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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 46)

Kabhibloom Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2015 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Just read the update.
Its awesome.
Loved it.
Hate shireen n meher.
Very mysterious.
Continue soon

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EMOksgian Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2015 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
when vl u update ???

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2015 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by EMOksgian

when vl u update ???

Today I am updating Love Will Find A Way Smile
cutie15 Goldie

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Posted: 13 July 2015 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Update this one soon plzz..!

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2015 at 10:45am | IP Logged

Hey friends!! Sorry for the late update...my mum has gone for a vacation and I am very busy at home these days, that I don't get time to sit and type anything only...just managed to gather some time yesterday. Smile So here is the 4th chapter of this FF and hope you enjoy reading it!! Wink

Chapter 4

Zoya was holding Asad's hand and looking at him, while Asad too looked at Zoya unable to decide what to do, hearing her request to stay with her that night.

"Just I want you to sit with me at least...please Asad!!" Zoya requested.

Asad gave a thought for some time and then nodded his head in acceptance.

They both sat at the door step looking out into the woods, and Asad looked at Zoya who was staring plainly at the woods but with a sorrow spread on her face.

"Zoya..." Asad called out and Zoya looked at him, and Asad asked, "What is bothering you??"

Zoya just looked down hearing his question, while Asad moved a little close to her.

"Listen Zoya, I really know that whatever happened with you, it's really horrible and it must not happen with any girl. But, you must really get over it now!!"

"How can I get over it easily Asad??" asked Zoya in tears, "Amar's death is just haunting me every single moment. I am feeling it really difficult to live with this pain. I don't think I can overcome this Asad!!"

"And you think I will let you be like this??" asked Asad and Zoya looked at him.

"Zoya, I am there for you!! I will make sure I recover the chirpiness and bubbliness in you very soon! Trust me!!"

Zoya smiled hearing it and took Asad's hands in hers and looked at him emotionally.

"I am sorry Asad!!"

"Sorry?? You are supposed to say thanks!!" Asad said in a funny way.

"No, I didn't tell sorry about this. I said for what I did to you."

"What you did to me??" Asad thought about it and looked at her, "Okay!! You mean, that you think you are burdening me??"

"No!! For hurting you years back...by rejecting your...proposal!"

Asad's expression changed hearing it and he slowly took out his hands from hers, hearing it and avoided looking at her.

"Why are you speaking about the past now, Zoya?? Just leave it!!" Asad said and stood up, while Zoya held his hand and stopped him, "No. I need to apologize!!"

Zoya too stood up and looked at him, "Asad, I know I had broken your heart so badly. Any other guy in your situation would have now felt at least for a moment that this tragedy in my life serves me right for rejecting them that day."

Asad just looked at Zoya as she was telling it.

"But, you are ready to help me and you have even brought me to your home to let me stay with you and feel comfortable. How many persons will be like you in this world Asad? Very rare!!"

Asad just smiled slightly hearing it and said, "Nothing of that sort Zoya. You were my friend and will always be!! I can never even think of letting you alone in such a state. So, just chill!!"

Asad patted her head and Zoya smiled looking at him.

"Alright, I think you must sleep now, and guess you are now feeling better. So, you can stay alone now yeah??" asked Asad.

"Yeah, now I feel better and I can manage. You go home Asad, I will take care!!"

"Cool, I will meet you tomorrow morning!! Good night!!" Asad said and Zoya too wished him back and watched Asad as he walked back home.

"I am sorry Asad!!" Zoya said in a low tone looking at him walking home, "Allah gave me a well-deserved punishment for breaking your good heart. I shouldn't have done it. I am really sorry!!"


Next morning, at the main police station at Delhi, Assistant Commissioner Abhishek Sengupta arrived in his cabin, and the Inspector was waiting for him over there.

"Come in!!" The ACP signaled the Inspector to come in his cabin and he sat at his seat and looked at him.

"Yes, Inspector Vikrant, tell me!!"

"Sir, I wanted to give you the report about Mr. Amar Siddiqui!"

"Okay" said Abhishek, as he was looking into his mobile.

"Sir, Amar Siddiqui has been missing since a couple of days, and we started searching for him when his employees came over here to file a missing report on their boss. And when we had enquired their neighbors, they said that the house has been locked since 2-3 days and they didn't both of them anywhere nearby."

"Wait..." Abhishek asked still looking into his mobile, "Both of them??"

"Yes Sir. Amar and his wife Zoya!!"


"And only last evening, we came across a burnt car and understood that some very bad accident had taken place, and we got to know that it was Amar and his wife Zoya who were killed!!"

"How did you arrive at that conclusion??"

"With this pendant, Sir!" The Inspector took out the sealed cover, and handed it over to Abhishek.

 "Sir, this is the only proof to show that the ones who got killed in that car blast are Amar and his wife Zoya" said the Inspector, "The bodies are so badly destroyed in that blast, that we can't even distinguish the people. "

"Well..." said the ACP in thoughts looking at the pendant, "I am not much convinced with this report. Just halt this case for a while. We might have to reopen it any moment!"

"Yes Sir!!" The Inspector saluted him and turned to go in confusion, while Abhishek called him back.

"Get me Amar Siddiqui's entire history and details about that accident too!!" Abhishek said and looked back into his mobile.

The Inspector complied and came out of his cabin and came to his colleague in bewilderment.

"What is this Karan?? He is so casual in hearing cases?? I am explaining him with so much seriousness and he is playing in his mobile, and asking me to halt the case!!" said Vikrant.

"You are new here and that's why you are unaware of ACP Sengupta. He is not what he seems to be like. He is well known for cracking the extremely complicated cases with clues and loopholes which no one comes across. He might act casual, but he observes everything. If he is asking you to halt the case, it definitely feels that this report isn't true!!"

Back in Abhishek's cabin, he was just looking at the pendant back and forth.

"Amar Siddiqui!! Your missing story is still a mystery!!"


Back in Mumbai, at Global Hospitals, Asad was in the cafeteria with his friends.

"So, there are still 10 tickets available for the second show at night. Imraan, you are in yeah??" Ayaan asked looking into his iPad.

"Yeah. My duty gets over soon today. I am in!!" said Imraan and looked at Asad, "What about you champ??"

"You think he will come?? He needs permission from his Lady Gabbar mum!!" said Ayaan, while Asad stared at him.

"But this is too much yaar!!" said Imraan looking at Tanveer, "He is 25 years old and is a doctor, and he is getting scared of his Ammi like a school boy!! That too for such a step mom who doesn't love him a bit...isn't it hilarious??"

Asad was just quiet listening to it and Tanveer eyed Imraan to stop and looked at Asad.

"Guys, see you all later. I have a counseling session in some time."

Saying so, Asad walked off from that place and Tanveer came to Ayaan and Imraan.

"Guys, can't you see that he was feeling bad as you were teasing him?? And you both still kept continuing it??" asked Tanveer.

"Tannu, we too care for him, and that's why we were making fun of him, so that he reacts that time at least" said Imraan, "Even you know that yeah?? And even you tease him right?"

"I know...but I don't do it when he is in a bad mood. And moreover I guess he really doesn't like to hear us teasing him that way."

Saying so, Tanveer walked out and the friends looked at each other, thinking about Asad.

Tanveer came back of Asad as he was walking in the corridor and joined him.

"Asad, we are sorry if we hurt you by any chance!" Tanveer apologized.

"No no!! It's okay Tannu, I will never get angry at you guys for anything." Asad said, "And moreover my inability to do anything only is forcing you guys to tease me yeah...I can understand that."

"But, don't you think this has to end Asad?? How long are you going to accept Shireen Aunty's behavior as your punishment?? You know very well...what happened was just bound to happen and you are in no way responsible to it. And for that reason, you are bearing all this from her? All her rudeness??" asked Tanveer.

"I accepted all the love she gave me once yeah?? So why not rudeness??" asked Asad with a pleasant smile, "I agree I get irritated with my life at times and feel really alone in that home. But I am happy till this extent that till date she never asked me to get out of that home. I am sure she will change one day back to my caring Ammi!"

Saying so, Asad walked to the nurse station, while Tanveer just looked at him, being stunned at his positive approach.

"Wonder why the Almighty is giving you a lot of tests in life Asad" said Tanveer looking at Asad walking off, "I really pray from the bottom of my heart that you get your lost happiness back and also the future happiness which you deserve to have in your life!! I am sure Allah would have thought of a remedy to all your troubles soon!!"


Back at Khan Mansion, Shireen was watering her rose plants, while Zoya came walking that side and spotted Shireen over there.

She slowly walked towards her and came next to her.

"Assalamalaikkum Aunty!!"

Hearing it, Shireen looked at Zoya, who was smiling at her.

"Waalaikkum Assaalam!!" Shireen greeted back and continued watering the plants.

Zoya didn't know what to talk and wanted to indulge in some conversation too.

"Well...Aunty, shall I help you water the plants??" asked Zoya.

"No thanks. I will manage myself!!"

"Ohhh...okay!!" Zoya looked around and again looked at Shireen, "Is there anything else I can do Aunty??"

Shireen looked at her hearing it and Zoya said, "The thing is...I am feeling so lonely in the outhouse. There is no one to speak too and I have nothing to do also. So, I thought I could come over here and if possible, I can help you..."

"Just stop bothering me and leave!! That will be the biggest help you can do for me!!"

Shireen said in a rude tone, and Zoya was hurt to hear it and had tears in her eyes listening to Shireen.

"I am sorry Aunty!!" Zoya apologized in tears and walked off from the place, while Nikhat who was noticing everything came to Zoya.

"Zoya Baaji??" Nikhat came to her, while Zoya wiped off her tears and smiled at Nikhat.

"Hi Nikki...how are you doing??" asked Zoya hiding her sorrow with a smile.

"Baaji, I am really sorry!! I know Ammi must not have spoken to you that way, but what to do...she is so grumpy these days, especially after Abbu's death..." Nikhat explained.

"It's okay Nikki. I understand...I know the pain of losing someone and the effect of our life being colourless all of a sudden. I am right now experiencing it" Zoya said in tears.

"Baaji?? What do you mean??' asked Nikhat in a confused tone.

Zoya looked down in tears and said, "I recently lost my husband in an accident!"

"Ya Allah!" Nikhat exclaimed, "I am really sorry!! I didn't know this...even Bhaijaan didn't tell this!"

"That's the reason Asad got me here. He felt being with someone known would actually help me come out of this trauma. But I will try to move out soon. I don't want to be a burden to Asad or you people as well" said Zoya and wiped her tears, "Well, I feel like going to the mazaar. I shall come back soon. Allah Hafiz!!"

 Zoya walked off from there, while Nikhat walked to Shireen.

"Ammi, what is your problem?? You show your anger to us yeah?? Then why do you behave that way to Zoya Baaji too??" asked Nikhat in anger.

"What did I do?? I didn't trouble her or such. She herself came and started irritating me. So I said her to leave, that's it!!"

"Ammi, if you can't make her feel better, at least don't make her feel upset; that too when she is in such a phase of life!!"

"What??" Shireen asked, stopping watering the plants, "What phase of life??"

"See, you don't even know anything and you hurt her very badly!!" said Nikhat, "Ammi, Zoya Baaji has lost her husband in an accident recently!!"

Shireen was shocked to hear it, and kept down the watering kettle.

"Asad Bhaijaan got her here so that she would feel comfortable and move on from her traumatic past, as she is not new to us. And you are behaving this way!! This is really not good!!"

Saying so, Nikhat left the place in a huff, while Shireen was thoughtful and was guilty on her behavior with Zoya as well.


Zoya reached the mazaar in a taxi and got down and had a look at the mazaar, and had a slight smile.

"Such is the power of this place, that looking at it itself eases one's heart!!" said Zoya and stopped at the stall and got a holy cloth from there and walked in (Kun Fayakun in Background)

"Ya Nizamuddin Auliya

Ya Nizamuddin Salka

Kadam badha le

Haddon ko mita le"

Zoya walked in and handed over the cloth at the place, and sat inside and started praying.

"Ya Maula!! I am going through a very difficult phase in my life!! I don't know why this had to happen with me" cried Zoya, "I was always good to everyone I knew. I always put others happiness in front of mine. Then why did you punish me like this?? Was this is your test for me?? I am right now travelling in a road which has no ends. I don't know where am I standing now, and I don't know where to go too!!"

"Kun fayakun Kun fayakun

Kun fayakun Kun fayakun..."

"Relieve me from this pain, Maula!! I literally forgot what happiness is. I want to live my life now. But till this past haunts me, I would not be able to do it!! Forgive me for all the wrongs I have done and have mercy on me considering any good which I have done!! Please Allah Miyaa!!"

"Rangreza rang mera tann mera mann

Le le rangaai chahe tann chahe mann"

Zoya got up from the place after praying, still in tears and started walking away from there.

"Allah never takes His test on anyone without a reason beta!!"

Zoya looked up and saw a Baba standing opposite her. She came towards him with a confused look.

"He does everything for a reason!! Every act of His will be for the good only, even though it might look like punishment for us!!"

Zoya looked at him with tears, "What do you mean by this baba? For the good?? I have lost my entire happiness and my life has seen a permanent sunset!! All my dreams are shattered and crumbled to pieces!! How is this good to me by any chance??"

"Yes, you are right!!!" the baba said, "Everything has come to an end!! Things which you wanted to end also ended right??"

Zoya looked at him with a stunned expression.

"Everything happened for a reason only!! Allah has brought you to the point once again from where you left!!"

Zoya didn't understand anything and looked at the baba.

 "Allah has shown you your right destination again, child!! If you leave it now, it would be very ill fated for you, because your past is not going to leave you that easily!!"

Zoya was perplexed to hear it and placed her hand on her chest fearing his words.

"Take the right decision now, or you can't be saved from your past!!! Take the right decision!!! Recognize the path which Allah has shown you!! He knows what He is doing!!! Take the right decision!!"

"Sadaq allahu ali ul azeem


Saying so, the baba walked off, while Zoya's ears were ringing with those words and she was in a state of shock as well.

"Allah has shown me the right destination again? What does that mean?? What is that destination?? I don't understand anything!!! I have reached at the place from where I left?? Ya Allah!!" Zoya prayed, "Help me out, please!!"

"Ho mujh pe karam sarkar tera

Araj tujhe kar de mujhe mujhse hi riha"


Zoya opened her eyes hearing someone taking her name and saw Asad coming towards her.

Zoya kept looking at Asad as he approached her, while she was unaware that she was somewhere lost deep inside. She felt some inner voice telling something to her feebly, but she was just blank at that moment.

"I was just hoping that you had not left the place" said Asad smiling, while Zoya didn't give him any reply.

"Are you done praying?" asked Asad and looked at a still Zoya, "Zoya??"

Asad shook Zoya by her arms and called out a bit louder, "Zoya???"

"Huh??" Zoya came out from her trance and looked at Asad, "Yeah?? You said me something?"

"What happened Zoya?? Day dreaming at the mazaar??" asked Asad with a slight smile.

"I don't know...suddenly I went all blank. Something was going on inside me...anyway, what were you telling?" asked Zoya.

"I just asked if you were done praying."

"Yeah, I am done."

"Nikhat said me that you came here when I called home. That's why I came here" said Asad, "Well; you wait at my car outside. I shall pray and come soon. Okay??"

"Fine!!" Zoya said with a smile and Asad walked inside to pray, while Zoya walked out slowly, with her hearts asking her a lot of questions which were discovering for the answers within her only.


At the dining table at Khan Mansion,

"You need not stay in the outhouse Zoya; you can stay with us only hereafter!!" Shireen said and left the place, while Zoya including Asad and Nikhat were surprised to hear it from Shireen, and Zoya was happy to hear that too.


"If you can do something for me, then promise me!!" Asad said to Zoya as she looked on, "That you would change yourself and bring back the buried cheerful Zoya in you, and not ruin your future still hanging on to the past. Promise me!!"

Zoya smiled at Asad in tears and placed her hand on his hand and nodded her head.


"Meher's family is coming to meet us 2-3 days. I have invited them over lunch. Make sure you stay at home that day and behave well to her" Shireen said to Asad and left, while he was tensed about it, and prayed, "Ya Allah!!! Please show me some or the other way to escape from this!!"


"What do you expect me to do?? I already said you things won't work out between us" Nikhat was talking on phone at the lawn, "Ammi finds Iqbal as a perfect match for me and she would not give me any chance to speak about my wish. And now I can neither talk about you to Bhaijaan or Ammi too. It's too late!! Better forget me!"

Nikhat turned back and was stunned to find Zoya standing behind her, having heard everything.

**Scroll down at the next post**

Hope you all loved this update!! Smile So, hope you all loved the mazaar sequence as well. And what do you think about the ACP? Is he right in suspecting Amar's story to be a mystery?? And hope you all loved the precap and Nikhat's twist in it...so will Zoya help Asad and Nikhat come out of this trouble?? Will that lead to a new start in Asad and Zoya's life?? Who is Nikhat's lover?? Stay tuned to know all these answers and wait patiently till I fill up all the questions...Smile Do like or comment if possible and scroll down to an important note!! 

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  • Non-readers or silent readers, please do not sent me buddy request.

  • Kindly like this post too, for me to confirm my PM list, and do send me buddy request too as I might miss out people.

- Aishwarya

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awesome...so nikhat doesnt want to marry iqbal...

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