing Asad's scream, while Asad ran towards her. Zoya was confused looking at him.

"Tohe piya milenge piya milenge milenge

 Tohe piya milenge milenge milenge"

Asad reached Zoya and hugged her tight with tears in his eyes, while Zoya dropped her bags.

"Zoya...Zoya...I won't leave you...not again Zoya..." Asad said hugging her, while panting due to the running, while Zoya didn't understand anything and heard with teary eyes.

Asad broke from his hug and cupped Zoya's face wiping her tears and asked, "I love you Zoya Farooqi...I love you so much...will you marry me??"

Zoya was stunned hearing that as tears flowed down her cheeks, while the train hooted all ready to go.

"I promise...I will be with you forever...as long as I have life...I will live with you...love you...turn your cursed life to a blessed life...please marry me!!"

Zoya had tears hearing it and looked down shaking her head in denial, while Asad lifted her face and wiped off the tears.

"I don't care what happens Zoya...I don't even care about anyone else!!" Asad said to Zoya, while the train moved at their side, "I don't even bother about what all happened in your life and what happened with you...I always loved you, I still love you and will not leave you another one time from my life!!"

Zoya held his hands which were on her cheeks in tears while Asad said, "Zoya...I always love you Zoya...your heart which loves me...and I know by heart...you are still my Zoya...I never loved your body Zoya...I am not such a guy...please don't degrade my love that way and leave me...you have all the rights and quality to live with me Zoya!!"

Zoya looked at Asad with tears, "Asad...your Ammi...your marriage..."

"I don't want to think about all that...all that matters to me now is you!! Come...lets's move out of this place and get married...I will get you back all the happiness which you had longed for...we shall live the life we both always dreamt of!!"

The train left the platform and only Asad and Zoya were standing there at that time.

"You said you are leaving me because you love me a lot yeah..." Asad asked in tears, "I am not going to leave you because I too love you a lot Zoya...tell me a yes if you believe in me...I know you too are longing to live a happy life...to smile like before...laugh like before...our bike rides..."

Zoya cried out hearing that, while Asad placed her forehead on his forehead and let out his tears to roll and said in a crying tone, "Our wish list...midnight chai on terrace...three kids...two boys, one girl...eat bhel puri during rain under umbrella...shouldn't we fulfill all this wish list Zoya??"

Zoya sat down on the floor on her knees in tears, unable to control her emotions anymore, while Asad too knelt down in front of her and lifted her face, while they both looked at each other in tears.

"Remember...what we always say when we were in relationship, Zoya??" Asad asked with his face touching hers, "Sun may stop rising in the east...fish might start living out of water..."

"But Asad and Zoya can't stop loving each other...!!" Asad and Zoya said in unison as Zoya hugged Asad tightly and they poured out their held emotions during the past 2 years.

"I want to live my life Asad...I want to fulfill all the wishes we made...I want to live with you...I love you!!"

Asad broke from the hug and kissed on her forehead, while Zoya closed her eyes on that kiss out of love, which she had been deprived off since years.


"I am so happy you finally decided to listen to your heart...both of you!!" Ayaan said with a smile, while Asad and Zoya were at his home, at that night.

"But I am blank now Ayaan...where do I go now...definitely I am not going home...and I can't work here too now...I want to shift somewhere else with Zoya...start our life afresh..." Asad looked at Zoya, holding her hand, while she smiled at him feebly.

Ayaan thought about it, while he got up to make a call.

"Tanveer...listen to me carefully!! Conference call...Imraan!!"


After some time, Tanveer knocked at the door and Ayaan opened it, while Tanveer and Imraan came inside, and Imraan handed over two tickets to Ayaan.

"Heyy..." Tanveer looked at Asad and Zoya, "We both jumped out of our hostels...after all such happy news we are getting..."

"Okay...Asad, you leave with Zoya to Pune...just move out of this place first before it dawns, while we arrange for your marriage and the rest later..." Ayaan said handing over the train tickets to Asad, "Imraan will reach in some time with your essential things..."

Asad got the tickets while Zoya too looked at it and looked up at Asad.

"Imraan, you know what to do yeah??" Ayaan asked while he said, "Yeah...I spoke to Nikhat...she will keep Asad's essential things and clothes at the balcony outside Asad's room...I will jump in as usual and take it and come..."

"Nikhat..." Asad thought about her, "I will miss her so much..."

"Don't worry...everything will be alright soon..." Imraan said, "She said she won't call you for some days, coz Shireen Aunty might catch her..."

"But wait...Shireen Ammi will catch hold of you guys only first once she gets to know I left the place..." Asad said, while Tanveer said, "Don't worry about Lady Gabbar...we will handle her..."

"Come...we will leave to the station now...Tanveer you go with Imraan to Asad's house..."

Tanveer and Imraan left, while Ayaan walked forward, and Zoya held Asad's hand.

"I am troubling you all yeah??"

Asad held her hand back, "Don't ever tell that again Zoya...I will do anything for you...your happiness is what I want...and our happiness is what our friends want...be happy!!"

Zoya smiled as she and Asad walked out holding hands.

Zoya was disturbed in thoughts, "Ya Allah!! I hope my past doesn't stand in my way of my future now...I can't bear losing Asad one more time!!"


The train to Pune started moving at 3:30 AM at the morning, while Asad and Zoya walked to their seats and placed their bags on the storage above.

There were no one in their side, and Asad and Zoya sat down at the seat. Asad sat by the window and Zoya looked at him, while he was messaging Ayaan.

Zoya leaned over Asad's shoulder as he looked at her.

"Thank you Asad...I can't express how I am feeling right now...you have left everything...your mother, sister, job, friends...everything just for me...I know how difficult it is for you to do this...what have I done in life to get a guy like you Asad??"

Zoya asked in tears, while Asad lifted her chin and looked at her.

"We have lived our life enough for others and suffered too Zoya...now it's our time...and I am sure...with you by my side...I will be the happiest man in the world...I am sure we will get back together with Ammi, Nikhat and our friends in some time...let it be some years too...no problem...at the moment you are my priority..."

Zoya looked at him, while he said, "They all can live without me...but you can't...that's what matters..."

Zoya lifted her head from his shoulder and showed his hand to him.

"Asad...I need a promise from you..." said Zoya "Promise me that at any point of time, you will always be with me be it whatever trauma I am going through, and that you will never leave me...even if my past confronts us by chance!!"

Asad looked confused, but eventually extended his hand to Zoya, "I promise!! I will always be your side; no matter what's the situation or what we have to face...I will be your life partner in all senses!!"

Zoya smiled and leaned her head against Asad's shoulder as she closed her eyes, and her brain revisited some screams and a rainy night, and Zoya herself running. She clutched to Asad's arms while her hands shivered.

Asad's phone rang and he saw Meher's name flashing. He looked at Zoya on his shoulder and looked back at his phone.

He switched off his phone, and looked at Zoya and engulfed her with his hand and rested his head on her head and closed his eyes as the train moved.


Scroll for Precap...


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