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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 69)

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update this story please

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Clap Clap

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Hey friends Big smile

Shall update within this week for sure Smile Sorry to keep you waiting...as you all know I am gearing up for my exams and am a bit busy...hope you cooperate...Embarrassed

Aishwarya Heart
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Originally posted by --Aishwarya--

Hey friends Big smile

Shall update within this week for sure Smile Sorry to keep you waiting...as you all know I am gearing up for my exams and am a bit busy...hope you cooperate...Embarrassed

Aishwarya Heart

take ur time but do update this week pls

Also haunted Love my fav one,,,pls pls pls update HL as well ( Diwali Gift samjh kr de dena update LOL)

All the best fr ur exams :)

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Hello everyone!!! Smile So as promised, here is the update of Chapter 9!! Hope you all enjoy reading it, as this update comes across many revelations and truths...And as its been a while since I update this FF, here's a small recap too in this update!! Happy Reading!! Big smile

Part 9


Asad tries to get a positive reply from Zoya with a hope of cancelling his marriage with Meher, which backfires with Shireen overhearing their conversation. Shireen plans to get Asad's marriage done with Meher in a week, and Asad ends up in a pathetic situation with Zoya's silence adding to it. Asad tries to convince Meher to pull off the wedding, but in vain. Asad and Zoya feel heartbroken about their cursed destines and spends a tragic moment with each other...


As Asad and Zoya broke from their hug, they looked at each other in tears.

"Zoya...I don't know why...my heart still says that...I should not hasten my decision to marry Meher..." Asad said in tears, while Zoya looked at him painfully.

Asad held Zoya's hand and said her, "Zoya, I have always respected your decisions and feelings...even now I am telling that only to you...as I said I can wait for you for any number of years...but all I want to know is...if you are ready to restart your life once again...I know...I know you have lost your husband...you can take your own time to get over it...just that I want to know if I can complete your incomplete life??"

"Asad...my life...its already doomed...and I don't want to...Asad, you better marry Meher itself!!"

Saying so, Zoya stood up and ran out of the room in tears. Asad looked at that and looked back at his mum's photo and hugged it close to its chest.

"My fate is sealed Ammi...!! I guess I have no other go rather than accepting my ill fate."


It was just a day before the wedding, and all wedding preparations were taking place in full swing at Khan Villa.

Zoya was sitting in her room looking at an album filled with old photos of hers and Asad. She was looking at it with tears.

"I really want to give an answer for your question Asad...but...but my past is still haunting me...and maybe the reason that...I am hiding many things from you...it's not that I don't want to..." Zoya looked at a photo where Asad and Zoya were sitting by the beach looking at each other.

She looked at the letter which she had written for Asad during her college days, and she placed it close to her heart in nostalgia.

Suddenly she heard a knock at her door. Zoya quickly closed the album and hid it under her pillow, and stood up wiping her tears, holding the letter behind her.

She looked at Shireen at the door and she walked towards her with a smile.

"Hello Aunty!"

"I need to talk to you something important" Shireen said as she entered the room. Zoya too walked behind her wondering what it was about.

"You might be knowing...it's Asad and Meher's nikaah tomorrow."

"Yeah..." Zoya said in a low tone, looking down.

"Listen...I don't want your presence to disrupt Asad's wedding. If you are here, Asad will never be in a peace of mind and you might divert his mind too, which I don't want. So...I am sorry to say, but please leave this house and go before Asad's wedding!!"

Zoya was shocked hearing such a command from Shireen, and was feeling disappointed hearing it. Shireen walked towards the room, but stopped over there and turned at Zoya again.

"I don't want Asad to know about this...I think you might be smart enough to go with another reason!!"

Saying so, Shireen walked out of the room, while Zoya crushed the letter with her hand, and sat down in tears.

She threw the letter aside and looked up, "Thank you Allah...whenever I desire something which I don't deserve...you give me a wakeup call at the right time...just now I thought that maybe I should try one more chance to live...actually Asad's love blinded me for some time...but I must not ruin his life again I hope...fine!! I will leave...once and for all!!"


It was evening and Meher's family had come home and Khan Villa was crowded with relatives and friends.

Just then Ayaan, Imraan, Humeira and Tanveer reached there. Nikhat who was there looked at Imraan, gave a light smile and walked to Shireen, avoiding much conversation with him at that moment.

Asad was sitting at his room wearing a black kurta and looking at a bracelet which had letter hangings "ASYA". He was looking at it painfully in tears.

Suddenly, Asad heard the door open and he quickly put the bracelet back in the drawer and looked at the door.

Ayaan and others came in, while Imraan closed the door behind.

"Dude, what is happening yaar??" Ayaan asked sitting opposite Asad.

"Asad, please tell us even now...we are ready to help you out of this marriage...please don't hesitate..." Humeira said in a requesting tone, while Asad looked up at her.

"What will I do escaping from this marriage alone?? There's no point living after that too..." Asad said with a broken look.

"What do you mean by that?? Asad, I just can't understand why are you getting scared of Shireen Ammi this much...why can't you just tell her that you can't marry her??" Tanveer asked with an angry tone.

"Tannu, don't ask this question to me again and again, as if you don't know the reason..." Asad said standing up, "You know right, after Abbu's death, no one even cares about me in this house other than Nikhat. And she still feels I am the reason for his death...she feels that if I had come home early that day, Abbu wouldn't have gone out that late night in search of me and met with that accident..."

"But it's not that you wanted your Abbu to die right?? Why can't she understand that??" asked Tanveer.

"She was not able to think that way...she just accuses me even now, that if not for my careless behavior that day, Abbu would have been alive today...coz he never drives at night as he has vision issues at night..." Asad said with a hurt look recalling that day.

"But that doesn't mean she gets you married to a psychopath as a revenge right??" Ayaan asked coming to Asad, "Is it just because she is getting money from them as a deal to pay all your debts and conduct Nikhat's wedding??"

Asad was quiet while Imraan added, "What not are you doing for her yaar?? You even stopped moving out of home at night after your Abbu's death, you take care of their all amenities just like your dad, what else does she want??

"Whatever...it's all over and I will have to..."

Asad stopped his sentence looking at Zoya at the door. Everyone turned and looked at her, and Zoya came inside with a plain look.

"Asad...I am leaving to Delhi tonight!"

Asad was shocked hearing it, while Ayaan and others too were perplexed hearing it.

"Leaving?? Why??" Asad asked coming to Zoya.

"Uhhh...it's like...I...I had applied in some hospitals at Delhi...yesterday I received a mail from a private hospital...so...I have to leave tonight...I have...booked the train ticket too..."

Zoya said looking down, while Asad tried to control his burst of emotions especially since all his friends were there.

"You won't be...attending my...my..." Asad stammered, while Zoya looked up at him in tears.

"Asad, would you be able to arrange a taxi for me tonight?? Please..."

Asad understood Zoya didn't want to answer that question and replied, "I myself will drop you...no worries!"

Zoya moved out hearing that, while Asad stood there with his sight shifted at the door.

Ayaan shook his head in disagreement, while he got out of the room. Asad sat at the bed and placed his face in his palms and bent down, while Imraan placed his hand on his shoulder. Humeira and Tanveer were equally feeling depressed looking at Asad's messed up and depressed situation.

Zoya reached her room and closed the door and walked to the bed where she had her bag ready and packed. She looked at the love letters of hers and Asad and crumbled it in despair and threw it away.

"You can do this Zoya!!" Zoya said wiping her face, "You have gone through so much; you can definitely go through this also!"

Zoya took out her train tickets and looked at it, "Sorry Asad...I had to lie to you that I am leaving to Delhi...its only because I don't want you to come searching for me...I am going forever to Kolkata...and will never bother you anymore!!"

Zoya turned behind to go out while she stopped abruptly in shock, looking at Ayaan standing there reading the letters which Zoya had thrown around.

Ayaan looked up at Zoya with a confused look and showed her the letters and asked her, "What's all this??"

Zoya immediately closed the door and turned to Ayaan.

"Ayaan please!! Don't tell about this to any of our friends...please!!"

"What is wrong with you??" Ayaan asked coming to Zoya, "Why are you hiding all these?? Wait...it means it was not one-sided love from Asad...you both were in a relationship?? Why did you have to hide that?? And why did you marry Amar if you too loved Asad? Now too why are you leaving him??"

"Ayaan, please...I am right now really not in a position to answer all your questions..." Zoya said to Ayaan with a sad look, "Yes Ayaan...we were indeed in a relationship...but it's all messed up...I mean...I myself messed it up...I know..."

Ayaan looked at Zoya as she was talking, while Zoya added, "But now I have moved so far, that its really difficult for me to reach my past again...I don't have the same strength and power to fight for my love again...and its better Asad too does this marriage and..."

"...and end up his life soon??" Ayaan responded, while Zoya looked up at him.

"Do you even know what kind of a girl his fiance Meherunnisa is?? Do you know she is a psychopath suffering from serious personality disorder??"

Zoya opened her eyes wide hearing that, while Ayaan asked, "You are a doctor too right?? You know how are patients with such disorders, right??"

Zoya closed her eyes with some noises and disturbances flashing through her brain. She opened her eyes and looked at Ayaan, "Of course!!"

"And even now too you feel it's okay if you leave him mid-way?? I know you have lost your husband and everything...but all Asad wants is just a word from that it's fine for him to wait till you recover from your past. And now I can see you too clearly want to be back with him, but you are stopping yourself!"

"No Ayaan...Asad has family responsibilities..."

"Just shut up Zoya!!" Ayaan raised his voice, "Why do you guys fall in love and be in a relationship when you don't have the guts to fight for it??"

"No Ayaan...it's that..." Zoya tried to explain while Ayaan stopped her, "Don't come up with silly excuses!!"

Zoya looked down in tears, while Ayaan added, "This is what I hate about many people...you guys fall in love...have good times...make promises and then shake hands and leave citing families...where were your families when you both promised to lead your life together??"

Zoya broke in tears, while Ayaan felt bad too, and he reluctantly held her face, and looked at her, "I don't hate you Zoya...please keep that in mind..." Zoya looked at him, while he wiped her tears, "I too want my sister and my friend to be happy...I don't like you both ruining your life like this. You already have lost your life taking a wrong decision...please don't let Asad too do that now...please Zoya!!"

Zoya looked at Ayaan and thought about it, while Ayaan patted her cheek and left the room. Zoya sat down at the bed and was lost in thoughts.


Asad reaches the Mazaar with his family, Meher's family and his friends, sometime after Ayaan and Zoya's conversation. Zoya too had accompanied them in Tanveer and Humeira's insistence.

Asad and Ayaan were sitting outside after their prayer, while Asad was silently looking down.

"Can you at least break this silence and tell something Asad?? Ayaan asked, "Zoya too is silent when I ask her something...you too are silent...what are you both up to and why are you both hell bound in making your lives a living hell?

"It's not that we had some secret relationship Ayaan...we were planning to surprise you guys at the end hoping that it would happily reach till marriage...Abbu knew about me and Zoya and he was completely with me...he had even promised to present it to Shireen Ammi at the right time...that's when Zoya's parents made a ruckus as they wanted her to marry some other rich businessman..."

Ayaan listened to it, while Asad added, "Her mother did suicide drama and such when she happened to read my love letter to Zoya...citing all society, defame and such...in order to save her mother Zoya was obliged to lie that I only loved her and she never reciprocated...it was just a one-sided affair..."

Ayaan was listening to it intently while Asad continued, "She wasn't convinced...her dad wanted her to prove that...and I played a drama for Zoya...where I propose her and she rejects me...her parents had come with her that day...but trust me Ayaan, only I know how much pain was Zoya in while doing that...when in reality she was the first one who fell in love and chased me for a year to make me fall in love with her."

Ayaan closed his eyes and pressed his temples, as he felt guilty for being too harsh to Zoya some time back, unaware that she was emotionally tortured a lot to take such a decision.

"Okay Asad. Let bygones by bygones!! If you have to decide something, this is the time!! Even now it isn't late. Choose your life...whom do you want to live the rest of your life with?? The one whom you always wanted to live with...or the one with whom you didn't even want to live in your dreams?? Close your eyes and ask Allah for a reply. He will help you!!"

Asad closed his eyes for a while and requests the Almighty for a reply, and as he opened his eyes, he spots Zoya and Meher walking towards him from a distance. He moved his sight right and left at both of them.

"Ya Allah!! Why are you confusing me like this?? Are you reflecting my dilemma like this??" Asad wondered, "Are you indicating me to decide my destiny myself??"


It was late night and Zoya hugged Nikhat, standing at the living room at Khan Villa.

"Please don't go Baaji!!" Nikhat said with a sad face, while Zoya smiled, "I couldn't stay here whole life too yeah?? I anyways had to leave...so I am! Take care...and hope you too settle down happily with Imraan!"

Nikhat smiled hearing that, while Asad came from outside and said, "I have kept your bags inside."

Asad was all gloomy, while Zoya looked at Shireen's room and said to Nikhat, "Inform Shireen Aunty that I wished my deepest regards to her..."

"Okay Baaji." Nikhat said and Asad said to Nikhat, "If Ammi wakes up and asks about me by chance, try to manage...I will come back soon dropping Zoya at the station." Asad said with a heavy voice, while Nikhat nodded her head.

Asad and Zoya left home, and Nikhat closed the door and walked inside.


Asad was driving to the railway station with Zoya, while they both were dead silent in the car.

Asad looked at Zoya, and then switched on the radio.

"Now at this beautiful starlit night, let's all drown in a beautiful touching song from Veer Zaara...keep listening to Radio Mirchi...stay hot!!"

"Tere liye ham hai jiye honto ko siye

Tere liye ham hai jiye har aansu piye"

Zoya looked at the radio hearing it and looked at Asad who too looked at her at the same time.

"Dil me magar jalte rahe chahat ke diye

 Tere liye tere liye"

"You requested for this song, Asad??" Zoya asked slanting along her seat with tears filling her eyes.

Asad controlled the pain of his heart and said, "I am happy you at least sensed that this is the turmoil I am going through!"

Zoya looked at him painfully, while Asad asked, "Do you want me to turn off the radio??"

"No no...I want to feel the song!" Zoya said and smiled at Asad.

"Kya kahoon, duniya ne kiya, mujh se kaisa bair 

Hukam tha, main jiyun, lekin tere baghair"

Zoya closed her eyes as she recalled her olden carefree days with Asad at college.

"Naadaan hai woh kehte hain jo mere liye tum ho ghair

Kitne sitam hampe sanam logon ne kiye

 Dil mein magar jalte rahe chaahat ke diye

 Tere liye tere liye"

Asad stopped the car as he reached the railway station, while Zoya was still sitting with closed eyes unaware of the halt of the car.

"Tere liye ham hain jiye honton ko siye

 Tere liye ham hain jiye har aansoo piye

 Dil mein magar jalte rahe chaahat ke diye

 Tere liye...Tere liye...Tere liye..."

As the song ended, Asad switched off the radio and shook Zoya slightly by her shoulder. Zoya opened her eyes and looked out and realized that they have reached the railway station.

"Ohhh...we reached??" Zoya asked and as she turned back to take her hand bag, Asad said, "There is still so much time for the train, Zoya. You can wait in the car till it comes."

"But...you need to go home right?"

"It's okay...maybe I might not get to spend such a day hereafter..." Asad said with a depressed look, while Zoya too kept back her bag and looked out lowering the window.

It was blowing cool breeze inside the car, while Zoya looked at Asad tapping the steering wheel, unable to start a conversation.

"I don't know whether we might meet hereafter in life, Asad!" Zoya said with a sad look, "But before I leave, I want to break some of my silence to you...because I don't want you to think that I left your life, because I don't love you...I am leaving you, because I love you a lot and consider myself no longer worthy enough for you!!"

Asad gave a confused look at Zoya, while Zoya said looking at the railway tracks, "You might even be thinking that it might be because I couldn't overcome Amar's death, but it's not...in fact...I was awaiting his death each day!!!"

Asad opened his eyes wide in horror, while Zoya looked at him with teary eyes.

"Awaiting his death??" Asad asked with a horrified look.

"You want to know why??" Zoya asked in tears and removed her jacket. Asad was horrified to find burn marks and blood pricked scars on both her hands. Zoya looked down and burst out crying, while Asad was totally clueless.

Zoya wore back her jacket and looked down and said, "My past is worse than you can imagine Asad...wish Amar had never met me...wish my Ammi had never wanted to marry me off to him...wish I never left you scared for my Ammi's life..." Zoya smirked painfully, "All I knew was that I was saving my Ammi's life, little did I know that I accepted an invitation to hell...a hell where a demon named Amar Siddiqui ruled...!!!" 

Scroll down for Precap...


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"I don't care what happens Zoya...I don't even care about anyone else!!" Asad said to Zoya, cupping her face, while the train moved at their side, "I don't even bother about what all happened in your life and what happened with you...I always loved you, I still love you and will not leave you another one time from my life!!"

Zoya looked at Asad with tears, while she held his hands on her face, "Asad...your Ammi...your marriage..."

"I don't want to think about all that...all that matters to me now is you!! Come...lets's move out of this place and get married...I will get you back all the happiness which you had longed for...we shall live the life we both always dreamt of!!"


"Asad, you leave with Zoya to Pune...just move out of this place first before it dawns, while we arrange for your marriage and the rest later..." Ayaan said handing over the train tickets to Asad, "Imraan will reach in some time with your essential things..."

"But Shireen Ammi will catch hold of you guys only first once she gets to know I left the place..." Asad said, while Tanveer said, "Don't worry about Lady Gabbar...we will handle her..."

Zoya was disturbed in thoughts, "Ya Allah!! I hope my past doesn't stand in my way of my future now...I can't bear losing Asad one more time!!"


"Asad...I need a promise from you..." said Zoya while in the train with Asad, "Promise me that at any point of time, you will always be with me be it whatever trauma I am going through, and that you will never leave me...even if my past confronts us by chance!!"

Asad looked confused, but eventually extended his hand to Zoya, "I promise!! I will always be your side, no matter what's the situation or what we have to face...I will be your life partner in all senses!!"

Zoya smiled and leaned her head against Asad's shoulder as she closed her eyes, and her brain revisited some screams and a rainy night, and Zoya herself running. She clutched to Asad's arms while her hands shivered.


So, how was this roller coaster update filled with Asad and Zoya's emotional turmoil?? By now, I hope you all would have got a vague idea of what happened between Asad and Zoya, and the reason behind Shireen's harsh behavior towards Asad and why he is still bearing them at this home. Hope you all loved with Tere Liye sequence...and Zoya has started opening up her past...her horrific past with her ex-husband Amar Siddiqui...

And coming to the Precap, Asad has taken a huge step without a second thought coz all he wants to think about his love Zoya...with his friends too helping them move out of the city and start a new life ahead...is it all happily-ever-after for Asad and Zoya?? Is Zoya still hiding something from Asad?? And the reason behind Zoya's confusing promise?? What are the events which are flashing through Zoya's mind often and why does she fear that her past might damage her future?? So here is where the story takes a major turn...and its going to be a thrilling ride following Asad and Zoya's wedding!! Stay hooked to the story and let me know your reviews as usual!! Embarrassed


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Res for Ankie, V, Sue, anopama, Asif, Riddhi,  Mayur, binuu, Sanjhari, Muskaan, Keya, Kritz, Mariam, Proteeti, Shweta, Amina, Sonu, Sans, Juhi, Prinky, Anuv6, Shailu, Tehs and all my other wonderful readers too!!! Smile 

Sorry if I left any names...all my readers are special for me...!! Embarrassed

Aishwarya Heart

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Updated!! Embarrassed

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