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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 54)

anopama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Wow what a. Teaser 
Even Allah didn't have an answer to Asad 
He showed him both of them 
So zoya is leaving to give him a peaceful life 
And all meher want is his name nothing else 
She promises suicide 
Very bad position for Asad to be in 

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ASYAaishu Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Awesome teaser..excited iam..plz update soon..

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 11:11am | IP Logged

Hey all!!! Big smile HugSo, here I am with a update for this FF after a very very long time!!! Extremely sorry for the delay...in fact I am updating this from my office now...after completing the update last night...hope you all love this update and enjoy reading this...happy reading!!! Big smile

Part 5

It was night and Shireen was arranging the dishes at the dining table, at Khan Mansion.


Hearing Shireen, Nikhat came out of her room.

"Come. Let's have dinner. Call Asad too!"

"Alright!" Nikhat said and walked towards Asad's room.

"And yeah..."

Nikhat turned at Shireen hearing that, and Shireen said, "Call Zoya too!!"

Nikhat was surprised to hear that from her Ammi and kept looking at her, while Shireen was busy arranging the plates. She spotted Nikhat standing just like that.

"What happened Nikhat?? Go call Asad and Zoya. Go!!"

"Okay Ammi!!" Nikhat said, and went to call them both.


Later at the dining table, Asad and Nikhat were at the dining table, along with Shireen, while Zoya came to the dining table.

She just looked on, holding the chair and hesitated to sit.

Asad signaled Zoya to sit, while Zoya looked at Shireen.

"Sit down Zoya!!" Shireen said and passed the dishes to Nikhat.

Zoya smiled slightly and sat at the chair next to Nikhat. Nikhat helped her get a plate and Shireen served her the dishes. Zoya was confused with Shireen's sudden change in behavior and was wondering what must have happened to her.

All of them were eating silently, while Shireen kept looking at Zoya.


Zoya looked up at Shireen, and Asad and Nikhat too looked on.

"You need not stay in the outhouse Zoya; you can stay with us only hereafter!!"

Asad and Nikhat were surprised hearing that from Shireen and Zoya too was having a mixed feeling of surprise and elatedness too.

Saying so, Shireen said and left the place, while Asad smiled at Zoya and Zoya too smiled at him and Nikhat.


Later at night, Asad arranged things for Zoya in their guest room, and Zoya looked around.

"How do you like this room, Zoya??"

"Come on Asad" said Zoya, "What a question is this? You people are so kind enough to let me live with you all, and that is what matters to me. And moreover, I like this room too. Thank you so much!!"

"No thanks or formalities among us Zoya. It's my pleasure and duty to do this for you."

"No Asad. My gratitude towards you can never be measured in amounts or figures. If I can do anything for you at any point of time, please let me know!!"

Asad came near Zoya and took her hands in his, "If you can do something for me, then promise me!!" Asad added as Zoya looked on, "Promise me that you would change yourself and bring back the buried cheerful Zoya in you, and not ruin your future still hanging on to the past. Promise me!!"

Zoya looked down hearing it, with tears filling in her eyes.

"Promise me Zoya!! That's the only thing you can do me back, and that's the only thing I request from you...demand from you. Will you do that for me??"

Zoya smiled at Asad in tears and placed her hand on his hand and nodded her head. Asad and Zoya had an emotional eye-to-eye conversation.


It was next day at the hospital, and Asad had just got done with a counseling session.

"Nothing to worry. You are totally fine." Asad spoke to his 24 year old patient, "It's just the depression of your friend's sudden demise. You will be alright very soon."

"May I come in??"

Asad looked at Zoya standing at the door, and he smiled at her.

"Yeah!! Please come Zoya!!"

Zoya came in and Asad looked back at his patient, "So, please have these tablets without fail. And meet me after 2 weeks, okay??"

The patient complied with his orders and left the room, while Asad attended to Zoya.

"Yes Zoya, how come you are here?? Anything urgent??"

"No Asad. Nothing like that. Feeling bored at home, so thought to just get out of home somewhere. So thought, why not drop by here."

"Okay!" said Asad and looked at the clock, "Well, its lunch time. We will do one thing...let's go out for lunch somewhere. What say??"

"Cool!!"complied Zoya.

They both walked out through the corridor, while Ayaan and Tanveer were watching them move out.

"Are you thinking what I am thinking Tannu??" asked Ayaan.

"If you mean about the possible storm in Asad's marriage plans, yes!! I am thinking about that only."

"I don't know whether to feel happy or scared. The right person has arrived in Asad's life...but not at the right time!!" said Tanveer and looked at Ayaan with thoughts.


Asad and Zoya were at the restaurant, while Asad was observing a silent Zoya having lunch.



"You are still Zoya??"

"What??" asked a confused Zoya.

"You don't look like Zoya to me anymore...that Zoe whom I knew!"

"What do you mean Asad??"

"I mean...where is Zoya yaar?? Where is that Zoe's cheerful lively face, for which guys went head over heels?? Where is that Zoe for whom I fell -?"

Asad swallowed the words suddenly, while Asad and Zoya exchanged awkward looks.

"Tell me..." Asad came back to the lost momentum, "Where is she??"

"I am like before only Asad. I am still the same..."

"No!! You are not!" Asad stopped her, "You don't teach me how you are, as I know you more than you know about yourself. I mean...look at you. What hairstyle is this...what stupid dress sense have you changed to...where is your taste Zoe??"

Zoya just looked at herself and gave a light smile and looked at Asad, "Now what is the purpose of roaming around fashionable and beautiful?? Everything is over..."

"Don't you dare tell that phrase to me again!!" Asad stared at Zoya, "What do you mean by everything is over?? No Zoya, it's just that a particular phase of your life has come to an end."

Zoya looked at Asad emotionally listening to him, while Asad continued, "If Allah has left you back after all the mishap in your life, it definitely means that you still have something to do in life. I agree that what happened with you is not something small to take it easily and move on. But I am sorry, you have to move on. The sooner, the better!!"

Zoya felt Asad's words motivating and smiled looking at him.

"And yeah..." Asad added sipping his juice, "This conception which you have now...what is the use of being fashionable and beautiful now...please change that. Losing your husband is not a sin, and that doesn't make you any different from any ladies. Don't mind about the society and such...it's your life, and don't put yourself in covers. Okay??"

"Thank you for being in this crucial phase of my life, Asad. I don't know what would have happened to me, if not for you." Zoya said being elated, while Asad smiled back at her. He got a call, while he saw it and cut it immediately.

"So, tell me. What should I do??" asked Zoya, while Asad looked at her thinking and smiled, "Come with me!!"


Back at Hussain Residence, someone was coming towards a room with all scattered things all over the room.

"Meher!! What's all the mess you have created over??" asked Iqbal, Meher's brother.

"Get out of room right now!!!! Or I will cut my nerve now!!" said an enraged psychotic Meher who was in a disheveled state, and messed up hair, with the knife in her hand.

"Stop acting crazy Meher!!!" said Iqbal, and snatched off the knife from Meher's hand which she was holding. She got up and slapped him hard on his face, while Iqbal closed his eyes in frustration.

"I want Asad to show interest in me!!!! You hear that???? I want Asad!!!!! I want him!!!"

Iqbal looked around the room for something, while Meher was screaming sitting on the floor. Iqbal took an injection and came to Meher, while Meher tried pulling off her hand.

"Leave me!!! I want Asad!!! I want him to love me!!!! I want him!!!"

Iqbal protested along with her and injected the medicine in Meher's veins, and she finally heaved and lied on the floor. Iqbal threw the injection away and kept looking at her.

He dialed a number and called up someone.

"Hello!! Doctor, it's me Iqbal Hussain. Meher's mental stability is getting uncontrollable now. Guess you need to provide another dosage of medicine now. Could you please come over??"

He cut the call, and looked at a tired Meher sleeping with light moans.


"Yes!! This is the one I want you to do!"

Asad showed a hair style to the hair stylist, while Zoya was sitting at the chair with a confused look.

"Asad, what's all this yaar??" asked Zoya with an embarrassed look, "You have gone crazy?? You took an off from hospital just for all this??"

"You just shut up, as I haven't given you the rights to give me opinions." Asad said looking at her, and brushed her hair funnily, "You call this a hair style?? Where is that stylish Zoya from college?? You look like an Aunty now!!"

"Aunty??" exclaimed Zoya and looked at herself in the mirror.

"See...today I took an off exclusively for you, and I will make sure I do all the tasks that I intend to do today. And you can't stop me Zoe!!"

The hair dresser started her work, while Asad got a call from Shireen. He looked at Zoya and moved out of the salon and picked up the call.

"Yes Ammi??"

"Asad, Meher's family is coming to meet us in 2-3 days. I have invited them over lunch. Make sure you stay at home that day and behave well to her."

Saying so, Shireen cut the call, and Asad slanted across the door and pressed his temples.

He prayed closing his eyes, "Ya Allah!!! Please show me some or the other way to escape from this!!"

An hour later, Zoya came to Asad who was standing by his car.


Asad turned hearing it and saw Zoya smiling at him gently, in her old curly hairstyle. He was happy to look at her just like how she was years back.

"Beautiful!!" Asad commented looking at Zoya, "Now you look like my Zoya...I mean...the actual Zoya!!"

Zoya smiled hearing it and Asad and Zoya exchanged silent looks at each other, until they finally got in the car and left the place.


"What do you expect me to do??"

Nikhat was talking on phone at the lawn, in a much tensed mode.

"I already said you things won't work out between us. Ammi finds Iqbal as a perfect match for me and she would not give me any chance to speak about my wish. And now I can neither talk about you to Bhaijaan or Ammi too. It's too late!! Better forget me!"

She was getting tensed on hearing the conversation on the other side.

"No!!! Nothing is going to work now. Forget me!! Please!!"

Saying so, Nikhat cut the call, and wiped off the tears from her face, and turned to go, when she stopped abruptly. She was stunned to find Zoya standing behind her, with an empty bottle. Zoya folded her hands and walked towards Nikhat, while Nikhat was feeling tensed.

"Baaji...that...well...I..." Nikhat stumbled for words and sneaked at Zoya, bending down.

"Hmmm...sooo..." Zoya heaved, "There is some other story going on here??"

Nikhat held Zoya's hands and pleaded, "Baaji, please don't tell this to anyone. I myself am moving out of this, as I know the outcome. So, please keep this with you Baaji, please!!!"

"Why do you want to move out of this??" asked Zoya, while Nikhat was looking at her confused, "True love must not be put down for any reason like this, but must fight for it. Some things once lost, we will never get another chance to get them back."

Nikhat was thoughtful hearing it, while Zoya came out of her emotions and continued, "Look here Nikhat, if your love is true...I mean, if you will live with him through thick and thin, and even if he is ready to be an apt life partner to you in all circumstances, I will unite you both!!"

Nikhat gave a perplexed look at Zoya, while Zoya kept her hands over Nikhat's hands and gave her a comforting smile.

Scroll down for Precap...

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Zoya reaches with Asad at the park, and Nikhat points out to Asad.

"Bhaijaan...there he is..." Nikhat said in a scared tone.

 Asad turns to look at him and is taken aback to find that guy as Imraan, while Imraan takes slow steps towards Asad being scared.


Asad and Zoya are at the lawn of their home,

"But still, you hid the fact that you have a fiance yeah??" asked Zoya, "You never maintained any silence in front of me...but why now Asad??"

"What do I tell about that fiance whom I don't even want to marry" said Asad disinterested, "And that too to the one whom I lov- "

Asad stopped the sentence, and looked at Zoya, while Zoya too shifted her looks and took glances at Asad.


Asad treats Zoya at a restaurant, for helping in his sister's love life.

"Thank you so much Zoya. If not for you, my sister too would have been love deprived like me..." said Asad, while Zoya gave a painful smile at him and answered, "And I did this for recovering from that sin only..."

Asad and Zoya exchanged painful looks, while as a random game at the restaurant, the spotlight falls on Asad and Zoya's table and the person's requests, Asad to sing a song for Zoya, mistaking him to be his wife.

Asad walks up to the dais and sings "Baatein Ye Kabhi Na Tu Bhoolna..." looking at Zoya, while Zoya gets moved listening to the song, and was unaware of the tears flowing through her cheeks looking at an emotional Asad singing.

So, how was this update friends?? As you all know, I give short updates only for this FF...and hope you all loved this update!! Embarrassed So...Imraan had a secret love affair with Nikhat unknowing to Asad?? And Meher...it is revealed that she is a mental patient...does Asad know this truth?? How is he going to come out of this trap?? And how was the emotional song sequence of the precap?? You will feel the actual emotions of it in the next update...Cry Tongue Anyways...shower in your comments and for pms, please do according to the below!! 


If you need PMs for my stories, please buddy this account of mine "AishuWrites"

  • PMs will be sent hereafter, only to the buddies of this account.

  • Non-readers or silent readers, please do not sent me buddy request.

- Aishwarya  

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pooja_shineStar Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Awesome update!
After a looong time(:
And...am i dreaming or is my comment the 1st one? :D
I just love this story
Please continue sooon!

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MayurChan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
Very Insightful and Well written Update Aishwarya..
AsYa* going through the same amout of pain...but we can say on a diff guilt and Hurt...
Mehr is lunatic and psycho...
Precap looks good and teasingg...
Continue soon..

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Lovely update!

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LoveSonu2408 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2015 at 12:35am | IP Logged
Superb updt.i love it.
Ths meher is total mad.pls save asad 4m her clutch.
I love asya part.hp thy cn go through ths 2gethr.
Cnt soon.

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