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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 37)

--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2015 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Hey friends!! I shall update my stories soon...a bit busy with some personal work...well, I have started my twitter ID exclusively for India Forums @aishwarya_if

Any comments, replies, queries or suggestions can be posted in this ID as well Smile

With love,

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2015 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Shall update this FF next...give me some time Smile

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MayurChan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2015 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Will Be Waiting.. Embarrassed

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2015 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Hey everyone!!! Sorry for the late update, I have been updating in a row with all my other FFs, so took time to come back to this. So well, here is the third update and hope you all enjoy it!! Smile

Part 3

Asad reached home at night, parked his car and walked inside to his room.


Hearing his name being called, Asad stopped and closed his eyes as he knew what the topic of discussion would be at that moment.

"Yes Ammi." Asad turned to Shireen, who was sitting at the sofa over there.

"You were very busy the whole day??" asked Shireen, getting up from her place.

"Yeah...somewhat. I had some emergency cases today to handle."

"I see" heaved Shireen as she came to Asad, "You were that busy that you couldn't talk on phone for 5-10 minutes too??"

Asad just looked down hearing it.

"I am asking you something!!!" Shireen raised her voice.

Nikhat, who was studying in her room, came out hearing the conversation.

"Well, if it's about Meher, I was planning to call her once I..." Asad tried making up an excuse.

"Stop your useless excuses Asad!!" Shireen came to him closer, "Listen, I hope I have made things clear about this marriage to you a lot of times. And I guess you won't force me to keep on reminding you that."

Asad looked up at Nikhat hearing it, while Nikhat was feeling bad looking at Asad.

"If you continue behaving this way, my daughter's life will be at stake. Your Abbu just left us half way, leaving me alone with all the responsibilities. And now, you are the only person in his place at this home, and my child's life is linked with you. If not for that, why would I be coming and begging you this way?? So, I hope you realize your duties well and won't ruin my already ruined life!!"

Asad just looked down and nodded his head slightly and Shireen left the place in a huff.

Nikhat came to Asad after Shireen left, while Asad was still standing over there with a depressed face.

"Did you eat anything Bhaijaan??"

Asad looked up at Nikhat and got emotional looking at his little sister's concern, and patted her cheek.

"You are one reason, what makes me feel home when I come here." Asad said to her with a painful smile.

"I know Bhaijaan, Ammi is so rude to you. I don't know why she is this way, and I can't even do anything to stop her. All I can say is, please do not take her words to heart Bhaijaan." Nikhat said taking Asad's hands in hers. "This is her nature. I want you to be always happy Bhaijaan, because I love you only more than my Ammi. I can't see you in pain anytime."

Asad hugged Nikhat emotionally, hearing it and cupped her face.

"As far as you are there, your Bhaijaan will never feel bad for anything. Okay??" asked Asad with a smile and Nikhat nodded back.

"You had dinner??" asked Asad.

"No Bhaijaan. I was waiting for you. Shall we have now??" asked Nikhat.

"Sure. Come."

Later at night, Asad sat at his bed after changing, and recalled that day's events and his meeting with Zoya.

Just then his phone rang, and he looked at Meher's name flashing in it.

He pressed his temples and picked it up.

"Hi Meher!"

"Well...you got time to pick up my call?? Strange!!"

"I can see that you are sarcastic. But I don't care. Anyways, tell me why have you been calling me since morning??"

"Of course you don't care about anything!!" Meher said in a stern tone, "I don't know after all this too, why I still love you!!! You can't even wish your fiance on her birthday??"

Asad heaved hearing that and looked at the date.

"Well, I am sorry, I forgot. Happy Birthday!!"

"Ohhh...thanks!!! But my birthday is over. Its 12: 10 a.m. now."

Asad looked at the phone and clenched his teeth.

"Fine then. Belated happy birthday!!" said Asad, "Well, my phone batter is dying. I will talk to you later. Bye!!"

"Hello Asad..??"

As Meher was talking, Asad cut the call and switched off his phone and threw it on the bed, and sat down with his face buried in his hand. Just then,


Asad didn't hear anything as he was really lost.

"Oyeee..." came a whisper, "Asad!!!'

A pebble hit Asad and he looked out at the window and saw Ayaan standing out. Asad got up and walked to the window.

"Dude!!! What are you doing here at my home?? That too at this time??" asked Asad.

Just then, he noticed Imraan and Tanveer joining him.

"Hello Asad!!! What's up??" Imraan asked.

"When did you come back from Sydney dude??" Asad asked taking glances at the door too, to ensure no one is coming.

"Just some time back and we came straight away to meet you." Imraan said and sat at the bench at the lawn, outside Asad's room.

"Well, now you guys leave. We shall meet at the hospital tomorrow!! Leave!!" Asad said.

"Asad, who are you scared for?? Your Ammijaan??" asked Tanveer.

Asad just looked at Tanveer without saying anything.

"Listen champ, we are going for a midnight tea drive. So, we thought we will take you too along" said Ayaan.

"At this time?? If Ammi comes to know, she would give another long lecture now, and moreover I am not in a mood for it too." Asad said leaning across the wall.

"Why?? What happened??" asked Tanveer, "Well...definitely it must be because of MM or Lady Gabbar."

"Who?? I know that Lady Gabbar is Mrs. Shireen. Who is MM??" asked Imraan, while Asad stared at Tanveer hearing it.

"MM Imraan!!" said Ayaan, "Madhubala Mehrunissa!!"

Imraan laughed hearing it, "Ohhh...Meher!! But yeah, why Madhubala??"

"Because she always does Madhubala type acting only to Asad and trouble him. So Ayaan gave this name to her recently!!

Asad smiled hearing it, while Ayaan came to him.

"So champ, coming yeah??"

"Well...Ammi..." Asad hesitated, "You know yeah, she doesn't like these late night outings of mine..."

"Dude, I really don't care about that Lady Gabbar. See, if you don't come now, I would go straight to her and tell I am taking you with me. You know my equation with her yeah??" asked Ayaan.

Asad was thinking about it.

"You will have a change of mind Asad. Listen to us, just come." Tanveer compelled.

"Cool! One minute. I will change and come." Asad said, while the friends waited out.

"I feel really bad for Asad, Imraan." Tanveer said, "He is living the life of a prisoner in this home, and he is getting tortured by Meher too. And now, I really don't know how Asad is planning to get Zoya in this home."

"Chill, we are there yeah. We will help him out." Imraan comforted.

Asad came out through the window and went out with them.


It was the next day and Asad was walking through the corridor, when Ayaan called out to him from the back.

"Asad!!" Ayaan came rushing behind him.

"Dude, where were you? I was searching you everywhere." Asad said, being tensed.

"Sorry dude, I got stuck up with the dean on the way." Ayaan said and handed him a file, "This is Zoya's discharge report, which I have prepared in the name of Sheetal Verma. Now you can do the rest. Careful, okay??"

"Thanks Ayaan." Asad gave him a friendly hug and Ayaan left, while Asad walked to Zoya's room, where she was admitted.


Zoya, in her room, was done with her breakfast and the nurse had come to collect her tray.

"How did you find the food Ma'am??" The nurse asked.

"It was good. Thank you." Zoya replied with a smile.

Just then, Asad entered the room and Zoya looked at him and smiled.

The nurse greeted Asad and left from there.

"Good morning Zoya!!"

"Good morning Asad!"

"Well, how was your sleep last night, Zoya?? Any discomfort?"

"Not at all Asad. They took very good care of me and I did have a good sleep because of the medicines."

"Good." Asad smiled and then cleared his throat and sat next to Zoya, "Well, I want to ask you something."

"What is it Asad???"

"Well...from what you said me yesterday, I understood this much that you have no one here in Mumbai" Asad said while Zoya looked down depressed, "So, I just wanted to know if you are comfortable in...living in my home??"

Zoya looked at Asad, stunned and taken aback at his request.

"Stay with you??" asked a perplexed Zoya.

"It's okay if you are not comfortable. I just thought...well...you are disturbed right now and...leaving you alone from here would aggravate your depression...so..."

"No no Asad!!" Zoya stopped him, "It's not about the comfort. I know you for years and what discomfort can I have with you." Zoya said and was thinking, and added, "Well, I was thinking why to stay with you and be a burden for you..."

"Come on Zoya, burden??? You think you are a burden for me??" asked Asad.

"But your Ammi, Asad?? Do you think she would agree for this??" asked Zoya, while Asad thought about that.

"I know about Shireen Aunty very well. My staying with you would definitely not go along well with her." Zoya said, while Asad held her hands and looked at her.

"Zoya, comparing with all those issues, you are the most important to me and I can't leave you alone!!"

Zoya looked at Asad, overwhelmingly hearing it, while Asad tried to control his actual feelings and looked at Zoya.

"Zoya, don't worry about all the other issues. If you are okay with staying at my place, tell me a yes. I will take care of the other issues."

Zoya thought about it and looked at Asad and gave an approving smile.


"This looks like a home or a guest house to you, Asad??"

Shireen was looking displeased, while Asad was standing in the living room with Zoya, with both of them exchanging looks at each other. Nikhat was happy on seeing Zoya after a long time.

"Ammi, well...Zoya is in a trouble now. She really needs help and..." Asad tried to explain, while Shireen interrupted, "But what will people think?? They will ask thousands of questions about this. And, what will I answer Meher?? What will she think about this??"

Zoya looked at Asad, hearing Meher's name and was wondering who that new character was, while Asad avoided speaking about Meher in front of Zoya.

"Ammi, please come with me." Asad said and took Shireen to her room, while Zoya was standing over there, feeling disturbed.

Nikhat rushed to Zoya in the meanwhile, "Zoya Baaji!!! How are you?? Long time!!!"

"Yeah I know. How are you Nikki?? Really happy to see you after 2 long years" Zoya said to Nikhat with a happy face.

"And why are you like this??" Nikhat asked looking at Zoya, head to toe, "All muddy, dress torn..."

"Well..." Zoya stammered and was thinking of a reason, when she saw Asad coming with Shireen.

"Alright Zoya" said Shireen, "You can stay here."

Zoya smiled hearing it and looked at Asad gratefully, while Shireen added, "But..."

"But??" asked Zoya.

"We have an outhouse behind our home, which is very well facilitated. You will be staying there only, because staying in home..." said Shireen, while Zoya interrupted, "It's okay Aunty, no issues. You have allowed me to stay in your outhouse; that itself means a lot to me at this point of time. Thank you so much and...sorry for the inconvenience I have created."

"It's okay." Shireen said and excused herself from there and Asad came to her.

"Come. I will take you to our outhouse" said Asad and called out, "Rahim Bhai!!!"

The servant, Rahim Bhai came over there, while Asad instructed, "Rahim Bhai, this is Zoya and she will be staying in our outhouse from now. Please clean up that place and make it comfortable for her."

"Sure Asad baba" said the servant and rushed to the outhouse, while Zoya followed by Asad walked through the woods, which was there around his home, and Nikhat too went to her room.

"Asad, can I ask you something??" asked Zoya while walking with Asad.

"Yeah Zoya, sure!"

"Who...who is Meher??"

Asad slowed down his steps as he heard that question from Zoya and looked at Zoya who was looking at him expectantly for an answer.

"Meher...ehem" Asad cleared his throat, "Meher is...well...Meher is Nikhat's would-be sister-in-law!!"

"Ohhh..." Zoya analyzed about it, "Which means, Nikhat is going to get married to Meher's brother??"

"Yeah!" said Asad as he walked a bit faster to reach the place soon, and avoid further questions.

"But...why will Meher mistake if I am staying here??" asked Zoya, while Asad was getting uncomfortable with Zoya's questioning session.

"That was just...well, this is our outhouse!! Come!!" Asad said and hurried into the outhouse, diverting Zoya.

Zoya entered the outhouse and looked around the outhouse.

 "I am sorry I couldn't let you stay in my home, Zoya" Asad apologized, "But you can stay here as long as you want. I shall get you some dresses too for the time being. Whenever you want any help, do not hesitate to give me a call. Okay??"

"Sure Asad." Zoya said with a smile.

"Well, I shall go back to hospital. I have an appointment in some time" said Asad looking at the watch.

Asad walked out from there, when Zoya called him out, "Asad!!"

Asad looked back at her, while Zoya smiled at him, "Thank you so much!!"

"Never tell that word to me!" Asad said to Zoya with a smile, and walked off from there, while Zoya sat at the chair over there and Rahim Bhai was cleaning the place.


It was night and Asad was in his room, going through the photos of him and Zoya, and was lost in thoughts. There were photos since their childhood, till their college days. Asad had a smile seeing everything, and stopped at a photo of theirs and looked at Zoya in it.

"I never thought you would be back in my life again Zoya." Asad said caressing her face, "After you left me at the beach that day, I had concluded that you are gone from my life and there is not going to be an arrival of you back in my life."

Asad walked to the window which opens out to the woods, and was lost in thoughts in that windy night.

"I knew you would have got married and it would be wrong of me to wait for you after that too. I prayed for your happy life, but I couldn't give your place in my heart, to anyone else till date." Asad said and continued, "And now I see you suddenly in my hospital, losing your husband in an accident. And like an irony, you reached exactly to me out of all the places in Mumbai."

Asad looked at the photo and back at the woods, "Is this a sign that...that still there is a hope for us both...maybe my incomplete love story with you, can start afresh in a new page??"


Back at the outhouse, Zoya too was standing by the window, and was looking at her engagement ring. She recalled the day of her engagement with Amar:

"This is a very special ring, with all expensive stones studded in it" says Amar holding Zoya's hand with the ring in his hand, "I made this ring exclusively for you, because you are no less valuable than these stones to me Zoya! After all, you are the only one whom I have in my life!!"

Amar slips the ring in Zoya's hand, while Zoya looks at the ring elated and smiles at Amar.

 Her thoughts returned back to the present and she kept looking at the ring. She closed her eyes and had a disturbing memory about something and she opened her eyes, with tears filled in it.

She removed the ring which was tight in her finger, with difficulty, and swiftly threw it out at the woods, with tears glistening in her eyes.

"I don't want anything with me, which gives me your remembrance Amar!!" Zoya said with teary eyes.


After some time, at the night, Zoya was lying down in the bed, and had started to doze off after so much emotional trouble, just then when she heard a knock.

Zoya sprang up from the bed, out of fear and kept looking at the door, panting heavily.

The knocks were heard continuously, and Zoya got down from the bed and looked at the door with a panic-ridden face.


Hearing her name called out in a male voice, Zoya slowly proceeded towards the door and unlocked the door with her trembling hands.

She slowly opened the door and saw Asad standing at the door with a bottle in his hand, much to her relief.

"Are you okay Zoya?? You didn't even respond anything" said Asad looking at her.

Zoya gave a relaxed sigh, and hugged Asad tight and buried her face in his chest, with tears rolling down her cheeks, which was out of her relaxation in meeting Asad and her fear.

Asad didn't know what to do, and slightly comforted Zoya by placing his hand on her head and patting her head softly.

"I was so scared Asad!! Thank God you came!!" Zoya said in a worried tone.

Zoya lifted her head slowly and looked at Asad.

"I am sorry, I should have not come at this time. But I remembered that you didn't even have water over here. So thought of giving you this bottle and leave" said Asad and he kept the bottle at the table over there.

"Alright Zoya. Take care and give me a call if you have any issue. Good night!!"

Asad walked past Zoya towards the door, when he suddenly stopped.

He turned back and looked at his hand, where Zoya had caught his hand. He looked up at Zoya, seeing that.

"Can't you stay with me tonight?? Only tonight...please??"

Asad looked at Zoya, hearing it, while Zoya held his hand tight unwilling to let him go.


At the police station,

"Sir, this is the only proof to show that the ones who got killed in that car blast are Amar and his wife Zoya" said the Inspector, showing a pendant to the Assistant Commissioner, "The bodies are so badly destroyed in that blast, that we can't even distinguish the people. "

"Well..." said the ACP in thoughts, "I am not much convinced with this report. Just pause this case for a while. We might have to reopen it any moment!"


Zoya cries to the baba at the mazaar that her past is haunting her a lot, and she is feeling disturbed because of it.

"Allah has shown you your right destination again, child!! If you leave it now, it would be very ill fated for you, because your past is not going to leave you that easily!! Take the right decision now, or you can't be saved from your past!!! Take the right decision!!!"

Saying so, the baba walked off, while Zoya's ears were ringing with those words and she was in a state of shock.

"Allah has shown me the right destination again? What does that mean?? What is that destination??" wonders Zoya, when Asad called out to her.

Zoya kept looking at Asad with a confused mind, and felt some unexplainable signs around her.

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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So, how was this update friends?? So, from this you would have got to know the character sketch of few people...Shireen; Asad's step mom and Nikhat; Asad's sweet little step sister, his lovely friends, and not to be forgotten, Meher, whose identity Asad has kept hidden to Zoya. 

And now to the addition Zoya has come back in Asad's life. As Asad thinks, is Zoya's re entry in Asad's life, a sign from the Almighty that they are meant to be together??

And what about the precap?? So, Amar's case has been withheld by the police, meanwhile Zoya gets divine vibes with the help of the Peer Baba. What is Zoya going to do now?? Will she realize that Asad is her destination?? And the baba also says that her past will come back to her...what does that mean??

So, as you see, the story gets more and more mysterious...and Asad-Zoya's story is just about to begin Heart Since Asad and Zoya's characters are going through a troubled phase, it will take time to shape up their lives. Stay tuned and keep your comments coming in and new readers, please buddy me for pms!! 

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Sanjhari IF-Dazzler

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Res Smile
I hate you shirin n maher.
Like asad n nikhat.
AsaD' gang is cool.
I still can't believe that zoya n amar were married..
Are we reading saubhagyavati bhava here
Continue soon.

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roshnirishta Senior Member

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Really really really nice story
Pls cont soonBig smile

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by roshnirishta

Really really really nice story
Pls cont soonBig smile
Thank you sooo much Rishta!! Smile

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