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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 59)

rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb update!

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Nice one
Loved it
Continue soon

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Hey all!!! Big smile So, as I said, following my other FFs, here is the update for this FF, after a long time. Smile Hope you all enjoy reading the 7th chapter!! Happy Reading!! Embarrassed

Part 7

Meher stormed out of that place, while Asad ran back of her and Zoya too followed him.

"Meher!! Meher!! Listen to me once...please!!" Asad went after Meher, but she had left in her car in a swift, with her friends too stranded over there.

Asad placed his hand on his forehead and dreaded the consequences of that fiasco.

"Where is she??" asked Zoya, looking at the road.

"She left." Asad said, sounding in despair.

"Hope she doesn't make a big issue..." Zoya said, in tension.

Asad smirked and said, "Meher and not making an issue...it never exists that way. In fact, she creates issues for no reason only. In this, when she has got such a big chance, I am sure a cyclone is going to approach me."

"Sorry Asad...I...it's because of me...shall I explain to her..." Zoya stammered looking down, while Asad turned at her.

"No, don't feel like that. Having a problematic life is my fate...you relax. Let me see what she does this time. Come, we will leave."

Saying so, Asad drove back home with Zoya.


Asad and Zoya reached home, and they both hesitated to enter home, fearing the atmosphere.

"Zoya, you wait here. Let me first go and see, if Ammi is there not." Asad said and tiptoed home, while Zoya stood out.

Asad looked inside his home, and saw no one over there. He signaled Zoya to come, and they both walked inside to their rooms.


Asad and Zoya stopped hearing Shireen's voice, and turned at her. Shireen approached them, while Asad guessed that Meher would have thrown a spark at home by then.

"Ammi...it's like...you know..."

"If you won't come for dinner, can't you inform earlier??' asked Shireen with a serious look, while Asad and Zoya looked at each other and understood that the scene was something different.

"Nikhat was waiting this much time for you, and without having dinner, she slept off too. Where were you both??" asked Shireen angrily.

"Ammi...woh...actually..." Asad was in search for words, while Zoya interrupted, "I only took him out, Aunty. It's just that..."

"You go anywhere, who cares!! But have the courtesy of informing home!! Go and sleep now both of you!!!"

Saying so, Shireen stormed to her room, while Asad and Zoya heaved, while Asad was still tensed.

"Thank God Asad!! Meher didn't tell anything at home. You don't worry, I shall speak to her tomorrow, and clear her speculations about us." Zoya said smiling and added, "Good night!! Allah Hafiz!!"

Asad too greeted her back and they went to their respective rooms, while Asad sat in his couch and took out his mobile to see if he got any calls from Meher. He didn't find any calls or messages.

"This much time, and no reaction from Meher??" Asad asked himself, "Last time when she saw me helping some girl cross the road holding hand, she burnt her hand in front of me in rage."

Asad stood up from his place and continued, "Now after seeing me and Zoya hugging publicly at a party too, if she isn't reacting...it means she is having something big in mind!! Meher's silence is dangerous!!!"


Next day, Asad was getting ready at his room, when Nikhat came to his room.

"Bhaijaan!! Iqbal's Ammi is at the living room. She is talking to Ammi, something seriously..."

Asad speculated on that meeting, and after Nikhat went out, he opened the door of his room and tried to hear their conversation.

"Nikhat and Iqbal's marriage have got broken" said Iqbal's mum, "Why don't we conduct Asad and Meher's marriage at the earnest??"

Shireen was confused hearing that, while Asad was shattered hearing that.

"Meher is so much in love with Asad, and you too know that right??" added Iqbal's mum, "Yesterday night, she was suggesting me that she too can't wait to get married to Asad and come to your home and be your daughter-in-law, and that might be something relieving to you too after facing Iqbal's betrayal. I was so much moved hearing it, Shireen ji!!"

Shireen was emotional listening that, while Asad gave a smirk listening to that.

"Waah Mehrunnisa...I expected an evil reaction from you, but not to this extent!!" Asad thought in his mind.

"I will think about this and give you an answer, Nadira ji!!" Shireen replied, while they both got up.

"I am expecting a good reply from you soon, Shireen ji!!" Nadira said, "If you are also fine with it, we will try to finish off this wedding within 10 days itself."

Asad was totally devastated listening to that and the first thing that came to his mind was his love; Zoya. He wondered what would be the fate of his love now.

"What do I do now??" Asad wondered and collapsed on his bed, "Is this the end of everything?? No...I can't decide the end of my story without...without asking Zoya!!"


"Asad, what happened?? You suddenly asked me to meet you at the hospital" Zoya asked coming to Asad's room in the hospital, "Any issue?? Meher created some issue?? Shall I..."

"I am getting married in 10 days!!"

Hearing Asad's statement, Zoya abruptly ended what she was saying and looked at Asad, without a blink of eye.

Asad looked at Zoya and saw that she was just silently looking at him, unknowing what and how to reply for that.

"Ohhh..." Zoya said and looked down.

"So...??" Asad asked looking at Zoya.

"So...?" Zoya asked him back.

"What should I reply her, Zoya??" asked Asad, while Zoya was just quiet nibbling with the paper weight at his Asad's table.

"I always did what you asked me to do only Zoya" Asad said looking at her, "I know, the time I am asking you is wrong as I know what situation you are in. But there are some things which are always hid to the world, behind our silence. You too know what I am talking about."

Zoya looked up at him, while Asad too looked at her eyes intently.

"Maybe you can't give me a reply now, in your current state. But at least you can suggest me what reply to give me Ammi on my marriage with Meher" Asad said, while Zoya looked down with a turmoil of emotions in her.

She quickly got up and walked to the door, while she saw Ayaan at the door, staring at her.

Zoya gave a smile, amidst her tension on seeing Ayaan after so long.

"How are you..." Zoya started, while Ayaan just walked inside to Asad, without minding her.

"Asad, I need the report of Jai Singhania. It's in your cabinet" Ayaan said, while Zoya was hurt and left the place.

"What's wrong with you dude??" Asad asked getting up from his place, "What would have happened if you had replied Zoya?? You saw yeah, how hurt she was. What's wrong yaar..."

"What's wrong with you, Asad???" Ayaan asked throwing the file in his hand, on the floor, "What is happening here?? I heard your convo with her. What are you thinking in your mind?? Don't tell me you are thinking of getting back with Zoya again!!"

Asad just lifted back the file from the floor, and looked out through the window.

"Asad, Zoya has recently lost her husband, and how did you think she would agree for...you seriously think you can marry her now?? What about Meher?? And Zoya doesn't even love you as you do..."

"Ayaan..." Asad interrupted him, "I know Zoya more than you all do. I know what's in her mind too...I am not that insensitive to force her to marry me, post her husband's death. Zoya understood what I was talking about, and I hope she gives a good reply to me."

Asad took his doctor coat and walked to the door, while Ayaan held his hand.

"And if she doesn't??" Ayaan asked, and Asad looked at him hearing that.

"My fate would be sealed!! I would live as a psychiatrist 24/7 at hospital and home...simple!!"

Saying so, Asad walked out, while Ayaan sat at the patient's chair in thoughts, and wondered what could be done to save Asad out of this terrible situation.


Zoya was sitting in her room all confused with Asad's words ringing in her head again and again.

"What am I supposed to do now?? This situation is so complicated. How do I proceed with this..." wondered Zoya.

Just then her phone rang, and Zoya picked it up.

"Yes??" Zoya asked.

"Ayaan here!! Would you be able to meet me at the park outside your home??"

Zoya stood up immediately with a smile, "Yeah...sure!! I will come in 10 minutes!!

Zoya cut the call, took her bag and rushed out.


Zoya reached the park and looked around for Ayaan, while she saw him sitting at a bench over there. She walked towards him with a slight smile, and stood next to him.

Ayaan just looked at her, and signaled her to sit at the bench opposite to him, while Zoya too sat over there.

"I am so happy that you called me!!" Zoya said with a smile, "I know...how much ever you show your anger, you always..."

"Listen!!!" Ayaan interrupted her, extending his hand, "I didn't call you to sit and chit and chat, or have some affectionate reunion with you. So, don't get such ideas!!"

Zoya gave a disappointed look at Ayaan, and looked down.

"I came to talk about my friend, Asad...and the turmoil he is facing now because of you."

Ayaan said and stood up, while Zoya too listened to him.

"I still didn't forgive you for what you did with Asad 2 years back..." Ayaan said with an angry look, "Because only I know how much time it took for us to revive him back and make him look after his family forgetting you."

Zoya looked down in tears listening to that.

"You just brushed off all our protests and left my friend stranded. Fine, you left and you married the rich business tycoon, Amar Siddiqui, and you went off his life for once and for all. Good!!"

Ayaan came to Zoya, who was sitting at the bench, looking down with teary eyes.

"And then one fine day, you again came and fell in front of Asad, a time when he was actually learning to get over your haunting memories...alright...I know...you were in a bad state and my deepest condolences on Amar's death. But why have you again come in his life...to ruin him one more time??"

Zoya stood up hearing that, while Ayaan looked at her in glaring eyes.

"He is already wondering how to come out of that psycho Mehrunnisa's clutches...and now you too are stopping him from taking any step forward. What is your idea?? Why are you in front of his eyes, when you don't want him too??"

"No...it's like..." Zoya tried to gather words, while Ayaan stopped her.

"See...let me make one thing clear to you. I don't know what is the big dark secret you two are sharing...but if you don't have anything for Asad, just leave him and go...and suppose if you do have, and think that it is Allah's decision that He made you both meet again, act wisely. That's all I have to say!! Khuda Hafiz!!"

Saying so, Ayaan drove off in his bike, while Zoya was puzzled in thoughts, and sat down at the bench.

"Maybe Ayaan is right..." thought Zoya, "I once did a grave sin to Asad and his love knowingly. But now I guess it's time to break our silence!! Maybe...I can...I can take some step...was this the right decision which the Baba was talking about that day??"


Back at the hospital,

"But how did you demand to Zoya that way Ayaan??" asked Tanveer standing with his at the laboratory, "She is just recovering from her husband's loss, and how do you think she will marry Asad??'

"No Tannu..." said Ayaan turning to her, "I am not that stupid to speak like that to a girl; that too the one who lost her husband."

Tanveer looked on, while Ayaan added, "How much ever I scold her or have anger towards her, I too care for her. She is my only cousin sister after all!!"

"Yeah yeah..." Tanveer took a look at her file and the medicine and continued, "But your ego can't let you speak to her softly and show some concern like a brother, right??"

"No Tannu, that's not the thing" Ayaan said, "She always took the wrong decisions in life, and opted for the worst choices. And look at her now, is she a girl who is supposed to live such a life at this age?? If she hadn't let down Asad two years back, they would have been an ideal couple to the world by now. She asked for this life, right?? So at least now, someone has to knock senses into her brain, harshly and strictly. Who will do that?? Asad? Never, so I took up that responsibility, instead of giving her a comforting shoulder. Now she will sit and think.'

"Everything is okay, Ayaan. Sounds good; and we all will be happy if they both unite now at least, but how will that happen?? You are forgetting that she lost her husband just some time back. How will she agree for a new life immediately?? What will people around think?? Shireen Ammi...Meher...you forgot??"

Ayaan just looked at the file, and was thinking.

"And moreover, Zoya never had feelings for Asad, the way he had. Who knows now what she is..." said Tanveer, while Ayaan interrupted, "No, Tannu! That is where we all are unaware and missing out something."

Tanveer gave a confused look, while Ayaan looked at her.

"Yes Tannu. There is some deep dark secret between Asad and Zoya, which I can see...I always feel Zoya has some silence inside her...they both have been hiding something from us, all this while. But I am sure about one thing. If Zoya gets a chance to live with Asad now, she wouldn't be willing to miss it!!"

Scroll down for Precap...

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"Asad, I think...life has given us both...maybe...another chance...but...you know...I immediately...I can't..." Zoya was stammering to him, with her voice breaking, standing out at the garden of his home at night, while Asad held her hands, looking at her intently.

"I will wait for you, Zoya!! Take your time...but just tell me if you are willing to lead the rest of your life with me...whatever we did...guess it's high time, we take a stand. Tell me Zoya!!"

"I...Asad...I am..." Zoya stopped her sentence, mid-way, stunned on seeing Shireen stand behind Asad, and they both were shocked, to see an enraged Shireen, staring at them.


"Nadira Ji!! No need to waste time for any pre-marital functions, we will conduct the marriage in a week" said Shireen on phone, while Asad gave a helpless look, and Zoya too looked at him equally devastated.

"Your marriage with Meher will take place in a week, and I am least bothered about your consent about this!!"

Saying so, Shireen left, while Asad and Zoya just stood silently unaware of what was happening to them, and what must they do.


Look here Asad!! You don't know how much this marriage means to me!!" says Meher to Asad on phone, "I don't care you love me or not, but you must marry me!!! I don't mind you love anyone else or even have done anything with anyone. But the status...Dr. Asad Ahmed Khan's wife...that is what I want!!! If you plan for any other tricks to let me down, I swear I will kill myself!!!"

Asad cut the call, and threw his phone on the wall in frustration, and sat down next to his mom's photo, and held the photo close to his chest in tears.


So, how was this emotional and pensive update friends?? Smile As you all see, Meher has evilly played her game against Asad, by preponing their wedding too close, and putting Asad in a dilemma with his love too being in front of him. Broken Heart What would Asad do now?? And how did Asad ask Zoya daringly to give her consent on this, while he knows Zoya's present situation?

And by the precap, looks like what Ayaan said is true...Asad and Zoya are trying their maximum to come out of the resistance which is pulling them apart, but things have turned worse with Shireen witnessing them together. Now what is going to happen?? Is Asad going to accept his fate with Meher, or is there still chance for Zoya and Asad to unite?? Heart Will Zoya be okay to it?? Stay tuned to know all these answers and I shall update after my other FFs!! Smile Shower in your comments as usual!! Embarrassed


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Awesome update!

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Great update...
Loved it...
Ayaan knocked some sense
Exciting precap

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Wow finally a upadte that 2 superbClap

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Mindblowing update

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