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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 56)

asifiqbalsh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2015 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Nikhat & asad was surprised to see shireen behaviour towards Zoya. He wanted old Zoya back & do everything to bring that back. Meher was mental, hope asad will come out for this trap. Zoya heard Nikhat convo & assured her that she will help her. Precap was interesting. Update soon plz. Thanks for pm

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Shubh007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2015 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Awesome Update...Clap

Just Love It...Approve

Every Scene Was Mind-Blowing...Thumbs Up

Every Scene Was Beautifully Written...Star

Update Next Part Soon...Big smile 

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-Prinky- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2015 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Amazing update Aishwarya...
So Zoya decided to help Nikhat...
shocking revelation regarding Mehek...
Asad-Zoya moments...so nice...he want to see the old Zoe back...
Precap...interesting...actually the song sequence...that seems emotional...
continue soon...
Thanks for pm Smile

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-IamCrazySeven- Senior Member

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Posted: 23 November 2015 at 6:01am | IP Logged
Awesome update Thumbs Up
mehek tho irritating so much 
i loved asya moments
continue soon Smile

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anopama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2015 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Sorry for the lateness 
I delete my entire inbox by error 
And couldn't remeber what I haven't read 
Love the update 
So zoya moves into the house now 
Asad and zoya lunched out and he gives her a makeover 
His zoya aww he keeps referring to her and his lover 
So meher is crazy guessing Asad don't know tht 
This y they want a shrink for her LOL
So nikhat is in love 
Zoya promises her to get her love 
Love the precap 
It's Imran Asad friend yay 
So now nikhat and Imran has to unite 
So Asad can get out of his predicament 

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2015 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
U better let Asad reach on time n unite Asya...
Uska baad bring as many twists and turns u want...LOL

And please update ...

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2015 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Ok my bad I saw the update after reading the teaser..
It was a nice update...
My Zoya my love...Asad Cry

Please Asad ka pain thoda kam kar do.
N that psycho meher please keep her away.

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2016 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Hello friends!!! Big smile So here I am with the 6th part of the FF after a long time!!! HugIts a pretty long update and hope you love it!! Smile

Part 6

Asad was driving with Zoya with full of confusion.

"Zoya, can you tell me now atleast?? Why are we going to park all of a sudden??"

"You came half way...can't you wait till we reach the park, Asad??" asked Zoya.

"You are giving me so much suspense Zoya!!"

Asad finally reached the park and they both got out and walked inside. As they were walking, Zoya was messaging someone in her mobile.

"You were like this only since college days..." Asad said, while Zoya looked at him, "You will have something in mind and you will drive others crazy.

Just then Asad saw Nikhat sitting at a bench far away over there.

"Nikhat??" Asad looked at her and saw Zoya, while Zoya gives a slight smile at Asad.

Asad walked towards Nikhat along with Zoya, and as Nikhat saw Asad, she got up with a tensed face.

"Nikhat, what are you doing here, sitting all alone??" asked Asad.

"Bhaijaan...I...actually..." stammered Nikhat and looked at Zoya.

"What happened Nikhat??" asked Asad.

"I will tell you, Asad!!" said Zoya and looked at Nikhat.

"I want you to listen to this with a peaceful mood, and not just get hyper."

"Just tell me what's the matter, Zoya. You are creating tension for me."

"Well..." Zoya looked at Nikhat and then at Asad, "Nikhat is in love with someone!!"

"What???" Asad gave a shocking look and looked at Nikhat, while Nikhat was looking down being scared.

"What is she saying Nikhat???" asked Asad, while Zoya came to Asad.

"Relax Asad!!" said Zoya, "I will explain you."

Zoya narrated whatever Nikhat had said her last night, and Asad was getting tensed hearing all that.

"Zoya, it's not that easy as you think...stopping this marriage now...there are more things to it..." said Asad and thought about his marriage also being linked with it, and how would he convince Shireen and Meher.

"Bhaijaan...I decided to forget him and marry Iqbal...but...I..." said Nikhat in tears, while Asad felt bad for his sister too.

"Alright...who is the guy??' asked Asad.

"He has come here." Nikhat said and looked at Zoya, "Zoya Baaji asked me to bring him along...so he is here too..."

Nikhat looks back and points out towards a direction to Asad.

 "Bhaijaan...there he is..." Nikhat said in a scared tone.

 Asad turns to look at him and is taken aback to find that guy as Imraan, and is hell shocked seeing him.

Imraan takes slow steps towards Asad with a scared face, and also Zoya is puzzled seeing Imraan.

Imraan stops at Asad and looks down, while Asad keeps staring at him, and Nikhat looks at Asad equally scared.

"Imraan...you..." Asad barged towards Imraan in anger, while Zoya came in between, and Imraan looked at Asad in a tensed manner.

"Just chill Asad!!" said Zoya, "There is nothing to get furious now!!"

"Nothing to get furious?? Really Zoya??" asked Asad, "Do you know what a big issue is this now?? Nikhat is engaged for God's sake, Zoya!! It's too late to have discussions on this topic now!!"

Nikhat was in tears hearing it, and looked down.

"It's never late with love, Asad." Zoya said, while Asad looked away in tension and looked back at Imraan, "And dude, you are my close friend yeah?? Couldn't you have given me a slightest clue about this before?? And you even knew about Nikhat's engagement and such. Still you were quiet? And what's the purpose of bringing out to the open now??"

"Bhaijaan...it's not Imraan's fault" said Nikhat, "He always wanted to talk to you about this. But I only stopped him from telling this, fearing Ammi's outburst."

"But whatever explanations you give" said Asad pressing his temples, "I can't forgive Imraan for hiding such a thing from me, being my best friend."

"Why can't you, Asad??" asked Zoya.

"Then what?? Isn't it wrong to keep your closed ones in the dark??" asked Asad.

"Even you did the same with me right...about your engagement with Meher??" asked Zoya, and Asad looked at Zoya with the sentence having stricken him.

"What??" asked Zoya, "If Nikhat hadn't said me this, I would not have known about this now too, right?? So, I should also not forgive you for this??"

Asad just looked at Zoya and looked away, out of answer.

"See, Asad, everyone has their situations and even Nikhat and Imraan were held by such situations only. Now it would be better if we think what to do regarding this, okay??" asked Zoya.

"Alright..." said Asad and looked at Imraan and came to him, "Sorry dude, I just...suddenly when I heard..."

"No problem, Asad. I totally understand" said Imraan with a smile.

"Just give me a couple of days" said Asad, to Nikhat and Imraan, "I need to think about this and I will tell you what to do."

Nikhat and Imraan nodded their head, hearing it and Zoya smiled.

"Come, I shall drop you home" said Asad, and he walked in the front, while Nikhat too went to him, and Zoya and Imraan were walking behind them.

"Bhaijaan, you are not angry with me, right??" asked Nikhat.

"I am angry indeed" said Asad, looking at the front and walking, "You always tell me I am like your own brother and you couldn't share this with me, yeah??"

"No Bhaijaan, sorry!! Please don't think that way, I was just scared because your marriage is also linked with this and I didn't want any issue regarding my love affair" said Nikhat, while Asad put his hand over Nikhat's shoulders.

"It's okay. Don't worry, your Bhaijaan will help you out, okay??" asked Asad with a smile.

"Thank you Bhaijaan!" said Nikhat and they walked forward, while Imraan and Zoya were following them.

"How are you Zoya??" asked Imraan.

"I am fine, Imraan. It's nice meeting you after 4 years" said Zoya.

"Well..." Imraan took a break, "Ayaan said me about you...sorry to hear what all happened with you."

"Whatever had to happen, it did. What else to say, Imraan?? And I think, none of our friends have still forgiven me yeah??" asked Zoya with a light smile.

"You know them better, Zoya" said Imraan, "They are more attached to Asad, and they couldn't accept what happened with him...that's it."

Zoya just nodded her head and walked forward lost in thoughts and looking at Asad.


It was night and Zoya came to the kitchen to get some water. On the way back to her room, she saw Asad sitting at the lawn all alone. Zoya too went towards him.

"What are you doing here, at this time Asad??" asked Zoya, as Asad turned to her.

"I am just...what are you doing here now??"

"I came to get some water" Zoya sat next to him, "Seems like you are bothered with Nikhat's issue."

"Yeah Zoe, have to be bothered yeah?? I really don't know what to do and whom to talk about this. Meher's issue too is tangled in this now."

 "But still, you hid the fact that you have a fiance yeah??" asked Zoya looking down at the bench with a slight smile.

Asad looked at her, and looked down with a thoughtful face.

"What do I tell about that fiance whom I don't even want to marry" said Asad disinterested, "And that too to the one whom I lov- "

Asad stopped the sentence, and looked at Zoya, while Zoya too shifted her look and looked at him.

They both shared an awkward eye lock and suddenly turned their sight off from each other.

"Well..." Zoya tried to change the topic, "Regarding Nikhat's issue, I have an idea."


"Sit down!! All of you please sit down!!"

After a day, Meher, Iqbal and their family sat down at the living room, while Shireen attended to them.


Nikhat came running to the room, while Asad came to her.

"What happened Nikhat?? Why are you so tensed??"asked Asad.

"They have come. Iqbal, Meher and the entire family have come for lunch. What are we going to do??" asked Nikhat in a tensed face.

"You just relax and come out. Don't show any type of tension on your face. Okay??"

Asad relaxed Nikhat and walked out to the living room, while Shireen looked at them with a smile.

"They have come...Asad, go sit with Meher, beta!!" said Shireen, while Meher smiled at Asad.

Asad with a disinterested face went and sat next to Meher. Zoya was watching all this from her room, but with uncertain disturbance at that sight.

"Hi love!!" whispered Meher.

Asad just looked at Meher and looked at the others, ignoring her call.

"Why is Nikhat standing all alone??" asked Iqbal's mum, "Come and sit with me, beta!"

Nikhat looked at Asad, and as he eyed her to sit, she sat next to Iqbal's mum, with a tensed smile.

"Well, why don't we talk over lunch??" asked Shireen, and all of them agreed and went over to the dining hall.

Asad too got up to go, while he felt a tug by his hand. He turned and saw Meher holding his hand and smiling.

Asad freed his hand from her hold, and Meher got up and looked at him.

"Ufff!! So much attitude, darling??" asked Meher, and ram her fingers through his hand, "But till how long can you resist from my love??"

Asad held her hand forcibly and moved it from his hand, and came close to her.

"I can resist myself from your love even after my last breath...Mehrunnisa!!"

Saying so, Asad walked to the dining table, while Meher clenched her fist with taers filling her glaring eyes and she too followed him to the dining table.

Zoya walked to her room, and sat at the bed recalling Asad's words to Meher, and gave a faint smile.

"You still didn't change, Asad!!" Zoya said looking out through the window.


"So Shireen!!" said Iqbal's dad as they all had got done with their lunch, "We shall fix the marriage date yeah??"

Nikhat and Asad were tensed and irritated respectively hearing that.

"So, by this month end..." started Iqbal's father.

"One minute!!"

All of them turned hearing it and looked at Iqbal hearing it, as he stood up.

"Before you finalize the marriage date, I need to let you all know something!!"

Shireen, Nikhat and all of them were confused hearing it.

"I can't marry Nikhat!!"

Everyone stood up hearing that, and Nikhat too was puzzled to hear it.

"What nonsense are you talking, Iqbal???" asked Iqbal's dad as he proceed towards him, "Are you out of your mind??"

"I am serious, Abbu!!" said Iqbal with a serious face, "I can't agree for this marriage. I am sorry!!"

"Beta..." came Shireen in tears, "What happened?? Is that there was something wrong from our side??"

"I didn't tell that way. Just that...I love someone else!!"

Iqbal's parents, Meher and Shireen too were shocked to hear it, while Iqbal's dad got furious.

"Iqbal!!!" shouted Iqbal's father, while Iqbal just looked down with a serious face.

"I am sorry...I can't stay here anymore!!" Iqbal said and turned to leave, while he stopped looking at Nikhat, "I am sorry!!"

Nikhat was puzzled and didn't know whether to feel happy about this or confused.

"I am very sorry, Shireen!! I don't know what else to say!!" said Iqbal's mum and they all left the place, while Shireen sat down at the sofa in tears, while Nikhat sat next to her and consoled her.

Asad just walked inside quietly to his room, and Zoya too followed him unknowing to Shireen and Nikhat.

Zoya closed the door and came to Asad who was sitting at the couch. Asad looked up at Zoya and Zoya too looking at Asad, showed thumbs up to him with a smile. Asad smiled back as they recalled what happened a day back:

Scene shifted back at the park:

"Do you even know the seriousness of the issue you are talking about, Asad??"

Iqbal got up from the bench in rage, while Asad and Zoya gave hesitant looks at each other.

"And what do you expect me to do now??"

"Mr. Iqbal" said Zoya as she came forward to him, "We may not know each other, but just consider me as your well-wisher. I know you must be really furious hearing that your fiance is in love with someone else, but that is indeed the truth."

Iqbal was listening to her, while Asad looked at Zoya.

"Nikhat was ready to get married to you in spite of her love, but I was the one who insisted Asad and Nikhat to bring it out in the open and give justice for her love" said Zoya.

"But in that attempt, you are going to bring disgrace for our families?? Do you know the impact of this revelation?? And my sister's life is also linked with this" Iqbal said and looked at Asad, "What about that, Asad?? What reply are you going to give my parents??"

"Iqbal, I understand what all you say. But, do you think Nikhat will be able to live happily with you even if she marries you keeping aside her happiness?" asked Asad, while Iqbal thought about it, "Living a life forcibly with someone, while your heart yearns for another one is hell, Iqbal."

Zoya looked at Asad hearing that, and Asad just took a glance at her, and Iqbal was thinking about it.

"Not all is blessed to live with the one whom they love. And I don't want Nikhat too to live a loveless life out of circumstances" said Zoya with a pleasing look.

"Alright..." Iqbal looked at them both and asked, "What should I do now??"

"We can't tell this to Ammi as such, because she would get really furious at Nikhat" said Asad, "Nikhat can't break this marriage from her side...but you can!!"

Iqbal looked at Asad with a confused face, "I didn't get you??"

"Well..." Asad hesitated while Zoya took over, "Mr. Iqbal, we just want a small favor from you...we want you to stop this marriage, can you??"

Iqbal was stunned to hear that, while Asad said, "I know, it's really unfair of us to ask this way. But at this moment, other than you, no one can help my sister. Please!!"

Iqbal walked forward and stood by the tree, while Asad and Zoya looked at each other.

Iqbal turned at Asad and Zoya after some time, "Alright...I will do this for the sake of love!!"

Asad and Zoya smiled happily at each other and looked at Iqbal in gratitude.

"Not for Nikhat's love..." said Iqbal, "But for the affection I have for her!!"

Asad came forward to Iqbal and held his hands and thanked him.

"Thank you so much...I am really out of words!!!" said Asad.

"It's okay Asad!!" said Iqbal with a slight smile, "Nikhat is a nice girl, and I want her to be happy always. If she won't be happy marrying me, then I should definitely step out of this."

"One more thing" said Asad, "Let this talk remain among the three of us. Even Nikhat mustn't know this. Or else she would feel grateful and guilty about this her entire life."

"No worries. I will execute this perfectly!!" said Iqbal and smiled at Asad and Zoya.

Scene shifted back to the present:

"I really didn't think, Iqbal would do this way" said Asad, "You know Zoe...till the last minute, I was doubtful if Iqbal would really do it."

"Me too!!" said Zoya, "But I am glad, one main issue is solved now. Now the next part; bringing Imraan into the picture."

"Yeah!!" said Asad and got up from the couch, "I will have to pacify Ammi first and then do that."

Zoya nodded her head hearing that, and Asad came to her.

"Be ready at 8. We are going out for dinner!!" said Asad.

"Dinner?? You mean, all of us??" asked Zoya.

"Nope. Just you and me!" said Asad and walked off to the living room, while Zoya wondered and just gave a smile and walked off.


"Two blueberry cheesecake!!" Asad ordered looking the menu card, while Zoya was looking at him surprised.

Asad looked at her and asked with a smile, "What happened??"

"I am just surprised at how you still remember the minute details related to me."

Asad just smiled hearing that.

"You spoke to Shireen Aunty?? How is she now??" asked Zoya.

"Yeah, I did" Asad said sipping water from the glass, "She is pissed off with Iqbal for what he did. She will be alright in a day or two. You spoke with Nikhat??"

"That is like, Nikhat doesn't know how to take this as" said Zoya, "She is happy and confused at the same time. But she is really relieved."

"Thank you so much Zoya" said Asad, while Zoya gave him a questioning look.

"If not for you, my sister too would have been love deprived like me..." said Asad and stopped his sentence as soon as he sensed that he was getting emotional.

Zoya gave a painful smile at him and said, "And I did this for recovering from that sin only..."

Asad and Zoya exchanged painful looks.

"Asad, you really don't have any anger on me??" asked Zoya, "After what I did to you??"

At the same time, a random game was being played at the restaurant and the spotlight falls on Asad and Zoya's table.

Asad and Zoya looked around on noticing that, and a guy came to them.

"Sir, we are having a game here. Today's game is focused on couples, and whoever the spotlight falls on, they must do something special for their beloved."

Asad just looked at Zoya with an awkward look, as the guy continued.

"Sir, we would be obliged if you could sing a song for your wife, being a part of this game, and make our evening memorable."

Zoya was giving embarrassed looks and Asad too was looking at the guy and then at Zoya.

"Well..." stammered Asad, while he finally got up with the people's insistence around.

Asad walked up to the dais and the guy handed over the mic, and Asad looked at Zoya, while Zoya watched Asad with a slight smile.

"This one's for you!!" Asad said looking at Zoya, while Zoya looked around and looked at Asad.

Asad started to sing, as they switched off the lights.

"Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna

Koi tere khaatir hai jee raha"

Zoya just listened to the song intently, as Asad just looked at Zoya and sang.

"Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho

 Dil mera maange bas ye duaa'

Zoya got moved listening to the song, and recalled her happy days with Asad years back and looked back at Asad with tears filling her eyes.

"Jaagi bhi hain royi bhi hain

Aankhein ye raaton mein meri

Kyun har ghadi mil ke tujhe

Lagti rahe bas teri kami"

Asad had tears in his eyes unknowingly as he was singing, and Zoya too was unaware of the tears flowing through her cheeks looking at an emotional Asad singing.

"Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo

 Kaise karein hum usko bayaan..."

Asad stopped at that line, with a heavy throat and looked down as tears flowed through his cheeks, and Zoya too stood up with rolling tears from her eyes. The entire dais was silent at that moment.

Zoya ran up to Asad and went up the dais, and stood opposite him. They both looked at each other in tears, while Zoya hugged Asad emotionally, while the entire restaurant broke into a loud round of applause with a standing ovation, with all being emotionally moved.

Asad and Zoya just forgot what was around them and where they were and hugged each other comfortingly in tears.

Just then, Meher reached at the same restaurant with her friends, in a car.

"Sitting at home, I was going mad" said Meher walking in, "All are angry with Iqbal Bhaijaan and home is a mess...that's why I thought of coming..."

Meher stopped abruptly at the sight of Asad and Zoya hugging each other at the dais, while her friends too observed the shock in her face.

"Such a lovely couple, right?? How much love he has for her!!" said one woman to her husband, from a nearby table, while Meher was fuming in rage even more listening to it.

Meher lost her temper, and tilted the table nearby onto the floor, with the glasses shattering on the floor, shocking everyone and breaking Asad and Zoya's hug.

Meher gave angry glares at Asad, while Asad and Zoya looked at each other and looked at a furious Meher.

Scroll down for Precap...

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