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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 65)

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you r continuing this?...

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Originally posted by -Fleurdelice-

you r continuing this?...
Yes dear...thing is my cousin sis is suffering from a very bad illness...was in India ll this while...just returned now...I shall update this within this week...Smile

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Hello all my dear friends!! I know its been a long time since I met you all with an update...as I had already said you all earlier, my cousin sis was going through a serious illness and I wasn't being able to focus much on all these...so apologies for all that, and so here is the much awaited 8th Chapter of this FF...happy reading!!! 

Part 8

It was night and Zoya was in her room writing something in her diary, in tears.

Just then she heard a knock at the door, and she quickly wiped her tears, hid the diary under the bed, and walked to the door.

She once again wiped her face, and opened the door. She saw Nikhat at the door, with a smiling face.

"Nikhat...come in!!" Zoya said and Nikhat came inside her room, and they both sat at the couch.

Nikhat looked at Zoya, and held her hands in hers.

"Zoya Baaji, I don't know how to thank you too!!" Nikhat said with a grateful look, "If not for you, by now Ammi would have finalized my marriage with Iqbal...and I would have led a loveless life throughout. You saved me at the right time...thank you so much Baaji!!"

Zoya held her hands back, and smiled at Nikhat, "I didn't do anything great Nikhat. I know...how it would be to live a life with someone whom we don't love at all and..."

Zoya thought and took a deep breath and looked at her, "I am happy for you, Nikhat!! Stay happy always...speak to Imraan to ask your hand in marriage to Shireen Aunty soon!!"

Nikhat nodded her head happily, and stood up, "Okay Baaji. See you at dinner!!"

Saying so, Nikhat walked off the room, while Zoya sat there in thoughts, when her phone started ringing.

She walked towards the phone, gave a tensed look, and looked around and clutched the phone hard in her hand, and slanted along the wall.


It was 10 at the night, and Zoya was walking to and fro in her room, restlessly deep in thoughts.

She sat at the chair nearby with a tensed look, and she had tears in her eyes too. She remembered Asad's words at the hospital too about his wedding plan.

She got up with a restless look and went to the lawn to sit over there some time peacefully.

As she reached there, she saw Asad already sitting over there, burying his face in his palms.

Zoya looked at it, and walked towards Asad.


Asad looked up at Zoya hearing her, and stood up from his place.

"What are you doing here...at this time??" Zoya asked with a questioning look walking towards him.

"I was just...just like that..." Asad pressed his forehead looking down and looked at Zoya, "What are you doing here by the way?"

"Even...I came for some peace of mind..." Zoya said and looked down, while Asad looked at her intently, and asked her, "Thinking about what I said??"

Zoya looked up at him hearing that, and looked intensely into Asad's eyes, and said in a low tone, "Actually...regarding that...suddenly when you..."

Zoya couldn't continue it and moved forward to go inside while Asad held her hands and brought her towards him, while Zoya looked down avoiding an eye lock with him.

"What happened Zoya?? Why are you running away??" Asad asked, while he took his hands to her face, and held it softly, while tears flowed through Zoya's cheeks as she looked down.

"Why are these tears coming for Zoe?? Why??" Asad asked with tears in his eyes, "I have always done what you asked me to do Zoya. Giving respect to your word, I have not uttered to a single person close to me, about our relationship till the date. You know that yeah??"

Zoya looked at him with teary eyes, while Asad said in tears, "I buried our 7 years of love in a second just for your request...even though it caused me severe pain, I silently agreed to it only for you...I did all the drama as per your wish to convince your parents too...I...I even accepted the fact that...that my Zoya is getting married to some other guy...but I very well know you wouldn't have lived a single day without my memories...right??"

Zoya lowered her face and broke down into tears hearing that, while Asad wiped her cheeks and lifted her face, "Now...don't you think God has once again made us stand back in the same point...maybe he feels that this is only right...don't you think Zoya??"

Zoya held his hands and looked at him with tears, "Asad...Asad I know...I...I agree with your every...single word...at times...I..."

Zoya took a deep breath and continued, "Asad, I think...life has given us both...maybe...another chance...but...you know...I immediately...I can't..." Zoya was stammering to him, with her voice breaking.

"I will wait for you, Zoya!! Take your time...but just tell me if you are willing to lead the rest of your life with me...whatever we did...guess it's high time, we take a stand. Tell me Zoya!! I can wait for you...be it 10 - 20 years too...I can wait in your memories itself...I won't even force you for marriage till you volunteer...but I don't want to take a drastic step in my life and later regret that things could have turned in our favour..."

Zoya was taken aback hearing it and was elated on looking at Asad's love for her, and looked down letting her tears flow.

"I...Asad...I am..." Suddenly, Zoya stopped her sentence mid-way, stunned on seeing Shireen stand behind Asad.

"Aunty..." Zoya left Asad's hold on her cheeks and moved two steps backward with a stunned look, while Asad too turned back abruptly.

They both were extremely shocked, to see an enraged Shireen, staring at them. Asad and Zoya looked at each other and looked back at her.

Zoya ran inside the home, while Asad gazed downwards avoiding eye contact with Shireen. Shireen gave a long stare at Asad and walked inside, while Asad sat back at the bench closing his face with his palm.

"Ya Allah...can something happen good in my life?? Many things are happening, but not one seem to be good to me!!" Asad said with a tensed look


Zoya was lying down on her bed and crying bitterly. She lifted her face and recalled Asad's words to her some time back and eyed at the A4 size paper which was below the paper weight on the table, fluttering in air.

She got up from the bed and looked up in the praying mode.

"Ya Khuda...What do I do?? And what I am about to do...is it right?? What should I listen to...my heart or my brain??? Which is guiding me in the right way??" Zoya cried and added, "Why did you give me such a life Allah?? Why?? Am I born only to cry?? What do I answer Asad?? How do I???"


Next day morning, as Asad came out of his room all ready to go to the hospital, he saw Shireen sitting in the sofa with her phone held by her ear.

Asad hesitated to go to her after last night's event and looked at Zoya's room, and saw that it was still closed.

Asad walked towards Shireen, when Shireen spoke on phone, "Assalam-u-alaikkum Nadira Ji!!"

Asad stopped hearing it and wondered what was Shireen about to say to Meher's mum.

"Nadira Ji!! No need to waste time for any pre-marital functions, we will conduct the marriage within this week...I want Meher to come to my home as soon as possible!!" said Shireen on phone, while Asad was shattered listening to it, and Shireen gave a stare at Asad and continued talking getting up from that place.

Asad gave a helpless and broken look, while he saw Zoya too at the door outside her room, looking at Asad.

Zoya too looked at him equally devastated, and Asad just looked down, while Shireen came back and stood in front of him.

"Your marriage with Meher will take place in a week, and I am least bothered about your consent about this!!"

Saying so, Shireen left, while Asad and Zoya just stood silently unaware of what was happening to them, and what they must do.


"What?? Marriage in a week??" asked Tanveer with a horrific look, and looked at Ayaan, as they were at the canteen for lunch.

"Dude, better you elope from your home...trust me...that's the best way out" Ayaan said flipping the pages of his case sheet.

"Ayaan, be serious!!" Humeira said with a serious look.

"Of course I am serious!! Do you think he can live with that psycho Meher?? I mean...just think...she is a patient who is supposed to be in our mental asylum...such a girl...Asad's wife?? I mean...really??"

Asad was just sitting at the table tapping the plate with his spoon and fork.

"But what to do??" Imraan asked sipping his juice, "Things have gone over the head now. What can be done now?? How can Asad escape from this?"

"Dude, you spoke to...spoke to Zoya??" Ayaan asked, while Asad looked at him and recalled his conversation with her, last night. Asad simply nodded his head.

"What did she say?" asked Ayaan.

"She seems confused...and you know I can't force her too...her situation too is like that you know..." Asad said, while Ayaan was listening to it quietly.

"But do you feel she might come back to you, after some time??" Tanveer asked, while Asad shrugged his shoulder and looked at her.

"Tannu, I can't say Zoya is completely against it...I can assure that with her tears...and we can also take it this way that maybe she needs time. But the problem now is I don't have much time to wait for her answer patiently!! Ammi has planned the wedding in a week i.e. just 7 days!!" Asad said with an irritated look.

"Asad, I don't know if this is a good and wise idea, but I feel...maybe...why not speak to Meher about this??" Humeira asked, while Imraan held back the juice in his mouth from spilling out.

"Humeira, if that was a joke, I really liked it...but if you were serious...excuse me?? Are you out of your senses??" Imraan asked, "Will that female understand anything if Asad says??"

Ayaan was thinking over it and said, "Imraan, it isn't such a bad idea too."

"Dude, just because Humeira is your girlfriend, doesn't mean you agree with this idea of hers" Imraan said, while Ayaan nodded his head in denial.

"No Imraan, I am serious. Why not Asad say to Meher directly that he doesn't want to get married to her??" Ayaan asked, while Asad looked at him and thought over it.

"Asad, you haven't directly attacked her in words yet right? Just try telling her on face that you don't love her and you can't marry her. Who knows...she herself might call off this marriage!!" Ayaan said, while Asad seemed to agree over that idea.

"But what if she takes some other drastic step after that, putting Asad in danger??" Tanveer asked, while Ayaan replied, "As if he is not in danger now. Listen Tannu, Zoya still wants to live with him or not, Meher is never a choice for Asad...Asad can end up his life rather than marrying a girl like Meher!!"

"And yet if there is no change taking place..." Asad said and stood up, "...I will accept that this is what is written in my fate!!"

Saying so, Asad walked off the canteen, while the friends were worried at Asad's situation.


It was night and Asad was sitting in his rocking chair. He was recalling Ayaan's words and took his phone and scrolled to Meher's name.

He gave it a thought and finally dialed the number and waited for Meher to respond.

"Hi darling!!!"

Asad closed his eyes hearing it and opened after some seconds and said, "Hello!"

"You know what, just now I was thinking about you jaan...and you called me correctly!! What a chemistry we have!!"

"Meher, I actually..." Asad said, while Meher interrupted, "By the way, Ammi has given invitation cards for printing. I have the sample with me in my hand. You know how elated I am to see our names together in it...Meherunnisa Hussain weds Asad Ahmed Khan!!!"

Asad clutched his phone tight hearing that and stood up from his place abruptly.

"Meher, I don't want this marriage!!"

Asad released his breath after that sentence and there was silence on both sides for some time.

Asad tried listening to the other side, and when he didn't hear anything, he was puzzled.


"So, darling...I will meet you tomorrow with the wedding cards...okay??"

Asad was confused with her reply, while Meher said on the other side, "What happened?? Wondering if I understood what you said some moments back??"

Asad widened his eyes hearing it, while Meher said in an angry tone, "Look here Asad!! You don't know how much this marriage means to me!! I don't care you love me or not, but you must marry me!!! I don't mind you love anyone else or even have done anything with anyone. But the status...Dr. Asad Ahmed Khan's wife...Mrs. Meherunnisa Asad Ahmed Khan...that is what I want!!! If you plan for any other tricks to let me down, I swear I will kill myself!!!"

Asad cut the call, and threw his phone on the wall causing it to break apart in two pieces.

He sat down next to his mom's photo, and looked at it in tears. He took the photo in his hand and held it close to his chest.

"Ammi...please help me...I can't live with such a girl Ammi...please help me...please!!!" Asad said in tears, while the room door opened.

He lifted his face up and saw Zoya at the door, standing in a white salwar kameez. He turned his face away from her and composed his tears, still holding his Ammi's photo.

Zoya looked out and after confirming that all are asleep, walked inside Asad's room and sat down next to him on the floor, slanting by the wall, sitting in the same direction as Asad.

"Yes...Yes Zoya..." Asad said sniffing his nose, and looking away.

Zoya took the photo frame from Asad's hands and looked at it, while Asad looked down in a depressed look.

Zoya caressed the photo and said looking at it, "We both...lost so many things in our life, isn't it Asad??"

Asad just looked at the wall opposite to them with tears in his eyes.

Zoya said looking at the photo in tears, "Dilshaad Aunty, not even a single promise given to your son was fulfilled...you know??"

Asad turned to his left hearing that and looked at Zoya, while Zoya continued with tears flowing down her cheeks, "At first you brought Asad to this world with a promise of living with him in each and every moment of his life and fill his life with happiness...but you left him in a very young age, thus breaking your promise!!"

Asad looked at Zoya with tears flowing through his cheeks.

Zoya wiped her face and added, "Then, Rashid Uncle promised Asad that he would not leave his son mid-way just like you did, and promised to be a mother and father to him...but he too left him in an unexpected accident, thus breaking his promise too!!"

Asad got emotional listening to it, but with his eyes fixed on Zoya.

"Adding to all above..." Zoya took a deep breath and held the photo close to her chest and looked opposite to her and said, "I came in his life all of a sudden...chased him, made him fall in love with me...gave him so many years of unforgettable memories...played many hide and seek games with our own friends...promised him that whatever happens, I will never leave him...and if I do I will be lifeless only!!"

Tears broke from Asad's eyes hearing it, while Zoya turned at Asad with a flushed face along with tears and said, "But...but I too broke that promise and...and did a drama to show my parents that I never loved him...thinking that maybe that would keep his safe from my family's wrath...but...but I never knew I myself murdered him that day!!"

Zoya broke into tears and so did Asad, and Zoya looked into Asad's eyes and cried, "I too didn't keep up my promise Dilshaad Aunty!! I too betrayed your son...if at least one of us had kept up our promise, Asad would not be in this situation today...neither would I..."

Asad moved closer to Zoya, while Zoya held his hands and cried, "I am sorry Asad...please don't hate me...I already hate myself a lot...at least you don't hate me...please Asad...I am sorry!!!"

Asad pulled Zoya into his arms and they both hugged each other and cried bitterly in each other's arms.

"Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin
Ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..
Ishq sachcha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein.."

Asad stroked Zoya's hair gently while in tears, while Zoya too clutched onto Asad's shirt and stroked softly on his chest while in tears.

"Rang thay, noor tha
jab kareeb tu tha
ek jannat sa tha, ye jahaan
waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan..."

Asad and Zoya looked into each other's eyes, which was filled with longing for love and unexplainable sorrow.

"Hamari adhoori kahani..
hamari adhoori kahani.."

Zoya pulled herself out of the hug, and ran out of the room in tears, while Asad looked back into his mother's photo and hugged it close to him and slanted back with closed eyes.

Scroll for precap...


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"Listen...I don't want your presence to disrupt Asad's wedding." Shireen said to Zoya in her room, while Zoya had a disappointed look. Shireen added, "If you are here, Asad will never be in a peace of mind and you might divert his mind too, which I don't want. So...I am sorry to say, but please leave this house and go before Asad's wedding!!"

Saying so, Shireen walked out of the room, while Zoya crushed the letter with her hand, which she had written for Asad and sat down in tears.

"Guess Allah is not happy with my decision...maybe Shireen Aunty is right...I should move away from Asad's life!!"


Asad is at the Mazaar with his family, Meher's family and his friends just a day before his wedding.

"Asad, if you have to decide something, this is the time!! Even now it isn't late. Choose your life...whom do you want to live the rest of your life with?? The one whom you always wanted to live with...or the one with whom you didn't even want to live in your dreams?? Close your eyes and ask Allah for a reply. He will help you!!"

Asad closes his eyes for a while and requests the Almighty for a reply, and as he opens his eyes, he spots Zoya and Meher walking towards him from a distance. He swings his sight right and left at both of them, and seems confused.


On the way to the railway station, some hours before the scheduled time, as Asad and Zoya were inside the car waiting for the time to pass,

"I don't know whether we might meet hereafter in life, Asad!" Zoya said with a sad look, "But before I leave, I want to break some of my silence to you...because I don't want you to think that I left your life, because I don't love you...I am leaving you, because I love you a lot and consider myself no longer worthy for you!!"

Asad gave a confused look at Zoya, while Zoya said looking at the train, "You might even be thinking that it might be because I couldn't overcome Amar's death, but it's not, in fact...I was awaiting his death each day!!!"

Asad opened his eyes wide in horror, while Zoya looked at him with teary eyes, and removed her jacket and Asad was horrified to find burn marks and blood pricked scars on both her hands.


So, how was this update friends?? Smile From this update you would have got a major clue that Asad and Zoya were in a long term relationship for 7 long years!! Some ill fate has forced Zoya to ask Asad himself to break up with her...but that one move in her life has changed her life in a huge way...Meher doesn't seem to budge away from this wedding at any cost...and what is Asad going to do now?? Hope you loved the Hamari Adhuri Kahaani sequence!! Broken Heart

From the precap, you would have understood that Zoya has so many dark secrets in her life, and she indeed still loves Asad. So, is Zoya again going to leave Asad?? And seems that she has had a horrific past with her ex-husband Amar...seems that she is all ready to reveal her past to her love, Asad. Now will Asad let Zoya leave him, or will he hold Zoya's hand amidst all oppositions?? Stay tuned to know all these answers...and yeah...wondering where is the teaser?? You will have to wait some more time for that!! Wink By that time, read this update and have a nice time folks!!! Hug


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Updated Smile

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Super duper update after soo longgg

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Originally posted by shweta_yadav

update fastSmile
Updated!! Big smile
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Intriguing update 
Hoping asad didn't get married to psycho meher 
Asya going through emotional turmoil 
Continue soon :-))

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